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A Marriage Made in Heaven

"Are you serious?" Rachel gasped at her husband Neil. "That's your all time sexual fantasy?"
"Yeah," he replied, putting on a brave face while deep inside himself he felt squeamish for finally admitting to his wife of two years his one true wish.

"Wow!" Rachel gasped further. "I don't know what to say. I mean ... sure it's hot and I have fantasises involving strangers, but to actually do it while you watch ... I don't know what else to say."

"Well, maybe we could join a website and see where it takes us." Neil suggested nervously.

Rachel had met Neil through work. He was her team leader and when she first met him they both sensed a spark. It was a silent one but it was there deep in the affectionate gaze they shared. Despite their obvious attraction Rachel made no attempt to fuel the fire in fear of the inevitable office rumours that would follow. Fearing being labelled the office slut trying to sleep her way to the top Rachel avoided being alone with Neil as much as possible. Neil had other ideas however and took every opportunity to flirt discreetly with the busty brunette without making her feel he was sexually harassing her.

Everybody who met Rachel couldn't help but notice how beautiful and curvy she was. She was the perfect height standing 5"7 with her athletic build. Her waist was a modest size 10 but she always felt that her 32E bust was too large for her body. Whilst no man that had ever met her would agree with her on that one, there probably weren't too many women either as most were envious of her for having such large yet firm breasts. But it wasn't only her body that Neil was attracted to, no, her long wavy brown hair added to her elegance while her green eyes glistened like emeralds, completed with an infectious smile Rachel truly was beautiful.

She enjoyed the flirting. She loved Neil chasing after her and soon she developed feelings for him. She began to wonder about what it would be like to be with him. What kind of date would he make? Was he a good a kisser as he liked to brag? What did his body look like? He looked strong and athletic in his shirt and trousers, but was he the Greek god she was beginning to fantasise about? Would he cuddle up to her at night after they had made love?

Finally after six months working together the Christmas party arrived and Neil finally had his chance to catch Rachel at her most vulnerable, drunk and merry, to ask her the sort of questions about her personal life that would otherwise be deemed inappropriate around the workplace.

Rachel admitted that she had split up with her boyfriend right before she had joined the company, much to the delight of Neil who was quick to inform her that he had long been single and was now ready to date again, hence his obvious affection for her.

Neil offered her the shoulder to cry on as it were as he listened to her every word on how her boyfriend had dragged her down emotionally and had tried to control her. Neil could hear the free spirit within desperately trying to escape. With the drink obviously affecting Rachel, Neil took his opportunity and led her outside to the smoking area where they could smoke and talk more privately.

With her guard down and longing for any kind of affection Neil moved in and gently kissed her softly on the lips, hoping for the right response. He quickly got it as she closed her eyes pulled him closer and slipped her tongue into his mouth. They kissed passionately like teenagers, Neil using all of his strength to refrain from rubbing his hands all over her body. He was desperate not to let his testosterone alcohol fuelled state ruin his chance with Rachel, so instead he cupped her face and broke the kiss.

"I'm sorry." She apologised, stepping back from Neil.

"Why?" He asked. "I'm not," he added to reassure her, "I think your beautiful Rachel. I knew it the first moment I laid eyes on you. I think you feel the same way but are afraid to trust another man again.

"It's not that simple." She moaned. "You wouldn't understand."

"Well, try me," he offered, "I've been listening so far haven't I?"

"It's my boyfriend." She paused, lighting a cigarette, "He still texts me nagging me to get back with him."

"Do you love him?" Neil asked bluntly.

"I did once," Rachel said with regret in her voice, "it's just ..."

"Is he violent, Rachel? Is that it?" Neil said with anger in his tone, cutting her off before she could finish what she was saying.

"Not exactly, but he gets very aggressive and possessive towards me. But I swear he has never raised a hand towards me." She tried to justify.

"That's no excuse to be a shit head." Neil said, frustrated. "You left him. The guy needs to grow a set and get over it." He told her.

"Maybe your right," She suggested.

"Come home with me tonight, Rachel." Neil said, cupping her chin and raising her head softly to look at him.

Rachel smiled at Neil and they kissed again, but this time his hands wandered to her bum cheeks as he grabbed her and pulled her in tight, squashing her large breasts against his body.

That night would be the first night for the rest of their lives as they made love all night in every position imaginable. The following morning Rachel asked if it was now official, if the office banter would stop and they could start dating properly. Neil kissed her passionately giving her the answer she wanted whilst making no guarantees he would be able to stop flirting around the office. They both laughed before Neil lifted her up onto the kitchen table and slipped between her legs, entering her willing body once more.

Following that evening they never looked back. Eight months later Rachel moved in with Neil and a further eighteen months later they were married. A lust filled crazy in love honeymoon to the Caribbean followed before they headed back home and settled into married life. Rachel loved being a wife. She loved being a Mrs and while she still felt too young to have children, only being twenty-five, she loved playing the role of a hard working wife.

By now Neil had been promoted and Rachel had left the company to work somewhere else for better pay and working hours. This meant she would often arrive home before her husband and she enjoyed cooking romantic meals for the pair before retiring to bed early for a night of passion.

The marriage continued like this before both of their respective employment roles changed and with it came added pressure and stress. They still found time for each other but it wasn't long before the passion faded and routine set in. They both swore to each other they would never let it happen having witnessed its destruction to the marriages of their friends. But in the end it became harder and harder as they juggled work, friends, the gym and other things in their lives. They still loved each other but making love was reduced to twice sometimes once a week and this seemed to suit them both, for a while.

Neil then started to work away during the week and found his loneliness comforted by internet porn. He had no plans to cheat but frequented chat rooms trying to find lonely horny ladies to satisfy his sexual fantasies. Watching porn regularly opened up his mind and he quickly found himself drawn to the amateur videos of married couples having threesomes with men and women. The further he delved the deeper he became turned on by the videos of husbands filming their wives with other men. He imagined his wife Rachel was the sexy wife in the video being used and pleasured by these hung strangers.

Whilst Neil was average in the manhood department and had no problems satisfying his wife sexually, he began longing to see her with other men. This fantasy led him back into chat rooms where he would pretend to be his wife chatting to other men. Sometimes he would even pretend to be him and Rachel as he read the words of strangers telling him what they would like to do with his wife.

Neil felt embarrassed by his online activity, especially pretending to be his wife, even adding photos of her from their honeymoon in her sexy outfits and bikinis to his profile. But no matter how many times he tried to stop it he couldn't. Being away from Rachel and alone most evenings he felt excited by the prospect of going online and he needed more of it to fuel his fantasy and reach his own powerful climax.

He loved to read what guys thought of his wife's impressive tits. He had always enjoyed the way guys checked her out whenever they were out in a bar, club or restaurant. He tried hard on holidays to get her to go topless but she never did. Rachel loved her 34E chest but having such large breasts on a slim figure made her feel conscious of the attention they drew.

This behaviour continued up to a year before eventually one night Rachel unknowingly presented her husband with the opportunity to come clean about his ultimate fantasy.

"Join a website?" Rachel mused.

"Yeah," Neil said, "like an adult dating site but for swingers." He explained. Knowing full well what site he wanted them to join. "We could set up a profile chat to some guys and see how we feel about possibly taking it further."

Rachel had to admit that she was turned on by her husband's idea, but thinking it wasn't a very realistic one she decided to have some fun probing his mind as she gently stroked his cock and cupped his balls. Neil went on to explain the roles of a hot wife and a cuckold husband before explaining that all he was really interested in was watching her. She understood what a voyeur was and couldn't hide the fact she had become extremely aroused, more than usual in fact, as her husband described how he wanted to see the pleasure on her face and witness another man enjoying her body, especially her massive tits.

That night they signed up to a free swinger's website and filled out their profile stating that they were looking for single guys who were experienced with couples for Rachel, whilst Neil would watch. They posted a few photos of themselves but kept them hidden as hoards of cock pictures came flooding in from desperate guys hoping to get a sniff. The first half an hour was soul destroying for Rachel as she quickly grew bored of the immaturity of most of the male members. Neil was desperate to find a suitable guy however and soon enough an older guy of thirty-eight named Paul popped into their inbox with just the kind of message they were looking for.

He was courteous and polite describing how he could be the guy they were looking for and Rachel liked the fact he posted a face photo first. They got chatting and quickly swapped more face photos before eventually Paul showed how well endowed he really was. Neil cursed and Rachel burst out laughing as the guys nine inch cock flashed up on their computer screen.

"God," she gasped, "I only thought they came in black."

Again they both laughed before the guy politely asked for a picture of Rachel topless. Having uploaded some sexy photos already, expecting to have to show them, Neil added a sexy topless photo of his wife in just a thong kneeling on their bed. The guy messaged back sounding very delighted with her rack, explaining how he hoped to sample them in the flesh one day. More photos were exchanged with Rachel naked displaying her tight shaven pussy before they eventually signed off for the night and fucked each other's brains out.

The next morning Neil came downstairs to be greeted by his wife handing him his breakfast. His favourite poached eggs on toast with a large cup of coffee. Rachel sat down took a sip of her own coffee and lit a cigarette.

"How serious are you about this swinging malarkey?" Rachel asked with a serious gaze.

"I'm deadly serious," Neil answered, are you?"

"I want to but ... I don't know." She said. I mean I want to ... it's just can we really handle this?"

"Well, if we have to ask the question then maybe we aren't." He said, immediately regretting his encouragement of her obvious doubt.

"Could you really handle sitting there in a hotel room while some stranger we met over the internet fucks me?" She said without holding back.

"Mmmmm," he joked, "when you put it like that."

Rachel smiled. "I'm serious Neil, because let's face it this isn't going to be your run of the mill sex. This guy might be polite and respectful but he only wants one thing."

"Whatever happens I love you Rachel and I always will." He told her, placing his cutlery down on the table to engage with her.

"I know," she smiled at her husband, "and I love you, no matter what."

"We could arrange a social meet with Paul," he suggested, "a coffee, a drink, night or day. We don't have to do anything just see how we feel."

"Ok," She agreed, "I guess there's no harm in doing that first."

The following Friday evening they agreed to meet Paul at a local hotel bar. It was frequented by locals who weren't staying at the hotel so they all felt they wouldn't look out of place, just friends meeting after work.

Neil wore his grey suit and white shirt without a tie and looked very smart with his hair cut and styled. Rachel very nervously had slipped into a tight fitting low cut black dress which showed her legs and cleavage without looking slutty. Hard to imagine with a girl packing a 32E bust but her bra underneath held her breasts tight so they didn't wiggle about with the impression they would fall out at any minute.

They immediately recognised Paul in his black pin stripped suit and shirt sitting at the bar. Rachel's heart began to race as she went to meet him, the man who had seen photos of her in all her naked glory, for the first time. Paul smiled at Rachel before extending his hand out to greet Neil first with a respectful firm hand shake. He knew this was Neil's fantasy having met several first time couples before, and he knew Neil was the man here; he was just a piece in this lovely couple's jigsaw.

Paul then leant down and pecked Rachel on the cheek greeting her like any man would great his friend's wife. He then ordered a bottle of champagne and led the couple to a booth he had pre-booked. Unbeknown to Rachel Neil had booked a room at the hotel and had informed Paul that it was a back up should he and his wife feel ready on that evening to take things further. Paul acted concerned for Rachel informing Neil he would not pressure Rachel into anything she didn't want to do, but deep down he was grateful for Neil's forward thinking.

The trio chatted over a glass of champagne discussing work and life. Rachel felt totally at ease with Paul discussing her life as if he were a neighbour or one of her husband's friends. They sat opposite Paul as he fought hard to keep eye contact with Rachel. The allure of her breasts were becoming too much as he desperately wanted to look down. His cock was stirring as the champagne flowed and he welcomed her decision to slip outside for a cigarette.

With Rachel gone Paul quizzed Neil on how he felt so far. Neil reassured him he was still up for it and asked Paul how he intended to get the subject comfortably onto swinging. Paul smiled and told the eager husband to relax and be patient.

When Rachel returned she sprayed some fresh perfume and mouth fresher before Paul gently took her hand and asked her to sit with him. She felt nervous all over again as she looked towards her husband for direction. He smiled and nodded.

The young, beautiful wife sat next to Paul in the corner of the booth and out of view of most of the people in the bar. As she sat Paul noticed her black dress had ridden half way up between her knee and waist. Her toned legs were bare and freshly shaven, smooth as silk as he waited for her to pick up her drink before placing his hand softly on top of her right thigh.

Neil couldn't see but he could tell from his wife's expression and Paul's movements that another man was touching his wife's bare skin. His cock grew instantly hard as it was now his turn to get a good view of Rachel's cleavage.

"You have a beautiful wife Neil. "Paul complimented him whilst looking seductively at Rachel.

"Thank you," Neil beamed, adjusting the bulge in his tight trousers.

"Thank you," Rachel also said with appreciation.

He rubbed her leg very, very softly sending shivers from the base of her spine right up into her head, and mixed with the champagne she felt giddy and smiled.

"Have you guys discussed where this might lead tonight?" Paul asked, turning to look at Neil.

"The ball is in Rachel's court." Neil said, as both men looked at Rachel.

"That's a bit unfair," she moaned, "I'm not making the decision." She said childishly.

The three of them laughed.

"Of course not Rachel," Paul reassured her, "that would be too much pressure for any one person."

"Thank you Paul." She smiled, again childishly.

"Although," Paul suggested, sliding his hand upwards and pushing Rachel's dress up closer to her waist, "we are two willing men waiting on one beautiful young lady."

With that he leaned in and nibbled on Rachel's earlobe whilst sliding his hand in between her thighs, spreading her legs slightly. It happened so quickly yet softly Rachel didn't feel it was a bit invasive. She welcomed his large hand rubbing softly against the inside of her thigh. Rachel then closed her eyes waiting and expecting his hand to rub up against her panty covered pussy, but it never came. Instead Paul withdrew his hand and offered the couple to his room.

Neil looked at Paul and smiled, grateful that he didn't have to explain to his wife why he had secretly booked a room behind her back.

"Neil already has my room key," he told Rachel, "so if you want to and you feel ready your husband can go on up and make himself comfortable whilst we finish our drinks."

"We can go upstairs," Rachel grinned, "but I'm not promising anything will happen."

Neil grinned and excused himself as he made his way into the lift and up to his room. He felt weak with excitement as he punched the floor number into the lift pad, the adrenaline pumping hard and fast around his body.

Back at the hotel bar Paul grabbed Rachel and turned her face towards his and kissed her. She welcomed his tongue and kissed him passionately as she panted for breath, her own excitement reaching boiling point.

"Remember this is your husband's fantasy, Rachel." Paul told her.

"It's mine to." She giggled.

"Yes, I know," he grinned, "but you must remember that essentially this was his idea." He told her.

"I know." She said seriously.

"Tonight I will fuck you like you have never been fucked before." He said assertively, "Your husband will get jealous and that's his fantasy, but he must also feel secure that you still love him. Do you understand?"

"Yes I understand." Rachel replied, quivering at his statement.

"Tonight you are my woman to do with as I please, but you are still Neil's wife." He said sliding his hand back between her legs and over her panty covered pussy.

Fifteen minutes later Paul and Rachel entered the hotel room to be greeted by Neil sat naked in a chair facing the king-size bed. He had expertly managed to handcuff himself to the chair and Paul grinned like the Cheshire cat knowing he would get his wish tonight.

Rachel placed her bag on the bedside table before Paul ordered her to stand facing her husband. As she walked around the bed and stood in the centre of the room both Paul and her husband looked her up and down. Neil's cock was rock solid, probably the hardest his wife had ever seen it as she gave her husband a nervous smile.

Seeing her husband like this quickly sobered her up and she began to wonder if they were doing the right thing. Paul sensing her doubt quickly moved behind her and cupped her large breasts over her dress. For the first time Neil was witnessing his wife with another man as Paul proceeded to kiss the back of Rachel's neck before moving his hands slowly to her back to unzip her dress.

After finishing their cigarettes Lee placed his arm around Rachel's waist whilst pointing in the direction of the club with his other. As if offering to lead her back inside Neil watched as the man walked off with his wife and his friend quickly in tow.
"Rachel!" Neil shouted. But she didn't hear him. Instead he received several stares of annoyance from the people standing next to him.

Racing to get back inside he lost sight of his wife again and he began to get very worried. Looking around inside he stood still to try and get a better look. She couldn't have gotten far he thought as he suddenly sobered up.

Then he saw her walking up the stairs with the two men right behind her. He couldn't make them out properly through the darkness but he knew it was them, recognising her dress.

Politely making his way across the packed dance floor, apologising to everyone as he pushed passed, he quickly skipped up the steps. Reaching the last step he was greeted by couples kissing and fondling as they blocked the landing. Panic was really setting in now as Neil felt a sense of hopelessness bound by his total loss of control. His fantasy had always been to watch but this was different.

Barging through the crowd a door at the end of the landing caught his attention as it opened. Managing to squeeze past the last couple blocking his way he saw Rachel enter the room before the two men followed and closed the door.

Seconds later Neil was at the door twisting the circular door handle but it wouldn't open.

"Hey! Hey!" He shouted. "Open the door."

A tall man approached and asked Neil if everything was alright.

"I really need to get inside this room." He replied anxiously.

"Just wait five minutes and it will open." The man said."Each of the rooms has a five minute time delay; it's to stop hordes of people going in at the same time."

"What?" He protested, "I wasn't told that."

"It's ok, calm down buddy; it doesn't lock from the inside, so you can leave whenever you want." The man shook his head at Neil in disbelief and left him to it.

Sure enough after five minutes Neil was able to open the door. Stepping inside Neil took a deep breath and tried to calm his self down as to not cause a scene. He wanted to find Rachel and leave.

The room was dark with a large Queen sized bed in the middle and a large white light above it shining brightly onto the mattress. Standing around the edges of the room were several couples, but the room mostly consisted of men. About twelve people Neil guessed.

A naked couple were climbing from the bed looking satisfied as the room applauded. Looking around the room Neil quickly spotted his wife standing between two men. Neil assumed it was the same two men who had lead her here.

Instead of dragging his wife from the room Neil watched as her eyes burned into the bed as one of the men was pointing at it and whispering into her ear. A smile broke out across her face as the man moved away from her ear, and he too was smiling at whatever he had said.

"Next!" A man shouted from within the crowd.

The room broke out in groans as people looked to see which couple would step forward first.

Neil wondered what would happen as he watched his wife. Her mystery man appeared to be encouraging her to get onto the mattress but she shook her head. Neil felt relief then jealousy before his arousal took over.

Rachel had closed her eyes as Lee whispered once more into her ear, his hand then traced up the back of her leg before smoothing over her bum cheeks under her dress. The whole room seemed to notice as they watched with baited breath as the young woman was being seduced.

Ben then moved behind her and dropped to his knees as Lee kissed her neck softly. Moving his hands up and down the sides of her legs Ben watched above and waited for the signal from his friend. He didn't have to wait long before Lee gave him the thumbs up when Rachel accepted his tongue into her mouth.

Slipping his fingers inside the waistband of her panties Ben slowly pulled them down. More moans echoed around the room as the woman offered no resistance to the men.

The combination of watching his wife being seduced and her panties being pulled down was over powering Neil's emotions. On one hand he wanted to stop it, but then that little part of him always wanted to see how far his wife was capable of going.

He would soon find out as Rachel stepped out of her panties and was led towards the bed. Standing under the light everyone in the room could see how beautiful she was and how sexy and revealing she looked in her dress.

Lee cupped her face and pulled it towards him to kiss her. Again her mouth fell open and welcomed him inside as Ben stepped behind her and began planting soft little kisses on the back of her neck.

Some of the couples were becoming aroused and began fondling themselves as they watched.

Rachel gasped and broke the kiss as she felt Ben reach for her zipper and begin to pull down on it. She looked straight into the eyes of Lee who waited for her breasts to be exposed.

Slowly the zipper was pulled down until it reached the base of her back and then Ben quickly pulled it down her arms and off her body.

The room gasped along with Neil as he watched his wife standing naked in just her heels and mask, sandwiched between two men in a room full of strangers.

"Look at the size of those tits." A man whispered close enough to Neil to hear.

His cock twitched at the lewd comment towards his wife before the whole room watched Lee devour them.

Ben grabbed a handful of her long brown hair and yanked her head backwards, revealing her neck as if he were a vampire. Ben sucked gently on her sensitive flesh as his friend cupped, sucked and squeezed her tits.

Hungrily, Lee feasted on her erect nipples before sliding a hand down her flat tummy and between her legs to cup her shaven pussy. He moaned on the nipple in his mouth as he felt how deliciously hot and wet her opening was.

The captivated audience watched on as the men placed Rachel onto the bed and stripped themselves naked except for their masks.

Rachel looked up in time to see Lee bury his head between her legs before he started lapping at her pussy. Her moans broke out and filled the room as Lee flicked her clit with his tongue and slid two fingers tightly inside her hole.

Neil could only watch as his wife bucked up and down on the man's face giving her so much pleasure. Like many of the other men Neil had taken his cock out of his pants and was now stroking himself.

Unbeknown to Ben he gave Neil the perfect view as he straddled his wife's chest and told her to squash her tits around his impressive erection. Rachel giggled before suffocating his cock with her soft globes, and then licked the tip of his cock as it slid up through her cleavage.

Back and forth he thrust his cock as she moaned and groaned beneath him at the severe tongue lashing and finger fucking she was receiving.

Suddenly, it all became too much for her as she came. The room applauded and cheered as she reached her first climax. The sight of her moaning as she squashed her tits together was also too much for Ben as he quickly grunted and fired hot jets of cum all over her neck, face and tits.

Ben forced her to suck the remaining droplets of spunk from his cock before he jumped off the bed and made room for Lee. His friend wasted no time in mounting her sexy body as he shoved his throbbing cock deep inside her.

As Neil watched his wife being royally fucked he noticed some of the men undressing before walking to the sides of the bed. With his view blocked he tried to get amongst the crowd as they planned to have a go with his wife.

Eventually getting to a spot where he could see, Neil was just in time to watch as Lee pulled out of his wife, removed the condom that Neil didn't know he had been using, and shoot his cum all over her stomach.

Rachel moaned as the cock left her aching body, but not before another cock, this time bare, was quickly back up inside her bucking away. Her moans turned to ecstasy as another cock was quickly shoved inside her mouth and forced down her throat.

Another two men climbed on to the bed and began squeezing her tits roughly. Rachel loved the attention as she forgot where she was and allowed the men to pleasure her.

The spunk on her body was glistening but that turned the men on further, determined to add their own loads onto this luscious woman.

The man fucking her suddenly grunted and the room cheered as Rachel took her first load inside her pussy. Again another cock entered her body, and she cried out as this time she came as the guy lifted her bum off the mattress and sank his cock deeper inside her.

Her hands reached out until she found two cocks and she started wanking them off. Neil, stroking his own cock stepped closer as more room became available as each guy left once they had given Rachel their cum.

She was about to come again herself before the guy fucking her suddenly pulled out, dropping her legs before spraying her shaven mound in spunk. Another man who had been fucking her mouth quickly took his place between her legs and started hammering away.

The room was boiling with intense energy and Rachel was the source as each guy took his turn with her mouth and cunt.

The next guy flipped Rachel onto all fours and effortlessly slid his cock inside her sloppy lubricated hole. Neil could see the spunk leaking from his well fucked wife and onto the mattress beneath her.

Her muffled moans signalled another climax before the guy in her mouth shot his load down her throat forcing her to swallow it. The man fucking her from behind also grunted in time with Rachel as he deposited a big load deep inside her womb.

At last only three couples were left watching as the last man to fuck her, apart from her husband, took his place behind her. Grabbing her hips firmly Neil realised it was Paul. The remaining voyeurs watched as Paul slowly fed his long, thick cock into Rachel.

Moaning as each inch filled her Neil took his place in front of his wife and offered his cock. Looking up she knew it was her husband and smiled as she opened her mouth to take him inside.

High on sex Rachel bucked back against Paul trying to take her husband deeper down her throat as she rocked forwards. The three of them managed to get into a steady rhythm before Paul gritted his teeth and unloaded inside her.

Withdrawing from Neil's wife he gave the husband a respectful smile and nodded before leaving like he had that night at the hotel.

Neil and his wife were now left to entertain the remaining audience. Rachel deciding to do something a little different got onto her knees and hugged her husband before rubbing her cum soaked breasts and torso against his body. Moving downwards she carried on until her tits were level with his cock and began to rub him off with them.

It didn't take Neil long before he was groaning and Rachel quickly swallowed his cock, receiving thick jets of spunk.

Standing back satisfied Neil gasped in shock and amusement as his wife turned to her audience and opened her mouth, showing them her husband's cum before swallowing it down.

The room erupted into cheers and claps before a woman handed Rachel some towels and helped clean her up. Taking their clothes into one of the private bathrooms they cleaned up and got dressed before agreeing to sneak out and leave to catch a taxi home.

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