Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Measure Of a Man

Terry poured a cup of coffee for his friend John as they sat at the table with Terry's wife Marge. It was Saturday night and they had invited him round for a meal. 

John thanked him and then said, "Marge, that was the best meal I've had in ages. You're a wonderful cook. If Terry hadn't got you first I would have married you in a second." 

He felt quite comfortable talking like that as the three people had been friends for twenty years. They had known each other since school and had since gone into business together, opening a shop that had grown into a small chain of mini-markets across several cities.

Ordinarily Marge would have laughed at his sally and come back with a witty reply of her own, usually at his expense. However, this time she merely smiled briefly and blushed a quiet, "Thank you," 

John was a little surprised by her reaction and looked askance at Terry who looked down at his own cup. "What's the matter?" he asked, "Have I said something wrong?" 

Terry looked up at John and said, "Actually John, we had an ulterior motive for asking you over tonight. We have a favour to ask of you." 

John said, "Name it." 

Still blushing, Marge stood up and began to clear the table. She would not look at either of the men. Terry looked back down at his coffee and started to turn the cup on the saucer. John was a little worried now. They were his friends and he was willing to do anything for them. 

He loved these two people like no one else in the world. If they had a problem then he had a problem. After all hadn't they done everything they could for him when he needed help. 

"Actually," said Terry, "it's quite embarrassing. I don't know where to start." 

"If you and Marge need help. Just out with it. Anything, you know that. Is it money?" 

Terry shook his head, "No, nothing like that. It's more of a personal nature." 

Marge had finished clearing the plates and sat back down, she looked very nervous. Terry reached across and took her hand in his own. She held it tightly as Terry continued, "John, what I'm going to ask now is very difficult for me. And I'm only asking because I know I can trust you," he paused to gather his thoughts and then carried on, "You know I was quite ill a couple of years ago." 

John remembered quite clearly. Terry had been struck down with a viral infection that had very nearly killed him and had spent several weeks in hospital. John had taken over the running of their business on his own and had kept things running smoothly until Terry had been able to come back to work. It had been hard work, but he had done it without a second thought and not just because his own fortunes were so closely tied to theirs. 

He had also been a tower of strength for Marge who was distraught at the time, understandable as she thought she might lose the love of her life. John knew how much they loved each other, even after eighteen years of marriage, they truly loved each other. John looked from one to the other as they sat there. The discomfort was coming off them in waves and John could almost taste it. 

"Go on," he said gently. 

Terry said, "Well, there were... side effects." he took a deep breath, "John, I'm impotent." 


"I can't get it up." 

John answered impatiently, "I know what impotent means Terry. But why are you telling me?" 

Terry's gaze went from John to his wife and back again, he said, "It's been two years since I have been able to make love with Marge. She never said anything but I know she's been frustrated. We've talked this over and we agreed that she should take a lover, someone who can... And... Well... I... We were wondering if..." 

His friend sagged back in his chair, shocked, "Terry, you want me to sleep with your wife?" 

Marge ran her free hand through her shoulder-length hair and then spoke for the first time, "John, at first I didn't want anything to do with this. It was Terry's idea. But I have missed being with a man. And I agreed on one condition. That the man we picked was someone we both knew and could trust. I know this is a lot to ask of you and if you don't want to, we'll understand. But we also thought it might kill two birds with one stone, we know you've been so lonely since you and Carla broke up..." The couple's grip tightened even further as they waited for his answer. 

John looked at these two people, who meant more to him than anyone in the world. They waited silently for him to come to a decision. Terry and Marge trusted him enough to come out with such a humiliating problem and they trusted him enough to ask his help. 

Although he had never considered the feminine aspects of Marge before, after all she was a friend, he looked at her now. Large breasted with a slim waist and wide hips that carried just a little extra poundage. A handsome, if not beautiful face and brunette hair with just a hint of grey. How could he refuse. 

"First let me say, that I'm honoured by your faith in me, that you felt you could ask for this sort of help. You're my best friends in the world and you were always there when I needed you. When Carla left me, you helped me through the messy divorce, you're Godparents to Kate," he took a deep breath, "I'm really not sure that this is a good idea, but if you want me to do this then I will." 

The couple smiled nervously to each other and then Terry said, "Thank you, John." 

"How do you two want to do this?" 

"Well," said Terry, "We thought you might want to do it tonight. You two have our bed and I'll sleep in the spare---" 

John cut in, "No! I will not do this in your marital bed, that wouldn't be right. The spare bed is a double, that's big enough." 

He swigged down the rest of his coffee and stood up, "Now's a good time as any. After all, I don't have to get home, Katie's staying with a friend tonight." He held out his hand to Marge. 

She kissed her husband and looked in his eyes, "I love you so much." He returned her gaze, and answered a little sadly, "And I love you too. Have fun." 

Terry continued to watch as his wife and his friend walked together up the stairs where they entered the spare room and closed the door behind them. He was glad that Marge was going to get the physical loving that she had been denied for so long, but he was sad that he, her husband, could not be the one to give it to her. 

Once they were alone in the bedroom, John and Marge shared an awkward silence as each seemed unwilling to initiate the sexual activity. 

Finally, John plucked up the courage to gently take Marge in his arms, he kissed her lightly and asked, "Are you sure you want to do this? It's not too late to back out." She looked up at him, wide eyed and chewing her lip. She nodded. Her hand reached up and gently drew his head down so that they could share another kiss. Light and chaste at first, but as their nervousness left them, their passion mounted. 

Marge snaked her tongue in between John's lips and ran along the front of his teeth, in return his mouth opened and his tongue reached out for hers. 

Slowly, he slid his hand up her side and gently cupped her breast through her dress, he moved his thumb backwards and forwards over her nipple, causing it to stiffen as she became more aroused. John felt Marge's other hand move down to his crotch and feel his growing erection. John reached behind her and eased the zipper on her dress down, once it had opened to the full extent he slid her dress off her shoulders and allowed it to fall to the floor at her feet. He pulled away from her slightly and looked down at her body. Her figure was beautiful and covered here and there in filmy, salmon coloured half-cup bra and lacy panties. 

"My God Marge, I never realised how beautiful you were." 

She dimpled, "Thank you." 

Then she reached behind her back and released the catch that held her bra in place, her large breast tumbled out, they were round, firm and had cherry coloured nipples. John bent down slightly and began to trace her left tit with feathery, light kisses all over until he reached her nipple. He moulded the flesh of her tit with his hand and his tongue flicked out onto her aroused nipple. 

Marge tensed slightly and with a sharp intake of breath, she clasped him tightly in her arms as her eyes closed and her head thrust back. 

The feelings he was giving her nearly blew her mind, "Oh God! I've missed this so much." 

Waves of pleasure radiated from her tits as John used his skilful tongue to good effect and she felt an orgasm building. 

Her cunt was throbbing and she could feel it getting more and more moist, and he hadn't even touched her there yet. A small climax broke inside her as his tongue rasped round her achingly hard nipple and she shuddered. Then Marge pushed him away and said, "John, take your clothes off." 

He hurriedly began removing his clothes until he was stood in his boxer shorts. Marge looked down at the bulge in the front where his stiff cock stood to attention. She knelt down in front of him and grasping the waistband of his underpants, pulled them down his legs. He kicked them away. Marge stared for a long moment at his erection. It was the first she had seen in far too long. She gently enclosed it in her fist and began pumping the hard shaft, delighting in the way his plum coloured bell end appeared and disappeared as his foreskin rolled over it. Her soft tongue reached out and she began to lick and kiss along the length, marvelling at it's size and stiffness. John closed his eyes and moaned as he felt her tongue lashing over the engorged flesh of his penis. 

Suddenly, she thrust it into her mouth and began to move her head back and forth over it, moaning as she did. This sent fresh waves of pleasure through John and he could feel his balls boiling. 

He marvelled at her skill in sucking cock, considering she was so out of practice. He gently grasped her head and began fucking her mouth, she let her throat go slack and pushed her head all the way along his bloated seven inches. He felt his cum rising and he whispered through clenched teeth, "I'm cumming. Oh God, I'm cumming." This only made Marge work her magic lips and tongue faster along his red-hot prick and she started fondling and massaging his balls with her hands. That sent John over the edge and he blasted a thick streams of white cum into the back of her throat. Marge gulped it down and swallowed every drop. 

When he had finally finished and his cock began to wilt in her mouth, she licked it completely clean. 

Once he could finally speak, John said, "That was incredible Marge." 

Pulling her to her feet rewarded her with a kiss. He could taste his own juices on her lips and that made his cock begin to rise again. 

Marge stepped back and quickly stripped off her panties to reveal her pussy. It was pink with a tuft of brunette curls just above the opening and it was very wet. Drops of sticky moisture clung to her outer lips, grew fat and then oozed down her inner thigh. John laid her on the bed with her legs hanging over the edge and kneeled down on the floor between her thighs. He slowly moved his mouth onto her sweet pussy. 

She cried out in surprise, because she hadn't been expecting it this soon and arched her back. He swirled his tongue around inside her hot lips and then licked all around the outside, which was having the desired effect on her. "Oh, yeah!" she screamed,"Oh, John that's so good! Eat me! Harder, faster!" 

He did as she asked and Marge bucked even harder. It was about then that he decided to play with her clit. He flicked it with his tongue and she let out one long, piercing scream. 

Then he started twirling his tongue around her clit without touching it and that drove her absolutely crazy.

"No! Lick my clit! Please, this is torture!" She panted and groaned, "Fuck my cunt with your tongue!" 

He looked up and watched her bucking and flailing on the bed. Her hair was flying all over the place, her mouth was wide open in a silent scream, and her big tits were bouncing rapidly as she lifted her ass off of the bed in rhythm with John's manipulations. 

After toying with her for long enough he attacked her clit with his tongue again and she began to scream even louder until all that was coming out of her mouth was an incoherent string of vowels. He flicked his tongue back and forth across her nub as quickly as he could and when he had been at that for only a minute or so, she let out one last, loud scream and came all over his face. Her sweaty body collapsed back as he tasted her thick, syrupy cum. It was very sweet so he lapped it up and then kissed her on the lips. 

With his cock aching hard he crawled up her body and slowly fed his cock into her moist cunt. 

She opened her eyes and said, "No John. I want to ride you." 

He pulled his cock out with an audible plop from her soaking cunt and reclined back on the bed. She knelt over him and through one leg across his body. Grasping his cock at the base, she pointed it at her pussy lips and allowed it to slide slowly inside her. 

She fell forward on top of him as she got used to having a cock embedded inside her again after so long. Marge had her eyes closed, with a look of utter bliss on her face. She was breathing hard through moist parted lips, obviously relishing the feeling of his cock deep inside her long neglected pussy. 

She lay perfectly still for perhaps thirty seconds in this way, then she raised herself up, supporting her upper body on her hands as she began to move slowly, slowly up and down upon him. He could feel her gorgeous cunt sliding along the length of his shaft as she raised herself to the point where it almost slipped out, then sank down on it again until their pubes met and she had the whole thing inside her once more. Her head was bowed, her eyes closed, concentrating on maximising her own and his pleasure as she moved his bursting cock in and out of her love tunnel. Her sweet, large breasts were swaying above his chest, jiggling with her to and fro motion, and he ached to cup them, suckle on those hard, inviting nipples, but I dared not break the mood. 

She began talking while she rode his cock in this fashion, her words breathless gasps, half to herself, synchronised with the rising and falling of her pelvis. 

"Ohh, Terry,that feels so good. . . You have no idea. . . That is so lovely. . . You wanted this too, didn't you honey?. . . Mmmmmmmmmm. . . Feel good for you too,Baby?. . . It's been too long..? TEEEEERRRRRRY!!!" 

That was it! He couldn't stand any more of that. His cock had felt as if it would explode right from the start, and at these words he came in torrents. 

White hot sensations of bliss washed over him as he shot his semen deep into Marge's eagerly receptive cunt. Spurt after spurt burst from him until he thought he would never stop coming. John thrust upwards into Marge's grasping vagina in ecstasy, every muscle in his body straining, and involuntarily groaned aloud, pumping and pumping as he drained himself dry. 

Feeling him shooting his sperm into her depths, Marge began to lose control. Her pelvic thrusts became more rapid, her greedy cunt gripping and milking him, demanding more. Their combined juices seeped out around his shaft as she rode it harder and faster, driving his still hard tool deep inside herself, using his penis to bring her towards her own release. 

"Oh, baby. . . now you've done it!. . . look at what. . . you've done to me. . . can't stop now. . . oooohhhh Terry. . . stay hard for me, baby. . . stay hard. . . just a minute more. . . let me come. . . all over. . . that lovely. . . cock. . . oooohhhh!. . . feels so good. . . let me have. . . that. . . hard cock. . . please. . . oooohhhh!. . . feel it. . . starting. . . baby?. . . feel it?. . . oh, Terry!. . . get it up me!!. . . ohmigod!. . . ohmigod!. . . aaaahhhh!. . . I'm. . . coming. . . now. . . I'M CUMMINNNNNG!!!" 

Eventually the spasms of delight subsided and she sank down, breathless and bathed in sweat, against his chest. His penis was soft, but still lay in that lovely warm haven of her vagina while their breathing and heartbeats slowed. 

Marge rolled off him after a little while and they lay snuggled together. She began trembling violently, and suddenly John became aware that she was sobbing. 

He gently took her chin in his hand and murmured, "Hey, what's the matter?" 

She couldn't meet his gaze, but answered quietly, "John, that was so good. I needed it, it's been so long. But... I just wish it had been with Terry. I'm sorry, I don't want to hurt you, but it's true." 

He smiled gently, "Of course you do. Did you think I didn't know how much you love him, and how much he loves you. After all, if he didn't, would you be here now? Well?" 

She shook her head but said nothing. 

"Of course you wouldn't. And if I didn't love you both, I wouldn't be here either. It was awesome for me, I'll grant you that, but this was all about you. Not me," he paused and then asked, "Do you mind if I ask a personal question?" 

"No, ask away." 

"Terry's problem. Is it...physical?" 

"What do you mean?" 

"I mean. The virus he had. Did it do... mechanical damage?" 

"Oh no. We don't know why he can't... make love, but we do know there's nothing wrong physically. After he got better, the first time we tried, he couldn't get hard. At first we thought it because he was still weak, so we left it a while before we tried again. But the same thing happened. Terry never spoke about it but I knew it was getting to him. And the more he worried, the worse the problem got. I wanted us to see a counsellor but Terry was too embarrassed. And now..." she began to cry again, "I don't know if I'll ever have him in my arms as my husband again... I need him John... I need him and I don't know what to do." 

She buried her face in his chest sobbing. John patted her head and laid back staring at the ceiling. He didn't know what to do either, but he knew someone who might. 

"Marge, go to Terry, I have to go somewhere." 

Confused and teary Marge looked at him and asked, "What?" He smiled back at her, wiped her tears away with his fingers and said, "Go to your husband. I have to go and see someone who may be able to help. But don't say anything to Terry about this, it may not work and I don't want to raise his hopes without reason." 

She didn't understand what he was talking about but she did allow him to get off the bed and throw his clothes on whilst she climbed back into hers. 

Once clothed, they came back downstairs to where Terry still sat. He looked at his wife and asked, "Are you happy?"

In reply, she sat down beside him and took him in her arms for a hug. John regarded them for a second, he could see a look of humiliation on Terry's face and he didn't like it. He said, "I have to run an errand and I don't know when I'll be back. Erm... Don't go away." 

Then he hurried out of the door and hopped into his car. As Terry and Marge listened to the car roar off down the road, Terry could only splutter, "Wh... Wh... What?..."

But Marge could only shrug and answer honestly, "I don't know." 

John pulled up outside a large terraced house in one of the better areas of the town and hurried up to the front door. He hammered on it until he saw a shadowy figure approach through the frosted glass. The door opened and he came face to face with his ex wife, Carla. She was wearing a diaphanous silk gown over an almost see-through nightie, she said sexily, "Hello lover..." she saw who it was and then said indignantly, "John, what the Hell do you want?" 

"I'm sorry to burst in on you like this but there's a problem." 

Her face drained, "Katie?" 

"No, no, nothing like that. Look I have a problem and I need your advice." 

"Well well. What ever would the mighty John 'I work so hard no time for my wife' Hargreaves want to come to little me for advice for?" 

He responded harshly, "The one thing you were ever any good at. Look, you know I wouldn't have come here if I really didn't have to, so can we cut the snide comments," his tone softened, "I really need your help." 

In spite of herself, Carla was intrigued, "Perhaps you should come in." 

She led him into her sitting room and they sat down on the sofa. 

"Well?" she asked. 

Unsure of how to begin, John arched his hands in front of his face and then said, "Look. You're a woman of... experience." 

"That's why you divorced me." 

"Finding you in bed with another man, I may have been able to handle that. But a football team?" He waved his hand at her as another snide reply began to form on her lips, "No, I'm sorry. That was uncalled for. Look, you're experienced, have you ever had anyone who...couldn't stand to attention?" 

She giggled, "What?"

"Carla, you know what I mean. Did you ever have someone who couldn't get it up?" 

Nonplussed at his line of questioning, Carla stammered, "Erm.. well once or twice I suppose. What is this all about? I'm sure you didn't come here just to pry in matters that are no longer your concern." 

"How did you deal with it? Tell me some of the best tricks you know." 

"What is this John? Are you..." 

"No, not me," he thought hard, "What I tell you now goes no further, do you understand?" Carla nodded. "It's Terry and Marge." 

Carla was shocked, "John I think you had better tell me everything."

So he did and while he talked she listened quietly. She didn't even say a word when he mentioned the events of earlier in the evening including what Marge had recounted to him. Once he had finished his story, Carla could only murmur, "Oh the poor things. Two years?" 

John nodded.

She stared into space for a few moments and then said, "Well I know something that might work. It's a variation on the blindfold game." 

"The what?" 

She explained the details to him and then ran upstairs to dig out a couple of blindfolds he could use. Carla handed them to John and said, 

"Are you sure you can handle this?" 

"Oh yes I think so. Thank you Carla, this means a lot to me." 

"They're my friends too John." 

Half an hour after John had left their house, Terry and Marge were still sitting in their living room together, when they heard a knock at the front door. It was John, he followed Terry back into the living room and sat down. Then he said, "Right, I've taken some advice and I think I may be able to help you both." 

"Help us? How?" asked Marge. 

"I don't want to give too much away just yet. All I can do is ask you both to trust me." 

Both agreed that they trusted him and so John said, "Right, both of you. Take your clothes off and stand in front of each other about three feet apart." 

They didn't understand what their friend was up to, but they did as they were told. Once naked and still unsure of what was going to happen they faced each other. 

John continued, "No talking except by me from now on. I'm going to give you instructions and you must carry them out, okay? I know that you both feel a little self conscious about all this but believe me, considering the source of the advice, I know this is going to work." 

He paused and looked at his two friends, "Don't look at me again, either of you. I want you both to just stand naturally and look at each other. I want you to study every detail of the person in front of you. Their hair, their face. Every crease, every mark, every little detail." 

Once he saw that they were concentrating on each other, John stood behind Marge and whispered gently, but still loud enough for Terry to hear, "Look at your husband, he's a handsome man. Look at his fair hair, slightly receding with a touch of grey at his temple. See his eyes looking at you, blue eyes full of sadness. But there's something else in those eyes, can you see it? It's love. Terry loves you Marge. Look down his body, his chest, his flat stomach. Check out those arms. He's in pretty good shape eh? Quite muscular. Do you like what you see? No don't speak. Just nod. Good. Look down further. Look at his cock. Big isn't it? Bigger than mine? Yes I agree, much bigger. No wonder you wanted him instead of me. No wonder you called out his name when we were together. I'm actually quite jealous. Keep looking at him." 

Marge listened to the whisper in her ear, she studied the body of her husband, even after all this time he still sparked the flame of lust in her. She could feel her body getting turned on just looking at him. God! she hoped this would work, she desperately wanted Terry inside her again. 

Slowly and quietly John made his way round to stand behind Terry, "You're a lucky man Terry. You're wife is beautiful isn't she? Look at her face. See those lips, perfect for kissing. And that nose, a cute little button. Now look into her eyes, brown eyes full of sadness. But can you see something else? I can. I can see desire. She wants you Terry. When I was with her it was good for both of us, but it would have been better for her, if it had been you she was with. She shouted your name out you know. Move down her body. Just look at those tits. Fat and juicy with those lovely nipples. Can you see how they're crinkling up?" 

Terry nodded.

"Good. Look down, look at the curves of her hips. Look at your wife's legs. Finest set of pins I've ever seen. Now look at her pussy, see the brunette pubes, luscious. Can you see her pussy lips? All pink and puffy. Keep looking." 

John stood back and watched as his friends studied each other's bodies. 

He left them alone for a minute and then said, "Terry, I'm going to blindfold you now. Don't worry. The best bit of this game's just coming up." 

He quickly tied the blindfold around Terry's head and then did the same with Marge. Then he gently took their hands and pulled them closer together and murmured "Kneel down." 

They did, then John placed Terry's hand on Marge's face and said, "Feel Marge's face. Picture it in your mind as you run your fingers over it. Let your hands remember how soft her skin is." 

As Terry continued to gently stroke Marge's face, John took her hand and placed it on Terry's bicep. "Now you Marge, do the same thing. Feel the strength in Terry. Feel the power. Both of you let your hands wander over each other, all over. Touch each and every part of your lover's body." 

He leaned very close to Marge and whispered, "Marge, don't touch his cock. Not yet," so quietly that Terry did not hear. 

John stood back once more and looked on as Terry and Marge let their hands wander slowly over each other. He watched as Marge stroked her husband from shoulder to wrist and then across his chest. She delighted in the feel of his muscles and his sparse chest hair that grew around his nipples. She let her hand slip lower and gently drew her thumb across his underbelly and through his mass of pubic hair. 

She felt a twitch as she did that so she did it again, another twitch. 

She realised what John was up to so she backed off from that area and just let her fingers roam over his upper body again. She also delighted in the feel of his hands on her body. She shivered when he lightly brushed his knuckles across the underside of her breasts. She could feel a climax building just from having her husband's masculine hands touching her like this. The warmth was building in the pit of her stomach. Terry's other hand made sweeping stokes up and down her arm, outside then inside and onto her hip, before sliding back up her body and gently touching her achingly hard nipples. She had to stifle a moan. 

Terry loved the feel of his wife's soft skin. He allowed his senses to become overwhelmed by the scent and feel of his wife. He could smell her arousal. He felt her nipples crinkle into hardness under his hands and remembered what John had said to her, "Bigger than mine." That gave him a warm glow. Not that he felt in competition with John about cock size, but it gave him a good feeling all the same. Marge's cool fingers drew patterns on his body, he wallowed in the sensations she was giving him. He felt her hand brush his pubes and he jumped slightly, he had forgotten how good that felt. Then he felt it again. 

His cock twitched. My god, that hadn't happened for so long. 

John silently moved back next to Marge and gently removed her blindfold. He placed a finger to his lips as she looked askance at him and blinked in the low light from the table lamp. John pointed at Terry's lower body. Marge followed his finger and her eyes widened.

Terry's cock was growing. She reached out tentatively towards it before looking at John. He made a wanking sign with his hand and shook his head, then he mimed gentle stroking and nodded. 

She stretched her arm to touch Terry's cock when she felt his hand move over her pubic mound. Her mouth opened and her eyes closed tight. She hadn't felt him there for far too long and it excited her beyond belief. Slowly, she managed to gather her wits and gently ran one finger from the base of Terry's cock to the head. The reaction was electric. His body stiffened and so did his cock. Not fully hard yet, but nearly. She ran her finger around the head of his member and down the underside towards his balls and back again. She looked into her husband's still blindfolded face as he basked in the forgotten pleasures that were washing over him. He gave a sharp intake of breath when Marge began to massage his balls with her other hand while she continued to lightly touch his cock. As his penis inflated even more, it became firm enough for Marge to wrap her hand around it and lightly move up and down, gently wanking him off. 

Terry suddenly ripped off his blindfold and looked down at his throbbing erection with his wife's hand moving along it's length. He looked back up at his wife, his eyes ablaze with lust. He roughly pushed her onto her back and fell on top of her. Marge thrust her legs as wide apart as she could as she felt Terry's hardness prodding between her legs, searching for her entrance. And then he found it. He forced his cock inside her, it stretched her pussy lips apart and the top rasped against her aching clit as he began to thrust. Marge felt her beloved husband's hardness inside her again and she felt the orgasm happen almost as soon as he entered her. 

"OH GODDD! I'M CUMMING!!" she shouted. Her juices flowed and her belly exploded in waves of pleasure that sent spasms up and down her spine. She grabbed her husband by the houlders and screamed in his face, "FUCK ME!" 

Terry thrust into Marge, slamming his cock in and out for just a few seconds more before he too climaxed sending spurt after spurt of hot sticky cum up her cunt. He bellowed with joy as yet again, Marge had another orgasm when his gooey fluid hit her cervix. "OH JESUS!" she screamed, sobbing. 

Terry collapsed on top of her and they held each other tight as they rode the waves of strong emotion that flowed throughout their bodies. 

Marge was crying with joy, she had her husband back. Terry was shivering, he felt like a man again. 

As they wafted down from the heights of ecstasy together, they remembered they had an audience. Slowly they disentangled from each other and Terry's cock pulled out of Marge with a sticky plopping sound. Terry rolled off his wife and both looked up at John. They stood up and walked toward him, unselfconscious about their nakedness. 

Marge embraced him and said, "Thank you."

John could feel his eyes begin to sting as Terry too joined the embrace and added his heartfelt thanks. He said, "You're my dearest friends in the world. It was the least I could do. Anyway, you should thank Carla, it was her idea. But enough of this. I'll let myself out now," he grinned at them, "I think you have some catching up to do." 

Terry and Marge laughed and then they looked into each others eyes. They embraced again. John watched as Terry's hands slid up and Marge's naked back. They kissed hungrily, forcing their tongues into each other's mouths as if they were fighting for supremacy. Terry's hand came round to the front of Marge's body and he took her breast in it, cupping the firm flesh and gently tweaking her hard nipple. In turn, her hand stroked gently up and down his hardening cock. 

Unnoticed by either of them, John quietly let himself out of the house.

It was Sunday morning and Terry woke up, rubbing his eyes, blearily. He could feel something warm and wet on his rapidly hardening dick. He looked down his body and saw his wife, Marge eagerly licking and kissing his length. As he felt his cock growing under her ministrations, he couldn't help but let out a small moan, it felt so good. 

Marge heard him and looked back up at him. She stopped what she was doing and gently wanked his cock as she said, "Sorry, for waking you up, love. But I couldn't wait." 

He smiled and answered, "No problem dear. I was getting up anyway." 

He waggled his eyebrows. Marge giggled and then returned her mouth to his meaty length. Once his cock was nice and stiff, she used her soft tongue around the head, lubricating it ready for her to put it in her mouth. As she inserted Terry's cock inside, she scraped her teeth gently along the length and lashed it with her tongue. 

Terry laid back and allowed the incredible sensations to wash over him. As he lay back, he could hear Marge moaning around his stiff member as she moved her mouth up and down. She loved the taste of his cock and she wanted his cum. She wanted to swallow it all. As her pace increased, she could feel his hot meat beginning to twitch and she recognised the feel of a cock about to shoot its load. She increased the pace, thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth, faster and faster. She relaxed her throat and let his entire length fill her mouth until her nose was pressed into his mass of pubic hair. With a look of deep longing in her eyes, she stared at Terry's face. His eyes opened wide and he looked back at the erotic site of his beautiful wife taking him entirely down her throat. With a shout, he felt his balls contract and almost without warning, he let loose a torrent of white hot cum. With difficulty, Marge managed to swallow almost all of it. 

A small amount of cum overflowed from the corner of her mouth as she watched her husband. As the waves of pleasure subsided, Terry found himself able to breath again. Marge let his cock slip from her mouth and she sat up next to him. Her eyes never left his as she flicked her tongue out to lap up the excess fluid from around her mouth. All the time wanking his still stiff erection. 

"Oh my God," sighed Terry as he watched his sexy wife, "You are incredible." 

He drank in the beauty of her naked body. Large, firm tits with cherry coloured nipples, crinkled and hard with arousal. A narrow waist and full, womanly hips. Her could see the pink lips, puffy and wet beneath her triangle of dark pubes. 

He reached out and stroked her wet pussy, dragging his middle finger over her clit. She shuddered as a twinge of pleasure tickled her womb. 

"Bring that pussy here," he whispered, "I fancy breakfast in bed." 

"Oh no. Maybe later, Love. John told us we had some catching up to do. And I don't feel caught up yet." She threw her leg over him and, positioned his cock at the entrance of her juicy pussy. The tingle as his cock slowly entered her aching depths was almost torturous. Inch by inch, she slid herself down her husband's cock, delighting in the way he filled her so completely. She was unable to keep her expression steady, faltering between a smile and pure lust. Her eyes fluttered and her breathing came in gasps. Until, finally he was completely inside her. 

Barely able to breath with the joy she was feeling, she gasped, "You don't wonderful this is." 

Marge placed her delicate hands on Terry's chest to steady herself, whilst his hands came up and began to mould the soft flesh of her tits, he tweaked and rolled her nipples between finger and thumb, moaning all the time at the silky soft tissue that surrounded his throbbing member. 

Gently, Marge began to move up and down, letting his cock almost slip out, before easing herself back down again. She looked down at her man as she moved and murmured, "You don't know," she began to cry, "I wish I could tell you how wonderful this feels." She thrust down again hard, "AAAAAH!" she screamed. Faster and faster, she began to move. Sliding his slick cock in and out of her aching pussy, all the time squeezing his throbbing cock with her cunt muscles as she moved, milking him. Caught up in the moment, Terry couldn't help himself, he began to thrust back at her, ramming his meat as deeply as it would go. 

Marge crying tears of pure joy, was screaming now, "Oh God!... Oh God!... I'm gonna cum!... You're making me cum!... Omigodomigodomigod!" 

She could feel the warmth growing in her belly. Terry's cock was rasping against her clit with every stroke as they thrust against one another. 

Terry could feel his balls ready to blow another load of boiling cum into his wife and he too started shouting, "Fuck me!...Make me cum!... I wanna fill you up!" He exploded inside her, blasting more of his precious fluid up her greasy hole. He shouted, "JESUS!" 

Marge felt his hot man fat shoot up her cunt and hit her cervix. The sudden release caused her cunt to burn hot and then she too exploded in the most incredible orgasm. Her body stiffened and all she could do was stare straight up at the ceiling, her eyes wide and her mouth open in a silent scream of ecstasy as the climax broke and washed her body in red- hot pleasure. She could breath in but she could not breath out. Short gasps of air filled her lungs as she managed to bring her body back under control. Once she was able, she looked down at her husband, filling her lungs with deep gasps of precious air. She managed to say, "Oh God! I love you," before falling forward and smothering his face in fevered kisses, muttering "I love you," over and over again. Terry accepted the kisses and wrapped his arms around Marge's waist and held her tight. His arms were shivering as he held this gorgeous woman who loved him so much. 

As the elation of their coupling passed, Marge disengaged herself from Terry's softening cock and lay next to him snuggling against his chest. She patted his slack penis lightly and giggled, "Don't go away, I'll need you again later." 

They laid together in the bed for a few minutes, silently enjoying their closeness when Terry spoke, "Marge, I have to ask you a question. It's important and I need a truthful answer." 

"Hmmm," she replied dreamily. 

"Last night, when John said I had a bigger cock than him...Was that the truth?" 

Marge's eyes opened, of all the questions he could have asked she wasn't expecting this one, though perhaps she should have, "Why?" 

He stroked up and down her spine lazily and said, "It's important, I really need to know." 

Marge pushed herself up on one elbow and looked at Terry with an expression of concern, "Does it really matter?" she asked. 

He looked back at her and answered seriously, "I know what you're thinking. Do I have doubts. But that's not it, really. But I do need to know." 

His wife studied his face for a long moment and then replied, "Actually, it's too close to call. You're almost exactly the same size. Why?" 

Terry thought for a moment and said, "I don't know if you realise it, but John did a wonderful thing for us last night." 

Marge rubbed his balls and giggled, "I know." 

He joined in her laughter and then mused, "No, I don't think you do. He gave me back my dignity when he could so easily have taken it away for ever. And then he lied. He told me my cock was a lot bigger than his." 

Marge was a little worried about the turn the conversation had taken, but she wasn't exactly sure what Terry was driving at, "So?" she asked, puzzled. 

Terry took a deep breath and said, "Cock size is very important to a man. Juvenile I know, but there it is. And it must be demeaning for any man to admit that his cock is a lot smaller than someone else's." 

His wife shook her head, "Sorry, I still don't understand. I've already told you that you're both the same size." 

"Look Marge, let me tell you about last night. Please don't interrupt, I really need to talk about this... When we asked John to help us and he said he would, I was so happy for you that I could have cried. But watching you walking upstairs together also hurt like Hell. I hated it. I hated the thought of you with another man, even John. I could hear you both you know, I could hear you having sex with him and I have never felt so low in all my life. I felt like I wasn't a man any more. And I was scared, I was so scared that you would enjoy it so much that I might lose you to him." A single tear made it's way down Terry's cheek, "I was so desperately frightened and humiliated because I couldn't give you what you needed." 

Marge began to cry as she listened to her husband, she held him in a fierce embrace and said, "Oh Terry, I would never leave you. I love you so very much. I couldn't imagine a life without you in it. I don't want to imagine a life without you." 

He held up his hand and said, "My Love, please. Let me finish. When John ran off and then came back with his idea to help us, I really wasn't sure. I mean, John means a lot to me and I love him like a brother, but I wasn't sure. A small part of me insisted that his game was all a trick to humiliate me even more than I already was, but he didn't did he? No, he helped us... me. He was even willing to debase himself to help inflate my ego, to make me feel that little bit better about myself. And I can't lie to you, it helped, it really helped. I mean how do I say thank you, for what he did for us?" 

Marge didn't answer, she remained silent for a long time before she said, "I have an idea. I know how we can thank him properly. But it'll need a bit of preparation." 

Her husband was intrigued, "What?"

Marge gathered her thoughts and then explained her plan. As he listened, Terry began to grin, then smile and then he laughed out loud. 


Later that day, John was at home with his daughter Katie, they were sat together at the kitchen table doing some colouring in together, when there was a tap at the front door. Katie ran to answer it and John heard her exclaim, "Uncle Terry!" He followed her through to the front hall, where he saw his friend holding Katie and hugging her. Terry let go of the child and said, "Listen Kate, would you mind? I have to talk to your daddy for a while." 

She rolled her eyes and said mournfully, "We were colouring in." 

Terry laughed gently and ruffled her hair, "I'm sorry, listen I'll make up to you, me and Marge'll take you for an ice cream this weekend, would you like that?" 

"Cool!" she glanced back at her father and said, "Can I go out on my bike?" 

John spread his arms and said, "Yes, of course. But don't go too far, Kitty Cat." 

She smiled over her shoulder as she ran to get her bicycle and shouted a belated, "Thank you!" over her shoulder. 

Once they were alone Terry began, "John—" 

His friend cut in, "I know what you're going to say Terry. But please don't. What happened is in the past, there's no need to say anything." 

Terry replied, "I think there is. I wanted to thank you John. You gave me back my dignity. You made me a man again, and I don't know if I can ever thank you for that but I do intend to try." 

Embarrassed, John replied, "Terry, your manhood was never in doubt. Either by me or Marge. The measure of a man is not whether he can get an erection, it's what he's willing to do for those he loves. What you did for Marge, the sacrifice you made... I know you really didn't like it Terry, but you did it anyway, for your wife," he paused and then continued sadly, "Everyone should have a wife like Marge. She has a love for you that I've never seen matched anywhere." 

Terry said quietly, "I have. A long time ago." 

John looked quizzically at his friend and asked, "What are you driving at? Wait, I've a feeling there's more to this visit than to thank me for last night. Come through, we'll have a drink." 

Once the two men were settled in the large, comfortable armchairs and each had a drink, Terry said, "John, I really did come here to thank you for what you did. I know it must have been uncomfortable, both with me and Marge and also because you went to see Carla. I know she hurt you deeply and I know you wouldn't have gone there without a very good reason." 

John wriggled uncomfortably, he didn't really like to talk about Carla,but since Terry had brought it up he replied, "You're right, I didn't like it, but I didn't know where else to go." 

John feelings for Carla were still confused, even though they had been apart for nearly four years. He still loved her, but at the same time he also hated her. He could still remember the shock and pain he had felt when he came home and found her in bed with two men. And his daughter Katie was asleep in the bedroom next door. He remembered the ruckus he had caused, the two strangers struggling into their clothes and escaping from the madman who had burst in on their party. He remembered the acrimonious arguments, the shouting, the crying, the screaming as he and Carla verbally savaged each other. And he also remembered the way Katie, not yet five years old had come into the room and seen them fighting. He thrust the painful memories away and said, "Terry, I really don't want to talk about Carla." 

His friend studied his face carefully and said, "I think you do. We've been friends a long time, all of us you, me, Marge and Carla. No one was happier then me and Marge when you two tied the knot, and when Katie came along, well, it was as if we were all her parents. And then you had the problems. And in all the years we've known each other, that's the one thing that you and Carla have never spoken about. We've shared everything, good times, bad times, highs, lows, everything, except this and I think it's time we did." 

John sat back in his chair and nursed his glass, staring at nothing for a moment. Terry was right, he had never really spoken about the break up of his marriage, he had spent the last few years keeping his feelings about it very private. Maybe it was time to let go. He took a sip of his drink and then said, "Well, you know what happened. I came home and found her in bed with two men. I've got to tell you Terry, I went ballistic. Not just because she was unfaithful, I mean, Katie was sleeping in the next bedroom and at the time, she had a habit of waking up and coming to sleep with us." 

Terry said nothing, he just waited for John to continue. After a while, he did, "I mean, what if Katie had walked in on that? It makes me shudder. I honestly don't know how Carla could have been so stupid." 

"Do you know why Carla did it?" 

"No," John sighed, "Yes... I suppose she was trying to get back at me. Look Terry, you remember what it like back then, we had all those problems with the suppliers and we were working all hours God sent to keep our heads above water. I suppose family life had to take a back seat for a while, I mean, without the business, where would we be?" 

Again Terry remained silent until his friend felt ready to continue, "It was all so stupid, we could have worked it out. I know I wasn't totally blameless, Carla was lonely. I was never there, perhaps I should have been." 

"So you were mainly angry because of Kate." 

"Yes... No... I don't know. I wasn't too chuffed to find those strangers with my wife. Looking back, I said some terrible things to Carla that night, things I'm not proud of. But then so did she." 

"How often have you seen her since the break up?" 

"Oh, just a few times. Normally to drop Katie off when she stays over there. The first time I spoke to her since the divorce was the other night actually." 


"And what?" 

"How was she?" 

John laughed mirthlessly, "She was all dolled up to meet another one of her lovers." then he became more sombre, "Actually she was beautiful. I'd forgotten how lovely she is." 

"Why did you go to her for help John?" 

"I don't know. She was the first person I thought of. I've thought about that myself actually. I tried to kid on it was because she was so experienced, but truthfully, I just don't know." 

Terry regarded John carefully and asked, "You still miss her don't you?"

John knocked his drink back in one and replied, "Terry I still love her. She hurt me deeply that night, but so help me I still love her. I wanted to forgive her for what happened, I wanted to talk it through, but it never seemed to work out that way. We always seemed to end up arguing and fighting and trading useless insults." 

"So you never actually sat down and talked to each other." 

"No, we ended up letting the lawyers talk for us and that was the beginning of the end." he held up a hand to stop Terry from speaking and continued, "I know. Perhaps we should have. Marge said yesterday that you knew I was lonely, she wasn't wrong. I have been desperately lonely, but I never met anyone who could measure up to Carla, even after what happened, I never met anyone who came close." 

"You said you wanted to forgive her, but couldn't. Do you still feel the same way now?" 

"We were both at fault really. I took her for granted, I ignored her for months and when I found her that night I... I was so cruel to her I still don't believe it myself. The divorce was messy and a lot of awful things were said in the courtroom. But to answer your question, yes I could forgive her now, but I don't know if she could forgive me. Too much happened and too much time has passed." 

Terry stood up and said, "John, I know this was painful for you, but I think it may have helped a little to talk about it. What happened is in the past and I think it's time you consigned it to history. Why don't you come round tomorrow night, me and Marge have met someone who might be able to help you get over this." 

Surprised by the turn the conversation had taken, John could only stammer, "W... What?" 

Terry grinned broadly, "Last night you asked us to trust you. Now I'm asking the same. We know someone who we think would be perfect for you." 

John thought to himself, Terry was right. What had happened between him and Carla was in the past, maybe it was time to move on. And he was also correct about how they had trusted him, how could he do anything other than return the compliment, "Yes," he said, "I'd love to come 



Carla heard the doorbell and answered the door. In front of her stood Marge, looking radiant. Before Carla could speak, Marge said, "Carla, I know it was your idea." 

Momentarily taken aback by Marge's direct words, all she could do was reply quietly, "Did it help?" 

Marge began to smile and answered, "Oh yes." 

Carla laughed out loud and embraced her friend in a warm hug, "I'm so happy for you." she released her grip and then said, "What am I doing? Come in. We can crack a bottle in celebration." 

Once the two women were sat comfortably on the sofa in the living room, Marge said, "We want to thank you, but we really don't know how. Tell me what we can do and it's done." 

Carla glanced down at the glass in her hand and gently swirled the wine in a circle, "There's no need to thank me Marge, you and Terry are my friends. And I really didn't do much, all I did was suggest an idea for John." She stared into space a little sadly. 

Marge said gently, "Penny for your thoughts." 

Carla barked a short, mirthless laugh and answered, "I was just thinking about John actually. Do you know, last night was the first time we've spoken without biting each other's heads off since... You know." 

Marge nodded thoughtfully and asked, "How was it? Talking to John again I mean."

"Good," Carla sighed, "It's just a shame that we could never talk about our problems the way we talked about yours." 

"Do you still miss him?" 

Carla looked up at the ceiling and blew out heavily, "Considering my lifestyle you wouldn't think so." 

"You didn't answer me Carla. Do you?" 

Carla seemed to ignore the question and started talking, "I've been living here, in this house for about four years now. I've had more men that you can shake a stick at," suddenly angry she turned to Marge and cried, "And do you know why? I'll tell you why, because I want to find a man that makes me feel the way he did. Every single day I miss him. I hate it here, I don't get to see enough of Katie." 

She began to weep and Marge had difficulty making out her words, "When I did what I did I was only trying to get his attention. I was so desperately in need of something. Some clue that he still felt anything for me, that I went out and picked up two men I didn't know and brought them home. All I wanted was a reaction even if it was a damned good hiding. I just needed to know." 

"Was that the only time you were unfaithful to him?" 

"Yes. It was the biggest mistake of my life. We could have worked something out, I know that now. I can't believe I was so stupid. But we couldn't even say two words to each other without insults and recriminations after that." 

"You still love him don't you?" 

"Oh what do you think Marge? Of course I still love him. The best things that ever happened to me, John and Katie. I threw it all away because I was so stupid. And now it's too late." 

Marge gathered Carla in her arms and patted her head soothingly. She said, "I'm sorry Carla. I didn't mean to upset you." 

After a few minutes, Carla managed to get control of her emotions and wiped her eyes on her sleeve. Marge looked at her friend with compassion and said, "You need cheering up, why don't you come round tomorrow night. A quiet evening with friends, with real friends might be just what you need." 

Carla looked at Marge and answered, "Thank you. I'd like that." 


Marge arrived home and found Terry sat in front of the stereo adjusting the CD player, he looked up and asked, "Well, did you get it?" 

Marge smiled and nodded, "And you?" 

"I think so. All we need now are the costumes and I can get those tomorrow morning." 

Marge giggled. 


On Monday evening, John was greeted by Terry at the front door. He was dressed in an old fashioned butler's uniform. John smiled quizzically, "Terry? Why are you dressed like that?" 

Terry answered respectfully, "If sir would come this way, his table is ready." and led John through to the sitting room. There was a small table set up for two people. It was immaculately laid out and a bottle of champagne was chilling in an ice bucket next to it. 

John was shocked when Marge appeared dressed as a maid. She curtsied and asked, "Would sir like me to take his coat?" Mystified, John could only nod and let Marge help him off with his overcoat. Then Terry said, "Would sir care for a drink while he waits for his guest?" 

Laughing, John answered, "Erm, yes please," he waved his arm, "You know my usual Terrence." 

While John was enjoying his drink, the doorbell rang and Marge said as she left the room to answer it, "Excuse me sir, I believe that will be your guest for this evening." 

John heard a giggle from the other room and was a little suspicious, he knew that laugh even though he had not heard it for a long time. He watched as Carla walked into the room smiling, until she saw him there and her face then took on an expression of suspicion too, "What are you doing here?" she asked. 

John replied, "I was about to ask you the same thing." he glanced over to where Terry was pouring a drink for the new arrival, "What's going on here, Terry?" 

"It seemed to us sir, that neither of you ever talked to the one person that you should have. This is your opportunity to do so." 

"I'm really not sure about this-" began Carla retreating slightly. 

"No, neither am I," said John. 

Terry straightened his back and there was a hint of steel in his voice, "This is something you both need to do. Me and Marge are sick of seeing you both in pain, unable to let go of the past. It's time you moved on with your lives and this is the best way to do it," he directed his stare at John, "I would ask you to trust us sir." 

John didn't know what his friends had in store, but he had to agree, Terry was right, he had to trust them. He turned to his ex-wife and held out his hand, "It seems that we have been suckered Carla. They've gone to a lot of trouble to set this up, the least we can do is play along." 

Carla too was intrigued about Terry and Marge's plan, so she accepted John's hand and allowed him to lead her to the table. She couldn't avoid an involuntary shiver when their hands touched. She remembered the last physical contact they had, was when he pushed her out of the way to pick up and comfort their daughter. 

They sat down and allowed Marge to serve the first course, it was Vichy Soise. While they sat in uncomfortable silence, Terry popped the champagne and poured each of them a healthy measure, he said, "Just because you have much to talk about, you do not have to be uncomfortable doing so." 

Once Terry was sure everything was perfect, he started the stereo and retreated to the kitchen with Marge. 

Sounds of mellow music wafted around the sitting room, where John and Carla sat together. With a hint of a sad smile, Carla raised her glass and said, "Cheers." John raised his glass but did not reply, his head tilted to one side and said, "I know that tune." Carla listened too and then blushed, "It was the song we first danced to as man and wife." 

Embarrassed, John looked down and picked up his spoon to eat, then he said, "I think I know what they're up to. If I'm right the main course will be Sea Bass..." 

"And the sweet will be profiteroles," finished Carla, she giggled, "You're right, they did go to a lot of trouble." 

Once the ice was broken, the couple managed to hold a conversation. Stilted at first, but as the champagne flowed they became more animated. 

John thought to himself, what an idiot I was to ever let this woman go. I'd forgotten how much fun we had together. He sighed inwardly, it was too late now. 

Carla thought to herself, Why did I hurt him so badly? Why did I throw it all away? She sighed inwardly, it was too late now. 

After Marge had cleared away the dessert dishes and had supplied each of the diners with a small brandy she retreated back to the kitchen, where her husband waited impatiently. 

"Well?" he asked. 

Marge shook her head, "They are talking. Civilly, but they won't talk about anything important. They're skirting around the issue," she began to wring her hands, "It's not working Terry. I was so sure it would." 

Terry took her in his arms and replied, "Don't worry, the coup de grace is coming up." 

John swirled his brandy in the glass and looked across the table at Carla, she smiled tentatively back at him. They both started to speak at once and then laughed, he said, "You first." 

Carla took a deep breath and began, "John... I...," her confidence gave out, "Nothing." She cursed her cowardice, all she had to say was sorry. One little word and it wouldn't come out. She knew that it could not heal the rift between them, but it was the one thing she had never said, and she desperately wanted to, but could not. 

Both people sat back in their seats and suffered an embarrassed silence until Terry and Marge silently re-entered the room. Between them, they lifted the table and placed it at the side of the room. Then Terry reset the stereo to play the next CD and said, "Perhaps sir and madam would like to dance." 

Terry and Marge melted into the background once again. This time they retreated to their bedroom and waited with fingers crossed. 

John thought about what he had been about to say to Carla. He wanted to tell her he still loved her and he wanted her to come home. But how could he? After everything that had passed between them. He hated himself for his lack of courage. What if she said no? What if she laughed in his face? After all, the freedom she enjoyed now would be hard to give up. 

Carla watched him quietly before saying, "Would you... Would you like to dance with me? For old times sake." 

Why not? thought John and wordlessly held his hand out to Carla. They embraced lightly and began to move together to the music. He could smell her perfume and it's heady scent was intoxicating. It was her favourite, he knew that and it had always driven him wild. He held her close holding her hand in his and his other resting gently on her waist. 

Carla let her free hand entwine round his neck and shivered as she felt his body so close after far too long. It was all she could do not to draw him into a kiss, but she didn't dare. She knew that would break the mood and she didn't want that to happen. She just wanted him close to her for as long as possible and think about the might-have-beens. 

Suddenly, the mood was broken anyway. The music stopped abruptly only to be replaced by Terry's voice coming from the stereo. It said, "We wanted to thank you both for helping us. You both helped us with what you called the blindfold game, and we think that it's time you both took off the blindfolds yourselves. You just can't see what is obvious to me and Marge. We hoped that it would not come to this, but if you hear this message then the time has come for drastic measures. We know that the two of you never said the things to each other that you should have and in the process saved a lot of heartache for you both and for Katie as well." 

There was a short silence. John and Carla looked at each other in shock. What were they up to now? Then the CD continued, John's mouth fell open when he heard his own voice coming out of the speakers. 

"I didn't know where else to go... I suppose she was trying to get back at me... I wasn't totally blameless, Carla was lonely. I was never there, perhaps I should have been... She was beautiful... Forgotten how lovely she is... First person I thought of... so help me I still love her... I have been desperately lonely... I never met anyone who could measure up to Carla... I could forgive her now, but I don't know if she could forgive me." 

Then it was Carla's turn. 

"I was just thinking about John... Shame that we could never talk about our problems... I want to find a man that makes me feel the way he did... Every single day I miss him... I was so stupid... I still love him... The best things that ever happened to me... Threw it all away." 

The final voice was Marge, "You talked to us, now talk to each other. Please." 


John and Carla looked at each other. Carla couldn't help it, she burst into tears and began sobbing, "I'm so sorry. I've wanted to say that for so long. I'm so desperately sorry." 

John's heart went out to her and he gathered her in his arms. She buried her head in his shoulder as the sobs racked her body. He couldn't help but feel a sting in his eyes as he said, "I'm sorry too. I should have been there for you." 

As Carla's weeping gradually subsided, she blinked back her tears and whispered, "Did you mean what you said? On the CD." 

John pulled her even closer and answered, "Every single word." 

They pulled apart slightly and looked into each other's eyes. 

And kissed savagely. Their mouths locked together and their hands moved roughly over each other. John grasped Carla tightly in a crushing embrace. She forced her tongue into his mouth and thrust it between his teeth, he returned her passion and his own tongue started to grapple with hers. 

Carla let her hand slip directly to his crotch and began to massage his growing bulge through his trousers. In return, he grabbed her skirt and bunched it up around her waist, before plunging his hand between her legs. Her cunt was red hot under his palm and he slipped a finger inside her panties to lightly rub her swelling clitoris. He could feel the wetness dripping from her bloated cunt lips. She moaned into his mouth as the warmth spread from her pussy and mumbled urgently, "Fuck me John. Fuck me now!" 

Carla struggled briefly with his zip and in her haste had difficulty getting it open. John placed his free hand on hers, stopping her from continuing as he guided her backwards toward the sofa. He pushed her down and she fell on her back with her legs spread. her skirt had fallen back down her thighs covering her up again, so she just grabbed the hem and bunched it back around her waist with one hand, with the other she pushed her gusset to one side showing off her soaking cunt to John's lustful gaze. 

Again she gasped, "Fuck me! Put your hard cock up my cunt and fuck me!"

Her face was flushed and she breathed heavily as she watched him tearing at his belt and fly, before he pushed his trousers and pants down so they fell around his ankles. He fell on top of her and jammed his seven inches of steel hard cock right up her soaking love channel. 

She closed her eyes and almost screamed in ecstasy as she felt him buried inside her, "Oh fucking Jesus Christ... I need this...Make me cum... Fuck me... Fuck me you bastard!" 

He couldn't wait. He began to thrust his hardened flesh in and out of her aching hole. Of all the women he had ever been with she was the best. It never felt like this with anyone else. He felt his balls begin to tingle with the familiar feelings of release, but he fought them down, he wanted her to cum. He wanted to feel her juices flood his cock. He wanted to watch her face screw up in ecstasy as she climaxed. The way she was writhing and shivering beneath him, he knew he wouldn't have long to wait. 

Carla was in heaven. John had the best cock she had ever had. It was rasping firmly against her clitoris with every stroke and he filled her so completely that she thought she would burst with excitement. As the joyous climax began to build in the pit of her stomach, she started to thrust back at him, making their pubic bones slap together and stimulate her blood filled clitoris even more. She felt a tingle running up and down her spine as her womb became white hot with the sensations he was giving to her. Faster and faster, they thrust together. John started grunting with effort as he slammed his bone deep inside her and Carla started moaning and groaning, "Oh John!... Harder!... Harder!... Make me cum!... I need it!... Oh Jesus!... You're the best!... Oh!... Oh!... That's it!... I'm there!... I'm cumming!... I'M CUMMING!!" 

And then they exploded together. John tensed and groaned as his balls released his boiling cum up into Carla's sticky cunt. She screamed as her own orgasm washed over her, filling her with a passionate heat that she thought would kill her. Her arms and legs stiffened and she screwed up her face with joy. John held her tight as he released pulse after pulse of cum until his balls were empty, and still his cock twitched, trapped as it was in Carla's soaking, tightly gripping pussy. 

As they managed to get control of their bodies, John started to feel mild discomfort in his back. In her passion, Carla had grabbed a hold of his shirt and had dug her fingernails into his flesh. He looked into her face as she lay beneath him, her eyes closed and her mouth uttering a string of meaningless noises. He felt her cunt contract around his still firm cock once more, as though she was trying to milk even more cum from him. 

Gradually their breathing slowed and John climbed off Carla. He pulled his trousers back up and walked back to the table and had to lean against it to stop himself from falling down. He took a big gulp of Brandy and then took a deep breath. 

When he turned round, he saw that Carla's skirt had fallen back down her thighs, covering her up again. She was looking at him with a diffident expression. She sat up and asked tentatively, "So what happens now?" 

He sat back down on the sofa next to her and putting his arm around her shoulders said, "Now you come home. Where you belong."

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