Sunday, 25 January 2015

Surprising a Prude of a Wife

Years ago while in the Army, my wife Mary and I were living in Government housing in Germany. We had been married for over 10 years. Mary was a "good" Catholic girl when we first got married, and was a virgin on our wedding night. Throughout our marriage Mary made it plain that she considered sex more of a duty then something that should be enjoyed. She would lay motionless and silent during the act, except for those rare occasions when she had too much to drink. When that happened,it was as though an inner demon had been let loose and she would start moaning and moving her hips to meet the my every thrust of my cock deep into her cunt, and it was the only time her pussy was actually wet. Other than that, the same thing once a month, no variations, no sucking dick, nor any of me eating her pussy, just her spreading her legs, me getting on top, and pounding away until I came. Always in the dark, no foreplay, no me seeing her naked. 

I was coming home a day early from a month long deployment with the high hopes that we would celebrate my early return by polishing off a few bottles of wine, and just maybe she would get a little drunk and she would be interested in getting laid. As I pulled up to the Housing area I was thinking about some of the changes in my wife's behavior just before I left. She had started wearing tighter and shorter skirts, started having a few drinks a couple of times a week, followed by her wanting to have sex. She had always had a very hairy bush, but seemed offended on the several times that I suggested that she trimmed her bush, yet she had trimmed it very nicely just before I left. Something was going on with her that she wasn't telling me about.

I quietly unlocked our door and went into our apartment making as little noise as possible in the hopes of surprising her. After not finding her in the living room, dining room, or kitchen, I thought that maybe she was taking a nap, and heading for our bedroom. 

Just before I opened our bedroom door I could hear some moaning, and then heard my wife say "Oh yes, fuck me!" I was shocked! Not only was someone fucking my wife, but in all of the time we were married I had never heard her say the word "damn" much less "fuck". I eased the door open and looked inside, and there I saw the back of a Black man with my wife's very white legs wrapped around his waist, and her arms wrapped around his neck. From the angle that I was at I could see his large black cock pumping in and out of her, while her ass was frantically squirming back and forth as though she was trying to work every inch of his member as deep inside of her as she could. The whole time she was moaning and talking to him, begging him: "Fuck me harder," "Don't stop," and "GOD, I love your cock. I love how you fuck me!" 

Then he started talking to her: "You love this Black cock, don't you, you white bitch?" Then he said "Whose cock-bitch are you?" 

She told him that she loved his cock and that she was his bitch. Then I could see him start to shudder, and his "come" started squirting out of her cunt and running down her inner thighs as she started giving off a muffled scream while she came. After a few minutes, he pulled is cock out of her and laid down next to her on the bed. That was a sight I will never forget. My wife lying on the bed with her legs spread, another mans "come" covering her pussy, her own juices making her pussy glisten in light, and her pussy lips gaping open. Another shock that caught my attention was that her pussy was now totally shaved.

While all of this was going on my first impulse was to burst into the room, throw the bastard who had just fucked my wife out, and help her pack her things and get out of my life. Then I noticed that MY cock was getting hard, that it was really turning me on that my wife was enjoying getting fucked, and by the time the black guy came I was so hard that it was getting painful.

After the Black guy seemed to catch his breath, he grabbed a hand full of my wife's hair and forced her face down towards his crotch, telling her "clean my cock, bitch". 

Once again my wife surprised me when she eagerly started licking his come and her pussy juice off his cock, then put it in her mouth and started pumping her head up and down as she sucked his cock. Slowly I could see his cock getting harder and harder, until it had grown to a massive size. 

Then he told her "Enough! On your face you white slut." She laid face down on the bed with her legs slightly apart. He sat up and as though to give me a clear view of her ass hole, he spread her ass cheeks apart and said "You want me to fuck you in the ass bitch?"

She panted "yes."

He slapped her ass cheek HARD, and said "Beg me bitch."

She then begged him "Fuck me in the ass with your big cock," let me say here, that she used to go ballistic if I even touched her asshole with my finger.

He laughed and said "Who would have thought that an uptight white bitch like you would be begging a Black man to fuck her in the ass after she sucked his cock". 

He then got on top of her, positioned his huge cock over her asshole, and plunged it in with one thrust. At first I thought that my wife was going to faint, then I heard her moaning and pushing back against his cock with her ass every time he thrust into her. After what seemed like hours and my wife coming more times than I can remember, the Black shuddered and came into my wife's ass. I decided that it would be a good time to sneak out, drive around, and think about what I had just seen. 

After driving for a while and stopping for a couple of beers at the NCO Club, I called my wife and told her that I was back early and would be home in about an hour. When I got home my wife met me at the door and gave me a quick kiss, while I thought about what had been in that mouth not so long ago. She was dressed modestly in a skirt that was below her knees, and the only thing that gave a hint about what had gone on earlier that day was a slight flush on her face. 

She asked me how long I had been back, and I told her that I had gotten back earlier in the day and had come home a couple of hours earlier. She got the "deer in the headlights" look on her face and asked why I hadn't come into the apartment. I told her "I had, but when I saw her getting fucked by that Black guy, I had left."

She started crying, saying that it was a "one time" thing, that it would never happen again, it would kill her parents if they found out, and what would people say if they found out she had "been with" a Black man (she was from Georgia, and not a very liberal part of it)."

I told her to "shut the fuck up" and she had a look on her face like I had slapped her. I had never talked to her like that before. Then I told her strip. She started to head to the bathroom to take of her clothes, but I told her to stop. I told her that I had taken pictures of her getting fucked and sucking a Black guy's cock, and unless she wanted everyone who she had ever known to see them, she would do exactly what I told her to do for now on, and for her to strip, NOW and HERE. 

She took off all of her clothes and stood before me. I told her to stand still with her hands at her side, and I walked around her to inspect her body. Nice tits with great nipples, although they might have been a little sore looking. Great looking legs and ass. Naked pussy. I asked her if her pussy was sore. She said "Just a little", and I told her it might be lot sorer when I was through. If she didn't like it all she had to do was so "no" and then pack her bags. Then I told her to get her ass into the bedroom and get ready for me to fuck her. I fucked her pussy, she sucked my dick, I fucked her in the ass, she washed my cock, then I fucked her pussy again. I lost count of how many times she came, and I think her moans and screaming may have kept the neighbors awake. 

Now years later she fucks me when I tell her, where I tell her, and lately, who I tell her. Me catching her was the best thing that ever happened to me, and my wife says that it is the best thing that ever happened to us. 

It seems that her Mother had told her that no husband wants a slut for a wife, only sluts like sex, and even though she had strong "urges", she was afraid to act on them with me because I would think she was a slut. I told her that she IS a slut, but I like sluts.

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