Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I Love To Be Sucked At My Boobs By Two People Simultaneously

Jason And Charlie Suck My Nipples

Last year, my ex-boyfriend (Charlie) and I went down to visit his friend for a long weekend. He and the friend have always had a very competitive relationship-- they are competitive an all aspects of their lives including career achievements, salaries, academic achievement and of course, women. They are consistently interested in each other's girlfriends.

At any rate, this was the first time I was meeting this friend. Charlie said that his friend was a breast man and wanting to show me off or 'boast' about me, he asked that I wear revealing clothes over the course of the weekend. I am always happy to show off my breasts and legs so I obliged him.

The Friday we arrived, I wore a v-neck top that showed my cleavage. We went out for dinner. His friend was across the table from me and he couldn't stop looking down my top. The friend-- Jason-- went to the bathroom and my boyfriend asked if I wanted to tease him. I thought that Jason was attractive and so I agreed.

When he got back to the table, I kept leaning forward to expose more and more of my breasts to his sight. His eyes were glued to my round, smooth globes. I made excuses to touch my breasts, accidentally grazing my nipples when eating. At one point, Charlie pretended to 'spill' my water on me, soaking the front of my (white) t-shirt and making my nipples stand out. I dabbed at the wet cloth but really just rubbed my nipples back and forth, making them even more obvious to Jason. He looked like he was going to swallow his tongue!

When we got back to Jason's apartment, we sat in the living room chatting. My shirt was still damp and clinging to me. We had a bottle of wine and I complained about being wet and asked if the boys would mind if I took my top off. They both shook their heads no and I noticed that Jason had a massive erection. I slowly peeled my wet t-shirt off, exposing my cold, wet breasts in a thin lace bra. My pinky brown nipples were clearly visible through the bra and they were so hard and firm that they could have cut glass!

Jason looked like was about to swallow his tongue when Charlie leaned forward and casually pulled one of my breasts out of its lace cup, tweaking and teasing my nipple. He asked Jason if he liked my breasts and Jason nodded. I asked Jason if he wanted to touch them. Jason said yes and quickly moved to sit next to me, pushing my ex out of the way and running his trembling fingers all over my large breasts and hard nipple.

I put my hand over Jason's hard ****, massaging it softly and used my other hand to draw his face towards my breast. He looked up at me questioningly and I nodded. Then he began to lick and bite lightly at my nipple before swirling it into his mouth and sucking hard. He sucked and nibbled at my nipple and areola. It was very erotic to look down and see a grown man basically laying like a baby in my lap, sucking at my teat. His mouth felt so good on my nipple. I pushed my skirt up and shoved my fingers into my wet, hot, tight ******, rubbing my thumb across my ****.

I was totally lost in the sensation of Jason's suckling and the little mewling and moaning noises he was making. Again, it was very erotic and I was incredibly turned on by the feeling of my nipple sucked right up against the roof of his mouth. My large breast was pressed against his face and he seriously looked like he couldn't get enough. His erection felt like it was going to rip the front of his pants!

Suddenly, I felt a chill on my other breast and then a warm, wet lapping sensation at my nipple. I looked down and saw Charlie licking and sucking and nibbling on my other hard, long, chewy nipple. ****-- I almost came right then. It was so incredible to see both of their heads at my breasts, sucking and tugging and biting. I pulled my fingers out of my ***** and touched Charlie's erection through his pants. I felt so sexy and so desirable to see these two grown men basically jizzing themselves over the feeling of my long, hard nipple in their mouths.

Charlie shoved my skirt up around my hips and told Jason to put his fingers in my *****. Jason didn't even look up from where he was slobbering and sucking on my nipple and blindly pushed two of his fingers into my *****. "****, you're so wet," he groaned, nuzzling further into my breast. Charlie rubbed my **** while Jason's fingers were stuffed into my *****.

It was the most amazing sexual experience of my life to have these two guys sucking on my nipples at the same time, one's fingers in my ***** and the other's on my ****. I put my hand in both of their pants, ************ them furiously as they sucked and rubbed me. The sensations and the eroticism of the situation were too much and I began to ******. I came twice in quick succession which is unheard of for me and rubbed both of the guys into completion until they blew in their pants, my rubbery nipples in their mouths.

We were all hungover and embarrassed the next day and no one could make eye contact. Nothing else happened between the three of us that weekend but when Jason came up to visit US a few months later... well, that's another story.

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