Thursday, 1 January 2015

Sushil's Wife Entertains Guests

Sushil was excited. Two former co-workers that he had been friends with were coming to the States to interview with his employer. Of course he offered them lodging in his own home. His wife, Nisha, was much less thrilled. She remembered them quite well. They were clean and polite but would monopolize her husband with all their endless technical talk when they visited. They had never picked up on her clues that it was time to leave.

Rajesh was in his mid fifties and divorced. About Sushil's average size but a bit pudgier and darker skin. Sanjay was about Nisha's age of 35. Slim and tall with light skin like hers. Never married and a bit awkward around women.

Sushil and Nisha had been married ten years previously when Sushil was 36. They had emigrated from northern India to the US about four years ago when he was hired away from the IT department of India's largest retailer by the world's largest retailer. His experience allowed him to rapidly advance to senior project management. They had been able to buy a nice house within walking distance of the corporate computer center, a preference that Sushil brought with him from India. He often thought through things while by himself on the sidewalk.

Nisha had been a secondary level Indian history teacher but there was little demand for that here. She was literate in English and Hindi and worked part time as a tutor for Desi parents who wanted their children born here to learn Hindi. No children of their own had happened even though no effort was made to prevent it. 

Bunny was Nisha's American friend who taught English as a second language. She was twenty eight, just a few inches over five feet, very curvy with tits that each made three of Nisha's. She'd been divorced twice and never had a single steady boyfriend but instead had two or three going all the time.

When Nisha asked her about that, she laughed and said that she'd been "owned" by two husbands already and she'd never put up with that again. It was HER body to do with as she chose. "I have no trouble attracting men and if they can't handle sharing me then they can find another pussy to fuck. The variety in my bed is too much fun to settle for just one guy."

That kind of bold language and attitude startled the fairly innocent Indian wife who wasn't accustomed to such sexual frankness, but it also thrilled her inside too. She knew from reading erotic stories when her husband wasn't around that there was a lot she hadn't experienced. But how to do that and keep her marriage too?

The more she talked with Bunny, the more Nisha was curious about sex with others. Her only premarital experience had been with an older friend of her brother who had groped and fondled her a few times. Her husband's penis is the only one she had ever seen in real life. It seemed big enough during the two or three times a week they copulated. It was pretty routine by now though, not like the passion they had early on, or that she read about on-line, or heard about from Bunny. Bunny had also watched some on-line videos with her and pointed out things that she herself had done and enjoyed. 

When Nisha complained to Bunny about the impending visit, Bunny said to her, "You have it all wrong. Here is a perfect chance for you to fulfil your fantasies about sex with others. Two single men will be right in your home for you to use as you wish. They would not reject an attractive woman like you. If you are interested we will make a plan."

Nisha protested, "My pussy is tingling with the idea but I don't know what to do. I've only had sex with my husband. How will I seduce them?"

Bunny laughed, "I've gotten men in my pants more times than I can remember. I'll help you figure out a way for these two. You are going to have to get your pussy in shape, though, if you are going to handle three men!"

The two women talked every day about how Nisha would become a sex goddess. In the meantime she began initiating sex with her husband every day, something new and much appreciated by him. When he inquired about this increase in her libido, she told him that she'd been talking with Bunny, whom he'd met a few times. She had realized that she was missing something by being so passive. 

And then she planted the seed!

"My dear husband, you used to mention that you thought about other lund (cock) in my choot (pussy). You said that the idea excited you. Bunny has had many in her and tells me that it would make me sexier for you. And that I would enjoy the different sensations greatly. Soon we will have two unmarried men in the house. How would you feel if I took advantage of them?"

Sushil was painfully erect. He rolled on top of his wife and slammed into her. As he thrust deeply in and out he gasped, "You want other lunds and seed in you? What if they are better than me? Would you still love me? What if I said no?"

"Of course I would still love you, silly man. It would be for excitement only. Bunny says you will like fucking me right after them when I am slippery with their seed. And you cannot say 'no' since it is my body and I am in charge of it."

That was all it took for Sushil to blast his seed into his wife. He nearly passed out from the intensity of it. The wickedness and independence that Nisha was displaying was incredibly stimulating. Their fucking went to twice a day and more. Nisha reported to Bunny that Sushil had accepted the idea and seemed to be aroused by it.

The visitors arrived and were duly installed in their guest rooms. It was pleasantly warm outside so Nisha served dinner on the patio accompanied by plenty of Indian beer. She had bought a rather sheer blouse for her saree and wore nothing under it. Her mummay (breasts) were small enough to get by without undergarments and the nipples liked the teasing of the fabric moving on them so stayed noticeably erect. 

Rajesh and Sanjay retired early with the travel and time changes. Nisha fussed over them and repeatedly visited their bedrooms and made as much contact as she could.

Sushil was laying in bed with a khada lund (erect penis) when his wife finally arrived. He was already imagining her naked with the guests and noticed her wet choot as she dropped it on his rigid shaft. Neither one spoke as they took pleasure from the other. Both were wondering how their own chudai (sex) would be changed by the new experiences. It was exciting and scary at the same time.

In spite of a quick chudai in the morning, Sushil was distracted all day at work. He had seen the skimpy clothes that Nisha was wearing and wondered if her choot would get filled with lund before he returned home. He knew nothing of the plan that had been made. 

The visitors had their first round of job interviews that day and were warmly greeted by Nisha on their return. She offered them beer and sat close to them, appearing interested in their conversations. Sanjay was shy and she had to draw him out, reaching over to stroke his arm and leg from time to time. His crotch bulged nicely she noticed.

When Sushil returned home he overheard the guests commenting on how much more friendly their hostess was than in India. Rajesh commented, "If she wasn't married I might think that she is interested in chudai with us. She has a nice body and I would love to enjoy her choot." Sanjay agreed and said that he was a virgin but would like to have her for his first. The husband's lund was khada (erect) with the thoughts.

Still affected by the time changes, the guests retired early. Nisha changed into a robe and told her husband that this was the time. She was going to chod (screw) the guests and wanted him to discreetly observe her as she did so.

They quietly entered Sanjay's room. Nisha placed the candle next to the bed as Sushil went to a dark corner. She dropped her robe and slipped into bed with the new man. He made groggy protests as she touched him and she said firmly, "Be still and let's enjoy each other. It is all right so pay attention to me. I know this is your first time so I will show you what to do." She left the covers back so Sushil could see everything in the candlelight.

First, off with his pajamas. Then get his hands and mouth learning how a woman tastes and feels. Her hands and mouth eagerly explored the second lund and tuttay (balls) she had ever encountered. It was long and thin. His tuttay were large and hung down. From his groans she knew the explosion was imminent so she took him in her mouth as his seed flew out of the end. She smiled at her husband as she swallowed.

Sanjay did not get soft so she put her leg over him and dropped her choot on the long shaft. It hit bottom so she sat still as her insides stretched to accommodate it. She began moaning and saying how exciting it was to have him inside her. She orgasmed then told him to shoot his seed into her. He soon did. She lay on top of him for a few minutes then withdrew his shrinking lund from her dripping choot.

She kissed her husband in the hallway as she wiped her crotch. She squeezed his khada lund as she asked, "Did you enjoy that? I sure did. Now for the second course."

Sushil asked, "Can I enter your choot? I want to feel it with seed in it."

Nisha replied, "Yes, but you can only stroke twice and do not put your seed in yet." She turned around, raised her robe and presented her ass (gand). Sushil slipped in easily and began stroking. Nisha pulled away after a few strokes saying, "You must wait your turn for more."

Rajesh responded very differently than the virgin. He was experienced and soon had her on her back, legs in the air and choot stretched with a lund as long as but much thicker than her husband's. Her newest partner said, "I thought that this might be what you wanted. I had thoughts about doing this with my ex-wife but she chose to cheat on me. You are slippery. Have you had Sanjay already?" Nisha nodded. He lasted a long time and she squealed with two orgasms before his seed joined Sanjay's deep in her choot.

In their own bed, Sushil was ready to jump on her. Nisha stayed in charge. "Husband, did you enjoy seeing your wife being sexy? (he nodded) Could you tell how much I liked having new lunds inside of me? (more nods) I know you liked how Rajesh seeded me because you shot your own in your hand just watching. Now I want you to be my third lund in a row." She got on her hands and knees and presented her choot like an animal or whore. Sushil, in spite of spontaneously issuing seed earlier, did not last long before adding his to her collection. The stimulation of knowing his lund was coated with other men's fresh seed was powerful.

Nisha visited each guest bed before breakfast and wore only a see thru robe when serving them. During coffee she said to all three men, "I have made some new house rules. The first is since it is warm weather, clothes will not be worn at this house. Second, our guests are welcome to my choot whenever they want it, but my husband has to be invited."

Rajesh had a morning interview and Sushil had to work so Nisha spent the first half of the day teaching Sanjay how to please a woman. She was delighted that he recovered his khada lund quickly. His seed was copious too and that lubricated their frequent joinings. She didn't want a sore choot.

The afternoon was Rajesh's time for extended chudai. He stayed khada much longer but did not produce as much seed or recover as quickly. He did however have many talents such as choosing interesting positions and was very good at kissing and licking her choot when he could not fill it with khada lund. 

That night the tired but happy wife climbed on top of her horny husband after a nighty-night chudai for each of her guests. Her choot dripped white liquid on his khada lund before she slipped it inside. "I am going to move gently dear husband since it is a bit tender from all the lund visits today. But I want you to know you are still welcome."

Sushil felt the silken lubrication but as yet had no idea how many times it had been spurted into his beloved. He kissed her and said that he did have one real big concern, "You are not on birth control. Now you are taking the seed from three men. Have you thought about that?"

Nisha smiled, "While I wouldn't mind getting pregnant, I would rather know that it is yours. It is less than a week until my monthly so it is pretty safe but it is exciting knowing that I might get fertilized by any of you. Thanks for asking.

"Bunny was right. It is a great pleasure to have different men naked with me. It feels like you are still excited by me too. Put your seed in with our guests' and let's get some sleep."

The next morning Nisha drained both lunds before the men went to their morning interviews. She visited with Bunny, anxious to tell of her adventures. Bunny was delighted that the plan was working so well and only regretted that she was not there to see it.

Nisha exclaimed, "Why don't you come over this afternoon. Both guests will be there and I'm sure they would enjoy meeting you."

Bunny asked, "I've had many kinds of cocks but none from India. Would you share with your friend?"

Nisha smiled, "How could I refuse? You have been so helpful and my pussy is a bit sore anyway. I'm sure my guests would be delighted!"

Bunny joined them for lunch and the two men were startled when she and Nisha were naked per the house dress code. They had only seen pictures of voluptuous Caucasian women and here was one in all her naked glory and ready for chudai. Lunds were very khada!

A coin toss put Sanjay into the blond woman first. The other two fondled each other as the light brown man played with and sucked her large tits while she rode him. He soon spurted and she rolled off of him. Rajesh sank his thick lund into the slippery choot and she humped back in time with his thrusts. His dark skin was a vivid contrast to her pale complexion. Sanjay was sitting next to Nisha and she stroked his lund in sync with Rajesh's penetrations. It revived quickly. So she rolled him on top of her and began thrusting her hips like Bunny. She had not done this before and it allowed her to stimulate her love button better.

Sushil arrived home from work to find two fucked out men and one fucked out wife. But Bunny wasn't. She stripped the surprised husband and got on his khada lund in front of every one. Her bounteous mummay were irresistible but what her choot was doing to his lund was even more terrific. When he blasted his seed into her squeezing hole the others applauded. Supper was a bit subdued but beer and wine soon had everyone pretty tipsy ready for more fun.

Bunny told everyone to hold their urine. She led them to the grassy yard and asked each of the men to shoot their stream on her nipples and choot. She giggled and laughed as they hit the targets. Then she asked who would like to be her target.

Rajesh volunteered saying he could never get his wife to do this. Bunny, with great skill, sprayed his tuttay and lund, causing it to stiffen. He thanked her as she rubbed her still wet choot on the shaft, causing it to stiffen more and it slipped inside. Bunny asked Nisha to piss on their combined parts. She was not good at aiming and got it all over their thighs and asses as well. No matter, it was fun.

After cleaning up, Bunny asked if she could spend the night with Sushil while Nisha stayed with the guests. It was agreed and the husband learned a lot about technique from a master wench.

Bunny took the visitors' last day off from work and spent it naked and trying lots of fun variations of chudai with her Desi friends. Sanjay was learning to use his long lund quite well. Nisha could finally take its whole length. She like it rubbing on her womb entrance and feeling his strong seed spurts wanting to impregnate her. 

Each of the many loads of seed from the three lunds reminded her of the possibility of fertilization and her climaxes were a bit stronger. Sushil felt a tightening in his tittay whenever he saw or heard his wife being seeded.

This was especially strong during the farewell fuck with each visitor. Nisha insisted that Sushil aim their lund at her choot as she descended upon it, and that he hold the tuttay that made the seed that they were spraying into her womb. Sushil then entered her choot and reclaimed his spouse as the guest held his tuttay. 

Goodbyes at the airport were heartfelt and the visitors hoped to return soon.

Bunny invited the couple for dinner after they dropped off the visitors at the airport. She wanted to help with the after effects of this big change in their lives. Sushil opened the door to the subject, "Bunny, I want to thank you for revealing to both of us what we had not yet seen. I know that Nisha and I have a lot to absorb and work through from the last few days but I am confident that it will be as enjoyable as the last few days have been. I myself have run through every emotion I can think of between watching my wife get taken and being ravished myself by you."

Nisha added, "This has gone far beyond what I expected. I am pleased with myself and my husband. And you, Bunny, are a great friend. I don't know yet if I want to do any more of this or not."

Glancing at her husband, "I suppose if our visitors are offered jobs here it would be tempting to enjoy them some more!"

Sushil took the bait, "And may I enjoy Bunny from time to time?"

Nisha laughed and replied, "You won't have a khada lund after I get done with you. You have to make up for two other men now!"

Bunny grinned, "I'll just have to be satisfied by my pale dicked buddies for a while I guess. Hey, Nisha, if you want to try any of them out, I owe you."

And the spouses did couple a lot during the next week. When the sexual parts needed a rest they tried the water sports Bunny had introduced them too. The internet had some interesting videos that they could use for inspiration. 

Nisha would gradually let her husband know just how much she had liked the other lunds inside her. Besides the different feelings of their size and shapes and how they moved and rubbed, there was the feeling of femaleness in just taking them inside of her body. Of enfolding them with her choot and wrapping her legs and arms around their bodies. The power of extracting their maleness when she milked the white seed that would stay in her even when their lund withdrew. The erotic feelings when a different lund slid into that previous seed and rubbed it all over the inner walls of her choot. Especially when it was her husband!

She wanted to understand his feelings when that happened. Sushil was extra hard then and especially if he had watched her being seeded. Even talking about it aroused him. Was this a natural and common arousal mechanism? Bunny said it was. Perhaps people were not meant to be monogamous like she had been taught? How would this newly recognized need be satisfied in the future?

Sushil was dealing with changes too. His wife, Nisha, was a "different" woman now. When he tongue kissed her he was very aware that other tongues had been there. When he sucked her nipples he thought about other mouths on them. And, of course, when he pushed his lund into her choot he had clear visions of the other lunds that he had watched thoroughly explore and pleasure and put sed into his wife's most private parts. It was a mixed bag of erotic stimulation and male inadequacy fear.

Nisha had been well prepared by her best friend Bunny. She constantly reassured her husband of his virility and his attractiveness to her. She used words like "best" and "love" and "special" even as she described her other-male experiences to him. Some of them were better than he was, just like Bunny's tits were more fun than hers, but that was not the important thing overall. She let him know that the simple fact he was happy with her sexual explorations was what made her love him the most. 

One evening Nisha had a worried look when Sushil arrived home. "My monthly was due yesterday and it hasn't started!" Sushil went to the drug store and bought the pregnancy sticks but they were negative.

Bunny was consulted and she reassured them that all the male hormones that had been delivered to Nisha's choot might have had an effect on her cycle. It had happened to her when she fucked an unusual amount. And the past few days had been unusual even for her.

Sure enough, about a week late, the red flow started and a lot of relief was felt. They screwed right through it anyway. They were so hot for each other...

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