Monday, 28 September 2015

Four Play

The vacation had been set for almost a year. Tom and May Bradley were going on a cruise with their best friends Jack and Kate Arnold. Both couples were celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversaries only two months apart. However the only major problem was how the couples were to get to Florida. Tom and Kate did not like to fly so they decided to drive to Florida. Since both May and Jack had started new jobs they did not have enough vacation time to drive down so they had flight reservations to fly down on Friday evening. 

It was the first week of February and bad weather was hitting the east coast with heavy snow in New Jersey, Maryland and Northern Virginia. May begged Tom and Kate to fly down with her and Jack but they would not fly. They had to leave a day early on Thursday which meant they would have to stop over about halfway in South Carolina. 

"Now you two be good," Jack said to his wife as she got into the passenger seat next to Tom. "And remember to get separate rooms." 

"Don't worry, I only have eyes for you," Kate said as she kissed him. She looked at the light snow falling. "We better get going." They pulled out into the traffic on the NJ Turnpike just north of Newark and knew it was going to be a long haul because the traffic was going only 30 mph. 

"Let me know when you get tired of driving and I'll take a shift," Kate said to Tom. She looked at the handsome tall blonde man and realized that if she wasn't married he would definitely be one of her targets. 

"Close your eyes and get some rest," he smiled. "I think we are going to need it." Five minutes later he saw her eyes closed and her body leaning back against the seat. Her plentiful breasts filled out the Seton Hall sweatshirt and her jeans were nice and tight around her hips and crotch area. He was excited going on a trip alone with her but knew nothing would happen. They had kidded around before about swapping wives but it was just clean fun. 

The traffic opened up as they passed New Brunswick and Tom made good time until he got to the Delaware Bridge. Suddenly traffic came to a halt and Kate woke up. "Are we there yet?" She giggled. She saw the sign for the rest stop and asked him to make a potty and lunch stop. 

As they ran into the restaurant area she grabbed onto his arm. "I'm freezing!" She realized her soft breast was rubbing into his elbow but didn't care. 

Tom waited for her outside of the ladies room and when she came out they headed in for a quick bite to eat. "My hair is a mess," she said as she tried to comb it with her fingers. 

"It looks great," he laughed. "Besides do you care if any of these people see it?" 

"Yes, you," she grinned. "You are my husband for today." 

"Yeah, but in separate rooms," He grinned. 

"This is pretty cool," she said as they waited for their food. "I haven't been with another man alone like this for twenty years. It's kind of exciting." 

"I know, we've been in the car for over three hours and haven't argued once," he laughed. 

"Maybe this will give us a chance to really get to know each other?" She grinned. 

"Non-sexual of course," he smiled back. 

"Of course." 


May had invited Jack over for dinner that night and had spent a good hour preparing for it. She too had always liked Jack and always enjoyed being around him. After spending a few summers together as couples at the Jersey Shore they had already seen each other in bathing suits and bed clothing. From the size of the bulge in Jack's pajamas she knew he was more endowed than Tom. 

It was around 5:00PM when she took a long hot bath and took the time to fix her hair and put on her halter blouse and jeans. On the way to her house he stopped and picked out a movie for them to watch after dinner. 

"Come in," she said as she looked around the neighborhood to see if anyone was watching a man come into her house. "Dinner is almost ready." Normally they always hugged when they greeted each other but being alone like this caused them to hesitate. Finally May held open her arms and pulled his stocky muscular body into hers. They held together a little longer than normal and when they pushed apart Jack looked down at her hard nipples under the halter blouse. She was as excited as he was. 

Jack helped her with the dishes and they sat down and ate the delicious lamb she had made. "I wonder how far they are now," May said. "Since the weather is so bad they might not get to the motel until late." 

"That sounds strange," Jack said. "We are sitting here talking about our spouses getting to a motel to spend the night." 

"But in separate rooms," May said quickly. 

"Should we call them and see where they are?" he asked. 

"Yes," she replied as she grabbed the portable phone on the wall and called Tom's mobile number. 


More bad traffic was found in Baltimore and in Washington DC. By the time they made it out of the DC area it was almost seven o'clock. Tom's phone rang. 

"Hi, we just passed Washington," he said to his wife. "It's still snowing and we will be lucky to get to Richmond by nine o'clock. We haven't eaten supper yet and are getting tired so I don't think we are going to make it to South Carolina." He looked over at Kate who was now driving. "I'll call you when we stop. I love you too. Yes, we will be careful. Bye." 

"What about our room reservation?" She asked. 

"I cancelled it before six when we stopped for gas," he said. "I forgot to tell you." 

Kate glanced at him suspiciously. "What if we can't get two rooms somewhere?" 

"I guess we will just have to share a room," he smiled. 

Kate looked at the traffic ahead. "Let's worry about that when we get there." 

It was three hours later when they passed into North Carolina when Tom pulled into a Best Western Motel. 

"This lot looks full," Kate commented as they drove up to the front door. She jumped out of the car to make sure she was part of picking out the rooms. 

"I'm sorry sir we only have one room left," the young girl said. 


After dinner and once the dishes were cleaned up May and Jack moved into the den and he handed her the movie to put on. "Bewitched?" 

"I thought you would like it," Jack smiled as he sat on the large sofa directly in front of the screen. They had watched many a movie on that sofa but this was the first time they would be watching one alone. 

May started the movie and asked if he wanted a drink. "I'll take a Jack and coke." They were both kind of nervous and some booze might calm them down. She made one for herself and sat down about two feet from him. The movie started. 

"Should we call them again?" May asked looking at the clock. It was almost eight o'clock. 

"Na, they said they will call us once they stop," he grinned. His dirty mind raced in circles as he thought of various ways to get her to sleep with him. "I give good feet massages. Do you want one?" 

May gulped down almost half of her drink. "Just my feet right?" 

"Of course," he grinned. She turned to lie down on the sofa as she lifted her feet into his strong hands. 

May had never really thought of her feet being sexual until the moment he caressed her toes and gently rubbed up over her ankle to her calve and then slowly back down. He left one of her feet on his lap while he massaged the other one. Each time his hands moved upward they went further and further until he was caressing the middle of her calve muscle. "I'm glad I'm wearing jeans," she giggled. 

After spending about ten minutes on the first foot he lowered it to his lap and took the other one. The foot on his lap was less than an inch from the hard bulge in his slacks but, he wanted her to be the one who made the first contact. 

"That feels soooo good," she purred as his fingers stroked her tired foot. As she reached behind her to grab one of the small pillows her foot moved just enough to touch his rigid member. She quickly jerked her foot away. Neither of them acknowledged it but it was high on their minds at that moment. As long as it was accidental they didn't have a problem with it. A few minutes later she reached over to the coffee table to grab her drink and again pushed her toes into his prick. This time she held it against it until she finished her sip. She smiled and moved back onto her pillow while pulling her foot away. She could feel the dampness seeping from her sex. 

"Why don't you change into something else and then I can do your legs?" He smiled.

"I better keep my jeans on," she smiled back. "Can you massage my legs with them on?" 

"Definitely," he said as he moved his hips under her knees. His hands fell to her ankle and moved slowly up the denim-covered leg. Neither of them was watching the movie anymore. May now had her eyes closed and his eyes were locked onto the vee where her legs met. 

"You know Tom is a very lucky guy," Jack whispered. 

"Why?" She asked still keeping her eyes closed. Since she was not watching his fingers caressing her lower thighs it somehow made it alright. 

"You have a beautiful body." 

She laughed. "I'm old and fat." 

"I can't feel any fat," he said as he gently squeezed the underside of her thigh. 

"You aren't touching my ass," she giggled. The Jack Daniels was loosening up her inhibitions. 

"Is that an invitation?" he asked feeling his hard-on pressing up against her leg. 

"No," she giggled again. "We have to be good." 


"I'm not sharing a room with you," Kate whispered to Tom as the girl called a couple of nearby motels to see if they had rooms. 

"We might not have a choice," he whispered. The girl frowned and hung up the phone. "There are no more rooms from her to the North Carolina border." 

Tom glanced at Kate. "OK, let's take it," she said. "I hope they will understand." 

Kate checked in as Tom got the overnight bags from the car. They had packed smaller bags just for the one night stay. The room was on the third floor so as they rode up the elevator Kate said, "Maybe we shouldn't tell them. I'm sure Jack will go nuts." 

"They both will be pissed if they find out because they will think we actually did something and were trying to hide it," Tom added. 

The door opened and they headed into the room trying to act unexcited. They managed to keep it cool until they saw the king size bed. "I thought she said we would have separate beds?" Kate asked as she stood frozen in the doorway. 

"She really didn't say," Tom said as he pushed the door open and walked inside. "If you want I'll call down and ask for a roll out bed." 

"Do it please," she said putting down her bag on the small dresser. 

Tom called the desk but they did not have any portable beds. "Nope," he said looking at Kate. "We can make a wall of pillows," he said looking at the three or four extra pillows on the bed. "That way you won't be able to touch me." He laughed which broke the tension. 

Kate smacked him on his arm and closed the room door. She watched as it closed and locked. Here she was in a motel room planning on sleeping in the same bed with another man besides her husband. "We better call them and tell them we have stopped. You have to do the lying about having separate rooms. Jack will know from my voice that I'm lying." 

Tom opened his mobile phone and called. 


Jack's fingers were only an inch from the junction of May's thighs when the phone rang. Both of them jumped like they had been caught. "OH GOD!" She said as she pushed off the sofa and ran into the kitchen to get the phone. 

She saw Tom's cell phone number on the Caller ID. "Hi, have you stopped?" 

"Yes, we are checking into the motel right now," Tom said looking over at Kate who was now lying back on the large bed. Her hand was covering her eyes. "We just wanted to let you know we've stopped and are staying at the Best Western Motel at the Wilson Exit in North Carolina." 

"Good we have been worrying about you," May said looking through the door at Jack's hard-on pushing up his slacks. 

"We? Is Jack with you tonight?" Tom asked. She had said they might go out somewhere for a meal. 

"Yes, we are watching a movie," she said nervously. 

"Alone?" He asked. Suddenly he was the one jealous even though he was sleeping in the same bed as Kate. 

"Yes, it's just a movie," she said suddenly feeling guilty that she had allowed Jack to massage her legs. 

"Does Jack want to talk to Kate?" Tom asked. Kate opened her eyes and moved up onto her elbows which pushed her plentiful breasts outward. 

"Do you want to say anything to Kate?" May asked Jack. 

"Na, just tell her to watch out for Tom," he laughed. 

"He said for her to watch out for you," May repeated. "Good night I love you," she whispered. 

"Me too," Tom replied. 

"He didn't want to talk to me?" Kate asked hurt. 

"He just said for you to watch out for me," Tom grinned. "They are watching a movie." 

"Alone?" She sat up. 

"Yes, do you think we can trust them?" 

"I guess we have no choice do we?" she smiled. She looked at the clock which read 9:30PM. "I need to take a shower." She stood and grabbed her bag. 

"If you want company let me know," he laughed. 

She didn't answer as she moved into the small bath and closed the door behind her. She turned on the hot water and adjusted it. As she opened her bag she said, "Shit." She had packed a thin nightgown for the overnight stay thinking she would be alone. She also had forgotten to put in an extra pair of panties and the ones she was wearing were damp at the moment. She quickly removed her sweatshirt, jeans, bra and panties and stood looking at her body in the big mirror on the back of the door. She knew her breasts were bigger than May's and her ass smaller. She rubbed over the flat blonde pubic mound to fluff up the hairs. She discovered her clitoris sticking outward ready for some action. "Not tonight," she giggled as she pushed it back into the matted hairs. 

The warm water woke up her nerve endings and her soapy fingers touching her nakedness raised her sexual need even more. Just the thought of Tom lying on the bed in the other room was enough to have her fantasize about fucking him tonight. Although she could not do it she did it now in her mind. "OH TOM," she moaned. 

Tom sat back in his tee shirt and jeans trying to imagine what Kate looked like under the hot shower. She had blonde hair but was she a natural blonde? He had seen her long nipples pushing out her pajamas at one of the beach vacations and knew they sat on top of her mounds pointing upward. He squeezed his hard-on until he heard the shower turn off. Five minutes later she peeked out. "You can have the shower because I can dry my hair here at this sink." 

Tom grabbed his bag which basically only had a pair of clean briefs and a polo shirt for the trip tomorrow. He had not planned on needing pajamas and normally only slept in his underwear. He moved around the wall and stopped when he saw her body poorly hidden in a thin almost sheer light green nightgown. "Wow." 

"Don't get any ideas," she giggled as she held her arms across her breasts so he could not see the dark shadows of her nipples through the nightgown. However she knew he could see her white bikini panties through the back side. 

"Too late," he whispered as he moved slowly behind her and into the bath. He closed the door and she quickly dried her hair. 

Tom took his time showering and did his best not to jerk off as he remembered her pink body under the nightgown. He dried off, pulled on the new briefs and wrapped a towel around his waist. He cracked open the door and saw her gone from the sink. As he moved out of the bath he noticed the lights were off. "Are you in bed?" 

"Yes," she said, nervously. "This is the only nightgown I packed and I think it's better if the lights are off." She saw the bathroom light go out and refocused her eyes to watch his shape as he walked into the bedroom. Her eyes got big when she saw his bare chest and only a pair of briefs around his privates. "Don't you wear pajamas?" 

"Not normally," he answered as he saw her body shape under the bed covers. He moved to the other side of the bed and slipped underneath. She had not put any pillows between them. "No pillows?" 

"I think I can trust you," she replied. 

"I hope so," he thought. "I can't believe I'm finally sleeping with you," he laughed. 

"Don't even joke about it," she said as she moved her hand over and gently struck his bare bicep. The touch of his skin caused chills up and down her spine. She jerked her hand back to her side. 


May moved back into the den and sat down next to Jack. "Do you have any idea about what this movie is about?" 

"No but can we continue your massage?" He said as he dropped his hand onto her leg. 

"I think that is dangerous," she said pushing his hand away. "You were getting pretty close before to an area you should not be touching." 

Jack's bulge still was hard. "Yes, but look what it caused." He glanced down at his raised pants. 

May had been looking already. "We can't cheat on our spouses. I don't want to ruin our marriages and our friendship." 

"How far can we go without it being cheating?" He whispered as his fingers once again crept up onto her leg. 

"Maybe we can just hug without using our hands?" She said feeling the heat buildup again between her thighs. "Friends hug." 

May and Jack turned to face each other and put their arms around each others back. She pushed her head onto his shoulder and her breasts against his hard chest. Jack's hands moved up and down her back stopping to touch her bra connection. 

"What are you doing back there?" she asked. 

"Nothing just exploring," he replied. 

"No touching with hands remember?" She pushed hard into him until he fell onto his back. Before she could object she was lying directly on top of him. She felt the large lump under her lower stomach. "JACK!" 

"We're just hugging," he whispered as he gently pressed his lips to her neck. His hands on her hips pushed her downward a few inches until the tip of his hard prick was pushing into her pussy area. 

"Oh God," May moaned. The hard tip was actually in contact with her raised clit. Her legs opened a few more inches until his whole shaft was resting between her covered and opened slit. "We shouldn't be doing this." 

"We are not using our hands," he whispered as his hips pushed upward. His mouth nibbled on her soft nape. 

"Ohhh," she moaned again. "Stop," she said but didn't make any move to pull away. His hips lowered and then pushed back up. Her legs opened wider as he kept doing it.

May lost track of reasoning as he dry humped her pussy. His lips had moved to her earlobe and were sucking on it. "Friends kiss." He whispered hoping she would go for it. She did. Her head moved away and she looked into his eyes with passion as she dropped her soft lips onto his. When his tongue licked across her closed lips her thin tongue moved outward and met it. For the first time in over twenty years they were french kissing a person other than their spouse. 


"I can't get to sleep," Tom whispered as he peeked over at Kate's face looking up at the ceiling. 

"Me too," she replied. "Knowing you are in bed with me wearing only your underwear is keeping me awake," she said honestly. 

"And knowing your beautiful body is under that nightgown inches from me is driving me nuts." 

"Have........have you ever cheated on May before?" She whispered. 

"No," he answered. "Have you cheated on Jack?" 

"God no," she said. "How can you even ask that question?' 

He laughed. "Cause you just asked me the same thing? Can I ask you a question?" 

"Yes but I might not answer," she giggled. 

"Have you ever wondered how it would be having sex with another man?" 

"Well yes........but that doesn't mean I would ever do it." 

"What would you do with another man?" He asked wondering if she would do anything. 

She was quiet for a while. "I've never been with any other man except for Jack. I've wondered how another man's body would feel like." 

"This is your chance," he whispered. 

"Now? Oh no........I couldn't. If I touch you we won't be able to stop." 

"I won't move. I promise." 

Kate gulped as she tried to build up enough nerve. "I........uh...don't have to touch everything." They both knew where she was possibly eliminating. 

"Go ahead, I won't move." 

Kate turned onto her side and shifted her hips and body forward as she stretched out her trembling hand. She touched his bicep again and gently moved her tiny fingertips up and down his muscles. His body was better formed than Jack's because he worked out at least three times a week. She had peeked at his stout chest and arms at the beach and now had a chance to touch them. Neither said a word as her fingers moved up to his shoulders and then down to his fingertips. The next time up his body she pressed and squeezed his arm. 

Tom's prick was about to burst out of his briefs but he had promised her that he would not move. Her exploring fingers were causing small sparks of fire on his arm and then up onto his shoulder. "Turn over," she whispered. 

Tom did as she said and felt her pull the bed spread down off his bare back. He knew she could see his body in the dim light from the slightly opened curtains. As her hand moved over his bare flesh she said, "It feels so different than Jack." She had relaxed as her fingers pushed and probed into his hard flesh. As she reached across his upper back her braless breast pushed down into the back of his arm. Neither of them acknowledged it. 

Tom was breathing rapidly as her fingers explored down to his waist. She touched the elastic band on his briefs and jerked her fingers away like she had shoved them into a flame. She moved away and then back down. When she touched it again she moved her fingers around the tight band. "Jack wears boxers." 

"Which do you prefer?" He asked hoping she would speed up things. 

She giggled. "Right now briefs." Her fingers dropped off the elastic band and pushed into the soft cotton material. She took her time going lower and lower until she touched the top of his covered ass crack. At that point she moved her middle finger down the long valley and saw his hips rise upward. She giggled. "I take it you liked that." 

"God Kate you are driving me crazy." 

She moved her fingers back to the top and then back down. "Are you hard?" 

"You know I'm hard," he groaned. He felt her fingers moved down off his ass to the top of his hairy thigh. She pulled the leg outward until it gave her room to move her fingers under his ass and against his balls. She cupped them in her small hand. "OH GOD!" 

"Do you want to turn over?" She whispered knowing his answer already. 

"Yes," he said as he quickly turned over onto his back feeling her hand leave his nuts. The tip of his prick was now sticking out the top of his briefs. Again Kate pulled the bedcovers down until they rested at his knees. His tower of power was visible in the dim light. 

She giggled as she tickled the hairs in the middle of his chest. "Jack doesn't have chest hairs." She moved to toy with one of his hard nipples and he moaned. 

"Please," Tom begged. He was going to cum soon and she had not even touched his penis. 

Kate's body moved closer to his allowing her breast to again press against his arm but this time her naked thigh pressed against his hard leg. She twirled her fingers in the small patch of hair around his navel and whispered, "Tell me what you want me to do." 

"Touch me," he begged as he gripped his fingers together. 

"Where?" she teased. 

"My..........penis," he said trying not to be too nasty. 

"Take it out and show it to me," she whispered. She felt his hand move from under her leg and watched his fingers pull out and then push down the tighty whities until his six inch hard-on pointed upward. 

Tom waited for her fingers to take him but she didn't move. "Touch it." 

"If I do you will want to touch me," she said as her lips moved to his ear. "You will want me to take off my nightgown and my panties." Her fingers moved from their resting place on his navel down to the thick growth of pubic hair. "Then you will want to touch my naked breasts and nipples." She sucked in his earlobe. "I've seen you looking at them before. You like them don't you?" 

"Yes, oh God yes," he moaned. 

"Do you want to see them?" She whispered. 

"YES!" He cried out. Her fingers had tightened until they touched the hard base of his raised shaft. She pulled back and sat up in the bed while she slowly and teasingly pulled the nightgown up over her pink mounds. She tossed the nightgown to the floor and poised for him. "Damn," he said as he reached out and upward to touch them but she grabbed his hand. "No touching me remember?" 

"They are so beautiful," he said waiting for her next step. She was calling the shots. 

"I can't let you see under my panties," she giggled as she pulled out the elastic and looked down at her moist bush. "I am a natural blonde see," she said as she pushed the undies down until the top of her golden mane appeared. 

"I see," Tom said smiling. "Are you going to keep touching me?" 

"Of course," she giggled. "You don't think I'd let you go to sleep like that do you?" She moved closer and suddenly grabbed his hard dick. It felt so different that her husband's longer but thinner penis. "I don't think this is going to take very long." Her fingers stroked him about three times and suddenly his hips shot upward and his white fountain erupted. "AHHHH!" 


Jack was almost there himself but was trying his best to hold off until May climaxed. He had moved his hands from her back lower until he was pushing down on the top of her ass. She didn't stop him when his hands opened and cupped her entire butt. 

"Oh GOD Jack! She said as her lips pulled away. She was going to climax. "NOW!" 

"Me too!" He shouted as he pushed his hard-on hard up against her. His spunk shot out and flooded the front of his slacks. 

Both bodies remained frozen as their minds comprehended what had just happened. Slowly May rolled off of him and onto the floor. "You better take care of that," she said looking at his pants. "Take them off and I'll wash them out for you." 

Jack lifted his hips to allow her to pull off his pants. As the pants moved down so did his boxers until his limp seven inch penis lay still as it rested on his stomach. 

"Shit," May said looking at the spent penis. He was bigger than her husband in the limp state. "The boxers too," she said grinning as she grabbed them and jerked them off. 

Jack sat up and watched her carry his slacks and underwear into the laundry room off the kitchen. A few minutes later she walked back in and sat down next to him. "What do you want to do now?" she asked. 


Kate moved to the sink and washed off her hand and wrist. She took a small towel back to the bed and turned on the light. Tom's almost naked body was now hers to look at as was her naked boobs. "You have to promise not to tell anyone that I jerked you off," she said as she leaned over and rubbed the cum from his stomach. 

"Oh yeah, I'm going to tell my wife and your husband," he laughed. The sight of her breasts caused his penis to slowly swell. 

"We have to get some sleep," she said watching the six inch cobra rise from the dead. Her body was still on edge since she had not climaxed. 

"But it's my turn to touch you now," he grinned as he pulled her arm out and felt her body fall against his. 

"I didn't say you could," she giggled. His fingers cupped her full breast and two of his fingers played with her hard nipple. "We have to get some sleep," she purred. There was no way she was going to sleep without fulfillment. His fingers moved downward off her breast to her stomach. When he grabbed the waistband of her panties she held his hand. "I'm not taking these off." Which meant that he was not going to fuck her. 

Tom smiled and pulled her body down until she was lying next to his. He looked into her eyes as his body and lips moved forward. Her eyes closed when his lips touched hers. Hands and fingers moved slowly as they searched and explored each other's bodies. His hand cupped her nice ass over her undies and then moved down her thighs to the back of her knee. From there it moved to the front and slowly up her tender thigh to the very moist crotch of her panties. When he pushed into her covered sex her eyes opened and her tongue fucked into his mouth. 

Kate lost control when he touched her damp pussy. She bit his lip until she tasted blood and clawed at his back. Never in her forty-five years had she ever been this hot and turned on. "Touch me........touch my pussy," she whispered in his ear. She forgot what she had said about keeping her panties on and ripped them down off her raised legs. 

When Tom had touched her covered slit it was like he had pushed a button. She went from a controlled friend's wife to a wanton slut. She grabbed his hand and forced his fingers down into her swollen dripping folds. "OH GOD! PLEASE!" It was her turn to beg him for completion. 

Tom took his time toying with her raised clit and marveled at the flow of her pleasure juices rushing out of her pussy. As he pushed and pulled two fingers in and out of her pussy his thumb rubbed across the clitty. She turned her head and bit him on his shoulder. "OUCH!" He cried out in pain. If she was this hot maybe, just maybe, she would let him fuck her. 

Kate was almost there when she felt his fingers leave her damp box. She started to reach for it when his body pushed on top of hers and his hard prick pushed down against her opened hole. "NO TOM! WE CAN'T FUCK!" Her fingers curled around his dick and started stroking it again. 

"Let me fuck you," Tom pleaded as he tried to pull her fingers from his hard-on but she held it tight. Her motions rubbed it against her clit which soon raised both of their passion levels to the summit. Five seconds later they both climaxed. "OHHHH!" Kate screamed. "AHHHH!" Tom cried out when his juices again splattered onto her body. 

A few minutes later Kate got up again to wash off his cum and when she returned to the bed Tom was fast asleep. She thought about putting on her nightgown but smiled as she curled up behind him and pushed her naked front into his naked rear. Her hand pulled the sheet up over them and she drifted off satisfied and relaxed. 


May giggled looking down at Jack's naked bottom half as they sat on the sofa. "This is so weird." 

"It's also not fair," he said as he pulled off his polo shirt and sat back naked. "I'm naked and you are not." 

"If I get naked too we might do something we will both regret," she said watching his penis expand to almost nine inches. "Our spouses are being good tonight sleeping in different bedrooms and here we are thinking about cheating on them." Her eyes got bigger when his hard-on rose up now almost ten inches long. "No wonder Kate is so happy." 

"Kate and I have been married for twenty-years. Sex has become boring and not very exciting," he said as he took her hand and guided it to his missile. "I've thought about making love with you for a long time." 

"You have?" She asked as her fingers explored and measured his hardness and length. 

"Yes, I've kidded about us swapping but I really meant it." His hand moved to her thigh again and she didn't ask him to remove it. 

"Tom would never do it," she said. "He is so jealous of me around other men." She looked down at his hand moving up between her thighs. 

"I've seen Tom looking at Kate and she likes Tom as well," he said just as his fingers pushed into the zipper on her jeans. "Maybe we can get them to go for it on the cruise?" 

May moved back on the sofa which caused her hips to open up and give him more access to her lower stomach. "It might mess up our marriage and our friendship." Her breathing was becoming labored when he found her zipper tab and pulled downward. 

"It might make them both stronger," he whispered. As the zipper moved down he could see her pink flesh and then the top of her white laced panties. "God, I want you so much." 

May pulled her hand from his dick and pushed her head back on the sofa cushion. She knew it gave him the go ahead to remove her clothes. She gasped when he popped the snap and lifted her hips to allow him to pull down her tight jeans. Her panties were next and she peeked out to see his eyes focused on her nearly shaven pussy mound. Only a tiny dark patch of pubic hair rested on top of the bald slit. Her own fingers pulled off her blouse and released the front clasp of her bra. The cool air felt good on her hot breasts when the bra moved off her body. She was now as naked as he was. 

"I don't know if I can do this," she whispered as she moved onto her back on the sofa and felt him climb on top. "Can we just touch and kiss first?" 

"Yes," he whispered. His hard body slowly dropped down on her soft one. His lips moved down to suckle her small hard brown nipple. 

"Ummm," she moaned. His mouth moved to the other one and did the same before slowly licking down her ribs to her navel. "Ohhh," she moaned when the long hot tongue slithered over the tiny bush into her pink desert. Her clit was hard and ready as she knew his penis was. "Jack turn around." 

Jack wanted to just get her so hot that she would not say no when he wanted to fuck her but to have a chance at a 69 with her was too much to turn down. He pulled her off the sofa and took her place while she turned her body and fell down onto his. Her legs surrounded his head and her pussy captured his mouth. At the same time her mouth sucked in his hard crown and her tongue danced on the spongy tip. 

Only the sounds of oral sex could be heard bouncing off the walls. Jack's tongue was as deep into her pussy as his dick was in her throat. May tried to take more but was not used to the three extra inches. Tom had told her she gave a very good blow job but this would be the first test with another man. She caressed his balls as her lips tightened and moved up and down his hard pecker. 

"Ohhh," Jack moaned feeling his juice about to erupt. He sucked in the hard clit and flicked it back and forth to bring her up to his level. "I'm Cuming!" He said to give her a warning before moving back to get her off as well. 

May thought she was ready for his release but the force and the quantity was too much for her small mouth to handle. She tried to swallow but suddenly felt she was drowning in his pleasure. Her mouth pulled away as the second spasm shot against her nose and eyes. She gasped for her breath as the sticky boiling liquid drooled from her lips. It was then that her body exploded. "OH GOD JACK!" 


It was dark when Tom heard a car horn. He wasn't sure if he was dreaming but he felt a warm body pressing up against his back. The small alarm clock on the end table made him realize he was in bed in a motel in North Carolina with Kate's naked body up against his. He slowly turned trying not to wake her and moved his hand to her hip. The sheet had fallen down to her waist and her marvelous breasts were his to look at. Her areolas were much larger than May's and her breasts were so much fuller and rounder. He pushed back slightly enough to see the glistening blonde pubic mound about eight inches below her navel. He felt himself getting hard as he picked the sheet up and looked at the curve of her hip and her long tender thighs. 

The cool air on her body slowly brought Kate out from her deep sleep. She opened her eyes and saw Tom looking down at her nakedness. "Go back to sleep," she giggled as she pulled the sheet back up over her. 

"Kiss me first," he whispered as he leaned forward and waited for her mouth to join his. She smiled and pushed her soft lips into his. Their tongues met and tasted before retreating back into their caves. They closed their eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep. 


May moved into the small hall bath and washed her face and hands. She looked at her guilty face in the mirror and sighed disappointed that she had allowed her animal instincts to take over. "Please forgive me Tom," she whispered as she moved naked back into the den. 

"I guess I'd better go," Jack said smiling. When she walked up to him it was the first time he really got to see her soft curves and small but very proportioned breasts. 

She held out her hand and pulled him up to stand in front of her. "We can't do this again unless......." 

"Unless we can get Tom and Kate to swap," he finished. Their bodies moved together until she felt his penis getting hard again. She pushed back and glanced down at his magnificent tool. She wanted to feel it inside of her so bad. 

"Go," she giggled as she moved into the laundry room to get his clothes. 


Tom woke again when he heard his mobile phone ring. He jumped from the bed, picked it up from the table and saw his home phone number on the caller ID. He glanced back at the bed to see Kate's blue eyes looking at him. The room had become lighter with the rise of the morning sun. "Hi honey." He looked at the clock and saw it was 8:00AM. "I must have overslept." They were going to leave around 7:00AM to get an early start. 

Kate felt guilty being naked in bed with him as he spoke with his wife and her best friend. She moved off the other side of the bed and slowly walked into the bathroom. 

Tom peeked at Kate's buttocks moving into the bath. "Kate must have overslept too. I'll give her a call. How was your movie with Jack last night?" May told him that the movie was not that good and Jack had left early. "We still have a ten plus hour drive to Orlando," he said looking at his watch. He remembered that May and Jack's plane were supposed to get in around 7:00PM that night. "I'll call around noon. I love you too." He hung up and heard the shower running in the bath. After checking ESPN to see how the Nets did last night he heard the shower turn off and a few minutes later heard the door open. Kate walked out with a large white towel wrapped tightly around her chest and hips. "I guess we overslept," she said smiling. She noticed he was lying back on the bed naked with his penis in a semi-hard condition. It was the first time she got a complete look at his nakedness. 

"Yeah, too bad because I was hoping for some more bed time," he grinned. 

Kate walked over and sat on the bed next to him. "We made a mistake last night and cannot have it happen again." Suddenly Tom grabbed her body and pulled her mouth down to his. "Don't," she gasped just before his lips and tongue shut her up. She resisted for almost ten seconds before her tongue deserted her will and meshed with his. Her body was alive for the first time in many years. But, she knew they had to get on the road. She pushed him back and sat upward allowing the towel to fall at her waist. 

"We have to get on the road," she giggled as she pulled him up from the bed and pushed him into the shower. "Hurry up." Tom didn't shut the door as he showered and then dried only a few feet from her as she dried her hair. She had put her sweatshirt and bra back on but was not wearing panties or her jeans. 

"God you look sexy," he said with a full hard-on. He moved up behind her and lifted the sweatshirt to push his hardness into her soft ass. 

She continued to dry her hair as if he was not even there. His six inch penis was lodged into her butt cheeks. "I guess we should just pick up breakfast on the road," she said as her ass pushed back against him. 

"I want my breakfast now," he whispered while moving his hand under her sweatshirt and around to the front. He parted her bush and found her raised clit. 

"That's not breakfast," she giggled while moving her legs apart. She turned off the dryer and put it on the sink as she turned and faced him. Her legs were still open which allowed his prick to push into her damp lips. "We don't have time for this." 

"Let me just stick it in once," he begged like a young teen trying to get his first piece.

"No, if we are going to do it I don't want it to be with my ass against the sink," she giggled. "And, we have to get on the road!" 

"You want to do IT?" He asked with a big grin. 

"Maybe," she said pushing him back. "Maybe on the cruise if we can get some time alone." Before he could grab her she slipped under his arm and ran into the bedroom. She had her panties and jeans on before he could stop her. "Let's go." 


It was around Noon that Jack picked up May and they headed for the airport. The snow was still falling and they had heard some of the flights had been cancelled. The lines were long at the check in counter but, they could see their flight was still on but had an hour delay. As they waited in line to check in Jack pulled May's body back into his and he gently kissed her soft neck. 

May pushed forward and turned. "What if someone sees us?" She looked around to make sure she didn't recognize anyone. 

He laughed. "What are the odds that we would know someone here?" 

"We can't take any chances so behave yourself," she smiled as she turned back around. A few minutes later she felt his hand brushing against her jean covered ass. "Shit....Look!" She said to him when the departure time had changed to a two hour delay. 

They were the next to be taken at the counter and the girl said the flight might be cancelled because of a lack of a flight crew. The crew assigned to their plane had not made it. "However there is a flight to Pittsburg that has two seats. The connection will get you into Orlando around 10PM tonight." 

"Pittsburg?" May said. "Aren't they snowed in as well?" 

"No, the storm came up the East coast. They are only showing light rain." 

"Do it," Jack said hoping May would go along. As long as they got to Orlando he really didn't care when because it would give him more time alone with May. May nodded as well and an hour later they were boarding a flight to Pittsburg. 

"Should I call Tom and Kate?" May asked as they walked onto the small jet. 

"Na, we can call them from Pittsburg. Maybe we will know for sure what time we will arrive in Orlando by then." 


Kate dosed off as Tom took the car through North Carolina. He made it half-way through South Carolina before she woke up. "Are we there yet?" she asked again while rubbing her eyes. 

"Nope but we are making good time," he looked down at the speedometer and saw it at 85 mph. 

"Tom, you are trying to kill us," she said looking at the speed. "Why are you in such a hurry?" 

"Maybe it will give us some time alone before they arrive?" he smiled and raised his eyebrows up and down. 

"True but we have to get there alive," she growled at him. 

He slowed it down to 80 mph. "The news said the east coast is getting hit with a real bad snow storm. I hope they made it out OK." 

"Are you sure you want them to make it out?" She asked as she squeezed his leg. "If they don't make it tonight we will have to spend another night in the motel alone together." 

"LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW!" He sang. He pulled off on the next exit to get some gas and let her drive for a while. When the SUV stopped at the gas pump he unbuckled his and her seat belt. Before she could react his hand pulled on her arm until their lips were lined up. 

"You horny man," she giggled as she pushed her open mouth to his and dashed her tongue into his throat. After a wet deep kiss that lasted a minute they broke apart. "Hurry and get the gas because we need to get to Orlando early," Kate laughed. 

Ten minutes later they were moving south on I-95 while eating some Krispy Kreme donuts. "I wish we had these up north," Tom said licking his lips. 

"They have them in Manhattan," Kate said. She looked down at the speedometer that had passed 80 mph. 


Jack and May met the attendant at the gate and asked when the Orlando flight was scheduled to depart. She looked at the long list and then at them. "It's been cancelled." 

"Cancelled!" Jack said pissed. "There is no snow here and no snow in Orlando. Why was it cancelled?" 

"No airplane," she said looking at the list. "A lot of the planes are grounded in the North East." 

"Is there any plane going to Orlando today?" May asked trying to stay calm. 

She moved to the gate desk and typed on the keyboard. "No direct flights but you maybe able to go to Cincinnati and catch a connection." 

"When does it leave?" Jack asked with steam coming out of his collar. 

"In an hour on Gate 10," the young black woman said. "I'm sorry." 

"Put us on the flight," May said. "It's not your fault." As they walked to the next gate she called Tom's cell phone. "Hi, we are stuck in Pittsburg waiting for a connection to Cincinnati. We should have driven down with you two." She heard Tom tell Kate the bad news. "Hopefully we will get into Orlando late tonight," May said. "Where are you?" She listened and said, "Drive carefully and maybe we will see you tonight. I love you." She hung up the phone. "They are almost out of South Carolina." 

"And a lot closer to Orlando than we are," Jack growled. 


Tom hung up the phone. "Shit, they are in Pittsburg waiting to catch a flight to Cincinnati. It will be very late when they get in." He tried not to smile but he couldn't hold it back. 

"TOM!" Kate said seeing his pleasure. "That's not nice." She glanced out the side window to hide her own little smile. 

Kate pulled the car off into the Welcome to Georgia rest area. "Potty stop," she said smiling. This time she was the one who leaned across and planted her open mouth onto his. His fingers curled up onto her right breast and touched it until he felt her nipple get hard. "Stop," she whispered. It did feel really good and naughty to be touching like this. She tried to pull away but he grabbed her arm. 

"Take it out and let me see it." 

"Here?" She asked looking at the other cars parked around them and a few people walking on the sidewalk in front of their vehicle. 

"Yes," he whispered. He grabbed the keys. "We are not leaving here until you show it to me." 

"Geez," she said looking back and forth in the parking lot. As soon as an old woman walked by she lifted her sweatshirt and pulled down on her bra cup. Her pink breast and long hard brownish pink nipple popped out. "Satisfied?" 

"For now," he grinned as he leaned down and kissed the hard tip. She jerked back and stuffed it back inside the bra. They moved into the restroom and then back to the SUV. 

"I can't believe I did that," Kate said as they made it back onto I-95. She smacked Tom lightly on his arm and heard him laugh. 


"What now?" May asked Jack as he stormed back to where she was sitting. 

"That flight is delayed as well and the girl said it might be cancelled." 

"Let's get something to eat," she said trying to calm him down. "Is there a flight leaving early tomorrow morning?" 

Jack didn't realize what she was asking for almost 30 seconds. "Maybe," he smiled. He jumped up and almost ran to the reservation desk. Ten minutes later he walked back and picked up her bag. "Come on we are staying the night at a motel close to here. We are booked on a 7:00AM flight to Orlando."

May started to say something but he was off. She raced to catch up to him. Thirty minutes later as Jack checked in the front desk she called her husband. "Well, we are now stranded in Cincinnati for the night and have a flight tomorrow morning at 7:00AM. The airline is putting us up at a motel. Yes, separate rooms. Call me when you get into Orlando. I love you." 

When Jack walked back to her he was carrying only one room key. "Since we are traveling together we only get one room," he lied hoping she would buy it.

"But, we bought separate tickets," she said upset. She started to walk to the desk but he stopped her. 

"The airline only gave me one room voucher. They can't do anything about it." 

"What if Tom and Kate find out we shared a room?" She whispered. 

"I'm not going to tell them are you?" 

"God this vacation is not turning out to be a romantic twentieth anniversary get away as they had all thought," she thought. She moved into the elevator with him and watched the numbers above the push buttons light up. 


"They are stuck in Cincinnati and have to stay over. They have a flight early tomorrow morning," he said trying to look disappointed. 

"God, I hope they get here before we have to board tomorrow. Will they give us our money back if they can't make it?" Kate asked. 

"I'm not sure. I guess we will just have to wait and see," he answered as they passed over the Florida state line. Both got quiet as they thought about spending another night alone in a motel. 

It was around 8:30PM when they pulled into the motel parking lot. They both checked in since they had reservations that could not be cancelled and they also didn't want to take another chance of their spouses finding only one motel expense on the credit card invoice. Their rooms were next to each other. "So, I guess I'll see you in the morning," Kate teased as she opened her door next to his. 

"I'll get lonely all by myself," he said with sad eyes. "Can't I even come over and watch some TV with you?" 

"Can I trust you?" She giggled. 

"Of course." 

"Give me 30 minutes," she said smiling. 

Kate opened her suitcase and pulled out a long sexy black nightgown she had planned using on the cruise to get Jack's interest. She quickly took a shower and sprayed some perfume on private parts of her body. She heard a knock on her door and looked at her wristwatch to see he was ten minutes early. She walked to the door naked and cracked open the door. "You're early." 

"I can't wait any longer," he said smiling. He tried to peek around the door but she held it firmly. 

"I'm naked," she whispered. "I just got out of the shower." She felt him push harder on the door but she pushed her weight against it. "Give me a minute." She closed the door and quickly put on the nightgown. Her hard nipples pushed out the thin silk covering. He knocked again and she giggled while opening it. "Can't you wait?" 

"I'm standing out here with a hard-on," he chuckled. 

The door slowly opened and when he walked in she closed it behind him. She stood proudly showing him her black silky curves. 

"Oh my God," he gasped. He reached for her but she shifted quickly to the right and moved to one of the double queen size beds. Tom moved onto the bed next to her. 

"Uh excuse me but this is my bed. Yours is over there," she said pointing over his body at the other bed. 

"Ummm," he moaned while grabbing her arm and pulling it to his lips. He nibbled on the lightly hairy blonde forearm. 

"Well, Ok it you are going to do that then you can stay," she giggled. His lips traveled slowly up her bicep to her bare shoulder. As he pulled down on the thin spaghetti strap she pulled it back up. "We have all night. I want to just hold and kiss for a while." Being married for twenty years had almost eliminated long hot french kissing sessions. 

The TV was on but neither knew what the show was about as their lips met and their tongues explored and tasted. After two minutes they broke and took a deep breath before going at it again for two more minutes. "I miss kissing like that," she whispered. Her mouth was about an inch from his as she licked across his bottom lip and then across the top one. Her thigh pressed into his crotch and felt his excitement. "Do you think our spouses are doing the same thing in a motel room in Cincinnati?" She whispered. "I know Jack has a thing for May." 

"May would never cheat on me," he said feeling pings of jealousy. She pushed him back. "And, I guess I'm a slut since I'm in bed with you right now." 

"I didn't say that," he said as he touched her arm. "I know May and know she would never let another man between her legs." 

"Maybe they are just fooling around like we have done so far?" Kate suggested. "If she sees how big Jack is she might not be able to say no." 

"He's real big?" 

"Uh huh," she grinned as her fingers moved to his large lump. "Maybe three inches more than you." 

"I wonder if we should call them." Tom said suddenly worried that his wife might be getting fucked by a bigger dick than his. 

"Are you getting worried now?" She asked as she unzipped his fly and reached down into his briefs to pull out his stiff member. "You want to fuck me but can't face the possibility that May might be getting it from Jack." 

"Ohhh," Tom moaned as she slowly stroked him. "There's no way May will let him fuck her," he thought. 


May moved into the room first and put her carry-on bag on the table. Since they had not planned on spending the night without their luggage neither of them had someone to sleep in. She looked at the small queen size single bed. "I haven't slept on something that small in a long time." 

"Me too," Jack grinned. "I'm pretty tried so I think I'll shower and go to sleep." 

May knew he was not going to sleep with her next to him. "Let me shower first so I can dry my hair." She moved into the bath and closed the door. 

Jack heard the shower come on and tried to picture her under the hot water. He wondered if she would allow him to shower with her. His pants, shirt, socks and boxers lay on the floor by the door as he cracked it open and saw her nude reflection in the frosted shower door. As she faced into the hot water spray he slowly slipped open the sliding door and moved behind her. "Care if I join you?" 

May jumped when she heard his voice. "Shit you scared the life out of me," she said turning and see his long hard penis pointing at her stomach. His soapy hands moved up to cup and gently wash her small breasts. "Ummm, that feels good," she moaned as she took the soap and lathered up her own fingers before dropping them to his torpedo ready to launch. "I'm glad we are stranded," she whispered as she stroked his meat. 

"Me too," he grinned. "Do you think they are messing around like this?" 

"No," May laughed. "Tom would never cheat on me." 

"I don't think he could turn down Kate," Jack smiled. He pushed his fingers into her bald pussy lips. 

"Do you think Kate would do it with Tom?" She asked. 

"Maybe if the conditions are right and she didn't think I'd find out." He leaned down and pressed his lips onto hers. 

After anther ten minutes of washing each other they moved out of the shower and took turns towel drying each other. "Ready for bed?" Jack asked. 

"Like this?" May giggled. 

"Sure, why not?" He took her tiny hand in his and led her to the bed. He turned down the bedspread and sheet and they both looked at the place where they would spend the night naked in each others arms. He allowed her to move in first and followed her until he was lying on his side next to her prone body. 

"Jack, don't be mad but I can't let you fuck me," she said not looking at him. 

"You sure?" He asked while guiding her hand again to his nine inch prick. 

"Yes, I don't want to do it unless we all agree," she said as she stroked him. She turned her head downward until her lips found the purple knob above her fist. She sucked it in and gently bit it with her teeth. "Ahhh," he moaned. 


Tom's hands touched her soft ass through the nightgown as she fondled his shaft. "Don't, I'm going to cum if you keep that up." 

"Good," she said smiling. She let go of it and stood up on the bed to pull her nightgown off. His eyes looked up into her blonde pussy and at her firm orbs on her chest. "Undress," she commanded. 

Tom quickly removed his clothes and moved back on the pillow. Again she was in charge. But, instead of lowering her pussy down onto his hard penis she walked up over his head and turned around. Tom saw her body dropping and grabbed onto her hips as her mouth found his hard prick. Her damp pussy swallowed his face and his tongue flicked out to taste her honey pot. "OH GOD!" He moaned when his dick disappeared up into her throat. May had never taken the whole thing and it felt so good. 

Kate was happy to take his whole shaft because she could not suck in the huge cock of her husband all the way. Her lips tightened and she raised and lowered her head while feeling his tongue licking into her damp hole. She wondered what May was doing at that moment. 


May tried to swallow as much of him as possible. She felt him jump before when her teeth nibble on his and realized it was something new and exciting for him. She moved her body down onto his knees and turned her head to face his. As she looked into his eyes her mouth opened and her teeth again bit into his spongy tip. "OHHHH!" Jack moaned. He looked at a woman he had fantasized about for years with his cock between her teeth. She giggled and swirled her tongue over the tiny hole on the tip and then slowly down the very sensitive underside. 

She felt his body tense up and grabbed his shaft as he released his load. She swallowed the first fill and went back for more. 


Kate too had her eyes closed when she felt his dam burst and the flood waters splash against the back of her throat. She too gulped down her late supper and felt his tongue move faster and faster on her love button. "OH GOD TOM!" She cried when she climaxed. 

They lay in the 69 position for a while after she rolled off of him. Something funny came on the TV and she looked up and started laughing. Tom too laughed and the two of them lay there laughing for another 30 minutes. At the end of the show Tom felt some life in his shaft and pulled her around until he could kiss her lips again. "I want you." 

Kate panicked because his body was between her legs and his hard-on was aimed at her dampness. "No Tom let's wait for the cruise," she whispered. 

"Fuck Kate, I've been patient touching and kissing but shit I want to fuck you," he said looking into her blue eyes. 

"Not like this," She said firmly as she pushed his body back. 

"What do you mean not like this?" 

"Only if everyone agrees," she said moving to the other bed. 

"May will never agree," he said totally frustrated. 

"That's what you think," Kate thought as she turned off the small light on the shelf between the beds. She slept well that night but poor Tom kept waking up. 


May and Jack caught the early morning flight and made it just in time to catch the bus to the ship. When they got off the bus they saw their spouses waving at them from a higher level. "We checked the bags," Tom yelled as May and Jack ran up the ramp to meet them. He hugged his wife and gave her a long wet kiss. "I missed you," she whispered as they walked to the check in line. "Me too," he whispered back. He noticed a red mark on her neck and glanced over at Jack who was hugging Kate. He smiled and waved. 

As the men checked in the women moved back from the crowd. "So how was it?" Kate whispered to May. 

"Hot," May whispered back. "The first night was good but trying to prevent him from fucking me last night was tough." 

"Me too," Kate smiled. "Tom got pretty pissed when I refused him." 

Good, then they both will be ready to swap," May giggled. 

The men turned and looked at them and they waved back. "How long do you want to keep this teasing going?" Kate asked the master mind of the plan. 

"At least for two more days," May giggled. "I've had more kisses and touches the past two days than the past ten years." 

"Me too," Kate whispered. "I almost gave in last night." 

"Me too," May smiled. "You didn't tell me he was that big." 

"I thought I'd surprise you," Kate laughed. The men turned and walked their way. 

"We both got upgrades to the penthouse suites," Jack said smiling. "I think I'm going to really enjoy this cruise." 

"I think we all will," May said as she took her husband's arm and led him up the long stairway. 

End of Part One.

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