Friday, 25 September 2015

First Swingers Party

Last weekend was one of many firsts. James and I decided to go to a couples party. Up to this point we had met couples before and ended up playing with our respective partners in the same room. As those that have read our submissions know, I'm a huge exhibitionist. I love dressing up as slutty as possible and parading around naked and teasing people. So a swingers party was the perfect opportunity for me to wear a new sexy top James had recently purchased. The top was cut low and showed off a lot of cleavage, however what made it that extra bit slutty was the fact the material was thin and my hard nipples poked out very predominately. The top was a crop top so I wore a tight, figure hugging high waisted skirt showing just a hint of my toned stomach, and black heels. James looked dapper as ever with jeans, dress shoes and a blue dress shirt.

When I left the house I had a different top on but as soon as I was in the car with James off came the top and I was left in my skirt and black lace bra. The bra was strapless and almost see through, very thin and my nipples were poking out already. James immediately reached over and gently massaged my right breast as he drove, then readjusted his cock in his jeans. I smiled to myself knowing he was getting hard.

Soon I was topless and enjoyed the hour long drive. Half way into the drive I put on the grey low cut top and once again James reached over and massaged me, even flicking my rock hard nipples to tease me. I sat back enjoying his hands on me but it was over too soon for my liking. I turned on the radio and started dancing away when my favourite song came on. The top did not stay up and kept sliding down my arms exposing my right boob, then left. I didn't care, I continued dancing, my boobs bouncing. The anticipation of the party was already getting me horny, not to mention James's hands on me and being topless in the car.

We finally got to the location, found a spot to park and walked to house. We had invited another couple we knew and bumped into them on the way down which made things easier. We met the host outside the house and he directed us to the elevator. We went down a few levels and as the doors opened were met with about 8 people.

The next couple of hours was spent talking to different couples, many of which were older than us. There were however two couples around our age which we immediately clicked with. Up to this point we had no intention of playing with any other couples, we just hoped to meet another couple like us who liked to show off and watch and be watched.

I had had a few glasses of wine and very quickly was unsteady on my feet. Now a few things about me when I drink; I'm a light weight so get tipsy very easily, lose all inhibitions when tipsy and get incredibly horny. An hour and a half in my pussy was tingling. I looked at James all dressed up and just wanted him to take me. There were still a number of couples to come but I didn't want to wait. James would every so often kiss me passionately setting my pussy on fire but his kiss was only for a moment. He wanted to wait until the party really got started.

It was about two and half hours before a few couples finally made their way to the bedrooms to start playing. Now by that time the host had already shown a lot of interest in me. I was the youngest there and he being about 50 took a liking to my top and the amount of cleavage I was showing. I wasn't interested but at the same time didn't object as he had spanked my ass once as I walked past him. I quickly told James and he smiled. We both enjoyed the fact I was the hottest one there.

We followed the couples upstairs and the sight that met us was not something we had ever seen. There were about four couples in one room, all in various forms of undress getting hot and heavy. Each of the females were giving their partners (we assume, maybe not) a blowjob. In the other room an older lady was being eaten out by a black man. She was still in lingerie but he was naked and had a large, thick cock. It was quite a sight, somewhat overwhelming but at the same time, I wanted to be part of it.

The alcohol and the wait had me going crazy. James took me into the room with the black man and started kissing me. I kissed back passionately as his hands explored my nipples over my top. I wanted more but let him take his time. One of the young couples we had chatted to were to our left. Jan (the male) was on a chair as Kim was sucking his cock. Jan was topless and Kim was slowly massaging his cock through his underwear as they kissed. Soon she was in her bra and panties and looked spectacular. She was an F cup (we later found out) and had an incredible ass. She wasn't as petite as I was, a size or two larger than me but had an hourglass figure. James turned me to face Jan as he pulled out my tits for him to look at as Kim sucked his cock. I smiled as I caught him looking at me a few times. Since both of our first times, we weren't sure about the etiquette as to where to look.

I turned to James and took his hands and put them on my boobs as I kissed him hard. I moaned as he played with my nipples.

"I want to suck your cock," I said.

"Not yet babe," he replied as he leant over and gently licked my right nipple. He again turned me to face Jan and massaged both boobs, shaking them so Jan could lust after them. Soon we noted the host was next to us and he soon began caressing my ass. I didn't mind but didn't want to go any further so James and I both went downstairs.

James quickly went to the toilet while I waited outside. Another young couple, Asian, Kevin and Michelle were making out downstairs. Kevin unbuttoned Michelle's top and pulled it aside and flashed me her boobs. I was in a playful mood and flashed both my boobs back. He must not have been expecting that as he looked shocked but gave a slight nod as if to say "well done, nice boobs".

James and I went back upstairs and found Kim still sucking Jan. She was still in her lingerie but looked incredibly sexy. Once again the host appeared so we went downstairs and were followed by Jan and Kim. Once downstairs I was frustrated. I wanted James's cock!

I pushed him on the sofa and started kissing him and stroking his semi hard cock through his jeans. Jan had moved to the ground on the carpet in front of us and Kim was straddling him. James is an ass man and she had a massive booty. It was large, but still toned. Absolutely perfect. Even I had to admit it was incredible.

James had me sit back and face them as he kissed me. He kissed my neck and took my right nipple in his mouth and he gently sucked.

"They're watching us babe, Kim especially, she wants you, you should go touch her butt".

"Do you want to touch her," I asked, already knowing the answer. We hadn't discussed how far we would go but with the wine in me, I was ready for anything.

We both got up and stood behind Kim as she rubbed her pussy against Jan. She was still in her lingerie but was moaning. She seemed like an easily orgasmic woman and was starting to get vocal.

Whack! Jan spanked Kim's ass hard. She seemed to like it and smiled as she moaned. She knew she was hot! James knelt beside them and finally must have plucked up the courage to ask to touch her as soon his hands were all over her ass. I knelt next to him and felt her ass too. It was incredibly soft. Her bright red panties stood a stark contrast to her pale skin. Her massive booty, round, was a sight to behold.

After we both had our share I pushed James's on the ground and unzipped his pants. I wasn't going to wait any longer. I needed his cock! He was semi-hard but seeing Jan and Kim next to us had him hard quickly and I engulfed his cock. Finally I thought to myself. I was so horny and I enjoyed savouring his taste.

Kim had taken off her bra by this time and Jan was sucking on her nipples furiously. She was loving it and moaning as her incredible F cup breasts engulfed his face.

"Reach out and touch them babe," James said. I'm not bi or bi-curious but I do fantasise about big boobs. I don't know what that says about me, maybe I am bi-curious. I reached over and grabbed Kim's left boob. It was so soft. Mine are smaller, round, firm and perky. Kim's were soft. They didn't feel anything like mine, didn't feel like muscles but like a pillow. Having my fill, I turned back to James and took his cock in my mouth. I looked at him and saw him smiling back at me.

It was then I felt Kim's hands on my back. I was topless at this point. I then felt lips kissing my back and it sent a shiver down my spine. I had never been touched by a woman before. She kissed up to my shoulder.

"Suck on Kim's nipples babe," James said. I pulled back from his cock. I wasn't sure why I wasn't hesitant. Maybe it was where we were, or the alcohol, but I wanted to lick her nipples. I'm sure James would find it hot and I wanted to please him as well. I turned to face Kim and her face was next to mine. I wasn't sure what to do until I felt her lips on mine. It felt amazing. If Katy Perry had in fact kissed a girl (as the song goes), I could see why she liked it. Kim's lips were so soft! It was incredibly erotic. We pashed passionately. I pulled back in shock. I totally forgot about James at that point. We hadn't discussed if it was ok for me to kiss someone. At least it's not a guy I thought and I went for her boobs and sucked her nipples. It was a hugely erotic feeling. Here I was, I had never kissed or touched a woman and I wanted to suck Kim's boobs. I sucked them hard, not knowing what she liked. I pulled back and she kissed me again. This time I didn't hesitate and kissed her back. I wanted to enjoy the moment before speaking to James.

We pulled apart and I straddled James. "I'm sorry, I didn't know what to do. I was kissing her and I liked it, then I thought of you, but since it wasn't a guy I hoped you wouldn't mind so I kissed her again," I confessed.

James was grinning from ear to ear. "That was the hottest thing I've seen babe, you do what you want, I want you to enjoy yourself". I was overcome with such joy, such love for James that I kissed him passionately. It was a wonderful feeling to know he supported me and wanted me to enjoy myself.

"Let Kim suck your tits babe," James said. Without hesitation I leant over and Kim immediately took my left nipple in her mouth. I moaned out loud as she forcibly sucked my nipple. We moved closer to Jan and Kim and I could see James had reached over and was feeling Kim's amazing boobs. I leant over and stuck my boobs in James's face. He started hungrily licking and sucking my right nipple as I felt rough hands on my left. I looked over and saw Jan was now feeling me up.

Up to this point no one but James had touched my boobs. Not even Dean. Here I was though enjoying having Jan feel me up. It wasn't that I was attracted to him. Knowing other men and woman want me turns James and I on. The fact Jan's girlfriend had F cup boobs but he wanted to feel mine made me feel sexy, made me hot and I revelled in his touch.

Kevin and Michelle had moved over near us and Michelle had her pert little ass in the air as she sucked Kevin. Michelle was slim, had A cup breasts but still looked hot. Being slim and petite is hot in itself.

After some nudging from James I moved over to them, slightly unsure if they were interested. I went straight for Michelle's boobs and licked her nipples. Her nipples were like mine, hard and prominent. I licked, sucked and nibbled at her boobs hard. I could hear her moan and giggle as I sucked only the second pair of tits in my life. I pulled back and Michelle and I pashed passionately as now Kevin took his opportunity and felt my boobs. He too was rough and I loved it!

I moved back to James and kissed him, then went to work on his cock. It was nice and hard and I started jerking him off. Jan had moved on top of Kim and as James played with Kim's boobs, Jan reached over and played with mine. I saw Kim reach over and trace James's abs and then grab his cock and now her and I both were jerking him off. I let go and let her jerk him off as I sucked on her nipples as Jan manhandled my boobs. I pulled back and continued jerking James off as both Kim and Jan had their way with my boobs. Kim would suck me then kiss me and Jan started sucking my nipples. Not only had I let two men touch my boobs but another man was sucking me! Jan was rough, not as skilled as James but it felt good. It felt great to be used.

James and I often fantasied about multiple guys using me. I often masturbate as he watches describing scenarios. The ones I love are where there are three or four guys, each jerking off at first as I touch myself. They get braver and their hands are on my, my boobs, pussy, their cocks in my mouth and I jerk them off until they all cum over me. That's a fantasy at the moment, but this was a little taste of that fantasy.

"Go let Kevin and Michelle suck you babe".

I didn't hesitate. I knew they all wanted me and I loved it. I went over to them and stuck my boobs in their faces. They each eagerly took a nipple each and sucked and licked. Kevin tried to kiss me but I pulled back. He looked taken back but I reassured him he could still touch. He wasted no time and continued manhandling my boobs. He grabbed my hand and guided it to Michelle's pussy. I didn't fight him. I was in a zone I'd never been in. I was trying new things and I wanted to go with the flow. James was next to me feeling Michelle's ass as I slowly played with her clit. I did exactly what I do to myself; slowly went around her clit with my finger, then up and down, then side to side. Within a few minutes Michelle was telling me she was close and a few moments later she moaned as she came.

I pushed James back to the ground smiling. It was a huge rush knowing I had made another woman cum. I sucked James's cock eagerly, savouring how good he tasted and how hard he was. Everyone was kissing and licking each other's boobs, I had kissed two women and two other man had touched and licked my boobs.

I stroked James's cock as Kevin and Jan had their way with my boobs. They were rough, not at all delicate. But I guess that's to be expected, who knows if you'll get another chance to feast on a new pair of tits. They had their way, touching, groping, squeezing and sucking, hard! It hurt a bit but the fact it was two strange men feeling me up, getting horny and turned on by my body made it feel erotic and turned me on like nothing else!

Jan was standing up and Kim sucking him. She was now naked and both James and I took the opportunity to feel her ass. James had a huge grin on his face as he played with her ass. She seemed to like our hands on her because she wiggled it and pushed back on our hands as she sucked Jan. 

I was so frustrated it was my "time of the month" as otherwise I would have taken my skirt and thong off and let the men and women touch my aching clit. I wanted to show off my fresh waxed pussy and my ass. I wanted to suck James with my naked ass and pussy in the air as men and women took in the sight from behind. Both James and Dean have told me how sexy it is and I wanted to share it! I knew I wasn't going to cum that night but it was hot knowing I had been used to such an extent. My boobs had had a thorough workout and I wanted to make James cum!

I straddled him as I kissed him passionately. "Thank you," I said as I slowly jerked his cock.

"You are the most amazing woman babe. I am the luckiest guy ever to be with someone as sexy, as horny and incredible as you. I will always love you baby," he whispered. I couldn't help but beam. I knew he meant it. Not only had he sucked on another pair of tits and groped both Kim and Michelle, but he got to watch me take control and take what I wanted. I wanted Kim, Jan, Michelle and Kevin to suck me and please me and that's exactly what they did. I knew it turned him on when I shoved my boobs in everyone's faces and they eagerly sucked me. It made me feel hot and turned him on knowing they all wanted me. I kissed him again and continued stroking his cock. I shoved my boobs into his face wanting his lips to be the last on my tits before he came. He grabbed both pairs of boobs and sucked, nibbled, bit and licked until he couldn't hold on anymore.

"I'm going to cum," he whispered. I quickly pulled away and took his cock in my mouth and felt his body tense as he shot a huge load in my mouth. He pumped and pumped and pumped away, shooting stream after stream of hot cum into my waiting mouth. Once he had finished I pulled away and made my way to the bathroom where I spat his cum out. I adjusted my top and stood there for a moment taking it all in.

Wow, what an experience. We got changed and headed home with Jan and Kim. We said our goodbyes after we had exited the elevator. Thinking back on it, I wish I had kissed her one last time. We're still in contact with them so no doubt we will meet them again in two months or so when James and I are in Sydney. It's been a week but I still replay that night in my head. I still have flashes of kissing Michelle and Kim and having Kevin and Jan touch and lick my boobs. I know it will be a while before our next party but I can't wait to go again and really show off. I'm eager to be the only woman naked, walking around teasing all the men and women. Most of the woman were either in their bras and panties but I can't wait to be the centre of attention, naked, parading around making James proud!

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