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The Reluctant Lesbian 2

The Reluctant Lesbian

The rain relentlessly pounds on Sheila's bedroom window in a soothing beat that gently wakes Jackie from her deep slumbers. She uncoils from the fetal position she was rolled up in feeling completely sated and contented from head to toe to the very depths of her soul. For the first time in weeks there is no ache what so ever in her breasts. Just a warm pleasant tingly feeling that makes her sigh with relief. She feels another slight warm glow emitting from her well satisfied womb.
Erotic memories of the night before slowly come back to her as she stretches and luxuriates in the full body tingles only a woman can feel after being completely satisfied in every way. Disappointedly, Jackie realizes she is alone in the bed. Her two lovers have left her like the pleasant dreams of the night before, fading from her memory as if they had never been.

Jackie stretches again and light headedly sits up in the bed to look at the rain out the window. "Holy Shit, I slept through the night," She says as she begins to softly rub and message her nude breasts, enjoying the sensations that her hands are producing. She loses herself in her self message until she feels rays of sun light caress her breast through the window and she can no longer hear the rain. An hour at least has passed while she rubs her breasts in a trance like state.

Jackie has never felt so euphoric in her life. She feels like a goddess stepping down from heaven as her feet lightly hit the floor. Nude, she floats over to her freshly washed sweat shirt and pants folded on a nearby chair and sees the note Sheila has left for her pinned to her shirt.

"You were AWESOME last night lover, much more than I had ever dreamed. I think I'm falling in love. It pains me that I have to leave you without wrapping myself in your arms and giving you a proper good bye but I just couldn't bring myself to wake you from your beautiful dreams. You looked so blissful lying there I just couldn't do it. I have to bring Liz back up state to wrap up a few things and then both of us will be back for work tomorrow. I will pick you up as normal. A queen like you should never ride a bus! I'm giddy as a school girl with her first crush! This shouldn't be happening to me. What are you doing to me lover? Can't wait to see you again. You are so delicious I want to eat you all up, AGAIN."

"Oh, I washed your sweats for you. It was SOOOOOO wet with your milk."


Jackie is filled with pride and longing as she reads the note again and again. Tears of happiness rolling down her cheeks and pangs of wantonness rumble in her groin. Carefully she folds the note and puts the note in her pocketbook. She is a little bit hungry so before dressing and leaving for home she sees what Sheila has to eat in the fridge. She opens the door to discover not much food. There is no room because gallons of dated breast milk take up virtually every space.

At the sight of the breast milk Jackie's nipples instantly harden and two white dots of her own milk began to form at the tips. "Oh my," She says as a strong shiver courses through her body. Guiltily, Jackie takes a jug of milk out and unscrews the cap to smell the milk as a reminder of the night before. Her whole body awakens at the first sniff of the sweet smelling milk and before she can stop herself she lifts the jug with two hands to her waiting lips.

Sheila's oh so sweet, cold breast milk coats Jackie's tongue and throat as it works its way down to her stomach. "Umph,Umph,Umph,Umph," are the grunting noises Jackie makes as she swallows gulp after gulp of the cold nectar. Sheila's sticky milk is spilling out her mouth all over Jackie's shoulders and breasts and dripping to the floor even as Jackie's stomach expands to accommodate the breast milk. Unknowingly, Jackie's own nipples begin to fire streams of milk in the air in celebration of the cold fluid that is coating Jackie's filling stomach.

Finally Jackie pulls her hungry mouth from the Jug amazed to see she has drunk and spilled nearly a half gallon of breast milk all over herself. She cleans the mess up on the floor and heads to the bath with the rest of the milk. When the tub eventually fills she sits in it and very slowly finishes off the other half gallon of Sheila's milk, this time not spilling a precious drop. Jackie swirls every mouthful in her mouth like a fine wine before swallowing it down to her swelling belly.

"Ahhhh," Jackie sighs and smacks her lips as the last mouth full enters her now huge belly. She lies in the warm tub thinking of nothing as she contently strokes her milk impregnated tummy. Just knowing her tummy is near bursting with Sheila's milk makes Jackie feel as if Sheila is in the tub with her.

Finally Jackie struggles out of the tub. Her milk laden belly makes it difficult to get up but she finally manages to do so and waddle over to her cloths and dress. Her sweat shirt and pants are stretched to their limit by her breast and belly. Her body and the tub have now warmed the milk in her stomach and a very stimulating warm glow radiates through out her body with her tummy as the epicenter. She is determined not to discharge the warm milk so she can revel in this feeling of pleasure and closeness to Sheila for as long as she can.

She ponders Sheila's fridge as she's leaving and decides there is plenty of milk in it and takes two gallons of milk with her home in two large grocery bags. Giggling, "I'm sure we can always replace it." She leaves Sheila's house and decides to walk the mile to her house on this warm sunny day. The weight of the bags is neutralized by the thought of their cargo and they feel light as feathers. "Better burn off some of this milk, don't want to get fat," Jackie says to herself as she walks home. The world has never been so alive to Jackie. Places she passes that have been gray since Butchy died are once again filled with vivid colors. The birds sing songs of love that warm her soul. And the little children playing in the park make her think of her own baby and her hopes for the future. People walking by her see her warm healthy glow, the smile on her face and her straining sweat shirt and just assume she is pregnant.

She finally reaches home and places the milk in her fridge. Her bladder is near bursting and reluctantly she releases a steady, strong stream into her toilet bowl. As the warmth leaves her stomach and bladder her belly starts to shrink to normal levels once again. But not quit as her stomach is stretched to accommodate more milk. Jackie goes to the living room and watches TV wondering what Sheila is doing. Her eyes constantly wonder back to the fridge which she can see from where she is seated. And when a "got milk" commercial plays on the TV it is too much for her and before she knows it she finds herself at the fridge door grabbing a gallon Jug of milk.

Her whole body is shaking like a crack addict waiting for her next fix as she gets a tall glass and brings the jug to the table. Jackie can't decide if she has the patients to heat the milk first or not. Finally she gets a big pot and fills it with milk and pours the remainder of the milk in a glass to drink while she waits for it to warm. Over the course of the night Jackie polishes off all the milk in the glass and the milk in the pot, refilling her stomach with Sheila's warmth. When finished, she falls into a deep sleep on her bed, rubbing her extended belly through the night while she sleeps.

The next morning Jackie wakes to a pair of large black hands lovingly rubbing her swollen tummy in slow seductive circles.

"Good Morning sleepy head," Sheila says affectionately. "I couldn't wait to see you so I came straight here from up state. You left your door unlocked and I came in. I hope you don't mind."

Sleepily Jackie says " Hmmm, no baby, not at all. Please keep rubbing my belly, it feels so good."

"Is that my breast milk in there that's making your stomach so fat?" Sheila coos. "You left the jug in the kitchen and I recognize my hand writing on it."

"Yes Sheila it is, I took some of your breast milk from your house to be closer to you while you were away. With your milk inside me I feel like you're with me."

Sheila's eyes swell with tears as for the first time in her life she is over come with love for someone other than her self. So Jackie can't see her crying, Sheila lowers her head on to Jackie's stomach and listens to her milk slosh around inside her. Jackie cradles her head in her arms stroking it with her hands while she hums like a mother to her baby.

"I love you Jackie." Sheila says into Jackie's stomach with a hitch in her throat.

"I know baby, I love you too."

The two women lay this way until Jackie's alarm goes off for work. Reluctantly, Sheila rises off of Jackie wiping her eyes. Little tear streaks run along the arc of Jackie's belly. Jackie pretends not to notice and heads to the bathroom to relieve herself and ready for work. When dressed, Jackie comes out and goes to Sheila who is sitting on the couch. Jackie looks down at Sheila and smiles warmly at her. She straddles Sheila's thick thighs facing her as she sits in her lap. Jackie holds Sheila by her head, looks into her eyes and whispers, "I love you," And pulls Sheila's full lips to her mouth parting them with her tongue.

The two women continue to slowly kiss each others mouths, the pace never quickening. This kiss is about pure passion not lust so there is no need for it to quicken. They take turns exploring each others mouths with their tongues often meeting in the middle to stroke each other and to learn each others taste, their warm mouths opening and closing and sharing of each other with each cycle of their kiss. Sheila's large breast surrounding Jackie's body and Jackie's loving hands pulling and rubbing Sheila's head, make the two women feel as one.

Finally Jackie disengages her kiss and dreamily says, "We have to go to work now Sheila."

Sheila sighs, "I know Jackie, let's get this over with," And stands to leave for work.

The two women arrive at work just at punch in time. Both women can take their eyes off each other and after a few hours Sheila notices that Jackie is grimacing in pain.

"What's wrong Jackie are you all right?"

"Yeah Sheila I'm ok, it's just that my breast are filling up with milk again and they are very uncomfortable."

"Oh my god Jackie, why didn't you same something? I totally forgot about that. I'm kind of use to mine being full all the time but I could use a little relief too," Sheila giggles.

"Here, at work Sheila? No way we'll get caught."

"Don't worry Jackie, I have the perfect place. I have the key to the stock room," Sheila says as she pulls Jackie around the corner.

Sheila unlocks the door to the pitch black stock room and the two women step inside. She makes sure to lock the door and turns on the light. Jackie has all ready removed her shirt and is unhooking her bra.

Sheila stares at Jackie and says, "You're beautiful."

Jackie turns beat red, removes her bra, lifts her right breast up and wiggles her index finger at Sheila, "Come and get it baby."

Sheila slowly walks to Jackie's waiting breast but before she can cover the distance, Jackie's bloated right nipple starts shooting high arcs of milk into the air in anticipation of Sheila's mouth. Her left nipple, equally swollen, drips a steady stream of milk on to the floor.

Sheila stops dead in her tracks and stares at Jackie's nipples in awe. Without being touched hardly at all milk is streaming out of both tits.

"I thought you had a lactating problem Jackie?"

"Not when I'm near you baby, please don't talk, suck," Jackie says as she aims a stream of milk at Sheila.

Without a further word Sheila steps up to Jackie, kneels on the floor and very gently encircles her squirting nipple with her fat lips. She feels the warm milk hit the back of her throat and she swallows it down.

"What are you doing Sheila?" Jackie asks, "Suck it hard," As Jackie wraps her hands behind Sheila's head and pulls it forward into her breast as hard as she can.

Sheila had remembered how she had hurt Jackie before when she sucked her nipples and her new found feelings for her have made her reluctant of hurting her again. But with Jackie's words and feeling her rock hard nipple deep in Sheila's mouth, Sheila clamped down on the engorged nipple and sucks as hard as she can. She was rewarded with a constant powerful stream of warm mother's milk filling her mouth as Jackie's nipple doubled in size between her lips to accommodate the increased flow.

"Oh my god Sheila, that feels sooooo good, suck my tit dry baby," Jackie shudders as she gradually empties her breast into Sheila's tummy.

Sheila brings her large hands up to Jackie's right breast and starts to ring every last delicious drop of her milk from her breast as she squeezes the breast forward with each new suck. Jackie feels warm streams of tingling pleasure pool at her fat nipple and release into Sheila's mouth. Sheila can't swallow fast enough and milk dribbles out the corner of her mouth onto the floor. Finally after what seems an eternity Jackie's right breast is completely empty and the two women repeat the process on her neglected left tit. When finally done Sheila holds Jackie's hand to her stomach and Jackie glows with pride that she can feel this large women's belly much warmer than before and a little bit extended with her milk. "Now I have a little bit of you with me to keep me company," Sheila says.

"We don't have time to do my breasts now Jackie but if you don't mind could we come back here later?" Sheila says shyly, "My God did I just say that?" Sheila wonders at the gentile caring change that Jackie is bringing over her.

"Of course darling I wouldn't miss it for the world. Your milk from the fridge is great but I want it straight from the faucet."

Once again, so unlike her, Sheila blushes and thrills at the prospect of filling Jackie's stomach with her milk.

As it turns out Sheila finagles the boss to let Jackie and her go home early so Jackie can pay proper attention to Sheila's tits.

Jackie and Sheila arrive at Sheila' apartment walk in the living room and sit on the couch.

"Jackie, I want to do something for you now. You are bringing a change over me that I have never felt before. I don't care about my needs and wants at all for the first time in my life. All I want to do is please you and make you feel happy and loved, ok? So I just want you to sit back and relax. It would make me so happy," Sheila says as she starts tearing up once again.

Jackie shyly smiles at Sheila. Jackie normally feels the same way in all her relationships so she completely understands Sheila's new found need. Her heart swells with pride and love for the change she seems to have brought in Sheila. "Ok Sheila I'm all yours," Jackie says with a gleam in her eye.

"First let's get these cloths off you; I want to see your gorgeous body," Sheila says. Sheila leans over to Jackie's side of the couch and starts slowly kissing Jackie on the neck, sending shivers down Jackie's spine. Sheila's tits are pressing into Jackie's side as Sheila reaches up to find the top button on Jackie's blouse. Sheila stops kissing Jackie's neck and pulls away for a moment so her other hand can squeeze between her breasts and Jackie's body to help unbutton the button.

As Sheila works the first button free, she gazes into Jackie's eyes and Sheila's eyes start to water as they fill up with love for this blond woman. A single tear falls from her eye and lands between Jackie's upper breasts as Sheila's mouth follows the tear downward to kiss Jackie's lower throat. Sheila's long thick tongue slowly parts her lips to taste Jackie's throat, leaving a line of saliva as she slowly drags it from the base of Jackie's neck swirls around her tiny Adams apple and continues upward to tickle her throat below her chin.

Jackie's breath is now coming in short gasps as with each swipe of Sheila's tongue sends Jackie's breasts heaving upward straining for release from their bra prison. Sheila's hands have not been idol as they have continued to unbutton Jackie's blouse. Now Sheila's mouth starts traveling downward following the path of opened buttons between Jackie's wanton breasts. As Sheila's mouth buries it self between Jackie's heaving cleavage, Sheila can smell Jackie's fresh breast milk that has started to leak from her swollen nipples within her bra cup. As Sheila softly licks between Jackie's breasts she is surprised to taste a small amount of her milk that has leaked from Jackie's now over flowing bra cup.

Sheila has to fight back old urges to rip off the rest of Jackie's cloths and ravaging her as the warm milk lights fires of desire through out her body. Panting heavily, Sheila pulls away from Jackie's bosoms and looks into her angelic face. Her animalistic urges are quelled and re channeled by the trusting love she sees there. And with a giant shiver Sheila very gently pulls the blouse off of Jackie's arms.

Jackie is trying her best to remain still but her pussy has been ignited with lust and her nipples inflamed with desire. She realizes this delicious teasing has just begun and is able to keep her bodies desires in check, just barely, to please Sheila's new caring side.

Next, Sheila's fingers slowly and lightly drag there way down Jackie's sides sending fresh shivers into Jackie's body. As they reach the elastic on the slacks of Jackie's sweat pants, they hook themselves inside and slowly draw them down. Jackie lifts off the couch so Sheila can roll the sweats past her full hips. Even so the sweats hang up for a moment on Jackie's protruding ass cheeks. Once done she plops back on the couch and Sheila continues pulling the sweats off, scrapping her finger nails along Jackie's legs that awaken even more chills inside Jackie.

Sheila now stands up and pulls her blouse over her bulging bra exposing mounds of dark brown breast flesh over flowing out of her cups. Jackie is mesmerized and waits with anticipation for Sheila to free them from the bra. Sheila reaches between her breasts to find the hidden clasps there and deftly on the first try unhooks her bra. Sheila slowly, ever so slowly pulls the cups away from her breasts as she stares at Jackie's face and sways her hips back and forth.

The bra cups finally clear Sheila's huge pitch black nipples and falls to the floor, Jackie gasps with awe and excitement at the sight as she always does. Her clit hardens hoping Sheila will let her feast on them. Jackie looks into Sheila's misty eyes and when they make contact, Sheila holds her gaze for a moment, looks down and points to her swelling left nipple with her index finger, then extends the index finger from her nipple so its pointing straight at Jackie's mouth. A second later without being touched her nipple fires a steady stream of her milk arcing through the air to land on Jackie's chest and walk it way up to her opening mouth. Jackie gets about a half mouthful before the stream peters out all the way down to a slow drip. And not for the first time Jackie thinks Sheila's tits have minds of their own.

Jackie swallows the milk down and licks her lips as the love in her eyes has turned to pure lust. She holds her arms out to Sheila beckoning her to come to her.

"For you Jackie, anything," Sheila says as she saunters over to her. When Sheila reaches Jackie she puts one knee on the couch and swings the other one over Jackie's thighs so she is straddling Jackie's lap. She reaches behind Jackie and unhooks her bra freeing Jackie's breast that immediately pump their milk on to Sheila's stomach. Sheila throws the bra to the floor and kisses Jackie on the mouth parting her lips with her fat tongue as she holds Jackie's head tightly between her hands. Jackie's upper body is entirely between Sheila's large cleavage and her breasts continue to shoot streams of milk as Sheila's belly presses into them.

As Sheila probes Jackie's mouth with her tongue she can feel Jackie's milk drip down her stomach and to the ridge of her panties. She reaches down with her hands and with one powerful motion she tares the panties apart at their thinnest point and tosses them to the floor. She garbs Jackie's head with her hands again and pushes her stomach harder into Jackie's lactating breast. After a moment or two Sheila feels the milk dripping down her belly again. But this time it is not blocked by her panties and is aloud to continue its downward flow. The milk makes it way to Sheila's pubes, pools at the edge of her neatly trimmed forest of black course hair, and then worms its way through her hair in several little pearly white rivers. These rivers, as if on cue all conjoin into one steady stream of milk about an inch above Sheila's huge hooded diamond hard clit. Sheila can feel the flow of milk first surround, then engulf her clit as it continues down into her pussy crack to be swallowed up by her hungry vagina.
Sheila pulls her head away from Jackie's mouth and grinds her belly harder into Jackie's breast, increasing the flow of milk to her over heating pussy as she stares like a hungry wild animal into Jackie's eyes. Jackie breaks eye contact and quickly latches on to one of Sheila's nipples with her mouth. Her lips massage the nipple for its milk and she is quickly rewarded by a slow thick drip before the nipple expands and spreads her lips further open as it forces its way deeper into Jackie's mouth in search of her tongue.

Jackie's tongue finds the nipple first in her mouth, that's rapidly filling with milk and as her lips suck the giant nub. Her tongue flicks the stiff tit up and down in her mouth causing huge gushes of milk to over flow her mouth and travel down Sheila's stomach to join with Jackie's milk. She swallows and soon catches up with the flow as she establishes a comfortable rhythm.

"OHmph, Swalurp, OHmph, Swalurp," Is what Sheila hears as she looks down at Jackie suckling, grunting and slurping at her tit. Though the milk Jackie is draining from her nipple and the milk flowing into her pussy feels sooo good that she is on the verge of cumming, looking down at Jackie grunting and slurping at her nipple stirs much stronger feeling of a mothers nurturing love in her. Her orgasm stops dead and warm intense feelings of love pour through Sheila's soul as her nipple feeds the being at her breast.

Sheila rolls off of Jackie's lap and leans on the back of the couch, Jackie's sucking mouth never loosening its grip on her nipple follows her and lays on her back in Sheila's lap, resuming her grunting, slurping noises. At first the two women gaze deeply into each others eyes, both completely understanding their roles to play. Jackie is in a safe place with someone to protect and feed her. Sheila has someone besides her baby to love and be loved by unconditionally for the first time in her life, someone who needs and wants what she has to offer. Someone she is willing to give and sacrifice for.

To both women it feels as if Jackie is sucking an ever flowing source of love from Sheila's nipple, though very erotic and pleasurable not really sexual. Both women continue to look knowingly into each other eyes as Jackie works Sheila's nipple. Sheila notices with each new gulp Jackie's tummy gets a little warmer and a little bigger and she starts to message it in slow circles with one hand and cradle Jackie's head with the other. Jackie's body begins to shake as she has a series of little tiny tingly orgasms that won't go away. During Jackie's quivering, Sheila sees Jackie's eyes roll back in her head and her heavy lids shut tight as her mouth continues to grunt and suck and her body continues to shake.

Her tit almost empty and herself getting sleepy, Sheila removes her swollen tit from Jackie's mouth with a big "SHOOWAP," sound, milk dribbling out the nipple, Jackie's mouth continues to suck at nothing until Sheila positions her other tit at her lips. And like two opposite magnets, lips and tit come quickly together and Sheila can just see her nipple fatten as it disappears between Jackie's sucking lips.

With the first rush of warm milk expelled into Jackie's mouth from the fresh nipple, Sheila's delayed orgasm spasms its way through her body sending her back arching in the air and her pussy releasing all the milk it swallowed mixed with her female cum to stain the couch. Jackie's eyes pop open in surprise then her mouth smiles around the ejaculating nipple as Sheila's orgasmic spasms trigger a new wave of orgasms for Jackie. As their orgasms subside, both women fall back into their pre orgasmic roles and fall asleep to Sheila rubbing Jackie's now huge milk laden belly.

Sheila wakes up hours later sitting up on the couch, from the deepest most restful sleep of her life. A warm glow radiates from every pore of her body as she sees and feels Jackie sitting between her legs with her back against her chest. Jackie's head is snuggly wedged in between her now empty breasts. Each breast is draped over Jackie's shoulders hanging down to the round upper curve of Jackie's ready to burst tummy, locking her into her little cocoon of dark brown flesh. Her head is surrounded by twin mountains of breast flesh. Jackie's full hips have Sheila's thighs spread wide to accommodate them but her legs are doubled back, wrapped around Jackie's ankles. Jackie is lovingly playing and stroking Sheila's large hands, comparing sizes, rubbing between the fingers and tickling her palm.

Sheila strokes Jackie's bloated belly with her hands bringing coos of ecstasy from Jackie's mouth as the rest of her body melts into Sheila's warm flesh. Sheila uses a circular motion with her hands that covers the whole area of her stomach and she begins to alternately push in a squeeze her very warm tummy causing her belly to jiggle and sway with its milky load. The first new drops of milk produced in Sheila's breasts begin to drip out on top of Jackie's round belly. Sheila rubs the milk into Jackie skin as if it was the finest hand cream ever made. It's not long before Jackie's stomach is coated inside and out with Sheila's milk and the residue follows the curve of her belly till it reaches the top of Jackie's pubic area.

Sheila continues to rub Jackie's belly with one hand as the other reaches between Jackie's wide open legs and cups Jackie's womanly mound. Jackie's legs tense around Sheila's legs and she buries herself further still into Sheila's flesh as her pussy pushes up to meet Sheila's hand. Sheila parts Jackie's nether lips with one thick finger and her milk rushes in as it races towards Jackie's pussy which drinks it in as quickly as Jackie's mouth had earlier. Sheila strokes Jackie's pink crack from top to bottom without ever touching her clit or entering her hole.

Jackie's pussy is begging for release as her coos have turned to very heavy panting and her hips are gyrating like a run away train in Sheila's lap. Finally Sheila wiggles a plump finger into Jackie's soaked pussy and rubs her clit with the palm of her hand. Jackie's pussy sucks at Sheila's pumping finger as her back arches in the air and holds a moment while Jackie's legs tighten like a Boa Constrictor around Sheila's. A ghostly moan leaves Jackie's lips as her body shakes violently from head to toe within Sheila's warm embrace. Jackie's pussy fully opens releasing Sheila's milk and finger along with a river of its own sweet juices as her body shakes and shimmies from her powerful cum.

Somewhere along the line Jackie has turned her head and buried her teeth into Sheila's ample bosom actually drawing blood. Jackie releases her bite as her whole body turns to Jelly and she sags back into Sheila's warmth. Sheila resumes her stroking of Jackie's milk engorged tummy lulling both women to sleep. Sheila wakes an hour later to Jackie running to the bathroom to expel the milk. She doesn't wait to close the door and Sheila can hear the never ending powerful stream of piss leaving Jackie's body. She knows instinctively that Jackie has held her milk within her as long as she could but she is still saddened for it to happen. After what seems like minutes, on wobbly knees, Jackie makes her way back to her cozy cove. She wiggles her ass until it is deep in between Sheila's legs. Satisfied with where her ass is she lifts one, then the other heavy breast over her shoulders and snuggles her head deep in Sheila's Breast valley as she wraps her legs around Sheila's. In no time at all both women are in deep slumbers until the early morning.

For ever more this will be Jackie's favorite position when she is with Sheila.

End of part 1

Over the next few months Sheila and Jackie lived the life of Adam and Eve before the snake. Their parents frequently and eagerly took their children for extended periods freeing them up for plenty of alone time. Several times a week the two women would secretly meet in the supply closet to quench their thirsts. Not as secretly as they thought for they were seen several times either entering or leaving the closet. And one time when Jackie was wearing a tight top, more than one woman wondered why her stomach was so much larger after her last break of the night. One woman who knew about the closet rendezvous correctly guessed the reason and saved the information for when it might become useful.

Back at Sheila's house, virtually every night after work and all day on the weekends, the two women were at each others pussys and milk laden tits with an unquenchable desire to totally please the other. Jackie had never cum so much in her life and her pussy was now producing prestigious amounts of cream for Sheila to dine on. Her breasts, though much smaller were producing almost as much milk as Sheila's as they readily kept up with the greater demand placed upon them. The one negative was Jackie's tummy was getting quit large, stretched out from her nightly draining of Sheila's tits. She could no longer wear the tight shirts and blouses she was so fond of but she deemed that a small price to pay for the pleasure she was deriving from emptying Sheila's tits. Every night would end with Sheila's body wrapped around Jackie's in her protective cocoon of womanly flesh. Jackie would love to fall asleep while Sheila spooned her in the bed. Her head snuggly between Sheila's breasts using one of them as her pillow, both women would fall deeply asleep until morning light.

But as in all stories of this world the snake always shows up to have Adam and Eve ejected from their Garden of Eden. And Sheila had unknowingly planted the seeds for the birth of the snake when she had first seduced Jackie. Just as Jackie had brought a fundamental change to Sheila's character, a change to caring and loving and putting someone else's needs above your own, Sheila had introduced a change in Jackie, a need for her to be dominated by strong women and to give into their powerful will. To eventually do whatever they wanted despite herself. All this change needed was a catalyst to emerge and that catalyst arrived one night at work in the form of a woman named Roxxy.

Just as everyone punches into work this day, they were all told to meet in the conference room for an important meeting. As the workers sat down a very tall large woman no one had ever seen before enters the room. Followed by Sandy the company kiss ass and professional snoop. Who was very good at piecing together clues to figure out mysteries within the company.

"Hello, my name is Roxxy," Roxxy says as she steps to the podium, "I'm the new owner of this company and I wanted to introduce myself and tell you of a special opportunity I have for one employee to advance themselves into management." One look at Roxxy and you can't help but to think of pure sex. She is about 40 years old but looks 10 years younger and standing at 6'6" bare footed, she towers over even Sheila. Her skin is a creamy medium brown in complexion and she just might be the most beautiful woman Jackie has ever seen. She is wearing a very low cut dress that displays her much more than ample breasts to good effect and just barely drops below the curve of her full, powerfully built womanly hips.

Jackie can't help but squirm in her seat at the sight of Roxxy and even though Sheila has freshly drained her nipples and licked her pussy raw, Jackie feels both start to leak of their own accord as she suddenly becomes quit flushed.

"And in conclusion," Roxxy says," I will be looking, over the next week or so for someone I deem capable of filling that temporary post out of state I spoke of earlier. Who ever I choose, if they do a good job, I take care of my own and they will have an executive position waiting for them when they return. Thank you and remember my door is always open." Roxxy steps down off of the podium and whispers in Sandy's ear, "Which one is she?"

Sandy whispers back," the pretty blond sitting with the large black woman, but they're a bit of a couple from what I see."

"He,he that's not a problem, who do you think I'm picking for the out of town job?"

A frown comes to Sandy's face as she looks at Sheila and Jackie with angry intent. This didn't go the way she had planned at all. She was planning on getting the job herself.

"What's the matter Sandy thought you were getting the job? Don't worry sweetie," Roxxy says as she grabs Sandy"s plump ass and squeezes," That wasn't bullshit about taking care of my own, I have something else in store for you. But don't you ever think you're smarter than me,"Roxxy says as she squeezes harder bringing a grimace to Sandy's face, "I also take care of my enemies and I don't think you would like that much," A cry escapes Sandy's lips but she isn't sure if it's from the pain in her but cheek or the malicious look in Roxxy's eyes as she glares down at her.

Over the next couple of weeks Roxxy makes a fine display of herself in various revealing outfits walking around the work floor talking to the employees as she tries to decide who to choose for the job. Also one night after everyone has left a white van pulls up to the back door of the building. Two men get out and install hi tech security cameras through out the building, including two hidden cameras in a certain locked supply room. Back in her large office, it isn't long before there is a dvd completely filled with footage of two lactating lesbians locked in her safe.

When ever Roxxy came near Sheila and Jackie, she made a point to hardly acknowledge Jackie and pay great amount of attention and complementing whatever Sheila was doing. This was very natural behavior to the two women as Jackie was quite and shy and Sheila very aggressive. What wasn't natural was how Sheila felt virtually no desire for Roxxy as Jackie satisfied her every need but Jackie's panties would get drenched whenever Roxxy was near.

After two weeks Roxxy calls everyone into the conference room and announces her decision and to no one's surprise it is Sheila who she chooses. Sheila and Jackie go home that night and spend the whole weekend in bed making love and crying at their upcoming month long separation. They have decided that Jackie will stay at Sheila's house so she can watch it and not have to travel to get all of Sheila's milk she has stored in the freezer for her.

Monday morning dawns and the two women say their tearful goodbyes as Sheila boards the plane. After it is out of sight Jackie reluctantly takes a cab to work. She is not at work more than an hour when she detects a presence behind her. From the smell of her perfume and the way her clit jumps to attention, before even turning around Jackie knows its Roxxy.

Roxxy towers over her and as Jackie completes her turn, as if on cue, Roxxy's rock hard nipples expand through her dress into her face."Hello Jackie," Roxxy says as if she's been running, "I know you and Sheila were close, if you ever want to talk don't be afraid to come to my door," She reaches up and strokes Jackie's head letting her blond hair run slowly through her fingers, "Such pretty hair," Roxxy says dreamily and walks away. Jackie almost has to run to the bathroom to throw cold water on her face.

Over the next week Roxxy makes it a point to come visit Jackie several times during the day becoming friendlier with each visit. By Friday Jackie is unwittingly masturbating and dreaming of Roxxy more than she is of Sheila. Drinking Sheila's stored milk is now bringing a mixture of pleasure and confusion with each gulp. She still deeply loves Sheila and misses her more than ever after she talks to her on the phone but her sexual desires are gradually pushing Sheila out of her mind and Jackie is trying to fight it with all her power.

Then Monday morning comes at work. Jackie is working in an isolated part of the building and is almost completely surprised when Roxxy has come up from behind her without Jackie knowing. Roxxy isn't wearing any perfume this time and has both of Jackie's succulent ass cheeks cupped in her hands before she knows what's happening. Jackie's first reaction is to push her ass into these strong hands and she does so making her back arch and her cheeks expand sexily in Roxxy's kneading hands.

"Hssssss," Roxxy breaths in as she cups Jackie's suddenly rounder ass, "That's it bitch you want it don't you?" Jackie comes to her senses and struggles to free herself from Roxxy's grasp turning to face her and slapping her face as she does. Roxxy takes a step back, a little bit surprised, a little bit angry and very excited, "Oh that's how you want it, I can play it that way, matter of fact I like it that way!" Roxxy says as she moves in on her prey.

Jackie tries to escape by running by Roxxy, but Roxxy is too quick and strong and grabs Jackie by the waist and slams her against the table she was working at, ass first.

"That's it baby fight it, you're getting my pussy so wet," Roxxy says as she bends Jackie backwards over the table. Jackie continues to struggle and she manages to get a leg between Roxxy's muscular gams. This is just what Roxxy wants because now Jackie's flailing leg is battering Roxxy's clit to full arousal. "Hsssssss, oh yeah bitch, I like it rough," Roxxy moans as she moves in closer to grind on Jackie's kicking leg.

Jackie is fighting for all she is worth but her ineffectual struggles seem to only excite Roxxy more. A dirty, thought crosses Jackie's mind, is she fighting so hard because of her love for Sheila or because she knows the fighting is turning Roxxy on and thus her. There is no denying that her pussy is sopping wet and getting wetter by the second and a not so small part of her did know Roxxy was behind her despite the lack of perfume. Jackie begins to cry as she wonders what kind of freak she is and why would she want to do this to Sheila. Very tearfully Jackie stutters," Please stop Roxxy," with no conviction at all and unconsciously begins to grind her leg harder into Roxxy's pussy.

Jackie's tears and her now actively participating leg has Roxxy on the verge of an orgasm and only one more thing is needed to make her cum as she grinds Jackie's leg hard against the table. Roxxy grabs both of Jackie's arms at the wrist with one enormous powerful hand freeing her other to snake up and under Jackie's Sweat shirt to grab her milk heavy tits. But when she encounters Jackie's large flabby belly with her hand, memories of her secrete dvd locked in her safe remind her of what caused Jackie's belly to be so big and her orgasm thunders through her body as her legs bend and hump upward and forward driving Jackie's helpless body hard into the desk.

As her orgasm starts Roxxy bends over Jackie's prone body and bites down hard on Jackie's swelling breast flesh through her sweat shirt in order to stifle her screams of ecstasy. Jackie can feel her breast absorbing the shock waves of sound coming out of Roxxy's mouth as her body is painfully crushed into the desk by Roxxy's wildly humping one. Through the tears and pain of this brutal assault a simple smile comes upon Jackie's face as something is awakened deep inside her head.

Roxxy lays atop Jackie's flattened body recovering from her cum. Sweat drips down off of her body as she razes herself off her new play toy. She reaches into her panties with a long finger and smears a thick white gob of cum across Jackie's lips. Before Roxxy can get the words out, Jackie's tongue shyly exits her lips and licks the cum into her mouth. Roxxy's clit immediately begins to stir again as she's sees Jackie's throat swallow the thick gob.
But before she can act on it Roxxy is paged to her office. Looking down at Jackie's listless body Roxxy says, "I've got more where that came from slut, clean yourself up and make yourself presentable this is a place of business," Roxxy says as she leaves Jackie's limp battered body on the table, "I think I want some more of that. Don't make me come look for you cunt.

Jackie quietly slides herself off the table totally confused and crying about what just happened. She feels as if it was her fault and she has betrayed Sheila, "But I didn't want this she says," Or did I? She wonders as she feels her pussy's urgent need inside her pants. What is wrong with me? Three months ago I didn't even like women, now I can't control myself around them, especially large black women. Jackie looks down at her crotch amazed as just the thought of it makes her clit tingle. Crying she runs to the bathroom and locks herself in a stall to try and compose herself and to try and drive away the strange thoughts newly awakened within her head.

She is in there a good hour crying and sobbing before she finally gathers the courage to go to the mirror and clean up. She is surprised to see that she doesn't look half as bad as she feels, besides some minor bumps and bruises on her arms and legs, the only thing visible she sees wrong is her puffy eyes from crying. As she palms water on her face she resolves to say nothing about this to Sheila and to make sure that Roxxy never has an opportunity again to catch her alone. Not sure if it's because of what Roxxy did to her or what she might do to Roxxy.

Just as Jackie finishes washing her face she hears the bathroom door open and she doesn't need any perfume to teller who it is as her clit jumps to attention as Roxxy sets her first foot into the bathroom door. She curses her self for all ready being caught alone and breaking her vow. She glances down at her watch and sees its lunch time and realizes they are the only two in the building for an hour. Then she wonders if she stalled in the bathroom subconsciously just for that reason.

That's all she has time to think as Roxxy's giant shape comes up and quickly looms over and behind Jackie at the sink. "I told you not to make me come look for you bitch," Roxxy urgently says, "Didn't I tell you we have some unfinished business?"

Roxxy leans into Jackie pinning her against the sink. One hand reaches around Jackie's shoulders and pulls Jackie's back and shoulders tightly into Roxxy's tits. The other hand once again snakes up and under Jackie's sweat shirt to rub her fat belly. Roxxy leans over to roughly bite Jackie's shoulder then whispers in her ear, "I know why your stomachs so fat cunt, what does it feel like to drink that black bitch's milk? I think I want to find out."

Jackie feels the stirrings of something dark and black deep within her mind come alive as her feeble struggles feed the darkness.

At that Jackie's hips start to grind into Roxxy and she moans, "Oh Roxxy let me feed you with my tits," My god, did I just say that? What the fuck is wrong with me. Jackie' wonders once again. She tries to tell her to stop but all that comes out of her gasping mouth is, "Don't....Stop....Baby,"

"Stop, I've just started bitch," Roxxy moves her hand between Jackie's breasts and roughly slides the bra up and over Jackie's wildly pumping nipples. "Eager aren't you baby," Roxxy says has she feels the milk spray her hand.

The blackness grows and spreads devouring Jackie's conscious and replacing it with something else. Pure Selfish Lust.

"Oh my god baby, milk my titties," Jackie cries as her sweat shirt is slid over her breasts by Roxxy's arm and her nipples spray the mirror in front of her. Realizing she doesn't have to hold Jackie any longer Roxxy grabs large handfuls of milky white breast flesh with each hand and begins aggressively milking Jackie's milk spurting utters. Each breast fills Roxxy's hands snuggly as she crushes them in her hands forcing more milk out at once than ever before. Jackie's nipples are on fire as they can only release so much milk so fast from the slowly bursting dam they are holding back.

But her pussy loves it as it tries to grind itself to an orgasm on air alone. It isn't long before the mirror has a sheet of creamy liquid coating blocking out any reflection Jackie might have seen." Squeeze them harder," Jackie demands as the pain and pleasure in her tits put her in a state of delirium and she feels her orgasm building from the milking Roxxy is giving her.

More and more of Jackie's mind is taken over by the darkness inside.

But just as Jackie reaches the peak of arousal before she cums, Sandy busts into the bathroom, "Hey Roxxy I can't find Jackie an......e.......where," Sandy's eyes nearly pop out of her head as she stands there frozen with the door wide open at the site of Roxxy crushing Jackie against the sink with her body and Jackie's shirt bunched up around her shoulders and her tits releasing what seems like gallons of milk on to the mirror. "What the fuck are you to doing?" Sandy says with open mouthed astonishment.

"Get your stupid ass in her Sandy and help me milk this bitch."

"But, but I'm not a lesbian," Sandy cries around Jackie's oblivious moans of excitement as she comes in the door.

"You are now if you want that new job I offered you," Roxxy says with a crazed look in her eye as she madly pumps Jackie's tits.

Sandy wants the new job so badly after a moments thought she reluctantly says, "What do you want me to do? I'm not going to lick her pussy if that's what you think."

"Stupid bitch, you wouldn't know what to do with Prime Grade A pussy like this. Besides I'm saving that for myself. I wouldn't even let you sniff this fine piece of ass. Just sit your fat ass on the other sink and open your mouth. We'll do the rest."

Sandy awkwardly climbs up onto the other sink and does what she's told. Roxxy effortlessly lifts Jackie's body at the ribs just under her boobs over to the other sink between Sandy's legs.

"Open your mouth and bring it to her nipple," Roxxy says. Sandy hesitates and prepares to jump down when Roxxy screams, "DO IT NOW BITCH OR YOU"LL BE ON THE STREET TOMMOROW MORNING!"

Her whole body shaking Sandy opens her mouth and closes her eyes and brings her mouth to Jackie's nipple.

"Taste this bitch tell me how you like it," Roxxy orders as she grabs a fat tit at its base and squeezes it forward stretching it out over two inches into Sandy's mouth.

Sandy feels a warm stream of fluid slam against the back of her throat and drip down causing her to gag. But she is ready for the second stream and when she swallows it, it feels like the finest cognac warming her innards on the way down. The third stream she takes the time to taste before she swallows it and her eyes pop open in wonderment as she says, "It's delicious," she looks down at the nipple being offered to her, smacks her lips and wraps her mouth around the tasty morsel, "Hmmmm, this is soooo good Roxxy, I could get fat on this."

"You are fat you silly bitch, keep sucking it while I Jill her off."

Jackie's last bastion of defense against the blackness of her animal lust is where her love for Sheila resides. And like a light house in a storm it stands as a last sentinel against the waves of pleasure battering its rocky shores.

Jackie feels a big hand spread her legs, she willingly opens them further and after a few strokes on her clit through her jeans she starts cumming in her panties as she stands on her toes and her hips hump up and down faster and faster. Her hands pump like jack hammers as they do a little walk on the sink as her orgasm hits and she flings her head back into Roxxy's chest forcing her nipple deeper into Sandy's mouth. Sandy's mouth over flows with milk as Jackie's orgasm has made her tit expel a giant blast of milk in one big gush.

The light is finally doused by the relentless tides of dark sexual pleasure as the waves fill her head with lust and she finally gives into the tides of her base desires.

"Clean up this mess," Roxxy orders Sandy as she pulls Jackie's fat nipple out of Sandy's sucking mouth, "I think I'm going home early today, I have some..........unfinished business to take care of," Roxxy says as she leers at Jackie's dripping breasts.

Roxxy lowers Jackie's sweat shirt and leads the dazed, wobbly kneed woman through the building and to her car in the back. Jackie offers no resistance and she walks like a zombie, for her mind once again is shutting down as it wars with itself in her internal battle of right and wrong. Normally Jackie's conscious has her base needs tightly shackled but Roxxy has the sexual key to unlock Jackie's animal desire's and unleash the primitive beast that's ever seeking to be freed. Jackie's only hope is to shut down until her mind can re chain this beasts to its mental bonds.

As Roxxy carefully deposits her precious cargo in the back seat of her Lexus, Jackie's body rolls into a tight ball in the back and the dim light of her love for Sheila rekindles to slowly push back the darkness.

End of part 2

Roxxy opens the back door of her Lexus. Her legs are shaking so badly with anticipation as she stares down at Jackie's fetal form she has to brace herself against the car for several minutes. She is almost at the point of hyperventilating as she takes several deep breaths to calm her thundering heart. Somewhat recovered, Roxxy leans into the car and easily lifts the unconscious woman in her arms and carries her into the house depositing her into her oversized bed. She removes all of the woman's cloths and can't help but to roughly grab a round ass cheek before she leaves her there nude, curled up in a ball on the bed. Roxxy goes to her master bath and removes all of her own cloths in front of her full length mirror as she palms and rubs her 40DD breasts bringing her oversized pitch black nipples to full arousal. She feels her pussy leak a tiny trail of pussy juice as she yanks and pinches her fat tits. "Better save that for later you sexy bitch," Roxxy says as she reluctantly stops ogling herself in the mirror.

Roxxy walks to the mini bar she has in the bathroom and pours herself a double of Johnny Walker Gold. She quickly gulps it down, "Whew, I haven't felt like this since college," Roxxy muses as she pours herself another and wipes the sweat from her brow. She slowly drinks the second shot as she stares at her bedroom door and hungrily licks her lips waiting for the Johnny Walker to kick in. Calmed by the liquor Roxxy mutters, "Time to get this show on the road," as she makes the long trek back to her bedroom.

Jackie has awakened in the strange bedroom she now occupies about 10 minutes ago. At first thinking she is home with Sheila she soon realizes this bedroom is much larger and decorated with much nicer belongings. She has an uneasy feeling about where she is and no real memory of what has recently happened to her. All she knows is that she feels a very strong sense of trepidation for the person making the small noises she hers in the next room. And as she hears heavy foot steps approach the bedroom door the feelings change to ones of anticipation and excitement.

As the bathroom door slams open Jackie can't believe her eyes. The pretty face is vaguely familiar to her but nothing else is. In the door stands a medium black, woman almost a foot and a half taller than her. Her body sculpted by womanly muscles probably out weighs Jackie by a hundred pounds or more. On display for her to admire are two very large, proud breasts, heaving majestically upon the women's chest. Two Black massive nipples pulsate with desire as they cap the woman's breasts. Wide massively round child baring hips are supported by powerfully muscled thick thighs, long legs and large feet. But the sight that Jackie sees that will haunt and thrill her for the rest of her life is the wild hungry look in the woman's eyes and the small trail of drool escaping from her lips.

Even as the blackness in Jackie's mind is ignited by the mere site of this giantess, common sense and self preservation tells her to run before this woman can get her hands on her and Jackie bounds off the bed in one fluid motion and makes a mad dash for the open bedroom door. Jackie actually gets one foot into the hall but is brutally yanked back into the bedroom as one strong hand entangles its self in her flowing hair and whiplashes her crumpled to the ground. Groggily she looks up to see the woman lock the door and turn around to face her.

"Where are you going cunt? I told you I like it rough," Roxxy's panting voice says, "This is going to be goooood," She says licking her lips as she approaches Jackie's prone body.

Jackie tries to scramble away from the large approaching shadow but she has nowhere to go. She is quickly scooped up by the arm pits with her wildly kicking feet a foot off the ground and her body crushed against Roxxy's heaving bosoms so tight she can barely breathe. Roxxy carries the madly struggling woman in a bear hug and slams her against the wall knocking the air out of Jackie. As Jackie opens her mouth to gulp in fresh air a huge tongue rams its way into her mouth to the very back of her throat. "EEEMPH," is Jackie's muffled cry as her eyes pop open and her limbs increase their frantic movements in a vain attempt to dislodge the tongue that's cutting off her oxygen. But even as her struggles weaken from lack of air, Jackie can feel the black lust in her mind growing stronger and begging for more. As Roxxy humps and grinds her body against her pinned against the wall, Jackie's crushed breasts discharge their milk more from excitement than pressure, as the blackness starts to take control.

Snorting like a charging bull, Roxxy finally pulls her tongue from Jackie's gasping mouth, "You like that don't you? I can see it in your eyes; I can feel how hard your nipples are." A shiver runs through Roxxy's body, "I can feel your milk run down my side."

Roxxy lifts Jackie higher against the wall and dives onto a pumping tit. Her tit has just enough time to paint a mustache on Roxxy's mouth before it disappears inside Roxxy's cavernous mouth. Jackie feels first pain, then tremendous pleasure as Roxxy draws Jackie's fat nipple deep into her sucking mouth and Jackie gets her first whiff of Roxxy's over heated pussy discharging its erotic aroma into the room. The blackness in Jackie's head once again snuffs out the candle light of Sheila's love as her mind is consumed with lust for the woman at her breast.

Roxxy senses a change in Jackie's behavior which is confirmed, when despite the roughness of her sucking, Roxxy feels Jackie's wildly flailing arms start to lovingly cradle and caress Roxxy's head at her nipple and Jackie's frantically jerking legs wrap themselves around her hips and try to draw Roxxy's body tighter into hers.

Roxxy's stomach is not use to sucking mother's milk straight from the tit and before Jackie's breast is emptied, Roxxy has to fight to pull her head away from Jackie's tit. With milk smearing her mouth, Roxxy's wild eyed face looks like a dogs with rabies as excess milk drips out the corners of her mouth.

Now even Roxxy can smell the ripeness of her pussy as the change in Jackie's demeanor has her hornier than she has ever been in her life. With her heaving breasts pushing into Jackie's plump belly Roxxy looks at Jackie and breathlessly says, "You really do want it don't you. I have never had a woman change on me like that. It's so hot and makes me so wet," Roxxy says as she carries Jackie to the bed as excited as a kid on Christmas morning.

Roxxy had planned to sample some of what she just knew was going to be a sweet pussy first but her own pussy's needs now demanded that they be quenched first. She dumped Jackie on the bed expecting a struggle but was excitedly surprised when she sat on Jackie's face and instead of turning her head away and trying to squirm out from under her, Jackie locked her arms around her thighs and pulled Roxxy's dripping pussy to her mouth.

Jackie knew full well what she was doing in this state of mind, it wasn't that she wanted to do it, no she defiantly didn't want to do it, it shattered her soul that she was doing it, it was a case of that she had to do it. What ever took control of her left no room for doubt that she would do it and like it.

These thoughts raged through her head as the smell of Roxxy's fragrant pussy getting closer and closer to her face drove the blackness within her head wild with wanton desire. The first strand of cum from Roxxies gapping pussy dripped on to Jackie's waiting tongue as Jackie dragged Roxxy's pussy on to her face. Grunting like a wild boar in heat Jackie wastes no time in lapping up all her abundant juices as quickly as Roxxy can produce them. And when all the juices were gone Jackie attacked Roxxy's throbbing clit with unbridled passion.

Jackie licked the expanding nub as hard and quickly as she could, jamming the flat of her tongue on to Roxxy's engorged clit and dragging it along the length of her tongue over and over again until Roxxy's fat clit quickly grew in size and her pussy came all over Jackie's face, marking Jackie as hers forever with her womanly scent.

Roxxy knew that her ripe pussy wouldn't need much attention to cum but even she was surprised by the quickness and the violence of her orgasm. With the first lick of Jackie's feather soft tongue, Roxxy was fighting a losing battle of trying to delay her cum as long as possible. Roxxy likes to have her pussy slowly worshipped like the queen it is. But her pussy and Jackie's talented tongue had other ideas and after only a dozen licks of her golden tongue, "Oh, OHH, OHHHH, YEEAHHHHHH," Roxxy screams at the top of her lungs as she splays her legs and crushes her spasming pussy hard onto Jackie's face, driving her head deep into the mattress while her body goes rigid and electric jolts fire off in her nerves.

As her orgasm ebbs Roxxy notices Jackie entering the gyrations of her own orgasm as her hips wildly buck up and down, then her body goes rigid as Jackie's whole body quivers and shakes, pinned head first beneath Roxxy. Powerful vibrations stimulate Roxxy's pussy as Jackie screams her orgasm into her womb. Roxxy thinks Jackie was Jilling herself off while she ate her until she feels Jackie's arms still wrapped around her thighs unable to reach her own pussy.

"Oh baby," Roxxy coos, "That's sooo hot, you came from eating me." Normally Roxxy's clit and pussy are too sensitive to be licked after a nice cum. But the vibrations from Jackie moaning her orgasm into her pussy and Jackie cumming from just eating her has Roxxy's pussy ready for more. And Jackie is wise enough not to lick her clit at first and even as Jackie's orgasm is ebbing she has the wherewithal to travel down to Roxxy's hole and lovingly lick the entrance.

"Umph,umph,umph," Is what Roxxy hears as Jackie makes slow circles around the edge of Roxxy's opening. Jackie is able to scoop up fresh gobs of thick white girlie cum into her mouth. The cum is so thick and sticky she has some trouble swallowing it but it is well worth it as her tongue circles a little deeper looking for more.

This is more like it Roxxy thinks, she looks down at the sound of Jackie's urgent bestial grunts at her pussy and sees Jackie's open eyes rolling around in her head, Jackie's expert tonguing is starting to bring her to the slow steady more powerful orgasms she craves. Everything this woman does excites her more. No woman ever before has been able to swallow her thick cum juices that she produces after an orgasm. Few have even tried and the ones that did try all gagged and spit them out. Jackie not only has swallowed them and held them down she has gone back in her pussy in search for more. Roxxy shivers as she feels Jackie stick her hungry tongue deeper into her pussy and find more cum to swallow. Roxxy now lifts her pussy off of Jackie's head and squeezes her inner muscles. A Very thick white glob that Jackie was unable to reach with her tongue slowly appears by Roxxy's vagina.

"Here's a special treat for a job well done," Roxxy says as she squeezes harder and the glob slowly elongates to about four inches long and slowly hangs above Jackie's tongue in her open mouth. As if on cue when it hits Jackie's tongue it picks up speed and disengages from Roxxy's pussy as it pools at the back of Jackie's throat as it sticks and burns her tongue. Jackie takes a deep breath relaxes her throat and swallows the hot sticky cum into her stomach. It sticks and burns all the way down but she takes it all without a shudder.
Jackie's eyes never break contact as they stare up at Roxxy lovingly as she does this. When she has gulped it all down she slowly licks the residue off her lips, she opens her mouth wide and pulls down on Roxxy's hips showing her what she wants. Roxxy begins to wonder who's fucking who as she regally grants Jackie's wish and lets Jackie continue to eat her pussy as she slams it on to her open mouth. Jackie's tongue wastes no time in search of more cum but there is no more to be had for now. So she leaves her warm cove and concentrates on Roxxy's clit.

As Jackie's tongue exits Roxxy's vagina the tip drags up the bright pink expanse of her large pussy. When it encounters a stiff round island in a sea of pussy juice, Jackie's tongue stiffens and pushes underneath the hard piece of flesh and curls it back and forth with her tongue from underneath. Roxxy's eyes shoot open, she grabs her nipples and violently pulls and twists her tits as powerful shivers of pleasure she has never felt before ignite the beginnings of what she is sure to be a huge orgasm, "YOU CUNT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN THERE?" Roxxy shouts as the shivers turn into lightening bolts of electric shocks up and down her spine, as new load of thick white cum leaks out her pussy to burn Jackie's neck.

Each bolt of pleasure Jackie is producing in Roxxy's clit is as strong as an orgasm but they are not orgasms because the pleasure never peaks and just starts again with each new flick of her tongue under her clit. Also Roxxy's clit always fattens quickly as she cums and that hasn't happened yet. So all Roxxy can do is yank on her tits and dump white gobs of cum on Jackie's neck and shoulders as her body quivers on Jackie's tongue.

After what seems like hours of unabated pleasure, Roxxy's body is a quivering heap of chocolate pudding on top of Jackie's face and she finally gives in to Jackie, "Ohhhh, BaBaBaby, Pleeeeaaaasseee make me cum, I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE!"

And with that Jackie shifts her tongue up to the front of Roxxy's clit, quickly licks it about ten times, then sucks it hard as she can into her mouth never releasing it as it fattens to huge proportions forcing Jackie's lips far apart with its girth.

Roxxy believes she feels Jackie's mouth break into a smile on her pussy as she reluctantly begs for Jackie to let her cum. She just finishes promising to make the bitch pay for that when she feels her tongue shift on her clit. For a few seconds she feels nothing at all and she starts to curse Jackie, then Jackie sucks her clit in her mouth and the last thing she remembers is her clit exploding between Jackie's lips as Roxxy grabs Jackie's hair with her hands and like a crazed animal rips her clit out of Jackies mouth and grinds her pussy as hard as she can all over Jackie's face.

Like magic, every time Jackie's mouth is forced down to Roxxy's quacking vagina, Roxxy's pussy pumps a load of that sticky hot cum into Jackie's open mouth. As her face travels up to be ground on her huge clit, her pussy slams shut only to open again to fire more molten cum into Jackie's open mouth as it reaches Roxxy's pussy.

Roxxy has no control of her actions as her feet kick out of rhythm on the bed and her thighs crush Jackie's head, the spasms in her legs rubbing Jackie's ears raw. Roxxy can't stop cumming as she dumps load after load of hot cum into Jackie's mouth. Finally she feels her body fall off of Jackie's face in a quivering mass of jell-o on to the bed. Barely able to move she sees Jackie lying on her back next to her struggling to breathe as her mouth and throat are clogged with her thick white girlie cum. Jackie razes off her back and leans over Roxxy's stomach. Nothing happens for a second as Roxxy's thick cum drips and oozes out Jackie's mouth on to her stomach. Then Jackie messages her cum splattered throat and coughs up a big gob of cum that was stuck onto Roxxy's stomach.

Incredibly, after a moment to catch her breath, Jackie looks at Roxxy's still quivering cum coated stomach and like a cat with a bowl of cream begins to lap all the cum she was forced to expel before in small sticky gulps. When done gobbling down Roxxy's hot cum, Jackie lets out a long sigh and lays her head on Roxxy's sticky belly.

Jackie wakes to Roxxy's angry voice, "No one makes me beg bitch, I make you beg, understand?" Roxy angrily flips Jackie over onto her stomach and licks her full lips as she looks at Jackie's full ass. Jackie looks back at Roxxy, smiles, lifts her ass off the bed and rotates her ass up so Roxxy can see her wet, spread pussy. Roxxy looses her breath as Jackie's pussy opens and closes inviting her face to come for a visit. Roxxy feels a surge of anger because Jackie isn't behaving the way she should but it quickly passes as she smells Jackie's pussy sending its Siren's song to her nostrils. And it isn't long before Roxxy's head is buried between Jackie's cheeks and her long tongue is deep in her pussy.

Unlike Jackie, Roxxy's tongue can reach every nook and cranny of Jackie's pussy and then some as it batters the farthest walls of her vagina into submission. Jackie feels as if she is being skewered on a Barbie as her pussy is leaking cum all over and around Roxxy's face. It isn't long before Jackie feels her orgasm building, one that she is very eager to release onto Rroxxy's face.

She is enjoying her tonguing so much as she rolls her hips so Roxxy's tongue hits all the edges and walls of her pussy, she doesn't realize for a moment when Roxxy removes it and leaves the bed. When she finally does she turns her head and whines in a high pitched squeal. Jackie is surprised to see Roxxy standing in front of the bed with the biggest black dildo she has ever scene, strapped on to her waist.

Roxxy's pussy coated face looks crazed as she stands there imaging what she's going to do with her big black dick. Roxxy is the only one she has ever met that is able to take more than a couple of inches of this monster and she can't wait for Jackie to try and escape her when she sees her monster dick looming before her spread pussy and when Jackie begs for her to pull it out, Roxxy thinks she might cum from that alone.

Roxxy sees Jackie turn around on the bed and see the giant dildo pointed straight at her gapping pussy. "Here it comes," Roxxy thinks. But instead of jumping off the bed and trying to escape, after the briefest of moments, Jackie smiles at Sheila's big black dick, lifts her ass even higher in the air, and wiggles her dripping cunt seductively at Roxxy's dick.

"YOU BITCH," Roxxy screams in anger and pounces on the bed on her hands and knees, grabs Jackie's ass cheeks with her hands and pushes the monster into her wet pussy. At first only the head of the cock is barely able to enter despite Roxxy's best efforts. Then Jackie turns her head back towards Roxxy with an angry animal like sneer on her face and her mouth releases a loud, "OOOAAAHHHHH," sound as Jackie pushes back as hard as she can just as Roxxy pushes forward. At first nothing happens but as both women continue to push, the monster cock slowly disappears inch by inch into Jackie's pussy until all but a few inches of the monster has been devoured by Jackie's cunt.

Roxxy is stunned and unable to move at the sight of her huge dildo almost completely within Jackie's pussy.

After a moment Jackie screams, "FUCK MY PUSSY BITCH, WHAT ARE YOU WAITIN FOR?"

Shocked Roxxy slowly starts fucking Jackie's pussy, but shortly Jackie takes charge and rams her pussy onto the huge Dildo like a jack hammer over and over as creamy pussy juice glistens on the rubber dick and leaks out her cunt and down her legs. Jackie flattens her chest and buries her head on the mattress so only her pumping pussy is in the air. Her head is wildly turning left and right on the bed with each thrust of Roxxy's massive dick. Jackie's primal screams of ecstasy intensify as the pain and pleasure of the dick feel like it is splitting her in half.

"That's it take it all bitch,"Roxxy screams as she is clearly excited by the pounding she is now giving Jackie's pussy with her powerful thighs. Roxxy reaches forward and violently yanks Jackie's hair towards her causing her head to tilt back and her spine to arch. It only takes a few seconds of hair pulling before Jackie's pussy explodes on the black rubber dick. As her head is pulled back Jackie lifts her hands off the mattress and paws at the air as her impaled pussy sucks the dildo deep inside it and clamps down with such a vice grip Roxxy can feel Jackie's orgasmic shakings through the dong. Finally spent, Jackie's pussy releases the dick it was sucking on and ejects it out with a loud juicy plop, like so much trash.

Roxxy releases her hair and Jackie plops down face first spread eagled on the bed limp as a noodle. "Oh no, I'm not through with you yet Jackie, I want some more of that sweet coochie of yours but first I want to taste a bit of that ass that has been staring at me all night long," Roxxy spreads Jackie's cheeks and drills her tongue straight into Jackie's untried ass.

Roxxy's words are wasted on Jackie's quivering comatose form and her vulnerable ass is there for the taking and Roxxy wastes no time in taking it. Jackie has never so much as even had a finger up her virgin ass and the feeling of a long thick slippery tongue knocking at her back door brings her instantly awake. Despite the blackness in her head screaming for it, she knows she doesn't want anything up her sensitive butt hole and she tries to crawl away.

Finally getting the resistance she wants from Jackie, Roxxy is quick to react as the thrill of the chase pumps adrenaline through her body and she is able to catch Jackie just as she reaches the beds head board. "Oh baby, I'm gonna love this," Roxxy breathlessly says, as lust gleams in Roxxy's eyes and spit dribbles out her mouth in anticipation of eating Jackie's ass.

"Please Roxxy, don't, I never did anything like that before," Jackie desperately cries as she tries to squirm away from Roxxy's strong arms, "It's going to hurt!"

"Stupid cunt after all this time you still don't realize it isn't about what you want?" Are the last words Jackie hears before she once again feels the wet tongue salivating at her innocent ass. Roxxy has her arms wrapped around Jackie's thighs locking them so Jackie's ass is wide open in front of her face. Jackie's face is pressed against the base of the beds head board and she has no where to go as she feels Roxxy's thick tongue battering at her tightly shut back door.

Though it doesn't hurt yet she is sure it will as each new thrust of Roxxy's tongue lubes and loosens Jackie's ass just a little bit more and her resistance ebbs away as the blackness in her head slowly begins to come back. When Roxxy has her tongue about an inch in and she can feel the muscles of Jackie's ass just start to give she gives one final strong push and she feels her tongue slip in all the way to the roots and expand to fill Jackie's entire anal cavity. Jackie's screams of pain quickly turn to moans of pleasure as Roxxy Vigorously tongues her ass.

As Jackie's will power fades she feels Roxxy's tongue finally penetrate her and as she waits for the pain that never comes, she is shocked by the intense pleasure that is there instead. She knows this time she has not yet given completely into the blackness so after a moments shock it occurs to her that she actually likes Roxxy's tongue in her ass. And she starts to grind her hips and her ass starts to suck on the thick digit that is tickling her bowels.

Pump after pump of Roxxy's thrusting tongue, the pressure and pleasure builds in Jackie's ass and pussy, racing to release as Jackie is literally crawling the walls. She has never felt anything this pleasurable in her life and her first guilty thought is off teaching Sheila her new trick. Jackie has clawed her way with her hands up the beds back board so that she is now completely standing on her knees and straining to pull her self higher with her arms. She turns her head and growls at Roxxy's head and tongue deep within her ass. Her tongue is everywhere at once filling and touching the walls of her anus and igniting every nerve in her nether regions with hot streams of fire.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING," Jackie screeches, "GET YOUR TONGUE BACK IN THERE!" As Roxxy suddenly removes her tongue.

"Yeah you like it but it's killing my neck," Roxxy says as she spins Jackie on her back and pulls her back down the bed.

Eagerly before Roxxy can move, Jackie spreads her legs and pulls her legs back by her head holding them by the knees exposing her saliva filled drooling ass. In a whining desperate voice Jackie says, "I don't want your tongue this time baby, I want your sweet dick inside my ass."

Roxxy is astounded but doesn't need to be asked twice and she brings the cum coated strap on up to Jackie's sweet ass. She slowly places the head at the hole and swirls the tip around and slowly presses forward. Once the head is in it is smooth sailing as Jackie's spread ass almost easily accommodates its girth.

Looking at Jackie's face as the monster cock plunders her ass, Roxxy thinks the sweet shy girl she took home to ravish is long gone and has been replaced by a sneering snarling she bitch that can take all Roxxy can offer and then some.

"Fuck my ass cunt, you wanted it here it is, what are you waiting for?"

On Jackie's urging Roxxy starts slamming the Huge dick into her ass as hard as she can and Jackie greedily takes it all as her orgasm builds to a crescendo.

Spikes of pleasure build within Jackie's pussy and nirvanic feelings she has never felt before within her ass, as duel orgasms from two separate sources compete to be the first to trigger their sweet release. But when Roxxy leans forward to grind on Jackie's clit the third source of womanly heaven ignites all three in ever cascading waves of pleasure that wash over Jackie's body in a tidal wave of orgasmic release.

"oh, Oh, OH,OH,OH,OHOHOHOHOH," Roxxy hears as she leans forward and as the last, "OH," turns into and ear piercing ghostly howl that just continues forever into the night, Roxxy sees Jackie's eyes roll back into her head and her teeth chatter with bone crushing force as Jackie's drippy pussy fires a hot stream of girl cum into her face.

All three orgasm race up her spine and converge with each other in the middle of her belly and detonate an explosion of pleasure so intense within Jackie's body that it rips the consciousness from her mind and cleanses her of all the blackness that has taken over her. Her body spasms and jerks all about, her feet tap dancing in the air. Jackie's legs push out ripping themselves from her claw like hands almost pushing Roxxy off of her body. Her ass latches on and clutches hungrily at the dildo within it, greedily unwilling to release it until every last shiver is wrung from Jackie's body. When finally released, Roxxy removes it and eagerly licks it clean before falling on top of Jackie exhausted. It's not long before Roxxy falls asleep atop Jackie crushing her small form into the bed. 

Neither woman knows of the animal leer on Jackie's face as they slip into oblivion. 

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