Saturday, 27 December 2014

I And My Friend Changed Each Other Wife

Me and Giri we both are good friends from childhood. Each and every thing we will share each other including personal family matters also. At the 26 years of age we both got marriage. We both are doing jobs in private companies. Every week ends we will meet at bar and will discuss about our all matters. Sometimes we will talk about our sexual life also. Monthly once I and Giri will go outing with our families that means me and my wife, Giri and his wife. My wife and Giri’s wife were also good friends.

So when went outing, there leisure time we will sit with bottles. And our wife’s will spend in the room and they will discuss about their matters. Sometimes me and Giri while discussing, he will ask about our sex life and I also ask to Giri about sex life. Basically Giri is the very sexy guy. Always he will says he will do sex with his wife nearly 2 hours and she will also fully enjoy it. But he is saying feeling very bore as since 1 year he enjoying with same lady and he is looking another taste. I also said him me and my wife fucking long time and she will also encourage me while fucking. And I told him sometimes I will fuck my wife’s ass also. Then he said ass fucking I like very much. You are very lucky guy. But my wife will not like ass fucking. She wants only long time front side fucking with different angles only. Then I said to Giri, actually I don’t like ass fucking but my wife will ask to her ass fucking. To satisfy her I will fuck her ass. So Giri said ass fucking me and your wife liking, long time front side fucking you and my wife liking. Then I said yes.

When I told about our ass fucking, Giri had decided and thinking about my wife to fuck her ass. When we meet each other with our wives, from long time I am also waiting and seeing to Giri’s wife to fuck her. So one day night while we fucking, I said my wife as you like ass fucking so much and my friend Giri also like very much ass fucking. Then she asked me that your friend Giri also will do ass fuck her wife. But I said no! No! He said never he ass fucked her wife because she doesn’t like same like me. Then my wife said so Giri’s wife and you have same desires, and I and Giri have same desires.

Already I know Giri’s wife liking you, when our meeting always Giri’s wife says your hubby was so good and you are very lucky lady. Already she likes you so why don’t you fuck her? Next day evening I met with Giri in a bar. When we taken full bottle, then Giri talking about my wife. Then I asked him do you like my wife? Then he said yes. Then Giri said that his wife also liking me. Whenever Giri and his wife were fucking she will discussed about you. That’s why Giri also said that his wife liking me, my wife also liking Giri.

Then I told Giri is that, when we go for outing in next week we can change our wife’s for that 3 days. You enjoy my wife and I will enjoy my wife. Then Giri says OK. Next week, we both went outing with our wives. There we booked two rooms. For 3 days every night after our dinner I said my wife to go Giri’s room. And Giri said his wife to come my room. That night is happy moments for both of us. As we said Giri wife came to my room, my wife went Giri’s room.

I locked the door after Giri’s wife came into my room. And I said her I love you. Slowly I kissed on her lip, and slowly she is also respond. After that we both were nude. I said her since long time I am waiting for this moment. Then she smiled. After that I told her to sleep on the bed. Then she slept on the bed. Then I started licking her cunt and her ass. She is enjoyed very much. And I said her to lick my cock. Then she taken my cock into her hands and said that your tool is very big. Your wife is very lucky. And she started licking my cock. After 15 minutes, I said her to sleep and she slept. Then I started fucking her. When I am fucking she is saying fuck me darling since so many days I was looking for you. Come on fuck me this whole night. Then I also increased my fucking speed. In this passion I fucked her with lot of positions. Our fucking session was completed so time is night 2 AM. We both were tired. While we were sleeping, we discussed about Giri and my wife. I said her, your Giri is completed or not their fucking. Then Giri’s wife said I don’t know common let’s go their room will see.

Then we both, I and Giri’s wife went to beside room. There door was properly not locked. Then we went inside, but Giri and my wife were in the bedroom. That bedroom locked from inside. Then we peeped from key hole what they are doing. Oh my god. I surprised after saw that. Giri was fucking my wife’s ass and she is enjoying it. Then Giri’s wife said me that, my hubby was waiting for ass fucking since long time. So now he got your wife. He will fuck your wife’s ass while night. Then she said common let then fucked. We can go our room and we slept.

Next day morning both wives came to our rooms. Then I asked my wife about night, she said that your friend Giri is not a normal guy. He is a donkey. He fucked my ass nearly 2 hours nonstop, since morning 4 AM he fucked me. From that time onwards we are changing our wives every outing.

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