Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Neha losing virginity to brother-in-law

I am Neha, I am reading this blog from last few years regularly but since now I never had anything which I could share with my unseen friends but after coming back from my sister’s place I have an experience to tell and it is about loss of my Virginity which I lost over my Jija Ji. I was gone to Delhi to help my sister in last couple of months of her pregnancy and there my Jija Ji fucked me.

For introduction I would say I am fair and good looking girl almost done with my masters. I am short and little over weight for my height with fleshy sexual assets, thick thighs, plump and jutting out ass and reasonably big breasts but with a flat belly.

Before getting on bed with Jija Ji I had a boyfriend here in my collage with whom I have tried kissing and breast play and after getting my melons sucked from my boy friend I was somewhat curious to experience real pleasure with him but I never gathered courage to say yes for sex to him.

I must tell that I was not scared of pain or my parents and didn’t had anything like morals or ethics that I have to save my virginity for my future husband. Actually I was insecure about the about the privacy of the matter, because these days girls are getting filmed very easily while having sex and I never had that much of trust over my boy friend so I never reach to the decision of having sex

with him and because it was not at all an issue with Jija Ji I gave my consent to him and he fucked me like every girl desire to get fucked for first time, gently with lot of care and affection. Anyway while starting from the beginning I will say initially when I reached to Didi and Jija Ji I did not had any such feelings for Jija Ji, though I always loved him as person because he was very caring for my sister.

My point of view for Jija Ji changed a bit when I secretly saw my sister sucking his Penis and masturbating him hardly 10-15 days before her delivery date. I remember on one fine day after dinner we all were sitting in a bedroom with a cup of hot coffee and after few minutes of end of coffee I felt as if both; Didi and Jija Ji are waiting for me to exit from their bedroom and did that casually.

After coming back to my room I was restless with the thought that they must be doing something in their room and my dirty mind thought about trying peeping inside their room and somehow I succeeded in that after getting into the balcony of their room and saw Didi sucking Jija Ji’s monster like a lollipop.

I was standing on their left, Jija was lying on bed on his back and while resting herself with a support of elbow Didi was leaning a bit over his crotch and I could clearly see my sister’s face inflamed with the size of Jija Ji Penis. It was big and really very thick and though it was little far from me but that was first time I was seeing a real cock and also the act which I use to see in xxx movies only.

Jija Ji’s monster was appearing and disappearing in Didi’s mouth repeatedly, though not clearly but in extreme silence I could hear Jija Ji’s pleasure moans and as Didi’s pace of sucking his meat increased he started crying in pleasure little louder and ultimately when Jija Ji was reaching to his climax Didi jerked him hard and fast and in the end Jija Ji arched his back like bow with a loud moan

before he got evacuated from his white sticky cum which I clearly saw popping out of his thick cockhead. After that they switched off the light and I came to my room; now I was even more restless and I instantly took off all my clothes and masturbated like mad and ultimately failed to sleep sound for entire night, whole scene of Didi sucking Jija’s Penis was floating in front of my eyes,

they way Didi was sucking him and because few days back my mom and dad were talking about my marriage I started thinking that ultimately I too have to suck Penis in my married life and that fascinated me so much that I masturbated two more times before getting unconscious in a small nap.

Truly speaking till then everything at my end was fine but since that day I was little more curious to get a manly love and it became my habit to masturbate every night and it was always my loving Jiju who dwelled in my mind when I masturbated.

Basically I was attracted to Jija Ji because of his nature he is very caring for Didi and for me too and I believe fantasizing someone specifically for having sex is something related to your choice of a person, immaterial he is committed to you or not.

Anyway although in the span of 10-15 days I masturbated numerous times while thinking about Jija Ji but still I can easily say I never thought about getting on bed with him in real life and my attitude changed just a night before Didi’s delivery.

By now Jija’s mother was also here to look after the house; she was at home and we both; I and Jija Ji were sitting outside the maternity ward since evening waiting for Didi to deliver a child but ultimately doctor informed us that Didi is not getting proper pains and we might have to wait till morning.

As only females are allowed in the maternity ward, with just one chair to sit, Jija Ji went down to sit on reception and I sat beside Didi. Time was around 12 when Jija Ji called me and told me to come to the reception. Didi was sleeping sound so I moved and we had a cup coffee together in the canteen and chit chatted a bit.

Everything we spoke was totally casual and nowhere related to or sex or anything, but yes when talk came my collage and studies he asked me if I have a boy friend and I denied for that. Time passed may one more hour and once again leaving Jija Ji at reception chairs I came back beside Didi and slept for some time on the chair only but because on next to next bed one

female was crying in pain I failed to sit there and once again came down to sit with Jija Ji and saw him sleeping sound in the sitting posture. I sat next to him with some music playing in my ears and ultimately resting my head over Jija Ji’s shoulder got little unconscious in mild sleep.

I think hour passed and not even for a minute I was in sound sleep because I woke up numerous times in between but without moving my head from his shoulder I just opened my eyes and then closed it again and I think that made Jija Ji feel that I am fallen asleep and he touched me casually over my hand, possibly just to check if I am bit conscious.

I was about to move to show that I am awake but don’t know why I did not moved and pretended that I am sleeping. He moved his face a bit, may see my face and I just remained calm and closed and he touched my hand again.

Then there was nothing for few minutes, I thought that he was just checking if I am asleep but I was wrong because next say after 3-4 minutes Jija Ji touched my belly very tenderly and my heart started beating high. I was wearing jeans and t-shirt and with his tender touch I felt strange sensation passing through my body.

Though it was wrong at his end but I really liked him touching me and I was somewhat waiting for him to act further and Jija Ji did that after a minute or two. He moved his hand up to reach to my breasts and ultimately touched my left melon with a feather touch.

Oh Wow my fruits started getting heavier and I clearly felt my nipples getting hard, though my heart was beating high and I was shivering deep inside anyhow I was trying to control my physical movement probably I was enjoying and I also wanted to see up to what extent Jija Ji can dare and just then he cupped my milk in his hand very tenderly,

may be to sense how heavy my melons are and I started breathing heavy and he withdrew his hand instantly. I continued pretending sleeping for long but after that he did not touched me and after reasonable time once tried to awake me and asked me if I want to have coffee for which I denied and he went alone to the canteen.

Finally night came to an end and like it can be assumed our whole day was full of excitement with mixed feelings of love, happiness and bit of fear. Fear because it was suppose to be cesarean delivery and throughout the time when me and Jija Ji were together apart from having conversation about the present status I was repeatedly looking into his eyes to read or you

can say confirm if he is a same person whom I always assumed that he is deeply in love my sister and cannot think of touching any other girl. Couple of times from his way of looking back into my eyes I felt as if he has understood that why I am looking into his again and again. For me since then Jija Ji was an ideal man and surly now for me his that image was broken but don’t know why I was not angry with,

him rather deep inside I was enjoying recalling the sensation I was going through when Jija Ji was touching my breasts. Through the day I was leaking in panty with a rapturous feeling of getting touched by a male of my choice, certainly it was very wrong, it was my lust and curiosity of getting a manly treatment that I was not reluctant to Jija Ji and somewhere wanted him to touch me again and again.

Like that time passed and by afternoon Child was delivered and we all were very happy because medically everything was great, child was healthy and Didi’s BP was also normal. After delivery when Didi was sent to recovery room and Child was sent nursery once again we sat down in the canteen to have breakfast with a casual conversation and I got somewhat sure that Jija Ji

is little conscious while talking to me and it confirmed that he has understood that I was awake when he touching me. Knowing his nature I was expecting that he say sorry to me but that instant he avoided rising up that matter and went back home for a while to get her mother here.

After couple of hours or may be more Didi got shifted to the ward and we all reached to the room allotted to us and there was wave of happiness among all, mobile phone ranged numerous times, couple of close relatives who live nearby came to see the child and like that time passed and ultimately by evening we came up with a question that who will stay in the night with Didi.

Because it was a two bed ward and according to hospital’s rules only a female could stay in the room it was either me or Jija’s mother who could stay in the night beside Didi and because tiredness of last night was evident on my face and gesture Jija Ji’s mother said that she will stay in the room and in case of any need like yesterday night Jija Ji was suppose to sit on reception.

For some time Jija Ji and his mother went back home, specifically to prepare dinner and came back again and then Jija Ji started again from here to drop me home and while driving after a long silence he started the conversation by giving me piece of information about the food which cooked by her mother for the dinner and after few more casual subjects like that he ultimately said sorry to me.

For an instant I behaved innocent and asked him why he saying sorry to me and in reply he said that I very well know why he is saying sorry to me. I still wanted to behave unaware but I failed and unintentionally smiled a bit while blushing and as Jija Ji saw me smiling he too smiled but throughout the time we reached back home did not uttered anything in this relation again.

We entered in the house and after using the washroom Jija Ji once again asked me if I am ok with whatever is cooked for dinner and once again I said yes to it, but he was keen to take me out to eat and he asked if I want to have pizza and I casually said yes to it.

We came out of the house again to have pizza and while sitting in a restaurant and waiting for our pizza to get served once again Jija raised the subject but from different start. He casually asked if he can ask me something and when I said yes he asked me do I really don’t have any boy friend.

The was Jija Ji looked into my eyes while asking me the truth I got conscious and went silent did not uttered instant no to it and he caught me and said that I can consider him a friend and tell him the truth and ultimately I accepted that I have a boy friend.

Next after a minute Jija Ji asked me if I am physically involved with my boy friend and his words to start were “don’t mind asking me…are you engaged with him sexually too” and I denied and added “kabhi himmat hi nahi hui” (means I never dared) for a moment Jija ended the matter with just “Good”.

Then after some time he requested me not tell anything to anybody about last night’s incidence and once again we smiled while looking into each other’s eyes. Thought I desired him to talk to me more over my personal life but it did not happened and ultimately our dinner came to an end and after dropping me at the door step Jija Ji went back to the hospital.

After taking a shower and changing into a Capri and fresh t-shit by the time I reached to sleep alone I was aroused and wanted to masturbate but like I always use to do I went on delaying finger fucking myself, intentionally to reach to the height of arousal by thinking about getting fucked and to pass some time I sat down to see the television in the living room.

Somehow more than an hour passed and you can say up to an extent I was reached to the point where my arousal was at its peak and I was thinking about going to bed to masturbate when door bell rang and it was Jija Ji. He said that he cannot sit on a chair anymore and he too wants to sleep.

I asked him if he has informed his mother and Didi that he is here and he said they are sleeping sound and he will tell them when they will call them for any reason. He was behaving drowsy from his eyes and he was so natural in saying that from his gesture nobody could make out that he is here because he wants to fuck me.

Next Jija asked me if I can make a cup of coffee for him and I said yes to it. I was already wet and aroused and throughout the time I was standing in the kitchen and making coffee I was going through strange sensation. I was recalling the way Jija Ji touched me last night and with that I felt my breasts getting dense and heavy.

That instant I was not sure but I had intuition that tonight something can happen between me and Jija Ji and I was dilemma that what should I do? I was asking myself if anyhow Jija will approach me then I should go for it or not? Like I said I was keen to experience real pleasure and in addition to that, that time I was also aroused up to max but still I could not clearly think about doing it,

I did not wanted to deceit my sister but this is also true that I was losing control over myself and I was feeling significant increase of wetness in my panty within last few minutes; since he was here. Finally I came out with a mug coffee and after giving it to Jija Ji sat down on the other couch.

From his present gesture now I could see that Jija Ji was also bit conscious and after appreciating the taste of coffee he casually asked me “So tumhari kabhi himmat nahi hui apne boy friend ke saath sex karne ki?” (So you never dared to have sex with your boy friend?)

the moment he asked me that I can say I sensed that he is here to try his luck with me and without revealing any surprise over my expressions I moved my head in no and blushed with a very tiny smile.

Next Jija asked me if I have been kissed by my boy friend and before saying yes I started in his eyes for few seconds, may be read his mind; and now I could visibly make out that he is here with clear intentions to fuck me. Anyway Jija Ji smiled back when I said yes that I have been kissed. Next he asked me “you are scared of pain?” and I silently moved my head in no.

Truly speaking by now I could see that inch by inch we are moving towards getting on bed and my heart was beating high; deep inside I knew that if Jija Ji will approach me I won’t be able to show reluctance to him.

“You are scared of parents? I mean what will happen if they will come to know?” that’s what Jija Ji asked me next and once again I moved my head I no. My simple yes and no without any surprising expressions were making him confident and his timid temperament was disappearing gradually. “then…?” he asked me and then spoke again “you are against pre marital sex?”

and once again I said no to it and then added “bus aise hi…aaj kal ladkiyon ke MMS ban jaate hain…you cannot trust anyone” and Jija Ji agreed with me by saying “true…maine bhi yehi reason guess kiya tha”. Then there was a silence for a minute and he sipped his coffee and couple of times looked at me while watching television,

he was trying his best to behave casual but lust was evident in his eyes and I was somewhat waiting to hear what’s next and ultimately reached to the point by starting with “can I ask you something…please sach bolna….” His voice was soft and I moved my head in acceptance.

“When I touched you….tumhen achha lagga tha na?” he was looking into my eyes without a flick and once again unintentionally I blushed with a smile. “say yes or no?” he asked me again in soft and polite voice and I looked up to say yes but ultimately failed and once again blushed with a significant smile and that was unsaid yes to him and next instant Jija Ji got up a bit and extended his hand to hold my wrist and pulled tenderly.

I looked at him with a pounding heart and he spoke “mere pass aa jaao” (come close to me). Certainly it was wrong at both the ends, taking about me it was a sin for me, he was committed with none other than my own sister but that instant I was helpless, I could see myself getting carried away but I failed to do anything to control my desire and I got up with Jija’s tender pull and holding my wrist he made me sit down beside him.

Jija Ji took me into his arm and clenched me tenderly sideways and spoke in a low voice “Neha you can stop me wherever you want…I will not do anything without your consent” and I shivered with strange sensation of fear and pleasure at the same time. My heart was beating high; it was not that I was getting touched by a male for the first time rather it was because I was aware of this fact that now I won’t be able to limit myself up to kissing and breast sucking.

Next instant Jija Ji kissed me around my ear and hissed with a significant pleasure. I closed my eyes and in a moment felt myself melting in his arms. Jija Ji kissed and licked my skin over the ear and the area around repeatedly and while puffing high I continued trembling in pleasure. Slowly Jija Ji’s grip over my body enhanced and he cupped my melon in same sideways hugging posture and I grunted loud with closed eyes.

Next instant he started clutching my both the milks with his hands tenderly from behind and I continued moaning to reveal my pleasure to him. He searched for my nipples with his fingers over the cloth and they both just popped out hard on the surface. He squeezed my melons bit roughly with both the hands while brushing his lips over my neck from behind and I started puffing heavenly in rising lust.

After playing with milky juggs Jija lifted my t-shirt and I simple co-operated with him to take it out from my arms. I was sitting facing away from him with just a bra over my top and I must say I was shivering in strange fear. While trying unhooking my bra from behind Jija Ji touched my bare back and I puffed loud and clear.

In a moment opening my bra he drifted the straps down from my shoulder and cupped my bare melons from behind and squeezed them nicely to make me moan in divine pleasure. Next holding me from behind tenderly from my shoulders Jija Ji tried to turn me around to see my face.

I turned but with the closed eyes and he kissed me gently over my lips, next with one over my back and holding my heavy breast with the other hand he spoke in low and sensual voice “Neha open your eyes….” I was breathing heavy, I opened my eyes and looked at his face but just for a fraction, he was smiling while looking at my face.

I felt shy moved my eyes from him instantly and hugged him. “Neha you are beautiful…..” Jija Ji spoke that in my ear and his words made me shiver in strange pleasure. He slowly moved ahead, detaching me from hugging posture he took my breast in his mouth and started sucking my nipple tenderly.

I shuddered in pleasure like I never shuddered before with my boy friend and holding my fleshy mound with his hand Jija Ji just went on sucking my both the nipples one after another and I grabbed his scalp in my hands to express that I am in pleasure and I want him to continue loving me like that.

“Neha give me a kiss” Jija Ji spoke that while looking into my eyes after sucking my milks and placed his lips over my lips and we started kissing like true lovers. While holding me tenderly from my bare waist with one hand and other over my breasts Jija Ji started exploring my mouth and leaving his saliva in me he fenced my inner cheeks with his tongue.

By now I was very much into it and I too reacted hungrily to Jija Ji and kissed him like he kissed me and sucked his tongue with all my affection and that made me Jija Ji bit excited. He moved his hands from to my bottom and grabbed me from there bit tight “chalo bedroom mein chalte hain…” (let’s go to the bedroom) while saying that in rising lust he tried to lift me; I tried to stop him but ultimately he lifted me with mild efforts.

He walked to the bedroom while resting me over his shoulder, his arm was somewhat wrapped around my ass and while being on his shoulder I was holding Jija Ji firm around his neck and shoulder. Exactly I don’t remember what all I was thinking and feeling that instant, Jija JI was taking me to his bed to fuck me and my heart was beating high.

Finally he dropped me tenderly over the bed and while looking into my eyes with a smile reached to elastic of my Capri with his hands and pulled it out of my legs. Now I was lying on his bed just in a panty and next instant even that disappeared from my body. Jija Ji was still standing beside the bed with all his clothes on and while breathing heavy I was lying on the bed stark naked with clenched thighs.

That was first time my fuckhole was exposed to any male and I was restless like anything and just then I heard him saying “Neha I will suck your Pussy” and his words made me shiver feverishly. I closed my eyes to give my consent and felt his hands parting my thighs to get my pussy to eat.

Holding my fleshy thighs Jija Ji pulled me a bit to the edge of the bed and sat down on the floor on his knees and opened my fuckhole with his fingers to see. I opened my eyes and saw him looking into fuckhole “kya dekh rahe ho?” I asked him and he replied to me with “yehi ki tum Virgin ho ya nahi?” “yes I am virgin….”

I spoke back and Jija Ji acknowledged by humming and saying “hmmmmm……I can see that” and next instant he reached to fuckhole with his tongue and I arched my back with loud moan. I was very excited and breathing fast and heavy and Jija Ji opened me further part and continued licking my fuckhole like a dog and I just went on moaning in divine pleasure.

He was trying to explore my fuckhole like he was exploring my mouth while kissing and I was literary going mad in pleasure. I was nearly clean shaven and Jija Ji was eating my thick fleshy of my fuckhole with his lips and tongue like a thirsty animal.

Suddenly he opened my pussy with his fingers again and swirled his tongue inside me and I just failed to bear that sensation and once again arched my back with a loud moan. He started rubbing my fuck opening with two of his fingers and I just went crazy and started trembling in rising excitement.

Jija Ji was toying with body like and expert player and I was feeling thick streams of my pleasure juices flowing out of my fuckhole, I was feeling that I am reaching to my climax but Jija Ji was sensing me well and before I would have crossed the limit Jija Ji stopped rubbing my opening and started sucking my pleasure juices and knocked me down from the peak and I started shuddering with a strange gasp with his every lick.

My fuckhole was quivering very strangely, I was somewhat going mad to get plunged but Jija Ji just went of sucking me and ultimately leaving me at the verge of excitement he stopped. My throat was dried because of continues pleasure moaning, my nipples hard and breasts were bursting like hell, I wanted to get fucked but Jija Ji was calm.

He got from the floor and turned me around, now I was lying with my round and fleshy ass exposed to him and holding both the buns he squeezed my hips together to pleasure me. Raising my head I moaned loud and before I would have thought anything that what he will do next, holding ample flesh of my ass Jija Ji started kissing and brushing his lips over that and somewhat licked my ass crack like and dog.

Next he slipped his hand under my belly to touch my fuckhole and rubbed my opening again, I gasped erotically; I was going mad with his slow and tender love making and I lifted my bottom to give better access of my fuckhole to his hand and to my surprise he tried to reach to my fuckhole with his tongue and somewhat buried his face in heavy ass to do that.

Ultimately I drifted up in the middle of the bed and stood on my four like a bitch and holding and parting my plump ass tenderly with both the hands Jija Ji licked my fuckhole from behind like a dog.

Ohh my God I could not believe what all was happening, while standing like a bitch I went moaning and Jija Ji went on burring his face into my thick ass and after teasing my fuckhole for a while suddenly tried licking my ass hole and that made me shuddered with surprise and I pushed his head to stop him doing that. He smiled naughtily as our eyes met and I too responded to him with a smile.

I was sitting on a bed casually and next holding my wrist he pulled me to kiss and we kissed for a while. “Sex karna hai naa?” though he knew that its yes still Jija Ji asked me while looking into my eyes after breaking the long and delicate kiss. How could say no to it after such a long tease and I moved my head mildly in yes with a blush.

Jija Ji stood up on the floor and took off his t-shirt and under shirt together to get bare from top and then loosened his lower and drifted down both: his lower and underwear in one go and spoke while jerking mammoth Penis with his hand “See…tumne kabhi Penis nahi dekha hoga”

I was sitting on a bed and I replied to him with a smile “dekha hua hai….aapka hi dekha tha…that day when Didi was sucking you” and hearing that Jija Ji confirmed me did I really saw them and after my acceptance said “I didn’t knew ki tum itni naughty ho” and I smiled over his words and lied down on the bed like a slut to get fucked.

Before climbing on bed Jija Ji brought a small bottle oil and asked me if he can insert into me without Condom “Bina Condom ke hi daal dun na…?” and then added “I will get you pills….” And before I would said anything; yes or no he spoke again “if you want we can use condom….” saying “nahi…daal to aise hi…” I gave him my consent to fuck me without any protection.

Next while walking on his knees on the bed Jija Ji brought his monster to me and told me to hold it and I did that while lying on the bed on my back. I must say that it was so beautiful, thick and long, hard and erect like I always dreamed while fantasizing myself getting fucked and like I use to see sluts doing in porn movies, I instantly started jerking Jija Ji’s thick and long monster back and forward and he puffed in pleasure.

“Neha not now but next session mein main tumse issko suck karwaaunga ….and you have to do it” Jija said that and I really don’t know that instant what was happened to me, without giving him even a fraction to think I instantly got up a bit and took his monster in my mouth and Jija Ji puffed erotically in surprise.

Certainly it was filthy, the moment I took him in mouth I got blend of Jija Ji’s precum over the tip of his monster but now it was too late for me to step back and I continued sucking him. Don’t know why I started doing that filthy act like that, possibly because while watching porn, in place of slut on screen I often use to visualize myself sucking man meat and since I have seen my sister sucking this Penis;

from last few days while masturbating I have fantasized myself sucking Jija Ji like that and it was just a fraction in which I thought about sucking him and I just did that without giving a second thought. Even though after taking in him in my mouth I was realizing that I hurried up unnecessary I just went on sucking like I use to see sluts sucking and Jija Ji slowed down my pace by holding my scalp.

He was in pain and he told me not to hurry and suck him tenderly while using my saliva and I did that. Even though I did not wanted to continue but because once it was started I just went taking his monster in and out of my mouth with a steady pace and within a minute Jija Ji puffed loud in pleasure and pain.

I felt him growing harder in my mouth and his pleasure moan exited me a bit and holding my nerves over doing filthy act I just went on drawing Jija Ji’s Penis and in and out of my mouth and to increase tenderness slowed down my pace significantly and Jija Ji hissed in evident pleasure. His Penis swelled even more and belly rippled helplessly and his pleasurable state aroused me and I continued doing that filthy act.

While trying arouse him more I took out more of my saliva and using that moved my tongue lasciviously around tip of Jija Ji’s monster skillfully and I saw its effect very next instant. Jija Ji was intense pleasure and the sensation he was through was wonderful: I could feel it from his body movements, from the way he was shivering while holding my scalp.

Truly speaking friends it was hardly a minute or two which I had to overcome filth feeling and I was well into it, now my mouth was warm and moist, and my tongue had the kind of confidence and I sucked me with full affection till Jija Ji himself stopped me.

Holding my face in his hands he looked into my eyes with a surprise and told me to speak the truth if I have ever sucked a penis earlier and I denied while swearing myself and he complimented me that as a first timer I was amazing in sucking and much better as compared to my sister.

“Neha…sach sach bol tune pahle sucking ki hai…..?” “Nahi…I swear…..” “Then I must say you were amazing….tu apni Didi se bhi achhi sucking karti hai….” He was excited and then after a tiny pause Jija Ji spoke again, “now you just get ready…I will fuck you now” and like I desired once again Jija Ji started with a kiss.

He lied over me and crushed my naked body under his enormous weight. While playing with my breasts with his hands bit roughly and flicking my hard nipples with his fingers he kissed me with lot of love and affection, like my boy friend never kissed me and after sucking nipples for a while slowly reached to my fuckhole and once again licked me there for really long.

With his continues and affectionate sucking once again passion rose in my gesture and I started streaming out thick streams of sticky juices and this time Jija Ji did not gulped them and he kept on massaging my fuckhole with that and finally when he realized that I am ready get a real treatment he got up over his knees.

Even though I was heavily wet and slippery Jija Ji poured lot of oil over and in my fuckhole and massage his monster with a same oil while sitting between my wide open thighs and while looking into my eyes spoke to me in informing tone “ Shuru mein thoda sa pain hoga” and I hummed to say yes, I was not at all scared, I was ready to bear anything to get a real pleasure and it was evident over my gesture.

I was breathing high in lust and could not wait to get fucked and holding his rod straight Jija Ji leaned a bit over me and folding my legs inwards I started breathing even heavier, I was at the verge of experiencing sexual pleasure for which I was waiting for so long and I was expecting that now Jija Ji will insert his thick monster in me but he rubbed his hard Penis on my opening vigorously and my pleasure went beyond our control,

I moaned frantically and arched my body and while moving bit up lifted my waist to stop him, his act took me very far and I felt myself even more flooding at my fuckhole. Like me Jija Ji also got excited with a rubbing and next once again he leaned over me while looking down to my fuckhole and I felt thick tip of his Penis parting my opening,

now I could make out that I am just few seconds away from losing my virginity and there was no sign of fear in me, I needed him, I was feeling some kind of contraction inside me, my lovehole was twitching with a desire of getting penetrated.

Jija Ji looked up into my eyes and spoke “Neha….I love you” in a puffing voice and just after that with a sudden jerk he pushed himself inside me; “Ahhhh…..Mummy” I cried loud like hell, I was so wet down there that his Penis slipped inside me in a fraction, I don’t know I bleed or not but certainly it injured me a lot and arcing my back I almost cried in pain

and before I would have recovered with another push his whole monster was inside me and my soft love hole was completely scratched by him. Clenching my eyes tight I think for couple of seconds I was somewhat unconscious because of pain, but still I could hear Jija Ji saying “bus Neha ho gaya….chala gaya andar”

I tried to come out of the pain and when I regained, Jija Ji was lying on me and sucking my melons with his whole length buried deep inside me. Jija Ji remained in my womb unmoved for couple of minutes and played with my body, sucked my nipples and invaded his tongue into my mouth and waited till I recovered bit more from the pain.

By now I was enjoying getting crushed by his enormous weight and getting sucked over my milks with an unmoved rod in my fuckhole but just then Jija started slow movement of his rod in my love tunnel. It was a different feeling of pain and pleasure together. I moaned differently as his Penis gone out of my fuckhole and cried in bit of pain as it went inside me again.

Jija Ji moved in and out of my fuckhole very slowly and after few painful in and out movements of his hard Penis I was moaning more in a pleasure and less in a pain. Finally my loving Jija Ji was fucking me; his taut hips were rising and falling staidly over me and he was fucking me with lot of care.

While keeping me under his weight he adored my body, by sucking my luscious fruits and while caressing my cheeks with affection. Like I use to see in movies Jija Ji was not at all in hurry to fuck me; he wanted to deliver me the real pleasure of being a woman and slowly I was heading towards that pleasure.

We looked into each other’s eyes while moaning and soon my pain started to disappear and I was completely enjoying his hardness deep inside me. Sensing my body’s need very soon Jija Ji started making steady movements bit faster and in different directions and now every corner of my deep fuckhole was getting messaged by his hard monster and I was moaning like anything.

I could feel that his rod was now moving with ease in my hole and that is all because of the oil Jija Ji poured and pleasure juices which were flooding out from my fuckhole. After hardly minute of steady fucking while keeping his monster in my fuckhole Jija Ji started getting up and very soon he was sitting on his knees between my legs with his rod buried deep inside me

and slowly he took my legs on his shoulder and while holding my thighs he started diving into me deeper and I started moaning with lot more pleasure. Gradually his pace improved and while fucking me he leaned further over me and now my feet were pointing roof I was getting touched very deep in my fuckhole.

After fucking me in that posture for one more minute Jija Ji once again widened my thighs and came over me and increased his fucking speed gradually. Now I was getting properly fucked, Jija Ji’s hips were rising and falling over me like and machine and slowly he wrapped my thighs around his waist and pumped me harder and deeper.

Now with every thrust he made into my flesh shrill whimper came out of me. Certainly apart from being in pleasure I was also in pain but I was enjoying that pain and very soon I started feeling as if I am going to burst. My moans rose in volume and Jija Ji continued fucking me in same fashion and I shuddered madly in heavenly feeling and just in one more fraction my moans got very loud and clear,

Jija Ji was sensing that I am going to climax and he fucked me in a same posture while shutting my mouth with his lips for hardly a minute or two, and I exploded in my first real orgasm. I clenched Jija Ji’s back with my nails and tightened my legs around his pumping hips to prevent his further movement and Jija stopped.

I orgasmed intensely; my body trembled like hell and I was shouting and gasping in pleasure throughout the time I was cumming. Truly speaking friends I cannot forget that wonderful, magical time when a man fucked me for the first time in my life and that man was none other than my loving Jija Ji.

Anyway finally orgasm passed through my body and apart from sweating I was feeling very light and delighted but Jija Ji was yet not over, he was waiting for me to recollect and as he felt that I have regained he started again, as his Penis was withdrawn from my fuckhole he widened my thighs to insert his monster in my fuckhole again, “bass abhi ek minute mein mera bhi ho jaayega”

Jija Ji uttered and then confirmed me again if he can release his jizz inside me “andar hi release kar dun na?….tum pills le lena” “Haan” and like last time I accepted instantly and just then once again I started feeling his monster vibrating inside me.

Jija Ji once again came over me completely and I wrapped my thighs around his pumping ass and he started kissing me while fucking me with slow but deep screwing strokes and I went through hell of pleasure. For me it was a post orgasm fuck and I really enjoyed that.

In past just after discharging my liquid after masturbation I never touched my fuckhole instantly even to clean as it use to get very sensitive I use to fail bear that sensation but at that time I was getting fucked after meeting an orgasm and for me feeling was really very bizarre and breath taking.

I was gasping in strange voice and Jija Ji’s pace of fucking me went on increasing and holding his body firm I too was crying in rising voice. Keeping his palm over my mouth Jija Ji continued fucking me for hardly one more minute with that pace and tried to fuck me as deep as possible with a strong thrusting strokes and finally shoved down his monster into my lovehole and moaned loud while reaching to his climax.

I too gasped loud and cummed a bit one more time, griping me hard in his arms Jija Ji dived deep inside my fleshy thighs and started releasing his gunk into my womb and I tried to gulp him completely in my arms and thighs and felt his monster shivering for few seconds before I could feel his hot liquid getting injected deep inside my fuckhole.

That was all, passion was subsided now and we both were exhausted like hell and from our body language we both were feeling light and relaxed and we both used the washroom to clean our self. After coming out I started collecting my clothes and Jija Ji asked me if I am going to my room to sleep and when I said yes to it he casually said that tonight I have to sleep with him.

As we both were tired because of edgy previous night after wearing our clothes back we came on bed and Jija Ji took me in his arm and told me relax. I don’t know about Jija Ji but while resting my head over his arm I was awake for some time and could not believed whatever happened some time back.

Finally I was fucked and it was really very weird feeling when I was recalling everything, for some time I felt guilty too that I have cheated my own Sister but soon my consciousness surrendered and I don’t know when I went into sleep in Jija Ji’s arms. If I will further write whatever happened after that then I would say I got in the morning with a voice of water getting flushed.

I saw the time in mobile, it was around 4:30 and just then Jija Ji came out of the washroom and as he saw that I am awake he switched on the light and asked me if I want to use the washroom and then added that after fucking me one more time he will go the hospital and his words were “washroom jaana hai….? Ek baar aur sex karke main hospital chala jaaunga”

I got up and used the washroom to pee and came back and simply forgot the guilt feeling which was hurting me a bit in the night and really enjoyed getting fucked by Jija Ji one more time. That’s it that is how I lost my Virginity and since that day for next eight days; till Didi did not came back home after getting discharged from hospital me and Jija Ji fucked daily and at least twice in one go.

Me and Jija Ji’s mom stayed at hospital alternate and whenever I stayed at home in the night Jija Ji never stayed at hospital reception, after eleven he came back and fucked me in his bed room and reached back to reception early in the morning and whenever I stayed in hospital he stayed there and in the morning leaving me at hospital first he brought his mother to hospital then took me home to fuck me.

I must mention that in these eight days he fucked me in all possible positions and the one I like most was doggy style when holding my waist and clenching my plum ass with his hand Jija JI pumped me hard and fast from behind. After my sister’s reaching back we did not fucked because we never got any opportunity to get alone.

Now I am back to home with lustful memories and often do sex chats with Jija Ji and we often show our body to each other on web cam. Don’t know when I will get alone Jija Ji again and when I will be having anything else to write. By then readers give me their views about my experience and writing style, whether I should write again or not.

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