Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Vienetta Ice Cream

She lay in bed, lightly running her fingers over her stomach, marvelling at how quickly she'd managed to lose her baby weight. She'd given birth five months previously, and had been exercising daily. She ran her hands over her breasts, still heavy with breastfeeding. She knew her husband, John, was running late, as he had been nearly every night since their child was born.

Suddenly, she sat up straight. She could hear a noise, coming from the back door. John always came through the front door. She stood up, ready to run and protect her baby, but then her bedroom door opened.

"Well, what do we have here?"

That was not John's voice. She sat back down, groping for some kind of weapon on her bedside table. Three men entered her bedroom, silhouetted in the dark. They were all tall, one thickset, one skinny, and one roughly average for his height. The thickset one came over to her, and grasped her wrist, making her gasp in shock. "What are you doing honey?"

Suddenly, the baby started crying. She looked at her baby monitor in horror, willing her child to stop crying, and by some miracle, it did. The man holding her looked at the other two men; she could feel his evil grin.

"Well, well, well, we have us a yummy mummy, boys. What's your name sugar?"

"V-v-vienetta" she stuttered. "Vienetta, hey? Like the ice cream?" He pulled her off the bed and turned her so she was facing the others. "What do you think boys?"

"I think I would love to taste her cream," leered the average man. He moved towards her, holding something in his hand. It was two strips of cloth. She felt one being fastened over her eyes, and one became her gag. She could still feel one holding her arms behind her back. Then she felt fingers pulling her pussy lips apart. She tried to kick out her legs, but he quickly held them firm. They lifted her onto the bed so she was lying on her back. Then she felt the last man come over.

"I wasn't kidding about wanting to taste her cream." She felt large hands grab her breasts, squeezing hard. She tried to scream, it hurt so much, but the gag prevented her from doing so. She then felt a mouth over her nipple, tugging and biting, causing it to go hard. He then started suckling, and she felt her milk go. "There we are sweetheart, wasn't so hard, was it?" The man holding her legs pulled them apart, and then used his fingers to start rubbing her clit. She moaned, she hadn't had sex since before the baby was born, and this felt so good, even though it was forced. She heard them all chuckle. "Feel good, does it honey?" She felt him push his fingers into her pussy, at the same time the mouth on her nipple changed breasts, she felt her milk come down from her other breast. She bucked, her pussy clenching on the fingers inside of her, as she moaned again, hating the fact that she was loving this.

Suddenly she was lifted again, he legs spread wide, and was impaled on a big cock. She tried to scream, this hurt, they hadn't waited until she was ready, and this cock was huge. It felt like it was splitting her pussy in half. She sobbed as she was forced to take this huge cock into her pussy, the other men pushing her down as she was trying to come back up. Finally, though, she had the entire length of the cock inside of her. The men let go of her, but she knew they were nearby.

" Rub your clit bitch." One said, grabbing onto a hand ful of hair. She put her hand down to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. She could feel her juices starting to flow, and obviously, the man inside of her could too, because he put his hands on her hips and started to move her up and down. She could feel every nerve in her body, and with a strangled yell, she came all over his fat cock. 

"The cunt is starting to enjoy this," The one holding her hair jeered. He pulled her head down, and she then felt a finger rimming her arse. She tried to shake her head no, but the man holding her just grabbed her hair tighter. She felt the coolness of lube running down her arse, and then suddenly, a huge cock was pressing into her arse, trying to get in. "Rub your clit, slut," he said, and as she did so, her arse loosened and he pushed his fat cock straight into her. She screamed through the gag, and the men just laughed. The man holding her hair pulled her back up, running his hand back over her breasts as tears of pain coursed down her cheeks. He slapped her across the face. "You love it, don't you, dirty little cunt." He slapped her again. "We can hear you moaning for their fat cocks, and I know your moaning for mine too, because you're a dirty little slut." He then took the gag off, and before she could yell, shoved his massive cock straight down her throat and started fucking her mouth.

Unknown to them, John had come home, expecting to find his wife in bed, and found her instead being fucked in every orifice by three men he'd never seen, and had a raging hard-on because of it. He was unconsciously rubbing his cock through his trousers as he watched his wife being defiled.

Meanwhile, Vienetta was choking on the huge cock in her throat, but it was taking her mind of the pain her arse was in due to the rough fucking. And they weren't gentle. The man she was on top of was pinching her nipples hard, making her eyes water. The man in her arse was fucking her hard, and the one in her throat was not gentle. Despite this, she felt her body clenching.

"The cunt really is enjoying this," the one in her arse said, grabbing a handful of her hair. "She's about to cum again." And she did, hard, her pussy and arse clenching the cocks in them hard as waves of pleasure washed over her, causing her to scream into the cock in her mouth. The man in her arse just could not hang on anymore, and he came, hard and loud into her arse. As he pulled out, the man in her mouth came, and she had a huge mouthful of his cum. She tried to spit it out, but he stopped her. "No cum slut, you can swallow it." He slapped her across the face again to make his point, and she swallowed his cum. The man in her pussy was last, and as he came, she could feel his cock throbbing, and as the red hot rivets of cum went inside her, she came again around his cock.

"Well cunt, this was lovely, but we now have to leave, but," One of the men caught her hair and rubbed her face into his cock, "we'll be back to do this again."

She heard them all leave the room, go down the stairs, and out the back door. Only then did she take off her blindfold, to see her husband standing next to her, his hard cock in his hands as he wanked himself, then came all over her face.

One Week Later

Vienetta lay on her back on the bed, hands tied, with a double dildo in her pussy and arse, her husband's cock in her mouth, cumming all over again.

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