Saturday, 30 May 2015

Mixed Doubles

"Where is my shirt, Ohh god you have not pressed it," Dilip picked up his crumpled shirt.

"At least I washed it," Anita shouted from kitchen.

"What am I going to wear, you know today is a very important meeting for me and I need this white shirt," he sounded miserable. 

"Please iron it yourself, my baby, I am busy preparing the breakfast," Anita spoke.

"Yeah, as if I am free," he murmured and grabbed the iron. 

Anita walked out of the kitchen and saw Rahul their six years old son, munching the bread.

"Eat quickly, beta, you don't have the whole day for that and don't forget to finish you milk, ohh god I have to get ready," she rushed to bedroom. 

Dilip and Anita were married for almost ten years now and they have a lovely six year old son. They met in collage, fell in love, finished the collage and landed nice lucrative jobs in once booming IT sector. Much against the wishes of their parents they got married and settled down in Mumbai. Dilip belong to the North India while she was from Mumbai so neither of their parents felt that the marriage is going to work, while Dilip was pure vegetarian, Anita has no problem with meat. Against all odds and cultural differences they were together for ten years and were madly in love with each other. 

Anita was a modern Indian girl but came from a conservative family where she was taught the Indian traditions and values of life. Her mother always emphasised about saving her virginity for her husband. She matured early and from a very young age she had developed a noticeable figure. She was always pursued by boys and men alike, she had minor flings, nothing serious, until she met Dilip. 

Dilip was however very broad minded and never objected on her being with any male friend. Whenever his friends visited them he was never jealous of their flirting with her, although she was embarrassed. His family consisting of just her parents and an elder married sister and all were settled in Delhi, so they get to meet once in a year during summer vacations. 

"Darling, I will drop Rahul to school, you run, must be getting late for the meeting and by the way sorry for the shirt," she spoke planting a quick kiss on his checks. He grabbed her arm and moved his lips to kiss her.

"Stop!" She giggled, "you will spoil my lipstick."

"That will be your punishment," he placed his lips onto her red chillies. "Ugh," she punched on his back, suddenly they heard footsteps and Dilip quickly stepped back. Rahul walked into the room, he laughed looking at him. 

"What is so funny," he asked. 

"Daddy is wearing mommy's lipstick," he giggled. Anita put a hand on her mouth and giggled; she looked at Dilip and mouthed "Explain."

"It is not a lipstick it's a lip gloss for torn lips," he quickly rubbed the lipstick and rushed out. 

During the lunch break Anita entered the cafeteria and sat down with her best friend Ratna. She was also working with her though not in the same department but they meet regularly during lunch or sometimes go home together.

"What have you cooked for lunch today," Anita glanced towards her Tiffin. 

"Ohh didn't get time to cook in the morning so I have ordered from the canteen," Ratna replied then whispered meaningfully, "late night yesterday."

"You naughty girl, you guys are also married for almost ten years and still you have so much spark between you," she spoke. 

Ratna giggled, "how is it going with Dilip, any improvement?" 

"I don't know," Anita sighed and looked around and finding no one in earshot she spoke, "he is all loving and caring but lately he is trying to avoid sex, I mean we are reduced to three or four times a month and on top of it he is demanding stupid things." 

"What things," Ratna spoke chewing her food. 

"Well I don't know how to say this, but I have been thinking of talking to you about this for a few days," she spoke slowly. Ratna raised her head and looked curiously towards her. 

"Well, ah, Dilip is asking me for partner swapping with other couple," he whispered. 

"What!" she was shocked for a moment then she looked at her worried face and burst out laughing. 

"What is so funny," Anita stared her. She shifted closer to her, "he is getting kinky, Hun."

"What kinky, this is stupid how can he even think of such a thing," she looked annoyed.

"Don't worry; you know what my husband says to me in bed," she secretively whispered somehow controlling her giggles, "that he wants to see me fucked by some other guy." Anita looked towards her in awe while she laughed.

"Don't be such a prude, this is just a fantasy which comes alive in bed and dies before morning, he does not have balls to actually do it, but I must say any reference to other man touching me will turn him on and he will fuck me like a rabbit," Ratna giggled. She told Anita to be cool and enjoy the fantasy, play along and enjoy.

"I don't know, I am having a very bad feeling, he seems so serious about all this."

"Don't worry it is just a fantasy, you play along with him, after so many years of being together the sex life needs some impetus, a new lease of life, you will see the results," Ratna was smiling while Anita was still not sure. 

She was in deep thought while returning home; she even forgot that she was to go to dinner to her parent's house. Dilip called and reminded her, "Ohh Shit!" I am on my way," she told him and turned her car. Dilip was supposed to pick up Rahul and meet at her parents' house. 

"Sorry I am late," she announced as she entered the flat. She found Rahul was playing with his grandfather and Dilip was watching the TV. She went straight to the kitchen to her mother.

"Hi mom," she hugged her, "what is this, you have again cocked chicken, you know Ma he is a vegetarian."

"I know that he eats grass only and he has spoiled my grandson too, I have cooked this for my daughter," she replied, "you don't even get good food to eat with this man."

"Ma stop it! I eat whatever I like," she looked for other dishes and finding vegetables she smiled, "Humm so you have cooked vegetables for him too, I love you ma." She steps out of the kitchen and saw her dad and Dilip were busy with a whisky bottle, she smiled.

"Don't get too much drunk you have to drive," she warned him, which was completely ignored by both of them.

"Ma, you have not invited Sunita," she asked about her younger sister. 

"They have some other engagement tonight," she shouted from the kitchen. 

"I knew you would not listen," Anita admonished Dilip as she drove the car back home. Dilip grinned looking happy in his drunken state.

"I am not drunk you know I can drive," he replied arrogantly. 

"Just shut up."

"Your mother can't stop hating me," he spoke. 

"I am sorry about the chicken but you see that she has prepared vegetarian dishes also."

"Yeah, those are for Rahul, I know her." Anita sighed and drove quietly the rest of the way.

Anita entered the bedroom and saw Dilip already spread out on the bed. She quietly changed into night gown and slipped in bed beside her, she knew he is too drunk to move. 

"Anita," he puts a hand on her shoulder, "I have been thinking..." 

"Ohh you are awake, I though you are lost to the world," she turned towards him. He pulled her into his arms.

"You are so beautiful," he caressed her hairs. 

"Is that so? That is why you are always demanding this swinging thing," she spoke playfully. 

He hugged her tightly, "you tease, you know why I am asking it." He was pleasantly surprised that she brought up the subject otherwise she is dead against it and came upon him very harsh whenever he tried to suggest anything like it. 

"Why! tell me?" She played with the hairs on his chest. 

"Because I want to spice up our sex life," he was excited, "you know how it has been, we are together with each other for almost ten years, and some change is required to rekindle the fire we use to have during the first few years of our marriage."

"Humm, so you mean to say you want to fuck other women as you are fed up with me," she cannot play along and raised her voice.

"Oh no honey, I love you always, but isn't it exciting to have someone new for a change, we can get back to each other after that," he tried to reason. 

"Enough of your nonsense," she suddenly lost control, "how could you even think of something like that, you... you... want to trade your wife for some other whore." 

"Don't be paranoid, it's not that I want to fuck some other girl, if that be the case I would have done that long back, it is the fact that I love you and don't want to do anything alone," he too shouted, "and you are taking it in a wrong way, so many people are doing this we are not the only one."

"Let the whole world do it, but if you talk one more word about it I am going to break your head," she jumped from the bed. Both of them stared each other for couple of minutes then Dilip stormed out of the bedroom. Anita watched him noisily preparing to sleep on the sofa and fell on the bed sobbing. 

In the morning both went on to their normal routine without speaking to each other. Dilip ironed his shirt without complaining to her and left the house with Rohan. Anita felt the anger building again as she saw that he has not picked up the lunch prepared by her. The cold war continued for several days and neither one was ready to budge; any attempt to restore the normalcy resulted into more fights and bitter words. 

"It's now four days since we talked to each other properly," Anita told Ratna during the lunch.

"It is your fault, why did you pick up the fight, I told you to play along," Ratna spoke. 

"He was talking about sex with other women, I cannot control myself and I cannot picture myself having sex with any other men," she shook her head. 

"Ohh, my god, it is just a fantasy, you are impossible," she looked fed up.

"Please, please, tell me na," she looked at her pleadingly, "you know for last six months he is acting like this and everything is falling apart because of this."

"Ok, then make up with him tonight and you bring up the subject and show interest in it," she suggested.

"It's very difficult to show interest," she made a bad face. 

Ratna giggled looking at her, "do you remember when we were in school and we both were having a crush on our gym teacher."

"Yeah, I remember, he was cool," she smiled.

"And how both of us use to try to be close to him, always asking him to help us so that he can touch us."

"Yeah," Anita looked lost.

"I want you to remember him or anyone like him when Dilip talks about you with other man, which is how I am enjoying it with my hubby."

Anita gave it a thought, "I will give it a try," she felt shy admitting it and Ratna laughed looking at her red face. 

At bed time, Anita spread over the sofa before Dilip could pick up his pillow and claim it. He stood at edge and stared her. 

"This is where I sleep, you go and find some other place," he spoke.

"Sofa is no place to sleep , if you want to sleep then go to bedroom," she spoke without looking at him.

"Well if I am going to bed you have to sleep on sofa," he stormed out to the bedroom.

"I will sleep where ever I like," she shouted back. 

As soon as he settled on the bed, Anita slipped behind him and put his arms around him.

"Still angry with me," she whispered. 

"I am afraid, you may break my head," he spoke sarcastically. 

"Oh my baby, so scared," she cooed and kissed him on cheek. 

"Why you always fight with me," Dilip turned around and hugged her tightly. He planted a hard kiss on her lips, "you know how much I love you."

"I love you too darling," she kissed back passionately, "but when you talk about having sex with other girls I get jealous."

"You are stupid, I don't want sex with other girls rather I want both of us to have sex, and it would be like an adventure, a sexual adventure. As long as we love each other there is nothing wrong, but you are ready to break my head," he shook her playfully.

"Ok tell me about it, how it works," she spoke.

"You really want to know or you planning to get mad at me again," he looked at her suspiciously. 

"Well I might be interested," she said playfully looking away from him. Dilip was all excited, he went on to explain her how he has joined a swingers website which has likeminded couples like themselves. First view the profiles and pick up the one you liked and email them, if they like, further emails are exchanged followed by pictures. A meeting is fixed if both the couples want it, before actually doing anything. 

"It's simple, I promise you it would be a thrilling and fun experience for both of us," Dilip was all worked up. 

"Humm, so simple is it? You don't feel any jealousy that your wife will be sleeping with some other man," she spoke, slowly caressing between his legs, she find him hard and twitching. 

"Absolutely not, because of two reasons, firstly I know that you love me and secondly I will also be doing the same," he replied caressing her hips.

"Knowing that you had fun and enjoyed will make me want you even more," his voice was hoarse and he squeezed her buttocks hard. She looked in his eyes feeling the heat and kissed him with open mouth. 

She giggled, "My my you have a dirty mind and a hard cock." She grabbed his hand and pushed it inside her panty. Within minutes he was all over her naked body fucking her like a man possessed. The room was filled with her moans and she has to keep a hand on her mouth to stop herself from screaming and waking up their son, sleeping in the adjoining room. 

Anita slept till late in the morning. When she woke up she saw Dilip was already up and was preparing tea in the kitchen. 

"How come you are up so early, it's Sunday," she spoke, "and why didn't you wake me up."

"You looked so pretty while sleeping that is why I didn't felt like disturbing you," he handed her the cup of tea. 

"Wow! you look in a bright mood today," she laughed and went on to check on Rahul. 

Later in the afternoon while Rahul was playing in his room, Dilip pulled her to the bedroom where his laptop was. 

"Come let me show you the website," he enthusiastically pulled her to the bed. Anita was amazed to see him all excited. She hoped that his obsession will be limited to the bedroom but he looked serious. She didn't want to pick up a fight again so she reluctantly showed interest. He enthusiastically showed the profile he has made.

"How long have you been doing this," she was amazed at his meticulous planning. 

"Almost a year, honey, it is the ultimate fantasy, just fuck, no strings attached, have a blast and then get back to the life with erotic memories," he pulled Anita into his lap. She felt a lump in her throat as she read the profile he has created,

"Couple in mid thirties from Mumbai. Believe in 'You Live Only Once.' Nothing is off limits for friends, well educated and settled, expects the same from you."

Then some other information about them was written without revelling anything which could be traced to them. 

"Isn't internet dangerous," she raised her doubt.

"Yeah, but this is a paid site so no punk can just join and start sending mails. Further we will do a thorough check before proceeding." 

He pointed towards his mail box at the site, which has at least twenty unread recent mails. He looked at her and smiled, "Let's start exploring." 

She felt a knot in her stomach, "You really want to do this, don't you?"

"Yes honey," he kissed her and grabbed her smooth tits. 

"Ahh what are you doing, the door is open and Rahul can walk in," she flinched. 

"Are you sure about all this," she hesitated.

"Of course darling, I have been thinking about this for last one year and talking to you, I am really happy that you have finally agreed," he kissed her lips. 

Anita was having mix feelings of fear, shame, anxiety and excitement at the same time. They started to open the mails one by one looking to the friend requests. They laughed, giggled at the funny ways people wrote about themselves, some were interesting but nothing where they could be sure. 

"This one looks nice," Dilip pointed out to the next mail. Picture shows a young couple, the girl was cute looking but Anita was sickened by the way the man was showing his muscles. 

"Naah," she made an ugly face.

"Ok no problem, we will check others," he clicked. Slowly they exhausted all the messages and Anita was not able to fathom anyone though Dilip was intrigued by few. 

"Looks like we have no luck today, we will wait," he spoke.

"Ohh god!! I can't believe I am doing this," Anita sighed. Suddenly Rahul started calling "Papa.. papa" from the other room.

"I'll go and find out what he wants," Dilip stood up. Anita sat their looking at the screen when suddenly a message flashes, "You have got a new mail." She absentmindedly clicked it, 

"You two sound to be wonderful, send us a mail with your picture and let's explore the possibility." Below that the statistics of the profile was copied. She opened the attached picture and saw the man dressed in a black suit sitting next to a lady. She got lost into his deep smile. 

"Interesting they are," she jumped as she heard him. Dilip was standing behind looking at the picture. 

"Ah huh," Anita felt goose bumps. He reads on the profile.

"Humm, the husband is forty four and the wife is thirty seven, don't you think a bit grown up," Dilip commented, "the man is almost 10 years older than you and the wife is two year senior to me.'

"Yeah but they sure don't look like," she cannot believe that she said that. 

"Humm so the lady has picked someone," he smiled mischievously, "Ok then, let's send them the reply with our picture," Dilip hugged her. Anita started to feel nervous, she grabbed his hands.

"Why you want to rush it, please give me some time," she spoke.

"How much time?"

"At least a week," she avoided making eye contact. 

"Ok sure, but please make a decision soon," he saved the picture before closing the mail and Anita was absorbed in deep thoughts.

She wanted to discuss this with Ratna as soon as she reached office but couldn't find time till lunch break. However when she was with her she was not too sure if she should talk about it. Ratna was curious to know about how it was with her husband but she didn't give any details and told her that the matter has been sorted out. 

The Saturday approached fast, well fast for Anita but too slow for Dilip. Anita was thinking about it the whole week and was unable to decide or to take advice from anyone. Dilip was charged up throughout the week and was excited like a kid. The sex was improved no doubt and on the other hand if she declines he will start again looking for someone else and don't know which asshole might be next. If she denies all together then they will be back to the square one and she don't want to go back to the life two weeks before. She remembered all the good times he had with Dilip and how she loves him, surely if he spends a night with other women her love won't diminish especially under the circumstances where he is so open and not cheating on her. If he just wanted to have sex he could have found some women without her knowledge. 

He was already there when she reached home from office. He looked at her with anticipation, "well, the week is almost over." 

Anita reached for him and placed her head onto his chest, "Ok let's send the picture but it should be one time only."

"Hurray!" Dilip shouted in delight. 

"Keep it down," she giggled. 

Rahul walked out of his room looking puzzled, "what happened daddy, did Sachin uncle hit a six." Both Anita and Dilip burst out laughing. 

"No not this one," Anita spoke while picking up the picture to send. She carefully chooses the picture where she was satisfied that she looked best. Sure the reply came and the next few days went by in exchanging mails, telephone number and gathering information about each other. 

The couple turned out to be Malti and Vinod. While Vinod owns a farmhouse in Goa, Malti was a housewife. They were experienced and into the lifestyle for more than five years. They suggested them to visit Goa on the weekend, if all four agree the relationship could be taken to next level or else no question asked no reasons to be given. Anita and Dilip liked the suggestion, the only problem is Rahul. 

"I felt obliged to your mother, for the second time," Ravi spoke as they drop Rahul to his grandparent's house. Lots of lies to be spoken about office engagement and work but not much was required as she was happy to have her grandson for the weekend. 

"When was the first time," Anita spoke.

"The time she gave birth to you," and both burst out laughing. 

"Dilip, will you continue to love me after this also," Anita came close to him.

"More than ever, can't you see how happy we are in the last two weeks and how many times we had sex, probably more than what we had in the whole year," he spoke. Anita nodded not feeling too sure. 

They checked in a hotel at Panjim, Goa. He immediately called Vinod and fixed up the dinner meeting at their house. It was fixed that if they clicked as a foursome they will proceed further and spend the night at their farmhouse with each other's spouses, or else they will return to their hotel. Anita knew Dilip is too anxious to do this so he will not say 'no' tonight and as far as she is concerned, she has already prepared to say 'yes' because she can't withstand this entire process again, even if she has to close her eyes and endure the sex. Well if she was preparing to endure it then why has she carefully shaved her pussy, waxed her entire body at a beauty parlour and now wearing her sexiest panty & bra. She was unable to answer herself as she applied light makeup and prepared for the evening. 

Dilip's jaw dropped as he saw her dressed up in a light yellow colour long skirt and a white sleeveless top. She left her long shoulder length hairs loose. The top was hugging her perfect figure nicely and her C size boobs were making an enticing cleavage. 

"My god! You are looking like a sex goddess," he spoke moving towards her.

"No, stay away," she giggled and kept a hand on his chest to keep him away, "you will spoil my makeup." 

They arrive at the farmhouse about six in the evening, the sun was preparing to set and the hot day was turning into a pleasant evening. 

"I am feeling nervous," Anita spoke.

"Even I am a bit nervous," Dilip admitted. 

"Ok then let's go back," she looked hopefully towards him.

"Common don't be silly," he held her hand and walked. Vinod greeted them at the gate. Both men shook hands and introduced themselves.

"You must be Anita," he looked towards her, "I am glad you decided to come," he welcomed them, "I hope you find your way easily." 

"Yes no problem, the cab driver knows the place well," Dilip replied. 

They walked inside the house and found themselves in elegantly decorated drawing cum dining room. It was large and spacious. They made themselves comfortable and Anita looked at the man she was supposed to fuck tonight. He was dress in a blue jeans and a loose t-shirt. In person he looked even better, tall and slender body, sincere looking face. 

"Here she is," Vinod announced as Malti entered the room. Now Dilip can have another of his fantasy fulfilled, Anita thought looking at her large boobs. She wore Saree which was draping her elegantly and the blouse was low cut giving a nice view of her deep cleavage. Anita could not help but compare Malti with herself.

Vinod got busy in arranging for the drinks, Anita refused any liquor and took orange juice while other preferred scotch. They were soon comfortable and chatting like old friends meeting after a long time. They talked about so many things, their education, job, family etc. it made Anita feel that they are here on a social visit until Malti asked.

"This is your first time."

"Ah, umm, yeah," Anita stammered feeling suddenly very conscious being reminded of why they are here.

"Yes, it's the first time for us," Dilip spoke, "that is why we are both a bit nervous."

Malti laughed aloud, while Vinod too smiled, she rose from her seat and sat between both of them. 

"Oh, big boy is nervous," she playfully punched, "I can understand about Anita because she has to put up with this ugly brat of my husband, but you Dilip! you are nervous of me! Do I look like a lioness," she made a fierce face. Both of them smiled sheepishly. 

"Malti! Stop teasing them," Vinod spoke, "it's alright to be nervous, even I am, see! My hands are shaking," he deliberately shook the glass in his hand and everybody laughed. 

"You know the important thing is that the couple should be ready for this and both the partners should be at same wavelength, I mean no one should be in this if he or she doesn't believe in it," he spoke, "Anita you came here on your own will." 

She paused before speaking and glanced towards Dilip who was looking at her in anticipation, "Yeah, sure I am here on my own will." 

"Great! Let us decide then, as far as we are concerned, you are a lovely couple and we will love to be with you," Anita shivered hearing this and looked towards Malti who was nodding. 

"Ok let us prepare for the dinner," Malti stood up, "you come and help me and let these two decide," she asked Vinod. Dilip looked towards Anita who was avoiding eye contact. He shifted closer to her and held her hand. 

"What do you say, do you like them" he spoke in a wavering voice. 

"Umm... I don't know...well they look nice," she spoke looking at the floor. 

"Ok then we will do it."

They swapped partners as far as seating is concerned during the dinner, Anita sat with Vinod while Malti sat with Dilip across the table. She glanced towards Dilip, he smiled as their eyes met. 

"How do the two of us look," suddenly Malti asked. 

"Humm I must say you two are second best pair in the room," Vinod replied. 

"Haa, could be true, you have a beautiful lady on your side," she replied while Anita blushed. 

After the dinner Anita took the dishes to the kitchen like a good guest.

"Why you bother, I will do it, you are our guests," Vinod spoke.

"No problem, I can help," she replied.

"Ok if you two are doing it I will have one more drink with Dilip," Malti announced, she held his hand and guided him to the table where the drinks were kept. Anita and Vinod started to clear the dishes. When she returned Dilip was alone in the room, she looked enquiringly towards him.

"She went to her bedroom upstairs," he replied. Well that is it then, Anita thought. Feeling an unknown anxiety she hugged him. He caressed her hairs and kissed her on forehead. 

"Are you OK," he asked.

"Yeah, you go," Dilip took his drink and walked out of the room. For a moment she panicked finding herself alone with Vinod, she prayed.

"You want coffee," he spoke. 

"No, I don't," she replied, "You can have it."

"No it's ok, we can have it later," he placed a hand on her shoulder and she almost jumped. 

"Wow, relax, Anita!" he pulled back his hand.

"I am sorry... please... it's my first time... I am tensed and not ready." 

"It's ok, I know first time you have so many doubts, but don't worry. The reason we are here is to have fun and not to create any problems."

"You don't believe in this, don't you?" he enquired. Anita didn't speak, instead nervously fidgeted. "He has somehow convinced you into this." 

"No, no I am here willingly," she smiled. 

"Yeah, but you are scared like chicken," he sat down on the sofa, "we will wait till you are ready." 

"Ohh, umm," she could not speak. She sat down on the opposite sofa and there was silence for some time which was broken by Anita,

"You don't feel any jealousy that your wife is with some other man." 

"No, rather I am happy that she is enjoying herself."

"You are a strange man, what if I am not ready till morning?"

"I won't give you so much time, if you are not ready in next fifteen seconds I will rape you," he spoke coolly.

For a moment she was shocked but then she understood and burst out laughing. 

"You look so pretty when you are happy and cut loose," he smiled. 

She felt shy, "you wanted coffee, shall I prepare."


Ravi on the other side felt a bit strange when he came out of the room leaving Anita behind with Vinod. For few seconds his mind was taken off from the fact that the hot wife of Vinod was waiting for him upstairs and his mind was diverted to Anita and Vinod. He felt shiver and several thoughts crossed his mind, how Vinod is going to treat her, with respect or as a slut, she is very innocent and don't know what kind of a pervert Vinod is. He reached the bedroom deep in thoughts and was hesitant to enter when he saw Malti taking out his glass bangles and safe keeping them in a drawer. Looking at her hot body he felt his blood started to flow again and the thoughts of Anita vanished. He stepped inside locking the door. 

Malti smiled and stood up closing the drawer. She was tall almost his height. Looking at her curvaceous body and slim figure, he cannot believe that she is two years older than him. Both looked at each other for few seconds and then Dilip walked closer trying to hold her, but she pushed him back.

"What are you doing," she whispered, "my hubby is downstairs." 

He was confused what does she mean by this. Finding a confused look on his face Malti spoke, "even if he is sleeping he can wake up and can catch us," and pushed him playfully. 

He started to get the knack of it, "Ohh so she is playing games." His heart started to beat fast. 

"Don't worry he won't wake up." He moved forward and she shifted back. 

"Have you drugged him?"

"Yes, too much of drinks," he tried to reach her but she backed off.

"Ohh, so you are trying to take advantage of his drunken state, you bad boy," she giggled, "but I won't allow you," she ran around the bed. 

"Please, Malti, you know how much I love you, I have come from far away just for you," he played on. 

"Ohh, you are begging me."

"Yes I am begging you." 

"I don't like beggars, go find some other house," she giggled and ran far away from him.

He looked towards her helplessly not knowing what to do, "so you are playing hard to get."

"Not just playing, but I am hard to get and why should I allow you, a stranger to touch me," she teased. Dilip tried to reach her but she ran around the room laughing and evading him. After some effort Dilip managed to grab her but she slipped out again like a slippery fish. He stood panting while she continued to tease him. Dilip started to get pissed off and with renewed determination he cornered her. 

He grabbed her hard this time not giving any opportunity to slip away. He threw her on the bed and pinned her under him. 

"Owo, ahh," she turned and twisted trying to throw him away but he held her tight. He twisted both her arms over her head and with his other hand he started to unbutton her blouse.

She continued to squirm, "Uggm..." Her breast heaved with her heavy breathing. Unclasping the bra he lifted it above her white breasts, he was mesmerised by the view. The brown nipples were already erect. He pinched then one by one, pulling them and rubbing them between his thumb and fingers. 

"Ugg... Awww..." she arched her body and smiled seductively. He let go of her hand and pulled the blouse and bra over. He stared at the perfect milky orbs and grabbed both of them with his hands. It felt so soft, like fur. His fingers dug deep into the flesh as he squeezed them.

"Ummm," she let out loud moan and arched her body, "you like them, don't you?" She smiled mischievously. He didn't speak rather placed his mouth over them and started to suck them one by one. She grabbed his hairs and moaned in pleasure, "Eat them." 


Vinod slowly sipped the hot coffee while Anita sat beside him fiddling with her skirt. 

"Wow, you make great coffee," he spoke, "how did you prepare it... it's perfect." 

"Thanks, but it's not a big deal, just mix the right amount of sugar and coffee," she replied modestly. 

"Yeah, but that is the trick, you know usually I prepare my own coffee as Malti like tea and can't make a decent coffee."

Vinod continue to talk about himself, his wife, while Anita's mind was occupied with the thoughts of her husband and what he must be doing now. He looked at Vinod who was patiently making small talks with her to make her comfortable and was not at all rushing or forcing anything. She finished her coffee and put down the cup. Suddenly they heard a loud 'thud' from above. Anita looked up at the ceiling with confusion. 

"Bedroom... upstairs..." he pointed. Again a thud sound was heard. 

"Looks like they are going to bring the house down," he smiled. Anita too could not control her giggles. 

"Let's get out of here before the ceiling falls over us," he stood up pulling Anita by her hand and they walked out laughing, behind the house in the open. It was a full moon night and Anita finds herself in a large backyard garden. 

"Wow, it's so beautiful," she admired the beauty of the lush green grass surrounded by nicely maintained flowers bushes. 

"Not as beautiful as you are," he pulled her hand to his mouth and kissed. Anita shivered, he was so close that she can smell his scent. He placed an arm around her and hugged. She was surprised that she did not feel any apprehension although she doesn't know this man and met him just few hours ago. She relaxed and let her head rest on his chest while he caressed her hairs. All the fear and anxiety that she was having, faded away and all she feel was sensation between her legs. 

Vinod smiled as he felt that his patience has yielded good results. He was fascinated by this hot yet so innocent woman. She is hesitant and he knew he cannot rush the things. He suppressed his urge to rip her clothes and fuck her right there. Instead he clasped his arms around her tightly and kissed her forehead. 

For the last six months Anita apprehended this moment, when she will be with other man, but now she felt no fear, rather was aroused by the fact that she will be having a guilt free sexual experience with a stranger. She felt the excitement of doing something naughty, like she used to feel when she was young and fooled around with her teacher. He lifted her chin and placed his mouth over her quivering lips. Anita opened her mouth and kissed back, letting him move his tongue over her lips, inside her mouth. 

Vinod can no longer be the gentle and understanding guy that he was pretending throughout the evening. He needed to fuck her... hard. He slipped a hand inside her top and grabbed her left breast. Anita felt like steel grip on her flesh, she moaned in his mouth. Her breasts were the size of oranges and his palm covered it completely. 

"Mmm, you have lovely boobs," he whispered and lifted the top and bra above her chest in one motion. He quickly turned her around and grabbed both the oranges from behind.

"Ahh, please, be easy on them," Anita arched her body as the grip tightened. He moved each of his thumbs in a circular motion over her dark areolas and pinched the nipples making her cry out.

"Ahh, ughh, please," she grabbed his hand trying to stop him but he continued to maul her tits. All the tenderness and the sweet talks ceased to exists and he was now just a man who wanted to fuck her, wanted to use her as he too has submitted his wife for the pleasures of her husband. She has never been used before, she only knew tender sex with her hubby and he is not her husband who will love her, he will only fuck her. The mere thought of this made her shudder and a shiver ran down her spine, "let's go to bedroom," she crooned. 

"Humm," he licked her neck, "kiss me." She turned her head back and looked into his eyes. He lowered his mouth onto her trembling lips. Anita groaned, her entire body burning with desire, she opened her mouth and darted her tongue out to meet his. 

She looked around and felt vulnerable standing in the middle of the garden, she requested again and again to get inside, however her voice was muffled by his lips. It felt so different with him, his smell, his breath, his lips and his hard touch. She was slowly surrendering to the sensations. 

"Please... please... let us go inside," she spoke almost panting, as he broke the kiss to drag his tongue all over her face. 

"What will we do inside," he whispered.

"Ah, mmm, ohh... please...maa... whatever you say," she panted. 

"You will do whatever I say."

"Yess... I will..." she moaned. 

"Ok then, grind your ass on my cock, feel my cock with your ass."

"Ohh Vinod... please," she felt her heart jump into her throat. He bunched her hairs in one hand and lifted her face up, "Do it!" He put his wet lips over her before she could say anything. Automatically Anita pushed her bottom and felt a hard rod poked at her ass. He can hear her groaning in his mouth. Feeling dirty she pushed more and moved her buttocks rubbing it over his cock. Vinod humped, slowly pushing, aiming his cock between her ass crack. He pushed her head down bending her forward and grabbed her waist guiding her to move her voluptuous bottom in a circular motion. 

She felt him slowly pulling her skirt up, "Ugghh," she grunted like an animal in heat. He pulled her skirt over her waist and acknowledged the tight ass covered in a tiny panty, with a hard smack. 

"Ugg... ugg... maa..." she moaned and groaned as he pulls down the panty and mauled her bare bottom, still making her grind it onto his cock. She felt his hard fingers pinching the ass cheeks, spreading it and playing with the anus. His fingers moved from her ass hole to her wet pussy, teasing her, never really going inside just rubbing it over her clit, wetting it with her juices and nibbling at the ass hole. 

Vinod looked at the beauty within his reach and smiled. Satisfied, he covered her up and pulled her straight by grabbing her hairs spread over her back. She leaned over his body, throwing her arms around; her eyes were half closed and was breathing unevenly.

"Fuck me..." she whispered, tracing the outline of his cock over the pants. 


As they walked back inside, Dilip was mounting Malti, he had his cock buried upto the hilt into her pussy and was banging her hard. The room was filled with combined moans and cries. 


Vinod turned around after locking the door and saw Anita was already on the bed lying with her face buried in the pillow. He quickly got rid of his clothes and approached the bed just in his boxers. He pulled her into his arm and planted a wet kiss on her lips. She responded enthusiastically by opening her mouth. He took his time in kissing her and slowly removed her clothes, exploring every inch of that beautiful body. Anita whimpered at his touch, a very warm and hard touch. She felt desired and was thrilled to give in to his desires. 

In frenzy Anita showered kisses on his face, lips and chest. She saw the huge bulge in the boxers and tentatively she pushed her hand inside. Her face was a specimen of torture; she drew a wet line with her lips as she travelled from his chest to abdomen. She fished out the erect cock, which was twitching at her touch. She just stared at it; it was so different from her hubby's. Large pink bulbous head, oozing precum, skin was completely pulled back as if circumcised. She held it in her fist at the base and stroked it slowly. 

"Ohh, Mumm," he moaned in pleasure and pressed her head to go down. She turned her head and looked him into eyes, "please," he mouthed. Without any hesitation she took the cock into her beautiful lips. He felt the hot tongue circling around the cock and the lips sucked in. He gripped her hairs tightly and moaned, "Ohh shit."

"Ok no more," she suddenly pulled back.

"What! You have just started," he cried.

She dug her nails on his chest and whispered, "please... I want it inside me... please," she begged, "later if you ask me I will do anything." 

He quickly swings her around and placed her on the bed. Grabbing her ankles he pulled her legs wide and high. Anita let out a loud gasp as his placed his stiff cock and rubbed it over her clit. She grabbed his hands tightly as it hit the opening of her pussy.

"Ahhh," she cried out and her eyes spread wide as the thick prick started to make way inside her. Her body fluttered as waves and wave of intense pleasure rippled through her and she throws her head back on pillow in ecstasy. 

"Mummy... ahhh...ugg...ugg..." she gripped his hands hard and felt the entire length slipping inside her cunt. He spread his weight over her and pinned her under him. Unable to move Anita breathed in short grunts and squealed as Vinod started to move his midriff. He started to pump in his shaft slowly, reaching great depths, letting her get used to his cock and then started to bang hard. 

"Ohh...Ahhh...Uggg," she gasped for air, "Ahh... what are you doing... what is this you have put inside me," she cried.

"Ugg... spread me... fuck me..." she started to buck her hips to match his strokes. Vinod was in heavens; he pumped harder and mashed her tits making her squirm with pain. He moved his thumb teasing her erect nipples and trailed his fingers to her lips, pushing two inside her mouth. She eagerly sucked his fingers while moaning with pleasure. 

Vinod picked up the tempo and started to bang her hard, pulling the entire length out and then banging in immediately. At each stroke she gasped for air and clutched his body even tighter. 

"Ugg... Ugg... Ugg... Ugg... Ugg... Ugg..." she groaned moving her legs around him. 

"Ohh...Ahh..." Vinod was nearing his climax so he slowed down his pace to last longer. 

"Nooo... fuck me... harder... don't stop," she wailed. 

"Ahh, I will cum," he tried to explain. 

"Cum in me... fill me now... Ohh... Ugg... fill me with your spunk," she cried out loud scratching his back with her fingernails. 

Vinod no longer can control it and started to shoot his load deep inside her. The moment the hot cum filled her pussy, Anita threw her head in ecstasy and cried at top of her lungs, 


Violent orgasm shook her body and she clutched his back digging her nails into his flesh. Vinod twitched and oozed the final spurt in the pussy. 

Vinod relaxed and lay on top of her, while she smiled, still shivering due the powerful orgasm, which she has never felt before. They lay motion less, catching their breath. 

"You are wonderful," he spoke caressing her back. She hid her face feeling shy, remembering how excited she was couple of minutes before. 

"Let me get dressed."

"What for, you look beautiful without clothes."

"Shut up," she felt shy and put her head on his chest. 


Dilip looked at Malti who was lying beside him and caressed her naked back. After the explosive fucking with her, he was now catching his breath. His mind again drifted towards Anita and he felt guilty, his conscience made her feel uneasy. 

"Thinking about your wife," Malti spoke turning towards him. 

"Umm," he couldn't admit.

"Don't worry she is in good hands, she will like it," she spoke, "did you enjoyed?"

"Ohh yes sure, you are so amazing," he kissed her shoulders. Malti snuggled close to him as he continued to caress her. Soon she drifted to deep sleep, however Dilip could not sleep, he was restless. He has fulfilled his fantasy and Malti was a great fuck, he enjoyed himself, but now he felt a void. He got up and slowly walked downstairs. He didn't know what he wanted, "just a little assurance that she is alright," he thought. 

The drawing room was empty, he wandered around then suddenly he heard some noise and walked towards it. He relaxed finding Anita in the kitchen. 

"Hey what are you doing so late in the kitchen," he asked. 

"Dilip, is it you?" she was surprised to see him, "I am making coffee, but what are you doing here," she smiled. 

"I just came down for a glass of water," he replied nervously, "are you alright?" 

"Yes of course, why!! you got worried," she giggled, "I have handled you, so I can handle him too," she smiled mischievously. 

"Ohh... Ok..." he smiled sheepishly. 

"You want some coffee," she asked. 

"No, it's alright," he noticed that she has changed her clothes and was wearing a night gown. 

"Why are you wearing a night gown, where are your clothes," he asked without thinking and then he realized.

She giggled, "It's easy to wear." Dilip felt uncomfortable where as Anita didn't realize his state of mind. 

"You sure, you don't want coffee," she spoke. He refused and watched her pouring in two cups. 

"Umm, I must go now," she spoke. 

"Yeah," he nodded and watched her as she took the cups and walked to the bedroom. He heard the lock turned and stood absentmindedly watching the door. 

"Here you are," she handed the cup to Vinod, "at least cover your naked self," she lovingly admonished him. 

"Ok, whatever you say," he pulled a sheet over him. 

Dilip stood staring at the door with a mixed feeling of guilt and jealousy. "This is my wife who till yesterday was so oppose to all this and now," he thought. He quickly walked back upstairs. Malti was deep in sleep and her naked body couldn't give him any solace. Anita's laughter and mischievous demeanour flashed before him, "she is enjoying it," he was unable to take it. 

"Did you like it," Vinod spoke sipping the coffee. 

"If I say I liked it would it boost your male ego," she smiled feeling naughty. 

"Yes, of course, my ego will be bloated," he laughed.

"And what are you going to do with that bloated ego." 

"I will turn into an animal and fuck you all over again."

"Ohh, is that so, then I must be scared," she pretended to be afraid and both laughed. 

"Really speaking, I liked it with you, this was my first time doing a thing like this and was very apprehensive, but you made it a good experience, this would be my fisrt and last," she spoke.

"Why so?"

"Well I did it because of my hubby and moreover I don't know I will be lucky enough to get a man like you again."

"Why not, we can get together again, no need to look for another couple."

"No, I wanted it a onetime thing and also made it clear to my hubby, so there would be no tomorrow for us. So let's make the most of the night and then from tomorrow we can go back to our lives with sweet memories," she smiled. 

"Fair enough, I am at your service," he bowed ceremoniously. 

As soon as the sun is up Dilip left the bed and rushed downstairs. He found the door of the bedroom open and no one was around. He took a quick round of the ground floor and found both of them walking around the back yard.

"Good morning Dilip," Vinod wished him. 

"Yeah, good morning," he replied feeling self conscious. He glanced at Anita who looked beautiful and freshen up. 

"Anita, let us go," he spoke. 

"What is the hurry," Vinod interrupted, "we can have breakfast together."

"No its OK we have an afternoon flight to take," Dilip appears to be in a hurry to leave. So Vinod didn't insist and called for the cab. They waited in the drawing room, while Anita and Vinod continued to chat, Dilip preferred to stay quite. As soon as the cab came he left for the door. 

"Just a minute," she spoke as they were about to board the cab.

"What now," Dilip looked irritated. 

"Just have to say good bye to Malti," she spoke and rushed back to the house.

"She is still sleeping," Dilip shouted as she walked pass Vinod at the entrance door. She walked back into the room looking at him meaningfully. Vinod walked behind her in a confused manner. As soon as they were inside and away from the sight of Dilip she hugged him.

"Malti is still sleeping," he spoke.

"I know, just wanted to say goodbye to you, properly," she raised herself on her toe and kissed him on lips. Vinod felling the warmth embraced her tightly. 

"You seem to be in love," he spoke. She giggled and they kissed lovingly until they heard the cab honked. 

"Ok, bye," she rushed outside. 

On the way back to their hotel Dilip stayed quiet and lost into thoughts. 

"How was the night," Anita asked as soon as they entered their room.


"Did you enjoy it?" Anita spoke cheerfully and hugged him. 

"Yeah, and you?"

"Yes, I also enjoyed it," she tried to kiss him.

"I guessed so," he spoke pulling back. 

"So you have fulfilled your fantasy, now we can be with each other," she spoke cheerfully and again tried to kiss him.

"First go and have bath," he pushed her away. Anita was taken aback; she looked at him in a puzzled way. 

"Is everything OK," she looked worried.

"Yeah everything is fine, at least have bath first," he spoke turning his back towards her. Anita felt hurt at his behaviour and she quietly stepped back. 

They reached back to Mumbai but both of them didn't talk much to each other. Anita was unhappy with his behaviour but could not place the reason. She started to worry and feared worse. 

"What is the matter honey," she spoke when they were in the bed at night.

"Nothing, just feeling tired," he lied.

"Please tell me, something happened back there," she tried to find out. 

"There is nothing to tell," he seemed to be getting impatient. 

"She was not good, is it?" she asked. 

"No, she was good, I enjoyed it, no problem at all, now sleep."

"Ohh, Okay, now I got it, you must be worried about me," she hugged him from behind, "don't worry darling, I am fine, Vinod is a good man and we..."

"Will you shut up, did I ask you to give me the juicy details of what you two did, I know you had a good time now let me sleep," he shouted. 

Anita was shocked, automatically she moved back on the bed. She felt hurt, slowly understanding the reason, she sobbed uncontrollably. Next couple of days also the things didn't improved and they talked to each other like strangers. She couldn't talk about this to no one, not even her best friend Ratna. 

Sunday morning, a week passed and Anita decided she had enough of all this. She wanted to have some straight talks. 

"Things can't go like this," she spoke. Dilip looked at her questioningly. 

"Tell me what the problem is, it was you who wanted this and now you are the one who can't handle it. You advocated that our lives will be more exciting; it will strengthen and spice up our relationship, what happed to all that? We are miserable than ever before," she spoke. 

"You are the problem; it's you who acted like a slut with that bastard Vinod. Remember how you use to say that you don't want any other man, you cannot be comfortable with anyone else, but given a chance you grabbed it with both hands and screwed him like there is no tomorrow," he raised his voice. 

"No, this is not the problem, actually you are pissed off that I also have feelings and I can also have fun," she also shouted.

"If I had said that Vinod was a lousy lover and I had somehow managed the night for you, you would have been very happy, your ego would be satisfied, I feel disgusted, you hypocrite!" she was furious. 

"And I feel like throwing up when I look at you, you slut."

Anita stared at him for few seconds, "This I did for you, asshole... Ok I have had enough, I am leaving." 

"Good riddance, don't ever come back," he turned his face away. 

Anita packed her bags along with Rahul's. He saw her packing but in a fit of anger he ignored her completely. She left the house and moved with her parents the same day. Her mother saw the face of her daughter and knew that it's serious. She tried to find out the matter but when Anita refused, she respected her decision and didn't probe further. 

Anita was heartbroken, after being together for so many years against all odds; he has destroyed everything on his own. She was feeling like stupid, she loved him so much that she even accepted another man and now he is calling her a slut. Within few days she made up her mind and sent him a divorce notice. 

Dilip felt miserable as soon as she left, but his pride stopped him from accepting it and making up with her. He realised his mistake and remembers how she has always opposed his idea of swapping. He wanted to call her, ask her to come back but days after days just went by and he expected that she will take the first step. Then one day while he was in office, he received the divorce notice. He could not believe it how could she do this, there must be some mistake. He immediately dialled her mobile wiping the sweat from his forehead. 

"What is this," he spoke as soon as the line connected. 

"What is what," Anita replied coolly, she knew he must have received the notice and was expecting the call. 

"This notice you have sent, you can't be serious," he sounded concerned. 

"Well I am serious, I want divorce and I hope that we could amicably settle this," she spoke.

"How easily you are saying this as if divorce is a child's game, are you mad, you come back home we can chalk this out."

"Yes there is few things to talk, to settle, but I am not coming home, what I suggest is that you hire a lawyer and talk with my lawyer, the contact details is written in the notice," she replied in a controlled manner. Dilip was furious; he could not believe that she has slapped him with divorce notice. The conversation didn't lead anywhere and ended in him arguing while Anita maintained her composure.

Dilip just stared the wall absentmindedly; he could not concentrate on anything. At home he felt even more lonely and pathetic. Next evening he decided to meet her so he went to her parent's house. He was apprehensive that her parents may not treat him well but his mother in law behaved normal and even suggested him that they should solve their differences. He met his son after a long time and realized how he missed him. Finally he was alone with Anita. 

"Please come with me, I am here to take you back home," he spoke. Anita remained quite. 

"Say something, why are you quite... it is enough now... we can sort it out," he tried to convince her but she stood silently letting him speak.

"Ok, now you have spoken then let me say something, I have lost faith in you, I no longer love you, so the best is that we should head our own ways and whatever you have to say you speak in the court, the case is listed for 10th of next month in the family court."

Dilip was crestfallen, he felt his body tremble. He was sure that once he meets her he will be able to cajole her and would be able to bring her back but looking to her cool and head strong demeanour he was shaken. For the first time he seriously felt that their marriage is breaking. He sat down dejected on the corner of the bed. 

"You are not even thinking about our son," he was on the verge of crying.

"I have thought about him and he is staying with me, you can meet him once in a week if you want," she spoke calmly, "or if you want the custody then you have to fight the case." Dilip felt tears flow down his cheeks; he can't imagine life without both of them. 

"Please... Anita... can't we try to work it out... you know I love you," he break down. However Anita just watched him in disgust. 

"Now please leave and don't come to my house ever again." He didn't move just sat there crying and looking at her pleadingly, "please give me a chance... I am sorry... I know I am a big idiot, can't you give me one chance." 

Neha sat close to him and put his hand on his shoulder, "you want a chance."

"Yes...yes," he saw a ray of hope and held her hands, "please... I love you... I will be a good husband and do as you say... always." 

"Ok.. I can think about it, but how would I know that after few days you will be back to your old self and again feel jealous about that night. I can't trust you."

"Please... I know that was my mistake, I insisted for everything."

"That I know but you don't know what you have done. I am sure once we are together you will again feel the same way and the things won't be the same between us, how can I be sure."

"I assure you... please I love you so much that nothing else matters."

"I have an idea, if you love me so much that nothing else matters then I have a proposition," she spoke. Dilip looked at her with anticipation. 

"I will have sex with some other guy and you watch, after that if you feel that you still love me, we can stay together," she said as a matter of fact. Dilip was shocked; he could not believe his ears. 

"Please, Anita, I am already repenting, please don't even think of such a thing," he wailed. 

"That is the only way I will be sure that you will be good to me or else if you don't want a slut wife, the case is already listed for 10th of next month," she announced her decision and left the room. She made sure to let him know in no uncertain terms that this is what she wanted, if he wants her back. Dilip dragged himself out of the house and wandered aimlessly not knowing what to do. His heart burns with anguish. He can't even think of Anita fucking someone else, how he can watch something like that. Next few days he tried to call Anita and persuade her but she did not relent. Then the court date arrived, he didn't attend and received the court notice saying that if he will not appear in the next hearing the case will be decided ex-party.

He called Anita, "if you are so adamant then do what you want to, I just want you back." He asked her about how and with whom.

"You leave that to me, your swingers website is still up and running and I have your password, I will just change the caption to 'couple looking for a man to have fun together," she giggled and Dilip felt his heart sank. 

Within couple of days she fixed everything and asked Dilip to come to a hotel. He arrived and met Anita in the lobby.

"He has the room number 712 booked, just remember you will sit there and watch, the whole thing and if you walk away," she paused and looked at him, "you will never see me again." Dilip meekly nodded. 

They knocked at the room 712 and a handsome young man opened the door. He was wearing a jeans and tight t-shit revelling his bulging muscles. They exchanged greetings and got themselves introduced. Dilip felt a pang in his heart looking at the young man; Anita sat close to him on the bed while he sat on the chair nearby.

"What will you have," he asked.

"I will have nothing," she smiled, "will you have any drinks darling," she spoke to Dilip. He refused, just wanted the ordeal to end. He saw Anita put one hand on his leg.

"Please forgive me," he looked a bit uneasy, "this the first time for me, you guys must be doing it for some time."

"Ohh, first time with a girl," Anita smiled mischievously, rubbing his thighs. 

" not first time with a girl but first time doing this kind of thing," he quickly corrected. 

"Good," she rubbed his stubble, "quite a bush you have grown. Don't be nervous my hubby here just likes to watch, he won't join." Dilip sighed and prepared himself to watch, "these are the result of my deeds and I have to repent for it," he repeated to himself and watched in horror as she sat on his thighs and put her arms around him. 

"I guess this is enough," Dilip heard the young man spoke. 

"Don't spoil it just few minutes more," Anita whispered. Dilip looked in confusion as he pushed her out of his lap. He saw Anita giggling and the young man smiling sheepishly. She walked towards him and put her arms around him. 

"What is this," he looked puzzled. 

"Do you think I will really do something like this," she spoke caressing his hairs. 

"You won't," he spoke unsure of himself. 

"You know my friend Ratna, well he is Kamal, Ratna's kid brother," she spoke, "he is here to help me teach you a lesson," she clarified. 

"Ok I will leave now," Kamal was looking uncomfortable. 

"Sure and thanks a lot," Anita spoke. Even after Kamal left, Dilip was in a shock. She caressed and showered kisses on his face. 

"Do you really believe I will fuck a kid like that he is hardly twenty two," Anita laughed. 

"You never wanted to do it," he spoke as if in a spell and once it sank in, he hugged her tightly, tears flowing freely, "I love you," he kissed her madly, "you are bad, why did you do that." 

"I also love you, but I was not sure that you will love me the way you use to," she spoke, "but now I am sure and I also wanted to teach you a lesson, you have behaved like an idiot lately."

"Let's go home."

"Yeah we will, but the rent for the room is already paid, so what do you say shall we celebrate," she opened the fridge. Dilip nodded happily.

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