Saturday, 30 May 2015

My Asian Wife

Part 1 : Her first encounter with her ex-boyfriend
My buddy, Nhan and I finished a round of tennis at the local community centre and decided that we would have a few drinks at my place. We arrived home and to my wife' surprise I had a guest with me on a weeknight. My wife's name is Lin and she knew Nhan from years ago when they used to date briefly during their early years of high school - 20 plus years ago. We sat down on our large sofa and the three of us started to drink and chat. 

I was in my mid 40 whereas she was in her early 40s. We were happily married and we were both Asian and like most typical Asian, we were thin and small. I was 5-foot 8 and weighted about 140 lbs with a fit body as I do workout in a gym regularly. She was just a bit over 5 feet tall and weighted no more than 110 lbs. Lin was able to keep most of the baby weight off after having children and still maintained an awesome mid-aged figure of 36D-26-34.

Nhan was also Asian but a little bit shorter than I likely around 5-foot 5 but he was extremely fit and muscular. He was also married but don't have any children.

Both Nhan and I can drink but as for my wife, one is all she needed to feel the impact. It must have been about an hour into our drinking that I decided after 3 beers, I have had enough and should head to bed. My wife was still trying to finish her first so Nhan decided to keep her company while I headed upstairs to get ready for bed.

Just before I went to bed, I wanted to say good night and as I was on my way downstairs, I heard some giggling and decided that I should quietly take a peak to see what was going on. To my surprise, Nhan was now sitting next to my wife whispering something in her right ear. What ever he said, she gave him a smile and not a second later, he had his right hand on her thigh slightly massaging it. Not sure if it was the alcohol or that they were catching up on where they left off 20 plus years ago but regardless, it looked like it was going to be an interesting night.

While massaging her thigh, Nhan continued to whisper in her ear that eventually led to some ear foreplay. Lin started to moan and shifted her posture a bit. His licking ended up at her mouth and by then she was completely engaged and started to french kiss him. During their kissing encounter, Nhan started to move his hand from her thigh slowly pass her stomach and up to her chest area where he started to massage her full D-sized breasts over her sweater.

I was so aroused by seeing another man rubbing my wife's beautiful breasts. I wanted to film it but realized that they may notice and would not carry on. Instead I decided I should just watch and enjoy the surprised encounter.

Nhan has since moved his hand from the outside to inside Lin's beautiful breasts under her sweater. He then removed her sweater exposing her black laced bra. He started to suck alternatively between the nipples through her bra and not soon after that, her huge nipples can be seen trying to extrude through her bra. He finally removed them completely exposing those breasts. 

I know Nhan's wife and she is extremely fit just like her husband. Her chest size is likely similar to any typical Asian about 34A or B at most. So for Nhan, starring at my wife's full D size breasts just inches away from him must have felt like a fantasy. As for my wife, the thought of having her beautiful breasts being felt not by her husband, but rather by her ex-boyfriend' strong firm hands and soon to be licked and sucked by another moist mouth was something she may have dreamt of, and it was about to become real. 

My wife's exposed nipples were already incredibly aroused by then so Nhan started to fondle her left breast gently with one hand while using his teeth to nurture the other one. He alternated his hand and teeth between the two breasts until both nipples were hard solid over half an inch high. Lin moaned endlessly and started to breath heavier with her legs slightly spread. Nhan understood the gesture and begun to move his hand back down and inserted in her pants and started to gently rub her pussy which should have been wet by now. She was completely laid back and relax with her eyes closed likely trying to control her excitement and orgasm.

I have since put my own hand inside my shorts and started to stroke my full grown penis.

Nhan removed her pants exposing her black-laced underwear matching her removed bra. Her underwear was definitely wet and started to leak onto the sofa. He was on his knees with his mouth planted over her pussy trying to lick what he could while both hands were massaging her exposed breasts and well erected nipples. He then removed her underwear and started to stoke her clitoris followed by licks. Lin let out a huge moan before Nhan inserted a finger in his attempt to excite her g-spot. He continued this stroking motion in-and-out for what felt like hours. Her breathing got heavier and heavier with no ends in sight.

Lin finally had enough and decided it was his turn so she sat up and undid his shirts. Given that Nhan was only 5 foot 5, he was well built likely from weight lifting. She stood up to lick his nipples and worked her way through his 6-pack abdominal area while removing his pants at the same time. All he had on now was his underwear where a huge bulge was visually apparent. She started to lick the outside of the bulge before finally removing it where his penis suddenly jumped out. It looked like his was about 8-inch fully erect, definitely larger than mine and that was a surprise for such a not so tall guy. Lin paused for a second admiring what she had just discovered.

I was wondering what she was actually thinking while holding on his 8-inch penis with her right hand so tightly. Was she thinking what she had missed 20 years ago during their early teens or was she comparing it to what she had 20 years ago? Has it grown? Will it just be as delicious and wonderful?

Although Lin does not like to give blowjob but she couldn't resist given his was larger than what she was used to. While playing with his testicles with her hands, she started to lick his penis from the bottom up before trying to take the whole thing in her mouth. She usually likes to give a massage with her tongue focusing only on the penis head when it is inside of he.. Nhan started to moan as well and likely was about to explode if she kept it up.

Nhan finally stood her up, turned her around with her back facing him, gestured her to bend over with her ass facing him. He spread her legs apart then followed by slowly teasing her outer pussy with his penis before implanting all 8 inches into her from the back. She let out a huge moan forgetting that I was sleeping upstairs. Nhan continued to pound her from the back while cupping her huge breasts over her back. After a few minutes, he withdrew his penis to re-position but she pleased him to put it back in. He instead sat onto the sofa and had her now facing him and on top of him. She slowly inserted her pussy from the top before riding him. Lin's huge breasts were then bouncing all over the places once again attracting for more attention. Nhan sat up still with his penis in her, cupped both breasts and licked them simultaneously to settle them down.

I was now completely aroused and ready to release a load myself. 

Nhan changed position again to be on top of her with Lin resting on her back with both of her legs upright. He inserted and screwed her as if she was still in her 20 years old virgin. Their rhythm increased significantly before he released a massive load in her while she too came to her massive orgasm. I too release my load and that had to be one of the best orgasm I have ever had on myself.

They quickly dressed and Nhan left to go home to his wife whom likely thought he was out drinking with me. I quickly jumped back into bed pretending I was deep in sleep when she came into bed. I don't believe she clean herself up as I could still smell a bit of a man's cum next to her.

The next morning, I asked Lin how long did Nhan stay and her reply was not long after I went to bed. Definitely I will have to invite Nhan back next time we play tennis and hopefully someday soon, we could have a threesome. Or possibly I could bring home another friend or someone black with 10 inches or a woman for Lin to experience. Stay tuned...

Part 2 : Blindfold encounter
Since Nhan's last known encounter with my Asian wife a few months back, I have noticed he has been missing from our weekly tennis night almost every other weeks. His excuses were either he was busy at work or at home with his wife. I have also noticed when I am back from those nights when Nhan wasn't at tennis with us, Lin was already in bed which was unusual given she usually goes to bed much later than I do. I became suspicious after a few occasions so I decided to set up a few hidden cameras around our house to see if anything did happen. I was not jealous but rather hoping to see more of my wife with another man that really turned me on. One camera was setup in the living room that pointed toward the large sofa where Nhan and Lin had their first sexual encounter, and the other was in our bedroom incase they decided to venture into our bed.

The first opportunity arrived last Monday when Nhan called just before dinner that he wouldn't be playing tennis with the boys. I had both hidden cameras activated just before I left for tennis. I definitely didn't play well that night given all I could think about was Lin and Nhan making out and how exciting and arouse I would be watching them on videos

I arrived home from tennis a bit just after 10 pm and off course Lin was already in bed. I quietly removed the SD cards from both cameras and went to the basement where my computer was and watched to see if anything did occur while I was out.

I first watched the SD card from the living room and not within 10 minutes after I left for tennis, not seeing anyone in the living room, the doorbell ran. Within seconds, Lin was caught on camera in her robe hugging and kissing while slowly making their way to the sofa area. They made it to the sofa but while still standing, Nhan had my wife turned around both facing the same way with him behind her, he gently cupped her huge breasts over her robe. He continued to fondle them while he kissed her neck and licked her ears. He must have also said something while licking her right ear because she nodded as giving him permission.

Nhan pulled out a large handkerchief and had Lin immediately blindfolded. He removed her robe showing Lin's amazing 36D-26-34 figure with a set of matching black-laced bra and thong. Looks like it was pre-planned and she had them on to impress and to turn him on. He gave her a kiss before leaving my wife almost naked standing there by herself while he walked pass the hidden camera heading possibly to the washroom or the front door.

I was so aroused watching Lin standing there alone touching herself in preparation for Nhan's return.

Nhan did return and went back to where he last stood behind her and gave her another kiss behind her neck without touching her anywhere else. He waved someone over and I could not believe my eyes, a taller Asian man walked into view. He looked like someone I knew as well and to my surprise, it was Phil, another Asian friend of our that plays poker with us.

Phil is in his mid 30s, about 6-foot tall and an extremely attractive man in accordance to many of our female friends including my wife. I have overheard Lin mention to some of her friends how handsome and well built he was and would love to have a piece of him if she weren't married. Phil is somewhat shy for such a good-looking guy but hence likely why girls find him very attractive.

When Phil got closer to my wife, Nhan stepped back and quietly sat on the sofa to give him some space. Phil did not touch Lin anywhere but instead just gave her a kiss on her neck at the exact same spot Nhan did a second ago. He then slowly walked around her starring at Lin's beautiful body likely trying to figure out what he should do next.

Lin patiently stood there wondering what Nhan would do not realizing it was our other friend whom was about to indulge on her. Phil still had not touched my wife but Nhan has since instructed Lin to fondle herself further. While she was gently playing with herself, Phil moved closer only touching her with his one finger on her lip, then slowly inserted it into her mouth. After a few minutes of finger sucking foreplay, he removed it and stepped back admiring her body once again. 

Phil decided to remove her bra allowing her D-sized breasts to naturally hang there. What Phil and Nhan did next was amazing and was so arousing that I must have watched this over and over again.

Lin stood there blindfolded with only a thong on when Phil approached her quietly to give her a gentle lick on her right nipple before stepping back to watch her reaction. It must have surprised her and excited her at same when she quivered a bit before calling out, "oh Nhan!" Phil watched her for about 5 seconds before licking the same nipple once again then stepped back to watch her. Phil repeated this routine for another 3 times and by the end of his fifth lick, Lin's right nipple had grown significantly larger. Lin must have been so aroused particularly not knowing what Nhan would do next.

When Phil was licking her right nipple, Nhan had gone to our freezer and came back with a cube of ice. As soon as Phil completed his licking routine, Nhan stepped up and started to drip just a drop of water from the ice cube on her left nipple followed by a 5-second pause before dropping another drip on that same left nipple. I know for a fact that her left is the more sensitive nipple and can easily be aroused. Nhan continued this drip and pause routine for another 4 times and with each cold drop, Lin became louder and louder with her breathing. Both nipples were completely erected to almost ½-inch long.

What happened next was incredible to watch as well. Simultaneously Phil planted his whole mouth on her right nipple while Nhan pressed the cube of ice onto her left nipple. Phil attempted to stretch her right nipple with his teeth while Nhan was doing the same with his fingers and the ice cube. You can tell she was about to have an orgasm - her right nipple feeling the warm sensation of a man's mouth while her left the opposite, cold and wet. I don't believe I have ever seen Lin's nipples so huge before.

After the nipple pampering session, while Nhan went to dry his hand, Phil moved behind Lin and without any warning, he cupped Lin's exposed D breasts from behind and gave them such a hard initial squeeze that my wife delivered a huge moan followed by "wow, you have such strong hands Nhan!" Phil continued to fondle her breasts between hard squeezes and nipple pinching before reaching down to give her thong a rub to see if they were wet and likely they were or should.

Just as it started to get exciting, Phil stopped when Nhan came back and took Lin's hand directing her to follow him. They all left the living room.

I hope they went upstairs as I quickly removed the living room SD card and inserted the one from our bedroom. Luckily, they did end up there as the light came on with Lin still blindfolded. 

Nhan gave my wife a deep kiss before instructing her to sit at the edge of our bed. Phil removed all his clothing showing off his amazing body -- well built 6-foot tall with his penis fully erected to almost 10 inches. Definitely his was considered large for an Asian. Only if my wife could see what was standing in front of her, she would likely have had another instant orgasm.

Phil stood in front of Lin and guided one of her hand towards his fully erected penis. Lin slowly stroked it before putting it in her mouth not knowing it was 10 inches long and was not Nhan's. She definitely took all 10 inches in and blew him for almost ten minutes. 

Phil finally removed his huge penis, stood Lin up, turned her over, and had her bent over at the edge of the bed with her legs slightly spread. He did not remove her thong but instead moved it to one side before inserting his finger into her wet pussy in preparation for his entries. He fingered her until she was dripping wet. As Phil was teasing her outer pussy with his penis, Lin called out, "hurry Nhan, hurry Nhan." Without further hesitation, Phil pushed all 10 inches into her and all you could hear then was Lin cried out, "oh-my-god!" Phil continued to pound her from behind while smacking her ass here and there as if he was riding a horse. Lin moaned louder and louder until she covered her mouth with one of her hand to quiet down. 

Nhan was still sitting on the other side of the bed enjoying the view but had started to stroke himself. 

Phil switched position with him lying on the bed and Lin sitting on top of him. It looked like she had better control this time taking 10 inches into her pussy when she only wanted to. Her rhythm started slow but eventually got fasten and faster and deeper and deeper. Phil noticed those massive breasts were bouncing all over and started to grab them with his firm hands while pinching those huge Asian nipples.

They switched to other positions a few more times ending with Lin lying on the bottom and Phil on top. When Phil was ready to release, he withdrew it from her pussy and exploded his load onto her face instead. He then inserted his penis into her mouth to release the last few drops. I have never ejaculated in or anywhere near my wife mouth but seeing what Phil did was such a turn-on and I will have to try the next time I have sex with my wife.

Phil removed his penis from her month once it had fully subsided. He quietly got off the bed to clean himself when Nhan quietly got onto the bed. Nhan spread Lin's legs apart and started to give her pussy an oral treatment. She started to moan again and began to gather up all Phil cum around her face and putting them in her mouth likely thinking they were Nhan's.

Phil has since returned and dressed and stood there watching Lin digesting his cum. He must have felt like a proud man having another woman take in his cum.

Nhan finally couldn't keep his hard on any longer so he inserted it into Lin's pussy and not within seconds, he exploded in her which must have surprised her given she probably thought he had just ejaculated on her face not long ago.

Nhan gestured Phil to leave and Nhan laid on top of Lin before finally removing her blindfold. They rested for a bit before both going into the bathroom for a quick shower together. Nhan dressed and left while Lin put on her nightgown and got into bed.

I don't know till this day if Lin knew she was being screwed not only by Nhan, but by Phil as well. If she did, what would her reaction be? 

The next morning, I asked my wife why she was in bed so early and her reply was off course, "I was tired." I must figure out a way to confront Nhan and Phil or figure out a way to get a piece of their wives. Phil's wife is one hot Japanese and just the thought of her is turning me on...

Part 3 : Lunch with pregnant sister-in-law

Unbelievable that another one of my fantasy finally came true last week. This one was not from watching my wife being screwed by her ex-boyfriend and his friend but rather it was I that had an incredible mid-day experience with her younger married sister. I have known her sister Lucy as long as I have known my wife for over 15 years. When I first met Lucy, she was one hot looking 17 years old Asian teen. Over the years she grew into this beautiful woman in her mide-20's with a body that no man or woman could resist. Her figure was perfect - 5'-5", 100 lbs., 32B-23-33, all natural with a beautiful face, firm tight bottom, long legs and silky smooth skin. 

Although I was extremely happy to be married to her older sister Lin, I have fantasized numerous times over the years of being with Lucy just for one night. I really wanted to experience what the younger and taller sister has to offer. I recall one encounter a few years ago while she was visiting us at our home; I accidentally saw one of her nipple exposed under her blouse when she bent over to play with our first baby boy. She definitely did not have any bra under which I still think it was intentional. I was so aroused and wished I could have tasted those nipples but instead, I went to the washroom and released my own load. 

Lucy did eventually get marry and had one beautiful girl whom is just over two years old and is pregnant again with her second. She is about 7 months into her second pregnancy so she is a little bit larger than usual but still looks terrific with that huge baby bump around her stomach.

This brings us to last week's encounter where my fantasy with Lucy finally came true. I was around her area when I decided to drop by for a quick visit during the lunch hour of which I have done occasionally in the past. When I got there I noticed she looked a bit upset but she did let me in anyway. She asked if I wanted any lunch and because I had a late breakfast, I declined but asked for a hot tea instead. Her husband was at work and her daughter just started her afternoon nap so with our tea, we sat next to each other and started our conversation quietly.

We did a bit of catching up for a few minutes before I finally asked her what's wrong as I noticed she was not herself. She quickly tear up and mentioned her and her husband had an argument this morning and possibly because of her pregnancy, her hormone was getting to her. Without hesitation, I leaned over and held her so that she had my shoulder to cry on. I initially did it innocently with no other intention as I have accepted the fact that she is married with children and she is my sister in-law, so that "one night" fantasy cannot happen. That's how I felt with my heart but my hormone got the better of me.

I was told when my wife was pregnant with our two children that she was always horny during her pregnancy. Her nipples were always very sensitive and she wanted to be felt all the times. I was hoping Lucy felt the same and given her emotional state, I figured I might be able to take advantage of the situation. 

I held her tighter and started to rub her arm for further comfort. She had on at the time what looked like some kind of a workout outfit for a pregnant woman. Tight purple t-shirt with likely a sport bra that made her breasts looked closer to a C and not B. She also had those tight long black stretchable pants on which did not show any underwear line. She either didn't wear anything underneath or just had a thong on but either way, I was eager to find out.

While gently rubbing her arm, I gave her a soft kiss on her forehead followed by a whisper in her ear letting her know that everything will be okay. I took the opportunity to lightly nipple on her earlobe thinking she might resist but she didn't. I then started to lick her inner ear and she responded positively by holding onto me tighter. The tighter she held, the more I felt of her breasts and tummy pressing up against me. At that point, I couldn't believe what I was getting myself into and did for a second thought I should stop. It was too late as my penis started to grow inside my trouser. 

I slowly moved from ear foreplay to kissing her. I could tell by her deep kisses that she was either very emotional or horny or possibly both. I repositioned myself behind her and started to lick and kiss the back of her neck while both of my arms were wrapped around her pregnant tummy. My hands quickly moved upward to her breasts where I gently fondled them. Her breasts felt so soft and full and the more I played with them, the more excited she got which led her to grind her butt up against my fully-grown penis.

I stood up and turned her around facing me before removing her shirts completely. Both her breasts jumped out as soon as I removed her pink bra. They were definitely larger than B and were so soft and full. I fondled her left with my hand while gently sucking her right with my month. I alternated between the two, which resulted to both nipples becoming extremely hard, pinkest and upright. Lucy was moaning louder and louder with each sucking motion. Not soon after, I felt some fluid coming out of her right nipple and because I too had sucked my wife's nipples numerous times during her pregnancies, I knew exactly what they were. It was definitely breast milk and it was sweet and wonderful. Its aroma got me so aroused that I started to insert one hand into her pants to see if she had a thong on and if so, was it wet. She did have it on and it was very wet indeed. I continued to indulge on Lucy' breast milk while fingering her wet pussy at the same time.

I finally removed her pants and thong before sitting her down on the sofa. While on my knees, I spread her legs apart and with amazement, I discovered not only a socking wet pussy but also one that was almost all shaved. I love a shaved pussy so I immediately started to lick it with my tongue. While focusing on her clitoris, I had both my hands massaging her breasts with my fingers gently squeezing those very tendered nipples, which got her breast milk squirting into the air uncontrollably. It was such an incredible scene. It didn't take her long for Lucy to experience her first orgasm that early afternoon, and when she came, she was so loud that she almost woke her daughter up.

Her chest area was full off splatted milk so I quickly had it all licked up. I couldn't believe I still had all my clothing on so she unbuttoned my shirts. Lucy quickly sucked my nipples before working her way down to my abs. She then removed my pants leaving my boxer still on. She then pulled my boxer down slowly exposing only the penis head and started to gently lick it. I was so ready for her to take the whole thing in so I removed the rest of the boxer myself. She definitely got the message and gave me one of the best blowjob I have ever received. I must admit Lucy was much better than her sister because she actually took the whole thing in and held it in her mouth. I did not want her to stop blowing me but was mindful that I didn't want to explode it in her month, I much rather come in her wet shaved pussy instead so I withdrew from her month.

It was time for some real action as I stood her up, turned her around with her back facing me, had her bent over with her legs spread apart. I slowly inserted my penis into her pussy from the back and when I did, she too pressed her butt up against me signaling she wanted it all in. Given her huge stomach, she couldn't bend over much making it difficult for me to grab her hanging breasts from behind. Instead I held on to her large tummy and fucked her from behind jamming it all the way in. I felt I was about to ejaculate so I withdrew and kissed her in order to rest a bit.

I really want more breast milk so I laid myself on the bottom with her on top. She gently inserted her soaking wet pussy on to my penis and slowly rode it back and forth, and up and down. I reached up to grab both breasts and started to squeeze them until milk started to squirt out all over. The harder she rode, the harder I squeezed which caused more milk to come out. After a few minutes, I could not hold any longer so I finally blew my load in her and she too had her second orgasm with another loud scream.

I was so exhausted as it was one of the best sex experiences I have had for a long time. Screwing a pregnant woman particularly a sister-in-law definitely gave that extra edge of excitement.

While we were dressing ourselves, I took one final stare at Lucy' naked pregnant figure thinking that it may be the last time I'd see that amazing body.

She thanked me for dropping by and suggested that I should come by for lunch more often over the next few months. We both agreed that this would be our little lunch secrete when I can come for some home made milk.

I went home that evening and did not mention a word to my wife of where I was over lunch. When the night came around and just the thought of Lucy and her breast milk got me so horny once again so I took it out on my wife Lin. Although I didn't have the huge pregnant stomach to contend with nor did I have any breast milk to indulge on, I did however have my wife's beautiful D sized breasts, which brought a different kind of excitement.

While lying there after Lin and I had sex, I felt a bit terrible for not telling her but given her numerous involvements with Nhan and Phil, I guess my guilt quickly went away.

I have not had Lucy's milk since that encounter but definitely I am planning for a visit sometime next week.

Part 4 : Threesome with wife and sister in-law

I have been back for a few more feedings since my first encounter with my pregnant Asian sister in-law Lucy. Just the thought of sucking on those tender nipples with her sweet breast milk continues to give me a hard on. Lucy finally had her baby and had completely recovered from her pregnancy. Her figure is superb. She no longer has the huge tummy but her breasts still remain pretty full and nipples quite perky. She is now nursing and complains that they are always leaking because they are so full of milk.

Last weekend, Lucy invited us over for a sleep over not only to give our children some playtime but as well to help her out since her husband was away on business for the week. We arrived just in time for dinner and after dinner, the kids entertained themselves while Lucy, Lin and I sat back and relaxed in front of the TV.

At about 8 pm, Lucy' baby fed her baby and because we were in her home, she pulled her left breast out right in front of us. Just seeing her exposed breast and the thought of sucking on that nipple got me extremely horny. I tried not to stare as my wife was next to me but did peek as often as I could. I was so horny that I wanted to take Lin upstairs and release my load in her immediately. After Lucy fed her baby, we put our children to bed for the night. We came down and decided to open a bottle of wine for the three of us. With Lucy still nursing, I knew she couldn't drink a lot and as for my wife, it doesn't take much to get her buzzed.

We finally finished the bottle and I could tell my wife had a glass too many. I had to help her up the stairs to the guest bedroom, and as I was walking up I heard Lucy called out and when I turned around, I saw Lucy expose one of her breasts which was kind of surprising given her sister was next to me. I completely understood her gesture meaning to drop by later for some feeding.

Once I put Lin to bed and checked to ensure she was completely out. I headed over to Lucy' bedroom and when I got there and to my amazement, she had on a two-piece lingerie set with a short baby-doll see-through sleep top and a full back bikini style panties that hugged her pussy lips tightly. Her nipples were all but ripping through that see-through top she had on. My penis instantly grew the minute I saw her. We kissed and I started to explore her amazing body. 

I laid her down with her legs hanging just over the edge of the bed. I sucked on her breasts through her top which quickly caused her areolas to rise with bumps and her nipples to leak. I then licked my way down to her inner legs before spreading her legs further apart and fingered the outer lips of her crotch through her panties.

Lucy asked that I take out her sex toys that were in a shoebox next to the bed on the night table. I opened it up as instructed and was amazed all the toys she had, a lot more than my wife. She had everything from handcuffs to different sizes of vibrators. I noticed she had a strap-on blindfold so I put it on her. I took out one of the vibrator I was familiar with because my wife has the exact same one as well called WeVibe. I slowly inserted it into her pussy under the panties she still had on. Her reaction was insane as she was moaning and writhing uncontrollably. 

I removed her top exposing her beautiful breasts. I started to massage them by pushing her breast milk toward the nipple area. Not soon after that, her milk started to shoot out like a sprinkler. While I was massaging her breasts that were coated with her milk, I felt like someone was watching us. As soon as I turned around to look, I was in shock to see my wife standing there at the door starring right at us. I don't recall ever losing my hard so quickly except for that instant moment. What was I to do? With Lucy still being blindfolded, she had no idea we have been caught. 

As I look closer at Lin, I noticed she had one hand massaging her breast and the other between her legs. That was another interesting moment seeing my wife masturbating in front of me with another woman. I have seen her masturbate before but not this way. I wondered if she was drunk and didn't realize what she was looking at or she was just too horny to care. Regardless, I took it as Lin's approval to proceed so I decided that I would give Lin a show. I returned to massaging Lucy' breasts and bent over to kiss her at the same time. The thought of my wife watching me screwing around with her younger sister was so exciting. 

So glad Lucy was blindfolded as she had no idea her sister was watching us. How would she have reacted if she knew? I had to quickly figure a way to tell her so that I have both of them on the same bed. I started to increase the vibration on the WeVibe that she still had in her and at the same time, sucked harder on her nipples. Just when I thought she was about to climax with her breathing getting faster, I leaned over and whispered in her ear asking if she would like her sister to join us for a threesome. She replied "oh yes" which surprised me. I had no idea if she was replying to my question or she was reacting to her orgasm.

Her orgasm finally came but I was not ready to call it a night. I removed the vibrator from Lucy to give her a break. Lin was still standing at the door with her legs spread apart masturbating. I went over to give Lin a kiss and I could feel from that kiss that she was different but extremely horny. I removed her soaked finger from her crotch and put in into my mouth and its taste and aroma were unbelievably arousing. I walked Lin over to Lucy and got her to kneel next to where Lucy still had her spread legs hanging over the edge of the bed. I removed Lucy panties and noticed it has grown some hair and was not as shaved as the last time I licked it. I played with her clitoris first by flickering it slowly and then pinching it between my fingers. I then shoved Lin's face onto it suggesting that she should start licking it. Without hesitation, Lin did as she was told; she placed her hands on both Lucy' ass cheeks and started tonguing her sister's count. I did not know if Lucy knew at that time it was her sister that was eating her pussy.

In-the-mean-time, I grabbed the WeVibe vibrator that I removed from Lucy just a minute ago and inserted into Lin's cunt which caused Lin to pause for a moment while she gasped for air. I went behind Lin and cupped both her breasts which had a very different feel than that of Lucy' milky breasts. I fondled them for a bit and at the same time asked Lucy out loud if she was enjoying her bigger sister cunt eating session. Off course her replied was a yes.

I removed my pants and boxer I had on and climbed onto the bed next to Lucy. My cock was already pulsing and twitching slightly, so I started to tease her by slapping it on her face. I noticed some pre-cum started to ooze so I quickly shoved it into Lucy mouth. By then, definitely Lucy had to have know with my cock in her mouth, it was someone else that was sucking her. While Lin was sucking her, Lucy was giving me a blowjob, it was beyond amazing how the sisters were cooperating.

I kept Lucy blindfold just incase her reaction in seeing her older sister could end the family threesome affair.

Lin was ready for something different. I left the vibrator in her and moved her up to Lucy' chest area. I slowly massaged Lucy' left breast with my hands pushing the milk toward the nipple area. I pinched her nipple and that was when her milk started to spray into the air uncontrollably. Lin tried to grab what milk she could with her month but eventually she planted her whole month completely over Lucy' nipple. I continued to massage while Lin continued to suck.

I recall asking myself whom I should screw first and decided it should be the younger of the two sisters.

I moved to where Lucy's legs were still spread and hanging over the edge of the bed, I stuck my middle finger into her cunt to determine how wet she was before inserting all of mine into her. I put her legs on my shoulders and began to slide my cap between her lips. Wow, she was soaked. It felt so good to be in her while at the same time playing with my wife breasts whom was next to me feeding on Lucy' milk. Lucy moaned as I forced my cock in and out of her wet cunt.

Since Lin was already on her knee in a doggy style sucking on her sister's nipples, I removed my cock from Lucy and repositioned it next to Lin's ass. I placed my cap right on Lin's tiny asshole. I grabbed my cock and slowly pressed it into her little crevice. Lin moaned a little followed by a couple of deep breaths. I jammed my head fully into her which caused her to scream a little possibly as result of the pain. I left it in there for a while in order to give it a chance to rest but in no time, Lin started to push herself back onto my rod. While I was pumping Lin's ass, I loved how her huge breasts were bouncing in sync with every hump I gave her. I also loved how my dick disappeared into my wife' sexy asshole with the warmth and tightness around it. Lin was getting the "work" with my cock in her ass and the vibrator in her cunt.

While I was fucking Lin, Lucy shifted her position to be right under Lin's huge breasts and grabbed both of them with her fingers twisting and stretching those large nipples. Lucy then took one of the nipples with her teeth and pulled them as far as she could. Lin was going crazy being screwed by the husband and at the same time, sucked by her younger sister.

I swapped the two of them around with Lin lying on her back and Lucy in a doggy style position on top of Lin. I gave Lucy what I gave Lin, I stuck my fully erect cock into Lucy' asshole and she too delivered a huge scream. 

Having two anal one after another were incredible - they both felt very different but yet brought similar sensation.

I continued to screw the two of them in different positions for what felt like hours. I finally had the both of them lying together with their faces next to each other looking up at the ceiling. That was when I released my massive load onto the their faces. I had both of them licked up every drop of cum left on me by putting my entire cock into their mouth.

I finally removed Lucy' blindfold and had them licked and kissed each other to share whatever cum they had left on their faces and in their mouth. That was amazing watching the two sisters caressing each other. I am not sure if that was their first time together but based on that night, I think they must have done this before as they seemed to be very comfortable with each other.

After I had a moment to recover, I gave both of them a hug and a kiss as my way of thanking them for the experience. I left with Lin to our guest bedroom and we both went straight to bed. As for the following morning, we didn't talk about the night before. We had breakfast with the kids and after breakfast while the kids were out playing and Lucy was nursing her baby, Lin sat me next to Lucy. To Lucy' surprise, Lin took out Lucy' other breast that the baby was not feeding on, Lin then shoved my face onto it and whispered in my ear to suck it in front of her. I obviously complied and had a delicious morning snack.

Our relationship amongst the three of us have gotten much more interesting but more importantly, much closer intimately. May be we should consider Lucy' husband next time. I'd love to see him screw my wife, his sister in-law in front of his wife. Possibly we could also have a sister swap amongst the four of us.

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