Saturday, 30 May 2015

Give Me a Hand

At University there had always been the three of us, a trio of girls who were rapidly closing in on their twenties and turning into women, and who hung around together. Ruth, petite and red haired, was the giggly and adventurous one, Dinah was the willowy blonde that any group needs to help pull the boys, and Dawn - that's me - was the mousy one, the bog standard, general issue female who doesn't stand out in any way, but makes up the numbers.

We were almost never apart, whether we were out clubbing or drinking, at gigs, raves or festivals, attending lectures, and even occasionally studying in the library, we'd always be together. We even went on multiple dates together to make sure that our boyfriends of the moment only got as far with us as we were prepared let them. In short we were known to be inseparable because we were seen doing everything together.

But there was one activity which we indulged in that we took care nobody saw us doing together. I'm not sure how that started, although I guess alcohol must have had something to do with it, but about once or twice a week we'd all get together in one of our rooms and have what we called our private fun time. If we were all in the right mood, and that was pretty often, someone would suggest that it might be playtime and then we would undress and either watch each other masturbate or help each other masturbate, or even use the vibrator that Ruth had bought on each other. The main aim, besides collapsing into embarrassed giggles, was to make each other come as hard and as often as possible. 

Now I must be clear that we were not really attracted to our own sex at all and everything we did was without any romantic overtones. To understand you have to remember that we were all subject to raging youthful hormones and unaccustomed freedoms at that time, and so we found it easy to be horny around each other. Fun time was our way of alleviating that horniness. So rather than being secret lesbians we were more like secret exhibitionists, if there can be such a thing, and our purpose was simply to have fun in each other's presence, you know, fooling around sexy fun. We didn't kiss, or make love, or anything like that, we just made each other orgasm, and then laughed at the noises we each made and the faces we pulled. The only time when any of us got even slightly more involved was once when Ruth went down on me, just, or so she said, to see what it was like. I must admit that I enjoyed it and I came really hard, but I don't think she thought much of it because it was never mentioned again.

Of course all too soon the time came when we left the university and went our separate ways, although we vowed to stay friends and keep in touch. And so we did at first, at least to an extent. We even met up a few times at and had a 'fun time' together, but soon serious boyfriends and careers, and then marriages and children, all got in the way. In the end Dinah's husband, Jed, landed a plum job with an Australian touring car race team and they emigrated. After that contact naturally tailed off to just phone calls and Christmas cards.

Now time had passed and we were all creeping up on thirty, and we were about to meet for the first time in years. This had come about because Dinah had come home for a visit, intent on catching up with friends and family, and she had suggested that the three of us got together one more time before she left to go back down under. She'd asked if she could stay over with one of us so that we could be just like we had been 'in the old days.' Both Ruth and I had a good idea what she had meant by 'the old days', but hey, why not? My place was the chosen venue because I was the one without a husband and/or kids to get in the way. 

I'd once had a husband, but he'd gone off with another woman and I haven't stopped celebrating since. He had about as much fun and adventure in him as a Trappist monk, the miserable little git. But I hadn't realised that when I married him of course.

Dinah was the first to arrive, looking as beautiful as ever in a powder blue two piece over a dazzling white blouse. How can anyone have twin boys and still look that trim? I haven't had any kids, but my figure is nothing like as good as it was, or I don't think so anyway, and my summer dress looked positively dowdy against her outfit.

I'd hardly had time to take her overnight bag from her hand when the doorbell rang again and Ruth stood there grinning like the famous Cheshire cat. We hadn't met for a couple of years and she'd put on a little weight since last I saw her, but she still looked prettier than she had any right to look in tight black slacks and a sweat shirt. We all hugged and kissed cheeks and then settled down to empty a couple of wine bottles, myself and Ruth sitting side by side on the sofa and Dinah in the big armchair opposite.

Of course Ruth and I wanted all the details of the Jed's job, not that we understood much of what we heard, and of what Dinah's home was like, how she'd coped with the numerous and unfamiliar Aussie snakes and spiders, and so on and so on. We 'oohed' and 'aahed' at what we considered the appropriate moments, gave her our genuine congratulations and tried to hide the broad green stripes that had developed down each of our backs.

Then we brought each other up to date with the more mundane bits of news, like how well the kids were doing at school, how good our newest gadgets were, how Ruth's family was settling in to her own new house, how the new diet fad was working and so on, and then we sort of ran out of steam and sat fidgeting and mutely looking at each other.

The truth was really that we'd not so much run out of steam as run out excuses to avoid the other, unspoken, reason for our get together. We all understood about that, but none of us had the guts to bring it up just in case we were wrong. All we needed was someone with the courage to actually say something, and each of us hoped it would be someone else. In the end it was Ruth who said the magic words.

'I think it's playtime, don't you?'

Of course we did, we were all feeling as randy as hell just at the thought, but we'd all hidden it just in case nobody else was. Now we all looked at each other with an innocent expression as if we'd never thought anything of the kind, and then we disintegrated into giggles when it was clear that we all had.

We pulled ourselves together and Ruth asked the customary question. 'How far?'

When, years before, we had first started having our fun times, we had always decided first how far we wanted to undress, but as we inevitably decided on stripping completely it just became a way of confirming everyone's consent, and "how far" essentially translated as "are we all cool with this?" To which there had developed a time-honoured reply.

'All the way.' Dinah and I chorused, pretty much in unison.

There was an excited expectancy in the way we all undressed. The quick nervous movements and shallow breaths all betrayed how we felt, even though we deliberately tried not to look at each other. We were all extremely anxious that this 'fun time' should be a good one, but we were very unsure how it would work after so long. In the end our collective nerve failed and we all just took our clothes off and then sat back in our seats to look expectantly at each other, each of us once again wanting someone else to make the first move.

'Your boobs have grown.' Ruth told Dinah, trying to break the lengthening silence without committing herself to anything.

Dinah cupped her breasts and jiggled them. 'I guess it's a legacy of two kids, along with my stretch marks.'

If she hadn't have mentioned them I don't think anyone would have noticed the marks, but her previously flawless belly did now bear the marks of motherhood. Not that it made her any less good-looking.

Then I noticed something different about Ruth. Her normally wild and curly red bush was completely gone. 'You've shaved.' I told her, as if she didn't know.

'Yes.' She agreed with a smile. 'Dale wanted me to. He said he got fed up with flossing his teeth every time he went down on me.'

Dinah leaned forward to get a better look. 'Let me see.'

Ruth parted her legs, showing us her smooth pussy to.

'It looks lovely.' I told her. 'Can I touch it?' 

I don't know what made me blurt it out like that, and I felt suddenly horribly embarrassed. I'd just wanted to feel the smoothness of her skin because shaving was something I thought of doing from time to time, but it can't have sounded that innocent. Fortunately potential embarrassment didn't seem to worry Ruth, probably because she thought it was my way of getting things moving, and so she just nodded and opened her legs a little wider. 

'Be my guest.'

I leaned across, reaching out to let the tips of my first two fingers run softly across her mound and then up and down each side of her pussy, gently stroking her labia. It felt so smooth, so soft and warm, so different to normally hairless skin, almost like skin that had been talcum powdered, and I just sat there trailing my fingers over her skin.

'That feels really nice.' I told her, unable to take either my eyes or my fingers from her pussy.

'You're telling me.' Her murmured reply made me smile.

Dinah watched me as I stroked Ruth, perhaps remembering the times when we played regularly with each other, but then she abruptly interrupted.

'Hey, come on. Aren't we getting a bit ahead of ourselves here? It always used to be self-service first, didn't it?'

She was quite right. It had always been our habit to begin a session by watching each other masturbate before any mutual touching. This time things had got off to a less organised start and we'd kind of missed out that bit.

'Trust you to be Miss Bossy-boots.' I told her, taking my hand way with obvious reluctance and rolling my eyes in mock frustration.

'Gotta do things right.' Dinah told me. 'Apart from that, you two can get together any time you want, I'll be half a world away and so I want my fun now. I want to remember today.' 

We couldn't really argue with that and so we just sat back as she settled back into the chair and spread her long legs wide, showing the fuzz of blonde hair that surrounded her pink and wetly shining pussy. We both watched her hand slide down between her legs and then, as she began to play with herself, we did the same.

I don't think any of us have a problem with being watched. I certainly don't. In fact, I love somebody seeing me touch myself. I don't know why but that's the way it is, and so having friends from my university days watching me play with myself gave me one hell of a buzz. I opened my legs as wide as my seat would let me and let my first two fingers find my clit. Then I just rubbed myself gently and gazed at the others in turn, watching them doing the same thing but in their usual different ways. 

Dinah was using two fingers, rubbing herself with quick little movements that danced back and forth over her clit, while Ruth was holding her labia apart with the first and third fingers, as I remembered she always used to, and using the extreme tip of her second finger to very softly circle the end of her clit, her hips jolting at the sensations she was producing. 

After a few minutes, after I was sure everyone's gaze had alighted on my pussy at least once, and when I could feel an orgasm slowly creeping up on me, I closed my eyes and just allowed myself get swallowed up by wonderful sensations. It was so damn good to play with myself so blatantly, knowing instinctively that at least one of the two girls would be watching me at any given moment, and so I let myself just enjoy the feeling and the company, being reminded of how enjoyable our times used to be by Dinah's quick little gasps and Ruth's throaty moans, and hearing my own involuntary noises becoming more pronounced as my climax crept closer. I wondered briefly why we had let such pleasures fade away, but then common sense gave me the answer. Time and circumstances. 

It was Dinah who came first, her little gasps turning into sharp little cries that built in volume, until suddenly she gave a keening wail and it was over. I opened my eyes and watched, imprinting her movements on my mind so that in the future I would always be able to remember her twitching and moving in her seat in her own jerky little way with her fingers flying over her clit and her head thrown right back. Dinah was always quick to come and her climax was perhaps not quite as intense as mine or Ruth's, but that didn't mean seeing her wasn't a turn on.

That said, I always found Ruth's climaxes more exciting to watch, because she comes much more heavily. She does it with her eyes squeezed tight, producing deep guttural groans while every muscle in her body seems to go into spasm. So a minute or so later, when she came, I made sure I watched her wriggling and writhing sinuously as she moaned and gasped until finally she went taut and rigid, her legs stretching out straight in front of her before her entire being seemed to collapse in on itself as her peak passed.

Suddenly both Ruth's and Dinah's eyes were on me, the last to climax as usual and enjoying the attention. I wonder sometimes if I subconsciously delayed my climaxes so I could be watched by the others, but I don't think so. I think it was just a happy coincidence that I was both the slowest to come and the most exhibitionistic. Whichever it was, it certainly worked for me this time, because my orgasm was tremendous, making me cry out and thrust up with my hips as each wave of pleasure poured through me. It seemed to go on and on before finally leaving me trembling from the intensity of sensations and gasping for breath.

'Wow, Dawn! You really enjoyed that didn't you?' Dinah observed when I finally came back to reality, her own voice not yet quite back to normal. I just nodded, unable to speak until I'd got my breath back.

It took a few minutes for any of us to be anything like recovered, and during that time we just sat there panting and grinning, three naked women with heaving chests and open legs. If anyone had looked through the window they would have wondered what the hell was happening.

'We haven't lost the knack then.' Ruth observed with a smile.

'It was good.' Dinah told us. 'And I'm going to go again.'

'Is that go or come?' I asked with a giggle.

'Both.' Dinah's hand slid back between her legs.

For a moment Ruth and I watched her begin to play again, but then Ruth looked at me and raised her eyebrows in query.

'Weren't we...?' She let her question tail off hopefully and turned slightly towards me, her legs spread wide.

'Yes, we were, weren't we?' I answered, moving closer to her and reaching out.

Once again my fingertips found the smooth skin of her soft outer labia and ran softly along them, up one side and down the other. It was lovely, stroking her and listening to her tiny sighs of contentment. She reached out her hand and gave my bare shoulder a squeeze of appreciation. There was no need; I was remembering how much I'd always enjoyed giving pleasure, perhaps even more than receiving it.

Soon my fingers moved so that they were travelling one each side, trailing up and down, creating little arousal noises. Ruth soon spread her legs even wider, inviting me to explore. 

'That looks nice.' 

Dinah's words interrupted us and we both glanced across, seeing her with one leg over each arm of her chair, giving us both the most explicit view of the two fingers she was pushing in and out of herself. There was no doubt that her display was deliberate, her comment designed to attract our attention.

'So does that.' Ruth played along, breathlessly echoing my own thoughts.

'Not sure how long this will last. My fingers are getting tired.' 

They were doing no such thing, of course, but Dinah always did like to be at the centre of things, and although she'd willingly begun to play with herself, she still wanted to be subject to someone's attentions and have them do it to her instead. 

It had always been difficult with three of us, because there was always going to be an odd one out, someone left to their own devices, someone who would have to play with themselves while the other two were busy together, and so it had long ago become the custom for each girl, as she had been brought to climax, to move on and do the same for the next one, each of us being "serviced" in turn. Dinah was trying to shortcut things, but Ruth was having none of it.

'Don't worry. I'll be there soon.' She told her, closing her eyes and surrendering to my ministrations for the moment.

I must admit that I still did find it exciting to be playing with one girl and watching another, all of us in the nude. I could see Dinah's pussy wet and open beneath the two fingers that were strumming at her clit while at the same time I was running my own fingers up and down Ruth's slit. By now I was stroking the inside of her labia, feeling the warm wetness of her entrance on the tips of my fingers and the hard little pea that was her clitoris as they passed it. Each time I touched her clit she jerked slightly from the sensation, and as my fingertips reached her hole she would push herself up a little, inviting me inside. She wanted both but to me it seemed to be which could I do best?

In the end I compromised. I slid from the sofa to crouch in front of her and push two fingers deep into her, and then I used the pad of my thumb to massage her clit. The deep little growl of pleasure told me I'd got it right. It wasn't long before her hips were gyrating on her seat and she was pushing back at my fingers in time to my thrusts.

'I'm coming.' She told me, stating the obvious.

Her eyes closed, her bottom lifted from the sofa and her hands made fists alongside her as the first rush of her climax hit. Then she groaned intensely and pushed herself against me as hard as she could each time, as if trying to engulf my entire hand. I pushed back, opposing her each time, adding another finger as I thrust into her as deeply as I could, wriggling them inside her to try and give her the maximum pleasure. She groaned and gasped and then, as always, her body went rigid, little gasping noises came from her mouth and then she simply sagged back, panting and shaking.

'God, you've got better.' She told me as she began to get her breath back. 'I thought you were going to push your whole hand in me there.'

'I was thinking about it.' I answered with a grin. 'You sure came hard.'

'I'm not surprised. How many fingers did you have up me?'

'Only three.' I assured her, adding playfully. 'I'll try for more if you like?'

Before she could answer we suddenly became aware of Dinah's gasps from diagonally behind me. I turned around just in time to see her shuddering into her orgasm. In honesty both Ruth and I had almost forgotten about her, so wrapped up were we in our own fun, while she had been busy watching and masturbating. Now we in turn watched her reach her climax.

She came as hard as we've ever seen her come before, her entire body jerking and jolting in the seat. We watched her face contort, screwed up and grimacing, with one hand gripping a breast so hard that the knuckles showed white while the other rubbed mercilessly at her clit. She looked as if she were going into a seizure, with her legs held rigidly out over the arms of her chair and every muscle showing tense and strained. I must admit that for a second or two I was actually worried for her, until she finally let out the long wailing sound that we knew so well and slumped into her seat, limp and spent, and I knew she had just had the most powerful orgasm of her life.

'Wow!' Exclaimed Ruth. 'What happened there?' 

Dinah just put up a hand and shook her head to tell us she couldn't speak yet, and we waited patiently for her to get her breath back, looks of curiosity on our faces.

'I guess you don't need a hand from me after all.' Ruth observed after Dinah's heaving chest slowed.

'Oh, don't say that.' She replied, leaving Ruth and I confused again. 

We looked at each other and then back at Dinah who looked back at us. We waited as Dinah closed her legs and composed herself.

'I'm not sure what made me come like I did.' She gasped out eventually, looking at me. 'I think it was what you were saying.'

'What were we saying?' I tried desperately to think back.

'About putting your whole hand inside Ruth.'

'I was kidding,'

'Maybe.' She was still panting for breath. 'But I've always wanted to try that.'

'What?' Ruth frowned. 'Put your whole hand up me?'

'No, the other way around.' She paused while she took a couple of deep breaths. 'I've always wanted to be fisted, but Jed can't do it, his hand is too big. I know 'cos we've tried.'

Ruth looked at me. 'I know what's coming, don't you?'

'I can make a good guess.' It was fairly obvious where the conversation was headed. 

'So you need a hand.' She told Dinah with an impish smile. 'In more senses than one.'

'Yes. Can you?' Dinah looked hopeful. 'Will you?'

'I've never done it, but I'll try.'

'You'll need some lube.' I told them both, rising and heading for the stairs, not really believing what was happening. Being fisted was high on my list of things not to do, the very idea sacred me to death, but if Dinah wanted it - well it was probably her last time with us. I was just glad that Ruth had offered and not me.

As I took the lube out of my toy drawer I hoped neither of them would ask how come I already had it, although I guess they would have understood that I live alone and toys are an essential these days. Even so, I didn't want to have to explain the giant vibrator I had, the one that stretched me whenever I needed to feel something big up there. Whilst I had that thing I didn't ever expect to need fisting. For a moment I thought of taking a toy or two with me, but then I decided it wasn't such a good idea, grabbed a towel from the airing cupboard and went back down. 

I was just in time to hear Ruth reassuring Dinah that she'd be careful. The atmosphere had changed from light-hearted fun and suppressed excitement to more than a little anxiety. I wasn't even directly involved but my heart was pounding.

'Don't worry, I promise to take it slow and easy, and if you don't feel happy about anything just say so and we'll stop.'

'Stopping is the last thing I'll want you to do, I don't ever expect to get the chance to do this again. But I will stop you if I absolutely need to.'

'Okay.' Ruth nodded, then turned and took the lube from me. 'Ready?'

Dinah opened her legs just as she had before, one over each arm of the chair she was sitting in, but this time she was trembling, whether from arousal or fear I'm not sure, but noticeably trembling. Ruth knelt directly in front of her and squeezed some lube onto her fingers. I sat on the sofa, and then moved a little to one side so that I could see everything that happened.

'That's it, I want you to watch.' 

Dinah sounded anxious and excited both at the same time. Her eyes shone with pure lust, something I don't think I'd ever seen on her before. It wasn't lust for either of us, but for what Ruth was about to do to her. 

'Go ahead.' She told Ruth.

For a moment Ruth hesitated and I thought she was going to back out, but then she reached forward and spread the lube liberally around Dinah's vagina, making her gasp from the cold of it. Then she used one hand to "wash" the other in lubricant, so that her hand was absolutely covered front and back. I hadn't realised how much she would use and the full impact of what she was doing suddenly hit home. Her entire hand, not just a couple of fingers but everything up to her wrist, was intended to disappear into Dinah's passage. I felt an excited shiver run through me. 

Then Ruth slid two fingers into Dinah, moving them in and out, gently finger fucking her for a minute or two before adding a third, and then a fourth, all the while pushing a little deeper each time. I know I'd watched them play with each other in the past, but then it had all been egging each other on with girly giggles, but now it had become much more determined, much more intense. Neither woman was laughing this time, Ruth was concentrating on what she was doing and Dinah was sprawled open, her eyes darting around nervously, her hands hovering as if ready to intervene, but all the time with a look of extreme arousal on her face. I was surprised to find that watching them like that, and knowing what was supposed to be coming, was really turning me on.

Ruth now had four slippery, shiny fingers pumping steadily in and out of Dinah's wet pussy and it looked wonderful, especially when she folded her thumb over her palm and kept going, pushing her hand into Dinah. At first she just pushed with her hand flat, but then, as she pushed forward she started to turn her hand over, twisting it as if screwing herself int. I could see her getting further and further in, until only the width of her knuckles was stopping her, and still she kept pushing and turning her hand, ignoring Dinah's hovering hand and the anxious little whimpers that she was making, trying her hardest to get her entire hand into Dinah's pussy.

'Relax.' She told Dinah, softly, reassuringly. 'It's working.'

'It's hurting a bit.' Dinah gasped. 'But that's okay, don't stop, just be careful.'

Ruth nodded and although I couldn't see her face I could almost feel her smile of encouragement. She was determined to succeed and be the first of us to fist another. The whole thing was getting to me and my hand slipped between my legs almost of its own accord to find my clitoris.

Suddenly, even as I watched, Ruth's hand twisted and moved forward. The barrier had been passed and her hand disappeared into Dinah so that shining wet pussy lips closed around her wrist. 

'Oh, my goodness, it's in.' Dinah gasped, her eyes widening in astonishment and exhilaration. 'Don't move; let me get used to it.' She reached forward and grasped Ruth's wrist.

'There, I told you it would.' Ruth held her hand absolutely still. 'How does it feel?'

'Fabulous, incredible, absolutely amazing.' Dinah smiled broadly, shaking her head as if in disbelief. 'I can't explain how it feels, it's just brilliant.'

It looked brilliant too; Ruth's hand was completely engulfed by Dinah's pussy. An unexpected thrill ran through me at the thought of what they had just done and my fingers rubbed at my clit. 

But it wasn't finished yet. For a minute or so Dinah just held Ruth's wrist and prevented it from moving, but then, very tentatively, she began to move it back and forth, making Ruth's hand move gently inside her but at the same time limiting how far she could go. I watched, totally spellbound and very aroused to see one friend actually fist fucking the other. Nobody could have told me how erotic I would find it. I found myself timing the slow and sensuous movements of my fingers over my clit with the movements of Ruth's hand.

'If I let go, will you take it easy?' Dinah asked Ruth, her understandable nervousness still evident.

Ruth nodded and Dinah released her wrist, her hand hovering close for a moment or two before she relaxed back and gave herself over to Ruth. 

'Oh, that's wonderful.' Dinah told her. 'You have no idea.'

'Sshhh, just enjoy it.' Ruth spoke so quietly it was almost a whisper.

I agreed with Dinah. Neither Ruth nor I could have any idea what it felt like, but if it was as good as it looked then it truly would be wonderful. Ruth began moving a little quicker, and I could see that she was also now turning her hand as she thrust into Dinah's body.

'Yes.' Dinah answered the unasked question. 'I love that. You can go a bit further if you want to.'

I didn't notice any deeper thrusts by Ruth, but she did push a little more firmly and a little bit faster. I noticed how much more quickly I was rubbing myself to keep in time with her.

'You're going to make me come soon.' Dinah announced breathlessly. 'Be careful, won't you?'

'I promise.' Ruth assured her. I could understand Dinah's worry. If she got carried away in her climax a sudden jolt could cause real damage if Ruth wasn't taking notice.

'It's happening.' Dinah was gritting her teeth as she set herself to hold still. 

It wasn't happening for me yet, much as I wanted it to. I was playing with myself hard, turned on, waiting and wanting to come, but not close enough yet. I wasn't going to make it before Dinah came. I would be late as usual.

'I know.' Acknowledged Ruth, her hand still moving back and forth inside Dinah's passage. 'Just let it happen.'

'Oh God.' Dinah began to give out her usual little gasps and whimpers as her orgasm arrived, but instead of jerking around she was visibly holding herself rigid, trying to prevent her pelvis from jolting the hand inside her. But Ruth was equally aware of the possibilities and rode with Dinah's movements, pulling back a little when Dinah's bottom lifted only to push back in as it subsided, and still maintaining the twisting, thrusting action that was giving Dinah such pleasure.

Eventually Dinah shuddered as her orgasm began to pass, and Ruth slowed her movements until she was back to being stationary with her hand still encased in Dinah's pussy. I was far from being still though; I was rubbing my clit like mad, jealous of Dinah's enjoyment and needing to come like never before. Even watching Ruth's hand, slick and slippery, slither sexily out from inside Dinah, and see her pussy lips close slowly behind it, wasn't quite enough to send me over the edge.

'Give me a hand, please.'

I'm not sure if I knew what I was saying when I said it and it was deliberate, or if I thought I was just requesting help to orgasm, but both Ruth and Dinah stared at me in disbelief as they understood my appeal in a totally different way. Then, the moment I realised what they were thinking a wave of lust swept through me and whatever I meant before, I now wanted just what they thought I did. My earlier thoughts were forgotten as I did a complete about face. Having seen Dinah enjoy it so much now I wanted to be fisted too.

'Are you sure?' Ruth asked as she wiped her slippery hands on the towel.

'I need a hand.' I repeated with a nod, adding. 'Fist me someone.'

'My turn.' Dinah announced, looking surprised. 'Let me get my breath back first.'

She might have asked for a breather, but she didn't seem to need one because she immediately came and knelt between my legs, looking at my pussy.

'It's absolutely amazing.' She told me, still breathing heavily. 'You're going to love it. It'll be the sexiest thing you've ever done.'

I hoped she was right. I wasn't feeling as nervous as she had been, but I was still apprehensive. I licked dry lips as I watched her reach for the lube and squeeze some onto her fingers.

'Same rules?' I asked. 'Stop if I tell you to?' 

I wasn't backing out; I was far too turned on for that. I just needed to hear her promise. Her breathing had quietened and she smiled up at me quite calmly. 'Yes. And I'll be careful.'

I was reassured by her manner, but before I could say so she suddenly placed her lube covered fingers on my pussy, making me flinch at the sensation of cold lube on hot flesh. She looked up anxiously, even though she had reacted in the same way earlier.


'Yes, do it.'

My heart was hammering in anticipation and my breathing was quick and shallow, I wanted it so badly I could hardly contain myself. I felt like shouting to her and telling her to get her damn hand in there right now. But I knew it had to be done slowly and gently, both for reasons of pleasure and safety, and so I forced myself to bend my legs right back and open them even wider, and then passively let her spread the lube around my hole. Ruth sat down beside me, staring in fascination at what Dinah was doing.

'Press down to go under the pubic bone and turn your hand over as you push in,' she advised, making it sound horribly cold-blooded and technical for a moment.

Dinah nodded. 'I felt what you did,' she reminded Ruth as she coated her hands with lube.

I was scared, but the first finger that entered me instantly changed all that. It felt beautiful in its own right as well as serving as a precursor reminding me what was to come. I sighed involuntarily and leaned back, surrendering myself. Dinah wiggled her finger a couple of times, and then I felt another join it, side by side inside my vagina, pushing slowly and firmly in and out, from just inside to full depth and back. I looked across at Ruth, still staring eagerly at me, and then down at Dinah, seeing there a mix of excitement and concentration. God, I felt so aroused by what was happening and from being the centre of attention for the two women. I was wet and open, ready for anything and impatient for everything. 

Dinah wriggled another finger into me, looking up to check that everything was still okay. I smiled down and nodded, statement made without a word being spoken. My only concern was that I was getting too turned on, too excited, so hot that I feared I might come before it happened, though I suppose feared is perhaps the wrong word.

'I might come too soon,' I told her.

'There's no such thing as too soon.' She scolded me. 'Soon just means there'll be time for another.' 

I should have known she'd take it as a challenge. I looked down at her, seeing an almost wolfish smile on her face as she tried to make me come, her breasts jiggling as her three fingers began thrusting more purposefully, her thumb reaching up to deliberately rub against my clit. I could see that she wasn't going to stop until I came, and it felt too good to prevent her, so I just let it happen.

It was a harder, longer, and much more intense climax than the previous one, perhaps because I wasn't doing it to myself, and perhaps because of what I was expecting to follow. Anticipation can be a great stimulant sometimes. When it was over I was gasping and trembling, my legs held wide and a grinning Dinah kneeling between them.

'That was the starter, now for the main course.' She announced, her fingers still moving inside me and sending little darts of enjoyment through my orgasm sensitised pussy.

I was so turned on I felt light-headed, I wanted it so badly. I watched as Dinah turned her hand sideways to insert the fourth finger, thrusting into me and at the same time turning her hand back and forth, widening my entrance and making me ready. Then she paused, looking at me as if seeking final permission, and smiled back when I licked my lips, smiled nervously and nodded. 

Still looking into my face she folded her thumb into her palm and began to push in earnest. I stared back at her, willing myself to open and take her, feeling her twist and wriggle her hand as she pushed down and in, knowing it was going in just a little bit further each time. I was full, uncomfortably full and it began to hurt, a burning pain beginning to grow as my pussy was stretched beyond its normal capacity. The hurt grew stronger and I could feel my face tightening under it. I was frightened I would tear and I so tempted to tell Dinah to stop before anything happened, but it felt so good at the same time and there was no way I was going to give up if I didn't have to.

'All right?' Dinah asked, seeing my discomfort.

'Yes.' I told her through tight lips. 'Don't stop,'

She pushed and turned her hand again, forcing her way further inside me, the discomfort grew and then, just as I was feeling I absolutely needed to quit, her hand slid forward in a strangely beautiful slither, all discomfort ceased, and she was inside me, her entire hand in my pussy and my entrance closed around her wrist.

'Oh my god.' I breathed, holding myself motionless, my eyes darting from Dinah to Ruth and back, a smile of wonder and exhilaration breaking out across my face. 'I'm actually being fisted.'

For a few moments we all remained still, a tableau of naked women overwhelmed by what we were doing, while I looked down at a wrist sticking out of my pussy. It was an absolutely awe-inspiring sensation, and I could hardly believe it was happening.

'Nice?' Dinah asked eventually, her face lit by an excited smile.

I nodded carefully and a little nervously, still trying not to jerk or to push back at her hand in response to the overwhelming sensations. 'You were right, it is absolutely amazing.'

'What do you want me to do?' She asked, unsure of how to go on. 

'Whatever you want.' It was more of a gasp than anything else. I was getting used to the feeling and wanted to try more. 'Just take it easy.'

Dinah smiled and then began to slowly and tentatively open and close her hand a little inside me.


'Wonderful.' I closed my eyes to just let the feeling wash over me, conscious at the same time of Ruth leaning forward to get a better view, one hand reaching for and softly stroking the back of my folded thigh. The thought that she was watching so intently was only adding to my pleasure.

Slowly but surely Dinah began to move more surely inside me, her hand opening and twisting gently at the same time so that her fingers tracked across the roof of my passage until she closed her hand again. It felt so bloody good I just wanted more of it. But then she gave me more as she started to thrust into me, gently and slowly at first, but then more quickly, timing it so that she moved forward as her fingers closed and then opening them as she moved back, never in danger of doing hurt but filling me with a squirming, twisting, writhing, chunk of ecstasy. 

'My god, Dinah, who told you how to do that?' I gasped, opening my eyes for a second to see the concentration on her face. 

'Nobody, I just figured you'd like it.'

'Like it? It's fantastic. But be careful if I come.' I cautioned her.

'It's not if, it's when. Because I'm not stopping 'til you do.' She told me.

That was what I wanted to hear, even though I'd recently come and wasn't ready to climax again yet. There was nothing I wanted to do now except hold on and enjoy the ride, to let her do whatever she wanted to me, inside me. I daren't let go of my legs, I just held on to them, holding them right back to give Dinah access to me, even though I desperately wanted to join in, to tug at my breasts, to squeeze my own nipples and to rub at my clit. Anything to add that little extra to the breath-taking sensations that I was feeling, that little extra thrill that would send me over the edge into orgasm.

Then somehow Ruth seemed to sense what I needed, for she stroked her hand all along my leg to my pussy, running a couple of fingers around my overstretched hole as if to feel Dinah's wrist entering me, and then traced my slit until they could rub gently at my clit, light, rapid, fairy-fingered strokes across my button that soon had my pussy on fire.

I wanted to tell them how good it felt, but I was past that, past any rational thought at all, and I just smiled at them, shaking my head slowly from side to side to convey my wonder as they brought me closer and closer to a what I knew would be a gigantic orgasm.

'I'm going to come.' I warned them. 'Please be careful.'

'Relax.' Dinah reassured me. 'Just enjoy it like I did.'

I was lucky. When the tornado that was my climax hit me a couple of minutes later, the position I was in prevented me from making any sudden movements. My pelvis wanted to thrust itself onto Dinah's hand, but with my legs held back it could find no leverage and my head jerked back instead. Time after time another massive shockwave ran through me, sending my head and neck jerking and jolting around, turning the gasps and cries that I couldn't restrain into incoherent coughs and hiccups that made both Ruth and Dinah smile in amusement. But there was nothing I could do, Dinah's hand and Ruth's fingers united to send wave after wave of sensations along my nervous system, spreading out from my beautifully abused pussy to the tips of my extremities, making my muscles spasm and sending my senses into overload. It was the most fantastic, awesome, all consuming orgasm I have ever had in my entire life. So good that I wasn't sure that I could endure it, until, of course, I did.

When it was over Ruth sat back, watching me with a look of total wonder on her face, while Dinah rocked back onto her heels, just gazing silently at me with her hand still inside me, motionless now, waiting for me to be ready for her to remove it. I nodded, slack-mouthed and silent, not wanting to lose her but knowing that I must. She turned her hand gently and withdrew it with surprising ease. It seemed to just slide out, hardly pulling at my entrance as her knuckles passed through so much more easily than the other way. 

That was the upside, the downside was that she left me feeling strangely empty and forsaken, almost as if I'd been abandoned. It was a strange feeling and one I can't explain. I knew now why Dinah had been so eager to start on me, and now I was just as impatient to do the same to Ruth.

'Your turn, Ruth.' I told her as soon as I had enough breath.

She shook her head regretfully. 'I wish I could.' She explained. 'But my period's too close. I'm too tender right now.'

The look on her face told me that she was genuine, rather than trying to back out of anything.

'Can we meet another time?' She asked me.

'I don't think there's any doubt of that.' Dinah interrupted. 'I can see enthusiasm written all over Dawn's face. She'll want it again and that's a certainty.'

She was right, of course. I did want to take it again, and to try doing it to Ruth. It was just as shame that Dinah wouldn't be around so that I could repay the unbelievable pleasure she had just given me. I'd not wanted to be fisted at first, never in a million years. But a girl's entitled to change her mind and I'm so damn glad that I did.

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