Tuesday, 28 April 2015

On Our Honeymoon

My wife and I have been happily married for over 10 years - she is truly my best friend and my soul mate. What happened on our honeymoon set the tone for a very interesting lifestyle for us.

We had a huge wedding, and after the reception we did not get home until almost 2am. We were exhausted. We ended up falling asleep minutes after we got home. The next morning, we had to rush out of the house to go to the airport for our flights to Hawaii. There were major weather issues on the west coast, and we ended up being delayed out of San Francisco. Again - we did not get into our hotel room until well past midnight and we were so tired we could barely see straight. Then, we ended up oversleeping the next morning, and had to rush out of our room to catch a 1/2 day booze cruise/snorkel cruise we pre-booked ahead of time. Still no sex!

The cruise was amazing, though. One of the workers on the boat, Marco, was paying a lot of attention to my wife. It was kind of fun to see them flirt back and forth - and of course the more "rum punch" my wife had, the more flirty she became. As we were leaving the boat at the end of the day, Marco asked where we were staying. I told him the name of our hotel and I decided to tell him that he was more than welcome to stop by and have a drink with us if he wanted. I did not expect anything to become of that invitation, but I could not believe it when Marco showed up about an hour later at the hotel lounge where my wife and I were having a drink. He sat at the table with us, and the 3 of us had a great time together. As it started to get dark, I told Marco that the view from our balcony at sunset was supposed to be amazing, and Marco said he would love to see it.

It probably looked a bit odd as we all got up to leave - a young white couple, meeting a black guy at the bar, and then leaving with him! lol

Honestly though - even as we walked to our room, I thought it was just an innocent fun kind of thing. But when Marco and my wife were sitting on the bed together, I got the idea that something more could be in store for all of us.

Marco was talking about what it was like to work on the boat - and how some of the European women will just go around topless like it's no big deal. I decided to make a joke to my wife and asked her "I think you should pretend you are from Europe, honey" - and she was in just the right mood to agree to that. Marco's eyes got so big as he saw my wife take her bikini top off. It got real quiet real quick in the room.

For a few minutes, Marco just stared at my wife's creamy white breasts, until eventually his dark hand went up to touch one. My wife asked me "is this ok??" and I assured her it was. Soon Marco had both breasts in his hands, and he leaned in to start sucking on them. My wife's nipples are VERY sensitive, and in no time she was moaning softly. Her hand naturally started to rub Marco - and at the same time, Marco kissed his way up my wife's neck to her lips. I was there watching my wife make out with a black guy, topless, in our hotel room, and on our honeymoon no less!

My wife realized what was about to happen - and she broke away from kissing Marco and told him "my husband and I have not even had sex yet - and it's our honeymoon!" Marco simply said not to worry, and that I could have my turn after he was done. As Marco moved down to remove my wife's bottoms, my wife asked me again if I was sure I was O.K. with this. I just told her to enjoy herself, and boy did she ever.

It was like I was not even there in a way...my wife and Marco went at it like long-time lovers. Marco's cock was massive, and she told him to go slow at first so she could get used to its size.

He was only 1/2 way in when my wife yelled out to me "oh god - he is so BIG!". But once her body adjusted to it, she was in heaven. I know my wife will orgasm with me if she works at it hard enough - with Marco it just happened. Repeatedly. He was doing more for my new bride sexually than I could ever hope to do for her.

My wife could not stop moaning - every now and then she would look at me and say "Honey, I love you" then go back to making love to Marco. To see her very white Irish body wrapped around the strong, black body of Marco was beautiful to see. He had amazing stamina - he was like a machine. I was SO impressed. After about 45 minutes of banging my wife, I could tell he was just about at the point of no return. I asked him to pull out of my wife when he came but Marco did not listen to me. Moments later he arched his back and unloaded his cum deep inside my bride. Marco consummated our marriage for me - and I could not have asked for anything better for her. 

After a few more minutes of passionate kissing, Marco got off the bed and told me I could have her now. My wife was laying on her back, her legs still spread open, and her pussy was gaping wide open and overflowing with Marco's semen. It just seemed natural for me to go down and start licking her - and I could not believe how aroused I was to be tasting him. As Marco got dressed, he encouraged me to get every drop I could, and came over and kissed my wife one last time before leaving. She made him promise to stop by again to help celebrate our honeymoon, and he promised he would. I never thought it would be possible, but I was more in love with my wife after Marco finished with her, than I have ever been. 

The rest of our honeymoon was wonderful. Marco did stop by on our last day there to give my wife one last wedding "present" as he called it. It was not as special as that first time, he basically bent her over the bed and took her from behind. And yes - I had clean up duty when he was done, although Marco had me clean his cock off as well this time. What was kind of fun, was when he walked with us to wait for a taxi to take us to the airport. My wife and Marco could not stop kissing each other! The looks we got from other couples was priceless - especially when my wife and I got into a cab and said "it was nice meeting you!" lol

But knowing another man's cum was inside my wife as we flew home, was kind of exciting to think about. 

When we got home, we talked about if/when my wife should ever have sex another man again. We both admitted it was very exciting for both of us, but we did not want to make it a regular thing.

So - we agreed on once a year...and guess what day we decided on?

Our anniversary date! 

So, every year on "our" special day, we find another guy (usually black) to have sex with my wife. We have used the same guy now for the past 4 years - and he has been great. He knows what we want, he knows it's just a once-a-year treat for her, and he is super cool about it all. Even when I go down on my wife after he pulls out, he is understanding. We are so lucky to be able to share something so intimate between us.

I am probably one of the few guys who will never, ever forget my wife and my anniversary! lol 

Thank you Marco, for starting our married life together in a fantastic way.

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