Tuesday, 28 April 2015


The adult store was long and narrow. The wooden swing doors through which we had entered from the street swung closed behind us and we stopped and looked around. On one side of the shop there were dishevelled shelves bearing an array of all kinds of adult explicit magazines ranging over the entire gamut of the fetish spectrum. In the centre were glass topped display cabinets filled with all kinds of sexual aids, lotions, dildos and love potions and oils. On the other wall, to our right, was a display of erotic lingerie and naughty attire for both men and women. The service counter stood down near the back, with a bored sombre looking guy casually flicking through today's newspaper. Behind him there was another doorway covered by a velvety curtain, A sign 'Videos' was prominent above it.

We moved slowly down past the counter towards the curtain, casually taking in the whole store in the process. The man glanced up as we moved past him and then returned to his reading. The curtain led us into another room of about the same size but filled with videos. There were several aisles, and as we moved to the first one, we noticed there were several people browsing the various titles intently. As we looked at the videos on display on the walls I whispered to my wife, Angela, if she was interested in renting one at all. She pretended to be uninspired but gave an affirmative confirmation nonetheless.

As we turned the corner of the next aisle we both simultaneously spotted a small sign on the wall. "Theatre entrance located at rear of building." We both looked at each other for a moment. 

"Well?" I asked, looking at her with a slight sideways grin. Her eyes held the same conspiratorial look and glint. 

"Come on then." I said.

I grasped her hand and led the way back to the front of the store.

"You have to buy tickets here." The man at the counter spoke in a dead-pan procedural manner. "$10 for a flick-each." He glanced up peering at both me and Angela. I watched his eyes glance over me and then lasciviously wander over Angela. She was looking almost dressed for dinner, wearing black high heels, sheer black stockings and a black evening dress. She had on a stylish tight-cut sweater, as it was winter and cold out. She had on not much makeup, which accentuated her natural beauty and her blue clear eyes. Her pale skin was accented sharply by her striking red hair that swept gracefully down her shoulders. She looked stunning. The dress showed off her figure perfectly, highlighting her sexy flayed hips, and her tight flat stomach. The slight swell of her small tight breasts was apparent even through her sweater. We returned to the counter and I paid the man his money. 

"Entrance's round the back." He told us handing the tickets to us.

"Thank you." I replied and led Angela out of the store.

Cars raced by once we were out on the street again. Some people glanced at us from up the street as we emerged and we tried to look unembarrassed and relaxed. We headed up the street and found the side street which led to the theatre entrance at the rear of the building. I had never been to an adult theatre before, and had an excited, constricting feeling in my stomach and a hint of nervousness as well. I grasped Angela's hand as we moved through the doorway. It was very dark inside and I heard a voice beside me:

"Tickets please."

I fumbled in my pocket, found them and handed them over. 

"Up the stairs and to the right."

The stairs were very dimly lit, and the whole place had an eerie 'olden day' atmosphere. Angela glanced nervously at me and gripped my hand tighter.

"Everything's cool baby. Just try to relax and enjoy the movie." I said. "Excited?"

She nodded and smiled back. We reached the top of the stairs onto a small landing. From there we could hear the tacky music and the familiar groans associated with an adult movie emanating through a black curtain to our right.

"Are you ready to go through?" I asked her. 

She again nodded.

We stepped through the curtain and stood for a time adjusting to the dark room. Our bodies were illuminated by the light from the screen otherwise the theatre was in darkness. It was a medium sized theatre, about 15 rows of seats on a slight downwards angle, each row holding maybe 10 or 15 seats. The movie playing was a typical American porno-blockbuster. The current scene showed a one-on-one lesbian between two very well endowed blonde women who were groaning into each others' genitals as they licked and sucked each other to oblivion in a 69 position. As our eyes adjusted I noticed there were about 15 - 20 people sitting and watching the film. There were even a few couples like ourselves dotted around the theatre. As I glanced around I noticed a few eyes darted in our direction and then lingered when they caught sight of Angela.

We stayed at the entrance for a few moments before moving down the aisle to find a seat. 

"I can feel eyes on me" Angela whispered excitedly to me. 

"I know, I can sense it too." I replied. 

Some of the theatre goers eyes must have been glued to Angela's gorgeous curves as we moved down the shallow aisle steps to a seat. I slid my hand down from her waist to her gently swaying ass as I moved her to a seat. Once seated we felt more relaxed. Angela whispered to me again. 

"I feel so excited! Having those eyes on me really turned me on."

"I know," I told her."I'm turned on too by the thought of people checking out your hot little body."

She playfully hit me in the shoulder. "Shut up you!" She said.

We turned our attention to the movie. The lesbian scene was in its last throes and we were both disinterested a little. We were more excited by our physical surroundings. I kept peering around and then noticed a man several rows in front of us who kept turning slightly to stare back at us, or Angela I should say. Angela hadn't noticed so I pointed him out to her.

"How about a bit of a show?" I inquired. 

"I don't know..." She said. "It could be dangerous." 

"What's going to happen?" I asked. 

Without waiting for her response I began to slowly hike up her dress, the hem slid up her smooth thighs and reached the dark band at the top of her stockings.

"Don't!" She whispered harshly at me. 

"Come on - what's the problem?" 

"...I'm embarrassed." She at last confessed. 

"Well don't be, you're gorgeous. You know it and I know it. So does everyone here in fact! So does he!" I said, nodding subtly in the man's direction below us. His attention was riveted on Angela's hem line. Angela relaxed her grasp on my hand and I resumed sliding it up her thighs, now revealing the straps of her black lace garter belt. 

"Spread your legs a little baby." I whispered. She did as she was instructed, giving the voyeur below us a tantilising view of her sheer black satin panties.

I could feel her breath in shallow gasps upon my neck as I leaned over her. Her heart was beating fast and she clenched my arm as I spread her legs even wider. From my angle I couldn't see but I could imagine what our voyeur was seeing, with her legs spread, and her dress pulled up with the hem nearly around her hips, her panties would be straining tautly against the slight bulge of her womanhood. And, if the man stared closely enough, he would be able to make out the thin rectangle of Angela's well trimmed pussy. I felt my cock straining against my pants. I was extremely turned on by the lurid show we were giving the man below us. 

As my hand brushed Angela's pussy I could feel its heat emanating around my fingers and I knew she was also enjoying the experience, despite her nervousness. I had to go further. 

"Don't!" Angela tried to catch my arm as I moved towards her again. I watched the man's expression cloud with lust and I permitted myself a slight smile as I slid my fingers beneath the edge of Angela's panties and slowly pulled them to the side, exposing Angela's glistening pussy to the theatre. 

"Be a good girl." I whispered back. 

I gently lifted one of her legs and laid it over the arm of the chair Angela was sitting in. She was totally exposed and her face was flushed with a mixture of embarrassment and pure excitement. I caught sight of a smile flash over her face for an instant and knew she was enjoying this as much as me. She relaxed again despite her legs spread lewdly apart and her wet pussy on proud display to anyone who cared to look.

"Touch yourself." I told her. 

She was hesitant. 

"Do it." I said again. 

Reluctantly she slid her hand down and rested it on her stomach. She looked at me and then locked gazes with the voyeur below us as she slid her hand down to her pussy, her finger gently flicking and rubbing at her erect clit. She let out a quiet moan which was masked by the noises from the film. Her fingers traced sensuous lines around her pussy and she at last closed her eyes and drifted into bliss.

My cock was fit to burst! I watched the man below us. He had swivelled in his seat to face us properly, his chest resting against the back of the seat he was in. I could see slight movement in his arm and guessed he was masturbating over the sight we had presented him with. Others had caught on to the show as well I realized as I looked around the theatre. Some were still enjoying the film obviously but a few more pairs of eyes were looking in our direction, specifically at my sweet woman's naked cunt. Angela, enclosed in her sweet reverie, was unaware of all the added attention. But no doubt it would have turned her on. Light from the film was reflected in the slick juices from her pussy and her fingers were now moving over her clit at an unconcious rate of lust. It was quite a show.

"Suck my cock baby." I leaned in and whispered into her ear. 

She opened her eyes and stared at me with her 'come to bed' eyes. She leaned over and rubbed my swollen member through my pants, teasing me slightly. 

"Do it baby." I whispered.

She smiled, unzipped my pants, and released my cock from its restraints. Angela knelt up in her seat to give her better access and then bent over and in the process left the other patrons with a view of her smooth ass and pussy barely concealed by her sheer satin G-string, with her dress still up around her hips, her garter belt, high-heels and stockings just accentuating the display.

Sinking my cock into her sweet warm mouth I groaned deeply at the sensation. Angela could suck cock better than anyone I had encountered and this time was no different. I felt her tongue lap at the pre-cum on the head of my cock while it was between her lips. With one hand she gripped my shaft in a tight grip and slid it gently up and down while sliding the swollen head into her mouth. She began to moan softly with the sensations and I saw her slide her hand down to her swollen pussy to resume its previous course. All embarrassment and shyness had left Angela as she continued to devour me and bring herself off.

I turned my attention back to the voyuer a few rows in front of us. His eyes were glazed with lust as he stared at Angela's sweet ass and watched as she swallowed my cock hungrily. I looked around the theatre and could see that other patrons were also enjoying the show. Two men moved into the aisle behind us to get a better view. They sat down just behind Angela where they watched her head bobbing up and down over my cock, her cheeks bulging with the treasure in her mouth. They could also watch her as she touched and rubbed her pussy through her soaking panties, her ass merely inches from their faces. 

I leant over Angela and spread the cheeks of her ass. The tiny g-string slip of material was useless to the men's probing gazes,and the outer folds of her lips were clearly visible. I then returned my attention to the delicious blow-job I was receiving. One of the men had slid his cock out of his pants and began rubbing it vigorously.

I could see it was thick and extremely swollen. He needed desperate relief from the show he was seeing. The other was bolder and reached a tentative hand over the seat to let it rest on Angela's upturned ass. Rather than panic, Angela began to grind against it as best she could, emboldening the man somewhat, he began to massage her ass and slide his fingers to join her own fingers on her pussy. Angela glanced up at me sexily moaning slightly louder when she felt his fingers pull her panties to the side and enter her wet pussy. This encouraged the second man, who, while jacking himself off furiously, also began to fondle Angela's ass. He found an alternate route however and began to lubricate her delicious asshole with the copious juices from her pussy. 

After a time he traced his fingers around the rim of her asshole slowly and then delicately slid a finger up to the knuckle into her. Angela gasped, but that was quickly replaced by a moan as she became accustomed to the fingers assaulting her pussy and ass. She began to buck her hips back at them urging them deeper inside her. I was nearing the point of no return. I stared around the theatre again. Almost all eyes were on our little show. I spotted about five men in the nearby vincinity with their cocks out masturbating furiously while watching my woman's ass and pussy being ravished by two strangers fingers. Two others had entered the row in front of us and were now sitting just in front of Angela, facing us, away from the screen. They joined the first two men in their discovery of Angela's earthly delights, their hands roaming over her ass and pussy, sliding up under her dress to rub and squeeze her tits. Angela was writhing in pleasure and emmited moans deeply from around my cock every now and then when one of them touched her somewhere deeply. Finally I couldn't take anymore. I felt my throbbing cock begin to pulse of its own accord. 

"I'm coming baby." I told her. 

She ignored me and kept sucking, even harder in fact. Suddenly I felt a surge in my loins and a load sped from my cock smacking the back of her throat. She gulped it down before pulling my cock from her mouth and began jacking me off onto her face. My cock pulsed again, and a ropey load of cum shot over her cheek, landing in her open mouth. Her tongue flicked out to catch the next shot and she left her mouth wide open until I was spent. She then slid my shrinking member back into her mouth and sucked me dry. 

She was a sight! Her face was laced with sticky strands of cum that had begun to drip down onto her cleavage. I had never known Angela to eat cum like that. She was wild. I looked into her eyes and saw they were glazed over with lust for cock and cum. She was hungry. It turned me on even more despite the fact that I had just come. All feelings of nervousness in her were most definitely gone as she turned to face the men with her cum-spattered face.

All four strangers had their cocks out now. She reached over the back of the seat and grasped the one nearest her. The man's expression melted as she drew his cock into her soft velvety mouth. 

"God, she sucks cock like a dream." The man murmured under his breath. 

He slid his hands around her head and guided her pace faster over his stiff cock. One of the other men in the lower aisle climbed over the back of the seat into our row and knelt up in front of Angela presenting her his cock. I watched as Angela grasped it in her free hand and began to masturbate him teasingly, sliding her hand up and down his long shaft, her fingers gliding over the swollen veins. She then began to alternate between the two, sucking and licking one and then the other, all the while rubbing and bringing them to a frenzy. She seemed to be in lustful heaven having these two stiff cocks in her hands to do with as she pleased.

I got hard again just watching her swallow these other men's cocks, her cheeks bulging as before, but this time with my cum streaked across her face. As she enjoyed her feast of hard cock, one of the other men near her, separated only by the theatre seats, slid her dress up again, it had fallen back down when she had turned around in the seat, and then pulled it over her head, removing it completely along with her cum stained sweater. By now she was the centre of attention for the entire theatre, the movie paled in comparison to this real show in their midst.

All eyes were on her as she knelt on the seat, sucking the pair of cocks before her, wearing only now a bra, sheer g-string panties, which were pulled aside to reveal her pussy, suspender belt, stockings and her high-heels. My cock grew stiff again in my pants, my wife was becoming quite the slut! I had never imagined I would be watching my wife gobbling two strangers' cocks in front of a theatre of people. The man then undid Angela's bra, exposing her gently swaying tits with their erect nipples. He proceeded to rub and caress them, pinching her nipples to small tight points and occasionally moving down to rub her naked pussy. Angela groaned and writhed under the onslaught, her mouth filled with cock at any given moment.

As I sat and watched, absently rubbing my stiffness, I saw the other man in the lower aisle get up and walk around to where I was sitting. He asked if he could get past. I was in a daze as I let him past and moved down a bit further so he could sit down next to Angela, her ass and pussy writhing in front of his face, the colour of her thin red pubic hair barely visible in the theatre light, her juices glistening on her thighs. He looked at me and smiled. 

"May I?" He asked so politely I couldn't refuse. 

"Go ahead." I nodded. 

He turned to face Angela again, this time burying his face in her pussy. I saw his tongue snake out and lick her sweet juices and lolled her clit on his tongue. Angela let out a guttural groan and 

stabbed her pussy into his face further. 

"MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm" She groaned in near orgasmic delight. 

The man licked her pussy and probed her pussy with his tongue. Then, with his fingers he began to penetrate her. I could see her pussy lips retracting in and out with his finger. 

"Fuck my pussy." Angela said, after freeing her mouth of cock momentarily. "Fuck me."

I was shocked. We hadn't talked about this. Was it safe? The man could be disease-ridden! Panic welled up in me but I was too turned on to act on any other impulse other than to watch my wife take this strange man's cock into her tight pussy. 

He knelt up and holding his cock in his fist, he forced it at Angela's wet entrance. I watched in disbelief and excitement as her pussy gripped his cock and he slid it in in one fluid movement. 

"Ohhhh God!" Was all she could say. 

The man clutched her ass and began to thrust in and out of her violently, shaking her whole being. From my seated viewpoint I could see his shaft completely disappear into my wife's pussy again and again, his balls thwacking against her thighs. 

"Don't come inside her." Was all I could say.

I watched Angela try vainly to suck the cocks in front of her again. The thrusts caused the cocks to jump from her mouth from time to time and the men would force them back in pulling her head down on them. 

"Ohhhh yeah." Angela yelped, as she then just gripped the cocks in her fists and was butted back and forth by the man behind. Other patrons of the theatre had begun to converge around the scene, there were about ten in all, standing or sitting nearby watching and wanking their cocks off at the sight. Angela was totally consumed by cock. I think I had counted 2 orgasms already and she looked well on her way to her third. 

Then one of the men receiving the fellatio announced he was coming. 

"Open your mouth." He told Angela. 

Angela looked confused for a second then realised what was coming. She opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out to receive his load. 

"MMmmmm. Come on me. Come all over me." She pleaded in a lust-filled voice that seemed almost foreign.

The man took his cock in his hand and, while balancing his cock on her tongue, jacked himself off. The first load went straight down her throat, the second and third jets of cum weren't so clean, one splayed across her tongue and landed on her cheek, the other splattered across the bridge of her nose. The remaining streams were weaker and dripped onto the seat in front of her. What an erotic sight it was to see my wife take a blast of cum in the face from a total stranger, while being fucked doggie-style by another and jacking off another in the process. 

And all in front of about ten or so others who were all wanking off at the sight. I nearly came then and there. 

The man who had climaxed slid away from the proceedings. The other man she was sucking slid over the seat-back to get more room and fed Angela his stiff cock with more force now. He held her head over his cock directing her mouth 

"Fuck my pussy harder!" She yelped between breaths. 

The man fucking her thrust with more intensity, his balls audibly slapping against her. 

"I'm coming you slut!" He grunted. 

I gripped his shoulder as a reminder that he won't be coming inside my wife and he pulled his cock out just before spurting his load all over her smooth up-turned ass. The cum gathered in pools on the small of her back before it slowly began to drip down the crack of her ass and slide over her sopping pussy onto the seat. The man finished himself off before doing up his pants and pushing past me to get out.

Angela was certainly a sight now. Her face was streaked with sticky cum which dripped from the corners of her mouth and chin, her ass was spattered with the stuff. She looked every inch a cum-covered slut. She was still in her lust filled world, sucking for all she was worth on the cock in front of her, the man forcing her head up and down faster and faster. The other man that had disrobed her earlier now came to our row and squeezed past me, I moved my legs to let him pass, thus giving him my unspoken permission. He rubbed the cum with his fingers over her ass and pussy paying particular attention to her asshole. He rubbed it gently and Angela began to grind her ass into his hand, gyrating obscenely. The man then slid a finger into her back-door and Angela swooned. He leant over and I heard him whisper into her ear:

"I'm gonna fuck your ass raw slut." 

She groaned again at the thought and proceeded to rub her clit furiously as she moved her ass in slow decreasing circles in front of the man's face. I saw her turn slightly, thick cock sliding in and out of her cum-dripping mouth, to watch the man slide his thick blood-engorged cock into her ass. She tensed as she felt the tip of his 

cock touch at her rim. I watched intently, rubbing myself through my pants, as he pushed his swollen cockhead against her tight hole, then he pushed slightly harder and her asshole suddenly gave, taking the head of the man's cock inside. The cum still dripping down her ass crack lubricated the man's thick prick and slowly he edged himself deeper and deeper inside. Angela let out a low guttaral groan of sluttish pleasure as the cock slid into her ass to the hilt, her asscheeks splayed apart by the thickness of the man's cock, her cum-soaked pussy gaping open. 

"Ohhh God! Oh god!!" She kept saying. 

"Fuck my ass with your cock!" She said loudly, everyone could hear her nearby. I glanced around and heard them murmuring things like 

"look how fucking cock-hungry the slut is" and 

"look at the slut's face, she's covered with cum and fucking loves it!" 

"she needs ten fucking hard cocks not two!" 

I was shocked, we had no idea this was going to happen like it had. At least I hadn't! Some men had even gathered in the aisles to get a better view of this fat cock sliding in and out of Angela's tight ass, her pussy involuntarily opening and closing at the action of it. I heard them too commenting on how tight her pussy looked and how good her ass would feel with their cocks in it. 

"Fuck my ass!" Angela continued oblivious to everything but the cocks she was servicing.

The man she was sucking finally urged that he was about to come. 

"Come in my mouth. I love the taste of a man's cum." Angela endeared him. 

I couldn't believe what I was hearing but fuck it turned me on. I watched as the man's face began to contort and I could tell that he was blowing his load down Angela's throat. Her cheeks swelled and dribbles of fresh cum appeared at the corners of her mouth. She took a big swallow and then pulled the still-shooting cock from her mouth and directed one load into her face with her mouth open to catch what she could with the remnants of his first load still visible on her tongue. He then jacked the rest of his load onto her tits. She squealed in delight as her face and tits were spattered with his hot sticky cum. The man fell backwards into a seat and just sat there in exhaustion and satisfied bliss.

Angela then turned her attention back to the man reaming her tight ass. With her cum-blasted face turned seductively in my direction I stared at her as I watched her ride his prick with renewed viguor, her ass writhing up and down, his thick cock sliding in and out of her tiny hole. I stared around the theatre, all the couples had left and only ten or so people remained, all men. All very horny. They had all gathered near our row, several with their cocks out, masturbating openly in front of us and Angela, taking no effort to disguise their intentions. I began to grow nervous again. 

"Cum in the slut's ass." One of them said to the man reaming her. 

"Yeah - fill the fucking slut's ass with cum." Another joined in. 

They gathered around closer, I noticed some whispering to Angela: 

"After he's finished spilling his load up your slut ass, you're gonna take us." 

"I'm gonna take your tight ass you slut!" 

"let's see if we can get three cocks in you at once cum-slut!" 

"How about sucking on this slut." Another said, waving his solid cock in front of her face, rubbing the cloying cum around her mouth with his cock and forcing it into her mouth. Things were getting rapidly out of hand! 

At last the guy fucking her ass seemed that he was about to come. All attention returned to him and ten pairs of eyes stared at Angela's ass as the cock fucked in and out at an ever increasing pace. The man suddenly seized her hips and pulled her into him groaning as he did so, his hips bucking in fury. Gradually he slowed and then I watched as he eased his spent cock from her ass. Sticky cum welled up from her ass and trickled down onto her pussy and thighs. The man had blown his entire load deep in her ass! Time to go!

Angela looked totally satiated and spent, her head drooping down slightly onto the arm rest. The men trying to offer their dicks to her looked confused. Their game was over. I grabbed my jacket and wrapped it around her naked soaked cum-covered body. Then I picked up her dress and other belongings and walked her up the aisle to the exit. The other men let me pass without a fuss. Perhaps they felt they would be luckier next time. Once outside I cleaned up her face as best I could and wiped her tits with my jersey. I then wrapped her up in my coat again and hailed a taxi home.

What a shocking night! So exciting! So crazy! I could hardly believe it myself.

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