Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Megan's Glory Hole Adventure

Creeping along at about thirty miles per hour Megan was on the lookout for a place to pull over to wait out the rain. It was just after dinnertime, but with the heavy rainclouds blanketing the sky, it seemed like the dead of night. She wished she had started sooner, but instead she had a mini Star Trek movie marathon. Fortunately, her husband was a bigger dork than she was and he appreciated her nerdiness. 

They were soul mates and she recognized it from the beginning. When they met, she was wearing her Wonder Woman shirt and he had his Batman cap. They became inseparable right away. Not long after school and once they got comfortable in their new jobs they got married. Now, five years later they were still as happy with each other as they were when they were dating. In fact, Megan was on her way to meet Joel so they could renew their vows and spend a long romantic weekend together. Perhaps it was even time to start thinking about kids. According to both sets of parents it was past time since both were closer to thirty now than twenty.

They were going all out for the renewal ceremony. Joel had her wedding ring and was getting it cleaned and polished. She managed to find the same Wonder Woman shirt she had when they met. Glancing down at the colorful emblem, she smiled knowing he'd recognize it instantly. 

They were referring the coming event as their wedding, not just their renewal. They had also abstained from sex for the last few weeks. It was difficult for both, but with Joel away for a good part of the time for business, it made it easier to go without. She did slip and a couple of times and massaged herself, but she only used her hand and no toys. After all, she did have a strong sex drive and Joel did meet all her needs.

Joel was already at the hotel having arrived earlier following his last meeting the previous day. Megan was driving the four hours to meet him at the resort, get married and begin their second honeymoon. The festivities would start late the next afternoon, so she had time to pull over and wait for the weather to clear. She noticed an exit was coming up and couldn't quite make out the name of the town she, but hopefully there would be a restaurant or someplace she could sit and wait it out the storm. 

The rain had one benefit in that it forced her to focus on other things rather than the fire that had been burning between her legs for the last couple of days. A part of her had wanted to pull over and quickly take care of things as soon as she got on the road, even though she promised herself after that she wouldn't. But a person can only take so much! The heavy storm had replaced her anxiousness with nervousness. This type of weather was bad enough in an area she was familiar with. Now, on an unfamiliar and dark highway she could only focus on her driving.

Taking the exit, she turned at the stop sign and drove a few miles before she hit the town. Driving through the streets, she mostly saw shuttered and abandoned buildings. There were few signs of life that were not just due to the rain. She did spy some neon lights up in the distance just off the main road. Thinking it was a bar, she slowly made her way up the street then turned into the lot and parked close to the entrance. There were a few other vehicles in the lot, but she didn't pay them much mind. She just hoped she wasn't stumbling onto a nest of cannibal chainsaw wielding maniacs. Smiling to herself as she thought that Joel made her watch to darn many horror movies.

Grabbing her button down shirt on the passenger seat, she slipped it over her Wonder Woman shirt and yoga pants. As usual, she went without underwear because spending time in the car, they would increasingly become uncomfortable. Perhaps it was mental and she just enjoyed going commando, but either way, when they were driving together Joel would take full advantage of the situation. 

Taking her phone case and making sure she had enough money, she stuck it in the waistband of her pants then opened the car door. Rushing through the doorway, she prayed she wouldn't get too wet.

Shaking herself off she looked around the bar and noticed racks of magazines and DVDs. Confused it didn't dawn on her until she saw the sex toys in a case on her left that she was in an adult bookstore rather than a bar. It wasn't the first time she'd been in a place like this, however it was the first time without Joel and the first time in one so seedy looking.

Looking around, she noticed an old man behind glass near the cash register. He was rather scary looking. He had an angular, pock marked face and looked like he hadn't shaved for several days. He looked to be in his sixties, and seemed like one of those guys you'd see on an episode of COPS. He glanced momentarily at her then went back to his paper. Looking around the rest of the store, she didn't see anyone else until she looked up towards a security mirror and noticed the back of a man in the stacks. He was a fat little man with a dreadful comb over looking at some magazines.

As she continued looking around, she saw three other men, and judging from their looks she was the youngest person there by a decade or two. 

Approaching the clerk behind the glass she said, "Excuse me?"

Looking up he replied sounding annoyed, "yeah lady?"

"Is there a place around here I can wait out get dried off?" She said rubbing her arms starting to feel a chill.

"There is a hotel back on the access road 'bout a mile up, but there's some flooding, so you probably shouldn't...there's a hand dryer in the bathroom," he said motioning to the back. "It's not the best, but it should help," he said oogleing her body.

Feeling uncomfortable, she said, "No, I don't really need a hotel, I'm getting married tomorrow and would prefer to get there tonight." Looking back out the door, she saw the rain still coming down in sheets. The clerk didn't acknowledge her so after a moment of awkwardness, she said thanks and headed towards the back of the store.

Entering the bathroom she saw the dryer, looked around then removed her shirts. After getting it sufficiently dried she then removed her pants. Next she angled herself under the dryer and was able to get her hair dry. Looking in the mirror she was disappointed her hair was now a poofy mess. She slipped her cloths back on thankful no one else entered the bathroom. Glancing at her phone she noticed she had been in the bathroom almost thirty minutes. 

Turning to the door, she saw the paper towel dispenser was empty. Rolling her eyes, she was thankful she had on her button down shirt and could use it to grab the handle. The thought was rather unpleasant to her. She wish she had brought her purse with her or at least her bottle of hand sanitizer. Walking back to the main part of the store she saw the rain was still coming down. 

She didn't see the other men from earlier other than the clerk and the short fat man so she assumed they braved the weather to go home or wherever. Neither paid her any attention when she came back out onto the floor. Not sure what to do she began looking around the shop. 

She found herself in the parody section and noticed several movie rip-offs. There were porn variations of Star Trek, Batman, and Jurassic Park along with many TV shows and movies. Enjoying looking at all the movies, old and new, she even considered buying some as a gag for Joel. 

After a few minutes of looking at movies, the Star Wars theme began blaring on her phone. 

"Hey honey!" Came Joel's voice after she answered, "you getting through the rain ok?"

"I did have to pull over. I'm in a bookstore now just waiting." She neglected to mention what type of bookstore because if she bought a movie she wanted it to be a surprise.

"Ok," he replied. "I'm sure I can find something to do while I wait."

"Just don't find anything too fun." She said with a giggle

"Definitely not." He said in a mock offended voice.

"I'll be back on the road as soon as I can."

"Ok, love ya'."

"Love you too." She replied as she ended the call regretting being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Noticing movement towards the counter, she looked over and saw the clerk approach.

"Can I help you?" He asked sounding bothered that he had to get up.

"No, just browsing," she answered then as he began to turn she continued. "My husband's just a super hero nerd and I'm thinking one of these might make a fun gift. Do you recommend any?"

"Nah," he said dismissively. "If you want, we have booths, you could watch one and see."

With some apprehension she replied, "well..."

The clerk continued, "usually we don't allow single women back there," he motioned to a sign that read the same. "But don't worry about it. I will need to see your license though."

Opening her phone case, she took out the license and handed it to him.

"Yeah. You're old enough" he said handing the card back.

She replied with a smile.

He just shrugged in response.

Glancing toward the door, it didn't appear the rain had slowed at all. She decided it might be a good way to kill time. Glancing down, she remembered Joel's Batman cap so she grabbed one of the Batman parody movies and handed it to the clerk. He glanced at then pointed to the door across from the bathroom and said. "Room three."

Smiling, she said, "thanks," as she walked to the door. She noticed the sign that read movie viewing $20.00.

Looking back he replied before she could ask. "Don't worry about it consider it a wedding gift." He said with what sounded like contempt.

"Thanks again," she said, with a smile even though she concluded that this guy was an asshole.

"By the way," he added, "if you make a mess, you'll need to clean it up."

"Ok," she replied rolling her eyes as she entered the theater. It took a few seconds to adjust to the darkness, and then she noticed the several doors with large numbers. Standing in the hallway was a tall black man in a hoodie smoking. She couldn't recall the last time she saw someone smoking in a business. He just glared at her with a grin on his face. She also heard some moaning coming from some of the booths, so she wasn't the only one in there. Quickly, she entered room three and noticed a metal chair and a small old TV screen that had just turned on. Seeing the chair with the somewhat better light from the glow, she really didn't want to sit on it. She took a step and the floor was sticky, looking down all she saw was a bare concrete floor. The realization of where she was hit her, and a lump formed in her stomach. She wondered what she was doing in this nasty place, and wished for a tub hand sanitizer. 

Sitting on the chair, she felt very uncomfortable as she looked around and noticed how dirty and gross the room was. Part of her wished she had stayed in the car and took a quick nap. She noticed that the walls were cheap plywood panted black.

She didn't know what to expect, but the room was very small. Even though she was petite, she didn't have to bend her arms to touch both walls. Joel would be would probably freak being in such a small space. If he could, he'd always opt to take stairs rather than elevators. The movie began and they didn't waste any time getting to the first sex scene. She was impressed with the costumes and thought it looked good though she would have preferred skipping or fast-forwarding the sex scenes.

Even though she didn't find where she was and what she was doing the least bit erotic, she couldn't help be affected by what she was watching. As the second scene ended, her pants had been slightly pulled down and her fingers were gently massaging herself ignoring her and Joel's agreement. 

She couldn't hold out any longer. The guilt of what she was doing quickly disappeared as she brought herself to orgasm. She tried to be quiet, but as she pinched a nipple a moan escaped her lips. As the wave of pleasure subsided, she sat up straight nervous someone may have heard her.

Focusing back on the movie, she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye and saw a large hole in the wall with a dim light flickering in the next booth. Realizing what it meant, she fixed her clothing and kept her head facing forward while she keeping her eye trained on the wall. The light for a moment disappeared and she held her breath hoping whoever it was would go away. 

After a second, she noticed thick fingers circumnavigating around the hole. Without realizing it, she had turned her head toward the hole and was now watching what was going on. The fingers eventually withdrew and Megan exhaled.

Before she took her next breath, a stubby, little penis emerge from the hole. Sitting there in shock, she didn't know what to do. Should she get off her chair, leave and forget about the rain. Getting up she turned to the door, unlatched the lock and was about to exit when something made her pause. Turning her head toward the protruding penis, she looked at it while leaving her hands on the door. 

Staring at the penis, she saw how small it was and could make out the fat of the penis owners stomach through the hole. She also noticed it was uncircumcised, which she had never seen before. Smiling, she thought about how much bigger Joel's was, yet, there was something about seeing one in its natural form.

Curious, she re-locked the door, walked toward the hole while not taking her eyes off the penis. Other than Joel's she had only seen two others in person. One belonged to previous boyfriend and the furthest she went with it was a quick handjob. The other was the stripper from her bachelorette party.

Megan knew she should leave, but she was fascinated by the uncircumcised dick. Looking at it, she desperately wanted to touch it to see what it was like. After all, a little touch or a couple of strokes wouldn't hurt anyone. And to be honest, she really just wanted to see what it was like to hold an uncircumcised penis. Would it feel any different? Just a little touch and her curiosity would be satisfied. It's not like she was going to go to a hotel fuck him so it wasn't a big deal. As the penis began to lose its hardness, it withdrew from the hole.

"No, wait," she said. And the softening penis was back. She immediately regretted saying that, but she still wanted to feel him in her hand. Reaching down she wrapped her fingers around him and began massaging and stroking it. 

Reflecting that this really wasn't any different than giving a friend a back rub, she continued stroking his now erect dick then massaging his balls. Pushing the skin back and exposing the head it seemed totally alien while very similar at the same time. Bolts shot through her body from her loins as she stroked him. She was on the verge of an orgasm just by touching this stranger's cock. She had never done anything like this, which only added to the heat that was now emanating from between her legs. She felt bad but also quite a rush. She could now understand why it was so fun to be naughty. 

The angle was a bit awkward, so she dropped to her knees and continued pumping her new little friend. Smelling his musk, she badly wanted to put it in her mouth, but that would be going too far. As she began to lean her face into the cock, she noticed that his breathing had become louder, then he grunted as a white stream shot from his member splattering her face and neck. The second stream hit her cheek and shoulder, then the third went mostly in her now surprised and open mouth. Reflectively she swallowed but not before noticing the very salty taste of the glop. She had never swallowed Joel's or anyone's load mostly because the thought of it was for her, beyond 'icky' as she would say so the most she had done was to kiss and lick Joel's cock.. 

Still on her knees on the sticky floor, she saw that the now shriveled penis was still there, dripping that last bit of his ejaculate. Moving toward the cock she wanted to taste more only to have it withdraw. Instead she used her hand to wipe the cum off her neck and face and licked it off. While she was savoring the spunk, she heard the door unlock and open, only to be followed with it being closed again and relocked. 

A second later, another penis poked itself into her booth. This one was a much larger and black. She had never seen a black penis and it seemed even more exotic and exciting than the last one. She also noticed that the stories she heard appeared to be true. He put Joel to shame. Unbeknownst to him, Joel was now in third place. 

Wrapping her hand around his hard cock, she began to stroke it while looking straight at it. Noticing it seemed a bit dry and without her purse and the hand cream inside she did the only thing she could do, she began licking the shaft getting it good and wet. With the shaft now glistening she lifted it and took his balls into her mouth and sucked and batted them gently with her tongue while still stroking his hardness. Pulling back, she was afraid he needed another wetting so she guided him into her mouth again. Bobbing her head up and down, meeting his own thrusts it didn't take long for him to shoot his load into her waiting mouth. Unable to swallow it all, much dropped down her chin and landed on her shirts and pants. 

She continued sucking and licking his cock and balls until he pulled away, zipped up his pants and left. Sitting back on the floor, she noticed her cloths now had several streams of semen. Taking them off and dropping them on the floor she waited for her next dick to come through. While she waited she was able to quickly convince herself that it this still wasn't a big deal. After all, didn't a former president once say oral sex was not sex? Besides, it's not like there was any intimacy with those men. She had no clue who they were or what they looked like, and they'd never see each other again, so it was ok. This was just a normal bodily function like going to the bathroom or belching, nothing more.

Convinced, she was surprised when a very tattooed arm reached through the hole. Taken aback a bit she remained there as it roughly grabbed her breast and began squeezing tightly. Moving between her soft petite mounds she found herself getting turned on again. Pulling her toward the hole, he then began licking and nibbling her nipple. After a few bites that made her squeak in response, he pushed her back and shoved his hard dick through. This was another large one, at least compared to the first one and Joel's, but the thickness outdid all so far. Megan didn't waste any time before grabbing it and putting it in her mouth. Licking and sucking she marveled at this awesome tool she was playing with. When the owner of the dick pulled it back into the hole, she was disappointed. 

Then the arm returned and gave her breasts another quick and rough squeezing. At this point, she regretted having a thin wall between them. As she closed her eyes the hand began moving down. Seeing where it was going, she stood up to assist him in his travel. He roughly massaged her then forced two fingers deep inside her. The orgasm that had been growing inside her suddenly erupted and she let out several moans as she grabbed the wall to steady her wobbly legs.

As her orgasm subsided, the hand grabbed her waist and guided her backward and pulled her towards the hole. Reaching for the chair she leaned onto it, and waited for the next signal with anticipation. Pushing her against the wall, he batted her legs until she spread them. The hand disappeared and the rock hard cock came back as she opened herself to accept him. He easily was able to enter her and with each thrust she tried to stifle her moans. She responded by pushing herself onto him. It didn't take long for him to start bucking harder, at which point she straightened up and pushed away from him, turning and dropping to her knees and she took him in her mouth again. Moving her head back and forth while fondling his balls she heard a load moan as he exploded inside her. Feeling his cock flex with each spasm, they remained there until he pulled his cock away from her and quickly disappeared from her sight.

Dropping to floor, she lay there exhausted. After a few seconds she heard the door in the other booth open. As he walked past her door he spat, "enjoy your marriage." Lying on the gross floor she immediately thought that she needed her hand sanitizer. Her second thought was her husband. Again she thought to herself, "it was only just sex. There was no intimacy, love or eye contact, so it wasn't too bad. Also, he didn't come inside her vagina, that was only something she'd share with just one man." Justified, she smiled, sat up and looked through the hole. 

Disappointed that no more cocks were sticking through. Noticing the fresh semen running down from the hole, she leaned in and licked it up. Then she kneeled down and licked up whatever was on the floor. She couldn't help herself, she wanted more and smiling, she recalled the clerks order to clean up her mess.

Gathering her shirts and pants, she looked back at the hole and saw nothing. After dressing she re-entered the main part of the store, as she looked around and saw it was deserted except for the clerk who was by the magazine rack adding new magazines. She couldn't help but notice his heavily tattooed arms.

Embarrassed, she quickly walked to the door without making eye contact and exited the building. Taking a deep breath her nostrils picked up the unpleasant oder of cigarette smoke. Looking to her right she saw the fat old man from earlier standing under the dim light.

"Hi" he said taking a few steps toward her.

Taking a step back, she noticed his T-Shirt and saw the older, faded version of the Batman logo. 

Immediately she relaxed and smiled.

"You have good taste" she said.

"And I bet you taste good" came the reply as he moved closer.

Surprised at his bold comment, the smile faded from her face. Glancing at her car, she was about to walk towards it when he exhaled his smoke in her direction and then said.

"Would you like to hang out for a bit?"

Waving the smoke away and coughing, she didn't move away and replied,

"I can't." 

He moved closer exhaled more smoke. Megan coughed a little but this time didn't move. He obviously didn't care that she didn't like smoke, and that just drove her wild. She just looked down into his eyes. While she didn't consider herself tall, she noticed she had a good few inches over this guy. 

She also saw something that explained why her resistance was nil. He had confidence, in spite of his short stature and less than Adonis looks. As she gazed at him she noticed that his face had deep wrinkles and that he was probably older than she thought.

Reaching up, he put his hand on the back of her head and guided her towards his lips.

Offering no resistance their lips touched. Waves of pleasure shot through her body as their tongues probed each others open mouths. Even though she hated smoke, the fact that she could taste and smell the smoke on and in him, made her even more wet. As a result, her legs felt so rubbery she didn't think she could stand much longer.

Breaking their embrace she stammered breathlessly, 


Taking her hand he led her to his old, beat up truck. Unlocking the door, he opened it for her and rushed around the front to get into his side. Exiting the parking lot, he drove to the freeway and headed several miles in the direction she should have be going.

Because of the break and gear shift, she couldn't snuggle with him, so she made do by leaning over and wrapping her arm through his. As they drove, he asked her many questions about herself that she freely answered. He quickly learned her name, where she lived, what she did, that she'd be coming back in a few days. She even gave him a business card she had in her phone case.

After about five minutes, he pulled off the highway and pulled into the small, almost deserted motel. As they rushed into the door, both held each other tightly. 

When they finally entered their room, they grabbed each other kissing passionately as they both side stepped to the bed. Finally breaking their embrace they quickly removed their cloths. As Megan pulled her pants down, her phone fell from the waistband to the floor. 

As the man pulled his pants down, she saw the tip of his fully erect, uncircumcised penis pointing out from beneath his large beer gut. An excited squeal escaped her lips. While his body was not what anyone would call attractive, she couldn't think of anyone else she wanted at the moment.

"I was hoping it was you!"

As she dropped to her knees she licked his balls and stroked his cock, her phone began playing the Star Wars theme again.

Annoyed, she kept working on him. He then pushed her away and said.


Taking a deep breath, she picked up the phone trying to sound relaxed.

"Hi hon."

"How's it going babe" came Joel's pleasant voice.

"Great!" She said as the man pushed her on the bed. She assisted by scooting then laying on the pillow. "There's still some high water so I'll probably hang out here for a little while longer." 

While he replied, she watched as the man got on top of her and began licking and biting her nipples. Megan held her breath and bit her lip to avoid moaning. Playfully she tried to push him away only to have him look at her then kiss and suck her tits some more.

Stroking his head, she realized that Joel had said "hello?" at least 3 times.

"Sorry" she replied. "I guess I'm tired and just zoned a bit."

"Well, why don't you find a rest stop or even a hotel and get a couple hours sleep before you get on the road again."

"Great idea" she said as the man began moving down her body, licking her torso as he moved closer to her wet mound. Wriggling her ticklish body she barely suppressed the giggle that wanted to burst out from inside her.

Knowing she couldn't contain herself when he reached her pussy, she wrapped up the call.

"Love you" she said and hung up before Joel could reply.

Dropping the phone, he began licking her burning cunt. He didn't play around, he knew exactly where to go. Within seconds she had the biggest orgasm of her life. As she bucked her hips, he didn't let up which only caused her to gyrate more. Before her current orgasm subsided another one was shooting through her. 

Wanting more but not being able to take much more, he began climbing up her, licking and sucking her sweaty body every inch of the way. When they were back face to face, he kissed her all over as she replied in kind. 

He then whispered in her ear, "you ready for a real man, bitch!"

She'd never been spoken to that way in bed, but she loved it.

"YES!" She screeched, "fuck me like a real man."

As he pumped into her, she squealed with each thrust. She felt she was truly with a maestro. While he didn't have the most impressive tool, he definitely new how to use it. 

He had stamina, because he kept pumping her long after Joel would have climaxed and be fast asleep. Pulling out of her, she let out a disappointed moan. But before she could do anything, he was picking her up and positioning her on her arms and knees. He then re-entered her from behind. She thought she had known pleasure before, but his cock managed to pulverize her clit with each thrust from this position. 

She was so enveloped in her own orgasm, she barely noticed his hard thrusts followed by loud grunting. As he climaxed into her more waves of pleasure shot through her. After several pulsing thrusts, he finally fell on her as her arms and legs collapsed. Feeling his breathing on her neck, she lay there fully drained and wasted. 

When his heavy body finally rolled off her, she snuggled up against his wet, sweaty bulk. She realized she didn't know his name or anything about him, which for some reason she found exhilerating. She had never been a "bad" girl but found she enjoyed it. 

There was something liberating about it. She also realized that she had done everything with this man including letting him cum inside her. She didn't even try to justify herself. In fact, now she realized she had an outlet for the things Joel wasn't interested in doing. 

About an hour later she woke up. Reaching over she began rubbing his snoring belly. Sitting up, she started kissing and licking him ready for more. She felt his hand stroking her hair as she glanced up at him and smiled. Looking at the window she noticed it was starting to get light outside. 

"Shit!" She said, I have to get back to the car and on the road. As they both got dressed, they paused several times for deep, passionate kissing. A little over an hour later, she was back at her car at the porn shop. She finally got Ken's name and number. 

Seeing her phone was dead, she scribbled his information on a scrap of paper. He recommended she get a disposable phone for their future meet-ups, to which she agreed. As soon as she'd get in the car she'd plug in her phone and text Joel that she slept longer than she meant and was on the way. Of course, she would stop and take care of the disposable phone before getting to the hotel and focusing on Joel.

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