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The Maid, the Young Man and Aunt

She was a plain looking lady who came to his home to do some domestic chores such as sweeping, swabbing the floor, washing clothes and utensils. Around 50 years old, she used to wear faded clothes that were somewhat loose fitting.

The maid's routine was to come to his house early in the morning and complete washing utensils, clothes and to sweep and swab the floor. In the evening, she used to wash the utensils left over from the morning. He was Satish, a bachelor of some 26 years of age and worked in a local company in the city where he lived. 

One day Kammo, for that was the maid's name, volunteered to make breakfast and pack some lunch for him. She also offered to make dinner in the evening. Satish offered her an increase in her salary for the extra work she did. Kammo was very pleased and thanked him for the increase in pay.

Everyday, Satish was well fed for Kammo knew how to cook and she ensured that Satish got some good and simple but tasty food. Satish's house was a compact and comfortable two bedroom flat in the city. He occupied one bedroom and had furnished the second one for accommodating a rare guest or two. Other than the two bedrooms, there was a drawing cum dining room. 

One weekend Satish got up late and Kammo also came a little late. She went about her chores as usual. On one occasion during the morning, she came a little close to him and as she went past in the limited space in between the dining table and the wall, she brushed against him. Satish could feel the shape of her butt as she went past. Spongy and soft, he suddenly found himself aroused. Kammo saw the shape of his prick against his pyjamas and smiled quietly to herself. 

That afternoon, it rained quite heavily and Kammo could not go home. Satish asked her to eat with him and she did, sitting on the floor. After lunch, she wanted to lie down and Satish told her to sleep on the cot in the guest bedroom but Kammo contented herself by lying on a straw mat and a dhurrie, a cotton rug. Satish insisted that she use a pillow and she did so with some reluctance. 

Satish went to his room and lay on the bed. After some time he dozed off and when he got up, he realised it was late afternoon. Satish wanted to have some tea and went to ask Kammo to make some for him. As he went to the guest room to ask her, he saw that she had loosened her blouse and as she was not wearing a bra, her large breasts and nipples were clearly visible. Kammo was not asleep and she got up suddenly and realised her state but did not cover herself up. She smiled at Satish and asked him what he wanted. He told her to make tea for both of them and went to his room. 

After 15 minutes Kammo came into his room and gave him his tea. She sat on the floor and sipped her tea. She had covered her bosom with the sari but Satish saw her blouse was still a little loose and he could make out the outline of her breasts. Kammo started chatting with him and asked him about his family. Satish told her that his parents had passed away in an accident and he had been brought up by his uncle and aunt, who were part of his extended family. He told her that they had a lot of neighbors who treated him like a part of their family and he would call his 'foster' aunts Mausi, chachi etc. 

Kammo told him about her life. She was married early in life and was widowed after about 15 years of marriage. She had one daughter who was living a 1000 miles away at the other end of India. Her daughter would visit her once in a while but otherwise she lived a lonely life on her own. Some men had tried to befriend her and made passes at her but she stayed steadfast and refused to look at other men. Now that she was 50, none of the men cared to look at her. Satish told her that she was quite okay despite her age and must have been pretty in her younger days. Kammo was flattered and actually blushed. 

She told him that he was quite handsome and whether he intended to get married. Satish mumbled that he was still too young for marriage. Kammo asked him whether he had any girlfriend. Satish shook his head. 

Kammo got up and took her cup and his. While bending over to take his cup, her sari slipped and Satish had a good look at her large breasts and cleavage. Kammo got up, slowly adjusted her sari and left the room. She went about washing the tea vessels and the cups and also preparing vegetables for dinner. After she finished making dinner, she looked out and saw that it was still raining heavily. Satish asked her to stay the night in order to avoid the rain. 

Kammo slept in the guest room but was woken up by thunder and lightning. She came over to Satish's room and saw he was awake. She told him she wanted to sleep in his room as she was scared of thunder. Satish said okay and she brought her mat and dhurrie to his room. She lay down and unbuttoned two buttons of her blouse. She also removed her sari and was in her petticoat. As it was not too late, she asked Satish whether he had been with a woman or girl ever. Satish replied in the negative. Kammo teased him about it and said he was already old enough to get married and what would he do if he had no experience. She got up and came to him. Slowly she removed her blouse and Satish had a good look at her large breasts and nipples. She took his hand in hers and placed it on one of her tits. Satish was surprised but instinct took over and he squeezed her breast. Kammo sighed with pleasure. She asked him to wait and she eased herself out of her petticoat too and stood fully nude before Satish. Kammo's body could only be described as voluptuous. From the curve of her breasts which were large and relatively firm to the gentle undulation of her belly and her butt, which was large and round. Satish felt his prick rising and getting hard. However, he wanted to experience her body fully so he ran his hands all over her. He felt her breasts and then her navel, then her shoulders, her back and her butt. He asked her to lie down and turn over and caressed her ass. All this was making Kammo very excited. 

She saw that Satish was becoming erect and asked him to take off his clothes. Satish obeyed. Kammo put her hand around Satish's prick and played with it for a while. This made Satish jump a bit. Kammo asked Satish to lie down, climbed on to his bed and lay next to him. The softness and warmth of her body next to his made Satish feel very horny. This was the first time he had been so close to a woman and he was ecstatic. Now Kammo placed one of her breasts in Satish's mouth and he sucked on her nipple. Kammo soon replaced one breast with another and he sucked on that too. Her hand moved slowly over his prick and she stroked it gently. After a while she guided Satish's hand to her pussy and asked him to stroke it. She told him to insert a finger in her vaginal opening and he felt its wetness. Soon she asked him to insert another finger and he moved his fingers slowly in and out of her cunt. She came after a while and sighed in contentment. 

Now, she asked him to climb on her and guided him as he inserted his prick into her. Satish was a complete novice in matters of sex but Kammo's expert guidance made him start slowly and then to speed up his movements. Kammo also raised her hips in response and tightened her vaginal muscles and relaxed them in turns making Satish get even more excited. Finally both came together in an explosion of lust and stopped to catch their breath. Kammo asked Satish to stay in her till he became soft and slipped out of her. Kammo kissed him all over his face and his mouth. She inserted her tongue in his mouth and this excited Satish. In the matter of a few minutes he had been subjected to sensations never experienced by him. 

Kammo said she wanted to wash herself and suggested that Satish also do so. Both washed themselves, Kammo applied soap to her nether region to make herself clean. Satish did likewise and both went back to Satish's bed. Kammo hugged Satish and rubbed herself against him. The feeling of her skin against his and the rough texture of her pubic hair rubbing against his skin got him excited. Kammo asked him to suck on her nipples again and Satish did so quite happily. She allowed him to do so for a while and slowly pushed his head downward. Satish kissed his way down to her navel and on her pushing him down further, he kissed her thighs but stopped short of her vagina. Kammo asked him not to hesitate and he started licking her pussy. Kammo guided him to her clit and he licked it and sucked on it. She jumped in ecstasy and came once again. She asked Satish to lie down and kissed her way down his body and took him in her mouth. Soon Satish was erect once again. This time, Kammo asked him to lie down and climbed on him. She slid down his prick and moved slowly up and down. Satish held on to her ample hips and felt their softness and roundness. This got him even more excited and he raised his hips to fuck Kammo. She was also excited and both came after a while as Satish had already come once. Kammo came twice during his fucking. 

Both just lay down completely spent. Kammo kissed him again and again and said she had never been fucked like this ever. Satish took her breast in his mouth and quietly sucked her nipples. Both kissed each other and slept entwined together. 

In the morning Satish woke up first and saw her nude form next to him. He started playing with her tits and tweaked her nipples. He felt her all over paying attention to her butt that utterly fascinated him. Kammo woke up and asked him to suck on her tits. She also played with his prick. Soon Satish climbed on her and marvelled at her skin against his. Kammo also responded with vigour and soon both came noisily. Luckily Satish's house was away from his neighbours and nobody could hear them. 

Kammo told him she would be there for him everyday. Soon both got up and went about their work. Satish left for the office and Kammo went home. She returned in the evening to make dinner for him. Satish came home to find a hot cup of tea waiting for him. Kammo made chapatis for him and for herself. Both ate quietly. 

Satish busied himself reading the newspaper and some books while Kammo was in the kitchen washing the utensils. She came to his room and found him in his underwear. She slipped out of her clothes and stood nude before him. Satish pulled her to him and kissed her. Both were engrossed in the act and they tongued each other for five minutes. Satish took her breasts in his hands and played with them before sucking on them till Kammo asked him to pay attention elsewhere. He went down on her and sucked on her pussy and clit. Kammo was in ecstasy and she asked him to fuck her rightaway. Satish started to climb on her but she asked him to fuck her doggy style. He did it and both were extremely excited. They reached their orgasms almost together and wrapped themselves around each other and just slept. 

For about three months this was the routine and Kammo started glowing from the sexual activity she experienced. Satish was also delighted at the way things turned out. One day however, he got a phone from his uncle that one of their neighbours whom he looked upon as his aunt, was going to his town and she would be staying with him. Satish had no choice but to accept. He told Kammo that during the period of his aunt's stay, she would have to refrain from any sexual activity or even hints. Kammo was a little disappointed but agreed.

His aunt Shalu, though not related to him by blood, was one of those neighbours who was always warm and affectionate. Satish received her at the train station and brought her home. He showed her to her room and told her that Kammo, the maid, would take care of all domestic chores including cooking. Kammo met his aunt and greeted her with a Namaste. 

Shalu was a tall lady well built, but not fat. She had come to meet some of her relatives and was looking for a match for her son in the town. Shalu had been widowed some years earlier and had just one son, who was working in Delhi. Satish took her to meet her relatives and guided her about how to get back home. He gave her the key to his home and left for his office. 

As Kammo was not in a position to have sex with him, Satish missed the pleasure but had to bear with it quietly. Meanwhile Shalu had made herself at home and was quite comfortable. Kammo had taken charge of all the chores of the house and she did not have to do anything. Sometimes, Shalu would go out and return by the afternoon. Kammo's routine consisted of coming in by 7 AM and doing the sweeping and swabbing of the house, as well as making breakfast. She would return around 11 AM and make lunch for Shalu. During weekends, she would cook for both Shalu and Satish. In the evening she would return and make dinner around 5 PM.and leave at 7 PM.

Shalu was quite a passionate woman and had a very active sexual life with her husband, till his sudden demise. She was around 48 years of age and missed her sex. But like most Indian women she had suppressed her urges and concentrated on her son, whom she doted on. One day she caught Satish in his underwear and quickly went back to her room. She remembered his taut body and build and felt some of her urges return. Satish was no doubt very polite and well bred and treated her as elders are treated in India, with respect. Nonetheless, she longed for sex and biology took over. She decided to seduce him but had to do it carefully. She waited for Kammo to depart, one day and ate dinner with him. During dinner she asked him how he passed his time, whether he had a girlfriend and so on. Satish answered her politely but sensed an undercurrent of need in her. He asked her about her marriage and life with her husband, whether she missed him and so on. Shalu told him that she was extremely lonely and had felt a little better after staying with Satish. After dinner, Shalu cleared the table and put away the dishes in the sink. 

She asked Satish to come to her room . She had unbuttoned the top three hooks of her blouse and removed her sari. Clad only in a petticoat Satish could see her ample cleavage. She asked him to sit next to her on the bed and started talking to him. Satish could hardly concentrate on what she was saying as she kept bending down to show more of her breasts. Shalu asked him if he had been with a woman. Satish said he had just one experience so far but declined to elaborate. Shalu took his hand to her breast and asked him to squeeze. Satish, deprived as he was of sex for a while, readily complied. Shalu brought her face close to his and kissed him on his lips. Satish responded and soon both were kissing each other passionately. 

Shalu removed her blouse and unfastened her petticoat as well. She lay nude in front of him as she wore no bra and panties. Soon both were again kissing each other and Satish started squeezing her breasts. Shalu asked him to suck on her nipples and was sighing with delight. After her husband's death she did not have any sex and was truly ecstatic. Shalu put her body right next to him and asked Satish to remove his clothes. Satish quickly stripped and cuddled against Shalu. His prick became erect and she put her hands on it. Soon Satish kissed her breasts and her navel before licking her nether region. He found her clitoris and licked and sucked at it. Shalu had never had oral sex with her husband and orgasmed several times. Finally, she asked Satish to climb on her and fuck her. Satish started slowly and soon increased the speed and vigour of his thrusts. He felt the texture of her pubic hair against his body and liked it. 

Shalu raised her hips and encouraged him with some obscenities he could not imagine she even knew. Finally both came together and continued to cuddle against each other. Satish felt her ass and marvelled at the softness and roundness of it. Shalu got up after a while and washed herself. Satish did likewise and they slept cuddled against each other. Some time in the night, Satish felt her against him and got aroused. He lowered his hands to her pussy and rubbed it with his fingers. He inserted his fingers in her cunt and she responded and orgasmed. Soon, Satish asked her to spread her legs and inserted his prick in her. Shanno was again treated to a strong dose of fucking and enjoyed it immensely. Both came again and went back to sleep. They had to get up early before Kammo let herself in. 

However, the sheets were a giveaway and Kammo gathered that there had been some sex in Satish's room. The only person who could have been fucked by Satish was Shalu. Kammo said nothing and went about her tasks as usual. Shalu had to go out and she left by 8 AM. Satish used to leave for his office around 9 AM. She saw an opportunity to have a quickie with Satish. Kammo teased Satish and asked him how he had found Shalu. Satish tried to deny that he had fucked Shalu. But his protestations were inadequate. Soon he confessed that he indeed had sex with her. Kammo rubbed herself against him and soon Satish was aroused. Soon both were on his bed and he was vigorously fucking her. Kammo enjoyed herself and wished that she had a longer session but this would have to do for now. 

Shalu came home in the afternoon and found Kammo busy with her chores. She asked her to bring a cup of tea. Kammo made the tea and gave it to her. 

Shalu was feeling tired and her feet were aching. She requested Kammo to massage her feet. Kammo brought some mustard oil and started applying it to Shalu's feet. The massage made Shalu feel good and she asked Kammo whether she would also massage her waist. She removed her sari. Meanwhile Kammo told her to remove her blouse and bra also as it would be stained with oil. Kammo also removed her sari in order to avoid oil on it. As Shalu relaxed due to the massage she was getting she felt relaxed and drowsy. She barely heard Kammo tell her to remove her petticoat as well to avoid it getting stained. Kammo removed her petticoat and continued with her massage. She massaged her butt and her thighs. She also massaged her calves and asked her to turn over. 

Shalu turned over and Kammo told her that she would massage her entire body. She massaged her shoulders and arms. Later she came to her breasts and massaged her breasts and nipples. She went down to her navel and by then Shalu was aroused. Kammo could make out that and she rubbed her pubes and massaged her clit. By now Shalu could stand it no more and she pulled Kammo, who had removed all her clothes, to herself and kissed her and asked her to suck her nipples. Kammo had some experiences with women and she first stripped and then started on Shalu's nipples followed by her navel and then licked her pussy. Shalu was jumping about in ecstasy. Kammo climbed on to the bed and rubbed her body against Shalu. Shalu went for Kammo's breasts and sucked on her nipples. She also went down on her and by now both women were in complete delight. Kammo climbed on Shalu and rubbed her pussy against hers. This made Shalu come once again. Shalu did not want to let Kammo go and both ladies cuddled against each other till the evening when Satish was expected. 

Kammo gently asked Shalu about her relationship with Satish and told her about the sheets that she saw. She also told her that she was having sex with Satish till Shalu came over. Shalu did. not seem partciularly surprised. She thanked Kammo for tutoring Satish well. Now both got up and got dressed and went about their chores. 

At night Shalu had sex with Satish, this time it was doggy style. The next day Kammo came over and once Satish left for his office, both ladies did the domestic tasks together quickly and stripped and licked and sucked each other to orgasm. The arrangement suited them well. Shalu needed to visit her relatives and she normally went around 8 AM. Kammo would still be present in the house till 9 AM when Satish left. There was time enough for a quick fuck before Satish left for his office. 

Satish was satisfied and so also Kammo and Shalu. This pleasant arrangement continued for a while. Finally, it was time for Shalu to leave. She was leaving in a couple of days. She asked Kammo to stay the night, but to come after Satish had left. Satish had to travel on work that night and would be away for three days, returning only after Shalu had left. Satish came early from work. Shalu received him with a kiss and both were tonguing each other. Satish stripped Shalu slowly and got out of his clothes. This time he kissed Shalu all over her body paying attention to her breasts and nipples and her navel. He asked her to turn over and kissed her on the nape of her neck and her back, her waist,and he put his hands on her ass and stroked it. Finally, he asked her to get up and kneel down doggy style. He licked her pussy from behind and fucked her slowly. He told her he would miss her. Shalu told him that she would be back within a month. She teased him saying that since Kammo was there, he would not miss her. Satish was astonished that she knew about Kammo and asked her how she knew. Shalu told him that Kammo had told him about the two of them. She told him to wait for a month and then he could enjoy both women together! Satish left for his work out of town. 

Kammo came to the house and joined Shalu in her room. Both ladies divested themselves and were cuddling each other. Both ladies were equally voluptuous and there was an abundance of curves in the room. Shalu lovingly kissed Kammo on her lips and then her earlobes, her neck and sucked her nipples. She went down on her and spent a long time licking Kammo's pussy. Both ladies did a 69 and continued till both were sated. They slept thoroughly content. Neither of them woke up till around 6 in the morning. Kammo got up first and made some tea. She woke up Shalu and gave her tea. Both sipped the brew sitting on the bed. Neither bothered to wear their clothes. Soon, Shalu pulled Kammo over and started fingering her pussy. Kammo was excited and she asked Shalu to go down on her. Shalu made her bend down and raise her ass. She sucked Kammo's pussy from behind. Again both ladies did a 69 on each other. They came several times in the process and stopped. 

For the first time, both had a shower together and this time Kammo was the aggressor. She sucked on Shalu's nipples and then went down on her. During the nextt two days both ladies had a great time indulging in sex any time of the day or night. Finally Shalu left and Kammo waited for Satish to return. What they did with each other and when Shalu returned after a fortnight will be the subject of the next episode.

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