Friday, 10 April 2015

Amy in Africa

Amy thought it was the most wonderful opportunity she'd ever had. Her faculty advisor had chosen her to accompany him on his sabbatical. He was taking a year to study an obscure tribe in the Central African Republic. The opportunity had taken her a bit by surprise because she was certainly not her advisor's favourite, nor was she anywhere near the top of her class. But when he offered her the chance, the budding social anthropologist jumped on it. 

She was fully aware that it would cost her an extra year of study, but it would be the ideal opportunity to do extended research for her PhD. It might also set her up for a coveted faculty position at some point. None of her classmates would be able to post such a study on their resumes. 

The trip was to be quite arduous and the tribe's location both remote and rugged. This was not to be a luxury holiday retreat. They would be sleeping in small huts, living off the land as the natives lived. Amy had been told to travel light, but thought it was ridiculous that she had only been allowed one small backpack, which left her room for only one change of clothes. 

Doctor Doyle had told her not to worry. They would be able to obtain local clothing at the village. Of course, it was probably best to dress like the locals, allowing them to blend in while they conducted their study. Yes. Living with the tribe, eating what they ate, even dressing like they dressed. It was all so exciting. 

The trip was exhausting. After what seemed like an endless flight, they transferred to cars, then four wheel drive Jeeps. The last two days were completed on foot. Amy looked down at herself in disgust. Her clothes were filthy and torn, and she could hardly stand the smell of herself. Her only hope was that there would be somewhere to bathe and she could get some fresh local clothing when they got there. 

Soon they found a path that slowly widened to a well travelled trail. About two hours later, they broke through into a clearing surrounded by small stick huts. A little dirty stream ran beside the clearing. So much for a bath. As soon as they came into view, a flock of naked children ran screaming towards the huts, and several women emerged to see what the commotion was all about. 

If she had thought about it at all before now, she would not have been so surprised to see that the women were all naked except for small loincloths at their waists. Oh my. Doctor Doyle had talked about local clothing. She hoped this was not the full extent of what would be available to her. She wouldn't dress like that in private, let alone in public. When she turned to look at the Doctor, he just smiled and shrugged.

There was soon a crowd of women and children gathered around them and their guide was trying to interpret the barrage of questions and comments. After the initial shock wore off, the women moved in closer to Amy and began touching her exposed skin and hair. Some of them had seen whites before, but most had not and were fascinated by her straight blonde hair and pale skin. Everyone seemed more interested in her than the men and it was a little disconcerting for her to be the center of so much attention. 

Suddenly there was a shout to their left and they turned to see the men returning from the hunt. They had been successful and there was a small deer hanging from a pole between two of the hunters. She had begun to get used to the semi-nudity of the women, but the entrance of the men shocked her again. Most of them had little of anything covering their bodies, and many had their genitals exposed. Although she tried not to look, she couldn't help noticing that several of the men were very well endowed. 

When the hunters saw the strangers, they all came over to investigate. Once again, there was little if any interest in the men, the attention was mostly focused on her. They reached out and touched her, stroking her hair and feeling her skin and clothes. Before she could stop them, her knapsack was snatched away and taken to the other side of the compound. She looked to Doctor Doyle for assistance but again, all he did was smile and shrug. 

Amy was becoming disturbed by the whole situation. The promised local clothing was clearly non-existent and she now found herself stripped of her possessions, the only white woman for at least 500 miles, surrounded by naked black villagers. This was definitely not what she had signed up for. 

Finally when the men and women had returned to butcher the kill, she was alone with the professor. 

"Sir. What is happening here?" She asked. "I thought you said there would be local clothes here. Why didn't you stop them taking my knapsack? I don't feel at all safe. We need to leave here immediately."

"Don't be ridiculous Amy." He huffed. "We're not going anywhere for at least a year. I told you this would be the chance of a lifetime. You have the opportunity to live as one of the village women for an entire year, experiencing life as they do, reporting to me all that happens. The only way we will ever find out how these people live and think is to become one of them. You will join the tribe, I will make the observations."

Now Amy was panicked. There was no way she was going to join the tribe. To dress and act and live exactly like these primitive people. She had just decided that she would leave right then and there, to hell with her PhD thesis, when a great roar erupted from the forest. 

"I wouldn't think of leaving right now." Sneered Doyle, as if reading her mind. "The scent of that butchered deer has attracted at least one hungry cat. Probably attack you the instant it gets dark. If it waits that long. Oh no Amy. I'd want to stay right here if I were you. That is, of course, unless you intend to become something's dinner." 

Amy had never been as afraid as she was at that very moment. The prospect of becoming a part of the tribe, was certainly preferable to being eaten alive by a lion, but it scared her almost as much. Amy realized that she was both hungry and tired. Nothing seemed to be happening tonight, and running off into the jungle would be very dangerous indeed. Better to wait until morning before making her escape. 

As these thoughts were rolling through her mind, her professor approached with the Chief. 

"Amy Dear." He began." There is to be a big welcoming feast tonight. Lots of food and drink. The Chief wants us to be his guests of honour. Surely you are not thinking of running out of here are you?"

"Well. No sir, I had actually decided to stay until first light just to avoid nighttime predators." She replied meekly.

"Outstanding." Crowed Doyle. "Smart choice. I'm sure we will have fun. Maybe even change your mind about staying. Are you thirsty?"

He then produced a cup of cloudy liquid. With a few bubbles floating on top. Amy gave it a sniff and decided that it didn't smell to bad. Kind of like a beer, only sweeter. 

"Give it a taste Amy. I think it's pretty good for bush beer. Certainly better for us than any of the water around here. We'll probably have to drink water eventually, but we might as well put it off for tonight if we can." Doyle opined.

She was very thirsty after their trek, and the beer certainly looked better than the water. Amy took a long sip and swallowed. Not bad, she thought, as she took another mouthful. A little sweet, but it's wet. When she finished her first cup, a young girl was there with a small jug to refill it. As she sipped her second cup. She felt herself relax. She told herself that it wasn't going to be so bad here. In the morning she could talk to Professor Doyle, and convince him that they could get what they wanted without her joining the tribe. 

As she wandered around investigating the little village, the girl was never far behind. Every time her cup got close to empty, the girl eagerly topped it up. Between the heat and her slight dehydration, it didn't take long for Amy to start feeling tipsy. By the time dusk had fallen, things were starting to blur.

Luckily her Professor arrived and took her arm leading her to the head table at the center of the compound and guiding her to sit beside the Chief. Amy was a bit nervous to be sitting so close to an almost naked black man, particularly so far away from civilization, but as the beer continued to flow, she became more and more relaxed.

Amy hadn't realized how famished she was until the food started to arrive. In her semi drunken state, the smell was irresistible. The alcohol in the beer had acted to enhance her hunger and reduce her inhibitions. Everything smelled so good, that she dug in to the meal with gusto. From time to time the Chief would look over at her and point to a particularly inviting morsel, encouraging the young student to eat more. 

And as the evening wore on. More beer was served and drank. More food was delivered to the table. Amy began to feel somewhat uncomfortable. At only 5'-3" with a fairly slight build, she was totally unaccustomed to eating such large quantities of meat or drinking nearly as much alcohol as she was doing tonight, and she could feel her stomach stretching well beyond it's normal capacity. 

Suddenly, she felt an unaccustomed bubbling in her gut and without warning a large belch escaped her mouth. Instantly her hands flew up to cover her face in shame, but immediately, the crowd of villagers began cheering and yelling. At first she thought it might be disgust or anger at her rudeness, but when she looked up at the Chief, he was smiling widely. Then she remembered that in some cultures a belch is considered to be a sign of a well served guest, a complement to the host. 

Another cup of beer was followed by an almost endless array of bite size delicacies. She had no idea what she was eating, and although most of it was delicious, she was truly becoming almost painfully engorged. Her shirt and pants had actually become significantly tighter around her torso, as the meal progressed, and she unbuckled her belt to try to relieve some of the pressure. 

As the celebration wound to a close, Amy couldn't have been happier that the food had been cleared away. The last few cups of beer she drank, somehow helped relieve the bloated feeling in her stomach and as the natives slowly moved away to their huts, Amy drifted off to sleep. She was unconscious and unaware when two older women picked her up and took her to one of the huts. With such a distended abdomen, it was a disturbed and fitful sleep. She was assailed by strange dreams. As the night dragged on, there had been a series of sharp pains in her abdomen, Finally, she had farted loudly which relieved the pressure and allowed her to drop into a deep more restorative sleep. 

Amy's head ached so badly that she could hardly open her eyes without crying. She couldn't remember going back to her hut. Didn't remember taking off her clothes. But as consciousness dawned, she realized that she was naked under the blanket. Try as she might, she could recall no detail, after the dinner. 

Oh God. Had Doyle dragged her back to the hut and stripped her? Had he done anything else? She was trying to work up the courage to make a cursory inspection when the door flap flew back, and the Chief entered with three older women. He was speaking to them as they approached and they were smiling back at him and her. 

So hung over, and still feeling uncomfortably bloated from the enormous quantity of food she had consumed last night, she was in no condition to resist as they reached down and helped her stand. Soon, as she clutched the blanket around herself, the women were leading her away toward one of the huts on the far side of the compound.

"Doctor...DOCTOR!" She cried. "Where are they taking me? What are they going to do to me?"

"Never mind child." Came the reply. "They are just going to get you ready to join the tribe."

Inside the hut, the women pulled the blanket from her body. Amy was totally humiliated by their inspection of her genitals and their apparent surprise at her thinned and trimmed pubes. They fitted her with a loincloth similar to the ones they wore, then, dressed, such as she was, they pushed her down on the ground and gathered round to fashion her light blonde hair into cornrow like braids close to her scalp. She tried to resist them as they worked, but it was no use. 

As they worked, the women noticed that Amy had pierced ears. After a quick discussion. One woman left and soon returned with two large metal earrings, much like the ones she wore. The metal was much thicker than a normal earring and it stretched her hole painfully as it was inserted, but soon Amy had large primitive dangles in each ear. 

Not having a mirror, she could only imagine by feel what she must look like. Yes. They had turned her into the image of a woman of the village.

Helped to her feet, Amy still felt a little off from last night's gluttony. It was difficult for her to keep her focus as she was circled by the women in the hut. When two of them took her arms and headed for the door, her tummy did a back flip. Surely, they weren't going to take her outside now? Her crotch was barely covered by the loincloth and her pasty white buttocks were almost totally exposed. The remainder of her body had no covering whatsoever. 

Amy had always been proud of her pert C cup breasts, riding high and firm on her chest. Her boyfriends, and several of her girlfriends had certainly enjoyed fondling them, and on the rare occasion when she had gone bra-less, they had attracted their fair share of attention from both sexes. That said, she was not at all comfortable leaving the hut with her chest completely exposed to the entire village, particularly when she knew that their untanned whiteness gave them so much more emphasis. But, comfortable or not, that's exactly what was happening.

It was late afternoon when the women led her from the hut, most of the village was there to witness her transformation. Much to her chagrin, Doyle was there with a camera. As she walked along the line of onlookers, she saw that all eyes were glued to her. Everyone was inspecting her, Doyle taking photo after photo and several minutes of video. She had never felt so exposed, never so humiliated.

When she reached the end of the "receiving line", she was standing in front of the Chief, who was seated on a large bench, wearing lion fur and some kind of headdress and holding a spear. As she stood there, shivering despite the warm temperature, the Chief rose and circled around her. His eyes devoured every inch of her from all angles. Turning to face her, he lifted his head and spoke, his strong deep voice carrying to every corner of the compound. 

Amy did not understand a word that was spoken, but understood that the words were about her. They did not sound at all menacing, and so she began to relax slightly as he continued to speak. When he finished, the entire village erupted in cheers and whoops of joy. Amy looked quizzically at Doyle who was standing beside the guide talking in hushed tones. He simply smiled broadly and nodded his head. 

The Chief returned to his seat and another, smaller chair was placed next to his. Amy was guided to that chair and a table was laid in front of the couple. Soon, a large fire was blazing and the villagers were dancing and singing with gusto. The table was soon covered in food and once again, by repeated gestures, the Chief encouraged Amy to eat. The beer began to flow again as well. Afraid of insulting her host, Amy found herself overeating once again. She could feel each delicious morsel of food stretching and distending her stomach.

Finally, as the meal was coming to an end, a man in a mask and cape approached the couple holding a large cup. At first Amy thought it was more beer, but when he got close, it looked and smelled completely different than what they had been drinking. Served first, the Chief drank about half of the cup, followed by Amy who drank the other half. When she had swallowed the last bit, the masked man whooped and ran to dance wildly about the fire. Once again, the entire village erupted in cheers.

It was only a few minutes before Amy began to feel strange. She was hot and cold all at the same time. Every nerve in her body seemed alive and over sensitive. She began to feel an unexpected attraction to the strong commanding figure of the Chief. She wanted to get closer to him. Wanted to touch him. With a sudden jolt, she realized that she wanted him to make love to her. Somewhere in the back of her mind, was the sense that she had felt like this before.

Of course. When one of her friends had convinced her to take some E before going to a rave. She'd had the same strange feelings. The same feeling of attraction and need to be physically close to someone. That night had been the first time she had made love to a woman. As she remembered the experience, she began to feel more and more aroused, so when the Chief stood and took her hand, she did not resist as he led her to his hut.

Amy had made love with several men in her life. She would not classify herself as having a wide experience, but she was certainly not a virgin. She certainly had never been with a man so large and strong as the chief. He struck an imposing figure as he stood in the moonlight and removed his ceremonial garb. His broad shoulders and deep hairless chest were well muscled. His flat stomach tapered to slim hips which were supported by two thick strong legs. 

The sight of his strong virile body was making Amy wet with desire. Whatever it was they had drunk was having a strong effect on the young blonde, and she wanted this man. Wanted him very badly. When he pushed his loincloth down, Amy almost swooned at the sight of his member. It was easily twice as big as any man she had ever seen before, and it was still only half hard. 

The Chief moved toward her, pressed his body to hers and started to grope her breasts and ass. It was not as gentle as she would have liked, but it was still very arousing. When he leaned down to kiss her, he instantly pushed his tongue between her lips. She could feel his hardness pressing against her full belly as he continued to embrace and grope her. She made no effort to stop him when he pulled her loincloth down her legs and pushed her back onto the sleeping platform.

She had never been as ready as she was at that moment. Her entire abdomen felt like it was melting and her pussy was literally running with her juices. Then the Chief pressed his rigid cock into her. As wet as she was, it still took several short strokes before he was slick enough to press all the way in. It felt like she was being impaled on a telephone pole. 

Every part of her young pussy was being stretched and moved. Still so full from the huge meal they had eaten, her distended belly pressed on her organs from within as her lover attacked from without, resulting in a wonderful amalgam of pleasure and pain. The entire experience was so foreign, so new, that it drove the young co-ed to heights of arousal she had never before experienced. 

She could feel that her labia were stretched wide, every millimeter being stimulated by some part of his enormous dick. Her clit was extended and pulled down into constant contact with his rod as it slowly slid in and out. She was in ecstasy, her body responding with a mind of it's own. Within a short few minutes, she reached her peak and groaned loudly as she came. At the sound and feel of her orgasm, the Chief looked down at her and smiled, but he never slowed his pumping. 

It didn't take long for Amy to cum a second time, and then a third. By now she had lost all sense of self control. Her orgasms were rolling over her in waves, one after the other. She was almost delirious by the time she heard his groan and felt his whole body go rigid. The force and volume of his semen, felt like she was being douched. She could feel each strong jet plaster her cervix as he grunted above her. There was no room inside her to hold such a voluminous load and she felt it gushing out past his pulsing member onto the bedclothes. 

As they lay there panting and sweating, Amy couldn't help smiling to herself. That had been the most incredible sexual experience of her life. In fact it topped anything she had ever done sexual or not. A blanket of contentment and fatigue descended on the two lovers and within minutes they were both fast asleep in each others' arms. Later during the night, the Chief coupled with her again, driving her once more to multiple orgasms before collapsing back into sleep.

When she woke in the morning, he was gone. She pulled her loincloth on and walked out, semi-naked into the morning sun. Almost immediately, Doyle was beside her. 

"Well. How was your honeymoon night?" He leered, his eyes devouring her nakedness

"What?...What are you talking about?" Amy sputtered.

"We made a deal with the Chief for you Amy." He smiled. "The instant he saw your pale skin and blonde hair, he wanted you for himself. After last night's ceremony you are now one of his 4 wives. It's more than I could have hoped for. I couldn't be happier. It will make for a phenomenal paper, a real career maker, and of course I will mention you as a contributor."

At these words, Amy felt her stomach lurch. What was he talking about? She couldn't believe that she had been so gullible as to follow this bastard into the jungle and let him marry her off just so he could write a research paper. The warm glow she had been feeling after her night of lovemaking quickly faded as her new reality hit home. Her mind was racing searching for alternatives, for a way out of this and then it hit her. Without access to any birth control she would undoubtedly get pregnant. At that thought, her stomach revolted, she turned and retched violently.

When she recovered sufficiently, she turned on Doyle. Screaming and crying and hitting, all to no effect. He just stood there smiling.

"Oh and by the way. I'm thinking you could really use some sunscreen. With your fair skin, you are sure to burn, particularly all those parts that don't normally see the sun." He said as his greedy eyes devoured her near nakedness. "I'll tell you what. I have some sunscreen you can use so you don't burn and blister, and all it will cost you is a blow job."

Amy couldn't believe her ears. She was trapped in the jungles of Africa, apparently married to the Chief of the tribe, and now her faculty advisor, the man who had gotten her into this whole mess, was demanding a blow job. Besides, it wasn't sunscreen that was her primary concern, it was pregnancy.

"Doctor Doyle." She began timidly. "I'm concerned about sunburn, but what about pregnancy? Do you have anything I can use to keep from getting pregnant? That's what I really need sir. Please?"

At these words, Doyle's face split with laughter. It took him almost a minute before he had recovered enough to speak.

"The last thing in the world you want is birth control." He chuckled. "You better do everything you can to get your stupid ass pregnant. The Chief wants children, Little light skinned blonde children. And if he doesn't get them, then his virility will have been threatened. In a tribe like this, that means he would have to kill you to maintain his dominance. Besides, nobody has ever observed a western white woman become so much a part of the tribe that she bears them a child. Groundbreaking stuff that. Guaranteed award winning paper."

Amy thought for a moment about her newly described predicament. She wasn't sure that she believed him, but she had studied enough primitive societies to know that he was probably telling the truth. Now the full weight of her situation descended onto her shoulders. Not only could she not avoid getting pregnant, she had to encourage it, actually seek it out. She couldn't stop the tears from flowing as she stood there sobbing.

Doyle moved in and put his arms around her. At first, she thought it was to comfort her, but soon she felt his hand cupping and squeezing her breast. Anger and frustration raged as she realized he was copping a feel. She stepped back and slapped his face. Hard.

"I've always wanted to get my hands on those lovelies." He smirked, "And I figured I better get a good feel of them while I still can. In twelve months time they'll just be dangling empty milk bags. Now... Do you want the sunscreen or do you want to burn to a crisp? Get on your knees and pay up."

Amy didn't know what to do. She had been used, trapped. She could already feel the mid-morning sun burning her fair skin and could only imagine how painful, burned, and blistered her pale skin would become by nightfall. 

Realizing that she had little if any choice in the matter, Amy dropped to her knees in front of the professor, and was soon taking his hardening penis int her mouth. Having serviced several of her boyfriends in this way, Amy was not without some skill in the art of oral sex, but this was different. This time she was being coerced. Forced to submit to get something she really needed. Her face went beet red as she realized she had become a whore for something as simple as sunscreen. 

Doyle was so excited by her submission, and her mouth felt so warm and wet on his throbbing manhood, that it took less than a minute for him to shoot a huge load of cum between her lips. It was not Amy's habit to swallow, but she managed to gulp down his entire gooey load, hoping that it would help her gain back some measure of control and convince Doyle to get her out of here.

When he was done, Dole told her to stand up and squirted a large dab of sunscreen into his palm. When he reached for her tits again, Amy stepped back in surprise, holding out her hand. 

"My sunscreen. I'll apply it. Now get over here and let me rub it in real good." Doyle leered.

Amy had no choice now, but to stand there for another ten minutes as Doyle rubbed, massaged and kneaded her breasts and buttocks. He pulled on her nipples and spread her ass cheeks as he worked her over, and despite herself, she felt her tummy begin to melt from arousal. 

A sudden sharp slap to her ass and he announced that she better get going back to her tribe.

"What about the sunscreen?" She queried. "Aren't you going to give me the sunscreen? I thought we had a deal."

"Don't be ridiculous. I'm not giving up a whole tube of this for one blow job. You have to pay up each time you want me to apply it, and I do get to apply it each time. You are a pretty good cocksucker and I'm going to enjoy you as often as I can. You didn't think I brought you out here for your brains did you?" 

Amy was defeated, and she knew it. Her mind was a mess of confusion and humiliation as she returned towards the hut. She was just about to enter when one of the other women took her hand and led her towards the river. When she got there, she saw that two others were scraping the inside of the deer hide with stones to clean it. She was handed a stone and gestured to join them. It was clear. Chief's wife or not, every women of this tribe was expected to contribute.

Her huge meal from the night before was starting to wear off, and as mid-day grew near, Amy was becoming hungry. With gestures, she motioned towards her mouth and tummy hoping that the women would understand her needs. Apparently her timing had been perfect, because just then, one of the young girls arrived with some dried meat and a small jug of water. The women began pointing and speaking words in their language, and Amy quickly realized that were telling her what each thing was called. 

The meat was tough and dry and the water tasted foul, but Amy ate and drank with the rest of the women as they pointed, spoke a word and waited for her to imitate them. Soon they were all pointing and laughing as she tried to pronounce the strange words. It was so much fun that she almost forgot her predicament for a moment, but the moment passed and soon they were back to work on the hide. When that work was done. Amy was led to another task and then, another. 

As the day drew to a close, the Chief approached her and took her hand. He led her back to his hut, where they shared the evening meal. No feast here. After the meal the masked medicine man served them another cup of what Amy knew would be the same drug from last night. After sharing the drink the chief led her to the sleeping platform and once again took her to heretofore unknown heights of ecstasy.

And so it went for the next few weeks. Nights of wild passion with the chief's huge cock stretching her pussy and days of sucking Doyle's pathetic little dick to get the much needed sunscreen. Then one morning as she knelt to perform her duty, she suddenly felt quite nauseated. Not the usual feeling of disgust for Doyle, but something else. Was she sick? Had she eaten some bad food? Bad water? It couldn't be anything like that, everyone ate and drank the same food and nobody else was sick.

"C'mon blondie," Doyle snapped. "It's not gonna suck itself. Do you want the sunscreen or not?"

Just the thought of the taste of Doyle's sperm flipped her stomach and she leaned over and puked on his feet. She expected her professor and tormentor to be livid, but when she wiped her mouth and looked up to apologize, she saw a sly smile on his face.

"How long since your last period? Have you even had one since we've been here?"

The realization hit her like an express train. She hadn't had a period since they'd arrived at the village and she realized she wasn't going to have one any time soon. Her nausea was morning sickness and she was undoubtedly pregnant with the chief's baby. A black baby. And she was going to give birth to it here in the wilds of Africa. Suddenly the world was swimming and turning black.

When she awoke, she was back in the hut laying on the sleeping platform with the chief, the medicine man and the chief's other wives all looking down at her.. The wives had never been in here with her before and she wondered for a moment if something had gone wrong. With the little of their language she had learned, she was able to determine that she was about to be moved. The women helped her to her feet and led her away to another hut. They lay her on one of the five beds and spread her legs to inspect her vagina. After a quick inspection the oldest wife, smiled and nodded and excitedly began chatting with the others. She knew the word for baby and she heard it many times.

That night when she went to the chief's hut, she was shocked to see one of the other wives in bed with him. When she became upset, the chief made it abundantly clear with a few words and several gestures, that her place was now in the wives' hut, not in his bed. Shocked and saddened, she shuffled back to her single bed there and cried herself to sleep. 

It was a restless and broken sleep. She was intensely horny and felt a desperate need for sex. Whether it was the hormones coursing through her body or the weeks of vigorous nightly sex with the chief, she needed some relief. Her hands slowly drifted down to her center where she was able to bring herself to a small and rather unsatisfying orgasm before drifting off. As she tossed and turned, falling in and out of sleep, she sensed a number of comings and goings around her.

Still suffering from morning sickness, Amy was relieved that her tan had developed to the point that she did not require the protection of the sunscreen any more and therefore she could avoid dealing with Professor Doyle's sexual demands. That morning was the first time in weeks that she didn't find herself on her knees servicing that conniving bastard's sexual whims, and she was damn happy about it. He did search her out, but she rebuffed him sternly.

It was a comfortable routine. Eating a small breakfast, followed by a day of chores, then a small evening meal. There was not a lot to eat, but she was not really all that hungry. She saw Doyle several times that day, talking with the guide and taking notes of his observations. She hated what he had done to her, how he had tricked her, but done was done and life here wasn't really too hard. It was so nice just to shut off her brain and not have to study every evening and weekend. It was nice to just drift along and not have to think so hard all the time.

As she lay in bed that first week, she was increasingly aware of the various comings and goings in the hut. She had sensed them the first night but now she started to pay attention. As she lay there, she realized that various tribesmen were coming in the door and tapping one of the women on the shoulder. The woman would then get up from her bed and leave with the man. She just assumed that they were going to the chief's hut for a good fucking, but she was wrong.

Later that night, she felt a tap on her shoulder. When she turned to look up, the witch doctor was standing there with his hand outstretched. With a quiet whisper and a gesture, she was made to understand that she was to follow him out into the night. Thinking that the chief had sent for her, she followed him quietly out of the hut and across the compound.

Amy was quite confused as he led her, not towards the chief's hut as she had expected, but rather to a small hut nearby. When she was ushered through the door, she saw that there was nothing inside except a sleeping platform. Confused, Amy turned towards her companion to try to ask what was going on. When she did, the man wrapped his arms around her and began to kiss her and fondle her breasts. This wasn't right. What was he doing? She was one of the chief's wives. She was pregnant with his child. What was the witchdoctor doing?

After the initial confusion passed, Amy began to resist, trying to fight off his advances. When she began to call out for help, her cry was silenced by a hard slap to the face, which sent her reeling towards the bed. He was large and strong and it didn't take him long to overpower her. Although she still fought him, he was soon able to climb between her legs and press his huge black dick into her small white body.

As she felt herself stretch to accommodate his girth, she also felt herself responding in a rather unexpected way. She had been so horny since she had moved to the wives' hut, longing to feel the wonderful sensations the chief's cock gave her. She felt her body betraying her sensibilities. This wasn't right was it? She was a chief's wife, but the witchdoctor was making her feel so good. Although her mind was aghast at what he was doing to her, her pussy started to drool and soon enough she lost herself in the sensations of being ridden buy a large stiff dick. When she felt him ejaculate, she let herself go and rode their simultaneous orgasm to the end.

After returning to the wives' hut, Amy fell into a fitful slumber from which she emerged early the next morning. On her way to the latrine pit, she encountered Doctor Doyle. 

"You don't look too well rested today my dear," he sniped. "Did you have a rough night with the chief last night?"

"No," was her curt reply.

"Not the chief then but perhaps the witchdoctor?"

Amy spun to gape at him in surprise. Had he really just said that? Did he know what happened last night? The smug look on his face suggested that he knew something.

"Oh yes my dear. I knew it was going to happen, I just wasn't sure when. I have been watching the wives' hut, taking notes and asking questions. Apparently our host, your husband, the chief is an extremely generous man. Whenever one of his wives is with child and she begins to show, she becomes available to any unmarried man in the tribe."

Available? What the hell was he talking about? Available to the unmarried men in the tribe? As she looked at his smirking face, the words began to sink in. Available. The chief allowed the unmarried men to bed his wives. Doctor Doyle saw the comprehension dawn on the pretty girl's face and carried on. 

"It's quite fascinating actually, and will make an interesting subject for an additional research paper. Of course the chief wants to spawn as many offspring with his genes as possible, to carry on his line as it were, but once a wife is pregnant by him, that goal is being achieved. Allowing the unmarried men of the tribe unfettered access to his pregnant wives, keeps them satisfied and encourages them to stay with the tribe instead of drifting off in search of women. I've been wondering when your turn would come and when I saw the witchdoctor last night I knew you had been added to the rotation. I'm sure you're going to get more than your fair share of attention so I hope you're ready for it."

And he was absolutely right. She was barely asleep that night when she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned, expecting to see the witchdoctor again. It wasn't him this time, but one of the young men from the tribe. Barely 18, he was a vigorous lover and his large young cock stretched her very pleasurably all three times they fucked. Exhausted, she fell asleep in his arms, not waking again until the next morning. 

It wasn't so bad really. Not so bad until the night that she turned to see Doctor Doyle had been the one to tap her shoulder. His smarmy grin splitting his face as he took her hand and led her from the wives' hut to his. First, he wanted her to suck him, for old times sake, he said. When he was good and hard, he pushed his small white cock into her and began thrusting. Penetrated and stretched by so many big ebony cocks, Amy could hardly feel him as he repeatedly thrust himself in to the hilt.

"So tell me." he panted as he pumped. "Tell me what it's like to be the little white cumslut for the entire tribe. What's it like to have had miles of black cock stretch your little white pussy? Oh. God I can hardly feel it it's so stretched out. It's really more than I had ever dreamed it would be when I tricked you into coming out here. Hmmmm. You really are part of the tribe now. Uhnnn. Transformed from dumb blonde grad student into primitive black cock slut. UNNGG. So fucking hot to watch your pregnant little ass sway across the compound night after night. Humph. To sneak a peak through the window or door and watch them take you. Ungghh. Watch you lay back and spread yourself for them, night after night. So fucking hot..."

His words were devastating, but even moreso when, as he spoke his last sentence, he stiffened and dribbled his load of spunk into her pussy. Although it had obviously excited him to talk about her that way it had done nothing but anger Amy. Worse still, his little dick had hardly given her any stimulation at all. So well used and stretched each night by large throbbing black meat, his little white dick gave no pleasure at all. He was right. Amy had been transformed. She was no longer his dumb blonde graduate student, but a member of this tribe. Chief's wife. Too good to be used by this piece of shit.

Amy rolled him off and stood up to leave. When he grabbed her arm to stop he, she slapped him. Hard. The work that Amy had been doing around the camp had made her strong. Stronger than she realized and when her hand connected with his face his scrawny neck snapped to the side and he fell to the ground. 

"What the fuck? You little cunt. I'll..."

But a swift kick to his balls stopped him short and he lay there doubled over groaning.

"You are not part of the tribe Doyle. You don't deserve to share the chief's gifts to his men. Don't bother trying again or I will not stop at a little kick in the balls." 

After that Doyle left Amy alone. He never talked to her, never approached her. Never again tapped her shoulder in the night. Amy was left to service the tribesmen as her husband intended. 

As the months passed, Amy's belly began to swell with her growing child. It became increasingly more difficult to move. She felt uncomfortably large. Her tummy getting in the way of everything. In her third trimester, it became impossible for her nightly lovers to mount her face to face. Of course this didn't stop the activity, just changed it to a different position. She now spent a good part of each night on her hands and knees with her baby belly and swelling tits swaying below her as the tribesmen drilled her open pussy from behind. That is, until one day as she was waddling across the compound, her water broke. 

Amy had become increasingly concerned about the impending birth, expecting it to be excruciatingly painful in these primitive conditions. What she had not expected was that the constant fucking and stretching of her pussy by all those long thick cocks had kept it dilated and pliable. When her time came, the wives were there to help and it was all over with surprisingly little pain. It was a joyous event and much cause for celebration when a strong fair-haired son was brought into the world. 

There was much food and celebration and everyone crowded around to see the baby and watch him suckle. He had a very healthy appetite and in no time he had Amy producing a large volume of milk to satisfy him. She soon found out that it was an honour to suckle one of the chief's sons and within a few days there was a steady stream of nursing mothers who came around to feed him. This, of course, left Amy somewhat engorged and in need of relief. That too was solved since almost every mother wanted her child to have the opportunity to suckle at the breast of the white wife. 

Doctor Doyle was never far away. He took hundreds of pictures of Amy feeding various black babies as well as her own child. He was constantly taking notes and making comments about her truly being a part of the tribe now. He said they would never let her go back with him now. Now that she had given the chief a son and had suckled every baby in the village, there was no going back

He was right, of course. He had planned it all perfectly. Amy was no longer the pretty graduate student trying to get her masters, she was the chief's white wife. Mother of his interracial son. There was no going back. Doyle would write his thesis, publish his papers, not even mention Amy's contribution by name. She would simply be the white female subject who was integrated into a wild African tribe. 

After Amy had given birth, the chief revoked the tribal privilege. He simply wouldn't take any chance that her next child wouldn't be his. After all those months of constant nightly sex with various men stretching her out, Amy was extremely frustrated. Hormones were still raging and she was intensely horny all the time. Of course Doctor Doyle offered to help her out in this regard, and Amy almost let him fuck her, until she remembered how nasty he had been and how unsatisfying his little cock was and simply laughed him off. 

So horny all the time, Amy's sleep was fitful and haunted by recollections of all the men she had fucked. Young, old, muscular, thin, hunters, fighters, the only common denominator, the immense size of their cocks. She longed to feel them stretching her, stroking into her. Fucking her. It was about a month later that, as Amy tossed and turned in her bed, she felt a nudge. Surprised, she looked up and saw her husband standing there. He took Amy's hand and led her back to his hut where he gave Amy exactly what she craved.

Once again Amy was in heaven. The chief made love to her every night, sometimes twice. His large cock spreading her lips and stretching her pussy as he worked to impregnate her again. Fortunately, unfortunately, Amy missed her next period which meant that he had once again proven his virility, and signaling that her time with him was soon to be over. This time, however, she knew what was in store for her every night and, looked forward to returning to the wives' hut.

Of course Doyle tried several times to get Amy to lay with him, but she had no interest in his puny white cock. No interest in laying next to his pasty white skin. Amy's purpose in life was to give the chief his babies and to serve the men of the tribe. He had nothing to do with either of those things and so she simply ignored him.

As his year was coming to an end, Doctor Doyle began to make preparations to leave. Coincidentally, around that same time, things got very difficult for the tribe. The stream was reduced to a trickle by drought, the game moved away, what meager crops they had wilted and died. There had always been a cycle of feast and famine, but this was worse. The tribe was starving. Several of the oldest members died. Mother's milk began to dry up and babies started to get weak and sick. 

The tribe had been in such terrible situations before. Once, even worse, and they knew what they had to do. The witch doctor and the chief spent several days making preparations, eventually they had everything ready. Bush had been cleared. The altar was prepared. The fire pit dug. It was time.

Doyle was caught completely unawares when they descended on him. He struggled as hard as he could, but even in their weakened state, the tribesmen easily overpowered him. Once bound to the altar, he screamed and wailed, cried and pleaded. He called repeatedly for Amy to intercede on his behalf to stop these savages from whatever it was they were going to do, but all to no avail. Amy was unmoved. She was part of the tribe now and the tribe needed this to survive. After an hour of chanting, praying, dancing, and still more praying, the deed was done and silence fell over the village. 

Yes. Times were very tough. It was a situation of life or death. It was a case of the tribe together against the world. Survival of the fittest, and the tribe MUST survive. Amy was part of the tribe now. Had been for almost a year. Doctor Doyle was an outsider. He had never been part of the tribe. Without game, without the hunt, without food, they would never survive. Human sacrifice. It had always worked before. It would work again. And Doctor Doyle? Doyle had been very bad to her, but in the end, he had tasted very good. The tribe would survive, and so would Amy and her babies.

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