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In Debt

We had been married about two years and things were going great when he lost his job. I was working, but only a mundane shop job that paid peanuts. We had just about enough money to eat. There was no way I could stretch my income to pay the bills that dropped through the letter box with frightening regularity.

Perhaps I should give you a bit of background. Andrew was my first boyfriend. We met while I was still at school and it soon developed into a wonderful relationship. We loved each other so much and we got married after a few years. I was just eighteen and so na├»ve, but he soon taught me the way to be a good wife. He had previous girlfriends and some of them were quite wild, if all the things he wanted me to do were anything to go by. I didn't mind that he had previous experience, as one of us needed to have some knowledge didn't we? 

My sex education was nothing more than we were taught in class at school and a little playground tittle-tattle, girly gossip. I, of course, knew what I needed to do and I quite looked forward to married life.

Following the loss of his job he tried to find work. Day after day he sat at the computer following every lead, going for interviews several times a week. He had protected the mortgage by insurance so that wasn't a problem, and from our savings we could last a few more months, but money was getting tighter every day. 

I economised on food and stopped buying any kind of extras; not a drop of wine passed my lips for weeks. He lost his car it was part of his salary, so we only had my old banger, it needed some repairs to make it suitable as the family car. 

He took it to the local garage and asked them to fix it for him, as he had to have it on the road to get to interviews. We lived in a rural village, no trains, no buses, just our own transport, so it was absolutely essential he had a car. 

He came home with the car but he didn't say anything at all. I asked him if it cost much but he fobbed me off with excuses. I just thought he was upset at his inability to find work and be the man he expected himself to be. He was a bit old fashioned, he thought of himself as the breadwinner. There was nothing wrong with that. I respected him as a man and as my husband. Weeks went by, but still no job. By now he was getting desperate and applying for jobs way below his capability, but still nothing. 

One day we were trying to work out our finances when there was a knock at the door. It was a warm summer's evening and I was wearing a sun suit - just a pair of pink towelling shorts and a marching bra top. It was mostly like a bikini, just bigger pants and sort of fun rather than sexy. It was several years old, as new clothes were the furthest thing from my mind. 

I got up and went to the door; it was the local mechanic and his bookkeeper, or accountant as he liked to be called. 

"Is Andrew in, Chrissie? He asked. "

"Yes come in," I answered, and held the door open for them to enter.

The look on Andrew's face when he saw them told me something was seriously wrong. He looked as if he was going to be sick. 

"Why don't you come through and sit at the kitchen table?" I offered, as I cleared our paperwork out of the way. 

"Sorry Andrew," began George, the mechanic. "I know you are having a hard time of it at the moment, but I can't wait any longer for my money. I fixed your car under the agreement you would pay it off in a month at the most, but it's now three months and I haven't had a penny from you." George looked seriously concerned. "If you can't pay I shall have to take your car and sell it. Of course any surplus I will give back to you, but that's really the bottom line." 

He asked for the keys and vehicle documents. 

"I've got an important interview tomorrow," said Andrew. "And I can't get there without the car. Can you give me a little more time to pay?" 

"I can't do that." George was quite adamant, "It's either the cash now, or the car."

I felt quite uncomfortable sitting there in my sun suit. The accountant chap was eyeing me up and down quite openly. It was both embarrassing and suggestive. I made an excuse to leave the room and ran upstairs, changing into a summer dress, not as revealing as my sun suit. I needed a little time to consider our predicament. How on earth were we going to get out of this one? We had juggled money and robbed Peter to pay Paul for months. There just wasn't anything left in the kitty. 

I sat on the bed for a while thinking about it, but realised I had left Andrew on his own down there long enough. After all I am his wife, and no matter that he didn't tell me, I still needed to show him my support. 

I came downstairs and walked into the room, all eyes on me as if I had come from outer space. I felt the tension in the room. I didn't sit down but offered everybody a cup of coffee. They all accepted so I had my back to them for a while at least, but even then air felt thick, as if something was amiss. 

Coffee made and served, I took my place at the table again and asked if they had reached a solution. 

"Well we've come up with a proposal that would clear his debt to us," said George, "But you two will need to talk about it. We will go out to my car and await your decision."

He took his coffee but left the paperwork on the table, I looked at it. The bill was for three thousand pounds. How on earth did George think we were going to be able to pay that off in a month, even if Andrew got another job? 

I was so angry with Andrew, the first time in our relationship I had even been really angry. I let him have it both barrels, right between the eyes. 

"Sorry darling that's not the worst of it. The only way he will let me keep the car is if you will fuck him right now, tonight, and his mate wants to film the whole thing."

"He has promised not to show it to anyone else but what do you think?" 

I sat for a good ten minutes thinking about his proposal. Did he really want his bride, still a virgin when we married, to act like a common prostitute, to pay off his debt? 

He asked, "What do you think?"

"How do you think I feel? You're asking me to fuck a man old enough to be my father, because you stupidly got yourself into debt with him?" I was really angry. "How do you think I'm feeling, and now you want me to fuck him to get you out of debt, and let his mate make a porn film of me for good measure? I would rather fuck some young stallion and make a porn film, to sell it to make money. Anything rather than those two sleazy old men making me into their whore."

"But we don't have a choice," Andrew replied, "Either you fuck him tonight or he's taking the car and we're finished. That interview tomorrow is the best chance I've had yet, it's a job I can do and the salary is excellent. The choice has to be yours I've told them that. If you say no then that's final."

"Do you want me to fuck that dirty old grease monkey?" I was even angrier now. 

Andrew hung his head in shame, "Well it's our only chance." 

I paused for a few moments, trying to compose myself. "Alright but it's your entire fault, I'm doing it for you, and for our marriage. If you ever turn this against me in the future, I'll leave you for good. And don't expect me to enjoy it." 

He went out to the car and came back with the two of them. The accountant chap had a camcorder in his hand. It looked top-end and very expensive. Obviously he done this before. 

"Well young lady you can get undressed first. You will do this as if you really want it, because if you don't the deal is off. Oh, and I want your husband present all the time. He needs to see what his wife is doing to pay off his debt."

OMG, not satisfied with getting me, he wanted his mate to film it and now my husband to watch us. He was certainly going to get his money's worth, but three thousand is a lot of money. He could get laid by a lot of women for a lot less, so I suppose it was some sort of compensation that I was going to be so expensive. 

My husband was told to clear the kitchen table. George picked me up and laid me back on there, my legs wide and he went down on me. I hadn't expected this; I thought he would just fuck me and probably shoot it up me as a sort of threat. But I was on the pill, so I wouldn't get pregnant. 

I was worried that he might carry some disease, because he wasn't going to use a condom. You could see that by his attitude, he was going to fill my pussy with his spunk hoping to impregnate me, for sure. 

He licked my clitty and went right up to my belly button. Returning down, he pushed the tip of his tongue inside me, wiggling it about. If it wasn't so forced it would have been quite good, despite the grease under his finger nails and the stink of oil on him and on his clothes. 

He moved back up to my belly button; again his tongue rimming that before working his way back down to my clitty. He had me squirming on the table in just a few minutes, driving me wild with pure lust. Perhaps it was the totally bizarre situation, or maybe he was a very good lover.

He lashed my clitty with his tongue at just the right moment and took me over the top in a huge orgasm. I felt elated and oh so ashamed, letting this dirty old man thrill me so much. It was as if I was enjoying. 

"Perhaps your husband can learn a thing or two tonight," he said, smiling. "By the time I'm finished with you, you will have had dozens of those. Do you like coming?" he asked. 

I said, "Yes, nothing more." I was so ashamed. What would my husband think of me, getting off on this dirty old man? 

I looked across to where Andrew was sitting. He had his cock in his hand wanking slowly. He was enjoying seeing his wife used so rudely by the man he owed. 'The bastard,' I thought, 'He'll suffer for this.' I was assured of that. 

George climbed up on the table and told me to ride him. "Think you are on your horse." He must have known I'd had to sell it because the cost of feed was a luxury we couldn't afford. He was trying to make me mad. I climbed over him; his big dirty hands grabbing my tits hard and squeezing my nipples making me writhe. I loved it but it hurt. Do all women love being hurt to a small extent in the course of sexual pleasure? Andrew can make me cum by playing hard with my nipples. OK so they hurt for days after but at the time it's fantastic. Did George know my nipples were so sensitive? 

Andrew was watching his every move and my reaction to it, not missing a thing,

'OK mate,' I thought. 'So you're enjoying my degradation, so perhaps I should forget my inhibitions and let this man fuck me to as many climaxes as he could. Why should I be the only one not enjoying this fuck?' 

I lowered myself down onto his cock. It was big, probably bigger than my husbands. It certainly looked it as I let it slip between my wet cunt lips and into my body. It was only the second cock ever to go there. George pulled me down so I took all of it. 

He smiled up at me, and said, "This one is for me, your turn next time. Don't worry if I cum inside you, I can keep going for ages after I've shot my first load. Now ride me like you are earning a three thousand pay day." 

What could I do? We owed him big time and he deserved the very best I could do. Keeping my feet on the table so I went right down on his cock, I rode him hard. It was to be, quite honestly, fantastic. His cock was big and filled me perfectly. It was certainly thicker than my husband's and it stretched my ring hard, gripping his shaft tight, hopefully making it exciting for him. 

"You are fucking good Chrissie," he admitted. "I'm pleased your husband let us both down. This is better than the money. Go for it girl, I'm loving it. Any time you need repairs I'm your man."

He looked across at Andrew. "This is what you get for letting me down. I hope you are enjoying seeing your wife riding my big hard cock. Perhaps you might learn a thing or two before we're finished. She's a great fuck and I'm going to fuck her all night." 

I could feel another climax building inside me and I didn't try to stop it this time. Why should I deprive myself because Andrew had been a prat? The feelings rose from my toes and slowly crept up my legs, till they hit my cunt. Oh my god it was huge, probably the biggest orgasm I've ever had. I had to stop, my body in spasms of pure lust.

It was awesome. He slapped my bum and said, "Get on with it girl you've got to make me cum." 

I tried, but my body simply wouldn't obey me. It seemed as if it had all come disjointed like a big rubber doll. He tried to make me ride him but gave up and lifted me with his hands and fucked me from underneath. He made me cum almost continuously till he climaxed himself. I knew he was going to shoot it all up me, and he did. Huge wads of it oozed out around his cock all over my lovely pine table.

He laid there for a few minutes, his cock still rock hard inside me. 

He said, "You enjoyed that, didn't you Chrissie?" 

I just nodded my head, not daring to say how wonderful it was in front of my husband. He helped me off his cock and off the table. He was at least gentlemanly enough to realise I was knackered, even though I knew there was a lot more to cum, excuse the pun.

He said, "Perhaps we should find somewhere more comfortable for round two, Chrissie. You lead the way." 

I was so tempted to take him to our marital bed, just to teach my husband a lesson. He deserved to be punished. He was enjoying this far too much. But no, I took him into the lounge. We have a big sofa long enough to lie down full length on, and certainly big enough to fuck on. I knew that for sure as we often used to make love watching TV. Well we would start watching TV but never got to see the end of the programme. It was almost as personal as our bed, so it would be punishment enough for now. 

He smiled and said, "That looks just right. I want to fuck you missionary style, so lay down so I can get on top of you." 

Now I don't know about you, but I consider this the most intimate way to make love, our bodies touching from head to foot, and being able to kiss as we fucked. I wasn't sure it was right for this situation, but again I realised it wasn't my choice. It was his; after all he had a lot of money riding on this fuck. 

"Sit there, Andrew, on the floor only a few inches away from our sweating bodies." This was an order from George. "Put that pathetic little thing away and watch a master at work." He was certainly punishing him as much as I wanted to.

He lay on top of me, squashing the air from my body. Oh my god. Was he going to fuck me like this? I would be dead by the time he finished. Can you imagine the headlines in the following day's press? 

'Man fucks wife to pay off husband's debt but squashes her to death in the process'

He put his hands either side of my head and lifted most of his weight off me. He was a big man, probably fifteen stones or so (that's 210lbs for our American friends) but his body still pinned me down in a frightening way. I felt trapped and unable to get away no matter what he did to me, I submit to a bit of play bondage with my husband, but this felt so different, 

I was securely trapped under his weight and if he let his arms go slack he would trap me even further. Somehow thrilled me, made me want his want his big hard cock inside me again. I wanted to feel completely under his power, his sexual slave. He pushed my legs apart with his own, so my pussy was open to him, and told me to reach down and guide it in for him. He lifted his body to give me room to guide him in; it felt so decadent to deliberately guide another man's cock into my married pussy, but it was inevitable he was going to get it in whatever I did.

George pushed it up me as far as it would go. My body responded by lifting up to meet him. 

"That's better, young woman, show me how much you enjoy a real man fucking your sexy little body." he said, "Your husband should watch and learn, he obviously doesn't satisfy you. Perhaps I should come once a week and keep you well fucked, or maybe you could come down to the garage. How would you like my greasy hands all over your body? It would take hours to wash it all off, and you would really love it. Most girls do and I guess you are sexier than most."

He soon got into a rhythm, his cock rubbing against my enlarged clitty. He had made it so sensitive with his tongue that it felt oh, so sexy as his cock rubbed in and out. I knew he would have me gagging for it in minutes. My climax built up like before, from my toes up my legs. It hit me in my cunt so hard it made me scream in ecstasy, certainly the biggest climax of my life. It was stupendous. I couldn't breathe and he didn't even slow down. George kept fucking me with long firm strokes, keeping me coming for ever. My body was aching for release but he just kept on driving his cock into me, making me cum and cum and cum. It wasn't quite continuous; it came in waves and subsided, but not completely, then hitting me again in another peak of perfect orgasmic bliss.

My mind started to drift like I was losing consciousness. What the hell was this dirty old man doing to me? By now I had stopped thinking of him as a dirty old man. He was my lover; he had taken me places I didn't know existed, and this was even further out of my box. I felt myself drifting in and out till I passed out completely. It was the strangest thing that had ever happened to me. It was like an out of body experience. I could see everything going on in the room, his hairy bum ramming his cock deep into me and my husband sitting right beside us watching everything.

Andrew's cock was still in his hand and as hard as iron and for the first time I was aware of the fourth person, with his camcorder filming every move, every scream of ecstasy, and probably close ups of that big cock plundering my wet pussy, making it ooze with George's cum and my own juices. 

I could still feel his big cock plunging deep inside me; it was as if I were two people, one under this big strong lover, and the other watching from somewhere up near the ceiling. It was literally out of this world. 

George stopped and let me come down. I was sad in a way as it was a wonderful experience, and one I hoped to experience again sometime in the future. 

"You need a rest, Chrissie," he said, getting off me. I felt somehow deprived of his body. Yes, I wanted his body back, holding me down, fucking me to wonderful heights that I never knew existed. 

He sat on the sofa and said, "Come and kneel here," pointing between his legs. I didn't need any hint to know what he wanted. I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth, gladly. It had done things for me that my husband had never achieved so it deserved my best efforts. I sucked him deep, very deep. My husband had taught me to deep throat him because he loved it. Me, being the innocent little wife, learned to control the gagging effect and take his cock all the way down my throat. So I did it to George. 

He moaned in delight and said, "You really are earning your pay tonight, perhaps your old man will get in debt with me again. I would certainly like to get paid like this again and again. You're some fucking sexy woman." 

I looked up into his eyes as I took his cock down my throat. 

He smiled and said, "You're a sexy little bitch, but I'm going to fuck you to a complete standstill tonight. You won't want it again for at least a week by the time I've finished with you." I was tempted to make him cum. I knew I could, no man will ever take his cock away from a woman who's deep throating him, will he? 

But the promise of more of his wonderful sexual pleasures made me check my action. Perhaps I wanted him to fuck me to a complete standstill, make me so knackered it took a whole week to get over it. What a wonderful thought and it would mean my husband going without. It served him right, but was I really angry with him any longer? Perhaps he had done me a big favour getting us into a situation where I had to submit to this sex machine, this god with a big cock. Perhaps I should be pleased with him but I wasn't going to let him off lightly, oh no, not for this. 

After a while I relented and stopped trying to make him cum. 

He smiled down at me and said, "You could have made me cum doing that but you didn't; why not?" 

I simply said, "I want you up me again before you come in my mouth. He grinned and said," How did you know I was going to cum in your mouth next time?"

I just blushed and kept quiet. I was in deep enough without adding to it. 

"Kneel on the carpet. " It was a request more than an order. "Andrew, kneel in front of her." 

" Now Chrissie, you take his cock in your mouth, so he can feel me driving me big hard cock up your tight little cunt. Chrissie, let him see how much you are enjoying being fucked by a real man, one who pays his bills on time and not make his pretty little wife pay them for him, in kind, even if I'm glad he couldn't pay. This is better than money. "

He pushed his cock up me. Oh my god it still felt so big. I always seem to get more in this position, and being a hour glass type of figure he, like my husband used my projecting hip bones as leverage to drive his cock up me as far as he could. His big hairy balls banged against my crotch. He was pushing me forward with every stroke, pushing my mouth down onto Andrews cock. He was so erect, bigger than I've ever seen it before. He was so excited by this scene; he obviously found it sexier than fucking me himself. He soon came, shooting it in my mouth, but was so excited he didn't lose his erection, 

George fucked like a machine for ages making me cum almost incessantly, but I didn't achieve the fainting of our previous session. It was absolutely fantastic the best fuck of my entire life, even though my experience was previously limited to just one man, my husband, who seemed to be enjoying seeing his pretty little wife abused by this big strong lover, who had declared his wish to have me again and again. 

It had crossed my mind to ask him if he wanted to have me for money next time, perhaps I could get us out of this money problem. If he was prepared to write off a debt of thousands for a fuck with me, how much would he be prepared to pay me for more of the same? If it was my own decision perhaps I could be an even better lover for him. 

At last George said, "You can suck me off now Chrissie, it's time to end this wonderful evening. I've got work tomorrow." He pulled out. 

"Watch now Andrew as I fill her mouth with hot virile spunk. Remember she's had a cunt full of it too, so if she's pregnant its almost certain to me mine."

He stood up, I knelt at his feet as all good sex slaves should. I took his big cock in my mouth, and wrapped my arms around his bum, pulling him deep into my throat. It felt so right to take his big cock and suck it for him. He had made me climax so much more than I believed possible, I wanted this to be really special for him. 

I was in no hurry to make him cum. He deserved to be treated to the best blow job I was capable of. I drew back and sucked his knob till he pushed forward, indicating he wanted more deep throat. We kept that up for ages; I don't know how long I certainly wasn't clock watching but it was well over an hour before he said, "Make me cum Chrissie please. 

I smiled up at him and nodded, my head going to town on him, making him groan and cry out in perfect passion. He gripped my head and grabbed handfuls of my long hair as he pushed his cock down my throat. I could feel his big hairy balls pressing against my chin and his cock pulsation in my throat. He was so close. He made one last cry of ecstasy and shot his load down my throat. 

"Please don't spit it out, Chrissie, Swallow it for me please."

He needn't have worried, he had shot it down my throat way past my larynx. I didn't need to swallow it as was already on its way to my tummy, but I licked and cleaned his cock with pure pleasure. I was thanking George for fucking me properly for the first time in my young life. I was past caring what my husband thought or the camera man. I needed to say thank you to George for tonight.

"Stay where you are," said George, as he collected his clothes from all around my kitchen and lounge. 

He got dressed and kissed me firmly on my lips, whispering in my ear, "If you need money, come and see me any time. You are worth a lot of cash so don't forget me."

"I whispered back,"No George, I will never forget you or this night. It was fantastic."

He left and Andrew came back into the lounge, his head hung down like a scolded child. I pretended to be angry with him as he really deserved it. 

But my resolve broke when he said, "I had no idea you could be that sexy. What have I been doing wrong all this time? 

"You better go ask George for some serious lessons in satisfying your wife," I answered, "Or I will have to go see him myself."

I looked at the clock on the mantle. It was quarter past one in the morning, George had arrived about eight thirty in the evening. We had been fucking for almost four hours. What a marathon, but George was wrong about one thing. Andrew and I were fucking next morning, simply because we were both still high from the night before. 

I waited until Andrew went off to his interview, then phoned the garage, George answered. I said "You were good but you were also wrong, we just fucked for breakfast."

He laughed and said," You're even hotter than I thought, when can we meet again?"

I didn't answer him. That was something to be considered in the cold light of day, one session to pay off my husband's debt was one thing, but doing it just for the love of it with another man is something that needs serious consideration, 

Andrew got the job and could have paid off his debt in a few weeks but it was already paid with interest.

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