Friday, 10 April 2015

Mother's Milk

"Tomorrow? Are you sure?" Kylie rubbed her forehead in confusion. She could have sworn that Nathan's check-up was scheduled for today; she'd checked her Blackberry twice before undergoing the complex preparations involved in taking an infant out of the house for an extended period of time. But the Blackberry would only confirm the note she made to herself, and Kylie had to admit that she'd had a lot on her mind the last six months. (And the nine months before that, as well...)

But Doctor Saunders' receptionist just smiled apologetically, and swiveled the screen around so that Kylie could see it. "Says right here, Tuesday morning, eleven AM. I'm sorry, dear."

Kylie chuckled ruefully, and rummaged around in her purse for her Blackberry. Once she'd found it, she adjusted the sling slightly before Nathan could begin fussing about his new position, and pulled up her calendar. The whole thing had come to seem effortless, now. "Let me just make a note of that," she said. "I'm sorry, Marie, you probably think I'm such a scatterbrain." (Being on a first-name basis with everyone in her pediatrician's office--another thing Kylie hadn't expected a year or so ago.)

Marie shook her head lightly. "No, of course not, dear! You probably just made a little typo with the date or something. Folks do it all the time...and better to come in a day early than a day late, right?"

Kylie tapped a few buttons, moving the little note that read 'doc appt' from Monday to Tuesday. "Good point," she said absently, saving the changes and closing the calendar. With that done, she looked back up at Marie and smiled. "And at least it gets me out of the house. When I decided to do the stay-at-home mom thing, I was worried I'd get overwhelmed, you know? But it turns out that the biggest danger is boredom!"

She reached down and gave her son a reassuring pat on the head. "I know that once he starts crawling, I'll look back on days like these and wish for a little more boredom. But right now, it's just nice to talk to someone who can talk back."

Marie giggled, turning her monitor back to face her. "Oh, you know you're always welcome here, and so is little Nathan! I just wish we had an opening so that you wouldn't have a wasted trip."

Kylie shrugged. "No worries. It's not far or anything, and like I say, it gets me out of the house." She slipped her Blackberry back in her purse. "So I'll see you tomorrow at eleven, then?"

"Sounds good!" Marie replied, making a note on her computer and giving Nathan a little wave. "Bye bye, baby!" Nathan gave her a sleepy smile, before burrowing his face into his mother's side.

"Bye, Marie!" Kylie said, giving the receptionist a wave of her own and heading back out the way they'd come. Already, she was thinking about what she was going to do when she got home. First thing first, she needed to pump; Nathan had eaten his fill just before they'd gotten here, but her breasts were already aching. She might have given birth to one child, but her body seemed to think that she was Octomom or something.

Kylie got into the elevator and hit the 'B' button. She wondered idly if she shouldn't talk to Doctor Saunders about that tomorrow, during Nathan's check-up; maybe there was something she could do about the excess milk. At least maybe she'd know why Kylie's breasts always seemed to have enough milk to run their own dairy farm. She giggled at the mental image. "'Kylie's Milk'," she said out loud. "With absolutely no bovine growth hormone, because there's absolutely no bovines!"

The elevator dinged, and Kylie headed down the hallway towards the stairs. Technically speaking, she knew she should probably make an appointment with her own doctor to ask about something like that. After all, Doctor Saunders was a pediatrician, not an ob/gyn. But Kylie always seemed to get better advice from Doctor Saunders. Her old doctor...well, Kylie hadn't minded seeing a male gynecologist the way some women had, but she had to admit, there was something nice about being able to talk to a doctor who knew exactly what she meant when she said, "My boobs hurt."

Kylie opened the stairwell door with one hand, neatly balancing the weight of the child against the weight of the purse and diaper bag, and started down the stairs. After the first week or so, she'd found that she didn't even think twice about all the stuff she had to carry; it just became automatic to her. She was thinking more about her breasts, now; she almost wished that Nathan would start crying just so she'd have an excuse to nurse him. But no, he was almost entirely asleep now. Kylie would just have to wait until she got home. She reached into her purse with her free hand, checking to make sure the car keys were there.

Kylie got to the bottom of the stairs, opened the door, and headed out into the hallway again. She made a right, then a left, then another right, the corridors of the clinic as familiar to her by now as her own house. She could probably find her way out to the parking lot in her sleep, if she had to; Kylie giggled again, imagining herself sleepwalking through a hospital. She could picture it, wandering around with her arms sticking out in front of her, eyes open just enough to see but still sound asleep...the mental image seemed peculiarly vivid, somehow, like she'd seen it in a movie or something. Did 'Rosemary's Baby' have something like that in it?

Kylie took one last right, then headed down another small flight of steps to a windowless door. She opened it...and stopped. This wasn't the parking lot.

Instead, she was in a white room with a low, padded table in the center of it. There seemed to be a lot of equipment surrounding it, hoses and tubes and all sorts of things whose purpose Kylie couldn't begin to guess. Doctor Saunders was there, along with two of the nurses; they looked like they were getting the whole bizarre set-up ready for something, probably the patient that Marie was talking about. Oddly enough, the room smelled vaguely like maple syrup.

"Oh!" Kylie said, as she took it all in. "I'm sorry, Doctor Saunders, I didn't mean to interrupt anything. I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere." She leaned back out, looking for a sign on the door that would tell her where she'd wound up. "I can't think how it happened."

Doctor Saunders looked up at her and smiled. Suddenly, the words 'can't think' seemed to take on an echoey quality in the back of Kylie's head, like someone was remixing her last sentence in her mind. "Oh, Kylie, glad to see you again!" Doctor Saunders said. "It's so good of you to volunteer like this."

Kylie furrowed her brow in consternation. "Volunteer?" she asked, almost as much to herself as to Doctor Saunders. She didn't remember volunteering for anything. She reached half-heartedly for her Blackberry, but her motion trailed off into a vague wave as she struggled to think of how she'd gotten here (can't think...) and what she'd volunteered to do (can't think...) She barely even noticed Nurse Crane undoing the sling and lifting Nathan out with practiced ease.

"Yes, you volunteered to donate milk," Doctor Saunders said patiently. Behind her, Nurse Crane took Nathan through another door and out of sight. Kylie didn't even feel the briefest stab of worry, though. These women had been helping her take care of Nathan ever since he was born; he'd be perfectly safe with Nurse Crane for an hour or so, while she...she...

"I give milk," Kylie said absently. That was why she came down here, she remembered. Her breasts ached with the need to pump, and what with her having so much milk, it only made sense for her to go ahead and pump while she was here at the hospital. They'd be able to make good use of her excess milk, and relieve some of the discomfort she was feeling at the same time. She couldn't think how she'd forgotten about it. Her hands found their way to the buttons of her blouse and began to undo them slowly, automatically.

"That's right, Kylie," Doctor Saunders said coaxingly, "you need to give milk. You remember just what to do, don't you, dear?" She patted the table gently, but Kylie didn't need the reminder at all. Everything slotted into her brain neatly and easily as she took her blouse off and undid her bra, revealing large, heavy tits that were so swollen with milk that she couldn't wait to let it flow. Kylie whimpered softly as she climbed up onto the table and positioned herself on her hands and knees, feeling her tits hang down like udders.

"There you go," Doctor Saunders said, looking deep into her eyes and stroking her cheek. She slipped a small pill into Kylie's mouth, and Kylie swallowed it almost without noticing. "I'm so proud of you. This is such a wonderful, generous act, Kylie." As she spoke, Nurse Dayton moved Kylie's dress in order to put restraints around Kylie's wrists and ankles. That was totally necessary, Kylie knew. She might thrash around accidentally if she wasn't restrained, and it was very important that she not move too much while the milking machine was going.

"I'm sorry I forgot, Doctor...Saunders," Kylie said softly, feeling herself go strangely passive as she felt the straps tighten next around her knees and elbows. The restraints made her feel helpless...and as her chin sagged into Doctor Saunders' supporting hands, Kylie realized just how warm and good that was. "You must think I'm such a...scatterbrain..."

Doctor Saunders reached up with one hand and petted Kylie's hair, still holding Kylie's gaze with her own. "Not at all," she said soothingly. "As long as you remembered well enough to come down here, it's just fine that you were a bit of a scatterbrain. It's not such a bad thing to be, is it? It feels nice when you try to remember, and your thoughts all...scatter." Kylie shivered a little at the words, or perhaps at the way she said them just as Nurse Dayton began to massage her breasts with skin cream.

"Scatter..." Kylie said helplessly. The word seemed to be all alone in her head, now; she couldn't remember the last time she blinked, and everything else seemed to be fading away into the distance except for Doctor Saunders' eyes and the feeling of Nurse Dayton, slowly working the flesh of her heavy tits. She shuddered, but the restraints kept her from moving around too much. All she could do was crouch there on her hands and knees, waiting for the milking machine. That was all she wanted to do. Every other thought had simply scattered away to the forgotten corners of her mind, leaving her docile and passive and blank and accepting.

"Good girl," Doctor Saunders said as Nurse Dayton slid the harness over Kylie's chest. Once she'd made sure that the pumps were properly aligned with Kylie's nipples, she tightened the apparatus so that it fit snugly against Kylie's body, giving it an experimental tug to make sure there was no give. Only then did she reach over and press the button to activate the milking machine.

"Unnnh!" Kylie went rigid in a mixture of surprise and delight as the pumps started up; she always managed to forget the way this felt, somehow, and so it always came as such a thrilling shock to her how good it was when the milking machine began its relentless suction. She felt it work her nipples in an endless rhythm, tugging her left one from the base all the way up to the tip until it spurted out warm milk; then it released the pressure to focus on the other nipple. And just as she felt the delicious tickle of stimulation crest in her right breast, it began all over again with her left.

"And doesn't this feel good, Kylie?" Doctor Saunders was asking. She was too lost in the sensation to answer, but it didn't matter because Doctor Saunders answered for her and Doctor Saunders was always right. "Of course it does. You feel so proud of yourself for giving your milk like this. You know it's the right thing to do, the pleasant thing to do, the happiest thing to do. It's so good of you to give of yourself like this that you want to do it whenever you can. And you want your body to make as much milk as you can, so you can give like this even more often. You take the medicine we give you that helps you make even more milk, and you're happy to do so."

"Guh! Nnnh! Yhh!" Kylie wanted to say 'yes', but she couldn't make her mouth work properly; the milking machine kept tweaking and tugging at her nipples, left then right then left then right, over and over and over again until she couldn't think of anything else. Every time she'd start to form a sentence, a word, or even a thought, she felt that delicious suction on her nips and it would wash it away on a tide of ecstasy. It was easier simply to let Doctor Saunders' words fill her pleasure-saturated mind, let Doctor Saunders think for her so that she could focus her whole attention on the way the milking machine relieved the ache in her tits and left nothing behind but shivery bliss.

"Good girl," Doctor Saunders said, her words pulling the thoughts out of Kylie's mind the same way the machine sucked the milk out of her breasts. "Feels so very, very good, dear...and what is it doing to you?"

Kylie bucked her hips as best she could with her body tightly restrained. "H...hhhh...horny," she whimpered out, a trickle of drool at the corner of her mouth. "hot, need to...ofuck, horny..." The word came to mind as though she'd been prompted; a tiny part of Kylie realized that it was because she had, but then she felt another surge of pleasure and arousal and the knowledge washed away once more.

"That's right, dear," Doctor Saunders said, still petting her cheek. The touch seemed to flow all the way down her body, joining with the endless and unstoppable sensations of the milking machine to pulse right into her clit. "You always get so horny when you're giving milk, don't you?"

Kylie nodded. "Yesyesyes," she whimpered out, remembering the way she'd always jump her husband after the evening feedings, so hot from the stimulation of her nipples that she needed sex right then. But her husband wasn't there...Kylie groaned in frustration.

But Doctor Saunders was. "Tell us what you need, dear," and the moment she said it, Kylie knew exactly what she needed. She needed the same thing she always needed, when the milking machine made her mindless with need and desire.

"Need to cum," Kylie keened out, the words a long wail of agonized, helpless, desperate arousal. "Neeeeeed..."

"Good girl," Doctor Saunders whispered in her ear, as Nurse Dayton pulled her skirt all the way up and pulled her panties down to her knees. "Good girl," Doctor Saunders whispered again and again, as Nurse Dayton slid two fingers into Kylie's sopping pussy and thrust them back and forth against Kylie's bucking, grinding hips. "Good girl," Doctor Saunders said as Kylie felt her cunt clench around the nurse's fingers as she came.

After that, Kylie felt her mind go even more blank and accepting as the drifting haze of afterglow combined with the rhythm of the milking machine to lull her into an empty, mindless trance. The maple syrup smell drifted into her nostrils even stronger now, almost as though it was coming from her skin, but she didn't think about it. She heard Doctor Saunders speak, but the words scattered from Kylie's memory even as she heard them. She only knew they were important to remember, and even more important to remember to forget.

Kylie didn't know how long the trance lasted. She only realized that it was over when she felt the suction stop, and Nurse Dayton unhooked the pumps from her breasts. She sagged down as Nurse Dayton undid the restraints, unable even to roll onto her back without the help of the other two women. Her whole body trembled gently with pleasure as she stared sightlessly at the ceiling.

"Still a little bit left, I think," Doctor Saunders said. She stroked Kylie's chin gently, smiling down into the other woman's vacant eyes. "But you're such a generous soul, aren't you, Kylie? You want to give it all, don't you, dear?"

"...yes..." Kylie sighed out, unable to think of any other response.

"Good girl," Doctor Saunders husked out one last time, before she leaned down and pursed her mouth around Kylie's nipple. Nurse Dayton took the other breast, and Kylie sighed in mindless bliss as the two of them began to suck.

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