Friday, 10 April 2015

A Black Baby

I know it will be black when it's born, there can be no doubt. For the last year, Michael, our lodger, has been much closer to my wife than I have. And when I say close, I mean close. Mona won't let me anywhere near her since he moved into our spare room. Although his tenure in that room didn't last very long at all.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. I was working all hours and my wife, Mona, was at home all day by herself. We are a childless couple (I am considerably older than she), and we thought that a nice, polite young college student like Michael would add a little life to our quiet home - how right we were!

It happened really quickly too. Within a week I came home to discover that Mike's position in our home had been elevated from that of lodger to lover. Like any man, at first I was horrified when I discovered them in bed together - actually, they weren't in bed. I came home early from work one day to find Mona on her knees in the middle of our lounge with Michael's large black cock sticking out of her mouth. What shocked me more was that they both seemed so cool about it. There was no crying or regretful apologies, no remorse or embarrassed covering of naked bodies. They didn't even acknowledge that I was in the room until Mona had encouraged a huge deposit of sperm from Michael's cock and then proceeded to swallow most of it with a gleeful expression.

Of course, I ordered him out. Told him to "fuck off" in no uncertain terms, but when Mona said that if he went then so would she, I realised that I was in trouble. It was obvious that we had to talk. I wanted to talk to my wife alone but, again, I was to be disappointed. It seemed that as we were all in this together, then we would all talk together. I had very little say in the matter; Mona and Michael had already virtually decided what was going to happen before the conversation started: They were going to be together. If I didn't like it, I could leave or I could stay and just deal with the situation. The problem was that I still loved my wife, worshipped at her feet - quite literally sometimes - to lose her would have been the end of my world.

And so it was decided. I moved into the guest room and Michael moved into my room, with my wife and in my bed.

At first it wasn't so bad. We all agreed to keep up a pretence for the benefit of our friends and neighbours. I would lie awake in my single bed at night listening to the sounds that came from the room adjacent. I recalled the sight of Michael's cock when I had caught them together. I knew that he was big, but from the sounds of ecstatic lust that emanated from their room and from Mona, it appeared that he also well knew how to use his tool properly. Sleep would evade me most nights until the early hours, my mind filling in the gaps, putting images to the sounds I could hear. And then something weird happened. As I listened to the sounds of their lovemaking, their sex-play, I began to develop an erection.

As the days, and nights, passed, it began to happen more and more frequently and it soon got to the stage where I could hardly look at the two of them together without getting a hard-on. Many's the night I jerked myself to sleep and awoke to a sticky mess on my belly.

Up until then Michael and my wife had been fairly discreet; their sex sessions had been mainly confined to times when I wasn't around or when I was in bed, but, slowly, that began to change. More and more often I was returning from work at my usual time to find the downstairs empty and sounds of sexual gratification coming from the master bedroom - their bedroom. I had to pass the room to get to my own room and often would find their door ajar or sometimes even wide open. It was difficult not to peek and I often stole a quick glance as I passed.

And then one day I stopped and lingered that little bit too long.

"Hey!" shouted Michael as I saw Mona's head bobbing up and down on his ebony rod, "what are you looking at?"


I thought he was angry, but his mood suddenly changed. He smiled and said, "why don't you come in and get a better view. See how your wife gets fucked properly! She might still be your wife, but she's my slut!"

This was true. The one thing that I found most difficult to handle was the way that Michael had started treating her. It was as if she were just there for his sole entertainment and pleasure. It was sex on demand; wherever and whenever he wanted it. I just thought she deserved better.

I shook my head, declining what I assumed was a sarcastic invitation and went to move towards my own room.

"I said come in". He repeated

The tone of his voice had changed again. It was more of an order now than an invitation. I don't know why, but I complied. I think that part of me wanted to see, wanted to feel their lust for each other, to find out what the hold was that he had over her. I moved into the room and closed the door.

"Don't stop, bitch!" said Michael with a smile. Having seen me enter the room, Mona had started to raise her head but Michael hands were entwined n her hair and pushing her back down onto his thick weapon.

I winced at his choice of words to describe my wife.

"Don't you like me calling your wife a bitch, David?" he said with a hollow laugh, "but she is you know. A bitch, a slut and a tramp! She loves to suck black cock, man, look at her swallow me!"

The truth could hardly be denied. There was no coercion, Mona was greedily gobbling away at his erect manhood and cupping his heavy black balls in her hand. They were both naked and had made no attempt to hide their bodies behind a blanket or quilt. I stood there transfixed. I had never seen a blow-job this close up before. I had to be honest, it was an erotic sight. Mona's lips had created a seal around the head of Mike's massive tool and were riding up and down his shaft taking as much in as she possibly could without choking. Mike smiled and pulled her legs open roughly.

"See how wet my slut is, David?" he chided me.

She was. It was as if I were seeing her private parts for the first time. The puffy, swollen lips pouted and glistened with moisture as Mike thrust three fingers deep into her body. I heard her moan, the sound muffled my the way that Mike was now pushing his hips upwards. It occurred to me that he was simply using Mona's mouth as a place to fuck. 

As I continued to watch, Mike poked my wife's vagina harder and faster with his long, black fingers. Her muffled cries were becoming more pronounced, more urgent as he brought her closer and closer to climax. His thumb stroked her engorged clitoris and she shook violently. I watched her legs tremble and her toes curl, the moisture around his fingers increasing until she eventually released his cock from between her lips and howled out her orgasm at the top of her voice.

"I don't normally worry about her cumming." Mike said as he slowly stroked his cock. Mona was breathing hard as she lay spread-eagled on the bed. "But today is different. Today will be the start of something for all of us." He picked up a condom packet from the bedside table and ceremoniously dumped it in the waste bin before continuing, "Today I will not be needing that!"

I gasped as I realised his meaning. Even Mona looked up from her post-orgasmic exhausted state.

"On your knees, bitch and spread your legs. Today we gonna make a baby, a nice black baby! Do what I say or I walk. Right here, right now!"

I knew it, Mona knew it and Michael knew it. There was no way that she would have refused him, the threat of him leaving was completely unnecessary. In a second she was in position. Her head was down and her butt loomed high in the air. Michael knelt up behind her his cock in hand. Two spanks rained quickly down on Mona's white butt. I saw the flesh ripple and flush pink and heard her moan. Slowly, Michael passed his large, unprotected cock head up and down her wet slit. Her labia opened like a flower in bloom as he slipped inside. She moaned again as he sank deeper.

"Mmmmm, she feels nice and warm, man. She's got a real hot cunt!"

I would have liked to agree with him, but it had been so many weeks since I had experienced my wife's charms that I had almost forgotten.

Starting slowly, Mike began to saw his giant appendage in and out of Mona's dripping vagina. Every thrust sent him deeper and deeper until his entire length was buried to the hilt and his heavy, swinging balls slapped against her skin. Then very, very slowly he withdrew. Further and further until just the head remained inside her body. I could see the black skin of his long, muscular shaft as it glistened wetly. And then, with an almighty thrust, he was back in to the hilt again. Mona cried out as she felt the brutal penetration but this only seemed to spur him on. 

Michael fucked her like a machine gun for over twenty minutes before he let loose his magic fluid. Mona was gasping and grunting, first begging him to stop and then pleading with him not to. It didn't seem to matter much, Michael was on a mission!

When he did come it was like an explosion. He cried out, she cried out. His hands trembled as they gripped her hips and he ground himself into her. His cock was as far into her pussy as it could possibly get it. Spasm after spasm shook first his body and then hers as they climaxed simultaneously and in perfect synchronicity. I tried to imagine how much of his baby-making liquid was being forced into my wife's womb.

"And now for your job, David." He gasped as he fell back on to the bed. "Time to clean your wife up!"

At first I was uncertain as to his meaning, but as Mona rolled over, spread her legs and used her fingers to hold her labia wide open towards me, I knew what I must do. 

The usual hard-on that I experienced had been replaced by a powerful erection that ached almost painfully in my shorts. I lowered my head between my wife's spread legs and eyed the abused hole that held Michael's precious fluid. My tongue extended as if it had a mind of its own and began it's task. At first I could only taste the once familiar flavour of my wife's fluid as I began to lick and suck at her pussy. Then, as I continued, Mike's essence hit me. A deep, salty infusion, heady with male desire. 

I lapped, I sucked, I tasted, I swallowed, I enjoyed, and at the end I rose with my face covered with a sheen created by their combined juices.

And now there is only a month left to go. Mona's belly is swollen and stretched as she enters her eighth month. Michael still fucks her - they have come to the conclusion that anal sex is a little more comfortable for her and Mike certainly enjoys pushing his giant cock up her ass, he claims that this is the best way to fuck a pregnant woman.

Mona is certain that she conceived that first day I was invited to watch and eventually "clean up". I'm not sure, but maybe I should have made a better job of cleaning her - I'll certainly try to do better next time! 

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