Friday, 10 April 2015

A Game Gone Wrong

We are a twenty-nine year old couple that has been married for just five years. We met during our studies in the MBA program of a major university in the south and got married shortly after graduation. 

Sarah is a beautiful brunette 5'6" in height and weighing 122 pounds with perfect C cup breasts that sit high on her chest. Her hair is coal black and has a deep luster that accents perfectly her dark brown eyes and creamy complexion. Because she works out religiously, her body is extremely toned with hardly an ounce of fat. In addition to her looks, she is also very intelligent having graduated near the top of our class and now works in the finance department of a large multi-national corporation.

How I landed her has always been a pleasant mystery to me. My name is Chris and I certainly don't equal her looks. I view myself as average with a build of 5"11" and 180 pounds. I work in sales for a nicely growing regional company and between our two incomes and our decision to put off children we are able to enjoy a pretty nice life with a home in a good neighborhood and the ability to dine and travel without a huge need to watch costs. 

Another good thing about our relationship is an active and fulfilling sex life that is highly communicative. In addition, we both enjoy talking about our fantasies and seeking out ways to expand our sexual horizons. What makes it even more fulfilling is the fact that Sarah and I only had limited sexual involvement before we started dating. Sarah had been with one man prior to me which was a long term relationship during her undergraduate college days and I had been with five women starting with a girlfriend in high school. Thus, most of our explorations are first time experiences for both of us.

Like I said, we enjoy seeking out ways to expand our horizons and the situation I'm about to describe started out as one of these events. Sarah and I had recently been to one of those erotic stores and purchased some clothing for her that I had her wear around the house for fun. Her outfit included a 12" fake leather miniskirt and a sheer pullover top that I had her wear without a bra so that her small nipples showed through the fabric. To finish off the look, she had 4" pink platform shoes that raised her and accented her taut butt. 

For the next several weeks, on at least one day I would have her wear the outfit in the evening around the house. She would parade around and tease me finding reasons to walk back and forth and bend over until I couldn't take it anymore. As I undressed her and ravished her body I always found that she was turned on and very excited too. 

One Friday night in early May when Sarah was wearing the outfit we were in an especially playful and antsy mood and I convinced her, with little effort, that we should drive around the city and see what was going on. While the idea excited her she quickly informed me not to get any ideas about going in anywhere because she was not about to be seen in public in the slutty clothing. I assured her she was safe and so at around 10:00 PM we poured ourselves two glasses of wine in plastic tumblers and set out in her Lexus SUV.

Of course, I had to play some games like driving next to trucks and turning on the interior lights at stoplights pretending to be looking for something. She took it in good spirits and we were thoroughly enjoying our little game when an idea flashed through me head. I guided the car towards the south end of downtown where the flash of the city gave way to a more industrial and seedier feel. There, I knew, were several streets that were notorious for dive bars, run down motels and streetwalking prostitutes. 

Sarah and I were bantering back and forth so much that she didn't catch on to my intent until we were already in the area. When she understood where we were, she just gave me one of her withering stares then rolled her eyes without saying anything. We cruised back and forth with the windows down just getting the feel of the street and talking about the sights and characters we came across. After several circuits, we got a sense of the flow of things, such as spotting men on the prowl and how the street corners used by the prostitutes were determined by the proximity to the sleazy motels. There were also the run down bars but these seemed to operate separately from the sexual aspect of the area.

During one long red light, we watched a young and attractive prostitute at close distance talk to a man in a late model Explorer. It was apparent that they had successfully concluded negotiations when she opened the door and climbed into the vehicle. Sarah was very quiet watching this scene unfold and when the young lady entered I saw her chest rise with an intake of breath and I swear her nipples also hardened. 

"Did watching that excite you?" I asked bluntly. 

"It hit me when she got in his car that she is going to have sex with a complete stranger." Sarah replied while looking at me with a confused expression.

We drove around for several more minutes in silence watching more of the erotic scene play out around us. My thoughts were racing and I was about to explode from sexual tension.

"Sarah, I want to pick you up." I blurted out as quickly as possible to overcome my nervousness.

"What do you mean?" She replied. By her look, I knew she understood full well what I meant but wanted me to describe it to her.

"I want to drive up to you on the street corner and pick you up like that man picked up that girl." I explained.

"Chris, we can't do that. What if someone sees me like this that knows us?" She asked. But, knowing her as I did, I knew she really wanted to be convinced it was okay.

"It will go quickly. No one will see us. I'll drop you off on the side street and you can walk to the corner and I will be there when you get there." I spat out quickly.

Sarah never responded and just leaned back into the seat back and stared straight ahead. I turned off the main street sharply and took several side streets to get into a position where Sarah had only to walk about fifty yards to reach a street corner that was currently deserted. 

Without saying a word she opened the door and stepped out. I watched her incredible ass in the tiny mini move down the sidewalk towards the corner before doing a U-turn and taking the street I knew would lead me down the street where she would be standing. I wanted to pull-up so that she could lean in the passenger window while we negotiated like the young woman we watched had done.

It could not have been two minutes from the time I dropped her off until I was approaching the corner where she would be standing. As I drove up, I was stunned to see a car stopped at the curb next to her with another car waiting twenty yards behind hoping, I assumed, that a deal would not be made and he would have a chance. 

My wife was standing far back from the car but I could see that a conversation was taking place. It was easily two or three minutes before that car finally moved away and the car in front of me pulled up next to her. This car was fairly run down and from what I could tell was driven by an older man with a beard. This conversation went on even longer and I noticed that Sarah was not standing as far back as she had with the first car. Finally, the car in front eased forward and I pulled up quickly next to Sarah and rolled down the passenger window. 

"Hey baby, are you available?" I asked with my cock almost bursting in my pants.

"What are you looking for?" she replied in a manner that belied her innocence.

"How about a suck and a fuck?" I answered crudely.

Sarah was now leaning into the window when she responded, "I can do that sweetie but its going to cost you $300."

"Okay." I answered. I thought about more verbal jousting but I wanted her so badly at that point I cut it off.

Sarah climbed into the car with a half smile staying in character as I gunned the engine and drove swiftly to the closest motel I could find. It was pretty run down with a cashiers window instead of a lobby and, with my hands shaking, I used my credit card to get a room. Sarah was quiet as I pulled the SUV in front of the first floor room and together we exited the vehicle and went inside. She had to notice my hands trembling as I inserted the key and opened the door.

Once inside any pretense of character disappeared and our hands flew trying to take each other clothes off before collapsing naked on the bed in a deep kiss.

"Don't say a word, just do it." Sarah demanded as we broke the kiss.

My cock felt two inches longer than normal as I drove it deeply inside her soaking wet opening. On about the tenth stroke her body got rigid and she screamed in passion in full orgasm while I felt her pussy spasm around my cock. I lasted only moments longer before I exploded inside her and felt my entire life energy exit my body through my cock and enter her. 

We lay there entwined for ten minutes panting, fondling and kissing before I felt her hips move and we began a slower lover's coupling. I was kissing her, sucking her nipples, ear lobes and neck as we moved together. Our passions were rising when suddenly there were voices on the walkway outside the room.

"Can I have one of those cigarettes honey?" A female voice said. 

There was no response but a male voice said. "How much more if we add anal to the hour?"

"Fifty dollars more sweetie. You want to do that?" The female voice questioned.

"Yeah, I do." The unseen man replied.

The bed in our small room was only a couple feet from the window and we realized that the prostitute and her customer must be standing right outside smoking before they began their time. 

"Oh, baby. How much more do I have to pay to get your ass?" I asked Sarah dropping back into character.

"Its one hundred dollars honey." Sarah said trying to use a street sound similar to the woman outside.

We never got to the anal sex. I started fucking her harder, aroused by the talk outside and the situation, and I soon started cumming but was able to hold on just long enough for Sarah to join as well.

We dressed quickly after that and got in the car and headed towards home but at every traffic light along the way we would kiss and fondle each other preparing for a long night of love making. Once home we rushed to bed and attacked each other all over again until we both fell asleep completely exhausted.

We talked about that evening the next day and agreed it had been intensely arousing for both of us. I asked Sarah what the men in the cars in front of me had asked and she said that were very bold and direct asking her the price for blow jobs and intercourse. After some prodding, she admitted that it had been something of a turn on to be looked at as a sex object and to be blatantly and openly desired by men in that situation.

Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, the summer became a busy time for both of us and our sex life definitely took a hit especially, the time we used to have to explore our sexual fantasies and boundaries. The sex outfit disappeared from sight as we barely had time for normal love making once a week. 

Finally, at the beginning of September, work began to ease up for both of us and we had more time to devote to each other. We were like newlyweds again spending every free moment in bed. It was also at that time that I ran across the slutty outfit in one of the dresser drawers. That was on a Wednesday and I didn't say a word but on the following Friday, I had it laid out on the bed where Sarah would find it when she got home from work.

God how I love my wife. She never said a word, just walked out to the living room dressed in the outfit with just a bit too much make up and lipstick on. We started drinking wine and soon we were feeling no pain having downed a bottle and a half.

I had her in my arms and was nibbling on her ear when I said "Sarah, I want you to be a hooker for me again."

Her body shivered momentarily and she replied "You want to pick me up off the street and take me to a cheap motel?"

I took her hand and put it on my hard cock straining through my pants and asked her, "What does this say?"

Thirty minutes later we were driving in the same part of town checking out the same scene that we had fours months before. Nothing really had changed that we could tell. There were the same corners being worked, the same motels and the same seedy feel to the streets. This time, we picked one of the more sleazy motels and got a room beforehand. I gave the key card to Sarah telling her with a smile that it was her business address for the evening. 

The corner we picked was about two hundred yards diagonal to the motel across a four lane road. We pulled down a side street from the corner and started making out. It almost got so carried away that we were ready to just return to the motel but with a last gasp effort I forced us break our embrace to allow Sarah to go to her spot. Before she got out of the car, I reached under her skirt and pulled her tiny thong down her perfect legs which she accepted without protest. My luscious wife was now about to go out onto a public street in a short mini with no panties, a sheer pull over blouse with no bra and 4" shoes for the second time. She looked like the definition of sex with her long slender legs emerging from the brief skirt and her nipples straining at the thin material of her top. She didn't say a word, just gave me one last deep kiss before opening the door and stepping out.

I watched her walk towards the corner and when she was in good light I started the car and began moving towards the road to pick her up. Several turns later I was sitting on a narrow and dark side street where a right turn and about one hundred yards separated me from my wife. I was about to make the turn when I noticed that there was already a car pulling up next to her on the corner. It was like flies to honey. The horny men, looking for women on the street, must have been able to sense her beauty and freshness from the others and moved quickly to the opportunity. 

For some reason that I can't explain, I decided to watch her for a while. I knew I would pay dearly for this later but there was something so erotic about watching her as the focus of other men's desire that I couldn't help myself. It wasn't like she didn't attract attention in real life. But, in those cases which were frequent, she was treated with the respect and dignity. 

The car that had pulled up stayed there for a minute with her maintaining ten foot separation before it finally moved away. I noticed her looking up and down the street searching for signs of our car but another car quickly pulled over. This car eventually moved on as well and I saw this same scene play out multiple times as I watched for fifteen minutes. 

Sarah continued to stay back from the curb hesitant without sight of our vehicle. As another car got frustrated and left, I saw two hookers walking down the street from the other direction. Rather than risk any kind of confrontation, I decided that it was time to collect Sarah and take her to the motel. I moved out onto the larger street and reached Sarah at the same time the two hookers arrived.

Sarah had seen me approaching and was near the curb when I pulled up. Despite my lateness and the hookers now only several yards away, she stayed in character and we had a negotiation through the open passenger window. In the background, I could hear the hookers, one white blonde and one black, making scathing comments about Sarah.

"Who the fuck is this bitch?" One said. By the sound of her voice I sensed it was the black woman.

"She standing there with her pussy hanging out on our street." The other quickly replied.

Sarah was getting tense from the discussion but I purposely made her continue the negotiation before we finally settled on $200 for an hour. The hookers continued to talk as Sarah opened the door to get inside.

"Bitch, what the fuck are you doing here? You gonna get your ass kicked for selling that pussy on this street." The black woman yelled in a threatening manner.

Sarah slammed the door behind her and we drove the short way to the sleazy motel. We pulled up in front of the room at the far end of the building and went inside. My cock was aching inside my pants while Sarah stayed in character and moved around the room acting like she was getting her bearings. I actually positioned myself to try and steal glimpses of her pussy from beneath the short skirt.

Sarah saw what I was trying to do and would move away to thwart my looks. With some frustration, I said to her "Baby, I want you to do a striptease for me."

"It's your money." she replied nonchalantly.

I sat on the end of the bed and Sarah stood several feet in front of me and started moving her body to a rhythm only she could hear. She began running her hands over her breasts and abdomen and down her thighs causing her nipples to visibly harden through the thin top. Sarah stepped forward and ran her hands over my head and neck and then unbuttoned my shirt half-way down before stepping back again. She then lifted her top up causing her beautiful breasts to spill out with her small nipples clearly aroused.

At that moment the door suddenly crashed open and there in the opening stood three black men. As I leapt up Sarah screamed, pulled her top down and stepped quickly towards the bathroom. Unfortunately, neither of us moved fast enough. One of the men hit me on the side of the head causing me to fall over the bed and into the small area next to the wall. When I got back to my knees one of the other men had an arm around Sarah's waist and had her hair in his other hand causing her head to tilt backwards.

The black man that had struck me acted as the leader. He appeared younger than us possibly in his mid-20s and was around 6 feet tall lean but with a certain raw power. His head was shaved and he had a scraggly goatee and tattoos appearing from beneath his shirt sleeves and running down his arms to his wrists. When he spoke you could see his mouth was full of dingy and crooked teeth with one of the front badly chipped. The most striking thing about his appearance was a scar that ran from high on his check to near his ear and looked like the remnant of some old battle. He stepped towards Sarah with a knife in his hand and yelled at her. "Who the fuck you think you are working my street? You think you can bring that pussy here and take my money? " 

Sarah's eyes grew large looking at the knife and I said quickly, "She is my wife. We are just playing a game."

"Bullshit asshole my girls saw her selling that pussy on the street." He immediately shot back. 

"No it's true. We can prove it. Let us show you our ID." Sarah countered. Thinking fast despite the situation.

With that, the leader's demeanor calmed somewhat. I think he could tell that Sarah did not have the roughness of a streetwalker and that something strange indeed was happening.

"Show me the ID motherfucker." He shot out quickly.

I pulled my billfold from my back pocket and got my drivers license out while the man holding Sarah allowed her to pick up her small handbag from the table and do the same. We handed the cards to the leader and he took them and looked them over for several seconds before turning back. Sarah was very nervous and was using her hands to pull down the edges of her skirt, which only seemed to attract their stares.

"You two are some sick motherfuckers." He said with a strange smile.

"We are just playing a game." Sarah replied meekly incorrectly assuming that he was seeking any kind of reply.

"Well baby here's the problem. This how I make my money. The way I see it you cost me some fucking money. My girls tell me you were turning away all these cars wanting your pussy. Course now I know why but it don't matter. Those are my customers and if they can't get what they want they go somewhere else." He said with a thick accent while staring straight at her.

I wanted this over as quickly as possible so I said. "How much do you want?"

He stopped and looked at me for a moment then smiling he replied. "Well money is important but it ain't just money. It's about customers. I need them to be happy - to be satisfied."

I was becoming very concerned with the direction of the conversation although I don't think Sarah had yet grasped the significance of his words. 

"Here's the deal. My bitches bring in about $600 a night. Now I have to give them some of that and since your new I'll let you off with $400." He said with any hint of a smile now gone.

"I have over $200 in my billfold and if you follow us to an ATM we can get the rest right now. This will be over and we will be gone and out of the way." I spoke quickly trying to gain some control.

"You see that may solve the money thing but it doesn't help my customers. My customers need to be taken care of. Your pretty wife is going to go back out there on the street and make me some money and make my customers happy." He said flatly.

It dawned on Sarah what he was saying and she stood there stunned and I could see a shiver run through her. Her eyes looked straight at me pleading for me to get her out of this mess. I was quiet for a moment trying to think before saying "We'll give you $1,000 to let us go." 

"Fuck your money asshole. Fuck you! Your wife is going to make some money for me and I'll like that a lot more. First thing though I'm going to try some of this pussy myself. I never send a new girl out with out seeing first hand how she fucks." He said looking towards Sarah.

A panic swept over me and I leapt from my position on the side of the bed towards the leader. One of his men was able to shove me in the shoulder before I got there causing me to lose my balance and hit the floor where all three kicked me in the head and stomach until I was only semi-conscious. In the background I could hear Sarah screaming and pleading with the men to stop.

Sarah bent down to check on me and as we made eye contact I could see she was deeply frightened. Before she could speak, one of the men grabbed her and made her stand. 

"Give her some of that shit to help her relax." I heard the leader order.

I was able to see one of his men reach into his pocket and pull out a small vial. He grabbed Sarah by the neck and as she struggled, he forced her mouth open and emptied its contents inside. The man forced her mouth closed and massaged her throat making her swallow the liquid. Sarah was now whimpering and shaking in total terror. I had to try and protect her so I used all my strength to try and get up. The last thing I remember was a sneaker covered foot coming straight for my head.

I don't know how long I was out but when I awoke I was laying in the room at the foot of the bed in a fetal position. One of the men had left and the other was standing near the damaged door with his attention drawn to the bed. He was well over 6 foot tall and heavy, probably pushing 270 pounds.

From my position on the floor, all I could see on the bed was the naked calves and feet of a black man as they hung partially off the end. All the sound in the room centered on the part of the bed I couldn't see and filled in any missing information.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh...that's good pussy" came out in a steady rhythm from the black leader as the bed shook.

I could hear Sarah in low whisper saying "Stop. Please stop"

My beautiful darling Sarah was being raped before me and I didn't have the strength to do anything about it.

The black man continued his incessant jackhammer assault on my wife. I was able to roll slightly to one side so that my view now included seeing his ass raising and falling into Sarah and his arms under her knees pushing her legs up almost to her chest.

He raised up on his knees and grabbed Sarah around her waist and started pulling her into his cock. In this position, I could see his entire back which, like his arms, was covered in tattoos. He took her like this for several minutes before falling back on top of her so that I no longer could see his torso. 

His sexual assault never slowed. He was like a marathon runner who had set a pace and was going to keep it during the entire event. It was a deliberate and relentless motion that continued on longer than I would have expected. I could hear him whispering to her in almost a chant like voice that matched the rhythm of the noise of the bedsprings but could not make out what was being said.

Another sound began to emerge from the coupling as I lay there listening. It was the sound a pussy makes during sex when it is very wet. I wondered whether her body was betraying her or whether the drug they had given her was causing her to lose control. I could also hear her breathing getting deeper and her pleadings slowed and then stopped altogether. 

"Damn this pussy is getting hot!" The leader blurted out to no one. He followed it up by telling her. "You like this big cock don't you bitch? Squeeze your pussy around my cock. Yeah that's it, milk it good"

"Fuck her good, Will." The man at the door said encouraging his boss as he squeezed his cock through his pants.

My god I thought. What is she doing? What did they give her to make her so far gone?

And then very faintly, over the other sounds came an "Uhhh..."

Soon her soft pants were matching pace with his own louder grunts. I noticed his hands were no longer under her knees but she kept her legs raised giving him deep and full access to her body. Will continued to whisper to her and whatever was being said caused her moans and sighs to increase in frequency and volume.

We all knew before her orgasm hit her what was going to happen. Sarah's legs were pointed straight at the ceilings and her sounds took on an urgent tone. When she did cum it was deep and long. I could see her feet kicking in the air and over and over she pleaded "Don't stop, don't stop" as she sobbed oblivious to the others in the room witnessing the spectacle. I found myself completely numb on the floor knowing that our relationship would never be the same.

Will fucked her through her orgasm and kept hammering into her without slowing. It was only a short while before he had flamed her arousal again and she was fucking him back.

"Damn baby you are a good fuck. These nipples are so hard they are going to cut my chest." He told her then added. "You are going to be a good whore for me and make me some good money" 

Soon Will's thrusting became more urgent and as I lay there I saw his ass clench and a roar come from him as he emptied himself into my wife. Hearing Sarah's moans and grunts it was clear she had climaxed as well.

For several minutes after, the room was quiet save for the deep breathing coming from the bed. Suddenly, Will spoke and said "Dante go get Natalie and have her come here."

Moments later, he rose from the bed and I could see his now flaccid cock hanging between his legs. It was maybe an inch or so longer than mine but much fatter and a string of fluid dripped from the tip before finally separating and falling to the floor. He reached down and grabbed Sarah by the arm and pulled her to a standing position. I could see her eyes were glazed, which I assumed was from the drug, and there were love bites all over her breasts and neck. Her pussy was red and swollen and very wet with a small trickle of their juices running down the inside of her thigh. She glanced at me then quickly looked away. Was is disgust at me for not protecting her or was it her own shame for cumming at the hands of this black man I wondered?

"Bitch gets your ass in the bathroom and clean yourself up. Its time to make some money.' He told her coldly. Any of the feelings that seemed to be there during the coupling were now gone.

Sarah tried to talk her way out saying "Please. I don't want to do this. Haven't we done enough already?"

His response surprised me. I had expected him to get angry and maybe even hit her. Instead, he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to him, put his hand on her naked ass and gave her a deep soulful kiss. Sarah didn't actively return the kiss but nor did she fight it. When they broke, he said "Baby you know what you promised me now don't make me angry. Do what you said."

Sarah walked quietly to the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Will saw me looking up from the floor and bent down and taunted "How you doing there? You see your wife cum on my cock? She's a good fuck."

He could see the anger in my eyes but showed no care as he continued laughing. "You know she told me if I let her cum she would do the whoring and make me some money. I think she wants to be a whore. Maybe this ain't no game after all" 

The door opened and Dante stood there with the black hooker from the street corner we had seen earlier. She was wearing a minidress that looked out of place on her plump body which was thirty pounds overweight. Natalie looked down at me without any particular concern and then looked at Will who spoke "Baby, that slut that was on your corner is going to work for me. She's in the bathroom cleaning up from the fucking I gave her. I want you to take her on the street and break her out. Get her the room next door. We'll stay here and hang out for a while to make sure it goes okay.'

Sarah came out of the bathroom dressed and walked to Will who said "You owe me money. I don't care how you get it. You can do it in one trick or fifty but you ain't leaving till I get it if it takes a month. Go with Natalie here and do what she say."

Sarah looked like she would burst into tears as she stepped around me and left with Natalie. Will turned on the old beat up TV and sat down flipping channels. After a moment he said to Dante "Get him up and in a chair in front of the window. I want him to see who his wife is spreadin for. Turn out the lights and open the curtains so we can see out but they can't see in."

Dante helped me into a chair and then moved it in front of the window, turned out the lights and opened the curtain. I could see the parking lot and part of the street where the girls worked but not the corner.

"Let me tell you this won't take long. Your wife is going to get lots of attention." He laughed.

Sure enough, it was only fifteen minutes later that we saw a beat up old dodge trailing smoke pull into the parking lot and stop in front of the next room. Sarah stepped out of the passenger side and a forty something overweight bald man got out of the drivers side. He was wearing a t-shirt shirt and dirty jeans with his belly rolling over the top. I cringed at the though of my beautiful Sarah beneath this dirty older man. 

The black men had peeked out to see as well and Will spoke as if reading my mind. "Bet your wife never thought she would have an dick like that in her sweet pussy."

They entered the room and we couldn't hear any sounds for a long time. Again, as if reading my mind Will spoke. "She's probably sucking him. We'll hear it soon."

Five minutes later came the unmistakable sound of a headboard slapping the intervening wall. These motel walls must have been paper thin because we could hear the man's grunts as he fucked Sarah. He didn't last long and I never heard a sound from Sarah during the sex. Five minutes after the sounds ended, the door to the room opened and the man stepped out got into his car and drove away. Shortly after that, Sarah exited and then knocked on our door.

As soon as she entered Will said. "Give me the money bitch."

She looked ragged with her makeup partly smeared and her hair somewhat disheveled. Also, there looked to be a sheen of sweat on her arms, neck and legs. Sarah handed over $150 to which Will said. "Bitch you're selling your pussy too cheap. What the fuck is this?"

Sarah replied. "It's all he had and Natalie said I had to."

That seemed to satisfy him and he called Natalie to come get Sarah and walk her back to the corner. In addition, he warned her that I would be "fucked up" if she tried to run or do anything stupid. We made eye contact as she waited and I could see that the drug was having an effect as her eyes were glazed and she seemed dazed. She looked at me with a resigned stare which made me feel useless. Natalie arrived before long and once again they left together to return to the corner.

As we sat there waiting, Will decided to taunt me some more "Hey motherfucker, you ever get your wife to cum like that? Ya know once she got going she was squeezing my cock with her pussy and telling me how good it felt."

"Damn." Dante replied as I sat there dumbfounded at this revelation.

"It's the damn drugs you gave her!" I yelled at them to which they both just laughed.

"Ain't the juice asshole. Bitch got her first good fuck." He answered in a condescending voice.

Twenty minutes went by and then a Ford F-150 pickup pulled in front of the room and once again Sarah got out from the passenger side. This time her customer was a tall skinny cowboy type. Dante looked at me and laughed. "Gotta be careful with the skinny white boys. They's the ones with big dicks."

Again, there was silence for a while and then the bed began banging. We could hear the man grunting as before but this time Sarah's sounds could be heard too which elicited the response from Dante. "Yep, that white boy got a big dick."

The cowboy lasted about five minutes before we heard him cum. I expected to see him exit but a further ten minutes went by and then we heard the bed banging again. Will turned to us and said. "I guess he paid for a full hour."

The cowboy's previous climax must have given him some staying power because they fucked for a long time. This time Sarah was actually louder than her customer and as we sat there we listened as she moaned through an orgasm. This must have excited him as he came shortly after her.

I sat there thoroughly humiliated as silence again enveloped the next room. As before, the man left and Sarah came over soon with the same glazed look in her eyes and handed over $250 this time. 

Will took the money and then took Sarah by the hand and led her away from Dante and I to the far end of the room. He pushed her against the wall and kissed her hard as he used his hands to raise her top above her breasts and then fondle them.

"Sarah, stop!" I screamed at her and I saw her body flinch but he kept his hold on her refusing to let her break away. When he ended the kiss she was flushed and panting. He took something from his pocket and put it in her mouth then moved his head next to hers and began whispering into her ear at a level that neither Dante or I could hear.

"Alright, we went through this bullshit and you got your money, its time for us to go." I demanded to the room.

"You can go soon asshole, just one more thing to do before you leave." Will answered. 

"What the hell is that?" I asked fearing the answer before it came.

"All my ladies have my mark. Your wife needs to get her mark now." He announced sending a shiver through me.

Will told Dante to go to the car and get the kit and then told Sarah to take her clothes off and lay on the bed. I said to her. "Sarah don't do this. They can't make you and we need to go." 

Sarah looked at me and replied with a sigh. "Let's just get it over."

Will instructed Sarah to strip. She was lying on the bed naked when Dante came in with a small leather kit that he placed on the table and opened. He pulled out a pair of forceps and a long needle along with a small ring with a tassel attached.

Will leaned down and took her left nipple into his mouth and sucked and nibbled on it causing Sarah's back to arch and a groan to come from her mouth. His fingers from his right hand began to gently massage Sarah's pussy. Over the next ten minutes, Will's attention brought my wife to a higher and higher state of arousal. He began forcibly finger fucking her with first two and then three fingers and then concentrated on her clit circling it slowly with a light touch. As she approached an orgasm, Will quit sucking on her nipple so that Dante could move in close and prepare. He locked her nipple into the forceps which made her yelp but the pain was overcome by the pleasure her pussy was feeling from Will's fingers. 

At the moment her orgasm hit, Dante extended her nipple with the forceps and drove the needle through the soft flesh. Will held her down by her shoulders and Dante snaked the ring through her nipple. Sarah's orgasm was so strong that she began ejaculating onto his hand and through his fingers onto the bed. To my knowledge, Sarah had never squirted before so the sight before me was truly intense. When Will pulled his hand away we could see Sarah's shaved pussy spasm with the look of a fish's mouth gasping for air. 

Sarah was still panting and moaning in her post orgasmic world when Will lifted her head and kissed her hard. This time, Sarah fully returned the kiss and I felt like an outsider guiltily watching two lovers together.

When he finished, Will went to Sarah's purse and took her drivers license and put it in his pocket then opened her cell phone and wrote down the number. Then, he turned back and said "Get the fuck out of here."

I slowly stood and helped Sarah get dressed as best I could. We struggled to the car together and drove silently back to the house. We quickly showered in separate bathrooms and then met and tumbled exhausted into bed. I held her but refrained from speaking as I was unsure where to start. I think Sarah was grateful for the silence and soon we were both asleep.

When we awoke the next morning I immediately tried to remove the nipple ring from Sarah. However, after fumbling with it she pushed my hand away declaring that she was too sore to be touched. I brewed a cup of tea and brought it to her in bed and lay next to her quietly as she sipped. I could sense the tenseness in her body and when I looked into her eyes there was, at the same time, a look of confusion and shame. I tried to talk with her about what had transpired but she took my hand and asked if we could discuss it later.

The rest of the day we stumbled about the house trying to stay busy but not really doing anything. It was awkward as I had many questions to ask and had to force back my impatience. During the afternoon, as I walked down the hall I glanced in the bathroom and through the reflection of the mirror I could see Sarah examining the ring and tassel. I was able to watch unnoticed and then backed down the hall so I would not be detected.

Finally, the darkness of evening arrived and I poured each of us a large glass of wine and brought them to the living room where she sat reading. 

"Sarah, I really think we need to discuss what happened." I stated to her in a calm measured voice as I handed her the glass.

"Okay, let's talk." Sarah responded as she took a sip of the wine.

"Sweetheart I am so sorry for what happened. I'm ashamed I wasn't able to protect you and stop what happened." I apologized fighting back tears.

"There was nothing you could have done. There was nothing either of us could have done. It just happened." She replied in a tone that left me wondering if she was sincere.

"Well sweetheart talk to me. Tell me how are you feeling and what I can do to help you." I asked pleadingly.

Sarah took a deep breath and slowly exhaled and then said "Why don't you ask me what you really want to know?"

"What do you mean." I replied almost stuttering but knowing exactly what she meant.

"You want to ask me how could I possibly have had an orgasm with a black pimp." she said as she looked directly into my eyes.

"No, that's not what I was thinking. I know the situation was out of control." I lied.

"Chris, stop it. I saw how you looked at me." She said starting to cry softly.

"Sarah, when I came to he was already raping you. Why don't you just tell me what happened." I asked thinking is was a non-confrontational way of getting her to open up.

"Chris, after they kicked you I tried to come to you and help but Will held me back. I was kicking at him and screaming for him to let me go but he took me over to the bed and threw me on it." She began and then paused.

"Go on." I said.

"He pulled all my clothes off then left me lying there while he got undressed. He lay down next to me and began using his hands on my body and then pushed my head down to his crotch and made me take him in my mouth." She explained while she stared at my face.

"I'm so sorry." I said again. Even though it wasn't near enough, it was all I could think of to say.

Without responding to my apology, she continued but quickly lost control. "And then he pushed me back and put it inside and...and he started doing it and I wanted it over but it wouldn't end and then he started saying all kinds of nasty things and it started feeling good and I couldn't fight it. My God I feel so dirty!"

"Honey you were drugged. It's not your fault." I said taking my crying wife into my arms.

"Oh Chris he put his semen in me. How can you ever want me again?" She forced out between choked sobs.

I guided her to the bedroom and stripped her then myself while she continued to cry then we climbed beneath the sheets and I held her close and stroked her hair while she sobbed. I thought about asking her about the cowboy making her orgasm and the squirting but decided that was best left for later.

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