Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Mona & Sona

Hello, friends. I thank you all for liking my stories and feeding me your comments. Here is my new erotic story which I am sure you all would love. Please send the feedback at xxxx
I had married Mona, a beautiful 22 year old big boob woman last year and was madly in love with my wife. Mona was a whore in bed and I loved my whore. She is 5 feet 4 inches, round ass, nice big tits with brown nipples that she loves getting sucked. She keeps her cunt shaved for me and loves my 7 inch cock. She likes everything dirty in bed.

She talks dirty and loves to be talked dirty too. She often asks me to call her Mama when I am fucking her brains out. She would pull my mouth on her nipples and scream,” suck mama’s boobs, beta. Mona loves to be sucked by her sonny.” My friends also adore my wife as she would welcome them with a smile.

Little did I know that my darling Mona was full of cock even at my back. One day at the office we finished early and my boss gave me the rest of the day off. As you can guess, I hurried home, going in the house to search for my darling wife and to surprise her. I was about to enter my bedroom when I heard a moan that froze me in the mid step. Since the door was ajar I pushed it open slightly to peek inside.

I froze again as I spotted my wife on all fours naked, under my friend Shakeel, a six foot three inch tall giant of a man, whose hard throbbing massive 9 inch long and very thick cock was fucking my wife’s up-turned ass. Their bodies were drenched in sweat as he grabbed Mona’s oval ass cheeks roughly and sank his black monster cock deep in her shit-hole.

“Bhabi, you like your Devar’s fat dick up your Gaad, (Ass)don’t you Bhabi?” my friend leered at my wife who had closed her eyes with pleasure his cock was giving her. “Your hubby must be working her ass in the office and I am fucking my slut Bhabi. You love my Muslin cock in your dirty Gaand,(ASS) don’t you?”

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Yesssssssss! I love your big dick up my tight ass, Devar Raja, you are my real khasam, my owner , my Raja, chodo apni bhabi ko!(my king, fuck your brother’s wife) Oh fuck mee raja!”Continuing to ram his cock in and out of my wife’s ass with faster, and faster thrusts, they were blind to the world. They were both oblivious to my presence. Strangely, I was getting turned on by the sight in front of my eyes.

My cock making a tent in my trousers just from watching my Friend fucking my wife. They looked a beautifully sexy couple. Watching my wife fuck another man and that too my friend made me hot, I wanted to watch them fuck. I began to stroke my cock after taking it out of my pants and I began to fist it.“Fuck my ass, Shakeel Bhai, main ab teri hoon( brother I am yours)! Fuck me! I love it!”

Shakeel’s ass began to move faster and his cock hammered Mona’s butt hole with real force. My wife reached in between her thighs to play with her own clit as her body jiggled right there before me. The sight of my wife begging my best friend to fuck her ass was making my cock hard. My hand began to move up and down on my cock faster as I enjoyed the show.

“Bhabi, I am cumming, in your ass. Your ass is mine. Meri Bhabi main jhar raha hoon, (my sis in law, I am cumming). Ahhhhhhhh…….I am coming.” She was grunting like an animal too. Her assscheeks were pushing against his cock as I fisted my cock which was about to shoot a load os cum. “Main bhi jhadeeeee Shakeel Bhai, zor zor se chod meri gaand(I am cumming too, fuck me faster in the ass)”

I could see when Shakeel’s cock erupted a load of seed in Mona’s ass. His face was contorted and it seemed that he was in heaven. His cock moved like a black piston in my wife’s ass and her ass-hole seemed to swallow every inch of his thick meat greedily.” Ohhhhhh Devar Raja, Shakeel Bhai main mar gayeeeee, hai, main gayeeee( Brother in law, I have cummed” Just then my cock let out a jet of hot cream in my hands as I fisted my cock, spilling some of it on the floor. Then I retraced my steps and went out silently.

I did not say a word to my wife when I came back at my usual time. She was all love for her husband. That night I suggested,” Mona darling, can I fuck your lovely ass? I would love to fuck you in the Gaand. Would you like my cock in your ass?” She behaved starngely as if I had said something most unusual,” Don’t ever say a thing like this again, Sonu! I am your wife, not a whore!

You own me but not my ass. Ass fucking is not natural. You fuck boys’ asses not ladies’ ass. And what is wrong with my cunt? Are you tired of my cunt? Dont you like it anymore? If you so much like assfucking, I can ask a friend of my mine to get you to fuck her ass” I was surprised that she let Shakeel fuck her ass and denied me the chance. I said cautiously,” Ok, if you want, get me your sister Sona. I will love to fuck her in the ass. She has a gorgeous ass. just like yours. Can you help me fuck my Saali in the Gaand?”

Mona answered by putting her mouth on my cock. She sucked my cock for a while and smiled”K Sonu, yaar you can have your saali’s ass but what if my Raj jijju wants to fuck your wife? Will you like it?”I smiled as the thought of wife swap with my Saali made many possibilities open tp my lewd mind. “OK darling, then we will swap partners with your sister and her husband,” Mona smiled and asked,” Sonu, have you ever thought of fucking my older sister SONA? She is really Gold.

Have you ever seen her ass when she sways it in front of you? She has hots for you, really and Raj jijju has patted my bum many times and I love his hands on my buttocks. Sonu, with your permission, I want to fuck my loving jijju.” I smiled at my wife and ordered her,” On one condition my darling wife, kneel in front to me and let me fuck you doggy style so that I can enter your cunt through the gap between your ass cheeks. Let me fuck you like a bitch that you really are.”Mona smiled wickedly and knelt raising her white ass up in the air.

I patted her lovely ass and was about to enter her ass but stopped myself. I did not want to spoil the whole program. Mona was happy as she thought of inviting her sister and jijju to dinner and lay out the proposal of swapping to them. Sona was delighted at the invitation. They were coming on Saturday night. I heard my wife talk on the phone. Of course Mona did not say a word about swapping but I could imagine the golden body my her sister under me, begging for my cock.

“How about spending the night and Sunday with me and Sonu?” Mona asked.”Hmmmm. That would be interesting,” Sona replied sexily. My wife’s sister arrived with her husband at 7 in the evening. Sona wore a white Kurta and loose pajama and looked stunning. She hugged me tightly as my wife clung to her jijju and kissed him on the lips. I was surprised when Sona gripped my cock and cupped my balls.

She laughed,” Sonu, don’t be shocked, I have always wanted to be with you and have told your wife about my desire and Raj has always wanted to fuck his sali, don’t you Raj?” But Raj was busy cupping Mona’s tits and kissing her. My wife played with her jijju’s cock. All of us were out of our breath as we moved into the drawing room. Sona was thirty years old and very sexy. She looked mature and I had always wanted mature ladies.

“Let me get you drinks jijju.”Mona went to bring the drinks while I had put my hands inside Sona’ Kurta and cupped her lovely breasts. Sona wrapped her fingers around my cock as she rew laxed on the sofa beside me. She instantly felt my cock harden and the blood pulse against her hand. “I can’t believe it is happening, Didi. Raj bhaiya is so serious that I can’t even imagine you people to be this type. I had dreamt of fucking you but was afraid that you were sisters and moreover women are jealous,” I said.

Sona made my cock erect and stroked its base as her husband said” My wife belongs to a family of bitches and I love bitches. Our mother in law is always in heat, is she not Sona? And bitches don’t feel jealous at least of their sisters. So, just imagine being able to run your hands all over the naked bodies of our wives’ family women and bury your cock in their pussy or ass”.Each word spoken by Raj caused a twitch in my cock, which was now at full erection with the head bulging.

“Look at my wife, is she not a real cocksucker? She has fantasized about licking your cock. She loves cock. She loves to be talked dirty and treated dirty. Where are you Mona? Come on fast, I am so lonely. Your sister has taken your husband and I can’t wait to set my hands on your lush body. Come darling, let me taste my sali.”

When Mona returned with drinks, all of us were shocked. She wore nothing as she carried a tray of whiskey. She had gone to the bathroom and shaved her pussy. Her pussy was puffy and smelled of after shave lotion. Raj stared at the swollen mound of Mona’s pussy. As she handed him a glass of whiskey, he cupped her ass and spanked it lightly. Then he dipped his middle finger into my wife’s cunt and brought out the wet fingertip and sucked it,”

Ahhhhhh jijju, you are so lovely, I am all wet for you. Didi, Raj Jijju is so naughty. I dont know what will happen when he has taken a few drinks. Jijju, don’t forget, my husband is also going to do things to your wife. He is a real bastard. Only last night he was asking if he could fuck my ass but I did not let him. I have kept my ass for my lovers and pussy for my husband, will you fuck my ass, honey? Yess, play with my cunny, cream it with your touch…ohhhhh”

By now my cock had disappeared between Sona’s lips and I thought I would explode. She was on top of my body with her pussy rubbing over my legs. Mona gave us our glasses and Sona gave up my cock for a while. We all toasted as my wife sat in her jijju’s lap and he played with her ample boobs. Raj was kissing Mona’s tits and then suddenly asked,” Mona, my dear adhi ghar wali(half wife” you have not given me any salty thing to eat with whiskey.

I need something salty as the whiskey is so bitter.” Mona was shamelss,” Jijju darling, what is my pussy for? Is my pussy not salty? Jijju, apni sali ki choot kam namkeen nahin hai, chakh kar dekh lo(your sister in law’s pussy is not less salty, just taste it” Raj finished his drink and kissed Mona’s pussy, spreading her cuntlips and smacking his lips, said” Haan sali sahiba, bahut namkeen hai(yes sister in law, your cunt is very salty)”

Raj sipped his whiskey and tasted my wife’s cunt after every sip as Mona spread her thighs and bent her legs at the knees. Raj was running his hands all over Mona’s thighs and asscheeks. At one time his whisket spiled on my wife’s tits and he licked it like a dog. While he was licking her nipples Mona moaned,” Ohhhh jijju, lick my nipples….aaaaaaaa didi, you husband has the tongue of a real dog…..come on jijju suck my boobs…..bite them….suck my tits like you suck Sona didi’s.” Raj bit her nipples hard and my wife cried in pain,”

Sona, see how your bitch sister is moaning like a bitch in heat, my sali is a real bitch in heat.”Oh fuck, Sonu, your wife has made me hot, fuck me. I can’t take it anymore….put your big fat cock in my cunt…ram that meat into me…I love that wet monster and my pussy is dying for your Lund.’ cried Sona as I cupped her tits hard.

My wife’s sister put her hand lightly on my cockhead and tried to guide it between her spread thighs, but I stopped her and she looked at me in surprise. “Sona didi, let me eat your pussy first. I have dreamt to taste it, to feel its scent, to feel its softness and feel its heat. I want to feel the softness of your thighs around my ears and taste your salty juice on the tip of my tongue. Do you mind didi?”

Mind? Sonu darling, I love being eaten. I love a male tongue licking at my Choot….Ohhhhh jaan lick my Choot,” my sali was actually begging me to lick her cunt. She lay on the sofa, her beautiful legs spread wide, her beautiful cunt inviting me to a tasty lunch. She had closed her eyes in pleasure. I bent forward, put my hands under her buttocks and lifted them so that I could have easy access to her perfumed cunt-hole. I licked all around her cunt area, feeling the stubble of her pubic hair pricking my tongue as my hands gripped her ass firmly,”

Ohhhh Yesssss…..Lick me……suck my juice…..be my lover…..I want your cock my horny fucker, fuck me!”I was gripping her cheeks a little harder as my tongue entered her wet cunt. Oh Sonu, that feels so nice. Please suck my cunt hard….lick my cunt….I love it,” Sona sighed. Sona writhed her body as I continued to lick her cunt. Juices flowed from her cunt into my mouth and I ate them. My fingers played with her ass-hole and my finger probed her tight puckered hole.

Her shit-hole resisted the entry of my finger but I pressed it in. My sali sahiba (sister in law) cringed with pain at the intrusion of my finger in her ass. She breathed harder and with difficullty as I sucked her cunt. She gripped my head into the triangle of her pubic mound as I lapped her cunt.

I came up for air as I lifted my face from Sona’s cunt and saw Mona gulp Raj’s cock into her throat. Her brother in law was slapping her face lightly, her cheeks had turned light pink from the slapping she was getting. He slapped her hard on the face and said”Sonu, your wife is a real slut, she likes to be slapped and she sucks a cock like a whore. You’re incredible, Bitch” Raj told her.

“Yess jijju, I am a bitch, a whore but only for you,” my wife replied shamelessly “I hope it’s what you expected.” I stood up and went into the kitchen for another round of drinks. On my return, I saw Mona and Raj in a 69 as Sona played with her cunt, watching her sister and her husband and waiting for her brother in law(Thats me).

I and Sona gulped our drinks in one go. “How do you want me, Sonu? I cant wait now. I must have your cock in my cunt now. Would you like me to ride you?” She asked me. ” No darling didi, I have heard Raj say you are a bitch as are the other women of your family. So why not fuck like a bitch. Bend like a bitch on all your fours and let me fuck you like a dog.Wont that be nice?” Sona complied smilingly and knelt before me.

She was on her knees in a flash and I was stroking my cock standing near her up-turned buttocks. A moment later, I put my cock into her cunt-hole and slid it in and out slowly. I heard her moan as she tightened the muscles of her cunt around my shaft.

Mona too was kneeling in front of Raj and he was giving my wife spanking on her bare buttocks. ” Fuck me Raj jijju, enter me the way my hubby has entered you loving slut wife, give me your Lund. I need your cock as my didi needs mt hubby’s cock….make me cum……fuck me please” his sister-in-law was begging Raj.

He smiled and nodded. He spread my wife’s buttocks viciously and pushed his dick into her cunt from behind.” Ohhhh God, jijju, your cock is lovely, put it all in, I need the whole of it. Give me all that belongs to Sona didi, make me take her place at least tonight. Shove it all in my hungry pussy…..fuck your bitch sister in law!”

I was thrusting my cock in Sona and she was pushing her ass at my cock. Her cunt was wet and slick and I was fucking her fast and hard, my pelvis smacking her ass cheeks. I wanted my SALI, completely. The sight of her lovely ass was making me dream of her Ass. Her sister, my wife had denied me her ass, I must have Sona’s Ass!”

“I want you, Sonu, push all of your cock in my cunt…..I am hungry for your Lund (Cock)” I heard her say in the hot and heavy breath of a lust filled woman. Fuck me like Raj is fucking your slut wife….fuck me like a whore….make me cum….fill my cunt with your meat,” she pleaded breathlessly. “Do anything you want to me, I’ve been waiting for you to for so long..,”

I was beyond all reason now and was fucking like a machine. My brother in law was ramming his cock into my wife as I was fucking his. My wife had closed her eyes and was uttering obscenities” Jijju Raja, chodo apni sali ko, jaise mera pati aapki biwi ko chod raha hai, ohhhh jijju raja pelo mujhe(brother in law, fuck me as my husband is fucking yoir wife).

I rammed my cock into Sona’s cunt and pushed my index finger in her asshole again. She bit her lip and shuddered as I forcefully thrust my finger into her tight asshole.

“Oh no Sonu, not my ass….fuck my pussy but not my ass” She cried but I continued to fuck her ass with my finger and her whole body convulsed momentarily. She pushed her hips on my cock and finger and moaned wildly.

She seemed to be feeling comfortable with my finger in her ass and I asked her,” Sona didi, I wish to fuck you in the ass. I love tyor ass. I will be your slave till death if you let me fuck you in the ass. Should I fuck you there? Do you want me to fuck your Gaand?” I asked and strangely, she nodded her consent. “Yesss my Sonu….My fucker…..total submission means ass, ass-fuck with your lover. Fuck my asshole,” She declared, still looking into my eyes.

I saw a bottle of lotion and quickly took my cock out of her wet cunt and applied some lotion on my already wet cock and then applied a lot more lotion over her tiny asshole. She shivered at my touch and pressed her ass on my hand. I then removed my hand and replaced it with the swollen head of my cock, gently and slowly pushing into her tight Gaand. She responded by raising her ass higher. My cock slowly slipped into her asshole. I had never felt anything as tight or as good as my Sona’s ass.

“Fuck..yeah…mmm, oh that feels so good,” She whispered. I fucked her slowly pulled my cock out to enter again. It was such an erotic scene which aroused me and I entered back into her ass and slowly began to fuck her hot anus. I rocked my hips and pushed my cock deeper and deeper with each thrust, causing Sona to whimper and cry out in pure pleasure.

“Is this what you like, Sonu? I this what you have been begging my sister for? Let me tell you one thing, we sisters have decided not to let our husbands fuck our Ass. Our Gaand is only for our lovers. Raj has never fucked my ass. But he will fuck Mona’s ass today as he is her Yaar, her Fucker, just as you are my Yaar tonight. Raj why dont you fuck my sister’s ass, she loves to be fucked in the ass”

I held up her thighs with one hand and began to massage her breasts with the other. She met me stroke for stroke, pushing her buttocks on my thick cock. We were moaning and crying. I increased my speed, now pounding her harder and deeper. Sona reached down to her clit and began to rub it relentlessly as I fucked her Ass.

“Ah! Yesssssss.oh fuck…yes! I’m cumming..don’t stop my lover…ohhhh my fucker jijju…..fuck your didi in the ass, ohhhh my ass lover fuck me!” She cried out desperately as I fucked her. Suddenly, I felt her ass muscles squeeze my whole cock as she shuddered into orgasm.

“Oh God..Didi..fuck…your ass is so tight….I am coming too….I never knew what I was missing….fuck you Sona….my Goddess,” I groaned as her ass muscles milked my cock. I shot my load deep into her anus. My cock was drained. completely.

“Do you want me to lubricate your asshole too or yoy can take it just like this Mona. My cock is all wet with your cunt juices already. I am going o take your ass just as Sonu has ass fucked your sister. An ass for an ass is the rule. Is it not?” Raj was getting ready to fuck my wife’s ass. He slapped her buttocks hard before getting ready for anal attack.

Raj looked at my wife’s exquisite asshole after spanking it many times. He grabbed her buttocks and placed his cockhead at its brown entrance, slowing increasing the pressure. Finally Mona’s ass swallowed it up. Ooo……jijju go slowl….my ass is delicate and your cock is so big!” she gasped.

“Oh yeah, it will be fine soon…just relax your ass, let me make way into your Gaand. You will love it,” he pushed his cock farther into her ass, and also teased her clit with his fingers. He was right, in few second her ass was swallowing his entire cock with ease and he began to build pace.

“Uh…uh…uuuuhhh…Mmmm, you sister fucker jijju…ohhhh you bastard you are filling my ass…ahhhhhh behnchod (sisterfucker) you are filling me!” Mona moaned. “Ooooo!” He roughly pulled her by her beautiful, long hair. She managed to ask “Dont pull my hair, what’s going on? I am offering you my ass and you are pulling my hair….jijju stop it, you sis fucking bastard!” Raj relented and pulled his hand away from her hair but continued to pound her ass-hole. ”

How does your ass feel now, my sexy sister in law? Is my dick better than Sonu’s?” he asked. My ass is getting better. You cock has stretched it too much. Jiju, you and Sonu, both are horny bastards and I and Sona are real sluts! But we slut sisters love you bastards” She grinned. Grunting and sweating, they both established a rhythm, slamming their bodies together. They changed positions as Raj rolled onto his back. My wife moved over and straddled his cock, facing him, and slipped his cock up her ass again. Ooooh, I’m loving it sexy Mona,” he moaned.

You look so beautiful and sexy, taking my cock up your ass.”Mona bounced faster and faster on her jijju’s cock “Oooooooo…aaaahhh!” Mona screamed her ass swallowing cock all the way up her asshole. Soon Raj’s cock was spurting like a fountain in the tight confines of her ass. Raj ran his hands all over the naked body of my wife while he lifted his ass to push all the way into her ass. Oh…ohh…ooooh…Jijju…I…I’m going to cum…it…feels…so hot…ahhhh…I can’t…I…uuuuhhh…Fuck me…..bastard fuck my Gaand”

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