Friday, 21 August 2015

Marriage Of Two Couples

I cannot even imagine that my wife will agree for a swap proposition. It is always the forbidden that excites me the most, even in the bed. So after 15 years of a happily cruising marriage, I have taken the plunge to spice things up a bit. Knowing fully well the consequences that we will face for the many decades ahead we shall live together.

How will I know that she will agree? We have never discussed the topic of swapping with other couples, hence the first step is not to feel shy discussing such topics. We have a couple that live in the same apartments. The wife is very beautiful, at least I find her so. I know they are into swapping. As they are not discreet, I am afraid that we will not click easily. But there is no harm talking about them with my wife Gayatri. So I brought their topic up, and subtly mentioned that are into page 3 parties big time, and lot of activities and games they are into. And also mentioned that they do not even know or remember where their spouse is by the turn of the dawn.

“What do you mean by that ?”

“Yes, Sonali goes with the man who likes her, and Sudeep goes with the woman he likes in the party, and as there are only couples in the party, the numbers even out”.

“How mean and chauvinistic you guys are ? Why cannot the woman go with the man she likes, instead of the other way around”.

“That is because, women don’t have much choice there in terms of looks. You don’t have Tom Cruise of Salman Khan in the party, right ? Also women have to bear some not so good looking people, some with paunches, some with bad breath, and some non-performers too. This unpleasantness turns on many women, hence they like the men who lust after them.”

“Though I never liked her, I am surprised Sonali does this”.

“We don’t know what fun they have Gayatri, since we have never done this”, I dropped the gauntlet finally, now carefully will assess her reaction.

“No way we will do this. Plus, I don’t find any man attractive near and around.”

“You don’t find me attractive either, aren’t you tolerating me ? It is easier to find men who are more attractive than me, to whom you will be attracted to.”

“May be yes, but I will not be with anyone but you.”

“Suppose you find a man who is gentle, discreet, and performs well in bed, there is no reason for you not to be with him in the bed, right ?”

“Are you crazy ?”

“It is about you. Will you enjoy the experience ?”
“I know what you are hinting at. You want to screw someone else’s wife. You need variety, and you are fed up with me.”

“Aren’t you fed up of me ? Here is the idea. You choose the man, with whom you are comfortable. With whom you will enjoy the company, even if you do not have the sex. At least, you will have fun. I will entertain his wife. I am sure you will choose good like-minded and a considerate couple among our friends. So if it does not work out, we have no discomfort.”

“What, do you really want to do such dirty things ? Aren’t you possessive of me?”

“We have discussed thus far, only because the topic is not unpleasant. So let us at least discuss the couple that is more likely our partners in swap. OK, let me explore. Your best friend Parineeti ?”

“Oh, she is not attractive for you”.

“Then, your another friend Jaicy ? She is average, but I like her looks.”

“I don’t find him exciting, though he is nice looking.”

“Why not Seema and Shyam ? They are both pleasant and courteous people. May not be stunners, but very good friends. They should be kind and nice with us.”

These are the couple I have wanted to settle down with, since I have been balling Seema for over a year now (which will be narrated under a different heading later). She is sexually more compatible with me than Gayatri. We have been planning this swap act for a while now, so that we can regularize our sex acts, with the knowledge of our spouses. I have always been imagining this four-way marriage for a long time now. Seema said Shyam has got a long but thin cock, which does not satisfy her at times, since she has a loose pussy, as she is 48. I am 40, and she finds my cock thick and fitting in right. I also feel that Shyam’s long and hard dick will be nice for Gayatri as she has a tight narrow pussy, which I usually find difficult penetrating. The cock-pussy fits are excellent, and this marriage is bound to last long, provide the first swap session proceeds uneventfully.

“What are you thinking”, asked my wife.

“I am thinking that we should seduce Seema and Shyam, at least spend sufficient time with them to know whether we are attracted to them or not. We may not propose right away, because I am sure they may find this shocking too”.

“I am not sure, whether I want to do it. I am surprised that you are OK seeing me with other men. I am really surprised, perhaps shocked. This rocks the foundation of our marriage.”

“Gayatri, if you derive joy in what you do, where is the regret. Plus, I am not keen to talk about this again ever, if you find this distasteful. I am only trying to spice up our sex lives, in a safe way. Anyway, we are not doing anything now. We are only getting to size up Seema and Shyam. If we like them, let us signal with an eye contact, and start flirting with them respectively. Else let us have dinner and come back. We hold the cards, and let us play them, only if you agree. Here the decision is yours, and hence ours.”

I think this speech worked.

“OK Ishan, what do we do next ?”

“Simple, let us call them for dinner. You wear a saree. Speak to Shyam a little longer than usual. If the conversation proceeds without a hitch, reveal more of yourself through the side parting of the saree. If the conversation continues, then you have succeeded. Men need the slightest hint from women to feel them and touch them. Before you both proceed, check out what Seema and me are doing. I will signal you with a fleeting glimpse, which means we are on. Then you can resume with Shyam. Let us see where it goes.”

“OK, let us try. I hope we can get out of it if I find him unattractive. After all he is 55, and I am 37. Eighteen years age difference.”

“Men can perform till 80. They need a sexy woman like you Gayatri. Anyway they will still be good friends, even if things don’t work out. That is what attracts me to them.”

The D day has arrived. I have asked Seema also to wear a saree. Both the women in sarees are looking astounding. Things proceeded as planned. We have left our children in their house, and have given ourselves three hours of privacy in our house.

Shyam was looking dapper and smart. He is taller than me, and has been a state level sports player in many games. So I think he will be good in bed. Seema has that sexy glint in her eye, signaling what is to come ahead in the day. Gayatri sat in a sideways position where Shyam can see her love handles. She is the best ever, has got around two nicely sized love handles, and can turn any man crazy. She has been steadily filling Shyam’s glass, maintained conversation with him, with special interest, and remain unmoved except for serving him snacks periodically.

Meanwhile, I was continuing a light hearted banter with Seema, as we both know each other’s bodies fully well. The sight of our respective spouses together is giving us a high.

After a while, I could see Gayatri inviting Shyam into the kitchen. Which means she has enjoyed the conversation with him. First step taken. They have disappeared into the kitchen together. Seeing them walk together, twitched my heart a bit. I am losing my loyal wife to this man tonight. Then pleasure took over immediately. Isn’t she going to enjoy him. He is a nice man. Deserves a beautiful woman like Gayatri. I hope she satisfies him in the bed. I hope he does not get aggressive after seeing her naked. She is very attractive. But then everything should be fine. These are the nicest couple we have as friends. Very gentle and discreet. So there should not be any complications.

Meanwhile, I have got my hands on Seema’s bosom. “Wait, let them settle down. Else our cat will be out of the bag”, screamed Seema in hushed tones.

In the kitchen, this is what happened, as narrated by Gayatri later, in her words.

I started heating up the food. I have shown Shyam what all I have prepared. He was aghast with the variety. I offered that he should taste and certify, as I warm up the food. Every spoon I give him, I looked into his eyes with anticipation, standing a little closer than usual. Where it was really hot he would taste a bit, and I would taste the remaining. So we really seemed to have got into a comfort zone. Meanwhile he also had generous view of my breasts through the side parting, which I did not bother to cover up as I was moving about in the kitchen. After he tasted the dessert, there was a little cream on the edge of his lips, which I wiped looking into his eyes. I think he got the cue. This was unusual behavior from me, I have hardly talked to him ever for such a long time.

“You are a beautiful cook. Beautiful woman, and a great cook”.

“Thank You Shyam. It is a great compliment any woman can get.”

“I am sure your Ishan pays this compliment to you every day”.

“He does, but after twelve years of marriage, these compliments don’t come often.”

“What are you saying. Seema and me are twenty five years married now. I still find her exciting. Every night is like a wedding night.”

This conversation turns out to be interesting. I felt the hint that we are warming up. I should now allow him to talk sex with me, and perhaps ok if he touches me.

“Let me check Shyam what Ishan and Seema need”.

So I peeped out of the kitchen, only to get a fleeting glimpse from Ishan. Which means he is hitting onto Seema.

Back in the kitchen, I saw Shyam looking at me longingly.

“Why are you looking at me like that Shyam ? Am I so beautiful ?”

“Yes you are Gayatri”.

“More beautiful than Seema ?”

“Well, yes. You have maintained yourself quite well. You look to be in your twenties. Any man would love your looks, and will be lucky to make love to you.”

“I have never done this before Shyam, but I will go with someone who is gentle and caring. With whom we do not regret a day later what we have done. I seem to have that comfort with you today. Will you make love to me, and please me in the bed.”

“I will be the most fortunate person to make love to such a beautiful woman like you Gayatri. Are you suggesting that we swap ? I am not sure of my wife Seema, let me check with her how she is doing with Ishan.”

Saying so, he has come forward closer to me. I melted into his arms. While he looked rough with a big build, three inches taller than Ishan, there is something attractive about this man. His experience will please me to the hilt. He has kissed my small soft and tender lips for a very long time. He cupped my breasts slowly, and I was already wet below. Hurriedly we broke away from each other, to bring the proposal forward to you, so that we can go into each other’s bed rooms.

So Ishan and I have come out to propose the idea to Ishan and Seema. Shyam took the initiative to do so. Since we are already playing to a plan, I have not taken the first step.

“Ishan and Seema – I am candid about this because we have known each other for long, and there should be no one-sided hanky-panky. Will it be all right, if we spend a little more time with each other, but with some privacy. Both of you seemed to be engrossed in a conversation, and so are we. With your permission Ishan Sir, I may take a few liberties with your wife Gayatri, as she is too beautiful not to be touched. Similarly, if my wife consents you can make love to her.”

There was a chilled silence. It sounded more like a marriage proposal. Seema broke the silence.

“Yes, I like to know Ishan more. There is no harm. Let us go to separate bedrooms, but we shall knock the bedroom door, if any of us is not comfortable with what is happening”.

Saying so, Seema led Ishan to her guest bedroom. And Ishan willfully followed her. A flurry of thoughts raced through my mind. I am losing my husband. I am losing myself. Now we shall get naked in front of strangers, though friends. The marriage is over, we are no longer loyal to each other. These are mixed feelings, a feeling of being violated, and at the same time a wave of pleasure washing through the mind, in anticipation of what this tall and big man is going to do to me. Let me see. So I walked behind him into his master bedroom.

“Make yourself comfortable Gayatri. You don’t have to do anything that you are not enjoying. But remember that the joy lies in doing things forbidden. So allow me to please you in a way that you will enjoy to the hilt.”

He seemed confident in what he is saying. Perhaps it is because of years of experience with Seema. I never discussed sex with Seema. Perhaps I should have. She is quite attractive. Physically fit. Seemed to have a good figure, never saw her closely. Now thinking of her, it is odd. She may be stripping in front of Ishan now. All right let me take the first step, and remove my saree.

“Shyam, I have never removed my saree in front of anyone but my husband. Here I am offering myself to you, please make love to me.” Saying so I surrendered myself to Shyam. What is the point of being reluctant ? Let him take advantage of me. Let him use me.

Again Shyam held me in his muscular arms, kissed me long, lifted me effortlessly, laid me on the bed. His right hand cupped my left breast, and he started kneading it like maida. His both hands now started mauling my breasts. He was a little rough, but let me see. He unbuttoned the hooks of my blouse slowly. I started running my fingers through his hair. All the hooks are open now, and he slowly bared my chest.

“You are not wearing a bra ?”

He seemed mesmerized seeing my breasts, and so unexpectedly. I might as well share now that Ishan and I had a plan to seduce them into a swap, having come thus far.

“Yes Shyam, our plan is to experiment sex outside marriage, and we thought you are the safest couple, discreet and gentle. We did not know whether you have done this before, but were keen to try it with you. And here I am in your bed, totally yours”.

“We have not done this before either, but I am quite surprised Seema agreed to this. I know she is fond of Ishan, perhaps that made it easier for her to say yes.”

Saying so he started biting my nipples. I am totally wet below. This foreplay for the last twenty minutes has really got all my nerves firing. Should I spread my legs and ask him to enter me ? While he was mauling and biting my breasts, I have loosened the knot of my skirt, and slowly started kicking it away. He got up from me, and helped me pull the skirt down.

“No panty either !!”. Saying so, he got off from the bed, and quickly started removing his clothes. There is grey hair on his chest, and a nice small belly. So what. Now it is too late. I have submitted myself to him. As he quickly removed his underwear, I see a snake like thing. His cock is longer than Ishan. I hope I can get it into me. Black skin, and it is such a joy to see it get straight. I think my nude body turns him on very quickly. Very instinctively I have spread my legs open. This is the first time I am opening my pussy. Even with Ishan, I never opened my legs so quickly. I used to feel the shame earlier. Now anyway I need not feel ashamed. I am not Ishan’s property anymore, at least my body. Today Shyam is using me. Tomorrow someone else. I don’t now where this will stop. Anyway let me enjoy now.

I touched Shyam’s long cock. It is not as thick as Ishan, so it will not pain me as much. But so long that I never thought could be possible. I wonder how Seema takes him in.

‘Do you like my cock?’ Asked, Shyam seeing me staring at his rod. Continuing to stare at the dripping joy stick, I said… ‘Like? I have fallen in love with such a long, hard tool. Haven’t ever taken such a long dick into my cunt.’

Shyam seemed to relish the compliment, the proof of which was displayed in his mounting and dripping cock. ‘And you have a fabulous body with succulent, round breasts with dark areolas. Your nipples are always erect. Aren’t they?’

‘How does he know?’ I wondered while looking deep into his intense eyes that were staring at my nipples. Don’t know why, but my nipples are always hard. I have noticed many men staring at my bosom and I do feel extremely conscious about it. ‘ So you have been ogling my breasts?’

Shyam winked at me. ‘ Couldn’t stop myself from doing so.’ He said while tweaking my nipples. ‘Especially the day you wore a white Tees on a pair of Jeans. Must confess, I shagged thrice that day.’

Galore of surprises! ‘Ishan and I were so sceptical about this idea of swapping and we were wondering how you and Seema would take it…well, looks like you’ve been eyeing me for a long time.

‘Yes, at the right place. Your breasts, your ass and your…’ Saying so Shyam placed me on the bed and began to suck my nipples endlessly. Enthralled, I caressed him tight and began to enjoy myself immensely. Honestly, I did not remember Ishan even for a second at that moment. My life that evening was only with Shyam and nobody else. ‘You said you like my breats, my ass and…’ I asked, softly.

Shyam stopped sucking and whispered in my ears. ‘ And I like your lips. Several times, I imagined your lips on my cock.’ A gush of blood created instant heat in my body. My heart began to pound uncontrollably. Probably, Shyam felt my speeding heartbeat under his chest.

He looked into my eyes and asked, ‘Do you like sucking a man?’ I blushed and looked elsewhere since I couldn’t take the intensity of his eyes. ‘Look into my eyes and answer, Gayatri. Do you like sucking a man?’ He stared into my eyes, making me very wet down there. ‘Do you suck Ishan?’

My pussy continued to get wet. I haven’t experienced such crazy excitement earlier with any other man. Shyam kneaded my breasts while waiting for my reply. I somehow managed to confess a bit of my married life. ‘No Shyam, I never sucked Ishan.’ ‘Why? You don’t know what you are missing in life. Once you try it, I am sure, you will get addicted to it. The uncertain look on me got him to convince me lovingly. ‘ You will feel good and pacified. Trust me! I’ll tell you what, try once and if you don’t like it stop immediately. We will never go for it again.’

Shaym sounded so passionate and convincing that I gave him a nod without any delay. I have lost everything to this man, and what difference will it make if I do something which I do not like. With a big smile, he got up from the bed and stood against a wall across. I could see his long cock getting wet and swaying a bit. ‘Wow! I like the way your dick is shaking. I am flowing down there.’

‘I will handle the flow in a bit. First, let me see your lips on my cock. I’ve been fantasizing it for too long now.’ He placed his hands on my shoulders and gently guided me down between his legs. Now my face was exactly in front of his long pole and I could smell his manhood!! A different smell , which initially chose to ignore, but then so strong that I had to breath it in. It turned me on progressively. There was complete silence in the room.

He slowly started rubbing his cock on my lips. While feeling his wetness on my lips, I realized I was enjoying oral sex I had never indulged in. In no time he made his way into my mouth while moaning frenziedly. Deep and deep I could feel his cock almost touching my throat. I choked for a second and released myself from the act.

Sitting down on the floor, I looked at him. ‘You are humongous, Shyam. What a long dick you have.’ Shyam smiled. ‘God’s gift! Wait till I enter you. You will love it, my baby.’ ‘But I haven’t taken such a length into me ever.’ I expressed my fear.

While again rubbing himself on my lips he said, ‘You will crave for it all your life.’ Not giving me a chance to speak, he slowly pushed himself into my mouth. ‘Suck, my seductress. Suck me. Your lips are driving me crazy.’ I began to suck him and it came naturally without much of an effort.

I pulled his foreskin back, and saw some white butter like substance, which later I came to know was smegma. I gently licked everything, as I have begun to feel the smell stronger, which was making me crazy in my mind. Time to surrender myself completely to this man.

Now, at this moment I suddenly remembered Ishan for some reason. Don’t know why I never gave him this pleasure. Just didn’t feel like. He asked me several times but I refused. Next time when we have sex I am sure I will give him a blowjob. Thanks to Shyam!

‘Yes Gayatri, yes! Up and down…up and down.. that’s the way. Roll your tongue around the tip of my penis and tease the slit.’ I started doing exactly the same and the moans got louder. ‘Your tongue, your mouth and your lips..just everything about you is so erotic, Gayatri. I am ready to explode.’ He gripped my hair a bit too tight. ‘Ouch..’ I removed his cock and said politely. ‘You are hurting me, Shyam.’

He lifted me holding my shoulders and looked into my eyes. ‘Sorry baby. I will handle you, tenderly. You are my Princess from now on.’ I felt very special and hugged him real tight.‘ Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?’ Not waiting for my reply, he held my hand and walked towards the bed.

The moment I occupied the bed, he mounted on me breathing heavily and started sucking my nipples like a hungry infant. And his hand spread on my vagina, with one finger rubbing my clitoris. ‘This decision of swapping is surely a good idea, Ishan.’ I don’t know If I said these words aloud or to myself. I didn’t know what was happening. Suddenly, I felt his tongue on my clitoris. And I almost died feeling shy. ‘What are you doing, Shyam? Come up.’ He lifted his head slightly. ‘Why, when you can take me into your mouth why can’t I do the same?’

‘I’ve never let Ishan do it.’ I tried to drag him up. He was in no mood to listen. ‘Too bad, sweetheart. I am going to enjoy the geography of your vagina today. Just relax and soak in the pleasure.. Only for few seconds, promise. I know we decided not to anything that will make each other uncomfortable.’


‘Trust me!’ Shyam continued to lick my clitoris with immense passion. I was uncomfortable for few seconds but will have to confess that I surrendered to him gradually since the pleasure blinded all my inhibitions. Then, all of a sudden, I could feel him penetrating into me slowly. The tip of his cock felt so good on my vagina that I decided not to let go of him ever in my life.

After about an inch or so he started pushing himself a little too fast and in the process my vagina which had always been very tight, miraculously opened its way to welcome his length and thickness. It did pain a bit but the ecstasy was so high that I didn’t feel it at all. My legs spread wider to take him as much inside as possible. Catching the clue, he folded my legs and got inside me to give me the warm, wet feeling of his penis. The lubrication was in abundance and the movement was perfect. Why didn’t I have this smooth entry with Ishan? Why am I enjoying so much better with Shyam? Am I falling in love with Shyam, because of his love making ?

He is a very ordinary man to look at, slightly older generation, does not usually get a second look. But why am I enjoying sex immensely with him. He has get a slightly different mouth odour, belly on the waist, slightly rough skin texture, so nothing strikingly attractive about him. But I am unable to believe that I willingly surrendered to him, perhaps now falling in love with his fucking. For a fraction of second I pondered about my marriage, but I decided to shoo the thoughts away and enjoy the moment with Shyam.

‘How is it, my love?’ Asked Shyam moving aggressively.‘ Not used to this aggression but enjoying it immensely.’ I replied while about to come. Immediately, Shyam got little gentle but I quickly responded saying, ‘No, no don’t stop I am about to come.’ Shyam was delighted to hear me say so and penetrated with great force. That’s it! I could wait no longer, the excitement was at its peak and it helped me reach the best orgasm of my life. Within few seconds Shyam too had an orgasm, ejaculating loads of semen in my pussy.
Who do I thank, I wondered later! Ishan, for suggesting swapping or Shyam, for giving me what Ishan could never give me?

I sought his lips, rolled my tongue in, now kissing freely than ever before. His hands have been hard and rough on my breasts. But so what, surrendering to such a man is a high in itself. I felt his chest with my fingers, lovingly caressed his belly and held his balls in my hands. His penis started to harden. I am excited now for another round. This time I wanted him to screw me long and hard.

As he complimented me on my sucking, I went down on him, pulled his black skin back and revealed his red meat, mixed with my orgasmic juices.. Starting tonguing him despite the unfamiliar smell. Suddenly I felt his tongue on my pussy. That was a marauding attack. We are into a complete 69.

I sucked him with all my heart, and I can feel his tongue explore every bit of my pussy, sucking the liquid out like a baby sucks the milk out of a woman’s breasts. His hands were not idle, and continued to maul my breasts. I am not used to this rough handling, but somewhere deep inside I am fully satisfied as a woman. Ishan has always been hesitant, I think am enjoying forceful assertive sex with Shyam.

His manhood is now completely hard again. Ishan would go soft quickly especially when he cannot penetrate me. Here Shyam is straight and hard. I pulled myself up from his dripping tongue attack, and slowly mounted his hard cock. As I have just finished my periods I can take him in without a condom and also receive his sperms in my pussy. It was so nice sitting on him. His cock was straight, and firmly entered my cunt. I laid myself on his chest, crushed my breasts against him, and slowly started moving my ass up and down. After a while I sat up and held onto his hands, and started riding him.

“Your breasts are lovely Gayatri, the way they juggle while riding me, is a sight to remember”.

“Yes Shyam, I love fucking you. Your cock is taking good care of my wetness, as you promised. Seema is lucky to have you for sex everyday.” Saying so, we have had sex in that position for at least ten minutes. Then Shyam rolled me down, without disengaging, and started pounding me in the missionary position. His cock fits my pussy perfectly well. We seem made for each other, on genital compatibility.

For another ten minutes he was unrelentingly hard, and fucked me hard and deep. We looked into each other’s eyes many times over. There seems to be a new love developing. That very thought sent me into the orbit, as waves of convulsion washed over me shamelessly, and I orgasmed violently with uncontrollable shudders. I held onto Shyam, and he held onto me as he continued his merciless pumping. Five minutes later, I saw him contort his face, let out a squeal and release his orgasm into my dripping pussy. For the second time in less than two hours I have taken in his semen.

“I never imagined that in my life I will get to screw a beautiful woman like you Gayatri”.

“Are you saying that I am more beautiful than Seema”.

“That is what Seema also says. We both like your beauty. But I love Seema with my heart. She is my wife of 25 years, and we still make love like a newly wed couple”.

If Seema is so hot, than Ishan must behaving fun. He must be mauling her love handles. Ishan likes dusky women, and he must be disrobing her hurriedly to see her in bra and panty. Will he perform with her, better than with me. That will be fun then.

“What are you thinking Gayatri ?”

“Just imagining what your wife and my husband must be doing with each other.”

Let us try and peep through the key hole. Come, it will be fun.”

Saying so, we both walked out of their master bed room fully nude, hands on each other’s waist.

I have received at least three interesting responses quickly, hence publishing the part three. Hope you like it.

Wanted to peep thru the keyhole but when we reached there, we realized the door was not completely shut. There was a gap thru which we could get a suitable view. Shyam being much taller than me stood behind me, holding my breasts. We were watching a live show! An act of lovemaking and an act of raw sex!! I had watched many blue films. But watching Ishan and Seema was an incredible experience.

Ishan and Seema were sitting on the bed, naked. Seema was in his lap with her legs knotted around his buttocks. And Ishan was kissing her intently while tweaking her nipples. They went on kissing for few seconds till Ishan laid her on the bed. Now we could see Seema’s pointed tits and Ishan’s rock hard cock. Suddenly, I felt my breasts getting squeezed with great force. ‘Ouch..’ I said and turned around to face Shyam. ‘Sorry could not help! Am getting highly aroused watching your husband making love to my wife.’ Saying so, Shyam pushed his tongue into my mouth and played with mine for a while.

In the meantime, we heard Seema moaning real loud and relishing every bit of Ishan. Wanting to catch the action again we swiftly turned to see Ishan licking Seema’s pussy like there is no tomorrow. Seema lifted her pelvis a bit and held Ishan’s head, almost burying him into her pussy. ‘Ishan, what a phenomenal pussy licker you are. Gayatri is so lucky, you everyday must be licking her. Isn’t it!’ Ishan didn’t bother to reply. I guess, he didn’t want to leave the pussy that is driving him crazy.

‘Slut…!!!’ Remarked, Shyam. ‘That’s what she tells me when my tongue is sliding on her clitoris.’ ‘Jealous?’ I asked Shyam while continuing to watch the couple in bed. ‘I always thought I have a PhD in oral sex. But looks like your husband has outdone me today. Good for Seema.’

The moaning in the bed now got little louder and along with that Shyam’s cock on my back, too got very hard. ‘Ishan..Ishan..Ishan …I am coming. Move your tongue faster…up and down.’ Seema was chanting my husband’s name. My husband!! I started feeling very jealous. Especially, seeing Ishan serving her like a slave. Here, Shyam started to jerk against my ass. ‘What are you doing?’ I asked Shyam without shifting my focus from Ishan. Shyam spoke into my ears. ‘Your ass is so tight, baby.. feel like pumping you. But don’t worry, I won’t enter your ass. I will just rub myself. Is that ok?’

I was relieved. I know it is not easy to enter the rear side. It will hurt me like crazy and I was not ready for that pain at that moment. My thoughts were interrupted by Seema’s famous chant, ‘Ishan…Ishan..’ My hand involuntarily pulled Shyam’s hand on to my pussy to rub my clitoris. His finger went deep into my cunt. ‘Wow, you are dripping.’ Said Shyam. ‘You are getting very excited watching your husband lick my wife’s pussy. Aren’t you?’

‘Actually, I am getting wet looking at your wife’s tits jiggle’. Shyam peeped over my shoulder to look into my eyes. ‘Aha, so you like her body.’ ‘I think..’ Hearing that, Shyam got aggressive. He started to rub my clitoris up and down, sometimes shoving his finger deep inside my cunt bringing the moisture on to the petals. ‘Ishan..Ishan..I am coming…I am coming.’ Seema was circling her buttocks and moving herself in harmony with Ishan’s tongue. There was silence for few seconds. Guess, she got what she wanted. Ishan pulled himself up and mounted Seema to kiss her lips.

I could not wait any longer. So, I held Shyam’s hand and began to rub myself along with him. ‘Let’s synchronize..’ he said. ‘’ I was about to come. Shyam slowly began to enter my rear hole. Just one inch inside me and ejaculated, moaning endlessly. At the same time, I wet his finger and released my juices. What a mind-blowing experience that was! After recovering, we looked at Ishan and Seema. They were still in bed, holding each other affectionately.

I felt little sorry for Ishan. Three people in this room had their share of orgasm except Ishan. Poor guy! When I expressed my thoughts aloud, Shyam made a comment. ‘Babes, you have no clue what kind of pleasure Ishan is going to have now. His joy will be three of ours put together.’ I didn’t know what he was saying. But realised it soon in a state of daze!

Ishan slowly started to kiss Seema on her lips. Seema hungrily reached for his tongue and licked his lips all over. She was getting a high, licking her own juices so shamelessly smeared on half of Ishan’s face. Their kissing was violent, as if they needed something more. Ishan also played with her tongue, and now is licking all over her face. His hand was dark in contrast to Seema’s wheatish colour breast. Her areolae are larger than mine. She looked damn sexy, and has stirred up a wetness in my lions. The lesbian in me seemed to rise forth. I wanted to get intimate with Seema. Am I a bisexual ? Nothing wrong. The female form needs to be loved because womanhood is so beautiful. Here I am planning my first lesbian act with Seema. When Ishan and Shyam are away, we can love each other like never before.

I just love the way Shyam pressed my breasts. That I belong to him now is giving me a queer sense of pleasure. Meanwhile I could see Ishan sucking Seema’s left breast and fondling the right one. Seema started moaning uncontrollably, “Ishan the way you suck my breasts is simply wonderful….ahhhh…..Ishan….Ishan…..suck my nipples, they are yours….ahhh….ha….haaaa”. Seema was gasping for breath. She is ten times more expressive than me in bed. Ishan is loving it. I’m certainly quiet compared to her. There is a glazed expression in her eyes, she no longer seemed to look at Ishan, she seemed to be lost in a wave of pleasure.

Ishan lifted himself from Seema, spread her legs and slowly inserted his hard cock between her legs, and in a second was engulfed by Seema’s pussy lips. Seema screamed hard with a rapturous expression, “Ahhhh Eeeeeshaaan, touch me right in there…..ah….ah….ah”. Suddenly Ishan started humping her fast, they were moving together in a very smooth coordinated motion, but quite fast. I just could not see Ishan’s cock, it was nestled right in. His chest crushed her breasts, and she was lying in his arms in a possessive embrace. They were kissing each other, at the same time. It was a beautiful sight to watch the conjugal sex between Seema and Ishan.

This cannot be their first time. Such beautiful understanding of each other’s bodies and coordination of motions, this cannot be their debut. Ishan would take ages to enter me, and here in less an a second he is deep into Seema. I immediately led Shyam aside and asked him,

“Did you enjoy watching them together Shyam”.

“I think they put on quite a show, seemed to be enjoying themselves much more than us.”

“Did it not occur to you that this seemed a perfect sexual act practiced over many fucks”. This is the first time I have uttered the word fuck. What is happening to me ?

“Yes, I don’t question your comment, hence let us see them orgasm together, it will be proved beyond doubt, that they have been disloyal to us”.

Saying so, we both have come back to peep through the act. Seema was almost unconscious, only the shuddering of her lions could tell us that she was at her peaks, and she orgasmed violently. There would have been around ten to twelve quick gyratory movements of her pelvis, and then she dropped holding onto Ishan for dear life.

Strangely, Ishan continued with the same rhythm. It is over five minutes now, they are into the act. He was continuously pumping his butt into Seema, after around two minutes, Seema started tightening her fingers onto Ishan’s back. “Aaaaaa ….. am coming again Ishan”. Yet another shudder, which rocked Seema from top to bottom. Ishan was still unstoppable.

They started kissing profusely. “I love you Seema. Are you ready for your third orgasm”. “Yes, yes Ishan, don’t stop. I love your hard cock. It is so thick, so nice, you have the best cock in this world”. I quickly glanced at Shyam, who grimaced at that remark. He stopped moving his fingers in my cunt. I whispered into his ears, “you have got the best cock I have ever seen or felt Shyam, my husband cannot even enter me properly”. He felt good, and I reassured him with a loving kiss on his lips.

Meanwhile we have missed Seema’s third orgasm. She was in a state of delirium. “Ishan – how can you be so hard, so long. It is your turn to come now. Please come in my pussy.” “No Seema, today I will make you come seven times. Let us go for it”. Well that gave in. I looked at Shyam and it was the best combination of a smile and a surprise. “You are right about them Gayatri”, was what I could read in Shyam’s expression. To reassert our relationship, I quickly went on my knees and swallowed Ishan’s 9-inch long dick.

I pulled the dark skin back, and started licking with my tongue his pink meat. I stopped watching Ishan and Seema, while Shyam continued to watch his wife of 25 years get a solid pounding from my dear husband. Meanwhile I was playing with his balls, they are huge in size. Shyam is more of a man than Ishan, and for the first time I have started enjoying sex completely. For the next ten minutes I was sucking him without stopping him. I could only hear Seema come every two minutes, till I heard Ishan scream in hushed tones, “Seeemaaaaa …. I am coming”. I could feel Shyam’s hands in my hair and holding onto me roughly. When the first drops of semen hit my throat, I could hear Ishan complete his orgasm and ask Seema, “How was it”.

Now Shyam was coming in my mouth endlessly, and I heard him say. “It was fantastic Ishan, wasn’t it Seema.” With a mouthful of semen, I looked around and found that Shyam was holding the door wide open. I was on my knees nude and holding Shyam’s semen, part of it dripping from the corner of my mouth. Seema and Ishan were fully nude in each other’s arms, bodies bathed in sweat. They were not surprised to see us, because they have left the door open purposely. They planned this out, haven’t they.

I got up and went close to Seema, and kissed her on her lips transferring her husband’ semen into her mouth. She just pulled up from Ishan’s embrace, without losing hold of my lips and began to hug me closely. We kissed each other, and tasted all juices possible. In my last many years of life, I have abhorred the thought of oral sex, and now the juices are flowing freely and shamelessly.

After receiving two positive responses, herewith I am publishing the last part of this series. Hope you like it.

For all of us, this has been the destination over the last two hours, seeing each other fully nude, in various states of post orgasmic excitement. I have instinctively reached out to Gayatri (now I, Ishan, am narrating the story). I have held onto her for a few moments, cuddled her very closely and possessively. Seeing us in an embrace, Seema and Shyam melted in each other’s arms, cheek to cheek with a wide smile, they are looking at us. Shyam was the first to speak.

“If anyone is hungry, we can eat some food”. We all were, so we went into the kitchen totally nude, served up whatever we found satisfying our appetite, and sat down on the dining table to finish the dinner. Gayatri and Seema felt quite awkward showing up their breasts while eating. So I got them two large towels, and another two for Shyam and I to wrap around our waists. Now this gave us more space to talk. I started the conversation,

“I am sure this worked very well. Gayatri never even tolerated the b of blow job, and here I see her drinking semen.”

To which Shyam replied, “It is quite fair of you to offer your wife to me Ishan. After all you and Seema could have continued your extra marital affair, without us knowing or getting involved at all. Moreover, your wife is a very beautiful woman. She does not belong here. I have never thought possible, that I will ravish such a pretty lady. So thanks to you and Seema that you got us together.”

“Yes, I think Ishan and Seema wanted more of each other. Now they can legitimize their sexual relations”, said Gayatri, with an expression that made me feel guilty. That she has been cheated, that I have concealed a secret from her.

“Gayatri, it was important to make this happen, that you progressively attain satisfaction from another male, as you have not got the same from me. If you have got it today from Shyam, then I have no regret, and in fact I have done the right thing by concealing the facts about Seema and me from you.”

“That is fair Ishan. Actually I do not mind another round of sex with Shyam now, before the children come back here.”

“Then all of four of us should go to our master bedroom, and try whatever we want. Now that we have seen each other nude, there must be excitement only and not inhibition,” saying so Shyam got up from the dining table and led us all to the wash rooms.

We gathered on the master bed, and lowered the lighting. In a jiffy the towels are off, and Shyam and I got into the bed first, lying bellies up. Both of us have a belly, which any woman would hate to see on her man. Seema came running to me, and climbed up kissing me all over. She started sucking on my nipples. Gayatri was watching us intently. Seema realized this, and reached out to Gayatri, to pull her onto me. Meanwhile she rolled over and climbed onto her husband Shyam, kissing him on his mouth. Her hand instinctively gripped his long but now limp cock.

Meanwhile, Gayatri has taken me into her mouth and started sucking me for the first time ever. This has been the advantage of sending her to a rough looking man, who forced her to give a blowjob. The way she sucked me, she was enjoying it thoroughly.

From the corner of my eye, I could see that Seema was riding Shyam, and her breasts were jiggling. Shyam’s cock seemed hard and whipping up the froth in Seema’s pussy. Obviously, with breasts like that any man in this world will get hard.

Seema has the most wonderful pair of breasts ever seen on a female chest. One can watch them and suck them alternately for days endlessly. I wish they contained milk, so that all of us could have nourished ourselves from such a beautiful pair of milk containers. I slowly reached out to the jiggling breasts, and my cock has become rock hard, stretching Gayatri’s oral cavity wide. I think she has reached her limit on taking me in, and in a short while would start gagging.

Gayatri was giving such a fantastic blowjob that I had to compliment her newly acquired skills. ‘Gayatri, I missed out on getting sucked by you for so many years. Promise me that you will always take me into your mouth every night. Your tongue feels sooo good on my cock, Gayatri. I am loving the way your are sucking me.’ She felt new to me. The fact that this woman who had a problem sucking me is now enjoying my meat, gave an instant high. I was ready to explode. ‘Do you want to drink me?’ I asked her.

She nodded while continuing to stroke my balls with her soft fingers. ‘Here you go, Gayatri” I said, and started moving into her mouth and at the same time I looked at Seema. She was riding her husband’s cock but her eyes were on Gayatri and me. I tossed a flying kiss at her bouncing breasts, looking so ripe that I wanted to suck on them while getting sucked by my wife.

I tried to convey my desire to her and there she had a very strange look in her eyes. I couldn’t comprehend her! For a brief moment, I detached myself from Gayatri to read Seema’s mind. Does she want to give her nipples to me, like I wanted? Or is she simply enjoying the sight of Gayatri sucking me? Or is she jealous seeing my wife giving me a blow job? The questions in my mind were interrupted when Gayatri said, ‘Ishan I am waiting to drink you…’ I quickly looked at her and replied. ‘I am all yours! Enjoy the juice.’

I fucked her mouth like never before and seeing me indulge in pleasure there in the other corner of the bed Seema started to fuck her husband with equally intense lust. Here, Gayatri made a great effort in giving me one of the best orgasms in my life. I moaned aloud while leaking in her mouth. ‘Gayatri…this is crazy!! You suck so well. It is mind blowing….it is completely mind blowing!!!

Saying so, I ejaculated within few seconds. Wow!! It felt incredible to see my wife swallowing my semen with no inhibition. I lifted her up and hugged real tight. ‘ Gayatri, I need to give you a gift for showing me heaven. I will take you to Maldives where we can make love on the beach, day and night.’ Gayatri’s reply dominated Seema’s moan. ‘Oh, Ishan..I am coming ..Ishaaaan….’

There was silence in that room for a while. I looked at Shyam who was kneading Seema’s breasts roughly. I don’t think he was aware of what his wife just said. I think, Seema’s pussy was giving him such immense pleasure that he didn’t realize his wife was imagining me. Gayatri held my hand very tight, possessively! We saw both Seema and Shyam reaching the acme in unison. The room had the smell of orgasm, strong and intense. After the excitement subsided, Seema embraced Shyam and rested in his arms.

Gayatri turned and looked into my eyes. ‘Seema is crazy about you. Isn’t she?’ I didn’t know what to say.

Gayatri slowly got up from me, after swallowing my juices completely. She got down from the bed and went into the washroom. We could hear the sound of a steady gush of urine, followed by the flush. I think she washed herself and came out. Slowly she ambled to the other side of the bed away from me, where Shyam and Seema were in an embrace. She sat next to Shyam’s face.

Seema looked up without breaking the embrace. Gayatri is still naked, the longest I have seen her without clothes, ever. She was full, her bust, her tummy, and the butt. Shyam looked sideways and found two large breasts staring at him full. There was a stirring in his lions, and the snake has started coming to life for the fourth time that evening. Gayatri offered her right breast to Shyam to suck. Immediately Seema climbed out of his embrace and made way for Gayatri to get comfortable. She slowly felt her left breast.

“It is so nice Gayatri, your breast. Promise me that you will allow me to make love to you whenever we can.”

“Of course Seema.” She stretched to reach out to Seema, and hugged her tight. “I love you Seema”. “I love you Gayatri”. I was delighted the women were in love. Meanwhile Shyam again reached out to Gayatri’s breasts from behind. Now she is nestled amidst them both, and both Seema and Shyam launched an attack on her breasts. Two pairs of hands mauling her all over, Shyam seemed ready with a menacingly hard cock, which was rubbing against Gayatri’s thighs closer to her pussy.

I went closer to them and spread Gayatri’s legs to feel her pussy, which was wet again. It seemed inviting, and I was a sporting a hard on too, ready to enter her. I still could not understand why seeing Gayatri get fucked seemed to turn me on. I opened Gayatri’s lips wide and invited Shyam with me eyes to enter her. In a second, he was lodged into her deep, and started pumping like an animal. There was no mercy. His hands were mauling Gayatri’s full breasts, and she was moaning with delight through her pursed lips.

Seema promptly stepped away from the action and came near me. I was rocking hard, and Seema’s glazed expression returned looking at my monster thickness. She walked me to the other side and spread herself invitingly. I entered her in half a second. We have done this many times over, so pumping her immediately was much anticipated. This was my dream come true, that we make love to each other’s wives on the same bed.

We lost track of time, as Shyam and me were furiously riding the two ladies whose legs were up pointing towards the air. They were trying to hold onto anything that they could catch. Gayatri was holding onto the bed railing with her hands held above the head. I embraced Ishan tightly, each to our own grip, but getting the ride of our lives. First Shyam came profusely, and he was bellowing all over Gayatri, kissing every part of her beautiful body. He then collapsed on her saying, “I love you very much Gayatri, promise me that this is not the last time”. Gayatri immediately looked into his eyes and replied, “I belong to you Shyam, do whatever you want with me, and whenever”.

Meanwhile, Seema was urging me to come inside her, as she already completed two orgasms, and a total of ten for the day. I focused on her completely, looked into her eyes, and started building the orgasm from inside the depths. It was smoothly coming to a climax, and “Seeeeeeemaaa ….. aaaahhhaa”, saying so I lay down on her slowly and kissed her tongue deep and long.

All of us hurriedly went into the washroom, quickly washed ourselves, and dressed up to welcome the kids. We still had five minutes left.

We sat in our living room, looking at one other. Back to reality, I looked at Gayatri.

“Do you think we have done the right thing Gayatri ? I hope you have enjoyed every moment”.

To which Shyam said, “I and Seema used to discuss swapping many years earlier, but never thought it was possible. Thanks to you both for initiating this. Of course, I was not surprised that Seema had an affair going with you. How long since this was blooming ?”

“Shyam, I think we should legitimize our friendship. If we are enjoying this relationship, we should do this more often. I hope you are fine with my idea.”

“I don’t know, we should ask Gayatri and Ishan”.

Before Gayatri responded, I said, “We both are good, or rather, now we all are good to swing with each other for the rest of our lives”.

Then I suggested, “In fact, we should go out on a holiday. Shyam and Gayatri will check in together, and Seema and I will check into another room. We shall live there for two nights as husband and wives. Hopefully that will strengthen our relationship further, and also allow us to have sex with a different person other than our respective spouses.”

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