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Conservative Mom Fucked By Tailor

I am a 20 year old guy. This is my first story. I like incest a lot and always fantasize about my mother. But i know that i should control my feelings. I see this story as an escape route that would help me control my feelings. This story is just fiction.
My mom is a very shy and conservative. she mostly wears sarees. She wears salwar suits occasionally only.She is a loyal wife and adores my dad. But at the same time she is a sex deprived wife which i came to know later.
She is very particular that her saree covers her navel. But at the same time her saree does not cover her entire tummy. A part of her tummy is visible. Also occasionally her bra straps pop out from under her blouse. She never bothers to adjust her saree or her blouse mostly because all the time she is thinking about something or the other.
Mom is 41 year old. 5 feet 4 inches. Has a body figure of 38-34-36. She has a heavy body and is average looking. But she surely looks like a MILF.
Coming to the story. One fine day i was watching tv in the living room when my mom asked me if i could accompany her to the tailor shop as she wanted to stitch a blouse.I agreed. The tailor shop was just 2 kilometer's away. We got out from the house by 4 15pm but we reached the shop only by 6 45pm as we got stuck up with rain. We entered the shop.
It was a small shop on the corner of the street where nobody notices. But it was quite popular as well. It was a small shop which consisted of three rooms. The first room which is the entry is the office room. the office room then leads to the stitching room. The stitching room leads to another room which is divided into 3 using thick screens. The first two cabins are for taking measurements. The third partition is for toilet.

Mom was greeted at the office room by Sheela who was the owner of the shop. My mom and her were very good friends. Her husband Pradeep was the main tailor of the shop which consists of three other tailors including Sheela. Even though the shop had a male tailor, the number of women customers were high. This was because Sheela was adamant that nobody other than her would take measurements a female customer.
Sheela was a short woman in her middle age. She had a very fat body much heavier than my moms. Pradeep was a long guy with a not so muscular body. He always had a sad expression on his face.
" How can i help you?", Sheela asked.
"I need this blouse to be stitched. Here is the material and here is the sample blouse," Mom said handing over the things.
"I think u might have to be measured again. You have become more heavy these days," the tailor replied.
Mom and Sheela walked onto the measuring area. I was asked to wait in the stitching room. There was nobody else in the shop other than us. "Everybody might have gone home," i thought.
I could hear them talking. It wasn't loud but i could hear each and every word clearly. First my mom was asked to drop her pallu which she did. Now she started taking measurements. Just then my mom asked her about the different types of bra's available in the market. sheela started furnished her with all the information that she wanted.
"Why did you asked me about all these bras? Are you not comfortable with the conventional one?," Sheela asked after she had completed her lecture.
"Not at all," replied my mom.
"I feel like it does not hold my breasts firmly and it leaves marks of straps," mom added.
"Let me see," Sheela said unhooking my mom's blouse. Her blouse was safely kept in the cloth stand. Now she began to have a look at my moms problems. She took both breasts out of the bra.
Just then the current supply was cut off. There was darkness all around except for the emergency lamp in the office. suddenly Sheela's breathing became heavy. She started searching for the bolt of the door. She scrambled out of the cabin. She came back to the cabin with the lamp. She was looking shocked.
"What happened," my mom asked.
Sheela waited for a few mins for her breathing to become normal and apologized to my mom for the inconvenience. I realized that She was afraid of darkness. It was a kind of phobia. They started to talk about various things. Then the conversation went on to Pradeep. she said that Pradeep had started taking alcohol and they were getting into frequent fights just because of her inability to satisfy his sexual desire. My mom was feeling embarrassed as she had never talked to Sheela about sex.
Sheela's eyes became wet." we'll go ahead with the measurements. I don't think the current would ever come. Let me check your breasts," Sheela said holding back her tears and checking her breast. Just then the lamp went off. Just as before Sheela ran out of the cabin leaving the door to the cabin open.
My mom did not realize that Sheela was afraid of darkness. Just then a tall figure caught my eyes. It just came out of the bathroom. It had a faint red light in its hand. Soon i realized that it was Pradeep. He was hiding in the toilet. He slipped into the cabin after hiding the red light with his fingers.
"Close the door," Mom said as she thought that it was sheela.
Pradeep let the door open a crack through which i tried to find out what was going on. I realized that Pradeep was massaging my moms boobs. My mom was too immersed in thought thinking about her friend Sheela that she did not realize the difference in the hand. I could faintly see that he had his cock out. He massaged moms boobs for a minute. Now he decided to lick her nipples. he had her one nipple in his mouth. then he stopped. He came out of the cabin. I returned to my old place.
I was sure that mom was perplexed why Sheela had sucked her boobs when she was complaining about the poor effectiveness of her bra. But she did not say anything. Within a few minutes current supply was back. Sheela came back and took my moms measurements. Both did not say anything to each other. Mom was asked to come after a week.
After a week i and mom went to the tailor shop. Time was about 6 pm. There was nobody there except Pradeep. Pradeep greeted my mom and handed over her blouse. Pradeep asked mom to check the fit of the blouse as sheela had expressed her doubt about the measurements. Mom agreed. she got into the cabin. But before she could close the door Pradeep entered the cabin with a packet. I moved closer to the cabin.
"Whats this Pradeep," Mom asked surprised.
"Just came here to show some photos," Pradeep replied handing over the photos to mom.
Mom opened the packet and was dumb struck. Pradeep had taken her photos when he massaged her tits with a night vision camera.
"I will complain to the Police about this," mom said once she was out of the shock.
Pradeep broke out into a laugh." Who will believe you. No one would say that you hadn't posed for these photos purposefully. Even your husband wouldn't believe you."
"You bastard," my mom retorted.
"Easy lady. If you dont agree to what i say then your husband would come to see these photos and he will kick you out. I would upload these pics on the net so that people world wide can enjoy your body," Pradeep replied with an evil smile.
Mom was silent for some time. she was thinking about all possibilities. Finally she asked, "What are your demands?"
"Its easy dont worry. I want to see you nude. I want to caress your pussy and also a blow job from you. Agreed?"
Mom was silent. she was weeping.
"I assure you that This would be the only time we hav sex. I would hand over the pics once you have satisfied me. So u agree or should i send these pics to your hubby??," Pradeep asked.
"No no. I agree," mom cried out. "But first let me send me son away. I dont want him to be near," mom added.
I resumed my position in the office room. My mom came out of the room wearing glasses to cover up her wet eyes. She asked me to go to the next street and buy a box of candle for home. I pretended to go towards the street but came back once mom had disappeared. I slowly crept onto the stitching room. Mom was still inside the cabin crying where as Pradeep was in the next room having a drink. within a few seconds he came out of the cabin towards my mom. I hid under a pile of clothes. He carried my mom onto the stitching room and laid her onto the table.
He hugged her for some time and asked her," Will you tell me something?"
Mom didnot say anything.
"Does your hubby satisfy your sexual desire,"
Mom was silent. She still was weeping.
"How often does he fuck you, come on speak up," Pradeep barked.
"Once a month," mom replied in broken voice.
"I am going to show you heaven. Just give me half an hours time," Pradeep assured kissing mom deeply.
Mom wasn't kissing back initially. Then she started responding probably thinking that the faster it gets over the better. she stopped crying
They kissed for about 5 minutes. Then Pradeep took his cock out. He asked mom to play with it. Mom did as she was told. Meanwhile Pradeep was pressing my moms tits so hard that she was crying out in pain. he asked mom to sit on his lap so that he could press his cock between her ass crack. She was asked to play belly dance which she did . But she made a mess of it. He never complained.
Pradeep asked mom to put jis cock in her mouth. Hesitantly my mo agreed. soon the cock grew in her mouth. It was clear from her surprised face that she had never seen such a huge cock. He removed her pallu and slowly started to strip her saree. Now her saree was out. She wasn't crying. Probably she also started enjoying it.
Now she was only in her blouse and petticoat. Pradeep asked mom to strip her panty keeping her petticoat. He sniffed the panty. It was wet. It was clear that mom had started to enjoy every bit of it. Mom sucked Pradeep while he was rubbing her clit through her petticoat. She had started moaning. she quickly got rid of her blouse and let her boobs pop out of her bra.
"Oh now the fucking slut has enjoyed the fuck," Pradeep said rubbing her clit even harder. Mom was moaning heavily. she let go off his cock but he placed his cock back onto my moms mouth. Mom had no option but to suck him. This continued for a few minutes.
"Where do you want my cum," Pradeep asked pulling his cock out of my mom's mouth.
"In my mouth," mom replied shamelessly.
Pradeep put his shaft back onto her mouth and started stroking. He had an intense orgasm. He had cum so heavily that mom had spilled half of it on the floor. she did not waste it however. She drank the load in her mouth and started wiping off the cum on the floor with her boobs.
"Fuck me honey," Mom pleaded. I was shocked to hear my mom say this. Just a few minutes ago she was crying and now she was pleading to be fucked.
"Yes honey. I want to fuck you," Prdeep replied.
he removed her petticoat and bra and made her completely nude. He gave his cock time to get hard. meanwhile he was sucking moms clit. Mom was enjoying every second of action. It took just 5 minutes for Pradeep to get back his full sized monster.
Mom sat on top of Pradeep's cock and started riding him. She started off slowly enjoying it thoroughly. she was moaning heavily. Slowly she started increasing her pace. My lovely mom was enjoying sex after a big gap. She switched onto doggy style. Mom had a very intense orgasm. But she made sure that Pradeep did not cum in her pussy. He shot his load onto her tits.
Mom and Pradeep laid there hugging each other for about 5 mins. then hurriedly mom got dressed up. She thanked Pradeep for helping her enjoy sex after a long gap. Pradeep thanked her back and said that he had never enjoyed fucking his wife. Both of them agreed to have such sessions if it could improve their family lives. We got back home and i pretended as if i hadn't the faintest clue what was happening inside the shop.

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