Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Pi Mu Sigma

Oh my God, I can't believe it!
Today I get my interview with the head counselor of Pi Mu Sigma, the sorority I've been dreaming about becoming a part of since I first heard about it from one of the Seniors at my high school.

Anyway, I'm already dressed for the interview in a dazzling red dress that sparkles and I can't wait to show it off to the head counselor. I let my long, smooth, brown hair flow down behind me and I am wearing my favorite earrings to bring out the color in my blueish-green eyes.

As I walk towards the door to Pi Mu Sigma, I break out in a nervous sweat. I begin dripping onto the pavement and I can't believe I am so nervous right now. I stand outside and let the summer breeze cool me off and wipe the sweat from my head and shake my arm towards the ground, letting the sweat fly off my hand.

I open the door and walk inside, instantly baffled by what I am seeing before me. It looks just like I imagined it would. There was an enormous staircase in the center of the room that splits at the top to lead to two different wings of the building. I look to my left and see two doors, both of them had a golden-colored plaque with a number on them, twelve and thirty-seven.

I look to my right and see two more doors, also with golden plaques on them. The left one said "Administration" while the right one said "Office of Requests." Since I want to be a part of this sorority, I walk over to the door labeled "Administration."

I open the door and peek my head inside, looking around and noticing the desk in the back of the room. Sitting at it is a beautiful woman. She has long, blonde hair, with bright blue eyes and a perfect body. Her waist is very slim and she has the perfect hourglass figure with at least D-cup breasts. I look up at her face and she is smiling and I notice her glossy red lipstick shining in the light.

"Hello," she says. "You must be Kimberley."

I blush at the fact that she already knows my name and I giggle.

"Please, call me Kim," I answer," and that means that you must be Ms. Destiny, right?"

Her smile never goes away as she says "I am, but you can call me Mistress. Have a seat."

"Ar.... are you kidding?" I ask her with a rumble of nervousness in my voice.

"No, I'm serious. Please have a seat."

"I mean about the 'Mistress' thing. You were joking, right?" I ask as I sit in a black fluffy chair in front of her desk.

She laughs out, "Of course, Kim. That's just a little joke I play with all of my soon-to-be new members here at PMS."

"Uh... PMS?" I say with a questioning look upon my face.

"It's the initials for Pi Mu Sigma. Didn't you know that, Kim?" she declares.

"Uh, yeah," I say. "Of course!"

"Good," she tells me, "but you probably didn't come here to listen to me talk. What are you here for, Kim?"

"W... Well," I stutter, "I came because, uh... I probably already said this in my letter.... well... if you got it, that is."

"I got your letter, but I wanted to hear you say it in your own voice."

"I came here to be interviewed to become a member of Pi Mu Sigma."

"And why do you want to be a member of PMS?" she asks me.

"Because I've been dreaming of becoming a member ever since I first heard about how wonderful it was from some upperclass girls when I was a freshmen in high school," I tell her.

Her smile gets a bit wider and she says "Well, it sounds like you've wanted to be a part of this sorority for a long time now."

"Oh, I have," I said, "for almost four years now."

She leaned over her desk towards me, letting her breasts almost fall out of her tight blue top that I noticed was just a bit too tight.

"Look, Kim," she tells me in a more serious voice, "at PMS, we can't just have anyone waltzing into our sorority and joining at the drop of a hat. We have rules to follow, and those rules include making sure that we pick the best girls to be in this sorority. Do you think you're up to the challenge, Kimberley?"

"I was born ready!" I shout out way too loudly.

"Good," she says. "And are you ready for the test that I must give you to make sure you're ready for this sorority?"


"Once you say 'yes,' you can't back out," she tells me.

"I'll do anything to be in this sorority." I tell her.

"Take off your clothes," she says, completely serious.

"What?" I ask to make sure I heard correctly.

She stands up and walks over to me, standing in front of me.

"Take off your clothes if you want to be a part of this sorority."

"But..." I stutter again, "why?"

"Every girl in this sorority is drop-dead sexy and every girl in here does exactly what's expected of her at any time. What I want you to do is exactly what's going to be required of you on an everyday basis. And trust me, you may think it's strange at first, but over time you will know in your heart that this is the place for you. Now please, Kim, take off your clothes."

I was afraid to say another word. I lifted up my arms and slipped my dress that I was wearing over my head and let it drop to the floor beside me. All I was wearing underneath it was a strapless red bra and a red thong to match. I slowly reached back and unhooked the clasp on my bra and let it drop to the floor as well, releasing my beautiful C-cup breasts for her eyes, topped with dark pink buds.

I looked up and saw her looking at my breasts with a sexual hunger that I never before saw in a woman. She suddenly looked back into my eyes, realizing that I was worried about going further and she gave me a look that told me I may not get in if I don't finish the job, so I then reached down and tucked my thumbs under the waistband of my panties. I lifted my butt up into the air to get them off easier, and soon they dropped to the floor as well.

There I was, butt naked, sitting in a chair with the head counselor looking down at me in lust. I couldn't believe that I had just voluntarily stripped in front of another woman simply because she told me to. But my worries turned to shock as she also began stripping in front of me. I watched as she unbuttoned each little button of her sky blue blouse and when she dropped it onto the floor, I gazed at her D-cup breasts with light red nipples, she was not wearing a bra.

My eyes followed her hands as she reached behind her back to unzip her black skirt. It dropped to reveal that she wasn't wearing any panties either, and I unwillingly glanced at her pussy lips before I could turn my head away in time. By the time my head turned away to keep from looking at it, the quick image that I did see was seared into my memory and appeared in my mind.

"Noooo!" I shouted out. I would do anything to get that image out of my head.

I closed my eyes and covered my eyes with my hands. In my mind, I could still see the pink folds of skin between her legs, slightly wet and puffy from her arousal. A few seconds passed and I could feel the chair being moved and then I felt myself being straddled by her. I opened my eyes and looked towards her and I suddenly realized that her breasts were being shoved in my face. Each of my eyes were looking directly at the nipple that was in front of them.

She leaned closer to me and wrapped her arms around my head, talking sweetly to me about something like "It's gonna be all better soon" or something to that effect. It soothed me in a way that made me feel like a baby in my mother's arms. Without consciously willing it, I leaned forward and took her left nipple into my mouth, sucking gently, trying to drink the milk that I was sure was inside her breasts.

I quickly realized there was no milk there.

Very soon, I awoke from my dazed feelings and realized that I was sucking on the head counselor's nipple. I stopped sucking and opened my mouth, letting her nipple fall and her breast bounced. When I had thought about what I had just done, my eyes welled up and I began to cry softly.

"What's wrong, Kim?" cooed Ms. Destiny.

"I... I'm... straight. I... shouldn't be d... doing this" I could feel tears rolling down my cheek.

"Oh, now. Everything will be okay, Kim. Just relax and let your mind drift off to happier things..." eased Ms. Destiny, and just like that I was drifting back to that warm feeling of being in my mother's arms again. My tears stopped and I took her nipple back into my mouth, sucking gently. Even if there wasn't any milk, there was still the feeling of security.

I knew everything would be alright.

- - -

I awoke again to the sounds of Ms. Destiny on my lap screaming out an orgasm. I realized that I was not only sucking on her nipple, but somehow my hand had slipped down and was rubbing her pussy. Yet, for some reason, my mind was still in a state of warmth and security like before, so I continued sucking her nipple and rubbing her pussy, letting her ride out her orgasm.

Once she calmed down from what I did to her, I had no feelings of regret or sorrow like I had before. I knew that the woman in my lap was the most caring person in the world and I would do anything for her. I was about to thank her for that experience and leave, but then I heard her say something that made me almost jump out of the chair and scream myself.

"Kimberley Summers, welcome to Pi Mu Sigma."

Tears came back and rolled down my face. It felt like my smile stretched from ear to ear. I was happier now than I had ever been in my entire life.

She stood up and so did I. Ms. Destiny walked over to a small closet in the corner of the room and reached inside, pulling out a red silk gown that had a pink collar. She walked back over to me and wrapped it around my body. My arms slipped through the long, silky sleeves and the rest of it draped down my body, all the way to the floor. She then pulled a belt from the only pocket it had in the front, which was near my waist, and she wrapped the belt around my waist and tied it in the front.

I loved how the fabric felt on my nipples, it made them get hard almost instantly.

After the belt was tied to keep the gown from falling down, Ms. Destiny stood up and walked back over to get dressed and sit down at her desk. I walked over and picked my clothes up from the ground, then I set them on top of her desk.

"Oh, just set them in the laundry basket in the closet," said Ms. Destiny.

I walked over to he open closet and I glanced down, instantly noticing the large round basket sitting at the bottom of the closet. I let my clothes tumble from my hands into the basket and I walk back to the desk and sit in the chair again.

"So," I say, "what do I do now?"

She hands me a little round white pin and she told me to attach it to my gown. Apparently all new members have to wear this pin to show the others that I have never before been a part of PMS. After that, she handed me a list of rooms that I'm supposed to go to and the times I'm supposed to be there. She also told me that since I'm fresh meat, that I'll be excused from missing what looks like the first three meetings. I walk over to the door and open it, then venture out and look for room 308, which is the room I'm supposed to be in right now. It takes me a few minutes, but the hallways are surprisingly easy to navigate through.

When I open the door to room 308, I see at least 23 girls throughout the room, some are laying down, some just standing around, others are sitting on a bed in the center of one wall, all are wearing red gowns with pink collars. I am the only one with a white pin. Every girl turns and looks at me at the same time, then it looks like they all notice my white pin and they smile. In unison, the ones that were laying down or sitting all stand up. Everyone walks over to me, with one girl coming even closer to me. She is a few inches taller than me with long, brown hair that curls a bit at the tips. Her face is very pretty and her skin is flawless. I noticed that her lips are very pink, yet she is wearing no lipstick. She has the figure of a model, but doesn't look unhealthy or anything. She looks like the perfect person to represent Pi Mu Sigma.

"Hi," she says in a cheery voice, "my name's Brittany. I see you're new to Pi Mu Sigma, so I guess I'll be your tour guide through the school. Now, you've obviously wandered through our campus to get here. Can you tell us a little bit about something you've seen so far that you've liked or not liked?"

"Well," I stammer, "I guess it sounds crazy, but I think I gave Ms. Destiny an orgasm when I first came into Pi Mu Sigma."

Everyone bursts out laughing, not to make fun of me, but it sounds more like there was a funny misunderstanding.

"Ha, well, you see," says Brittany, "that's just Ms. Destiny's way of saying 'hello' to her newest members. We've all been through that, but there is a reason for why she does that."

"She said it was because that was what would be expected of me on a daily basis," I say to Brittany.

"That's right," Brittany responds.

"So," I was curious, "that's really what you do here every day?"

"Not just every day," Brittany says, "but pretty much constantly. Let's show her, girls!"

Suddenly, every other girl in the room removes their gowns and Brittany gets behind me, shutting the door, then she reaches her arms around me and yanks off my belt, letting my gown fall to the floor immediately. Standing naked in a room full of girls, I think I like what is happening.

I feel Brittany's arms wrapping around me, her hands caressing my body, slipping behind me to rub all over my ass. Three girls attack my naked body from the front, two of the girls instantly wrapping their warm lips around each of my perky nipples, the other girl dropping to her knees to eat out my dripping twat. I moan at the feelings, my legs fail me and I drop to the floor, still being sexually overpowered by these four women.

The rest of the girls that aren't pleasuring me have all paired off, 69ing each other. Watching them do what is being done to me is so hot. I am closer to orgasm than ever right now. My mind shifts back to my encounter with Ms. Destiny just moments ago. I think I might like this sorority, it makes me feel so... so...

"OOOOHHHHHH!!!" I scream as my pussy quakes, my orgasm is more powerful than I have ever had before.

The attack on my pussy, breasts, and ass is not over, though. Brittany wets her finger with my flowing juices and she rubs her finger around the rim of my ass. She slips her finger inside me and swirls it around, pumping in and out a few times. The girls in front of me stop sucking on my breasts and begin rubbing and pinching my nipples inbetween their fingers instead. The girl licking my pussy focuses her assault on my clit, and is now pumping two fingers in and out of my hole.

I am driven to orgasm way faster than before. I moan again and bite my lip before I am able to scream again, I am sure that people outside of this room would be able to hear me if I did it again. My sexual fluids squirt out of my pussy, covering the fingers of the girl that finally stopped licking my swollen clit. I lay back on the floor, simply enjoying the experience.

The girls that were rubbing and pinching my nipples also stop along with Brittany, who pulls her finger out of my ass. However, I notice each of those girls looking at each other in the same way that Ms. Destiny looked at me earlier, that same hunger in their eyes. I look up at their pussies and I realize why. Each of the four girls have liquids running out of their pussies and down their legs from the excitement.

Brittany is kneeling right above my head, I can see her pussy easily, it is dripping small drops onto the floor. I reach my hand up and glide a finger along her slit, letting the juices collect on my finger and then I smear them back over her pussy as I reverse direction until my finger is back where it started. I see her shiver and she looks down into my eyes. With only the look on my face, I encourage her to crawl forward until her pussy is over my face. Brittany lowers her pussy until my tongue can just barely brush over her outer lips. She gasps and a drop of her juices falls onto my lips. I open my mouth and grab that drop with my tongue, drawing it into my mouth and swallowing the delicious nectar.

I wrap my hands around her legs and pull her lower so that my tongue is able to dig deep into her twat, scooping out every drop of her sweet juices that her pussy expels. Reaching deep into her twat with my tongue, I curl my tongue a bit at the tip and rub the sides of her inner walls. She moans and flips her head back, so I do it again. Repeating this torture must have caused her to want to return the favor, because she soon bends over and starts licking my pussy in a similar way to the way I'm licking hers.

Even though I can't see anything right now except Brittany's ass, I am still enjoying what is happening right now. I reach down and use my hands to rub Brittany's nipples (even though I can't see them) and cause her to moan again. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I see a long, translucent red, rubber dildo being rubbed around Brittany's ass, then slipping inside the hole. Brittany lifts her head from my pussy and moans loudly, either in shock from the foreign feeling or in pleasure from the feel of it inside of her.

Watching the long dildo pump in and out of her is soooo hot. My pussy gushes at the thought of that monster being inside me instead. I lash at her pussy with longer strokes than before, stopping a few times to strum her clit with my tongue for a change of pace. She moans again and thrusts her hips into my face, drenching my face in her juices. It also looked like when she thrust her hips into my face, the muscles in her ass squeezed the pumping dildo inside of her and it caused her to orgasm on the spot. I was still eating her out, my mouth was flooded with her essence.

Her orgasm triggered my own, and I can literally feel the muscles in my pussy flexing. Brittany kept going and attempted to lick up all of my juices, though I would have thought it impossible with the amount of love juice that I was positive that I was spilling out.

We kept going like that for what seemed like hours.

Suddenly, I hear a familiar voice.

"So, Kim, do you like it here at PMS?" Ms. Destiny says to me.

"I love it here," I say, looking up at her, then looking around at all the girls throughout the room. Brittany was across the room licking some other girl's pussy, she has been there for a few minutes now.

"Good, and just so you know, it's almost time to go to the next class," she tells me.
"What was this class?" I ask.

Everyone shouts in unison.

"Study Hall!"

Well, some girls moaned "Stuuuudddy Haaaaallll," and other girls just screamed "Study Ha... AAAAAAAHHHH!!!"

I search around for my gown like a baby looking for its rattle. The only reason I find it out of all the red gowns is because mine has the white pin. I reach inside the pocket and pull out my schedule.

"Let's see..." I say to myself. "Next up is room 202."

"Ooh!" Brittany lifts her head from the girl's twat, her face covered in her cum. "That class is the Sex Toys class. Trust me, you'll have fun there!"

My mind drifts off to what I experienced so far. I smile.

"I hope so."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just like before, I find room 202 quickly. I notice the girls walking into the class with me, and I realize that all of them are fit to be porn stars. As I walk into the class, I notice one other girl with a white pin. She has long, brown hair and brown eyes to match. I walk over to her and she looks at me, then smiles when she notices my white pin.

"Like, oh my god!" she says. "I, like, didn't know anyone else was new here!"

"Hi," I tell her, "my name's Kim."

"Like, hey Kim!" she exclaims. " My name's Amy."

"Hi, Amy. How long have you been here?" I ask.

"I've been here for three days. You have to be here for two weeks before you can get rid of your pin. How about you?"

"I just got here an hour or so ago," I tell her.

"Oh my god, you JUST got here!" she gasps.


"So..." she says. "Spill it, girl!"

"What do you mean?" I wonder.

"Tell me where you were and what you did, you know?"

"Oh!" I shout way too loudly. "I was just in Study Hall, doing pretty much everything."

"Tell you what, though," she whispers, leaning in towards me, "you haven't done anything until you've been in this class."

"What do..." I whisper back before I am interrupted.

"CLASS BEGIN!" says someone in the room.

"Come on, Kim, this is where the fun begins!" Amy says with a smile on her face.

Amy grabs my wrist and pulls me towards a wooden chest by the wall. She opens it and tells me to lay down. I do as she says and she pulls out a pair of nipple clamps and a strap-on that looks exactly like the one I saw in Study Hall.

She grabs the toys in her left hand and reaches towards me with her right hand. She helps me open my robe, then brushes her hand over my nipples.

"Believe me, I am going to give you the time of your life!" she says as she rubs my nipples until they stiffen under her fingers.

Once my nipples are as hard as rocks, she squeezes open the nipple clamps and clamps them onto my nipples. It is a delightful mixture of pain and pleasure. I want her to hurry up and shove that delicious dildo into me, hard and fast.

I can't believe I want her to give me an orgasm more than ever right now, even though my last orgasm was less than twenty minutes ago!

She doesn't shove it in me, though. Instead, she drags the tip of it along my pussy lips, causing me to buck my hips trying to get it inside me. She pulls it away, and she lowers her head to my clit. She quickly flicks her tongue over my clit and I buck my hips again, getting my horny fluids all over her mouth and cheeks. She plants a kiss right above my pussy, then she moves up a few inches and kisses me again. This repeats until she kisses right between my breasts.

She looks up at me. I look down at her with pure sexual need in my eyes. She kisses my skin a few more inches up, and then once on my chin.

Finally, her lips meet mine. The passion between us and her teasing caused my pussy to quake. She bites my bottom lip and I wrap my arms around her, pulling her to me and bucking my hips into her pelvis, riding out my orgasm.

When we finally separate, I can only smile as I have never before had an orgasm like that. However, my smile gets even bigger as I feel the dildo suddenly slipping inside me.

I gasp as it slides deep into my wetness. Her head returns to my clit, it is now swollen and soaked with my own juices. My own hands reach up and grab my nipples, pulling them hard.

My second orgasm with Amy arrives fast, I cannot stop vibrating on the ground. She continues licking and pumping into me until I have at least four more orgasms, and then I notice someone standing over me.

"You seem to like it here," she says.

"I love it here," I tell her.

"Good. Stand up and come with me." Her voice sounds very forceful.

I put my hand on top of Amy's head and push her away, but I orgasm again as she slides the dildo out of me. I stand up and follow her into a door that I never noticed when I first walked into this room. As I walk with her, my juices drip down my leg and soak into the carpet.

She opens the door and I follow close behind her, shutting the door behind me. I look around the room.

It's nothing special. It looks like Ms. Destiny's office, with a white fluffy chair instead of a black one.

"Please, have a seat."

I walk over to the chair and sit in it, getting it wet with my pooling juices. She sits at the desk in front of me and for the first time, I realize she's naked. She is sexy and buxom, with bigger than D-cup tits and long, blonde hair cascading down in front of her shoulders and covering her nipples. Her hazel eyes stare at me with lust, but also give me a feeling that I did something wrong.

"I see that your robe had a white pin. That means you must be new here."

"That's correct," I tell her.

"And because I've never seen you around here before, you must have just got here today."

"That's correct," I tell her.

"I also noticed that you were with Amy, another newbee."

"That's also correct," I tell her.

"And did she tell you what might happen if I see a newbee in my class?"

"Uh... no. Am I in trouble?" I ask.

"No," she laughs. "Quite the opposite, in fact."

She stands up and I look up into her eyes, her beautiful, hazel eyes. My eyes wander down her body, from her neck, down her hair, past her breasts. Looking down her stomach, staring into her belly button, and down to the blonde triangle of pubic hair pointing straight to her...

"So, newbee. Are you ready?"

I blink and look up at her again.

"Ready for what?" I ask.

She walks over to me and kneels down, staring straight into my pussy, watching every drop of my juices dripping and soaking into the chair. She looks up at me and our eyes meet again. I see her hand reach forward and she drags her fingers up and down my pussy lips. I gasp and close my eyes, letting the feelings of it take me to another world. Then she wraps her lips around my pussy and her moist tongue digs deep into me, causing me to moan and grab her head with my hands.

I look down and see her blonde mane bouncing up and down on my pussy, the feelings of it are driving me crazy. Her thumb traces circles around my clit, occasionally rubbing it for a change of pace.

She is incredible! My orgasm comes fast, and I shake and jiggle in the chair. She looks up at me once I calm down from my frenzy and I see her face completely covered in my juices.

I pull her up and bring her lips to mine, tasting myself and shoving my tongue into her mouth. Her thumb, still wet from rubbing my clit, flicks over my nipples during our kiss. After a while we break the kiss and she kneels back down to the carpet.

Then she does it again.

I moan and writhe in the chair, grabbing the armrests as she copies the exact same treatment as before, giving me wave after wave of more intense pleasure. My entire body goes stiff as another orgasm washes over me. My legs are wrapped around her as her head bounces on my pussy, her tongue driving me insane!

I almost passed out before I felt her pull away from me.

Sitting there, in the aftermath, I could not control my tears falling from my eyes. She asked me why I was crying, and I could only tell her one thing.

"That was the most incredible thing that's ever happened to me!"

"Do you feel better now?" she asks me, sincerely.

"Are you kidding?" I try to say through my tears. "I just wish that I could give you the feelings you gave me."

"Well, if you're serious," she begins, before she glances up at what I assume is the clock. "Oh my gosh! Class is almost over! You better get going!"

She helps me up off the chair and scoops a quick handful of the juices that are flowing down my thighs, licking the liquid from her fingers. We walk out the door together and all eyes are on us. Every girl in the classroom stares wide-eyed at us as she points me toward Amy, the girl I was with before she pulled me away. I quickly realize I am still naked, and my pussy is still leaking for more action. Once I sit down where I was before, and the woman walks back to her office, taking one last look back at me before the door shuts behind her.

Almost immediately, every girl that didn't have her mouth full ran over and started asking me a bunch of questions about what happened in her office.

I kept hearing things off to the side like "What did she do to you?" and "She never lets anybody into her office!"

After the Q and A session, I convinced Amy to give me one more orgasm before I went to my next class, but the orgasm Amy gave me could never compare to what I experienced in that blonde woman's office.

I found my robe and stood up right as a bell rang to signal the start of the next meeting. I dig inside the pocket of my robe and pull out my schedule.

"My next meeting is in room 421," I tell myself, and then I hear Amy squeak.

"Yay!!!" she shouts in a high-pitched voice. "I'm in that room, too! You'll have fun in there, trust me!"

- - -

Amy and I walk out of room 202 and we walk up two flights of stairs to get to the fourth floor. I soon realize that I'm exhausted. Not because of the stairs alone, but because of my weak limbs from all the sex combined with the stairs.

We find room 421 and the first thing I notice is a chair. Finally!

I sit down as quickly as I can and I moan at how good it feels to relax.

Amy looks over at me. "Come on, Kim! Get up! You can't just sit through this class, you'll miss all the fun!"

"What fun?" I ask her, lazily.

"This is the Video room! This might just be the best meeting you have all day!" she coaxes.

"Video room? Do we just watch movies in here?" My eyes close as I utter the last word.

"No, silly! We get to be in the movies! We get to make our own porn here! It's the easiest meeting of all."

I want to open my eyes right then and there, but I'm so exhausted. I try to pass out, but I first hear a very familiar set of words the second before I reach unconsciousness.

"Class begin!"

- - -

When I woke up from my sex nap, the meeting seemed to be over, as everyone was cleaning up and walking out the door. Amy had been behind me talking to a tall girl who I assume is the teacher here.

The wierd thing is... I woke up in a bed that was made on the stage in the classroom, not the chair I fell asleep in.

I stand up and my robe instantly falls from around my body, since it's pretty obvious that somehow the belt wasn't tied. I quickly bend over, grabbing the robe and feeling something wet leak from my pussy. I pull the robe back up and tie the belt. Curious, I flip aside the flaps from under the belt so I can feel what is flowing generously from my twat. I slide my fingers through the sticky liquid and lift it up in front of my face, smelling it.

It smells like cum, like some guy shot his load inside me while I was sleeping. I glance over at Amy, who is still talking to the teacher and maybe rubbing herself under her robe.

Suddenly, everything seems to fall into place.

The strange way I woke up, my robe being undone, the cum seeping from inside me, everything!

I almost run over to amy, my thighs getting coated in the slimy fluid as my legs rubbed together in my haste.

"Amy!" I yelled. "What did you do to me when I was sleeping!"

"Hey, hey!" responded Amy, shocked. "Don't blame me, it was all Mrs. Jewels' idea!" Amy pointed at the woman she was talking to.

"Her idea? Why would she want a sleeping girl in a porn movie?" I questioned.

"If you saw the movie, you'd know why," Mrs. Jewels answered.

I immediately spoke up. "So, let's see the movie."

"I'm afraid that's impossible," sighed Mrs. Jewels. "Once a movie is recorded, it is automatically sent to the studio. If they like it, they'll put it on DVD and you might be able to see it in stores, but if not... nobody'll ever get to see it."

"Well, don't you make copies?" I asked.

"Unfortunately, we don't," she replies. "Sorry."

The bell rang just then, and everyone else left. I groaned my dissatisfaction, then reached into my pocket for my schedule.

By the looks of it, there's only one meeting left before I go back home.

"Hmm, it looks like I have Room 37 last," I mumble to myself.

Wait! Where have I seen that number before?

"Did you just say Room 37?" shouted Amy from across the room, about to leave. "That's the room at the front of the building! You should've passed it on your way to Administration!"

That's right! I knew I remembered the number from somewhere!

I hurriedly dash past Amy, out of the room and down the stairs, aiming to reach the lobby as fast as possible. Once I hit the main stairs, I practically jump down them three-by-three and land on the ground, my eyes darting around for the door.

To my right, I see the door with the golden plaque marked "37." I walk over and reach for the handle, but then I hear a very familiar voice calling to me.

"Kim, is that you?" asked Ms. Destiny from behind me.

"Yes, Ms. Destiny," I say, turning around to look her in the eye.

"I just knew it was you!" she smiled a happy smile. "So, how did you like the meetings so far? You only have one more, you know."

"They were okay, I guess." We both knew I was lying. They were great! I didn't say that, though, because I didn't want to seem like a nymphomaniac.

"Now, we both know that's not the real truth, now don't we?" she asked, sarcastically. It was a rhetorical question. "I know you love this place and everyone else knows it, too."

"Well, I didn't want to sound like a nympho or something, it's just that..." I stop, afraid to go on.

"What's the matter, dear?" Ms. Destiny urged. "Is something the matter?"

"Well, uh..." I stammered. "This is the first time I've ever even been slightly attracted to women, let alone having sex with one. I don't know what to think about this place." I was honest and up-front. I just hope she understands.

"I understand," she told me, comforting me. "Maybe it's because you're overwhelmed with your first day. Believe me, that Amy girl you've befriended felt even worse than you, threatening to report the institute. But in time, she realized what a great atmosphere I've built here. Now, just continue with your last meeting of the day and think it over tonight. I'm sure you'll be back tomorrow."

She reached around me and grabbed my opposite shoulder as we walked side-by-side into my last meeting of the day. As we approached the door, I stared up into her bright, blue eyes.

"Ms. Destiny?" I began.

"Yes?" she responded.

"How did you know about me and Amy?"


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