Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Challenge

Ellen and David were going to a Swinger's party. They sat in the well-appointed mini-bus with seven other couples. This was only their third Swinger's party so butterflies were swarming in Ellen's stomach. David noted her nervousness and reassured her.

"Remember the last party?" he asked. "You didn't think you could do the things you did then!" he taunted.

"You enjoyed it." She rejoined.

"I did." He admitted. "It was certainly interesting to watch you. But then that was always one of my fantasies."

"So have you fulfilled all of your fantasies then?" she asked teasingly.

"Well there is one very special fantasy that we haven't done yet." He admitted.

"Oh?" she queried.

"You remember how we talked of you accidentally getting pregnant if we participated in this scene?" he reminded her.

"You want me to get pregnant!?" she asked, surprised.

"Not really," he admitted. "But taking the chance would be interesting."

"That's not something I could do deliberately." She replied.

"I know. And I'm not sure I would feel comfortable asking you to do that deliberately. But accidents happen even if we do use condoms." He replied. "And this is a 'Bareback' club were everyone is screened for STD's"

"I appreciate that. But I don't think I would do something like that deliberately, so I use the condoms when I am near my time...speaking of which, I will need to use condoms tonight!" She said, giving him and impish smile.

"What? Even with me?" He asked.

She said nothing...but her smile brightening.

Their talk was interrupted as they approached the house this evening's party would be held at. 

House?! Ellen thought. This was as big as some small hotels! 

The mini-bus rolled to a stop while everyone stared in awe. The group exited the mini-bus and met their hosts for the evening. 

Maria looked to be of Mediterranean descent with her olive skin colour. She was a petite raven haired beauty, barely coming to 5' in height, with lots of natural curves. Long eyelashes fluttered softly over her dark eyes as she spoke in a soft but clear voice. Her tanned skin sparkled in the light making her look much younger than Ellen thought she might be. She wore a tight, red sheath dress that came down to mid-way between her knees and displayed her figure spectacularly even if it didn't show off much skin.

She looked so tiny beside her 6'4" husband. John was a tall, blond haired, blue eyed man of about mid-forties in good shape for his age.

Next in the receiving line were the co-coordinators of the club, Debbie and Joseph. Like Ellen, Debbie was tall. She had bright red shoulder length hair that Ellen thought came from a bottle. Not that she minded. She was about the same age as Ellen but with a tighter figure. She was wearing a short green halter style party dress that, like Ellen's, displayed all of her natural assets with plenty of skin to showing. The hemline came several inches higher than Maria's showing off her long legs and threatening to show off a great deal more if she was careless in her movements.

Joseph was a handsome man with dark brown hair and striking amber coloured eyes. He was a powerfully built man that Ellen knew to be the same age as her husband. Most men his size intimidated her, but Joe had a way about him that let him get into people's personal space without threatening them. He had a way of talking to people that left people trusting him. He wore tailored clothes that still managed to look casual. Ellen had never seen him naked, but had heard that he was just as good looking out of his clothes as he was in them.

At her very first Swinger's party, Ellen had initially been intimidated by the beautiful people, until she realized that many of the men wanted to be with her. That gave her the boost of confidence she had needed. Ellen herself was 5'8" with soft brown hair that came mid-way down her back. She had a 36-C - 28 - 38 figure that was backed by many nights at the gym to keep her at a healthy 136lbs, a good weight for her height. 

She had a heart shaped face with hazel eyes and large puffy 'bee stung' lips that came naturally to her. At 34 she looked younger and easily fit in with the crowds at the party bars. She had lots of form fitting clothing that were cut to show off all of her assets. Tonight she wore a short blue halter style party dress, the cleavage dipping to below her navel and showing off her best assets. It bared her back completely right down to the cleft of her ass! Her hemline was slightly higher than Maria's but lower than Debbie's, so she did not have the same risk of accidental crotch displays.

Her husband David was 6'2". He had brown hair but with grey eyes. He spent many a night with Ellen at the gym so kept his 37 year old body at a healthy 192lbs. Like Ellen, he was dressed to thrill...wearing a tight shirt, shiny dress pants and loafers.

They had been married 16 years and had one child now 14. She always regretted not having another child, but didn't think that now would be a good time to do so.

Sexually, they were well paired. They had discovered their natural kinkiness and had often parlayed that into some very interesting nights. As they had gotten used to each other, they had chosen to fulfill each other's fantasies. When David had divulged that he wanted to watch her at a swinger's party she had initially been reluctant to play out that one particular fantasy. It had taken him many years to bring her around but, she had to admit, she had really enjoyed their first party...and their second.

She had fulfilled some fantasies of her own at those two parties, playing with several different partners in one night and being with a woman for the first time. She wondered what would happen tonight as most of the current fantasies in her bucket list had now been checked off, though there was the one in which she did two men at the same time...

The couple mingled and walked through the house, meeting some couples from their previous encounters. The house was large and very well appointed. John and Maria must be extremely well off, Ellen thought.

Ellen had a few drinks and, as David watched avidly, danced provocatively with any man who asked her. She soon began to get into the swing of the evening as the alcohol loosened her inhibitions. She noted people paring off and going elsewhere to play. Ellen gave David a wonderful smile, wondering when he would ask her to choose someone.

During a break in dancing, Maria approached them. They talked casually as she sounded out Ellen. Ellen began to look at Maria as a potential playmate for the evening. Maria's questions, though casual, were suggestive and designed to elicit responses that Ellen would normally not be so freely giving out! Of course the nature of the party, as well the alcohol, helped with that.

At one point, Debbie joined them in mid conversation.

When Maria asked her of their current fantasies, she accidentally let out David's thoughts on pregnancy. Debbie laughed, telling her that many of the couples in the club had provisions of one sort or another for dealing with pregnancies, and that a lot of them would be happy to keep a child derived in such a manner. In fact, she said with a knowing look, some couples deliberate chose to have children from such encounters.

"Shocked?" Debbie asked when she saw the look on Ellen's face. "You shouldn't be. Our parties cater to almost every need, including breeding sessions!"

Now Ellen was truly surprised. "Couples deliberately choose to get pregnant in such a way?" She asked.

"Oh yes," Debbie replied. "It is not such an uncommon theme. Most though just go with the flow. If it happens it happens, and they accept it." She said with a smile.

"That's something that I could never deliberately do." Ellen confided. "I'm within one day of my peak time so I will be using condoms tonight."

"But what if it did happen?" Debbie asked. "What would you do if you did accidentally get pregnant? If the condom broke or some other accident occurred during sex?"

"Well David has said that he would accept such a child into our family. But I wouldn't know for sure until such an accident did occur. I mean, it wouldn't be my husband's baby. He would have to tell me himself it would be OK and there would be no repercussions in the future from such an accident." She said looking directly at her husband who gave her a smile, a knowing look, and a virtually imperceptible nod of his head. Ellen's eyes twinkled back at her husband. She blushingly shot him an impish grin.

"Considering what we are doing at these parties," Maria chimed in, "if you don't have the precaution of being on the pill then you take a serious risk. Even with the pill there are accidents."

"I get reactions to the pill," Ellen explained. "So it's condoms or nothing."

"I have to go talk to someone," Debbie said suddenly, "but please don't go with anyone for a few minutes. I want to discuss something with both of you." Once assured that Ellen and David would wait on her, she quickly scampered off.

"I wonder what that was all about." David asked.

"Oh that's not so unusual for Debbie." Maria divulged. "As co-coordinator she is always being pulled into different things during these parties. And she has such a naughty sense of fun!" She said with a grin.

The three of them sat, drank and chatted and the two women allowed themselves to dance when men asked them as did David when asked by other women. 

David noted that the party was starting to get into its stride as more people were pairing off with different partners; clothing was loosening and, in fact, was being removed. Many women were now bare breasted and some men and women were naked.

David watched as Ellen and Maria danced together in a tight embrace that included plenty of tender kisses. Their hands were in the pants of the men who had initially started this dance with them. He smiled at just how quickly his wife had lost her inhibitions this time!

The two women returned to their seats and Ellen asked David if he had seen what they had been up to. He assured them that he had and gave his wife a long, passionate kiss.

David noted Debbie returning, now naked. He pointed her out to his wife. Ellen blushed. She still was a little apprehensive about the open nudity at these parties. But regardless of how she felt, she took a long look at the naked woman. She noted that Debbie was indeed a redhead even if the hair on the rug didn't quite match the colour of the hair on the curtains... 

Debbie came over and sat down beside Ellen, sliding gently into her arms and giving her a warm hug and kiss.

"I have set up a challenge for you." She said without preamble.

"Sorry?" Ellen responded.

"Come with me." she said. "But if you do, you have to strip." She said with a wicked smile.

Ellen looked at her husband. David shrugged his shoulders and said it was her decision.

"You won't be disappointed," Maria chimed in. "Debbie always knows the best people and the best way to start things going."

Once more Ellen looked at her husband. He just smiled letting her know that it was still her choice.

Well, I have come here to party. Ellen thought. What the hell. She nodded her assent.

Debbie pulled her to her feet and embraced her. She gave her a long, lingering kiss while reaching up to unclasp the halter strap. She looked at Ellen's upper body as she lowered the straps her eyes lingering on Ellen's exquisite breasts. 

"You have beautiful breasts." She murmured as she took a nipple into her mouth.

Ellen, initially apprehensive about being stripped in public by a woman, moaned as Debbie suckled on her teat. She felt David's familiar hand slid down to the small of her back as he unhooked and then unzipped the bottom of her dress. Debbie pulled it down and then off her body. When she stood back up, Ellen took her back into her arms and did a little exploring of her own.

Maria smiled wickedly and then moved over to David. She lifted up on her tip toes in order to be tall enough to give him a kiss. Even so, he had to bend down somewhat to allow her that kiss. She quickly undid his shirt and pulled it off him, then unbuckled belt and zipper and simultaneously pulled off both pants and underwear. She noted that he had an average sized cock, which was now rock hard. 

She reached up to stroke it a little and then kissed it and licked it. She looked up to see a smile that reached his eyes. He let her play for a bit then pulled her up and helped her remove her own dress.

Debbie took Ellen by the hand and led her quickly through the house, Maria and David following behind. She nearly ran up the stairs, hurriedly pulling Ellen to the next level and brought her down a short corridor to a closed door where she stopped and turned to look at her.

"You know the cardinal rule of our club?" She asked.

"No means no?" Ellen asked.

Debbie smiled and, opening the door, pulled her into a large bedroom. Ellen's eyes quickly took in the well-appointed room. The room alone was nearly as large as the entire upper floor of her house! Near the door they had entered were two tall leather chairs with wings. In front of each chair was a leather ottoman and beside each a small round table.

There was a large four-poster bed at the far end with what appeared to be silk sheets. On either side of the bed, against the walls, were two leather Roman style couches large enough to fully recline on. Even with the two couches, there was still plenty of open space around the bed.

The walls were frescoed and brightly coloured, as was the ceiling. The frescoes were quite naughty! Ellen saw that the room even had a chandelier for gosh sake! 

She noted an open door leading to what appeared to be a walk in closet on one side and another open door leading to a large bathroom on the wall opposite the closet.

Her eyes had to quickly take all this in because of what was in the centre of the room. 

In the centre of the room stood three naked men. And what men! They were all approximately the same height and age. They all had light brown hair and soft blue or hard grey eyes. The three men had been talking together but turned to look at the foursome who had just entered the room. 

Ellen noted that each man was well muscled. They obviously worked out regularly. Only the man in the middle had the cut look of a professional body builder, every muscle on his body was well defined and delineated. Though he wasn't as bulky as most body builders were.

Not that she would throw the other two out of bed for eating crackers. Hell, she would probably feed them the crackers herself! While they didn't have the same muscular definition of the man in the middle, they were still very nice looking men, with tight pecs, hard abs and, from what she saw as they had stood in profile, nice glutes!

Debbie pulled Ellen towards the three men, bringing her first to the one on the right.

"Ellen, this is Paul." She said introducing them.

Paul's smile lit up his face turning him into a boyish looking man. He reached out and took Ellen into his embrace giving her a warm hug and a deep kiss. Ellen felt his hands moving gently up and down her arms and then slide around her back, pulling her deeper into his hug. She felt the hardness of all his muscles, the heat of his body and the maddening smell of his cologne.

His hands slid down her back to cup her butt. The touch wasn't vulgar, nor exploratory in nature, but he did let her know that he like what he felt in his hands...and other parts of she felt his cock stirring between her legs!

"OK you two!" Debbie chided laughingly. She pulled Ellen from Paul's grasp and moved her over to the man in the centre.

"Ellen, this is Mark." She said pushing Ellen into his grip.

Mark first held her apart from him, looking over her body. A slow smile broadened his mouth as his eyes slowly rose to meet hers. The smile brought a tingle to her pussy.

Ellen's eyes had travelled the same way, slowly taking in his body from much closer than she had seen it earlier. She saw his cock pulsing as it began to rise, it was impressive and it wasn't even fully hard yet!

He pulled her into his embrace and she softly ran her hands over his hard muscles. She had never been hugged by a body builder before and it was quite the feeling. She felt something nudging her leg and realized his cock was growing. She turned slightly and felt it run up between her thighs. She closed her legs on it trapping it at her pussy.

He gave her a deep kiss. Ellen returned it, feeling herself getting lost in. It was getting very warm and wet between her legs!

She suddenly felt a tap on her shoulders and, breaking the kiss, turned to see Debbie smiling at her.

"One more." She chided.

Ellen reluctantly broke the embrace. She felt Mark's cock slip from between her legs. She looked down at what was now a very substantial cock, which was reflecting brightly in the light. She blushed when she realized that the reflection was caused by the juices her pussy had left on it! 

"This is Terry." Debbie purred into Ellen's ear as she moved her to the last man.

Terry was the thinnest of the three men, but that didn't mean he was by any means thin. He pulled her gently into his arms and gave her a long penetrating kiss. Like the other two, she could feel the hard muscles...especially the most prominent one between his legs, which was now trapped between their bellies! 

As he kissed her, his hands explored her body, running gently over all of her curves. Having already been touched by the other two men, she found herself enjoying the feeling of his gentle exploration. She returned the favor and explored his body as well, squeezing his butt cheeks with her hands...she was surprised to find that she could hardly dent them they were so solid!

Finally Debbie intervened and pulled her away from the men.

"OK" Debbie said, guiding Ellen to one of the chairs and wrapped her in her arms. "We have here three young, fit, hung men." She said with a delicious looking smile.

"And." She said and pointed to a platter on the table beside one of the leather chairs, "One condom."

Ellen suddenly got nervous. Debbie felt her tense up in her arms, but quickly brought her finger up to Ellen's mouth and shushed her.

"Hear me out before you say anything." She cooed. "This is a dry condom...that is, a condom with no lubrication."

Ellen looked down at the condom in its blue package, sitting on a small silver plate. She didn't recognize the make. On the same plate were two small glass candy dishes with liquid in them.

"Now in the dishes, are two very different lubricants." Debbie said turning Ellen's face to look at her as she spoke. "One is a water based lubricant, completely safe for condoms. The other is baby oil...and oil and condoms don't mix well."

Ellen once more looked at the silver plate, taking in the two dishes with their respective liquids and the dark blue condom pack.

She looked at Debbie, ready to tell her off, but before she could speak Debbie once more put her finger to Ellen's mouth and shushed her.

"Hear me out." She said quickly. "I told you I had a challenge for you. The challenge is simple. Choose a man, put the condom on, and choose a lubricant. You have a maximum of five minutes to get him off before the condom falls apart IF you choose the wrong lubricant."

Ellen was shocked! Her mouth hung open as she looked back and forth between the silver plate and Debbie. 

How could Debbie think she could do something like this? She wondered. She looked over at her husband and was surprised to see that his face and chest were flushed! Her eyes slid down his body and, not surprisingly, found him erect and ready!

Her eyes flicked up to his face. His mouth was open and he was breathing quickly. She thought, at first, that he had gotten this way from watching her with the men, but it suddenly dawned on her that he was excited by the challenge!

Ellen's face revealed her understanding of the situation to David. He gave her a single, discreet nod, letting her know that it was her choice...and that he would back that choice. They both knew the potential consequences of this challenge.

Ellen turned and as she did Debbie began to speak. "You have three choices really." She said as she lifted a finger and began to tick off the choices... 

"You can decide that this challenge is simply not for you and walk away from it." She lifted another finger. 

"You can decide to play with the men some, giving them a little head or whatever and then leave..." she lifted a third finger. "Or you can take the challenge, choosing a man and a lubricant for the condom."

Ellen didn't know what to do...this was certainly something that she had never thought of doing when she came here this evening. An accident was one thing...but to take this risk?

And that was it wasn't it? She thought. It was a risk. She wasn't deliberately allowing herself to take on a man. If it happened it happened!

She looked at the three men. Each of their eager cocks now hard and ready. She looked back at Debbie...seeing the smile and encouragement there. Then she looked at David. He smiled at her and once more gave her that single discreet nod. His body was still flushed, his erection bobbing in time to his heartbeat. 

Deciding that he needed to do something to break the impasse, David looked to Debbie and asked, "What would she have to do?"

Debbie just smiled. "She would have the easiest task tonight. She would go over and play with these three men and, if she decided to take the challenge, she would simply choose one to place the condom on."

Debbie looked at Ellen, giving her some time to think before she went on. "The rules of the club mean that she could say 'No' at any time. She could decide that she wouldn't want to take the challenge. She could decide to just continue playing until she has had enough. Or she could decide, once she got excited enough, that she wanted to get fucked. Then she would put the condom on someone and she would need some lubricant. 

"Once she coats the condom with the lubricant, she would have no more than five minutes to make her chosen man cum before the integrity of the condom is potentially lost."

"So," David repeated, "she plays a little, and if the men don't excite her, she goes on her way. Or, if they do excite her she has one condom to use and two choices of lubricant?"

Debbie simply nodded, knowing that David was working to encourage his wife. She didn't want Ellen to run off without trying anything.

"So if the condom doesn't break...what then? There are two other men to see to." David said with a sly wink to his wife.

"Well, she could repeat the procedure, taking her chances again, or simply say that she had completed the challenge. Of course, if the condom fails, well no sense in wasting two good men is there?" She said with a smile. 

"What are the chances of her getting pregnant if the condom fails?" Maria asked.

"Well, statistics say that a woman is at her most fertile within two days of the start of her ovulation. Ellen told us earlier that she is within one day of ovulation.

"Sex on those two days results in a roughly one in eighteen chance of pregnancy. That increases a little to around one in fourteen if you have sex multiple times with the same partner on those two days. But, conversely, it goes down if you have sex with multiple partners." Debbie said.

"That doesn't make sense." Maria replied with a cross look.

"It's something called 'Sperm Wars' were one man's sperm will attack other men's sperm to stop them from getting to the egg, while your own sperm will help each other long." Debbie said. "You can look it up online. It's true. I couldn't make something like that up." Debbie smiled.

"So the risk goes down with multiple partners?" David asked.

"Something like a one in twenty to one in twenty five chance each day you have sex during your peak time. Their sperm fight to prevent other men's sperm from reaching the egg first." Debbie replied. 

"And, at best, a one in fourteen chance with multiple sessions with the same man." David stated.

"So they say." Debbie confirmed. "Those stats are for women aged 18 to twenty-five. The stats go down as you get older. For Ellen the stats wouldn't go down much, she's healthy, fit, and still relatively young. She would probably be in the high side at one in twenty-five and the low side at one in thirty to one in thirty-five. Effectively a .04% to .028% risk of pregnancy for multiple partners vice a roughly .07% risk for a single partner."

"That doesn't sound like much of a risk!" Said Maria.

Debbie shrugged. "They're the same odds each time you have sex. If that wasn't so, we would have more children than we could handle. I mean, look at how often we have sex in our lives...

"The more frequently you have sex with the same man at your peak time, the more likely you are to get pregnant. But you don't want to get pregnant every time you have sex!" With a laugh, Maria conceded the point.

Once more Ellen looked to her husband, asking with her eyes what he wanted of her.

"Well, maybe it wouldn't hurt to play a little," he said, looking directly at her. "She could simply walk away anytime she wants."

Debbie knew that if Ellen started the challenge, the three men would do their best to arouse and excite her to the point of no return. She had confidence in them and, she was certain, so did David. She took Ellen's hand and pulled her to the bed, snagging one of the men's hands and motioning the others to follow. The five of them tumbled onto the bed, where they started running hands and mouths over each other's bodies.

Debbie let things build for a bit and then discreetly slipped off the bed leaving Ellen alone with the three men. Debbie, Maria and David watched as hands moved slowly and sensually along Ellen's body. David got more and more excited as he watched as their mouths kissed Ellen's breasts, and tongues slid into hidden crevices. Ellen's hands and mouth were not idle either...moving more and more confidently over the men as her arousal increased.

David's cock was almost painful it was so full. He was always excited while watching his wife but, for some reason, tonight's scene seemed especially powerful to him. They had talked long and often about the risk of pregnancy and here they were getting an unusual chance at making that risk come to fruition. 

Maria glanced at David, watching his reaction to everything going on. She was getting excited herself and wanted to play a little with him, but realized that if she did, he would cum much too soon. Better to let things play out a little and wait for him to reach for her and, with his wife occupied, she was sure that he eventually would.

Things were getting hot and heavy on the bed. Ellen was the centre of attention of three different men. She had only ever been with one man at a time before and this was causing powerful feelings of pleasure to course through her body. She could feel the men alternately plucking and sucking at her nipples, running hands or mouths along the curves of her body, sliding fingers or tongues into the groove of her sex. She was so wet it scared her!

Ellen was beginning to feel trapped in the centre of the three men, so she pushed them away slightly. The men reluctantly gave her some room. She looked them over through lust filled eyes, her hands still in contact with their bodies. Three men, each very fit and very hung!

Paul's cock was the longest of the three, and the thinnest...not that it was particularly thin, just the thinnest of these three! Ellen thought he was about ten inches long or so and plenty thick enough thank-you! She reached out and ran her hands over his long cock, stroking it gently. It was uncut, so the head alternately popped out of or hid in its sheath as she stroked.

Mark's was the middle of the range for length, about eight and a half inches or so, but thicker than Paul's. Ellen could definitely tell the difference as she stroked him. He too was uncut and the head of his cock was slick with pre-cum as it slid in and out of its sheath.

Terry's cock was the thickest and shortest of the three, maybe around an inch or so shorter than Mark's but much thicker. His cock was circumcised and the head was about half an inch wider than the shaft making it look very scary! Ellen could barely close her fingers around it as she explored it!

The three cocks were hard as granite, yet soft and warm at the same time. Ellen had become attuned to her body's needs and she knew that she was eager to feel at least one of these stiff members inside her!

David watched as his wife sized up the three men. He knew she was thinking of taking on one of them. He didn't know if she would take the challenge. He thought she would go with Paul's longer, thinner cock as it was closer to his own in width so was surprised when she rolled over on top of Mark. He watched as his wife slipped quietly into a 69 position and started licking and sucking on Mark's tool. What David didn't know was that Ellen was interested in tasting the pre-cum she had seen. Mark's was the only one of the three currently producing any. 

David watched as Ellen licked up the side of Mark's shaft and pulled the foreskin back. She slowly closed her mouth around the glistening head of his cock and sucked gently on it. He heard a deep moan coming from the bed, causing another twitch of his own cock. 

Ellen felt the rumble in Mark's belly as he moaned; his strategically placed mouth brought tingles to her pussy from the vibrations. He was very skilled at licking pussy but the added vibrations sent shivers up her back! 

Ellen closed her eyes as she sucked on his shaft, felt the other two men stroking her back and buttocks as she and Mark moved deeper into their 69. Both were thinking how great the other tasted and how good the other was at what they were doing. 

Mark gently slurped her labia, tugging on them and gumming them, sliding his tongue along the outside and inside of them. Ellen was oozing a flow of juices that he knew would mean she wouldn't have any need of the lubricants provided in this challenge!

Ellen was reaching a boiling point. Her head bobbed quickly up and down the shaft, taking as much of it as she could. However, she couldn't take as much of Mark's cock into her mouth as she could her husband's...Mark was just so much thicker.

Ellen felt a familiar hand on her head and opened her eyes. David was standing between Mark's wide spread legs at the foot of the bed, his cock twitching madly. She looked up into his smiling eyes and smiled back at him as best she could around the thick cock in her mouth.

He looked to his left and she followed his gaze, noting that he was holding the silver platter in his hand! She looked back into his eyes. 

He was still smiling. 

David gave her a single, gentle nod. Ellen looked back at the platter and noticed that the condom packet had been opened and the condom was sitting atop its wrapper. A frisson of fear shot through her body...fear and something else. Her heart was pounding in excitement that was more than that caused by the action so far. Once more she looked at her husband. Taking her mouth of Mark's cock, she mouthed "Are you sure?" to her husband.

"It's your choice," David told her quietly, "but I'm sure."

Ellen looked at the condom sitting on the platter. That one little piece of latex, usually so ready to help her, but perhaps not tonight! 

Something was stirring inside her, piercing her to her core. Ellen didn't know what to do, to take this challenge or to pass on it. But she knew that if she continued to play, she would go further than she intended and would need extra condoms...or no condoms at all! After all, once one man had cum in her, well she would need the other men's sperm to help defeat his little swimmers...wasn't that right?

That naughty thought sent a shiver down Ellen's spine. It, more than anything that had happened so far, pushed her over the edge. She wanted to tell David that she had made up her mind but didn't know how. She didn't know how he would react to it. She was scared and excited and nervous all at the same time.

In the midst of all her reflections, Ellen suddenly realized that all motion had stopped. Terry and Paul's hands were still on her ass, but not moving. Mark's tongue and mouth had stopped playing in her sex, though she could still feel his heated breath down there! David's attention was fixed avidly on her face waiting for her to make up her mind his cock - glistening in the room's light from his leaking pre-cum - bobbing gently in time to the unheard music of his lust. Her hand was the only thing moving as she gently stroked Mark's cock. She looked deeply into her husband's eyes.

"I love you." She whispered.

A momentary look of shock and fright passed over David's face, and then the smile returned. He leaned down and kissed her. A long hard, passionate kiss that carried with it his love and tender feelings. Ellen returned his kiss in kind. 

David smiled down at her once more. "Ready?" he asked.

Ellen nodded and reached out for the condom. Slowly she slid it down the shaft. She was practiced with putting condoms on, but tonight it seemed to be a little more difficult..."perhaps because of the extra length and girth?" She wondered. "More likely because of my excitement!" She told herself.

Once the condom was on she looked again to her husband. The smile was still there. 

Ellen twisted around and, sitting astride Mark's thighs, reached out to the platter.

"Do you have a preference?" she asked her husband.

David just laughed. "Do you want me to make the choice?" he countered. But as soon as he said it he knew. He knew that she didn't want him to be upset with her for continuing this challenge, that she wanted him to be part of it in some way. He moved his head down and gently kissed his wife's ear.

"I love you," he said, "try the one on the right." Ellen smiled and mouthed "Thank-you".

Ellen looked down at the large cock jutting obscenely from between her thighs looking as if it was her own. "Well," she thought, "for all intents and purposes I suppose it least for the next few minutes!"

Ellen dipped her fingers into the right hand dish and brushed the lubricant over Mark's latex coated cock. Two more trips to the dish were needed before she was satisfied.

"Here goes nothing!" Ellen thought to herself and then rose up slightly and placed the tip of Mark's rod to her pussy. She worked it back and forth gently until it seated itself within the entrance and slowly drew it as far as she could into her incredibly tight hot well. Both of them groaned at the initial penetration.

"Wow!" Ellen thought. "A fat cock really does make a difference!"

When she could go no further, Ellen reversed her thrust and pulled him out of her as slowly as she had taken him in. 

David watched her cunt lips grasping at Mark's cock, seeming to be pulled out of her body as the movement turned them inside out. When only the head was left inside her, Ellen reversed her direction, pushing down further and driving Mark's thick prick a little deeper into her body. 

Ellen began to move, posting slowly up and down on his pole until she finally took all of him inside herself. Twin voices sounded together in a groan of sexual harmony as she came to rest briefly on Mark's thighs.

Mark looked up at the woman sitting astride him. Her face, neck and breasts were flushed with arousal. Her eyes were closed and her head hung back slightly. Her hands reached back to rest on his knees, pushing her breasts upward and outward. Her nipples were rock hard, long and thick, the kind he liked. He couldn't believe how tight she felt. He could feel her cunt pulsing around his prick and it sent shivers up and down his spine. He was glad she had come to a stop as he knew he would have cum quickly if she had continued! 

David had watched his wife take another man's cock before, but this was something rather special tonight. He didn't know what the outcome would be but he knew he was ready for it. He could see the signs of impending orgasm on his wife's body and was glad she had come to a stop. Surprisingly, he wasn't ready for this to end just yet.

Ellen opened her eyes and leaned forward. She slowly began to move up and down on Mark. His cock was so much thicker than her husband's and sent an extra shiver up her spine each time it moved in and out of her. Every now and then she would stop posting up and down and would grind her hips against his, sending an extra thrill through her clit as she mashed it on his groin. She was so close to coming.

Mark had caught his extra wind and was sure, now, that he could stave off orgasm for a bit...for at least five minutes anyway! He began to rotate his hips in time to her thrusts, sending his manhood into her body in different directions each time Ellen came down. He could see her getting closer and was sure that he could make her cum at least once before he did.

Ellen suddenly sat down hard, leaned back and moaned loudly shocking everyone with the strength of her cry. Her body began to shake and shiver as her first orgasm of the night swept over her. It was strong. She sat shivering on Mark for over half a minute before falling forward and collapsing completely on top of him. 

Mark closed Ellen within his arms, raining gently kisses on her face as her pussy pulsed around his prick. He was trying hard not to cum, caught completely off guard by the speed and strength of her orgasm. He had come so close when she had squeezed him with her powerful inner muscles. He let her rest on top of him gently touching and kissing her as her spasms slowly ebbed.

David was surprised and shocked by his wife's powerful orgasm. This wasn't the first time he felt the shiver run up his spine at hearing her orgasmic cry but, for both of them, this one had been the most intense!

Mark had caught his breath and now began to thrust gently into Ellen's body. Their kisses slowly intensified along with his thrusts. Once again he began to rotate his hips thinking to himself that she was still primed from her last orgasm. 

Ellen had lain atop Mark as her pounding heart and heaving breath had slowed from her powerful orgasm. She had felt him begin to move and felt the reaction of her body to his movements. Then he did something different and her body reacted differently yet again. Ellen knew she was racing to another orgasm and Mark would see her there. She decided to help him and pushed back in answer to his thrusts. It was just what she needed and she quickly began to peak once more.

David's cock was straining for release. He needed something but couldn't bring himself to touch his cock. He had wanted to wait for Mark's release but knew that his own would arrive well before that happened.

He felt a soft body slip up behind him and a gentle hand move around in front of him to grab his prick. From the position of the breasts pressing into his back he knew it was Maria. She began to stroke him in time to the thrusts of the couple on the bed. David knew he would be ready for his wife's next orgasm.

Ellen felt herself approaching release. Mark grabbed her ass and was helping her to thrust back against him. He was still doing that odd movement that never sent his cock into her quite the same way and it was pushing her faster and faster toward the edge. He covered her mouth with his and pushed his tongue into it in time to his thrusting cock. It was all she needed and she moaned loudly into his mouth as she came for the second time.

David heard his wife's moans and gave out a deep synchopatic groan of his own. Maria's gentle stroking sent him over the edge to shower his cum over his wife's ass.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Ellen was aware of the shower of hot wetness that sprayed across her back but was too distracted from her own orgasm to worry about it, or even care. Her pussy squeezed hard on the cock inside it sending incredible reverberations throughout her body. Her crest lasted just as long as the last one and she found she was excited and wanting more!

Mark gritted his teeth as Ellen's orgasm overwhelmed her and almost overwhelmed him! He didn't know how he did it, but he managed to stave off Cumming once more. As her cunt gently pulsed around his prick, he found himself pushing his orgasm off just enough to make a gain back a little bit of control.

Mark found Ellen's mouth and kissed her gently. The kiss began to get more and more intense. Suddenly she broke the kiss and told him to turn her over and fuck her hard and fast!

Mark didn't hesitate. He quickly rolled Ellen over, keeping his manhood buried in her body. Placing her gently on her back, he pushed her legs back and slipped his arms under her silk clad knees. His leaning forward caused her knees to be pushed back to her chest. He pulled his cock almost all the way out of her body and with one strong thrust slammed it back as deep as he could.

David heard Ellen's cry of passion as the man took his wife. His wilting cock suddenly sprung back to life. Someone pulled him gently back a couple of steps from the bed. He looked down to see Maria sliding to her knees and wrapping her mouth around his newly resurrected hard on. As Maria's mouth engulfed him, he watched his wife taken by the powerful thrusts of the younger man.

Ellen was beside herself with lust. The powerful body above her repeatedly pushed her deeply into the mattress with each strong thrust. The impact of his hips against hers forced the air from her lungs in loud grunts occasionally punctuated by a delighted cry of passion. She felt her body tensing, feeling almost like she was rising above the bed. She knew that this was going to be an incredibly powerful orgasm.

Mark slammed into the woman below him again and again. He felt the tingle in his balls that told him of his impending release. This time he would let it go. He reached down with his mouth and took one of Ellen's nipples into it and bit it gently. He heard and felt her groan of passion as he nibbled on the thick nipple. He felt the passion stirring in his groin and knew he wasn't far away.

Mark lifted up onto his hands and toes so that his hips were the only part of his body in contact with Ellen's as he continually collided with her. His pistoning cock squelched through the mouth of her cunt as he fucked her with force the lewd sounds exciting everyone in the room. 

Mark looked down on a face cloaked in bliss. Sweaty and blotchy though it was, her mouth open and puffing air at each of his powerful impacts, straggly hair plastered to her wet face, there was an incredible beauty to Ellen all the same. He loved the look of a woman in the throes of passion. He felt his ass clenching and knew he was close.

"I'm going to cum!" He growled.

Her eyes flew open and locked on his.

"I can still pull out." He told her.

For a fleeting moment something crossed Ellen's face...indecision...uncertainty...worry...he didn't know, and then it was gone. She crossed her legs behind his back as best she could and closed her eyes.

"Tell me when." Mark urged. Ellen nodded, unable to speak. He felt her tensing below him. His strokes began to get shorter but stronger as he pushed himself to the edge. He felt her ass rising up to meet his downward thrusts and knew that she too was close.

"Now! Oh God now!!" Ellen cried out.

Mark slammed into Ellen a half dozen more times, and then felt the contraction in his balls. He jammed himself a final time into her body and held himself there as he spent himself within her with a deep guttural growl.

David saw Mark's ass and balls clench several times and heard the deep growl as the man let loose. He suddenly felt an empty feeling in the pit of his stomach with the realization of what this could mean. At the same time, he heard his wife cry out in passion as she too came. It was enough to send him over the edge again, spilling his offering deep into Maria's talented mouth.

Ellen felt the surge of Mark's cock as it alternately swelled and contracted within her. Something hot hit the back of her pussy with such force that it triggered her strongest orgasm yet. Again and again the searing heat pulsed into her pussy triggering answering pulses of her own.

Mark suddenly collapsed on top of her, temporarily exhausted from his efforts. Ellen felt her pussy milking his cock, pulling the last of his seed from within him. She could feel the warmth spreading within her and that's when she realized that she had lost the challenge...or had she?

Ellen slowly stroked Mark's powerful body as he lay on top of her. His arms released her legs and she wrapped them around him, kissing him gently. It took them a bit to catch their breath and then Mark moved off of her.

David watched as Mark rose up, his slowly wilting cock gently pulling from within his wife's freshly fucked cunt. As more and more of Mark's cock pulled out of her, still wrapped in the condom, he wasn't sure if he felt relief or regret. Then the head slipped out of her and it was immediately evident that the condom had failed. 

David looked down onto his wife's vagina, watching it pulsing. The slightly distended opening suddenly began to ooze a heavy thick liquid. A jolt of awareness shot through him as the meaning of it sank in at the same time as a pulse rushed along his quickly growing cock.

"Accidents happen." He whispered.

His wife's eyes opened and looked at him. There was worry there. He smiled at her. 

"Statistically there is no guarantee." He told her with a smile. He looked around then back to her..."and there are still two men to take care of..."

"Three men" she told him with a smile as she pulled him over on top of her, giving him a long tender kiss. Ellen felt his cock riding along her slit. She let him get it nice and wet, coated heavily with her and Mark's secretions before gently pushing him away. As he stood, the other two men moved up on the bed beside her and began to stroke her body. As they did, Ellen was thinking of finally fulfilling that two men at once item on her bucket list.

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