Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Contest

I don't know how my wife found out about the contest but once she learned of it she couldn't stop talking about it. And soon she was trying to get me to enter it with her.

My wife, Julie, was a slim brunet with small breasts and nice, well shaped ass. She had been a virgin when we married but she quickly learned to love any kind of sexual activities. She especially loved sucking my cock and swallowing my semen. Maybe it was her love of cock sucking that piqued her interest in the contest.

I should tell you a bit about the contest and why I thought it had Julie so excited. First was the $50,000 prize for the winning couple, which I guess would excite anyone. The second aspect was the details of the contest itself and what it entailed for the contestants. The contest was a sexual one and directly involved one of Julie's favorite sexual activities, sucking cock.

In order to win the contest a couple had to enter together. The woman was require to suck the cocks and swallow the cum from her mate and four other men. The woman would be blindfolded the entire time, and she would only have the taste of the cocks and semen to tell which man was which. If the woman could identify her mate from just the taste of his semen when he came in her mouth the couple would win the prize.

As far as I knew Julie had never sucked any cock but mine, and when I asked me she assured me that was the case. Yet at the same time she also assured me she could win the contest, and she didn't mind at all that she would have to suck the cocks of four other men to do it. I was surprised to find that somehow I was comfortable with the idea of her doing it. Eventually, I gave in to her continued asking about it and agreed to enter the contest with her.

A few days later both Julie and I were called in for what they called an entry examination which was an interesting experience in itself. We were met by a pretty woman in her late 30's who conducted us to a windowless room in the rear of the building. Once inside she asked both Julie and I to remove out clothes and then the woman pulled out a camera and took a number of pictures of Julie and myself from several different angles. Then the woman put away the camera and came over to me, kneeling down in front of me, with Julie looking on curiously.

The woman reached up and took my cock in her hand and started stroking it. This immediately caused the blood to flow into my penis, which began to swell and lengthen. This was obviously the effect the woman wanted since she smiled and continued her efforts. When my penis was fully erect and completely hard the woman took a couple of minutes to carefully examine my cock. She stroked it occasionally to maintain its hardness while she looked at it.

"Your penis is circumcised, just the kind we prefer," the woman commented after she finished her examination. She then went and picked up the camera and came back to take several pictures of my erect penis, again stroking it occasionally to maintain my erection.

"Julie please come over here," the command ordered when she had finished her pictures of my cock. "I want you to suck your husband's cock until he cums. Take it in your mouth but don't swallow it immediately. Instead I want you to open your mouth and show me his semen. After than you keep the sperm in your mouth for a few seconds to be sure you know the taste of it then swallow it all. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand," Julie replied as she walked over to me and knelt down in front of me.

Julie reached over and grasped my cock and pulled it to her mouth, taking it in between her lips. She immediately began to bob and soon she had me shooting my sperm into her mouth. Pulling her mouth away from my cock, careful not to lose anything Julie turned her face toward the other woman and opened her mouth, showing the pool of my semen contained within. The woman checked Julie's mouth and then nodded to my wife. Julie closer her mouth, waited for a few seconds and then visibly swallowed my load. Once she had swallowed my cum Julie opened her mouth again to show nothing was now left.

After this Julie and I were instructed to dress and go home with the word they would call us if we qualified for the contest. Julie and I waited for several days until we got a phone call to tell us we had been accepted and the contest would be held in two weeks.

During the two weeks we were waiting for the contest it seemed like Julie wanted my cock in her mouth whenever she could get it. It was like she was trying to become a connoisseur of cum! I really wasn't complaining though since I was shooting my sperm into my wife's mouth several times a day the whole two weeks. 

One the day of the contest Julie was nervous but she assured me she could win the contest easily. When we arrived we were both sent off to shower separately and that is the last I saw of her until the event started. When I finished with my shower I was told not to dress and then I was conducted to a room containing several chairs and a small hole about three inches in diameter in one wall. Above the hole were two handles for the man at the hole to hold while my wife sucked him off. There was a large screen TV to one side and four other men, all nude, sitting in the room. Two women dressed the same way as my guide, in short skirts, also sat in the room.

I was a bit nervous myself as I was led to one of the chairs by the pretty girl who had guided me into the room. My guide informed me I was the fourth of the men to be sucked off by Julie so I would have to wait for a little while. Then she walked over toward the hole while another of the women went to the big flat screen TV and turned it on.

Immediately I was treated to an almost life size view of my wife, nude in all her glory, and wearing a blindfold. Julie waited patiently in front of another wall with a hole in it, which was obviously the opposite side of the wall of the room I was in.

The woman who had been my guide called the first man up to the hole and gently pushed him until his cock was right in front of the hole. The man reached up and took a handle in each hand and the woman grasped his cock and gently pulled it toward the hole. The man took a couple of steps forward as the woman threaded his cock into the hole.

As soon as Julie felt the man's cock was completely through the hole she took it into her mouth. I felt my own cock start to fill as I watched my wife working on the man's cock on the TV. It seemed to hardly take any time at all until I heard the man grunt and his sperm filled my wife's mouth. Just as had been instructed Julie opened her moth to show everyone the sperm pooled in her mouth and then she swallowed it down.

Julie made quick work of the next two men, sucking their cocks and drinking their hot sperm in short order. Then it was my turn and by this time my cock was already hard so I walked up to the hole and pushed it through, grabbing the handles conveniently provided. In between each load of semen Julie was given a small glass of cola to drink to take away the taste of sperm.

My wife took my cock into her mouth and began to suck me. Julie explored the sensitive head with her tongue and then the underside. Then she began to bob and I watched on the TV as I felt her on my cock at the same time. It wasn't long until I too shot my load of hot sperm into my wife's mouth. Julie carefully licked away the last drops of semen and then showed everyone the pool of white in her mouth, this time mine. Exhausted, I went back to my chair as the last man moved up to the hole and Julie swallowed my load.

My wife made short work of the last guy, taking his load of cum in her mouth and then drinking it down. Julie really did seem to have become a connoisseur of cum, she'd had a happy look on her face each time one of the men blasted his semen into her mouth. Later she told me how much she'd loved each load of new male sperm as it filled her mouth.

Finally it was time for the moment of truth, and my wife was asked to tell everyone which of the men was her own husband. Julie thought for almost a minute and then she said number four, which was me, the right answer. Just like she had promised me, my wife had won the contest, and the $50,000.

We used the money to pay for a trip around the world and my wife and I had many new sexual adventures, but that is another story.

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