Sunday, 23 June 2013

First Time Swapping

Here we are Rajiv and Reena, the sexy couple from Orissa is sharing our first sex swapping experiences with ISS viewers .I am Reena writing this new experiences of fucking for your enjoyment and quick response in this subject on our email address are three sexy married couple friends in our mid of thirties and have started our own small swinger group here at Cuttack. For lack of a better term we just called ourselves “The Players”. We are Ashis and Arati, Jayanta and usha, myself Seema and my husband, Rajiv.It is the story of our first swapping party that I am going to write here for all of you and waiting your sexy response.
On last week of December 2008 we were hosting a meeting at our house, which had three bedrooms and enough for what we all had in our mind. We sent our children to our relative house for the programmee. The women were in their as usual dress for the occasion – matching saree, blouse, petticoat, high heels and sexy underwear. My dress was a transparent nighty . The men were wore some kind of slacks and sport shirts. I have to say we looked much better than average for a group our age; all pretty trim and well groomed. I probably had the biggest tits among the women, but Arati had the best ass and Usha the best legs. The men, including my husband, were well built, strong, virile, hung better than average and with good stamina. The women were all horny, ready, and open to experimenting new things.

We sat around the living room. A lot of planning had gone in this meeting, and it just sort of evolved from casual teasing to more serious discussion and finally a decision to go for a real swapping. The atmosphere was nervous to say the least, but we seemed to be doing pretty well as we chatted and drank coffee. The plan for this evening was to "get acquainted" so to speak by pairing off one at a time with the two people not your regular partner. We would have a drawing at the beginning, and each couple would go to their assigned bedroom. After a certain period of time an alarm set to music would sound, and the women would move to another bedroom for their next partner. The ground rules were pretty simple – no rough stuff and no anal, at least for right now, but any other kind of fucking and sucking was encouraged.

Despite our nervousness I think we were all ready. I noticed by looking at the men's crotches they all appeared to have at least a half hard on, and I suspected Arati and usha’s pussies had more juicy like mine. At the end of conversation I cheerfully said, "Well, let's get start." The women were to draw one piece from the bowl containing three strips of paper. If you drew your spouse, put it back and draw again. I moved first and drew Jayanta. That meant Arati would go with Rajiv and Usha with Ashis.

It was now time for the real beginning. I stared down the hall with Jayanta behind, and the others stared toward their bedrooms. For some reason I swayed my ass a bit as I walked. Jayanta and I went in and closed the door. I turned and looked at him and smiled, but we didn't embrace right away. Instead I sat on the bed, crossed my legs, and let my nighty ride up high on my thighs.

Ted followed my lead and sat on the bed near me. We chatted for a minute and then he put his hand on my bare knee. It was the first move and it felt electric. I licked my dry lips and then reached over and put my hand on his knee. His hand traveled up my thigh a bit and I parted my legs. Then he leaned over and started kissing me on the neck and my breathing quickened. Still, we took it pretty slow, and it took a couple of more moves before his hand moved up to my panties crotch and I reached over to feel his rock hard cock through his pants. There was no going back now as I unzipped his pants and felt for his cock while he got one and then two fingers in my slippery cunt. "We'd better get undressed," he said. I didn't say anything but quickly opened my nighty down to my underwear as he did the same. We sat on the edge of the bed again, and I decided this was a good position for me to do what I wanted to do next that was to suck his dick. I got on my knees in front of him and pulled off his shorts. His cock sprang out, and my mouth almost watered. I licked off the pre cum and started sucking him slowly, circling the head with my tongue and then going down and sucking hard as I came back up. He moaned and humped my face while he put one hand on the back of my head and pulled my mouth down on him. I liked this too, but I knew we probably needed to do something else soon, because he still had another round to go with someone else later on.
I reluctantly pulled away and put saliva on his cock head and licked it off. Jayanta's cock was about the same size as Rajiv's – a thick of six inches. I stripped off my bra and panties. Jayanta got the message and started licking and sucking my cunt while finger fucking me. It felt really good and I was soon gasping and moaning. But I wanted this man to fuck me and feel that hard seven inches of cock in my pussy. I hadn't had any "strange" cock in my life before so I was panting in anticipation.

I was on my back opened my thighs just like a book and Jayanta came inside. He was getting me hot and panting for it before he put his cock in my pussy. His cock as it first slid into my fuck hole as I humped to get it all. And later he buried deep in my cunt and filling it and I wrapped my legs around him and humped and romped toward climax. Again I pulled away and told Jayanta I wanted to get on top. I wanted freedom of movement so I could rub my big tits on his chest, rake him with my nails and fuck his brains out. I didn't ease down on his cock but instead got the head positioned and dropped my pussy down on it with one thrust. Jayanta groaned and humped my pussy hard, and as it slid in and out of my wet fuck hole I felt a sense of relief. After a lot of build up I was finally doing it, fucking a man not my husband. We quickly got in a rhythm, and I was tossing my hair and grinding my pussy down on his dick to the balls. "Fuck me hard Reena," he said pretty loud.
I said, "Yesss, baby, hump your big cock deep in my pussy," also pretty loud.
The walls were fairly thick but not soundproof, but I noticed that the others were probably making some noise themselves by now. The heat was rising in my cunt, and I sensed we were going to close our adultery by fucking to a wet, feverish climax. "Let's cum together, Jayanta, I'm getting close", I told. Soon after that Jayanta was groaning and pumping cum in my pussy. That sent me over the edge, and I shuddered and moaned to orgasm. It was nasty and sticky down there as his cum and my juices mingled and leaked out. I collapsed on top of Jayanta, and we just breathed hard for a time.
Now that Jayanta and I were quiet I heard muffled sounds in the next bedroom and remembered that Rajiv and Arati were in there. I was sure he was pounding that nice ass of her by now. I motioned for Jayanta to follow and we put our ears to the wall. We couldn't hear much, but the cries of "Fuck mee" were pretty clear, and just then her moans, no doubt signaling her orgasm. I smiled as I thought my husband was fucking it to her hard and filling her pussy with cum. This was part of the deal with our little swingers group. It was not only for your own pleasure but the thrill of the forbidden for both you and your spouse. Jayanta commented that if they hadn't finished already he would bet Usha had those long legs wrapped around Ashis with her heels up his ass urging him on. I didn't disagree and remembered I would be fucking with Ashis in next round. I told Jayanta his next partner, Arati, sounded pretty hot, so he had better be ready. Jayanta and I cleaned up and got at least partially dressed and relaxed and stroked each other until we heard the alarm music. We assured each other how great the sex was, and then I slipped out the door for my next trip with Ashis. I passed Arati in the drawing room. I wanted to ask her if she had fucked with Rajiv very well, but we just exchanged a whispered greeting. I walked into Ashis's bedroom. He was partially dressed and propped up on one elbow on the bed. The smell of recent sex was in the air. I made a mental note to provide some air freshener next time, but as my pussy tingled slightly from the smell I thought what the hell.

Ashis and I made a few small talk comments, and then I boldly asked him if he had fucked Usha from in front or behind. He seemed surprised at my question but said he had fucked her face to face. I just smiled. I told Ashis that I wanted him to take me from behind if that was okay. For particular reason my husband and I have used this position much, as it is good for rough fucking and sometimes gave me a feeling of being "taken" which is what I wanted right now. Ashis said, "Sure," and soon after that we started into our stroking and sucking. We got on the bed, and I sat up as Ashis got between my legs on his knees and fucked my mouth. I got one hand at the base of his cock and reached around to grasp his ass cheek, and he gave me a workout. I sucked hard as he pulled back and took as much as I could when he pushed in. Then I had him fuck my tits. I wrapped them around his cock, squeezed them together, and stroked them up and down his shaft. As he pulled away a strand of his sticky pre cum clung to me. Ashis seemed really turned on by all of this, but maybe not much more than I was, He got his face between my thighs, and I wrapped them around his head and squeezed. Ashis buried his tongue deep in my pussy, and I humped his face. I moaned and my pussy was juicing, and Ashis cock was rock hard. We were both more than ready to get it on.

I put my head on a pillow with my ass up in the air, and Ashis shoved it to me. Soon we were making that slap, slap sound as his balls and thighs met my ass. I had risen up on my hands and my tits swayed under me as he fucked me with long strokes. We were both panting and urging each other on, and soon Ashis plunged his cock in my pussy up to the balls and spurted his cum in me as I moaned a loud as I was coming to my second orgasm of the night. I gripped my pussy lips around his cock as he stayed hard for a short time and continued to fuck me. I liked this part where the man's cum has added to my juices, and the fucking makes a slight wet sucking sound.
We had all agreed we would not talk about our experiences with the other partners at least for right now, so Rajiv and I quietly straightened up after the others had left our house after that and we got ready for bed .I could tell we were both restless or "wired" might be a better word. Still, I was surprised when Rajiv indicated he wanted to fuck me. Were we up to this at our age? But I just spread my legs, and Rajiv crawled on top and banged it to me. It took a little while of intense fucking, but at the end the bed was rocking, and I opened my legs wide and was cumming again. Rajiv was a little behind me and there wasn't much cum, but he almost shouted as he got there too.

I suppose I should have felt like a total slut. This was by far the kinkiest thing I had ever done, fucking two men not my husband in one night, and then fucking him too. But all I could think of was my totally satisfied pussy.

Our swinger sessions were scheduled for every month, but by the end of one week I think everyone was thinking they should be more often. Everyone's fucking with their own partner had increased in frequency and intensity. I couldn't help fantasizing about Rajiv with the other women. What did it look like with his big cock fucking into them? What were their reactions? Could they suck his dick as well as I can? Were there some new tricks I could learn? All this would just have to wait for perhaps a later time. My dear readers I am sure that you people must enjoy this story. Is any young couple of Orissa really interested for such type of wife swapping please send your sweet responses to us.

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