Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lactating mother in Hamburg

Hamburg is the media headquarters of Germany. TV stations and print media had their offices. My first visit to that city (in late 80s) was a memorable one. A fortnight before Christmas vacation, I took the evening train from Copenhagen to hamburger and arrived early morning the next day. I finished shaving and showering at the station and ate my breakfast in the restaurant. I already booked a room before my arrival but I have to wait until 10 a.m. To check in I bought newspapers and magazines and read them for an hour. From the tourist office I took some brochures and the city map. An elderly German couple ran the small hotel where I booked my room. It was very close to the main railway station and from there it is very convenient to move around the city. Buses, trains and underground stations are all within walking distance. Also its harbor is well known among sailors. In addition Hamburg has reeperbahn, the world famous red light district. In those days the streets and all├ęs of reeperbahn were lined with nightclubs, porn shops, peep show shops, theaters showing adult movies etc. Sex (commercial) was is everywhere? While checking-in the owner told in broken English that the area is quite safe and I can go and come whenever I felt like. I thanked him and left the hotel. I took the underground train and got off at reeperbahn station. As I stepped out of the station a huge sign greeted me. Sex cinema. The xxx sign was everywhere.
The sex shop windows displayed written posters informing what’s inside the shop. Sex toys, photographs of scant clad girls, erotic magazine covers, videos, were all available for money. After a couple of meters I came across a large shop selling sex merchandise and also showing films for private viewing. I entered. The manager sat on a high platform and in front of him was a large table piled high with magazines and videos at affordable prices. There were cubicles for peep shows and separate cubicle for films for private viewing. You can select any film you fancy, take to the manager and pay the fee. Then go into the cubicle (he’ll tell you), switch on the TV and take seat and watch the film in privacy. You can sit naked and watch the film. If you’ve a girlfriend you can take her inside. There’s metal hook to hang your clothes. In a corner there’s bucket and a roll of toilet paper. The toilet paper comes handy if you want to masturbate.

All fetishes are catered for. I spent an hour trying to locate a film of my taste. I was into pregnancy, lactation and sex. In 80s and 90s there weren’t many films on “tit milk”, “lactation”, etc. (you can also ask the manager to find out for you. They are very cooperative.) Finally I found one. “Milk maids”. The cover showed a large breasted redhead squeezing milk from her swollen breasts. The film was of two hours duration. I handed over the video, paid the rental fee and went into the cubicle, bolted the door, switched on the TV. To my right and left people were watching their favorite movies. I could hear moans and groans. I took my seat and the film began. In the film there were (if I remember correctly) three lactating woman and their big tits were filled with milk. There were repeated scenes on squeezing, kissing, sucking, licking cunts and fucking. My mind blew seeing the film. When I came out of the shop my desire to fuck a lactating woman was strong. I entered into an alley where women in bikinis stood behind the brightly lit windows and wearing a smile on their faces. Some of them stood behind the glass-fronted doors. Being midday there weren’t many people. I went up and down the alley looking at the breasts of the women trying to see any signs of lactation. I spotted a middle aged blond woman with nice bust and approached her. She opened the door with a smile and I stepped in. She bolted the door and asked me to take the seat. The room was small room with a clean bed, a chair and a table with fresh flowers. The wallpapers of the wall were of tasteful color and the ceiling was painted in pink. On the wall in front of the bed hung a framed print of an erotic painting, a half dressed man kissing a nude woman and his hands were on her breasts. The woman wore a black panty and matching bikini. I could smell cheap perfume and see her light make up. From the street I could not make out her lower part of her body but in the room I could see that she was plump but not fat. She asked me in German accented English what I wanted. I spoke to her slowly and explained what I wanted from her. She should treat me like her son, breastfeed me, and fuck me. She listened attentively without interruption and said finally that she didn't have milk in her breasts. She could feed me with a bottle, call me ‘my son’, massage my cock and fuck me. I said the bottle doesn't satisfy me. She was very sympathetic to my request but she could not help me. Before I took leave, I asked her if she knew anyone who is lactating mother but she shook her head in negative and wished me luck. I didn’t give up. I visited few more women but none is a lactating mother.

Then just to relax I entered into another shop to watch another movie. This shop also ran a topless bar and one can move freely from the bar to the shop. The bartender was a woman with wonderful breasts (no silicone implants) and she was surprised when I ordered for whisky and soda. Germany is wine drinking country. She judged that I’m a cultured person with refined tastes. There were also three hostesses for company. But I sat on the bar stool and drank my whisky alone. We exchanged pleasantries. While drinking I told her that I had been to some women. Without batting an eyelid she asked me whether I enjoyed. I said no and explained what I’m looking for. She laughed and informed that it’s difficult to find a lactating sex worker because she has to take care of the baby. A minute later she informed me that one of the girls is a young mother and she can treat me like a baby but she has no milk in her tits. “You can pretend that you’re nursing from mommy’s tits.” I thanked and refused. After finishing my drink I went back to the hotel, rested about an hour but the thought of fucking a lactating woman didn’t leave me. Just after 4 pm I left the room and bought international herald tribune and got into an underground train. I did not bother where the train was heading and I opened the newspaper. The train stopped at many stations picking up passengers and discharging some. I just folded the paper and looked straight and a moment later my mouth became dry. There was a young woman holding the frame of a pram and she was engaged in a conversation with an elderly woman seated in front of her. I froze looking at that pretty, young, buxom, nursing mother! I had an erection and I could feel blood rushing into my face and ears.

Then this elderly turned her head and I at once recognized her. She's the woman in the alley whom I met a few hours before and the woman in front of her is definitely her daughter. I decided to follow them to find out whether they lived in the same house or at different places. If her daughter lived in a separate house or apartment I could visit her at a convenient time (when her husband or boy friend is away) and tell her about my meeting with her mother and about my fetish. I was sure that her daughter knew her mother is a whore and I thought it was an advantage. If she refuses, I thought, I just could walk out. It was a bold decision I made. I didn't want her mother to spot me while following them and I prayed that they shouldn't get into a car or taxi. Some minutes later both of them got down at a station with the pram. Her mother wheeled the pram and the daughter walked beside her. I followed them discreetly, ready to dodge if she looked back. Two or three times I thought her daughter turned and looked at me. They reached a housing complex and entered into a four floors block, having four apartments each side. The building had staircase and also an elevator (lift). There was a park in front of the block with hedges surrounding it. As they entered into the elevator I madly ran the staircase not to miss their apartment. If I missed the apartment I thought locating her would take a lot of time. When I reached the second floor I heard the elevator stop on the third floor. I slowly climbed half of the steps and heard a door being opened and I strained my neck to see whether it was the right side or left side. Her mother already got into the apartment pulling the baby pram with her.

Her daughter followed and just before shutting the door she turned and saw me staring at her. She smiled and shut the door. I slowly climbed up and stood in front of the door. My heart was pounding as I read the nameplate. It was written in German "Ursula and Angela live here." I smiled reading the names. No man! It means the daughter is living alone with her baby, and baby's name being either Ursula or Angela or mother and living in the same apartment with the names Ursula and Angela. I decided to find out more. I went out of the apartment and sat on bench in the park and pretended to read the newspaper but in reality I was looking at the window of her apartment and the main entrance. I could see the window from where I sat but they couldn't see me. Moreover I didn't want her mother to discover me. Whenever I heard the main door of the entrance being shut I got up to see who it was. There were many false alarms. At half past five I heard the door being shut and I got up to see who it was this time. It was her mother. She walked a meter ahead and got into a car. A minute later she drove off. I thought she must have gone to her work in the alley or to her home. I waited ten minutes to see whether she would be back. There was no sign of her. I have been planning what to say to her daughter when I press the calling bell and what to say if I’m admitted into the apartment. At that moment I thought it would a good idea if I take flowers with me. While following them I noticed a flower shop not far from her apartment. I ran all the way and bought some red roses and rushed back. There was no sign of her mother’s car. I got up and in a few seconds I was in front of the door. I was feeling feverish and I could hear my heart beating fast. I pressed the bell and waited. I heard someone coming near the door and heard click! The door was opened by her daughter and asked me in German what I want. I told her in English that I don't speak German.

She smiled eyed the flowers packed in transparent tissue paper. She asked in perfect English what I want. I asked her whether I could come in to talk about her mother. She told her mother doesn't live here and she's at work now. I told it was about her mother I wanted to talk her. She hesitated a moment before she admitted me in. While asking me to sit she bolted the door. She wore a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Her slim waist gave extra dimensions to her large round tits. Her full breasts disturbed me. There was a wet spot on her left nipple. It means she wore no bra and her tits are leaking. I gave her the flowers and she accepted with thanks and placed them on a small table adjacent to the sofa. I sat on the sofa and I felt feverish and my mouth was dry. It’s bold attempt on my part. I asked her whether she knows where her mother works. Yes. She knew that her mother is a hooker. I wasn’t surprised at her reply. In Germany and in Netherlands some women work as hookers for a limited time to earn some money. Then I told how I met her mother and her reaction when I told what I was looking for. I noticed her smile and her face becoming red when I explained my fetish and asked her whether she knew anyone who could nurse me. She laughed nervously and said that she didn't know anyone. I stood up and took her hands into mine and made her sit next to me. She thanked me once again for flowers. She had a lovely smile on her face. For few seconds I kept quiet and asked "how about you?" she looked at me laughing. "Now I know. You followed us! You were a bit nervous because my mother might recognize you. Isn't it?" I told her it was true and followed her because she has milk in her tits and I thought if I tell the truth she could allow me to nurse at her breasts, and I put my hand around her waist with one hand and felt her breasts. "Your breasts are full of milk, please nurse me." I said.

She once again laughed and gently removed my hand at once and I could see that she was getting excited. She brought her thighs close together and leaned back on the sofa. Once again I put my hand on her tit and pressed. "You’ve big breasts. Let me see them please. I have come long way." I lifted her shirt and quickly put my hand on her breast and pressed. At the same time I rested my head on her shoulder. She tried to push away but I was reluctant. "Your baby is hungry and wants to suck mommies tatty," I said. She kept quiet. I removed my hand and got up. Quickly I undressed myself and kneeled in front of her holding her waist and resting my head on her thighs. "Mommy, please nurse me" saying I put my mouth to her crotch. She slightly parted sighing and caressing my head. "Let baby lick mamma's cunt." I unzipped her jeans and caressed her pubic area. "No! Please." she protested and got up. She forgot that her jeans were unzipped. I pulled them down to her ankles and stood up. She tried to pull it up but my hugging prevented her. She wore a nylon panty. Now my erect cock was brushing against her shaved cunt. "Baby wants to suck mamma's tit", I told. "Oh! My god! She sighed and threw her head back. I knew at once that in few minutes time I’ll be sucking her tits and fucking her. I took off her shirt and she was excited sexually. I never stopped talking about breastfeeding and fucking. Now her hands were on my cock and she suddenly kneeled in front of me and took my cock into her mouth and began to suck. It was my turn to protest and prevent her from sucking. I didn't feel like wasting my juices either on her face, in the mouth or on the carpet. I kneeled down and asked her whether she'll nurse me. She said yes and sighed. "Mommy, I want to lick your cunt" saying I removed her panty and put my mouth to her pretty blond cunt. I licked and sucked, now and then fingering her. She lay down on the carpet and closed her eyes. Her breathing was heavy and I was longing for her milk. I buried my face between her thighs and I refused to leave her cunt in spite of her screaming, groaning and moaning. She was astonished at my hunger and continuous licking.

Few minutes later she pulled me beside her and kissed me taking my tongue into her mouth. When I asked her to nurse me she started to laugh. A moment later she pulled my head to her leaking tit and said: "come, now suck!" I took the pink nipple into my mouth and began to suck. The milk flowed quickly and she took my cock into her hands and caressed it. I went on sucking and fondling other breast. Whenever she gasped for air I slowed my sucking. "Mommy, I want to fuck you while I suck your milky tits, please take my cock inside your cunt," I said. She smiled and as I mounted her she widened her thighs and took my cock and rubbed on her sticky cunt. Holding my erect cock in her hand she pushed it gently into her. "It’s wonderful," I said and started fucking very slowly and sucking her tits. She shut her eyes and encouraged me by lift her pelvis now and then. She's not a noisy person; she kept on whimpering She responded whenever I kissed her. I fucked her slowly but she raised her hips up and down fast forcing me to come inside her. I sucked and swallowed her milk as I ejaculated into her warm slippery cunt. A minute or two later I felt her hand on my head. While caressing she told me: “my mother told me about you.” I startled and looked up at her face. She was smiling. I rolled down and lay next to her. She turned facing me. “When did she tell you?” She stretched her hand and took the panty and wiped my cock and her cunt. “Just before we boarded the train she told me about your unusual fetish. She felt sorry when she saw how disappointed you were.” I was amazed at their honesty. “When I saw you following us I had a feeling that it could be you.”

“Did you mother know that I followed you?” “No.”

Then I placed my hand on her breast and squeezed it gently. She smiled and came closer. “Ursula, please say I’m your son.” She laughed throwing her head back. She took my half erect cock in her hand and at once I regained full erection. She kissed me on the lips and said: “you’re my son. You want to fuck mamma?” I threw my leg on her hip and said: “mamma, I want to suck and drink your milk. Mamma, I want to fuck you.” I kissed her fully on the mouth, sucked her tongue. I was literally trembling with sexual excitement. “Mamma, fuck me, mamma, fuck me please. I want to keep my cock inside mamma’s cunt. I want to suck and drink your milk, mamma.” With no second thoughts I climbed on her and she widened her thighs. As she guided my cock into her cunt she whispered: “my son, my son. Fuck mamma. You’re my darling son.” I was sucking her tits. There was still more milk in those large boobs. She said, “My son, do you want to fuck your granny?” I was stunned. “Mamma, yes, I love to fuck granny also, mamma.”

“Granny has no milk.” “Mamma, you could nurse me while I fuck granny.” Ursula was excited with my replies and to my incestuous mutterings.

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