Friday, 14 September 2012

Unconscious Old Classmate In Train

Hi fellas and my name is Mugul and I had been a reader for a long time and I began writing for a short while. Please forgive, if any mistakes found.
This is a story which happened to me few days back. To be specific, a month back. I finished my college 4 years ago; well the story is not at time of college. I am a normal guy as you could see in your neighbourhoods.
I am not going to say I am a well built and have 10”cock. I am just 5.8, slim, darker having a 5”cock. I never had sex intercourse with anyone. Well let’s get into the story and I am an average guy in college. I doesn’t fell to love means no one fond of considering me and I didn’t have any thrillers there as everyone does .
I too finished my graduation and missed my mates for some time and got a job after some days then we all had been separated due to work and family. Boys got busier in our jobs and girls was getting married one after other. I heard that few of our class girls had children too. Get-togethers, parties got reduced and lost its charm after few years and we all didn’t meet over years and no one cares about it.

There is no chance of blaming anyone, because all were having their responsibilities. I would giggle myself when all these memories cross my mind as we are boys, we have more time to get married and I didn’t worry about that. I would normally visit my home by train once every two months. As you knew about our railways, if I am travelling today, then I should book the ticket for my next trip before a month.
Let’s continue the story in present tense from here. It’s a return trip from my home to working place. It would take two days to travel, as I am a regular commuter I got practiced over this. Today is Friday even if the train gets late I could be in my room on Sunday night. I loaded into the train at correct time. I would prefer the coupe as I could be more private. Checking and all procedures were done.
There was an old couple sharing the coupe with one seat left and I don’t interest to guess that. The couple is some ayyars caste which is indicated by their dressings. I just fitted my headset and played some random songs. The train was about to move I was gazing lazily through the windows someone tapped on my shoulder and I turned and got excited. It’s my classmate Rosy name fictional.
She was not a hotshot in the college but her figure would gaze out boys. I didn’t have any intentions towards her except some sightings to her figure. She is in her some unknown type churidhaar and too of all this she carried a boy in her hand may be some aged 1 or 2 within a single frame of time and I recognized all. 
We both were just normal friends in college even I had contact with her after finishing college but was faded out afterwards. There goes some normal chatting and memorable time recalls. She said that she was on return after visit to her parents; her hubby would wait at the station in the morning. She scolded for not coming for her marriage and I somehow persuaded her though I was at my hometown only, on the day of her marriage.
I just lazily skipped that, since none of my college boys were not going for her marriage her son’s name was some Christian name which couldn’t fit to my memory. There our chat goes for some time; suddenly the old man screamed holding his chest. He got a mild heart attack. I reported to the checker and he got some doctor from other compartment for first aid.
We all were tensed because of these in some minutes, train halted at the next station and an emergency squad handled the old man for further treatment, his wife went with them. We were told that train would halt for 1 hour, since they stopped here unscheduled and have to wait for opposite train clearing track. I just returned to the coupe and saw that she was struggling to make her son sleep.
And we were only in the coupe as the old couple went away. I asked her what the problem is. She said he is hungry for milk and she couldn’t find anything in the station since it was a state-wide bundh in that day. I just had a half-finished biscuit packet and gave to her. She said that he couldn’t eat them since he doesn’t have teeth. I planned to search outside station since we had time from her face I concluded that she too was in hungry and told her.
I will get something for both and I came out of the station. I couldn’t find anything other than some roadwalas. I approached an auto-wala and explained the situation. He assured the help but demanded for hundred rupees. I accepted that. Then in 10 minute ride, he dropped me to a hut and told me to ask the lady in the hut. He said that she is drug-seller, due to the cops’ pressure on this trade
They began selling drug with the milk and I only have to ask her for the milk alone. The lady told me that she doesn’t give the milk alone and I have to buy the drug powder too. I cursed myself for getting into these, if I didn’t buy, then the autowala would not take me to the station again and I will miss my train with no other option, I accepted the demand and gave them almost money in my wallet.
I told her not to mix the powder with the milk. She agreed and gave the milk in a flask and gave me the drug powder in a packet even I denied that. She said it’s there tact and put it in my shirt packet. I said fuck in my mind with a smile on my face. She added that the powder will have its effect for 10 hours. I didn’t say anything and came out of the hut. Autowala returned me to the station and there is 5 more minutes left.
I returned to the coupe and from outside itself, I could hear her son’s scream. I got into the coupe and saw that she was slapping her son. I stopped her, and asked what the problem was. She told that she colluded the biscuits with water making it as paste and feed him but he vomited on her dress itself. I persuaded her and said I have the milk.
She cleaned herself and the seat and poured some milk to the flask’s top and went to the door persuading her son to drink milk. Then only I was realized that all my biscuits was gone and cursed her, since I had nothing to eat. I too was hungry and I didn’t buy anything for myself in the thought of biscuits. I felt the packet on my shirt packet. I moved and watched her at the door. Her dress was wet because of cleaning and her tops stuck to her body.
I gazed at her and a wild fox blew air at my mind. She hasn’t changed much as from the college, only a little flesh added to her parts. Her son drank the milk and she is making him sleep. I thought why couldn’t I can user her tonight, since I spent the thousands of money for her son. It’s only 11 now, the train will reach destination at morning 10.30 only. Since the effect will long last only for 10 hours there couldn’t be any problem. 
I get inside the couch and opened the packet. I drank some milk for my hunger and then I mixed the powder with the milk and waited for her. She entered the coupe carrying her son acting as a life saver, I gave the milk to her and took her son and I made him lie on the berth. She said thanks, Mugul. I don’t know how to repay for these helps. I just smiled and said in my mind I knew, how to repay.
She drank all the milk at once. She didn’t notice the taste of the milk, since she was in hunger. I switched off the light and we settled in out berths. She and her son were in lower births and I was in my upper birth. In a few minutes I saw that she was fast asleep with her mouth open dripping saliva due to the effect of drug.
I went down and confirmed that she was sleeping. I closed her mouth; put her hands above her head. I placed my hands on either side of her body on her armpits. I felt her shape by traversing my hands through her side of boobs, hips, butts and her legs. My cock was throbbing because this was my first time then, I peeped outside the coupe and checked that no one was there.
I went to checker’s cabin and door was open. I peeped inside and saw that he was boozed and flatted on his table. Then I returned to my coupe and switched on the light. She was in the same position as I kept her. I locked the door and took her son and placed him on the upper birth. I closed the window curtains. I lifted her and placed her on the ground.
I got down over her and she was felt like a couch. Her face was not so good looking when compared to her figure but who cares that for a dried land like me. I licked her lips first. Then I French kissed her and bit her lower lip and pulled it. Oh man, what a lips, my cock started poking her legs. I licked her nose, ears and chin. Her face was shining with my saliva. I overturned her and I got under her. 
I opened her mouth and I pierced my tongue in her mouth. I licked whatever in her mouth, her saliva leaked to my mouth and it tasted delicious at that time. I hugged her and with my finger and I found her ass crack and lined it by my finger inserting her dress inside her crack. I was an ass lover. She is one of the girls in college who has a shaped ass.
I would watch her in class, whenever she stands up from desk her dress will get clinched to the ass making as a cleavage. I felt excited that the ass I used for fapping in my dreams is in my hands for real. I sucked lips while doing so I separated her ass cheeks forcibly and searched for asshole. I couldn’t find that due to her clothes. I groped her ass cheeks hard as much as I could. I got mad and dropped her on floor and her ass was in my view.
I hold her ass cheeks in my both hands and massaged it like chapatti flour mixing. I lowered my mouth and byte her ass over dress as harder as biting a meat. I made her lie on her back. I kissed her foot then traversed my lips through her legs, crotch, stomach and boobs. I released her pin on the shoulder and took her shawl out. Her boobs are dancing to the train’s rhythm and I caught cold of them.
It was the softest thing I had ever touched. I was groping one boob with sucking another and vice versa. My mouth was burning due to her churidhar material. I unzipped her churidhaar top and took out of her body. I untied her bottom knot and pulled out that too. She wore a banyan and a half pant till her knees. I removed her banyan and found she was wearing a netted bra inside.
And inside that semi-pant she was wearing a thong material. She had lot of fire-scars like hit by cigarette in her both thighs. Seems it was her husband’s work and he must be cruel with her. I wondered why she was wearing these much clothes in this time of summer. She looked like a model in her black netted bra and red thong. 
Moreover she can be perfectly termed as a bitch in this dress and I don’t know whether family girls wear thongs. Her bra shows 34 and her thong reads 38. She must have 32 at her middle. Seeing 38 at her thong I desired to see her ass again. I turned her and saw her naked ass for first time. Her ass was naked with a string passing through her ass crack. Her ass cheeks were red due to my groping.
I started groping again and licking her naked ass. I bit her ass cheek and pulled it. Then I took my digital camera out of my bag. I made her stand with tying her hand on the rails of upper birth with her shawl and her bottom. I tied her hair tight to the bar behind her so that her head wouldn’t hang down. I focussed her body through camera such that the ties on her hand and hair wouldn’t show up.
She was looking like a lingerie model in that gesture. I clicked several shots with her face shown up. I put out her boobs out of her bra without untying it. Her nipple was pink in colour and swollen. I sucked it like a baby and pinching the other nipple. I licked her sweat under her boobs and between her boobs. I smelled her armpits and rubbed it with my hands. I kneeled down to the ground her stomach was in my view.
She has a scar in her lower part of her stomach. She might have a caesarean for her pregnancy. I pierced her belly button with my tongue and fucked her belly hole with my tongue. I moved her thong aside, her pussy was cleanly shaven. I licked her pussy crack from bottom to up. I open her pussy lips and licked her swollen clitoris. I sucked her pussy like a machine and some feminine liquids were dripping even though she was unconscious.
I removed her lingerie and took a snap of her nude body. I removed all my dress and my cock saluted her body. My cock had attained hardness like never before then and I put her legs aside to my body and put my cock through her pussy. It took some attempts since I was not experienced and she was unconscious. Her pussy was tight like a virgin since she had caesarean for pregnancy. 
I pushed my cock to her and pulled her towards me by holding her ass. In some minutes I became tired due to her weight and this sex position. So, I untied her and made lie on the ground again and took the missionary position. I fucked her like nothing since it was an easy position for me. I didn’t want to cum in her pussy so I made her lie on her stomach.
I took her face cream from her handbag and applied it on her asshole and fingered her to make it wide. It seems that her husband didn’t fuck her ass. I applied cream to my cock and pushed it in her asshole. It was three times tighter than her pussy and I struggled to get the rhythm. I put my camera to video mode and recorded the fuck with my one hand and holding her legs through pussy and fucking her.
I put my camera aside and with full strength I fucked her with holding her hips and cum in her ass and in her ass cheeks. I was tired and lied over her with my cock inside her ass after some time and I got up and began to fuck in her mouth. I recorded that in my camera, it was looking like she is sucking my cock with her eyes closed in pleasure. I hit her throat with my cock and her teeth were scratching my cock skin.
Fucking her face was different experience than fucking her pussy. So I cum within a few minutes in her mouth and I rubbed it over her face and boobs. Everything was recorded in my camera. I was excited that I am not a virgin any more. I towelled her body with my banyan and her ass with my underwear. It took some time to put her all clothes to her and I got dressed too. Then I washed her face with water.
I took her body-spray from her handbag and sprayed it all over her body to prevent the smell of my cum. I checked her son, he was still asleep. I made her lie on the berth and went to the bathroom to clean myself. It was 5 in the morning and there is some more time for her to get awaken. I have no mood to sleep now since I have to travel for 1 more day. I thought of having her cell phone number. 
I got it from her handbag and viewed it. It was the same number that she had at the time of college. I viewed her messages, it was normal as having some telemarketing and chatting with friends. Then I viewed the memory card too, it just had her son’s photos and other boring stuffs. Then I opened her travel bag and viewed it. It had a large number of panties and bras with other clothes.
I thought she and her hubby would have lingerie collection as a hobby. I took a few and put it in my bag for fapping. She was still asleep and I had an hour more. So I thought of make use of her again. I just made her lie on ground again and lowered all her clothes. I licked her pussy and sucked it. I fucked her pussy with my cock, this time like an expert. I over turned her and made use of her ass again still my desire was not satisfied on her ass.
I bit her ass with my teeth and pulled it as far as I can. I bit her ass again and again. Then her body has shown some movements. Looks like she wakening up. I quickly took a snap of her half naked body with her face shown up and covered all her dress. I made her lie as the same as previous night and I got to my berth. I looked at my watch there is still some time left, but she waken up before the time, maybe because of biting her.
I satisfied that the money I spent yesterday is worth less than her body. Train has entered another state and the sky is also lightening up. I acted as asleep and watched her with my partially closed eyes. She woken up and got down from the berth, the first thing she did was rubbing her ass. She checked her son and tried to wake up me. I acted for some seconds and woke up like a real sleeper. 
She said that the train coupe has bed bugs and it has bitten all over her body. I smiled and laughed in my mind as I knew which bed bug has bitten her and where it was. I got some snacks for her in the next station, her son also woken up. We chatted again for some time, all the time she was rubbing her bitten ass, hiding it by her bag then we shared our contacts and she got down from train with her son.
I watched her from window and her hubby was smoking and waiting for her. I confirmed that he only shot her thighs with cigarette. She waved her hand secretly without a hint to her husband and walk away. I noticed that she doesn’t said anything about me to her hubby and waved me with cautious of her husband. So, he might torture her and should have doubt on her character. That’s why she doesn’t show up me to him while she is walking away.
I noticed her ass swaying up and down. I thought of make use of her again. I transferred all photos and videos which I shot yesterday to my mobile and watched it again and again till my destination arrived. These videos laid to the new episode with her, 2 weeks back. I would post them in a separate story based on your replies and comments. Please don’t ask any photos or identities. Please let me know your feelings.

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