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My First Experience Of Anr In A Tailors Shop

It was one of the sunny December holidays when we students of a womens college went for conducting a basic cultural and health camp in a small hilly village in down south India. The Village was around six to seven kilometers away in the valley from a small hilly town. It had a very tiny population of around 100 families all workers. The main road which was 2 kms away from the village had a few shops catering daily needs and also a tailor shop at the end of the road on a slope little away from the main road
After a week fo the camp we had just decided to have a cultural show involving the village children and ladies. so we all decided to wear the Indian traditional dress " Saree" on that day. I had brought a saree with me when I came from my place for the camp, but forgot to bring a blouse. Luckily my friend had a unstiched cloth which I can get it stiched and use on the occassion. But I should find a tailor who could stich it for me. Iam one of the very fashionsable stuff and used to very much bothered about fittings in my dresses. On inquiry with the village ladies i could gather that the tailor on the mainroad would be of some help. So i decided to go and give a try. As the other friends were busy wiht thier programmes after the evening tea by about 4 o clock I ventured out through the mountain paths to the mainroad.
I walked slowly enjoying the pollution free atmosphere and humming of birds and took alomost one hour to reach the place. When I spotted out the shop I found that the shutter was half closed and there was no one to answer. One man going near by on the road told me that he had just seen the tailor going for a tea in a near by tea shop. So i decided to wait.

It took almost half an hour for the tailor to return. He was looking more fashionable for that village with a tall figure and as he entered he just asked me "have you brought the slip for taking ur cloth back?" I said I have come to give an order for stiching a blouse. He looked at me once. The look was a little different. Then he immediately said come in and opened the sutter in full. i follwed him into the shop. It was a small room with two tailoring machines with a stool each and a bench on the side where hardly three people can sit with difficulty. On the otherside was a show case where few clothes stiched were hung for show and an alimarah where the finished orders were placed.
By this time the sun has alomost bid good bye and the place started getting dark. He switched on the light. It was a tube light but was not properly working. After giving a trial for five minutes at last he switched on the ordinary bulb which gave a dim light in the room
He then asked me " ok give me the order , but....", before he could complete I handed over the bluose piece to him and told him that I am in a great urgency to get it stiched at any cost by the next day evening and ready to pay the charges he demands in completing the order. I catiously added that the fiting should be perfect. He gave me a second deep look. This time it was little funny. " Ok where is the measurement model? " he asked me. Only then I realsied that I dont have one as I have not brought any from my place. But still in view of the urgency I had to get it stiched . I was little confused what to do and told him the fact. He smiled and siad " If you dont mind i can take measurements and then stich". Thsi appeared to be a good proposal for me and I nodded my head. I was wearing a jeans and a red tea shirt.

He asksed me to stand behind the sewing machines and neqar the bench and got ready for taking measurements. He came near me with a measuring tape and made me stand erect catching my shoulders. looked at my body and started taking measuerments and noted on the book kept nearby. He went to my backside and standing very close to take the back side neck measurements. I could feel his body almos rubing on my back. I could smell his nice perfume smell and was wondering how come a tailor in such a village uses such a good perfume. But the smell was enjoyable. Suddenly i heard his voice near my right ear. See i have taken the measurements But i cannot assure you about the fitting as the shirt you are wearing is very loose and i am not in a position to get the exact measurements over it.

I was again confused. I could not imagine how to wear a blouse wiht out a proper fillting. He added " but if you allow me to take the measurements again after removing the shirt I can try." I had no other go then to agree for that and just hesitated for a moment. He siad " dont bother , I will down the shutter any way ti si alomost time for me to close thee shop so no ther customer would come now". I agreed and he closed the shutter. In that closed small room in a corner myself and the tailor near me. i could find his breath getting hot whe he came near me. Even my breath was also getting hotter. The smell of his perfume was filling the whole place and made me cloes my eyes and enjoy slowly penetrating inot my body and creating feelings.
He woke me up," now remove your shirt". I simply oneyed.I have a reasobly good figure. Iam 155 cms tall average bult wiht round abd big breasts of 36 c size. fair in colour. he looked at my body for a minute and got involved into the beauty of the ****. He murmured "wonderful boobs! I am lucky!". I asked "What??" He said nothing and s tarted again wiht a tape. At this junctue suddenly the lights went off. I got shcoked and asked "what happened?" He said "nothing power went off". Oh now how ill you take measurements? I asked him. he said dont worry I have a candle. But to view the measurements wiht thencandle light would be difficult. Iam an experienced tailor. I can take measuremnts with my hands and stich a fitting blouse. I again agreed as i was craving for his touch from inside.
The candle was lit and me and the handsome man near each other in the candle light. He went to my back and stood close to me hugged me from the back his front touching my back. cuffed my **** with his hands in full and just was observing for afew minutes. I was getting melted. He then slwoly moved his fingers round my boobs searching for some thing and tried to figure out the center of the bra and  just held the centre portion between his two fingers and  asked me" is this your point". He was actualy touching my nipples but they were slipping away from his fingers under the bra. I was enjoying his movement of fingers all the time so when he questioned suddenly came to senses and said" what were you asking?". He thought i did not understand what he asked and repeated ina different way" is this the point you feed ?" I felt liilte shy and nodded my head. he plced his thum over that point and moved the index finger all over the circumference of the brest on both sides simoultaneously for a few mintes and was nothing some figures in the note book. On and off he did not forgetto caress my **** over the bra and slightly press and turn the nipples. I loved the feeling and was enjoying the touch of a man for the first time in my ****.
Now he came to my front side. standing very close to me said. "Now let me verify the measurements I recorded" . He just cuffed his hands over my **** and I felt nice. He brought his fingers to the tip and again the nipple slipped off. He got little annoyed and said. " You are wearing an awful bra". Even with out waiting for my nod he lifted the bra and made my **** to hang free. He said" you have got wonderful boobs but you hide then in an awful bra. Why dont you go for a better one? this is not fiting you properly!" He then started measuring again. he touched my nipples first and said a very juicy and attractive breast. I liked his comments and smiled in shy. He said this is the point where you feed. he was caressing my **** now. They were rolling in his hands and nipples were rubbing his palms.
As I had a great interst in lactation and had never fed any one so far I gathered my strenth to ask him" will I get milk now?" He replied " I dont know i have to check and tell you" we both sat on the bench now. he came on my laps and I started feeding him from my left breast. he took the nipple in his mouth and started sucking slowly. He circled his tongue over the arola and again started sucking. Intitaly it was a good feeling and nothing unusual was felt. His hand was playing with my other nipple. Slowly he sucks became hard and long and  I felt as if some thing is flowing out of my body through the nipples. We both were enjoying it. He spend fifteen minutes over there and shifted the other side. As we had a similar experience with the other side, suddenly  the room was lit as the power came. We returned to our senses. i got up and dressed. he smiled and said i know your measurements. Come and take your order tomorrow evening.

It was very late by the time I returned and all the way and allthrough night I was thinking about my frist experience and was creaving to meet him again the next day. The next  eveing by about the same time when I went to his shop I was disappointed to see that he was not there. A boy in the shop handed over the packet of stiched blouse to me and said  that  the payment  I can make the next day as the tailor has gone out fo station. In my disappointed mood i did not even had the interest of checking the blouse but simply carreid the packet and returned.
After the dinner in the camp when I opened the packet to check I found a nicely stiched blouse and aslo a black bra of my size kept in the packet along wiht a note." This is my gift Please dont come back to pay me!" The next day I was wearing the blouse in the function and every one was praising the fitting of the blouse. After the event when I  was removing the blouse i noticed the lable of a shop in the inner side and found out that it was a lable of a ready made blouse brand. I verified the packet in which the blouse was given to me and found that it was the packet from a ladies apperal shop in the hilly town near by. Only then I realised how I was fooled by the taior and decided to visit the shop again.
When I went there,  I was surprised to see that one old man was sitting and stiching the clothes. On inquiry he told me that he had to urgently go out of the town for two days he during which  time he had requested his nephew who had come to visit him to look after the shop. Though the boy is well educated he was good enough to take up this work and honoured the delivery of orders to the customers with out disappointing them he said.

The camp was over and we returned . For the next five years i did not meet him and I had joined a job after the college. During one of the busy schedules of work I was asked to go for a discussion for giving orders for erection of a machinery in the factory to a famous company. When I walked into the room of the Vice president of the company to get the contract signed I was schoked to see the same smiling eyes. The same man , my breast loving tailor was sitting there . With a naughty smile in his face he recognised me rightly and asked" So you have come to give the second order?"

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