Monday, 30 September 2013

Tale Of Two Fingers

As the sweat poured down my naked torso in rivulets, my body engaged the pale naked housewife underneath me; our sweat and secretions intermingling constantly.
There were no words between us, for none were needed. Our bodies communicated with each other through another language.

As I slammed my cock against her wet slippery twat, for the umpteenth time, my movements became more mechanical. Evermore I wondered about women and their sexual needs. It had not taken too much effort on my part to make this temple attending, vermillion wearing housewife to submit to me. I had taken control of her body so completely, I wondered if this was a fleeting dream. So much repressed sexuality there is in the archetypical Indian housewife!

She bore the name of Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth. And what a wealth of sexuality she possessed!

"Oh my god doctor," moaned Lakshmi. Her first intelligible words since our tryst began.

Good. My grinding and pounding of her privates was getting to her. I too was almost spent.

"My beautiful Lakshmiiiii....." I moaned. I bore down on her my hands resting on her ample breasts, their hard tipped nipples so erect and taut in-between my finger tips.

As I intensified my thrusts, her body reacted.

"Please doctor sir...please..." she whimpered, her teeth biting her lips.

"Please what?" I demanded, breathless from my sexual exertions.

"Please don't...." she started.

"Do this?" I finished for her.

I plunged myself long and deep into her, making sure I ground my pubis against her swollen clitoris (yes I am a doctor and yes knowledge of female anatomy helps). Her responsive throaty groaning satisfied me.

At forty years, she was near peri-menopausal, and her tight cunt told me volumes about her sexual inactivity. But she had wetted herself quite eagerly when I had first started fondling her through her saree (more on that later).

As I pounded her near incessantly, I realized, I was having unprotected sex; with a house wife, in her husbands bed.

I mostly go after married women. There is a sense of fantastic pleasure in fucking the shit out of a married house wife, that I can never get with a single woman.

Most of the married woman, I have dallied with, more often than not, insisted on protection. Some don't. And they are the best fucks I have ever had.

Lakshmi was one of my best fucks ever.

Now let me get this out of the way. Yes I am a doctor and yes it's better to wear protection, but as I was fucking Lakshmi into some 'never before' mind blowing orgasm, I could have cared less. My cock inside her, our sweaty bodies, vibrating with the pulse of absolute sexual energy, and the fact that my body had diverted most of my blood away from my brain, to my cock, had something to do with it.

"Please don't...inside me doctor," begged Lakshmi.

"Ok," I said insincerely.

As I drew my self out of Lakshmi's shuddering body, I knew it would be the last time.

My next thrust into her sent my brains pleasure centers into hyper drive.

Unable to control myself (and quite frankly not wanting to) I let my seed gush into her. I squeezed her breasts to redness as I emptied myself into her.

As I withdrew my still erect penis and surveyed some of my best work. My semen stained Lakshmi's labia and a little seed dripped down her pale vulpine thighs. Most of it I had successfully funneled into her womb.

"God doctor, no...." Lakshmi wailed. She did not seem to approve of my copulation.

"It's alright," I told her " it happens sometimes."

She was still sobbing away. I did my part. I cajoled her guilt, convinced her this was a one time thing, so it was okay etc etc, and then fucked the shit out of her from behind.

Let me give you a bit of detail so you understand me. I am a doctor. Yes I have sworn oaths not to fornicate with my patients, especially not the married ones. But I can't help it. I am addicted to married women.

I will use every chance I have to violate them. I simper, I smirk. I flirt. When the moment seems right, I pounce. I use whatever knowledge I have of their bodies, to coerce them into sexual acts.

My most useful moment is when I have to examine them. My clever fingers caress their neck, backs, bare bellies (all in the interest of a good thorough examination).

A little touch here, a soft caress there. Women will jump when you touch them right. And some right into your bed (or theirs).

Lakshmi had come to me with a certain problem.

"So," I asked, "Lakshmi what is your complaint?"

"I have a burning sensation in my vagina, doctor," she replied.

Most women in India don't really say 'vagina' to their male counterparts.

I saw the effort it took her. Lakshmi's face flushed with embarrassment.

"Don't feel bad madam," I said. "You can be frank with me."

"Here," I said helping her on to my table. "Let me examine you."

She was a bit hesitant initially. She must have been guided to me by one of my former fucks. I could feel it. Why though I could not guess. There is another advantage to boning married women. They don't talk about it.

The proper procedure for vaginal examination is to use gloves. Like condoms, gloves are essential. Ahhh... the rubber industry.

But expert surgeons will tell you that, bare handed examinations are the best. Honestly I don't give a crap.

I always use gloves. Except when my patients have good fuck potential.

Needless to say with Lakshmi, I was bare handed.

My hands pressed gently on her bare midriff.

"Pain here madam?" I queried.

"No doctor," she replied.

My hand moved lower across her bare stomach.


"No doctor."

I move my hand to a spot I fancied just below her navel and to the right.

"what about here?" I asked, my face bearing a look of supreme concentration.

She answered in the negative. Of course she did! There was nothing there. This is how I routinely examined the bellies of saree donning women I fancied.

I then scraped my hand, testing the limits of modesty; the heel of palm just brushing against her pubic hair, which sprouted out a little from the confines of her saree.

Lakshmi's face tightened. Here was a stranger with his hand on her pubic hair. But wait! I was no stranger- I was the doctor!

"Ok madam," I said, "there appears to be nothing wrong with your stomach."

"I told you," answered Lakshmi, threw gritted teeth, "the problem is lower."

"I know madam, but I have to do a full examination. It's procedure."

"That's okay, so what now?"

I let regret paint most of my features as I said: "With your permission madam I will have to examine lower."

"But don't you have a nurse or a female attendant, who can examine me?"

"Sure madam; but they don't have the same skill set as me."

"Oh," answered Lakshmi, as she considered.

I put on my most poker and professional face, and waited.

"Fine." answered Lakshmi, a soft resigned sigh escaped her lips.

"Please sign these papers madam; for consent," I said.

A quick signature followed.

Lakshmi closed her eyes tightly, as I gently pulled her saree, above her thighs. After this I lifted her silky white petticoat, and was offered a glance of her womanly secrets, barred only by a black nylon panty. This gave me pause. Women here, when they wear a saree and petticoat, mostly don't wear any underwear. Even I hesitated as, as I put my hands on the tightening straps of her panty, and began to pull it down.

Lakshmi screamed, causing me to pause in her undress. She stifled her scream with a fist, her eyes tightly shut. This gave me some encouragement, and I ventured forth, gently pulling her underwear all the way down her thighs, around her knees and up above her ankles. I gently placed the freshly removed underwear on a worktable beside me, resisting the urge to smother my face in it.

And I now finally had an unobstructed view of a beautiful housewife's genitalia. Her thighs were pale and free of blemish. She was well shaved/waxed. Her dark mound of pubic hair, a sharp contrast, to the surrounding lush white skin.

Wasting little time, I poised my fingers, ready to plunge.

"I am ready to explore you madam," I said, smothering a smile which threatened me, at my choice of words.

Lakshmi gave me her mute approval, with a violent shaking of her head. I suppose a faithful married woman, might feel a modicum of discomfort, at being partially naked before a man other than her husband. But come on! I am a doctor. She was behaving as if I had prepared her to be raped. Have a little faith people.

I moved my fingertips slowly against her quivering labia( yes quivering!). So tense was she that her entire body was shaking, and I was unable to let even a single finger into her vagina.

"Madam, you are too tense," I said, patting her thigh reassuringly. I met with little success.

"Take deep breaths," I suggested. She did. I was rewarded by the slow rising and falling of her lovely mounds, which I blithely observed from in-between her legs, and over the course of her bare belly.

Slowly my fingertips crested her labia again, and slowly I was able to slide my index finger into her. As soon as I did however she tensed again, her love tunnel clamping down on my beleaguered index finger.

It was my turn to grit my teeth.

"Madam, please," I repeated.

"I'm trying," was her response.

I decided on a whim, to follow another tack.

Ever so softly I pressed my thumb, and rubbed against the general location of her clitoris. This could be contrived as sexual harassment, I suppose. But it calmed her down. I have a proclivity for fingering, and I upped my clit-massage a notch.

This was met with general silence, and a stifled moan. I labored on, my index finger flexing and twitching from within her vagina, my thumb from without.

Her head and upper torso rolled forward, and her mouth moved as if to form words of the barest protest; and I quietly continued my ministrations, face expressionless.

Her eyes rolled back into her skull, as her body became supine again.

No one can completely separate themselves from pure pleasure.

Every time Lakshmi tried something, anything I would simply just ignore her and continue what I was doing.

A rational part of her knew that what I was doing was wrong. Another part of her probably thought I was just a doctor doing his job, trying to make her relax, so I could do what I must. A third, secret and hidden part of her wanted this. So are we a sum of all parts. Which is why, it is sometimes difficult to understand someone and their intentions.

Humans are sexual creatures. We may be other things yes, but at our core we are primal beings. Fear, food and fucking pretty much governs everything we do.

So I gave to Lakshmi what she secretly craved. But, not completely. Just as suddenly, as pleasure had suffused her senses, so also was it brutally withdrawn. I halted my actions watching Lakshmi intently.

Sweat beaded her forehead, plastering a long strand of her hair. Her tongue lolled about in her mouth, half in, half out, like a dog's.

"That's it madam." I said, washing my hands in the basin. I grabbed her by the shoulders helping her up. I could still feel her trembling. I smiled at her, the model of medical professionalism.

Lakshmi was confused. Now she did not know whether I was being sexual or professional. She could not ask me, for obvious reasons. She was wondering if all that happened was natural, perhaps and many people went through it. She could not ask her friends, for if she really was being sexually violated, it would ostracize her in front of society and family. And she sure as hell could not ask her husband, for what it would entitle. She was trapped and cornered like a rat, and what had happened here would stay between the two of us.

To put it mildly she was very very, very confused. Which was exactly what I wanted; confused women are extremely vulnerable to advances. Plainly put, the more confused a woman is, the easier it gets to break her walls down and the easier it is to fuck her.

Even now, she was belatedly trying to evaluate whether I had taken advantage of her, or just done my job, or if I had an ulterior motive.

I helped her to her feet, convinced her there was nothing wrong with her, gave her my bill of clean health. All in all, I was a model of professional courtesy; slightly spoiled by my handing her, her underwear.

As she dressed, her saree I waited in the room, watching her ass cheeks wiggle as clothed herself.

Again she was confused as to whether I was just being courteous or whether I had carnalintentions.

As she left my office, I felt as if a part of her wanted to stay and ask questions, another part of her just wanted to flee.

A good few days later I was surprised to see Lakshmi's name on my appointment list. Needless to say i found a way to send away my nurse.

I kept my face carefully poised as I looked upon Lakshmi.

"What's the problem now madam?" I asked nonchalantly.

She was as nervous as a tic.

I could not read her at all.

"Same problem doctor," she mumbled, "but now there is some constipation and indigestion also." where was this going?

I was immediately wary and suspicious. I had fingered the hell out of this woman to near orgasm. I knew she was afraid of me and my intentions, so what was this?

"Are you sure madam?" I asked, "I would have to 'examine' you again." As I said this I watched her face carefully again. Nothing! God she was becoming as good at this as me! This scared me a little but also elicited an excitement in me that I could scarcely fathom. I felt a very real stirring in my loins.

Well, two can play a game.

"Indigestion? Constipation?"

"Yes doctor."

"This time I will have to examine your rectum also," I said.

"What does that mean doctor?" she asked.

I explained. And I watched her face carefully.

She quailed. But, accepted bravely.

A few minutes, and a few consent forms later, she was back on my table.

This time as I lifted up her saree and petticoat, she did not tense. But she did close her eyes again, as I exposed her vagina. One surprise awaited me, Lakshmi wore no underwear this time. Again wary, I took stock of the situation.

Here were the facts as I saw them:

First and foremost I had handled her previously in a very sexual way, one she was relatively not used to.

She had almost had an orgasm, but I had stopped midway. The way these religious Hindu women were, no one had ever done that to her. May be she wanted to experience orgasm and wanted me to finish what I started.

This could just be entrapment, something her husband suggested after she confided in him.

She had just agreed to a rectal exam, and had signed the consent forms. But I was not going to kid my self. If she filed for any kind of harassment she would kick up a shit storm that would end me permanently.

She had agreed to a rectal exam.

As for the entrapment, I brushed it aside. No man would recommend to his wife that she again visit, the doctor who had fingered his wife silly.

All these thoughts flickered through my skull, as I separated Lakshmi's lush thighs. Her legs were so delicious! I just wanted to start licking them. Forcing such thoughts from my mind, I advanced.

"Doctor, I have a question," Lakshmi's voice cut threw the smoky haze of possibilities drifting threw my mind.

"Can you not use gloves this time?"

"I could," I sauntered, "But I find that I can better assess abnormalities based on actual palpation."

Again her face was unreadable.

She settled back again, as if resigned to her fate. I again pried apart her legs, bending them at the knees and settled her in the lithotomy position. Her eyes were closed and she relaxed.

I began, by stroking her sex with the palm of my hand. Such a blatantly sexual move should have roused her anger, if she felt herself wronged. But her face was carefully neutral, her eyes still shut, but not tightly as previously. There was a kind of relaxed knowing, to her countenance which was not there previously.

I let my fingers brush carelessly against her cunt lips, from above and below, from right and left. I slipped my index and middle fingers into her opening and began exploring away inside.

Her lack of reaction fascinated me. Lakshmi was fast, for me, becoming an experiment in sexual study. I explored her vaginal anatomy for some more time, waiting for her body to secrete the required lubricants. A little lubricant was secreted, but not as much as previously. I was disappointed, but steeled myself from stimulating her further. She was behaving as if this was some kind of massage and not a serious examination of her body.

I withdrew my fingers from her cunt. As I did I thought i saw a flicker of some emotion pass across her lovely features.

It felt a little smug.

I sucked on the two fingers I had inserted into Lakshmi's married vagina, suckling on the cunt juices, as I savored her, in contemplative repose.

Perhaps, if she saw me sucking on my fingers like that, things would have been different. Perhaps, not. I would never know.

Miffed at the smug look on her face, I placed my index finger on her puckered anus. I gently rimmed the hole, tracing soft circles around it, feeling the little tufts of hair.

Slowly and surely I inserted my index finger into her anal verge.

Her body stiffened again, her back arching and her anal sphincters contracted, barring access to my finger.

"Relax madam, please relax," I tried to assure her, my finger resting on the entrance to her ass.

Her tense body relaxed slightly, and synchronously so did her anus.

Ever the opportunist, I slipped my index finger deep into her ass.

She grunted, but allowed me to do as I pleased. I rolled my index finger in Lakshmi's asshole,feeling her rectal walls thoroughly.

As I was fingering her rectum, my thumb moved, resting on her clitoris.

I did the same type of movements on her clitoris as before, the only difference being I was now fingering both her clitoris and rectum simultaneously. The effect was near instantaneous.

The moan that cut threw my office was so loud I was glad the place was empty.

Lakshmi's body twisted and my grip on both rectum and vagina slipped.

I took the liberty of grabbing her by her buttocks; and man handled her, back into her supine position.

My fingers found her again, and I continued rubbing on her, now swollen clit with my thumb. My index finger labored alone in the seat of her ass. Her body began jumping up and down, her buttocks moving above the bed and landing on it, in spasms. Similarly her anus, clenched and relaxed, clenched and relaxed, as if guided by some unseen force.

I now wanted to try something a little different. I inserted my thumb into her vagina (now sopping wet and leaking fluids onto my clean bed). I used my thumb and fore-finger as a pincer,approximating the muscles of her cunt and rectum, and began to slowly, almost hypnotically rub the two surfaces against each other.

Lakshmi was whimpering and sobbing at the same time. Her eyes were still closed, unwilling to acknowledge me as I pleasured her so.

I continued in this vein, for sometime, enjoying the sounds of guilt and pleasure as they emanated from Lakshmi's voluptuous mouth.

Then my hand tired. So I shifted my position, resting my elbow on the bed. This change in position caused me involuntarily to bring my face closer to her cunt.

A combination of smells, comprising primarily of hair, sweat and secretions (both anal and vaginal), assaulted my nasal senses. Powerful primal lust seized me so unexpectedly; I might have dropped my pants and fucked her right then and there.

Except, when I was senselessly scrabbling, for my belt buckle with my left hand, Lakshmi squirted.

Yes. She squirted.

 The close proximity of my face to her genitalia, made sure I got the brunt of the spray.
Her sexual fountain danced on my, nose, mouth and lips. A little got on my forehead as well.

As I was lapping at her sexual excretions, she finally opened her eyes. And was forced, to acknowledge me.

A look of the deepest guilt and shame washed over her lovely features, and her composure crumpled. Tears ran like rivers down her face.

God I swear, women can cry just as easily as men make fists!

I manfully put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to me in an embrace. She wailed pitifully on my shoulder and I cajoled her.

Somewhere in the midst of all the cajoling I managed to kiss her. This, despite the secretions that coated my mouth.

The rest as they say, is history.

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