Friday, 6 September 2013

Usha losing virginity of Jiju

Hi. I am Usha, girl of urban city living in capital of India and this is about losing my virginity to my Jiju. For intro first of all I will say that for a girl like me who was really very keen to experience sex since my collage days it was really very unfortunate that even at the age of 34 I was unmarried and virgin.
As I have very dark color complexion, I never had that sort of friendship with any guy which can lead to physical relation in future. Truly speaking no guy approached me in that way till my collage life as among all my collage mates everyone was seeking fair and beautiful girl to run an affair and at my end I never dared to give any hint to any guy that I want to get involved
with him that way and want to experience intimate relation and this problem persists even today as even after my post graduation I am yet not married and that is mainly because of my dark complexion and I can say in addition to that I am Maanglik. Talking about my appearance I am not at all bad looking,
it is just that I am very dark rather if my skin color would have fair then people would have counted me in good looking girls, physically I have a luscious body which any guy can dream for his bed partner. Standing 5’5” I am full-breasted woman in my mid-thirties having flat belly and nice fleshy arms and thighs with delectable ass mounds.
And my Jiju with whom I got involved physically and who finally took my virginity, even he is physically very fit, his body is stunning; immensely powerful he carries not an ounce of surplus flesh on him. His shoulders are sprawling slabs of muscles; his chest is wide and deep, heavily cleaved, his belly is hard and every muscle is clearly defined. Beneath, his buttocks are taut and firm.

His face is gentle and handsome, with a fine, strong nose, a square jaw, even white teeth, and dark caressing, sensuous eyes and I must say that for a amateur like me in bed he was revelation, he fucked me nicely in the beginning and made me absorb the pain of getting ruptured for the first time comfortably and then showed me real pleasure of being a female.
Anyway getting back into sequence of the incident I will say that this fact that I have been rejected several times for marriage by the guys of my cast because of my color complexion and sometimes because of being Maanglik was not hidden from anybody among my family and Jiju also knew this and like my parents and sister, for me he too was having soft corner in his heart.
And from my side since six years from the time my sister got married to him I was somewhat fan of my Jiju, he is having rightly balanced nature; impeccably mannered, gentle and kind with very genuine sense of humor, and as I defined physically he was having kind of physique that any girl can dream for her fucking partner,
he had an easy charm and grace and that drew me towards him and after masturbating for years while fantasizing him fucking me in various positions that night my dream came true. I don’t know how it happened, it was not at all planned, though I desperately wanted that to happen but I must mention that it was just not me, attraction was mutual and I took decision to get loved by him in a fraction and he did that.
While being alone with each other that way for the first time in last six years I took the opportunity to feel the pleasure of man and we both had real good time on bed and since then this time has not came to an end as I am still unmarried and I still get on bed with him but bit irregularly may be hardly twice or maximum thrice a month.
Now I would like to take readers straight to the incident, all this started when Jiju came to my place to pick us (me and my parents) to attend one marriage party in very close relation. Venue was closer to my house and after marriage function he was suppose to stay at our place.
Initially Didi and Jiju both were suppose to come for this marriage so as such I was having nothing in my mind but on the same day program of my sister got cancelled as her mother in law took her somewhere else in her relation and I came to knew this change in their plan in the same afternoon, that it will be just Jiju who will attend the marriage and after that he will stay at our place for the night.
Everything ran as per schedule, Jiju reached to my place around 6-630 straight from his work place and started to get ready, at that time I was at half ready stage, I had a plan of wearing a Sari and I was wearing a gown over blouse and petticoat and busy in making up my face and as it ended I took off my gown to wear a sari and this fact totally slipped out of my mind that Jiju
is still in the washroom of the same bedroom and as expected Jiju randomly came out of the washroom and stood in front of me and specifically at that time while looking into mirror I was adjusting my breasts in the blouse while revealing my deep cleavage and that day for the first time I saw Jiju staring at me with lustful expressions but it ended very soon with a fumble as I reacted as I realized and Jiju moved out of the room immediately.
Outwardly I remained busy in getting ready but truly speaking deep inside I was shivering, I was going through strange sensation and certainly it was not at all embarrassment, to my surprise I was feeling happy and because of that blissful feeling I was failing in wearing Sari in a correct way and struggled to set proper plates for very long.
I wanted to call my mom to help me but she was little far from the room in which I was getting ready and there was no way I could call her at that time. Suddenly I heard some noise outside in the living room, I opened the door and it was Jiju I spoke to him if he can call my mom and like few minutes back I was still just in blouse and petticoat,
though I behaved casual as if nothing is odd but I could make out that for few seconds Jiju’s eyes were stuck to my big breasts, specifically to my deep cleavage and as he realized that I am looking at him he reacted and moved from there to upstairs to call my mom. I don’t know why and how I went in front of him, everything happened so fast, since Jiju came out of the toilet,
till I went in front of him in the same state again that I did not got much chance to think but certainly this time it was purely intentional, as I heard some noise outside I was somewhat sure that it is none other than Jiju, even then I went in front of him just to make him look at my body one more time and Jiju somewhat did that, from her expressions and basic gesture I could make out that he was conscious like never before.
Anyway after few minutes my mom came and helped me out and in some more time we all moved out to attend the marriage. As It was marriage of our side me and my parents knew almost everyone and we got busy in meeting people and Jiju got isolated for a while but later as expected I came to him and casually asked him what would he like to have.
As such there was nothing wrong in his gesture but I could make out that frankness which uses to persist between us was missing a bit and I really enjoyed his state. Finally after bit of discussion over the menu I took the way to get something to eat which he asked with sex occupied mind and came back beside him and gave him full company.
Jiju was uncomfortable throughout the time we sat together in solitude while having 3-4 snacks, at my end I was also bit uneasy, it was strange feeling, pleasant and bit weird, I was happy because he was conscious and in between I was smiling without any reason and Jiju too can make out that.
After bit more time we decided to move to the dinner hall and before taking him to the dinner hall I took him to few of our relatives so that he can register his presence. As such there was no need of his introduction so we moved rapidly among relatives and reached to the dinner hall.
We had dinner together and now I could make out that slowly Jiju was getting bit normal in his way of talking but he was talking very less as compared to past and he seemed thinking much more than normal and couple of times I saw him staring at my breasts and I really like that.
As I said from the time my sister was married to him I was somewhat fan of my Jiju and gradually as Didi detailed me about his nature and his caring attitude towards his wife my respect for him went on increasing, deep inside my heart I was desiring for a guy like him for matrimony and truly speaking whoever guy I met for my match I always compared him with my Jiju and felt dishearten
and like that I really don’t know when this respect got turned into attraction and then into infatuation from my side. I never realized that how and when I started fantasizing about Jiju and without feeling any guilty most of the time while fisting my fuckhole with my own finger I imagined him fucking me while lying on my top.
Must say that I really love my sister even though don’t know why I never hesitated while thinking about him in that perspective may be because I knew this very well that my this desire will always remain in my fantasies, even at that time I was having nothing like that in mind, that I will be lying with my Jiju in bed on the same night but at my end I was sure about one thing,
that tonight after reaching to bed I am going to finger myself while fantasizing Jiju fucking me in my room and I was somewhat waiting for that and because of this eagerness I started to get wet and very soon I was wet like hell in my panties as I could not stop imagining myself lying under his massive body and impact of these thoughts went on my way of talking to him and now I was realizing that like him I was also speaking very less and thinking a lot than normal.
Anyway after dinner came back to the open area again and looked for my parents. My parents were very busy as they are among the eldest in the family tree so they were suppose to do some customs, moreover my mom is always desperate to attend complete marriage function even of the distant relative and this was very close indeed,
she has a tendency to guide people on such occasions so she seemed not at all interested in thinking about going back soon after dinner. My Father was also playing vital role in the marriage, he was taking care of the bag which was carrying cash; envelops of “Shagan” which bride and groom get from friends and relatives.
I tried to convince them to move fast but it seemed useless so I came back to Jiju and sat beside him. I was little worried for Jiju as he was suppose to go to his work place next morning and more then that I was really very desperate to masturbate but there was nothing which we could do at that time.
I asked Jiju for a coffee and came back with two cups and without any particular intentions asked him in sarcastic tone “patta nahi meri Shaadi kab hogi” Jiju laughed on my words and just said “don’t worry ho jaayegi” and then he spoke gain “it’s just a matter of time….”. As far as way of talking was concerned by now things between us were getting to normal.
We sat together for a while, had almost our coffee before I asked Jiju again “waise what do you think, meri shaadi kyun nahi ho rahi” I don’t know how it came to my mind; I never had this discussion with anyone, not even with my sister with whom I was really very close. Although everyone knew the truth very well even then till that day this subject was not opened in the conversation.
“I don’t know…people are blind, they cannot see that you are wonderful girl”. It was a wonderful reply from his side and one more time Jiju conquered my heart but I behaved sarcastic and ended up saying “forget it” “no I mean it” Jiju spoke again to comfort me, I looked at him, straight into his eyes and spoke again “Mujhe Wonderful ke saath saath fair and beautiful bhi hona chahiye tha.”
“You are beautiful….!” Jiju replied back in an assuring tone, I smiled and tried to suppress my smile because something very naughty was running in my mind as a reply and I did not wanted to speak that. “What” he asked me back again and I uttered with a naughty smile “Aaj se pahle to aapne kabhi nahi kaha…that I am beautiful.”
Jiju laughed out loud on that, he understood what I meant. “Anyway forget it, it was an accident…jo kuch bhi hua kisi ko batane ki zarurat nahi hai” I replied and somewhat told him not to tell anybody about whatever happened, that he saw me in blouse and petticoat, moreover saw me adjusting my breasts.
After this conversation once again I was realizing that uneasy between us was raised again, especially from Jiju’s side and once again he seemed bit reserved in speaking anything. We walked around the venue with casual conversation as we could not ask my parents to go home, certainly they would have not allowed us going.
Marriage customs went on going and we saw everything happening, even though I am sure readers will find this foolish at my end but I must share this fact that throughout marriage customs in which bride and groom move around fire and all I was trying to visualize myself at brides place and with a thought that tonight this bride is going to get fucked I was once again leaking in my panties heavily.
It was an effect of sleepiness or you can say my desperation of feeling a man that I could not stop thinking about sex for next couple of hours and I was looking at Jiju again and again as my perspective lover. Finally marriage customs ended and we also moved to our place, by now time was bit more than 3 AM and even after gulping 4-5 cups of coffee Jiju was having impact of sleep in his gesture.
I was also very sleepy but more than that I was desperate to release my liquid after fisting myself, I was dried several times after getting wet and I could not think of sleeping before getting ejaculated. Anyway we all reached home, my father gave Jiju Company for a while and by that time after taking off my Sari and wearing a gown over blouse and petticoat I gave Jiju my room.
I too sat there with Jiju and Dad for a while and as Dad got up to go I too came to the other room which we use it like a storeroom. Certainly room was habitable so I laid a cotton mattress on the floor and took off my gown before starting the act to satisfy myself.
As I use to, I lied on my front to masturbate after lifting my petticoat up to my waist and inserted my hand into my panty and caressed my wet fuckhole while thinking about Jiju but hardly after couple of minutes I got a knock on the door. It was Jiju and to my surprise he asked me for a cup of coffee.
I was shocked with his demand and uttered just “Coffee” in surprise “haan….I cannot sleep now…nahi to I will not be able to get up…” Jiju replied and then he spoke again “I have to reach to my office by 830 and if I will sleep now I will not get up even by 12” “so…you will not sleep” I asked him back in surprise and confirming tone “No I will work for some time…and then I will get ready”
I smiled a bit in sarcastic way and came to the living area and entered in the kitchen. I could understand his condition and feeling bit pity for him, could make out that if everything would have ran according to the plan and my sister would have attended this occasion then leaving my parents we would have came back home and he would have slept properly but now in these circumstances he was stuck and could not do anything,
in marriage party he could not think of coming back home just with me, even I could not think of asking same to my parents so we stayed there without even talking about that. Anyway I made two cups of coffee as by now I was also came to mood to spend some more time with Jiju and as Jiju saw two mugs he asked me
“you will also have it…. tum to sow jaao” “nahi it’s ok…I will sleep when I will feel like…thodi der aapko company de deti hun” I replied back. My parents were gone into their room and more or less I was sure that they were well asleep, this statement does not mean that I was thinking about doing something like that with him at that moment but certainly I did not wanted anybody to disturb us.
Anyway we had bit of conversation about his work routine while having coffee and once again Jiju seemed bit conscious to me though out the conversation, I saw him looking into my eyes as if he wants to read me. Although at that time it was not that prominent and not at all required even then I asked him, “Jiju why are you so conscious….just forget whatever happened”
I asked him may be because I wanted to talk to him about that incident and my words made him more alert and he smiled a bit and tried to hide his expressions, “tell me kya soch rahe ho” I asked him again “nothing yaar…aisa kuch nahi hai” Jiju replied and tried to behave extra casual and I could not digest even that and I asked him again “you want to say something”
“bass yehi ki…. you are beautiful and you should not worry about your appearance…I am sure ki very soon you will also get married” I smiled a bit and like past once again spoke with naughty gesture “ I think ye beautiful word specifically uss incident ke baad hi add hua hai….you never gave me this compliment”
Jiju smiled as I said that and blushed a bit on my words and spoke again and accepted by saying yes initially “Haan….you can say that”…. and then he spoke again after bit of pause “And I am sorry…if you felt bad…..actually it was an accident and I should have moved out immediately…. but my eyes got stuck on you…I mean ….I am really very sorry…”
that’s what I loved about my Jiju, he never hesitate to apologize and he is very conscious about his goodwill and he did not wanted me to think about him bad and that is why he spoke everything clearly and said sorry to me. Certainly when I was standing just in blouse and petticoat in front of him he was looking at me with bit of lust and even in marriage party I saw him staring at my breasts
but I did not felt anything wrong in that and that has two reason, logically I know this very well that in these circumstances it is foolish to expect for a girl like me that any male in this world will not look at female that way and above that as I said earlier I was impressed with my Jiju since long, in a way he was my dream man so when he looked at me like that it gave me pleasure and really enjoyed that feeling.
Anyway moving back to conversation as Jiju said sorry to me I replied back by saying “it’s ok…don’t think much about that….and don’t feel sorry… mujhe kuch bura nahi lagga…” I stopped after saying that, my heart was pounding high as I wanted to say something in continuation and it was not coming out of my mouth but somehow I uttered without thinking about the consequence of that and statement I spoke was
“rather mujhe achha lagga tha…when you were looking at me…..tabhi to main dobara blouse petticoat mein aapke saamne aa gayi thi…” (Rather I like that…..that’s why I came in front of you again in blouse petticoat) Jiju was shocked, up to an extent I was also surprised over my words, it was a long statement and I don’t know how it came out of me,
I just spoke whatever I was thinking since evening and after saying that I could not takeoff my eyes from Jiju as he was also looking at me without a flick of an eye. It was strange moment, I cannot write down what I was feeling at that time, my heart was beating high and I was going through strange pleasure and fear at the same time.
Jiju had nothing to say in reply so there was stillness for a minute and once again it was me who broke the silence by saying “iss poori duniya mein you are the only one who believes….. I am beautiful” Jiju smiled a bit on my words and continued looking at me “I am not jealous of Asha (my sister), but I wish aap,… mere husband hote” I spoke again and this time I clearly said what I use to feel about my Jiju.
Jiju remained calm for few seconds and then spoke “Don’t worry…tumko mujhse bhi achha ladka milega” I smiled sarcastically on his words and initially replied with just “forget it” and then spoke again “now I am tired of all this dekhna dikhana…” I paused for a fraction and then spoke again “nobody can understand my condition” with that I got up and went inside the kitchen after picking up the empty mugs and stood there for a while,
gave thought to whatever I spoke and exactly what I need. Some time back I was restless to get on bed just to masturbate while fantasizing me getting fucked by Jiju and now I wanted to make my fantasy true. I knew this very well that Jiju is a one woman man and if I will do anything wrong then I will be cheating my loving sister but at time some sort of fever was driving me,
at that time lust was rising to its peak in my gesture and I wanted to spend time with Jiju as much as possible and deep inside I had a desire to get approached by him to have sex. I stood there for a while in perplexing mind and heard footsteps behind, it was Jiju, I think came to see me if I am crying and as I turned to see him he smiled a bit and went back into living area as he was sure that I am not crying.
I came out after few minutes with strange mind state, confused and aroused and stood bit far from him, Jiju was busy in looking at his laptop’s screen and as I stood there he saw me and I spoke while looking at the wall clock “I think you should sleep….” Time was bit more then 4, almost hour was passed since we reached back home “tell me when you want to get up…”
I asked him again “no… I don’t want to sleep…” Jiju replied while looking into my eyes and his expressions were saying that he wants to say something but he uttered “why don’t …you sleep” instead of replying to his question I asked him “Jo kuch bhi maine kaha…aapne mind to nahi kiya” “Bilkul nahi…” he replied with very soft voice and then spoke again “sit”
I sat down on the other couch and continued looking at her while thinking what to speak and like me Jiju was also bit conscious and seemed as if he also wants to say something. He looked at me couple of times while doing whatever he was doing on laptop and from his gesture I could make out that he could not focus on his work and appeared uneasy.
I was still wearing same blouse and petticoat underneath and for a instant I thought about taking my gown off, that would have cleared my intentions to him without speaking even a single word but I could not gather courage for that I and I was somewhat waiting for him to speak. That moment was so strange that I was aroused and scared at the same time,
I was wet and could feel the stream of my love juices flowing out of my fuckhole and I squeezed my fuckhole between my thighs couple of times to pleasure myself and hissed in rising excitement in very low voice while looking at my dream man, my fuckhole was twitching in desire to get something in it and I was getting more and more desperate to get fucked by Jiju.
This thought that I am thinking about cheating my real sister never came in mind, lust was ruling my mind and I was getting carried away with every passing moment.
I moved closer to him and tried to look at the screen, unexpectedly Jiju was playing card game but from his gesture I could make out that he was unfocused on that, I sat down beside him and pointed finger to the screens couple of times, to show him cards which he can move but internally something else was running in my mind and I was preparing myself to do something to attract him.
I was sitting at his left on the tree sitter couch and his one hand was busy in moving the cards on the screen but with other hand Jiju was holding the cushion lightly which was kept on his lap and above that laptop was kept. I simply grabbed his hand with my soft hands and looked at him. As I did that Jiju turned his face and looked at me into my eyes and in response I smiled with a pounding heart.
I don’t know how I did that, how I got courage to think about that, I gave a thought to the act I wanted to do with him and to hint him my intentions and next moment I held his hand in a sensual way, once again without thinking about the consequence of that. We both looked into each other’s eyes for few seconds and my following my emotions further I grabbed his arm in a loving way in my hands and rested my head over his shoulder.
For a moment Jiju was stunned, I could feel that, his heart was also beating high he could not think of playing game in that state and he remained unmoved for a minute and then closed the flap of his lap top and once again gave a thought to his imminent act and slowly moved his arm behind me so that he can grab me better and with the far hand he caressed my forehead, hairs and then cheek without looking at me on his side.
“Usha….” He addressed me in a soft voice and I turned my head to see into his eyes. Once again our eyes met and once again no words were spoken for few seconds. Once again raising more courage I kissed Jiju on his cheek and went into his arm like few seconds back and grabbed him nicely and from my side there was nothing unsaid and I was somewhat waiting for him to respond.
My heart was beating high, I was scared not at all because I was thinking about doing anything wrong, it was strange feeling, may be because for the first time in my life I was sitting very close to any male with those intentions and I did not wanted to get rejected for that.
Slowly Jiju moved a bit and kept his laptop aside and then held my arm, turned a bit towards me and tried to get me better and hugged, took me in his arm properly and I too hugged him with my full affection. As such there was nothing which we could speak at that time, everything was understood and Jiju once again caressed my cheek lightly and detached me from him
and kissed me on my lips and I closed my eyes and kissed him back lightly to show my consent and next moment we went through proper kiss and explored each other’s mouth like lovers. It was first kiss of my life and I was just trying to follow Jiju, he tried to invade his tongue into my mouth and I took it in and moved my tongue to touch his.
Gradually while kissing our grip over each other’s body was getting better and soon I realized that Jiju was holding me from the portion just below my breasts, and at my end I was feeling his broad chest over thin t-shirt and could make out that he was not wearing any undershirt underneath.
We kissed for few minutes and for a moment I felt as if I will go unconscious in his lovemaking as my mouth was explored by his tongue and Jiju’s saliva was intoxicating my gesture, I was expecting more and more from him and he was giving me his full affection. We stopped and looked into each other’s eyes and once again Jiju uttered just my name in very soft voice “Usha…”
and then moved his head in a way as if he is asking “what” and I looked into his eyes for a while and moved my head in yes and once again Jiju caressed my cheek and asked me “Sure?” and once again I moved in head in yes while continuing looking into his eyes. At that time neither I, nor Jiju could sense anything like right or wrong,
nothing was in our control and once again we started kissing and this time it was better as now I was also responding equally well and like Jiju last time, this time I explored his mouth and went through divine feeling of kissing my dream man.
I don’t know when Jiju kept the laptop on central table and how I when he lied over me. we kissed for long while lying over the three sitter couch and I was under him, Jiju is much heavier than me but I was enjoying bearing his weight. Jiju kissed me all over my face after breaking the kiss and slowly moved down to my breasts which were getting pressed under him from last few minutes.
I moaned nicely as his wet lips touched bare skin of my neck and I held him tight in excitement. Jiju went on going down on me and unhooked my gown and reached to my cleavage and brushed his lips there nicely and I moaned better and arching my neck up I held him even tighter.
At that time in that particular posture Jiju could not reach further down on my bare skin and the thing he next did was something which I wanted him to do very badly, Jiju squeezed one of my jug nicely and once again raised himself bit up and started loving me all around my neck and I started moaning in pleasure continuously and I gasped intensely as Jiju’s sensual lip rub reached around my ear and he took my earlobe in his mouth and sucked it nicely.
My breast was still getting played and rest of my body was somewhat getting crushed and I was enjoying everything up to max and my dense pleasure puffs were telling my state to my Jiju.
Once again we stopped and by now our lust was ruling completely over our ethics and morals, we both were desperate for each other and it could be seen in our eyes. “bedroom mein chalte hain” Jiju uttered and I moved my head in acceptance. We both got up and moved to bedroom, I entered first and moved towards the bed into the dark room and while standing on the door Jiju switched on the light.
I turned back and told him to switch off the light by saying “please light off kar do” “why?” Jiju asked me back with bit of smile, for a fraction I went silent but finally spoke “aapko achha nahi lagega…main bahut kaali hun” “no…. you are beautiful… and I want to see your beautiful body” with that Jiju came close to me and tried to lift my gown and I raised my hands so that my sister’s husband and take that cloth off from my body.
Once again I was standing in front of him in blouse and petticoat and this time these two clothes were also about to get off from my body. I was breathing heavy in rising excitement, my nipples started getting hard and breasts getting heavier and because of that I felt my blouse got even tighter.
Jiju threw the gown on the floor and holding me from my waist, he pulled me lightly while touching my bare skin from the portion between blouse and petticoat and I trembled deep inside. Jiju moved his hand behind; over my bare back and pulled me further close and kissed me lightly on my lips while caressing my cheek and looking into my eyes and spoke in soft voice
“ye baat kisi ko patta nahi chalni chahiye” “hmmm….” I hummed to say yes and we kissed again and breaking the kiss very soon Jiju started unhooking my blouse and I started going through strange sensation as first time in my life I was going through manly treatment and every light touch of my Jiju over soft skin of my breasts was shaking me deep inside.
Within few seconds my blouse was opened and white color bra was revealed to his eyes and because of intense excitement my breasts were getting eager to come out of the cage. Next Jiju took off my blouse from shoulders and threw it on the gown and pulled the cord of my petticoat and loosened it and released and in a moment my petticoat raced to my feet and I was standing in front of him just in bra and panty.
My dark skin was glowing in white light and I was feeling embarrassed a bit and could not lift my face to see him. Jiju raised my face while lifting it through my chin and smiled lightly on my blushing gesture and once again he pulled me closer and that increased my uneasiness and I started breathing heavier and we kissed again and slowly Jiju took me to the bed
while kissing and pushed me lightly on that and I myself went into the middle and while standing on floor he took off his t-shirt and then loosened his lower and took it off. Jiju rose on bed while wearing just his underwear and but our under garments did not lasted for long, like me Jiju also seemed excited and as I lied on the bed he came over me and pulled down the straps of my bra
and brought them down bit forcefully till my breasts came out and once again leaned over me and started playing with my luscious fruits with his expert hands while kissing me. I was in heaven and it was kind of sex which I always dreamed, slow and gentle. My nipples were getting harder and harder in excitement as they were getting pinched tenderly by him between his fingers.
After breaking the kiss Jiju moved down to my neck and moved further down while brushing his wet lips and took my hard and erect nipple into his mouth and started sucking my milks like a child. I grabbed him with a lustful moan and went on feeding him my breasts while gasping and panting erotically.
It was kind of feeling which can never be fantasized by any girl while masturbating, both of my breasts were getting sucked one by one, and Jiju was playing with them nicely while squeezing them properly, he flicked my nipples with his tongue numerous times while sucking it and that increased my excitement and I started moaning even more intensely.
Gradually my loving Jiju moved down to my navel, he wriggled his tongue into my belly button and I arched my body in excitement, he kissed me there and sucked my naval to make me feel the real love making. At that particular instant I was holding my pillow in excitement, and my eyes were closed, I was enjoying every second of his love making,
his touch was so tender and sensual that in a minute or two I felt that I have cummed, suddenly I felt that I am totally wet in my panty and next moment I felt Jiju’ hands around my waist near the elastic of my panty and I was expecting that he is going to take that off and it happened on very next moment.
Jiju tried to drift down my panty and I tried to stop him, Jiju stopped and looked at me with an unasked question and I replied “bahut jayada wetness ho gayi hai” Jiju smiled on my words and uttered “let me see” and with that he pulled down my panty and took it off from my thighs, I was stark naked in front of my sister’s husband and for few seconds he just stared at my body,
I was almost clean shaven and hiding my fuckhole between my thighs, rest of my body was laying there for him to stare. Next Jiju got up a bit and took off his underwear and his long and hard Penis popped out in my vision and in a second he was also completely nude lying beside me. For the first time I was looking at a naked man in reality,
Jiju took my hand to his crotch and gave me his rod; he had a big Penis which was fully erect, for a fraction I got scared with a thought that how it will enter into my tiny hole and that increased my excitement and I started breathing heavy again. Jiju took me in his arms and started kissing and fondling my body nicely with his hands,
he played with my breast again and then took his hand straight to my thighs, and tried to touch my fuckhole, I was holding y soft lovehole in my thighs and I was totally wet there, Jiju tried to separate my thighs to touch my pussy but I was little uneasy to give away the access of my lovehole to him.
He kissed on my cheek and took my earlobe in his mouth and sucked it, I went mad in pleasure with this, he murmured in my ear in a very low voice, “Usha spread your legs” and then he tried again to spread my legs to touch my cunt, I was very uneasy but I opened my legs for my Jiju and in a fraction I felt his hand over my fuckhole he started rubbing my wet pussy like and experienced lover and I started moaning madly,
I was enjoying Jiju’s hand over my fuckhole and here once again I will say that it was a feeling which cannot be imagined while masturbating by any virgin girl. My juices were flowing freely from my lovehole and my pussy was getting a massage of its own fluid, once again I was holding my pillow and my eyes were closed while experiencing the heaven and while lying beside me and rubbing my fuckhole Jiju was looking at my facial expressions.
After couple of minutes as he realized that excitement has rose a lot in me Jiju got up and turned me around on my stomach, now my bare hips were laying in front of him, he took both of my hips in his hands and gently rubbed them and squeezed them together and then kissed them and moved further to my waist and again licked my whole back till my shoulder and came on me,
I moaned madly and trembled with loving touch of his lips and I simply got mad in pleasure and because of his tenderness sexual desire completely overcame my fear of getting penetrated and my fuckhole started twitching in desire of getting stuffed. The feeling of Jiju’s penis on the cut of my hips was something which was making me desperate,
Jiju was busy kissing me on back of my neck closer to my ears and driving me crazy, I was trembling in pleasure. Then again he turned me on my back; my hairs were spread all over my face and I was breathing very heavy and short. Jiju could see that I am ready feel the pleasure of a man and he lifted one of my leg and started kissing my feet with wet lips
and brushed me till he reached my thighs and caressed my thighs with his hand while looking at me fuckhole and asked me “pahli baar hai na?” I moved my head in yes while breathing heavy. “Shuru mein thoda sa pain hoga….” Jiju spoke again in informing tone and I hummed to say yes as I knew this but I was not bothered about pain now,
I was ready to bear anything to get him inside my fuckhole and I could see that my long time desire was about to come true in next few second. Jiju moved a bit forward and made space for him by spreading my thighs and I widened my legs to give clear him access of my fuckhole. Jiju sat between my spread thighs comfortably and started moving his finger neatly over my slit
and searched for my clitoris and that excited me a lot and I started dripping down heavily with fresh stream of love juices, Jiju brought me closer to the peak with his fisting finger but stopped as he felt that I am going out of my control, I was panting with lust and could not wait to get fucked.
It was a time for real action and holding his rod straight Jiju leaned a bit over me and once again I started breathing very heavy, I was at the verge of experiencing sexual pleasure for which I was waiting for years and I was expecting that now Jiju will insert his rod in me, but he rubbed his hard Penis on my opening, my pleasure went beyond our control, I moaned frantically,
I arched my body and lifted my waist to stop him, his act took me very far and I am sure if Jiju would have rubbed me there with his rod even for few more seconds, certainly I would have cummed without an intercourse. But Jiju stopped at the right moment, he was also excited and puffing in pleasure and next leaned further over me while looking down to my opening and I felt his cock tip parting my opening,
I could make out that that I am just few seconds away from losing my virginity and there was no sign of fear in me, I needed him, I was feeling some kind of contraction inside me, my lovehole was twitching with a desire of getting penetrated. Jiju looked up into my eyes and spoke “Usha….I love you” in a puffing voice and just after that with a sudden jerk he pushed himself inside me;
I was so wet down there that his Penis slipped inside me in a fraction, I don’t know I bleed or not but certainly it injured me a lot and I almost cried in pain, and with another push his whole monster was inside me, and my soft love hole was completely scratched by him, I think for couple of seconds I was somewhat unconscious due to pain, I tried to come out of the pain and when I regained,
Jiju was lying on me and sucking my melons, with his whole length was deep inside me. Jiju remained there for couple of minutes and played with my body, sucked my nipples and invaded his tongue into my mouth and waited till I recovered a bit from the pain. I was enjoying getting crushed by his enormous weight and getting sucked over my milks with an unmoved rod
in my fuckhole but Jiju started slow movement of his rod in my love tunnel. It was a different feeling of pain and pleasure together. I moaned differently has his Penis gone out of my fuckhole and cried in bit of pain as it went inside me again. After few painful in and out movements of his hard Penis I was moaning more in a pleasure and less in a pain.
Finally my loving Jiju was fucking me and his taut hips were rising and falling staidly over me and he was fucking me with lot of care, he adoring my body, especially my luscious fruits and caressing my cheeks with affection. Like I use to see in movies Jiju was not at all in hurry may be because he wanted to deliver me the real pleasure of being a woman, and slowly I was heading towards that pleasure.
We looked into each other’s eyes while moaning and soon my pain started to disappear and I was completely enjoying his hardness deep inside me. Sensing my body’s need very soon Jiju started making steady movements bit faster and in different directions and now every corner of my deep fuckhole was getting messaged by his hard monster and I was moaning like anything.
I could feel that his rod was now moving with ease in my hole and that is all because of the pleasure juices which were flooding out from my fuckhole. After hardly minute of steady fucking Jiju started getting up and very soon he was sitting between my legs with his rod buried deep inside me and slowly he took my legs on his shoulder and while holding my thighs
he started diving into me deeper and I started moaning with lot more pleasure, I was getting touched very deep and after fucking me in that posture for a minute Jiju once again came over me and increased his speed gradually. Now I was getting properly fucked, Jiju’s hips were rising and falling over me like and machine and slowly he wrapped my thighs around his waist
and pumped me harder and deeper and now shrill whimper started coming out of me with every thrust he made into my flesh. Slowly I started feeling as if I am going to burst and Jiju sensed that and he continued fucking me in same fashion and I shuddered madly in heavenly feeling and my moans got very loud and clear,
and Jiju sensed that I am going to climax and he fucked me in a same posture while shutting my mouth with his lips for hardly a minute or two, and I exploded in my first real orgasm. I clenched Jiju’s back with my nails and tightened my legs around his body, to prevent his further movement, so that I can cum. Jiju stopped and I cummed intensely.
My body was trembling in pleasure and I was shouting and gasping in sexual excitement. Some kind of waves was moving in my body, starting from my pelvis to my breast which was making me shiver and I was breathing with difficulty and holding my body nicely Jiju was looking at my expression of going through disaster.
It was most powerful orgasm of my life till now and I cannot forget that wonderful, magical time when a man fucked me for the first time in my life and that man was none other than my loving Jiju. The way Jiju loved me and made me shudder in divine feeling of getting loved I am sure nobody in this world would have loved me like that and from my end that experience could not be written by me even in thousand words.
Finally orgasm passed through my body and apart from sweating I was feeling very light and delighted but Jiju was yet not over, he was waiting for me to recollect and as he felt that I have regained he started again and once again I started feeling his monster moving inside me and I moaned again.
“bass abhi ek minute mein mera bhi ho jaayega” Jiju uttered and then asked me again “andar hi release kar dun na?….tum pills le lena” “Haan” I accepted his proposal, I knew this way of avoiding pregnancy very well as many of my married friends were using this way.
Jiju once again came over me completely and I wrapped my thighs around his pumping buttocks and he started kissing me while fucking me with slow but deep screwing strokes and I went through hell of pleasure. In past while masturbating and just after discharging my liquid I never touched my fuckhole even to clean as it use to get very sensitive I use to fail bear that
sensation but at that time I was getting fucked after meeting an orgasm and for me feeling was really very bizarre and breath taking. I was gasping in strange voice and Jiju’s pace of fucking me went on increasing and holding his body firm I too was crying in rising voice. Keeping his palm over my mouth Jiju continued fucking me for hardly one more minute with that pace
and tried to fuck me as deep as possible with a strong thrusting strokes and finally shoved down his monster into my lovehole and moaned loud while reaching to his climax. I too gasped loud and cummed a bit one more time, griping me hard in his arms Jiju dived deep inside my fleshy thighs and started releasing his gunk into my womb and I tried to gulp him completely
in my body and felt his monster shivering for few seconds before I could feel his hot liquid getting injected deep inside my fuckhole. We both were exhausted and I was feeling delighted that finally I have lost my virginity to my loving Jiju. We both got up and I used the toilet first and by the time Jiju came out I was wearing my gown after wearing bra and panty.
Time was crossed 5 and first thing Jiju asked as he saw me ready to go was “Jaa rahi hai…” “Haan….thodi der mein Mom will get up” I replied to him and Jiju replied with just Ok. I came to the room and lied on the bedding which was already laid on the floor and could not believed whatever happened for few minutes.
Finally I was fucked and it was really very weird feeling when I was recalling everything, for some time I felt guilty too that I have cheated my own Sister but soon my consciousness surrendered and I don’t know when I went into sleep and finally got up with a banging voice of the door. It was mom and time was well passed to 10,
My mom was suppose to go to the wedding house again and she was taking Dad along as now in the day time he could drive. I used the common toilet of the living room and came out, I was expecting that Jiju would have gone but as I came out my mom told me that he is still sleeping and instructed me to give him breakfast after he will get up.
Once again strange sensation went through my body and I did not felt anything like guilty again and my heart started beating high with a thought that we can get fucked again. Although I behaved normal in front of my parents and told them I am going to sleep in their room after closing the door after their exit.
Soon my parents took leave and instead of going to parents room I reached to my room where Jiju was sleeping and tried to awake him and as he regained a bit from deep sleep I asked him “aapne to office jana tha” I was expecting that he will get up in shock but he was calm and he got up slowly and told me that he failed in getting up even at 8 and finally decided to take a leave.
I smiled a bit and spoke again “Mom Dad chale gaye” Jiju smiled a lot on that while looking at my pleasant gesture and asked me back “kahan?” “Shaadi waale ghar mein” I replied “So?” he asked me again with more smile, “So what?” I asked him back with same smiling face, Jiju held my wrist and pulled me a bit and made me sit on his lap and we kissed and we kissed deep and long.
Breaking the kiss Jiju got up and went inside the toilet to end up daily courses and went out to the kitchen to prepared breakfast. Certainly I knew that we are going to fuck but I was expecting all that after breakfast and may be after a bathing and all but after coming out of toilet Jiju called me with my name from the door of the room and I came to his vision and he asked me if we can have shower together,
I smiled on that and moved my head in yes and came to his room after turning the cooking gas off. When I reached to the room door of the bathroom was just closed and not bolted and I could hear voice of water flowing down from shower, I pushed the door a bit and found Jiju standing under shower stark naked and as he saw me holding my wrist he pulled me under water with all the clothes wearing and in a moment my gown was stuck to my body.
Slowly Jiju took off my gown and then unhooked my bra and then took off my panty too and we started kissing again but this time under flowing water. Jiju played with my body and once again I was delighted with his manly touch over my breasts and flared hips.
He squeezed my breasts bit roughly as compared to last night and while sucking my milks he was again and again squeezing my fleshy ass mounds together while standing under shower and I was moaning in delight of that pleasure. Very soon after breaking the kiss Jiju started rubbing my fuck opening and gave me his rod to jerk and we both started pleasuring each other like that.
His rod grew harder and harder in my hand and I went on going through flood in my fuckhole because of his finger fucking. We both were ready again and once again my fuckhole was asking for Jiju’s monster but Jiju had something else in his mind and lifting my face he spoke to me or somewhat asked me while looking into my eyes,
“Teri Didi oral sex nahi karti…tu karegi?” “haan” I replied in excited voice without thinking much about it and truly speaking I wanted to do it, from last so many years I was watching Porn movies and initially I use to find it filthy but as time passed I started liking all this and had this in mind that whenever I will get married I will experience this too.
“Ok” Jiju replied in puffing voice and then spoke again “thodi der suck kar mere Penis ko” and with that Jiju pushed me a bit from my shoulder and I sat down on my knees and took his rod in my mouth and started sucking it like a lollypop. I cannot say that I was enjoying and liking doing that, It was weird but I continued doing that and very soon I heard Jiju moaning pain
and pleasure and that increased my excitement and I started sucking him hard assuming that it will give him pleasure like I use to see in movies but Jiju did not liked that and he stopped me for a fraction and told me that it’s paining and asked me to do it slowly and tenderly and I followed what he said.
I started all over again with fresh mindset and started sucking his big penis tenderly with slow movement of my wet tongue over his cock head. With my warm and moist mouth I gave all my affection to my loving Jiju and very soon I heard him grunting in pleasure and he started moving his hips to and fro with very slow pace.
Now In a way he was fucking my mouth, though I could not take his whole monster in my mouth but I was taking most of it and sucking with will all my care and Jiju was enjoying every bit of my warm mouth over his throbbing Penis. After a couple of minutes Jiju himself stopped me and lifted me from my shoulders and I got up and he spoke again “Bed par chal main bhi suck karunga teri….”
And with that we both came out after drying our body and holding my wrist Jiju took me to bed and made me lie almost on the edge and Jiju himself sat down on the floor and after widening my thighs he kissed my wet fuckhole; I trembled as if current has passed down through my body and I tried my best to resist, but my legs were apart and they were well in his control,
moreover I also wanted to experience this weird way of love making so widening my thighs I gave Jiju more access and Jiju moved his tongue over my slit and I moaned heavily while arching my back a bit. Finally Jiju started licking my soft fuckhole continuously and I started gasping in divine pleasure.
As I said I was almost clean shaven and Jiju was licking my fuckhole like an ice cream and soon I started feeling releasing fresh stream of pleasure Juices and that increased his excitement and Jiju gulped everything I released and I was feeling weird now but Jiju seemed comfortable and enjoying and soon he started to enter his tongue in my pussy and sucked my hole,
seemed as if he wants to take out whatever liquid is inside. I got crazy with such an erotic act. I was pushing his head toward me and lifting my body again and again in pleasure, after some time I couldn’t control myself as Jiju’s tongue was moving inside my fuckhole all around and I was going through bizarre feeling and I tried to push him away but holding my thighs tight
and apart Jiju sucked me madly for a minute and I tightened my body and went through strange sensation, my thighs started shivering and I was reaching to my climax but Jiju stopped instantly to prevent me to orgasm and got up and placed one pillow over another and then bought few cushions from living room and made a pile of pillows.
I saw him doing all this while recollecting myself from the edge of another sexual burst and slowly got up and before I would have asked him he told me to lie down on my front with pillows under my belly and Jiju himself turned me around and adjusted my body as required to penetrate.
I rested myself completely as he desired and very soon Jiju widened my thighs and I felt Jiju’s fingers rubbing my opening in that posture. Jiju was ready to pound me again, so was I to get pounded and slowly he came behind me and placed his cock-tip over my opening and started pushing his monster into me slowly while looking down at my fuckhole and then when bit of
Jiju’s Penis was inside me holding my waist with one hand with a sudden jolt Jiju was again fully inside me. I screamed in pain as it was hurting but hardly for a second, soon Jiju’s in and out movements were giving me pleasure. Within a minute leaving his whole weight Jiju was laying on me and spreading my legs as wide as possible with his legs he was pumping my fuckhole steadily from behind.
I was enjoying getting crushed under his massive weight and continuously screaming in pleasure of getting fucked without any fear of my parents and Jiju was somewhat enjoying my pleasure cries and gradually his speed was increasing and he was fucking me without showing any mercy.
Jiju pumped me from there for few minutes, and his movements were getting faster and faster. It was a very comfortable and pleasurable position for Jiju to fuck me and like mine his moans were also raising in volume and I could feel him going to his peak too with every stroke he made inside my fuckhole.
With in no time once again my thighs started to shiver, suddenly I was at the verge of explosion and Jiju was also in more or less same state but it was me who told him to stop with a shuddering voice and screaming like hell “Jiju please Stop…stop Ahh Ah…Ohhh…” I wanted to cum and Jiju was not letting me cum, he wanted to fuck me more but as he saw me in dying state he stopped and climaxed with me.
I shuddered in broken voice and once again went through shattering orgasms, like last night, waves of pleasure started rising from my belly and passed through my body while making me shiver like a fish without water. Jiju too trembled feverishly and squeezed his hips together to release his gunk and buried his throbbing Penis in the deepest corner of my cave.
I felt his hot liquid getting injected deep inside me again and once again like last night we were completely exhausted. We slowly got up and stood under water again and soaped each other and finally came out and had breakfast together. As expected my first sexual experience ended here and Jiju took leave from there but before leaving he spoke to me about his feeling and his
words were “Usha I really love you, Agar main Do shadi kar sakta to tujhse aaj hi shaadi kar leta. “agar chaho to Kar to sakte” I replied back to his statement “no…. I cannot change my religion” and we both giggled on that “bas….itna hi pyar hai mujhse… hmmm….” I teased him and Jiju felt embarrassed. I tried to comfort him by saying “don’t take it seriously, I was just joking…”
and then I spoke again “abhi jitna pyar hai bas aap itna pyar kayam rakhna…aur jab tak meri Shaadi nahi hoti mujhe apni wife samjhna…aur mere saath ye sab kaise bhi manage ka lena” Jiju replied with just one word and it was “sure”. So friends this was my saga of losing my virginity to my loving Jiju and as I said earlier we are still in relation but we fuck very infrequently.
At present I am still waiting to get married but now I am not at all in hurry as now I am sexually satisfied, rather I must say that I am little worried because I feel that I am addicted of my Jiju’s way of fucking, he is powerful and very demanding in bed and I sometimes feel that with whom I will get married he will not be able to satisfy me like my loving Jiju satisfies me. Anyway that I will see later and in that case I may continue my sex relation with my Jiju even after my marriage.

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