Friday, 13 September 2013

Sharing Indian Wife

I am a well educated suave gentleman, like to meet new people and make friends from all walks of life. I live in Mumbai, in my early 40's, fit, look young, smart and handsome. My height is 5'7" and weight 68 kg, wheatish skin, clean shaven. I keep my hair short, mainly black with some natural greys. The ladies like my non-pushy, easy going attitude and the men, my friendly appearance. The following is not a work of my imaginary mind or an attempt to get advice on my erotic fantasies. It is true and happened to me recently. This couple I met online is in their early 40's. The husband is a banker, wife a homemaker. Their two kids are studying in private schools away from home. The husband was very keen to watch his wife with another man, and his fantasy was eating creampies and sloppy seconds. He said he was straight, loves his wife very dearly and this thought of watching his wife with another man gave him instant hardon. They had discussed the idea of another man joining them on many occasions, and although the wife was shy about it, they both found this concept very erotic and stimulating in their otherwise routine sex life. I met the couple in a coffee shop, chatted for a while and then decided to watch a movie together, a nice family entertainment to put everyone at ease. Over the course of next couple of months, we met a few more times, visiting pubs, dining at nice restaurants. The purpose was to get the wife become free, relax and warm up to the idea.
The wife was not a hot wife kind, rather a very soft spoken, decent, homely lady with pretty face and nice figure. I too was the perfect gentleman with her, putting her at ease and watching her enjoy my company. I must add, I could not meet the wife alone, the husband was always present in all the meetings. Neither could I speak to her privately and gauge how interested she was in the whole thing, but was going by what the husband was telling me. It was not the best of the situation, but that was the best I could get out of them. I was not comfortable with the idea of sleeping with a woman with whom I had not shared at least some intimacy at personal and social level, but somehow, there were no options. I don't know if the wife was shy to meet me alone or it was the husband not keen on his wife getting too intimate with me. Things were moving a bit slow for me, the husband was very keen to watch his wife in bed with me, and I felt he was probably not sure how to handle the situation. Finally, after some push from my side, he agreed to meet with his wife at my home. They both arrived as scheduled, it was a hot day and chilled beer was the need of the hour. The wife was shy as usual, making small talks, and wanted to leave soon after arriving. The husband was keen we do it that day, he told me when the wife visited the wash room. So without losing many opportunities, I asked the husband to explain to his wife why we had met. I added we were doing it because her husband wanted to see her with me, I liked her too and thought she liked me as well. I comforted the wife, told told her I would be gentle with her and she could ask me to stop any time she felt uncomfortable. After all, her husband will be there watching over her, so she need not worry. It was really easy after that, the husband watched as I kissed her deeply, slowly taking her clothes off, handing them over to the husband and watching the lustful expression on his face. After all her clothes were shed, I stood her in front of her husband and french kissed her, fondling her breasts, feeling her wet cunt and listening to her soft moans. When she was ready, we moved to the bed room. She was ready, no doubt, hot, wet and soft murmurs in her voice. The husband sat on a chair at the end of the bed and watched as I fucked her long and slow. When I was resting to allow her catch her breath, he started licking her wet cunt, she clinging to my body. I found the husband taking his wife's hand, his hand over hers, both hands pressing my cock getting harder. After a while I joined her again, this time I was hard with her, fucking her with full strength, feeling her muscles squeezing my throbbing cock, her orgasm fading under my body as I too climaxed inside her. It was the best orgasm I had in years, and I saw my thick cum filling her completely. The husband then moved between her legs, watching his wife's cunt filled with my cum, some flowing between her legs. He turned to me with lust in his eyes and said "Look, what a mess you have made". At that point, I felt I should give them some privacy and left the room. I opened a bottle of beer, sipped the cold drink, felt it flow down my parched throat, took a long breath. Things had happened really fast, it was my first experience with a married woman and her husband watching, and a wonderful one. When I moved back to the bedroom, I found the husband spooning his wife. After a while, she got on top of him, and started grinding him, moaning together. It was an erotic sight I could not miss. I kissed her soft lips, fondled her breasts and felt her hard nipples for a while. But that was it, I left them to enjoy what was their fantasy for a long time. When the wife entered the shower, the husband told me he enjoyed the experience and felt she was not the kind to do it with any other man, she must have really liked me. What a complement, I thought to myself, coming from a husband after I had fucked his wife. It was really too good to be true, I thought to myself, but it was happening. I needed a reality check soon, I reminded my lustful mind. Next day I spoke to the husband and asked him how was their experience.I am reproducing below the exact message I received from him, with minor corrections. "It has been a great show for me. I enjoyed immensely every bit of the event totally aroused. It has been a great experience for me. And lot of thanks to you for your patience and perseverance, for your support and encouragement. You are really cool, without you this endeavor would not have been possible. Once again, many thanks to you." That was great, I thought, here I have a husband thanking me for seducing his pretty wife and, and I am having mind blowing orgasms. Is this really happening? But the skeptical mind in me was not comfortable, was not at ease with things going so smooth. I wanted to know what the wife felt, what was her response, did she like it? Deep in my mind, I wanted to meet her again, and needed to know if I ever will. Next time I spoke to the husband, I asked him to check with his wife and let me know what she felt about our meeting. His reply came after a couple of days, which befounded me to say the least and left me wondering what this was really all about. I am reproducing his reply below, after deleting all personal references and with minor corrections to make it more readable. "Of course, I do feel shy to ask my wife anything directly because the whole experience is quite new to us and really I don't know how to respond to each other in such a situation, what to ask, what to talk? But one thing I am sure, she liked you quite a lot. Last two days I found her, though not talking much, sooo cheerful, sooooooooo delighted and enchanted as if she was on cloud nine. Except one complaint she had with you, which she told me several times in last two days, that you sucked her lips so hard, which had gone sore and swollen. She writhing with pain told me that she is going to teach you a proper lesson, whenever she meets next time. But overall, I feel you have played music on her, for that I shall be ever grateful to you. I too was so delighted and curious to know from her, whether she liked the whole thing or not? So after receiving your message, I gathered some courage and in the serene of the night after the chorus of the long day, when I finished, asked her, how did she felt on that day? As usual she had put number of blows on my chin and stomach, jokingly said she will kill me. However, when she calmed down, regained herself and told me that you knew everything, what she had liked and what she had enjoyed, she told me that I was mad and had watched everything, what is now left to be told. But I kept on pursuing her to tell her whole experience, whether she also felt as nice as us? She started opening up and told, how she had enjoyed your tender touches and kisses on her body and lips, the way you moved your hands around her breasts, caressing and squeezing her erect nipples, she losing all her senses and melting in your arms, slipping into a different world altogether. She told me that at that point of time, she was completely lost to resist your hands playing music on her, inserting your fingers, exploring her. She told me about her unique and wonderful experience feeling you deep inside her, when you put her on bed and pushed yourself inside her, she had enjoyed your firm strokes bit by bit, and came hard with you fully content and pleased. She told me that she also liked the glitter in my eyes, watching her fucked by you, so she decided to give me a reward after you both had finished, riding on my cock and finishing hard together in unison. This was all from her. While telling all this, her face was completely red with coyness. However, when I touched her, she was all wet and ready. We had a great time afterward, thanking you for a wonderful transformation in our lives. However, she took a commitment from me, not to ask her again for this kind of experiment. She will keep this as one-of wonderful experience in her memory. God knows what to tell her." After reading this message, I was thrilled to know that she had enjoyed being with me, her husband had enjoyed the experience. But the twist in the end, that she does not want to meet again, surprised me, shocked me to say the least. Over the next couple of days, I messaged the husband, trying to find a way so we meet again. He was courteous but non-committal. This was the end of the road, I told myself, and decided to leave it our fate. That's really all about it. A husband wants to watch his wife with another man, they meet someone they like, they do it. All seemed happy, but no, its not that simple. What surprises me is why people wish to do something, enjoy doing it, and then withdraw completely.

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