Saturday, 5 October 2013

Shabeer having sex with his Mom

Hi I'm Shabeer from Kerala. I'm 19 years old. I'm an engineering student. I live in Cochin with my mom and sisters. My dad is doing business abroad. Here I'm gonna write down my experience, the sex with my mom and her best friend Nadiya. My mom shahana is 38 years old and she is a chubby hot milf with big boobs and chubby ass.
My mom and Nadiya were close friends and both of them were prostitutes. My mom and nadiya aunty do sex with other men for their pleasure. Nadiya aunty used to come to our home everyday since I was 10 years old. She was then around 20 years of age. Now she is around 29 years of age and she is having good assets. She is living alone with her 2 daughters like us.
When she comes to our home she wears only salwar like my mom. Both of them don't wear burga like other muslim women. They are completely modern and so beautiful and hot. It was the beginning of my one month summer holiday after the first year engineering exams. I was all alone in my house watching movies and porn videos as my mom and sisters went for shopping.
While I was watching porn somebody rang the calling bell. I switch off the computer screen and went to the door to look who it was. I was so shocked that it was Nadiya aunty in her salwar and kameez showing her cleavage. She came in without saying anything and sat on the sofa. She had full freedom in our house. She asked 'where is your mom? Shabeer'.
I said that they went to the city for shopping. She was all exhausted and tired. I knew that she was with somebody all night that's why she is tired. She sat on the sofa waiting for my mom. I went back to my room and continue watching the porn videos. After sometime Nadiya aunty knocked on my door and asked 'can I come in Shabeer?'. I said 'of course aunty come in'.

She came in and asked me what I was doing closing the door. I said 'nothing I was just browsing the internet regarding my studies'. She asked me to make her some juice. I made some juice and when I came back Nadiya aunty was browsing through my computer. I was so tense when she was browsing inside my computer.
I thought she would find my porn collection but she was searching for something else. Then after few minutes my mom and sisters came back after shopping. Nadiya was talking to my mom and they were laughing looking at me. I didn't get what they were talking but I knew that it was about me. When she was gonna leave, she came to me and hugged me.
While hugging, her boobs were pressing on my chest. My mom was smiling at us. Because it was the first time she hugged me like that. Then she went off. After nadiya aunty went off, my mom went to the kitchen to make some lunch for us. After few minutes mom called me to the kitchen and asked me to help her.
While in the kitchen she asked me 'did you know what I and nadiya were talking about'. I said no. She said that nadiya aunty found porn collection in my computer. I was so shocked to hear that. My mom came to me, hugged me and said 'if you have any problem you can talk to me. Don't consider me as your mother but a good friend'.
While she was hugging me her hard nipples were pressing on my chest and I could feel her big hard boobs. By the time I lost my control and I placed both my hands on my moms butts and started to squeeze them. Her butts were so soft and big. I enjoyed them till I fulfilled my desire. Mom was hugging me so hard and she was moaning.
While we were hugging, I slowly pull up her salwar, but she pushed me away and said not now shabeer, your sisters will see us. I stood there and staring at mom's hot figure while she was making lunch. I asked her many questions about her relation with other men. She said that she was doing it only for her pleasure.
Then she said You me and nadiya are going to Andaman day after tomorrow. I asked Why? She replied Nothing its just a fun trip and we three will have fun together. Nadiya have been dying to have intercourse with you when you became 18. At night after my sisters went to bed, our servant went home after finished cleaning the dishes. I was watching movie on the computer.
Mom came to my room and stood beside me pressing her boobs on my back. She said I want to see your porn movie collection. I had a separate folder called MILF which had hundreds of videos in it. I opened it for her. She asked Have you ever dreamed of having sex with me? I said Yes I have. She asked Do you like to do with your mother?
Before replying she held my hands and grabbed and she walked me to her bedroom. Both our sisters are asleep in the 1st floor. Mom's room was in the ground floor. I sat on the side of her bed and she was slowly removing her night dress. Next moment she was in her yellow bra and panty. I was looking at her sexy curvy chubby body with my mouth open.
I don't had any words to express my feelings at that time. I suddenly stood up and undressed myself and lie down on the bed. She came over me and took my rod in her hand and started to suck it slowly. She was doing it as she so experienced. After giving me a good blowjob for few minutes I splashed all my cum into her mouth. Then she drank all my cum and cleaned it.
Again she started to suck my rod to make it stiff. Within seconds my rod again become stiff. Then she walked towards her shelf and took a condom from her handbag. She put that condom on my stiff rod and she pull down her panty and put my rod slowly into her vagina slowly and started to fuck my rod in cowgal style. I was feeling a little pain in my rod.
I felt so great when her chubby soft ass spanked on my thighs. She held my both arms against the bed while she increased the speed. She started to kiss me on my lips and it was the first time I ever felt my mom's sweet lips. After a couple of minutes I splashed all my cum inside the condom. I thought it is over for the night. She removed my condom and again licked and cleaned my rod.
I thought it was over and I lied on the bed with comfort and satisfaction. But she went on and took another condom and put it on my rod and again she started to fuck my rod in cowgal style. This time she was playing faster than before and it was paining so higher than before and I was moaning due to both pleasure and pain.
This time we were fucking for more than 45 minutes and I didn't splashed my cum yet. After few minutes she also started to moan louder and started saying fuck, fuck, fuck me...... I was so happy to hear those words from my mom. While playing she bring her body close to mine and her hard on nipples and chubby boobs were pressing on my chest and her chubby well fit abdomen was moving against mine.
After few minutes she took out my rod and splashed all her cum on my abdomen. In seconds she put my stiff rod into her vagina again and started to fuck. Within couple of seconds she again splashed her cum all on my body. She did this six to seven times and she lie over me with her chubby boobs and body against mine.
While she was lying over me I was feeling her chubby ass. That night we did sex one more time till we were so exhausted and tired and sooner it became morning.

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