Tuesday, 15 October 2013

You Are Invited

You're invited to gambling party- couples only-anything goes
We've had two experiences with wild sex--our visit to the cottages, and our poker game, both of which you can find in our other stories--and we remember them fondly, so one night we decided it was time for a third. We wanted to plan a real extravaganza this time. After much discussion we came up with an idea and decided that we would invite the couples we got to know, intimately, from the cottages and the poker game but also put an ad in a swingers web site, because, for this, the more the merrier. We sent out the invitations. You're invited to a gambling party--Couples only-Anything goes-Dress in formal wear. We chose a picture we took at the cottages, of my wife and Theresa bent over the table and me playing with Theresa's pussy and Rick's cock halfway in my wife's pussy, and, since the theme was gambling and the attire was formal, also a picture of a slot machine with a man in a tux and a woman in an evening gown. Then we sent the invitations to Theresa and David, Fiona and Rick from the cottages, Gunner and Inge, Annabelle and Michael, and Henry and Bridgett, from out poker game and also posted it on the web.

We got some interesting replies to our invitation. One was just an envelope with one word Yes, another was a picture of red lips around a stiff cock, one from Henry and Bridgett, who were still new at this, was a brief note, we will be there. All in all, with the ad, we got 11 acceptances, so with us, 12 couples- 12 pussies, 12 cocks. We began preparing.

It took some work because we needed slot machines, card tables and sex rooms. The hardest part was preparing the coins for the slot machines. The slot machines would be just for the women and the card tables for anyone. The winning coins had to be printed with sex favors on them, written for the woman but directed to the men- for example- 'invite five men into the dark room then get on all fours and let them do to you as they please' or 'play truth of dare with your partner and three other couples' The women were to gamble for the coins, get as many as they could, and pick the ones they wanted to do, and well, do them.

The location was a rented house outside the beach and we moved in a couple of days early to prepare. There were six rooms to set up- a lounge, a card table room, a room covered from wall to wall in plush mattresses, a dark room, a toy room with a king size bed with four posts, and a glory hole room. I was hard practically the whole time and my wife kept rubbing herself but eventually everything was set up.

Finally the evening came. My wife was wearing a long black silky dress that came to her ankles but was slit up on the right side to her upper thigh; the dress was cut deeply, revealing her fine cleavage. She had on high heels and a simple band of pearls around her lovely neck. The first to arrive were Gunner and Inge, as we expected, since they said they would come to loosen us up. My wife was in the living room and she opened the door, greeted Gunner and gave him the customary kiss hello. This kiss lingered just a minute longer than usual while their mouths explored each other. I came in then, after putting the finishing touches on the lounge and got us all a drink. Inge looked at me and twirled, her red dress was formal and obviously a designer, but was so short that as she twirled there was an opportunity to see the outline of her ass in her purple panties. I had on black pants, a black t shirt and a tuxedo jacket.

Before we had a chance to do anything with Gunner and Inge the other couples started coming in. Pretty soon there was a room full of people dressed to the nines, talking, mingling and drinking. There were all sorts of couples, ranging in age from 30's to 60's with all sorts of body shapes too. Something for everybody. Literally. We smiled and said hello to everyone with a special kiss and squeeze for those we had played with. Then my wife rang the bell and took charge.

"Welcome everyone, we are going to have a great night, but first there are some rules. We will start as I direct and then anything goes, but the women will be in charge the entire evening. So of course they will do as they want, so men if you want to say no, of course no means no. But I'd be surprised if that happens." She winked at someone. "Now I want you all to follow me."

She led everyone into the glory hole room and separated the men and the women. There were 12 holes, "Now men, take out your cocks, hard or not, and put them in the holes. Here's the rule. Women every hard cock with pre cum will be kissed, rubbed, sucked and made to come. The rest you can look at, touch or suck, but if they get hard with precum you have to make them cum." My wife told me later that there were only two hard cocks at first and she broke the ice by going for them, sucking one and stroking the other. She made both of them cum. She said her pussy was dripping wet. Pretty soon the other women joined in, sucking, blowing, licking, it was too much, and by the end, every man had come. I came hard after at least three different women played with me. The woman that brought me over had a sucking technique with a slurp that was exquisite. Making every man come was precisely the idea, to make sure the hard cocks would last once the real fun began. My wife then directed the men to the lounge and the women to the slot machines. The lounge had TV with porno, magazines, books of penthouse letters, drinks, herbal aphrodisiacs, Viagra- in short whatever was needed to for the guys to recover. Meanwhile the woman played the slots and collected coins.

It would be impossible to tell the experiences of everyone there so I will tell you only what happened to me and what my wife told my later happened to her. We know what happened to Gunner and Inge and Theresa and Rick from other adventures but that is for another story.

I sat in the lounge reading a group of stories from a penthouse book. Some of them involved bisexuality, cheating, pain or other things that didn't turn me on but after about 15 minutes I found a story that really turned me on. It was about a group of guys playing poker while their wives were in the kitchen complaining about their lack of sex. They decided to play hostess for the game, coming back with treats, beer and drinks and wearing less and less each time, until the guys started to notice. Then Richard lost all his money so Ingrid said "Bet me honey" and he did. He lost and after Ingrid stroked his lap and asked him what he wanted her to do he said give Bob a slow blow job while everyone looks on. Soon the game was all about betting wives blowjobs, pussies, asses, and the story got hotter and hotter. Once my hard on was back I couldn't wait to go back out. Each man in the lounge had his own way of getting back into the mood, I'm sure.

My wife won 33 coins and was hot just reading the instructions. Some women were exchanging coins but she went through hers, picked her top six and put them in order, hottest last. She gave the rest away to a black haired woman, wearing a white designer dress, who was having bad luck at the slots. After what seemed a long time, but really wasn't, she called the men out. We began mingling and drinking and I was about to go talk to Bridgett when a woman I didn't know came up to me with a coin. She was about 5'6" and wore a purple evening gown that came up around her neck. She appeared to have large tits and a smooth round ass but it was a little hard to tell as her gown covered her from head to toe. She handed me a coin that said "Go to the card room and play truth or dare with the man of your choice". Off we went.

My wife's first of six coins said " Pick two men, lead them to the couch, kneel in front of them, remove their cocks, if they are still dressed, and going back and forth give them both blow jobs, don't let them come." My wife loves sucking cock and is very good at it and had to work at not letting them come. She said that she chose Rick and Gunner because she had felt, touched and tasted both of their cocks and liked them, that's how she wanted to start. The way she put it; Rick's cock is thick with a large ridge and Gunner's is long, she wanted variety. She also wanted to kneel on the floor and put on a show, so she hiked up her skirt. She had on see-through pantyhose that were soaked around her pussy so were even more see through. I know I looked from the game room; I'm sure every man did.

Sheila was the name of the woman who wanted to play truth or dare. She smiled at me and said "Dare". I nodded. "I dare you to take off your pants and any underwear but keep on your t shirt and tux." I stood up, turned around and unbuttoned my pants. I swayed to the music until I was naked below the waist. Her eyes stayed glued to my cock. My turn. Truth. Are you completely naked under your gown? To my surprise she stood up and bumping and grinding took it off. Completely naked. I was right. I was right about her tits and ass too. She had a dark bush but shaved pussy lips which were so wide open you could see inside. I wanted to touch but it was her turn.

My wife stopped sucking and blowing way before the guys wanted her to but she didn't let them come. Her next coin said pick three guys, take them to the toy room, have them tie your ankles and wrists to the posts and then let them take turns playing with the toys, and you. Each guy should lead you close to coming but you must say 'now' before you come and they must stop. She came up to me and showed me the coin and asked me to be one of the guys so I said goodbye to Sheila, who began looking at her coins, and at naked or half naked guys, and I walked away with my wife. She also chose a guy we didn't know, he was younger, about 40, completely naked. I'm sure she chose him from looking at his cock by the tilt of her eyes. I'm sure she also wondered what woman had got him complexly naked. She then went to Gunner because he was standing alone while Inge was getting gang fucked in the ass on the living room floor. My lovely wife still in her black dress led the three of us in. We unbuttoned her dress so it fell over her sides leaving her tits and pussy on display and tied her up. She picked me to go first, Gunner next and the new guy, Neil, last.

I picked up a dildo and first rubbed it along her tits, then up to her mouth and watched her lick the tip and look me in the eye. Then I slid it down to the outside of her pussy lips and began rubbing it back and forth ever harder and faster until she moaned 'now', and I had to stop. Gunner then picked a realistic large cock and teased her pussy lips and then held it at the opening. He didn't move it, so she lifted her hips to engulf it, it was one of the hottest things I ever saw. He just held it there and she had to buck her hips to fuck it, she went slow at first, then fast, then squirmed on it, then fucked it so fast I thought for sure she would come, but she let out a muffled moan and a 'now. I looked up to see that Neil had sat on the bed and had put his cock to her lips. But now it was his turn. He got a tongue vibrator and held it against her pussy lips getting a pussy licking like she's never had. It didn't take her long to say 'now' but I suspect that she had come, just a little, while hip fucking the large 'cock'.

I untied her and we kissed and then went out to the living room. A couple came up to us and handed the coin 'pick three couples and go into the dark room,' we looked at each other and smiled and went ahead.

It was incredibly hot walking about in there. I felt hips, tits asses, pussies and had fingers grip my cock. Often when I bumped into a woman I would finger and stroke her trying to decide, just from the pussy if it was my wife. One woman started squeezing my cock, letting go and squeezing again over and over, either my wife had learned a new hand job technique or this was someone else. She had a way of squeezing that was wave like and delicious and soon I reached the point of no return. I came loud and long. I'm sure my wife heard my moans.

So with a soft cock I wandered back to the lounge to wait for another hard on. I took one of the Viagra's because I wasn't sure I could come three times but I wanted to try. I settled in for a while. My wife went through a couple more of her coins, I'm not sure what she did, but it was the thought of the possibilities of what she was doing that got me hard again, so out I went. She's promised to tell me what she did the next time we plan some wild sex.

When my wife saw me walk out with a hard on she clapped and said, "We are all here, so now for the finale". I couldn't believe it was time for the end, had I been out that long? But I was ready. "Women you are to get in a line and lean over the table. Men you form a line over there. Now going down the line fuck every woman in the pussy or ass, her choice, skipping your wife until you've fucked every other woman then go to your wife and fuck until you come". It was a great idea and the different pussies were amazing as I'm sure the cocks were for the women. Some pussies were loose, some tight, some undulated, some were messy with lubricant, some with sperm, some sloppy with pussy juice, everything you could think of. I ended up in back of my wife, fucking hard. I'd come twice that night and I really pounded away. I thought maybe I wouldn't be able to come. It seemed to go on forever. I lost track of time but it was feeling so good. After what seemed like hours I felt my balls tighten and my thrusts became deeper and harder and deeper and harder. I was on the verge of cumming for what seemed like hours. I finally exploded in a mind bending orgasm. Later my wife said she had four orgasms that night. One in the toy room just like I suspected, one in the dark room when she was being anomalously fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time and twice while I pounded away at her.

I wandered incoherently and then fell asleep in mattress room and when I woke up she was with me. Everyone else was gone. We looked at each other, said I love you, and smiled. I ran my hand down her back, she was naked, and up the sweet curve of her ass. I felt a familiar tingling in my cock.

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