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Affair With My Father In Law

Rand and Mona had been married for 7 years during which time Mona had been off the pill and trying for a child.
A medical check-up confirmed Rand was not capable of producing children. He was very disheartened of the findings because he loved kids and he became depressed and even lost his sex appetite about the outcome. But Mona tried to cheer him through her new sex experimental adventure.
There was a sudden development in the life of Mona. Her husband Rand would proceed to US to undertake a project at a client's premises and to finish it as soon as possible. Rand was busy going around arranging for the visa and other travel papers for himself.

On the day of departure they all went to the airport, after a tearful farewell, waved as Rand disappeared to his security checkup. Both Roger and Mona returned home in their car.

In the night Mona was sleeping in her bedroom with Roger. Next day the sky was overcast huge dark clouds covered the entire sky. The time was evening and Mona was watching some TV programme. At 9 she served supper to her father in law and he went to bed and she ate her supper leisurely sitting in front of the TV.

There was a drizzle and the in the wind window panes were moving noisily. Suddenly there was a cold breeze and Mona completed her work in the kitchen and switched off the lights and went to her bed and suddenly the power went off.

A big flash of lightening and followed by a huge thunder shook her and she was scared. Since there was no power she was scared. She got up groped for a candle and a match box and again there was a flash of lightening and another huge thunder.

Poor Mona gave out a cry of fear. Immediately there was another big flash of lightening and a huge thunder shaking the entire building. Mona was scared. She did not know what to do. It was too much for her to bear.

She ran in the darkness in the direction of the bedroom and pushed the door open shouting for help. Roger was scared to her her cry for help.

He got up and realised that it is totally dark and there was no power. Before he could tie his lungi around, Mona's body was pressed against his and he was thrown into the lying position.

She held him in tight embrace out of fear, closing her eyes tightly. Roger having been awaken from deep slumber all these things were quite unexpected.

She hugged him in tight embrace, pressing her boobs against his shoulders and chest.

Mona's hands across his chest and her leg over his left leg held him tightly. He turned to face her and pressed her fully against his hairy chest and his hand went over her back.

He found that she was not wearing any bra and her naked boobs were pressed against him. Again his hand went below and found she wore a panty. He kept his hand over her *** and pulled to towards him so that her **** is pressed against his thigh. He had a glorious erection.

His huge **** which was starved invigorated by the feminine touch was standing erect like a steel pole. He turned so that it may touch the girl and make her to come to senses. His **** was pushing against her stomach.

A sensible girl would know what this strange object is. Roger did some quick thinking and thought to take advantage of the situation. He unhooked her night gown with one hand and pushed his on leg between her thighs. Mona did not resist.

His hairy leg was pushing over her panty and he pulled his leg up and down so that her **** may be rubbed roughly. Mona opened her thighs wide and Roger slowly mounted her balancing his weight on his elbows. Mona was embracing him with both of her hands and her legs were wide open.

Roger was totally nude with a hard erection. He slowly pounded his **** on her panty at the position of her *****. Suddenly Mona's cry stopped, lights came, the room was lit by a night lamp, Roger's **** was pounding her **** over the panty.

Roger lowered his face and his lips searched for the nipple of Mona. He was enjoying to see that Mona lifted her boobs to feed her nipple into his mouth. Roger licked around her nipples and then sucked them first softly and then very hard. Mona was moaning with pleasure.

She fed him her boobs alternating. Roger slowly got up and saw her condition in the dim light. Her legs wide open with the panty on. He smiled at her and pulled her panty down. Mona lifted her hip to enable him to pull down the panty totally. She was totally nude.

Roger leaned forward and put his face over her **** and took a deep breath. Her ***** was having a pleasant frangrance. He asked her to keep it open with her fingers and he took his **** and rubbed it on the ****.

Mona was in fully aroused condition. Roger again lowered his face and licked her ***** and ****. Mona gave a hissing sound and a loud moan. She lifted her hip to meet the face of Roger. He gave her a good lick and sucked her ****.

Mona closed her thighs along the side of the head of Roger and pressed. She had her massive clitoral ******. Fluids were flowing free from her ****. Roger licked and drank the fluids. They did not speak a word so far.

He took his **** and smeared it with the viscous fluid coming out of her **** and tried to insert it in her ****. It went in by about two inches and then it got stuck. He inserted his finger and rotated it in such a way that the passage will be widened.

Somehow Roger wanted to **** her that day. It took time for him to inch his **** inside her ****. Though it was paining, she tolerated because he was stimulating her **** often. It took more than 15 minutes to make a complete penetration.

Mona with full of tears in her eyes tolerated all the pain and when it was over was smiling. It was tight fitting and was enjoyed by both. Roger started to move in and out slowly. Mona thought it has gone right upto her stomach. But the in out movement was pleasurable.

New waves of pleasure swept through her which was hitherto unknown to her. She too moved her hips to adjust to the movements of her father-in-law. She liked him and ran her hands through the hair on his chest. Her boobs standing like two hills were moving up and down with each thrust of her hubby's father.

Both were not in a hurry. Her hole was uniformly tight throughout which gave more pleasure to Roger.

He asked Mona, how many times you and Rand ****** a day. Suddenly there was a cloud in the face of Mona. She said we did not **** at all for the last one and half month. WHAT, cried Roger, you did not allow my son to **** you for 45 days. Mona was sorry and was trying to find excuses.

All these discussions happened when Roger was continuously ******* Mona. Suddenly the level of arousal of Mona came down. But her father-in-law sucked her nipples and got her to her full arousal and made haste to complete *******.

Mona, aroused now wound her legs around him and hugged him. Finally both had their ****** together. They both kissed each other and licked the cheeks.

Although the Roger's erection was intact, he withdrew and went to the bathroom and cleaned up his ****. Mona, totally nude also came after him and and cleaned her **** of all the mess. When the power came the lights in the bedroom of Mona were burning and Roger went to her bedroom and switched off the lights.

Mona was putting on the night gown. Roger told her that she need not put it on. From today you are going to sleep with me in my room in my cot. You are not to wear any clothes, bra or panty when you are lying with me.

Every day I am going to **** you once or twice. He asked her, are you agreeable? She said yes. Then come on, he said and both of them went to the bed. Roger took a closer look at his daughter in law. He was taken aback at her beauty.

Her face, boobs, navel, *****, thighs and legs were all white as if carved in ivory. He told her he will shave her **** on the following day and he wants to be as smooth as her chin. Shyly she agreed.

She took his erect **** in her hands and took a close look, its foreskin, the protruding veins, his ball pouch and all. She smelled his **** and opened her mouth and took it in her mouth and licked and sucked it.

He asked her to turn her **** towards his face so that he can suck and lick her **** when she sucked his ****.

His tongue went inside her hole and dug at her ****. She was squirming when he pulled her **** with his lips. He understood she was a real hot stuff and somehow he was successful to ignite her.

He asked her to get up and straddle him and take his **** inside her **** and ride his like a horse. She got the point and put her legs across and straddled him and in one or two attempts succeeded to put his **** in her ****.

It took time to go in but she moved her butt in such a way that it went in deeply. Her face showed her joy and each movement sent waves of pleasure. She opened her mouth and gave out cries of joy at every movement. She danced on his ****. Roger was enjoying the show.

Her boobs were jumping up and down. She moved her butt front and back and was enjoying every moment.

With both of his hands he cupped her boobs and suddenly she cooled. Her ****** was coming. She fell on Roger and moved up and down and both had a fantastic ******. His *** was sprouting as if from a fountain into her ****.

They slept in the same condition with their fluids dripping from her **** into the bed.

Recently they had a servant for cleaning the house who came in the morning and cleaned all the rooms, helped Mona in the kitchen and go to the market etc.

She was very nosy and wanted to lament at her tragedy of being without her husband and was advising her to go to her own house.

Mona asked her to keep quiet. Mr. Roger coming to the kitchen under some excuse or pretext made her wonder what happened to Roger who never used to come to the kitchen. Before she starts suspecting their relationship, Mona used to drive her away on some errand.

Mona warned her father-in-law not to come to the kitchen at all and if he wants anything to call her so that she will come to his room. He wanted to suck her nipples as frequently as possible.

He asked her to remain without wearing any bra so that he can just lift her blouse and take her boobs in his mouth.

Mona too wanted this more than him but this old lady should not get scent of this otherwise there will be a scandal. Mona gave her enough food and sent her away earlier so that her rest of the day is free from her torment.

As soon as the servant goes away, she used to bolt the door and go with Roger upstairs and take bath in the tub with him. His favourite sport is to sit in the tub with his **** totally inserted in the **** and make her sit on his lap. He used to play with Mona's boobs in the broad day light.

Mona enjoyed every moment of the bath. They ****** almost all days. His mere touch used to arouse Mona immeasurably and she took initiative for sex which he enjoyed most. He used to bring her some pill and make her take them to prevent pregnancy.

Mona's husband Rand used to call her on all alternate days and speak at length about his travails due to her absence. He spoke to his father. He said his project was extended by another six months and hence he will be able to come only after one year.

He asked his father to get Mona a passport so that he can arrange for her visa. But Mr.Roger told Mona that he cannot think of being without her even for a day. Sometimes Mona used to feel guilty for cheating her husband which she used to tell Mr.Roger. He said it is the fate and not intentional.

He seemed not at all perturbed by ******* his son's wife. He matched Mona in her passion and was eager to enjoy at any moment. His body inspite of his age was always ready for a wild sex, which enhanced Mona's pleasure.

He used to shave her pubic hair every alternate day and lick her **** and **** for a long time. He seemed to enjoy this ritual most. When he presses her thighs with his fingers, there used to be red marks which pained him.

He used to lick Mona's thighs and **** at every opportunity. They invented new postures for **** sucking. Mona used to straddle his face and remain so when her **** juices flowed into his mouth and face. He enjoyed licking them and swallowing them.

Days and months went by immersing them in utmost pleasure. Suddenly there was a message that Rand is coming and wants to take Mona with him to US when he returns. Roger was shocked. His moods and attitude changed.

Roger after completing his morning allusions went to the kitchen for his morning tea. Mona, fresh bathed and wearing fresh clothes was glowing in the morning sun. With shyness writ on her face she brought him his morning tea.

He sat in the dining chair but looking amazed at the beauty of his daughter in law Mona who came to his room frightened by the thunder but got ****** endlessly by him. Sipping his tea he was thinking about the last night and how to go about in future.

Mona was busy in the kitchen preparing food for the breakfast and for noon lunch. Her preparations were very good and Roger liked them very much and he had told her so many times.

Mona was looking at Roger through the corner of her eyes from the kitchen and her thoughts also were about the adventures of the previous night.

Poor Rand, her husband was not permitted to touch her ***** for more than 45 days and now he had gone to US and her father in law only had to **** her.

The maid servant who used to do the cleaning work had just left to buy some meat and Roger entered the kitchen and came near Mona. Mona's felt wetness in her undergarment. Roger touched her cheeks and kissed her. Mona warned him not to do such things in the kitchen.

He asked her to go to his bedroom since he wanted to suck her boobs. He just wanted to see them in the broad day light. Mona also wanted to see the **** of Roger in the day light. She just sneaked into his bedroom and closed the door.

Roger coming near her just pulled up her blouse and bra in one stroke and her both the boobs just came out. Roger just took the nipples one by one in his mouth and sucked them. Mona put her hand inside his shorts and pulled his **** out. It was in full erection.

Mona felt like taking it in her mouth. She freed herself from the grip of Roger and kneeled on the ground and took his **** in her mouth. His **** thick and long in fully erect condition was not fully contained in her mouth.

All that she could take in was the head of the **** which she lustily licked. Roger wanted to lick her ****. He lifted her and make her to lie down on the bed. He opened her legs wide and her **** neatly shaven was glowing.

He opened the **** lips and saw her **** and the hole Leaning forward he inserted his tongue inside her **** and tongue ****** her. She was in ecstacy and was lifting her hips and vibrating her body due to waves of passion running over her whole body.

She kept her hands on the head of Roger and pushed it into her ****. Roger with the tip of his tongue dug around her **** and pulled it out softly with his lips. Mona gave out a loud cry, aiyeeee............, and was squirming her hips urging him to suck further.

She had series of ****** and **** juices were freely flowing from her ****. She was a hot girl and this was too much for her to bear. She was massaging her own boobs and twitching her own nipples and moaning loudly. Roger was having a great time sucking and licking the ****.

When he held it between his lips he could feel its mild throbbing. He got up and kept the end of his **** at the entrance of the hole. Mona pulled with all force up to her and hugged him tightly. Roger managed to insert his **** fully into her **** and started to **** her with forceful long strokes.

Mona asked him to lie down so that she can ride him. Roger obliged and they rolled over bringing her atop him. She sat on him in the pose of a frog and started to **** his **** with a pluck, pluck sound.

With her mouth widely open and sounds of joy coming out, she ****** him like this for a long time. She was riding her top wave of ****** and each stroke was adding to her pleasure. She did not want to come down from her orgasmic peak.

Roger shot his ***** into her adding to the mess.

But she was not prepared to leave him. She moved her hips in suck a way that his **** touched her G spot and ****. Roger with his fingers pressed and massaged her **** so that she may reach her ****** fast.

Roger thought that this girl is becoming unmanageable for him since she is never satiated and wanted more and more. But her beauty was so great that Roger never turned her down.

They ****** like this at least two times in the day time and once or twice in the night. Each time they ****** as if they never had sex for months.

When they get negative report form Hospital that Rand cannot make her pregnant then Roger said that there was only one option and if Mona loved to be a mother then she must agree. "What is that", Mona asked.

Roger replied that he would have to plant some fresh seed inside of her womb, which meant that they had to do sexual intercourse without any protection.

Roger said, "You have already taken a sampled of my ***** and Rand believes that you will be impregnated by that. Thus how he can get the story and he is not here now. We can do what we want and I know that you want a baby. I can make you a mother."

After a period of silence, Mona said, "I suppose that I don't have much choice, but it must be clear that it is my pleasure to become impregnated by you". Mona smiled and Roger grabbed her tightly and kissed her.

He started kissing her neck and ear then his right hand opened her blouse and released her *******.

His kissed, sucked and nibbled and then moved to her erect nipple. For some reason Mona's head went back and her eyes shut as pleasure ripped through her body.

She then felt his hand slip under her skirt and he started caressing her inner thigh, moving it further and further up her leg until he reached the crutch of her panties.

Not knowingly Mona's legs had opened naturally and gave him easy access. He found his muffed goal and started rubbing her swollen ***** through the outside of her wet pink panty.

Knowing her father in law was about to **** her Mona made her feel incredibility horny and from this point she knew that all shame and burden had already gone out of the window.

He repositioned himself and his kissing moved downwards. He spread Mona's legs further apart put his thumbs inside of the waist band of her panties and started removing her wet knickers. Mona lifted her bum to aid him.

With her panties in his hand he raised them to his nose and sniffed the sodden gusset saying, "I hope your ***** tastes as good as it smells now and before this".

Mona had been licked out. She felt his tongue deep inside of her *****, whilst his finger teased her love bud. Mona almost passed out and tried to hide her ***, but he knew that Mona had an ******, because her juices were all over his face.

Mona's ***** was so sanative at this point that she had to push his face away from her sexual treasures.

He stood up and said, "Mona you are about to get a good hard shagging. I'm going to fill your love hole to the hilt and spill my *****".

With that he removed his trousers and undies to expose a massive *****. His **** had previously been well used and Mona tasted that and the foreskin was so stretched.

He moved towards Mona, his ***** fully hard and shaped like a banana. His bell end was dark purple (full of blood) and leaking pre ***. Not knowing what to expect he pulled her head forward and ordered Mona to SUCK him off.

Mona loved the sweet, salty tasted of his pre ***. After about 5 minutes he said his balls were heavy and his **** was ripe and ready to plant its seed.

Mona asked him to be gentle as she knew the power of his huge fat ****. He said, "We have no problem, I am sure. You know how good I am".

As he opened her lips and she felt his knob end touching the entrance of her **** at that time. Mona begged him to pack her womb with baby.

Her ***** was well lubricated form her *** earlier so his **** entered easily and before she knew it, he was balls deep and pleasuring her to the limits.

He ****** Mona hard and fast, almost withdrawing and then slamming it back in again. Mona had never shouted before due to avoid neighbour's attention; but she was screaming **** ME and wondering why Rand her husband couldn't make feel this way.

She came again with an incredible force, this time unable to hide it (screaming with pleasure from his well endowed manhood).

Roger said, "I believe you have just *** over my rampant ****". Mona said, "Please fill me with your warm seed, I want your baby".

He withdrew his **** got off the sofa and move towards Mona's head. He then rammed his huge **** into her horny mouth, within seconds.

Mona felt the old men ***** jetting with such force down her throat. She experienced and tasted a full load of ***** and enjoyed it. It was at least 3 times the amount her husband **********.

Mona swallowed her father-in-laws ***** and loved it. She then came to her senses and asked him to shoot and plant his seed inside of her unprotected ***** and made her pregnant.

Roger just smiled and said we got access for free sex and we would do it anytime. After that they showered together and dressed in casual.

By the night, both Mona and Roger had lost track of the number of ***** they'd enjoyed all the day, and Mona's ***** was feeling the effects. But, she was still very horny and eager for her new pleasure partner to mate with her and she was ready at the drop of a hat for him to mount and **** her.

"Roger, I'm so horny for you right now, baby, can you do me again?" Mona asked as she walked into the bed room and pulled open the rather revealing and skimpy robe she had on with nothing underneath it.

"You bet, Mona, baby, I can do you anytime, honey," her father in law, Roger, said as he pulled his pants and his briefs off and let her see that he was getting fully erect and more than ready to **** her again.

Mona came over to her naked father in law after she'd let her robe slide off her shoulders and onto the floor.

She was completely naked now too and she walked straight into his arms and they embraced in the middle of the room as they kissed and their hands began caressing and touching each other all over.

Mona had always really turned Roger on and now that he could **** her and have her completely as often as he wanted, it turned him on that much more.

Roger knew even after this honeymoon ended that he and Mona would spend a lot of time ******* and playing sexually.

Roger broke their kiss and then he let his lips make their way down over the front of Mona's totally exposed and beautiful body.

He got his face between Mona's thighs and he spread her legs a bit more and then started licking and sucking her **** and her very wet and aroused *****.

Mona's ***** was swollen markedly in her arousal and he knew that when he'd finished ******* her, her ***** would be seeping his *** too and he'd probably eat her ***** and get her cream pie to lick up the leftover *** that hadn't stayed up inside her *****.

Mona would love it when Roger licked her and cleaned up her just-****** ***** when they'd finished getting it on together.

"Mmmmmmmm, honey, yes, baby, eat me, mmmmmm, eat my hot *****, Roger," Mona d moaned and she let her hands cup and squeeze her tities that she was hoping would soon be even bigger and more rounded if she got pregnant after all this hot sex they'd been enjoying.

Roger placed his hand over Mona's breast. He could feel the hardness of her nipple pressing against the palm of his hand.

He squeezed the firm flesh of her left breast. Roger could hear her breathing starting to grow more rapid, and he was ready to take this opportunity to much more serious levels.

He reached down between their naked bodies, positioned his steel-hard **** in between Mona's legs and found her *****. Roger pushed forward and began to slip inside the hot and wet ***** of Mona.

When Mona felt that Roger's **** begin to penetrate her ***** lips, she moaned lustfully and immediately began thrusting her ***** back towards Roger, taking his **** inside her as quickly as he pushed forward to thrust inch after inch of his swollen man meat inside her *****.

"Ohhhhhh, yes," she moaned, "give me that big ****!! **** me good, stick that big thing in me and **** me."

Roger reached underneath her belly and felt the soft touch of her belly, as he kept pushing his **** deep into her wet ***** and getting turned on even more by having his **** nuts-deep inside his sexy young daughter in law .

"Ohhhhhh, Mona, your ***** feels so tight on my ****, honey," Roger moaned as he kept pushing his **** in further, letting her take all of his man meat. His erect **** was long and rather thick in girth.

Quite a decent pussyful of **** for any woman and Mona seemed to find it very enjoyable to have it shafting in and out of her.

She immediately threw herself into their mutual ****; she was obviously as needy of sexual release as Roger was.

Roger started to thrust his long **** shaft eagerly and forcefully in and out of Mona's tight hot *****.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, yes, baby," she moaned as Roger really began to throw a hot sexy energetic **** into his young daughter in law's horny ****.

Roger again took out his **** from Mona's *****. But Mona took his penis and inserted it in her vagina. It was tight again, so she spread her legs.

He asked her to lift the legs into the air. He was right and his penis entered into her smoothly; he began to push it deeper and lifted it backward.

He began it slowly and gradually gathered momentum just like vehicles gain speed. He shouted Mona's name several times and Mona too have lost herself in that deeper journey. She shouted so many nasty and bad words in that journey – in excitement.

When Roger ********** in her, it was really serene and satisfying for her. It was a great **** for both of them.

Roger had her ready again after a short while, and he moved between her legs, mounting her, directing his extremely hard **** against the moist lips of her vagina.

He began pressing into her, beginning to open her, beginning to stretch her, Mona bending her knees up, and spreading her thighs more, trying to relieve the pressure of his advancing ****.

She was groaning loudly as she felt herself stretching to accommodate his size, then a cry of pleasure as the head of his **** entered her, penetrating her, stretching her fully.

Roger continued to advance his **** into his groaning daughter in law, gradually filling her, moving back and forth till his **** fully entered her, impaling her, to a hoarse cry from Mona as she was filled by his invading ****.

Roger stayed fully into her for awhile, beginning to gradually move back and forth in long slow strokes, his **** completely disappearing into her with each stroke.

Finally he began stroking faster, to the moaning of Mona, faster till she was crying out with his thrusts, her body ******* each time he pushed into her.

Her groans became louder, nearing ******, her beautiful legs clutching him, crying out, shuddering as her climax was full upon her.

Roger's own climax followed soon afterwards, groaning as he ********** into her, filling her with his ***** again. He stayed inside her, holding her, kissing her, till she felt him hardening again, swelling inside her.

He took her again, ******* her thoroughly, taking a long time with her, plunging in and out of her till she erupted with another ******, feeling him spurting into her, filling her even more.

Then, after a long while Roger moved off her, Mona lying there with her legs spread wide, their juices leaking from her open ****. Finally Mona was exhausted and clutching her underwear in her hand she went to the bathroom.

She looked thoroughly ******. She got into bed with Roger again, and she was surprised to find him erect again. Mona gripped his erection, stroking me, and before I could mount her I erupted, much to her amusement.

She said, "You really did it to me; I have never been ****** like that before this, never come like that." Roger said, "I couldn't help myself; I never thought that I would be aroused every time I watch you."

And then Mona calculated and she said, "I think today I am just entering my fertile period. I hope you can make me pregnant." They finally went to sleep.

Next Morning after breakfast Mona and Roger again started their long holly **** for baby.Neighbours could listen the moans, the groans, the cries of Mona as she was serviced once again by her father in law.

Roger's **** thrusting into her till she cried out, her body ******* as her ****** overwhelmed her.

He continued plunging into her till he climaxed, once more filling her unprotected **** with his *****. He moved over, pulling his softening **** from her. He caressed her and soon he was hardening again.

This time he placed her on her hands and knees, spread her thighs, and thrust fully into her. Roger's wet **** moving in and out of her, and once again she was enjoying sex with her father in law.

Mona never had sex with her on her hands and knees; that wasn't a position she liked, but she was responding to him doing it to her that way, and very thoroughly and competently, till she was crying out again and again with one ****** after another.

After Roger had flooded her, he released her, and she fell to the bed, lying there exhausted.

After that they sat around that day reading, drinking more than they should, and Roger wondered what would happen in the evening.

In the evening Mona followed him without protest, and Roger ****** her again, servicing her like a ***** in the garden. Once again he emptied himself into her unprotected womb, likely getting her pregnant by now.

The same thing happened at that night; Roger put his seed in her again. Nieghbours heard her moaning as Mona was used by her father in law. He seemed insatiable, taking time after time.

It was because after his wife's death Roger had been without a woman for a long while, and his daughter in law was certainly the most attractive woman that came his way, in or out of his life.

Each night he slowly undressed her, relishing her as he ******** her naked, enjoying relieving her of her sheer panties, the last barrier to her sex.

He would gaze at her, at her beauty, her lovely firm breasts, her slim waist descending to gorgeous rounded hips and ***, which he delighted in stroking, arousing her again.

The last three nights before the arrival of Rand he ****** her in every position and Mona responded him.

Mostly he did her on her back with her legs lifted and spread, but he also liked to take her on her hands and knees. Roger serviced her time after time, listening to her moaning as he thrust into her, bringing her to one climax after another till he spurted into her, filling her with his *****. Her loud cries when she had an ****** filled the atmosphere of the house.

Mona's **** and uterus were always a wash with Roger's *****. He had filled her with so much and so often that Roger was sure she was impregnated. The last night, after Roger did it to her again and Mona said that she was glad that Rand would come next day as she couldn't take any more, her **** was just too sore.

Roger said, "You really got into it-you really enjoyed being serviced by me, and I would probably make you pregnant." Mona said "I couldn't help it, the size of your **** and the way you did it to me. Your toll was so big I didn't think I could take you, but I was wrong. I never felt so filled; I couldn't believe the way you stretched me out.

And I was really excited by the possibility that I would be pregnant. I could feel you swelling more each time you came, and I could feel you spurting into me, into my uterus. Yes, I think I'm very likely pregnant."

Next day Rand returned in the afternoon. Roger and Mona were normal before him. They tried to keep a healthy and cheerful atmosphere in the house.

Rand back in his jobs, they discussed about future of their family in the evening. Roger and Mona both came to grips with the emotional experience.

Mona talked about what she felt, how Roger's huge **** filled her and stretched her, her whole being centered on his huge organ filling her, and bringing her to wrenching climaxes. Then she directed the conversation towards how Roger enjoyed ******* Mona.

After some days it turned out that Mona was pregnant and she wanted to have the baby. As the weeks went by and her abdomen began to enlarge, Roger relived the experience and Mona also did.

Rand and Roger were happy in the news. After completion of nine months Mona gave birth a healthy boy.

After that Mona's father-in-law and Mona ******, sucked and licked when ever possible, after all he is the father of her son, but she still loved and adored her husband Rand, unfortunately he could not satisfy her like his father.

One down side, she was back on the pill because the virile old man, who could raise a massive hard on anytime, would not take no for answer and refused to use a condom and would therefore ***** Mona to pregnancy given the chance. He had even broken in her bum hole and ****** it mostly during her periods.
Mona was enjoying her sex life with Rand and Roger without any taboo. She was free from all points of view. She prepared herself for this lifestyle.

She explained herself that Rand is her husband and Roger is the biological father of her baby. Thus they both have rights to **** her and she has the right to enjoy sex with them.

One morning after breakfast Mona's father-in-law came over and asked her that how everything was going and she said it was going great except for her back hurt from all the leaning down last night sex with his son.

While she was washing her hands in the kitchen he came up behind her and started rubbing her back asking her where it hurt the most.

Mona told him that he might not think about it, and then Roger had his hand under Mona's shirt. Mona then was feeling a little uncomfortable about it.

Roger told her to sit on the couch so he could continue the back rub and soon was rubbing more than just her back. Mona asked him to stop, but he insisted that she needed it. Before she knew it he was fingering her.

Later Roger took her in the bedroom and had sex with her for almost 3 hours. Roger was experienced and knows exactly what she wanted and told her how beautiful she was and Mona knew that he enjoyed that more than anything else.

Now a days Roger used to get erection seeing his daughter-in --laws erected boobs and when he saw her feeding her child. He went to bathroom for ************, which even Mona knew.

Mona was a sex-bomb even after delivery of her child. She had become more and more beautiful. After delivery the size of boobs go up due to filling of milk in them and nice heavy butts but waist missing.

She roamed here and there while picking of her child some time her boobs were touched accidentally but she remained calm and quite.

But Roger shivered all the time thinking of his sexy daughter-in-law when he merely milked her by his ****.

He properly looked after Mona and Mona too looked after him. Mona openly gave milk to her son without any shame from Roger's side.

She opened her boobs and fed her entire boobs open to Roger. Sometimes when she was not wearing any top her both boobs were opened and sometimes Roger helped her to lick entire milk from those milk-ball for their baby.

After some day Rand left for a tour. Roger and Mona got their free space to live with their child. They started to share the same room and same bed again in the night also. Suddenly a strange thing happened in their smooth life.

The child left feed and immediately the child was shifted to hospital where the problem was diagnosed as tonsils and mother was asked to feed her by a piece of cotton dipping in milk and it should be kept on the mouth of the child which he may suck slowly and doctor advised that the problem would remain for fortnight.

On the first night Roger heard moaning of Mona and he immediately rushed to her and asked the reason.

Mona told that she was feeling heaviness and pain on her boobs and on Roger's request she opened as he pressed them a lot amount of milk came out from them and spread on the floor and similarly Roger pressed second boobs and the same thing happened.

Enquired from doctor about this Mona repeated the same procedure and asked her father-in -law to do it thrice a day.

Roger started the procedure in morning but placed his mouth instead of spoiling it on floor. He sucked entire milk from one boob and second boob and a reaction of sex was exchanged.

In the evening same procedure was adopted but in the night while she was on the same bed with him along with child Roger sucked her both breast and she embraced him and kissed him for relieving her pain.

But the matter did not stopped here as she was naked before Roger he started seducing her as his old monster got erection and made him to request her for ****.

Roger was fondling her body and she got horny and he put his **** inside her ***** and started pounding her but he did not got any objection from Mona's side but instead she cooperated him to **** her saying that sex after first child were giving her more pleasure from her father-in-law.

Mona noticed a change in the way Roger looked at her all the time. The areas he stared at in particular where his eyes were peeking at her bouncing breasts and her shaky *** when she moved around the house.

Mona did not like to boast about herself but she knew that she was not bad in those departments. Her breasts were firm enough and protruding, almost an invitation to grab them and squeeze them hard.

Now Mona normally wore sleeveless and low cut dresses at home, mostly casual ones, occasionally she appeared in those silky ones, which were more transparent and clinging to her body, showing off her curves.

Roger used to stare at Mona's boobs, and her cleavage, especially when she bent down. Mona enjoyed his care and she would like to show her dress go slightly off the place, giving him a view of her cleavage and her heavy watermelons whenever she got any chance to seduce him.

While serving him food, Mona would stand near him and bend whenever she needed to put food in his plate; Roger would never miss a chance to look at her hidden treasures, but he always did that in a clever way as if he were Mr. Innocent and knew nothing.

Mona would stand almost inches near to him, his face near to her breasts. He could see her navel and her clothed breasts up close. Mona would notice him throwing glances at her body. She thought that it was common for any man who ****** her and gave her a child.

Roger's acts became bolder. He gave stares that were obvious. One morning Roger asked Mona to help him in taking his bath; he said he wanted her to clean his back. Mona agreed. He sat in his shorts; Mona entered the bathroom, she wore a towel.

He asked her to give him a head bath. She turned on the shower and though she took precautions not to get wet but she couldn't and she got wet partially. Mona was applying shampoo to him, standing in front of him. His face was straight in front of her breasts.

Her towel got wet and her curve was visible along with the contents inside it. He could easily trace the shape of his daughter-in-laws breasts, size and the location of the nipples. Mona untied her towel to a side and with bra and panty her navel area was exposed.

Mona was sure it was a feast for him, but she continued. She was rubbing his head applying shampoo. It was moving to and fro in such a way that it almost touched her breasts in that process. It was steaming hot in the bathroom and she was wet partly due the water and partly due to her sweat.

Roger could feel the aroma emanating from his daughter-in-law. Mona got carried away and she was moving his head more and more into her, she was letting his face touch her breasts.

It was a see-saw movement; his face was kissing her breasts. Mona was literally crushing his face into her breasts.

He must have felt the softness of her boobs. He buried his face in them, almost restless and just her hands were moving. Few minutes later Mona regained her senses and moved away from her father-in-law.

She finished the cleaning work soon. She got a towel and as she was wiping his head again his face was pushed into her breasts while she dried his hair with the towel.

Mona applied force to dry so he had to hold her for support. He laid his hands on her stomach, above her hips and caught her. He laid both hands on her, taking full support from his handgrip on her tummy area.

He pressed Mona hard. Mona finished that work soon and before a new start she left the bathroom covering her with towel.

That night after the milk session Mona told her father-in-law to give her a break for the night. Roger agreed with his daughter-in-laws proposal. But in the middle of her sleep Mona felt someone touched her ***.

She woke up, but didn't open her eyes fully. She could feel Roger's hand change the position and he hand on her tummy. Mona opened her eyes and saw him. He was deep asleep, the hand wasn't moving.

Mona thought it was accidental and it happened in sleep. She closed her eyes and resumed sleeping. Few minutes later, the hand started moving! He was feeling Mona's stomach, its softness and started to press it gently.

Later, his hand started to move upwards. His hand was then lying on her milky breasts. He put it there motionless for few minutes. Then he started gripping one of her breasts with his palm.

He began to care the curve and size of it. He could feel its softness in his hands. It started to become stiff and firm.

He began to gently squeeze her breast. He was now getting bolder and was squeezing it much harder.

Mona moved slightly and she let out a feeble moan but she continued to act as if she was amidst a deep sleep.

Then he located her nipple and started to draw circles around it, along the aureole. That act was miraculous, sending shivers throughout Mona's body.

He took a nipple between his thumb and index finger and started pressing it gently at first, later a little harder than earlier. Mona couldn't hold on any longer and she had to break free.

Mona acted as if she woke up just then. His hand was inside her night dress, right on top of her bra, fingers almost catching her nipple. He shut his eyes but kept his hand there itself.

Mona acted as if she was shocked to see his hand there and she took it off away from her. He then slept very close to her; his breath was almost on Mona's face. Mona turned to other side, facing away from him.

She closed her eyes but she was still thinking of his acts. It was not long before he laid his hand again on her stomach, now he caught it from backside. He moved close to her almost grinding his groin into her ***.

Mona could feel his erect member touched the cleavage of her ***. His hand was feeling her tummy and its softness. Mona slipped a knowing smile as she was turning away and he couldn't see her face anyway.

Roger began to feel her soft boobs once again. It was thrilling for Mona to be touched by such a mature man in that way. She felt strange after getting approval from him for break in that night but now she liked the way he started the play.

He moved his face closer to Mona. He was breathing her aroma due to her sweat. Feeling her hair and seeing the smell of it. Then his nose was touching the bare skin on Mona's back, which was in the low cut area in the back just below her neck.

He planted a gentle kiss there. His hands now came down feeling her all the way; actually they moved a lot down then.

Almost about to enter her panty area, no one knew how Mona felt when someone touched her in that area below her navel.

Roger's hand was trying to enter her night dress above her panty area. Roger slipped his hand inside her and finally touched her pubes.

Mona thought that everyone must have experienced an electric shock at some point in time in their life. Mona was experiencing it then. His touch was like an electric shock to her.

She had to instinctively move her groin backwards, digging her *** much deeper into his groin.

He must be aware by now that she was awake and conscious of all his acts. Roger continued exploring deeper.

He must be surprised when he felt her wet there. Mona was almost giggling then with shivers passing through her body. He was rubbing her **** and was feeling her wet *****.

He was manipulating his daughter-in-law well. She was in heaven. He inserted a finger into Mona's *****, which was fully wet by then. He began to finger **** Mona vigorously.

Though they both were aware of each other's position and it was done with her staying there numb as if she was asleep.

He was moving his finger in and out and sideways, almost all the possible directions. He was literally drilling Mona.

She thought that Roger came then. He left suddenly and went to bathroom. They acted normally as if nothing happened between them.

At about midnight he started doing the same things again. He started feeling Mona up and squeezing her boobs.

Now as it was night time, they could not see each other's faces, for that matter nothing was visible.

Mona was wide awake while that was happening. Roger grew bolder and was then kissing her neck area.

He went on lower and started to remove her night dress aside and was kissing her boobs over her bra. He was squeezing one and was kissing the other.

Roger was trying to suck it too. He was desperate now so he started to remove Mona's bra. He ripped it apart soon, made short work on her nipple and there were the watermelons he had been dying for so long.

He felt them fully naked and started rubbing his face into them madly. He was sucking them and kissing them hard.

Mona was moaning loudly then. She was encouraging him with her hands pushing his head into her breasts.

He began to kiss Mona all over her body, her face, they tried the French kiss, he began to kiss Mona's flat tummy, her navel, went even lower too. He dragged Mona's panty down and began to lick her *****.

He was inserting his tongue into it and was ******* her with his tongue. Mona was thumping her hips and banging them up and down on the bed.

She was trembling in lust and pure passion. She was dreaming of this for the last few days and finally this happened.

Mona was asking him to **** her. He was groaning and obliged her request, took his nude unprotected **** and shoved it hard into her *****.

She didn't even care about any protection at that time. She was in lust and total ecstasy.

Roger was ramming his **** harder and harder. To her taste he was a lot harder and longer than his son Rand. He ****** Mona for about two hours that night. He came thrice during it. He finally collapsed over her. They slept like that start naked.

Mona was the one to get up first the next morning. He was just beside her, hugging her, her chest clinging into his. His hand was over her and his face was near her neck.

Mona tried to move away. She woke him. He caught Mona's breast with his hand and squeezed it for one more time and looked at her and smiled.

Mona couldn't look at him. She was relaxed after that joyful sex. So she turned away and she was trying to get off the bed.

He moved down to her ***** and felt her near that area. Mona giggled and she left the room. She got dressed and she was preparing breakfast and coffee.

Roger came into the kitchen slowly and hugged her from behind.

Mona froze and stood still. His hands started playing with her breasts again. He was enjoying them very much. He began kissing his daughter-in -law on her neck from behind and continued pressing her boobs.

Roger said, "Let's take a bath together," and dragged her into the bathroom. Mona pleaded, saying that she had to prepare the breakfast.

He ignored her requests and said she was enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He turned on the shower and they both became wet.

Roger said that he still had not seen her nude in daylight. He wanted to see her totally nude. Mona started kissing him now and hugged him tightly. This really turned him on. He almost ravaged Mona.

He swiftly removed Mona's housecoat, almost tore her bra open and caught her breasts. They were wet hence slippery.

Roger said that Mona had a good pair and kissed them to his heart's content. Mona allowed him to relish on them and asked him to do whatever he wanted to, Mona said, "I am all yours."

He made her nude completely and Mona removed his shorts and caught his ****. It was huge. It was one hell of a **** with good length and width as well. She moved it to and fro for a while and he started to **** her while standing in the shower.

He was holding Mona's hips and started to **** her. He lifted Mona onto him and he was almost holding her with his hands and his **** in her *****.

It needs great strength to give a standing ****. Mona and her father-in-law moved to the bedroom and continued their **** there.

They were having a ******* marathon all those days when Rand wasn't around. Later on they continued to have sex whenever and wherever they got a chance.

He would feel her up at times, sometimes they had oral sex, and they continued to have a good sexual relationship.

Mona ****** by those two men almost daily. Some days Mona's husband Rand might not have sex with her but her father-in-law Roger never missed a chance.
Mona started experiment on sex with her father --in-law to fulfill her gradually increasing desire. She had tried to enjoy sex with Roger in different places.

Sometimes she tried to show their sex game to other people. Thus they started sex in their balcony, lawn and other places. Sometimes Roger ****** Mona in the kitchen when Rand read news paper in the dining room.

One day Mona planned to play in public place. Roger agreed with her daughter-in -- law. They planned to enjoy sex in their car and in a public place. On that special day Rand left early for his work.

As per plan Mona was in Roger's car and they drove to a school parking lot and parked under some trees where there was very little light. She had bought some wine to help get her nerve up and he had some beer. Because they never tried sex in public place before that time.

After talking and drinking for an hour, she felt his finger brushing against her breasts. She opened her eyes and leaned toward him, and they kissed. He pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her and thrashed his tongue inside her mouth as far as he could.

She put her arms around him, and the kiss lasted a minute. Then his right hand moved around to the front and started tickling her breasts and nipples one by one. He kissed her lips, and moved his lips across her face, kissing her cheeks, then her ear lobes, and moving down to her neck. Opening her blouse, his lips moved downward to lightly lick around the top of her breasts.

Reaching around behind her, he undid her bra, and pulled it off. He grabbed her breasts, one in each hand, and started rubbing and squeezing them. Mona leaned toward him and kissed him. Then she leaned back against the door, and let the feelings come.

Roger licked her ****, and started sucking them; first one, then the other. His right hand moved down and rubbed along the insides of her thighs, until he reached her crotch. Then, rubbing hard, his other hand undid her pants.

Mona told him she'd get her pants off, which she did, and took off everything else too. Roger just sat there watching her. When she was completely naked, he leaned forward and sucked her **** some more.

Meanwhile, his hands were busy stroking her thighs, and rubbing her crotch. His kisses moved down, past her ****, to her navel, and then to her *****. Mona lay back on the seat, and Roger started licking her ****, moving in small circles with the tip of his tongue, and then sucking her **** while biting with his lips.

Her ***** was getting real wet by now, and his finger slid in easily. He licked and sucked on her ****, while one hand rubbed and squeezed her ****, and the other hand was finger ******* her. After a few minutes, Mona sat up and had him take his clothes off.

She started kissing on his chest. Moving downward, she slid her tongue into his belly button, then went even farther.

His **** was hard, and almost reached his navel. She then started rubbing her fingers along the shaft of it, feeling it get even larger and harder. Then she grabbed it and lifted it up away from his belly.

Kissing it along the shaft, she moved her lips up until the head of it was touching her. She suddenly slid it into her mouth, taking all of it in. Roger moaned in ecstasy, and lifted himself off the car seat.

Mona started sliding his **** in and out of her mouth, sliding her tongue around it, and squeezing it with her lips. After doing this a few minutes, she pulled it out and kissed down the length of it.

During that time a young boy was passing by that place and he got the signal from the car. Out of curiosity he tried to check the cause of undulation in that car and watched some live sex play of those two love bird.

Suddenly Mona saw that the boy was watching them. She told Roger that the boy was watching their sex play and he had already started ************.

Then reaching his balls, Mona licked them and slid first one and then the other into her mouth. She lightly sucked them. His balls had no hair, and slid very easily.

Kissing back upward along the shaft of his ****, she took the head in her mouth and round her tongue over it.

Mona was going faster and faster. Then she shoved his **** deep into her mouth again, and moved her head up and down, ******* him with her mouth.

Roger moaned, "It's too good! Suck my ****, babe! Oooh, yeah, slide it all the way in..." So Mona did. She moved her mouth up and down his ****, until Roger all of a sudden grabbed her hair and started thrusting his **** in her mouth.

In a couple more seconds, she felt him *** in her mouth, the hot liquid hitting the back of her throat and pooling on her tongue.

She started swallowing it, tightening her lips around his ****, feeling it throb and pushing his *** into her mouth. He had a lot of ***, and it took a few minutes for him to finish.

When he was done, he asked if she wanted to continue, because he could *** again. Mona gave a look at the boy who was busy to rub his ****. He had already finished one session and started another.

Mona gave a naughty smile and she kept sucking on him, occasionally getting some more *** out. But his rigid **** didn't go limp. So she lay down in the backseat, and he got on top of her.

She was so wet, that his **** slid right in, all the way in. His **** was hard and long, and big around, and felt oh so good! He started pumping his **** in her, and she wrapped her legs around his back, grabbing his *** and pulling him to her.

His **** was hitting against her cervix, sliding past it. He grabbed her *** and they both pulled each others *****, shoving his **** inside her. His mouth was on her breasts, sucking them, sliding his tongue across to the other ***, and sucking that one.

Soon Mona could feel the tightening in her groin, and started *******. Her legs pulled him inside her, trying to push it even farther in. Her **** grabbed his ****, wanting to swallow it, her crotch grinding against his.

Before she was done *******, he shuddered, and she felt his **** throb, squirting his hot ***** inside her. Mona and Roger drenched in sweat and *** at that moment. Mona saw that boy was also exhausted after his ************.

After that public sex Mona cleaned her ***** with her panty and Roger started the car to leave that place. When the car was moving before that boy and Mona threw her cummed wet panty towards the boy.

Mona could see from the looking glass that the boy collected her panty from the ground and tried to store the scent of her panty in his mind.

Mona returned with a memorable experience. She kissed Roger when they reached at the door of the house. Mona changed her dress and started her household work when she returned from her new sexual adventure.

When she dug the utensils out of the bottom drawer of the desk in the kitchen, she lingered some to let Roger get a look at her fine, round ***, wiggling it around a bit as she dug through some other materials.

Looking down at the big lump in his trouser, it was obvious that Mona's booty shaking hadn't gone unnoticed. She went to Roger's room and sat down on the bed, spread out some magazines and invited him to sit down with her.

Leaning over the magazines, she gave him a prime view of her impressive cleavage as she pointed out different pictures. Before she knew it she was in his strong arms and they were hugging and kissing to beat the band.

With firm hands Roger undid her top and set her big breast beauties free. His matured hands caressed them gently as Mona worked to unbuckle and unzip his trouser.

He kicked off his boots while sucking on one of her nipples, sending waves of lust down from her boob straight into her *****.

With his trousers and black briefs still down around his ankles he slid down and untied Mona's bottom cover with his teeth one by one.

He smelled of tangy sweat and saltines, his hard butt was sticking straight up in the air, Mona could feel his warm breath on her bud of *****.

Twisting her body round, Mona sent them over to their sides. With her head down by his feet, Mona freed up his ankles as he started licking on her hot ****. Mona moved up his smooth, strong legs and found his big, pink, uncut ****.

The foreskin was red, as was the shiny slit poking out all friendly like. His ***** licking was making Mona crazy with desire. She gobbled up that pink shaft in between her full ebony lips, inviting half of its erect into her hot, wet mouth.

They lay there side by side, munching on each other and moaning for several delicious minutes. Mona liked the feeling of his balls bouncing up against her chin as she sucked his **** and loved the sensational things his tongue was doing both inside and outside her hungry wet *****.

They were writhing on that big bed, lost deep between each other's strong legs. Their hands were clenching each other's butts as their hips twisted and turned from their intense oral sensations.

They both decided to come up for air at just about the same time. Roger's chin was wet with Mona's love juices and he rubbed them on her belly and **** as he slid over to look her in the eye. They locked into another deep kiss, tasting their own flavour in each other's warm mouth. Mona spread her legs and felt his hard **** pressed against her eager *****. Reaching down, Mona wrapped her fingers around the shaft and guided him home.

He slid slowly inside Mona, gently moving like he was afraid to hurt her. When he was buried all the way to the hilt and her finely trimmed pubes were mingled with his ones, Mona wrapped her legs around his muscular back.

It was time to **** and her hips let him know, right off, that she wasn't intending to hold anything back.

Mona thought that he might have been threw for a second by her hard thrusts but he soon started giving them back, driving his big **** into her again and again with powerful strokes that caused her toes to curl.

They ****** in mad desperation. Roger's strong sweaty body pounding up against Mona's smooth and sexy body. Mona's rounded *** bouncing up and down on the bed, his balls slapping against the crack of her butt ever faster and harder while they groaned and panted loudly. If it was a race, Mona won it by about a trimmed **** hair.

Her legs tightened round his back when the ****** ripped through her body, spreading waves of liquid heat flowed through her groin and belly and breasts as she cried out long moaning nonsense words.

In the midst of her powerful *** Mona heard Roger began grunting and felt strong spurts of hot ***** *********** from his throbbing **** while his hips jerked and twitched. Their bodies quivered together, father-in-laws **** in daughter-in-laws *****, sweaty and drained, with post-orgasmic tremors.

Rand returned early that night. They had dinner and then went to bed. Rand fell asleep immediately after a quickie though Mona wanted more. She took a book, turned on the light and started reading.

She couldn't focus on the book, she was constantly thinking about Roger's foreplay. Mona looked at her sleeping husband.

Maybe she was right? Maybe she needed to have her own life and her own secrets? Mona really hoped that Roger would give her more pleasure again.

Mona left her bed room and went to her father-in-laws room. Mona did not wear any bra. The night dress fitted her body pretty tight, and when moving the silk of the dress was rubbing against her nipples, making them hard and erect.

Entering the room Mona undressed her and got into the bed. Roger could smell the perfume of Mona and he began to active. To calm her down he started eating her ***** having barely pulled her panties down.

He licked her fiercely and soon she stopped resisting and Roger set her hands free.

A minute later Mona began moaning and pressed his head to her *****. Roger's thoughts were back an

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