Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Birthday Surprise

I returned from offshore and being my birthday week I hoped my wife was planning a sexy surprise with her new friends. Yes, she told me about her adventure and we both had phone sex during her recital.
On Tuesday, the day before my birthday, Sherry met Mary and Mark our neighbour in their driveway. She was a little unsure with the reaction from their little get-together that past week.

Little get together? Mary and her husband, Mark, had fucked my wife in a hotel and Sherry was hoping they were willing to expand their sexual appetite with my wife and me.

"Hey, sexy neighbour," she said to Sherry. "How have you been?"

"Hi, Mary, I have been good, horny and feeling a little strange."

"Why, was it because of your fantastic experience with my husband and me?" Mary asked.

"Yes," Sherry laughed, it was a great night" and had trouble looking Mary and Mark in the eyes.

"Do you regret what we did? Mary and I had our best experience." Mark responded

"No!" Sherry answered quickly. "No, I don't. It was really - exciting." She looked at Mary, smiling broadly and I need some help planning a special birthday party for David.

Mary laughed, stepped forward and squeezed Sherry's pussy through her skirt, "Well, it sounds to me like you had a great time and want more of us!"

"Yes, for sure and if not an issue I will call you later to help me plan David's party!"

"No probs", Mary responded and placed a gentle kiss on Sherry's lips with her hand still squeezing Sherry's pussy lips.

On my birthday night our neighbour Mary and Mark were already on their fourth drink and full of laughter.

Mary had a sexy body, nice big boobs and a firm butt covered in a sexy mini dress.

Sherry was going to get changed with Mary's help. After a couple beers and wandering why the ladies were taking so long, Sherry emerged dressed in a skimpy red halter top with a white miniskirt. Her stockings were hung low on her garter so that a bit of her naked flesh showed. Her high heels made her ass stick out just enough to show her white tongs against her well-tanned skin.

My wife was led to the centre of the room by Mary and as they parted I was not sure if Mary's fingers squeezed Sherry's pussy in appreciation.

With the soft music playing Sherry began to slowly dance whilst rubbing and playing with her body through her clothes. Her tits were completely visible under her tight low cut halter top as her dark nipples protruded hard as a rock, begging to be licked, pinched and pulled. As my wife sat and gyrated on Mary, Mark and myself in the same order we all had the pleasure of squeezing her nipples as she placed our heads between her voluptuous breasts.

When Sherry returned back to the centre of the room, she seductively pulled up her skirt exposing the sweet hunk of her clean shaven pussy lips that was barely contained in her thong. There was a glimmer of wetness as she slid her hand and began caressing her swollen lips and clit. My sexy wife turned around and bent over to show everyone her beautiful ass. Whilst rocking gently back and forth, she made sure we all had the opportunity to watch her hand rubbing her cunt. As Sherry moved rhythmically with the music, her fingers continued sliding in and out her pussy as we all yeaned for her body.

Sherry told me to stand and pulled my pants and underwear down. Slowly, she teased my cock with her tongue, sucking on one ball then the other, licking the shaft from bottom to top, circling my head with her tongue as I begged her to suck.

After what seemed like an eternity, my wife took the tip of my cock into her mouth, rolling her tongue around it for a moment, and then slowly sliding it back and forth in her mouth.

With her free hand she pulled her thong aside and showed Mary and Mark a lovely view of her wet cunt. Sherry spread her lips apart for a moment pausing to feel all the penetrating stares before plunging in two fingers deep inside her hot woman hood.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth long enough to ask Mark to take over for her hand was beginning to get tired. It took but a moment for Mark to begin kissing and rubbing Sherry's ass. One hand penetrated her cunt as the other rubbed her ass cheeks. The feeling of strange fingers wriggling deep inside her gave Sherry's moans renewed intensity.

Mary also got into action, undressed and removed Mark's clothing whilst stroking his cock. Both guys had full erections as the girls sucked, stroked and tongued the two swollen cocks.

"Sherry are you ready for Mark's big cock or my cunt?" said Mary excitedly.

"Once you and David don't mind," answered Sherry.

Sherry seductively looked at Mary and me, then at Mark's dick. "Oh, Gosh, I need to have the experience of two cocks!"

"Would you like to feel that another cock inside you?" I asked.

"Mmmmm," said Sherry, I would love to and you can fuck Mary!"

The girls looked at each other and smiled. Mary then took my cock in her hand and licked the head, then looked over at Sherry.

Sherry followed her lead and took the head of Mark's cock in her mouth. He cupped Sherry's breasts, squeezing them firmly as he leaned in and kissed her. She kissed back, their mouths opening and tongues finding each other. He squeezed her nipples and slid down her body until he could take a nipple into his mouth. He sucked on whilst pulling her thongs off.

I was treating Mary about the same way, following the leader and enjoying her nipples. Though Mary's breasts were a little larger than Sherry's, they were also firm and shapely, and her nipples were longer and very firm. Soon all four of us were naked and in ecstasy.

Mark turned Sherry and facing her back, his hard erected cock pushed firmly against her pussy.

As his cock slid along Sherry's wet slit he pushed his hips backward and forward, letting her wet swollen lips part along his shaft while his cock head found her clit.

It rubbed against it with each push causing Sherry to moan each time his penis flicked her sensitive clit.

Mark looked over at his wife and I, who I had in a similar position just two feet away.

Mark, pushed his penis against my wife's cunt to align it with her hole. Realizing he was about to fuck her tight pussy, Sherry pulled away a bit and said, "No, don't. I don't think - I'm not ready, let David fuck me first."

He looked over at me and suggested, "Maybe you should fuck her."

I pulled away from Mary's dripping cunt and we switched positions.

I slid my cock into my wife's wet cunt and as soon as my shaft was coated well with her juices I slowly pumped her tight cunt as her muscles gripped my cock. Sherry, loved every second, and also loved turning her head to see her new friend (Mary) pussy being pounded as well.

"Fuck my cunt!" Sherry said, louder and more desperate than she realized. Everyone stopped fucking and turned to see what was wrong. Sherry continued. "Fuck me hard, I want your hard cock deep in my cunt, yes Sherry moaned, fuck me."

Hearing the wife's erotic moaning, we pounded their cunts and held their pelvises as our balls smack their ass with each thrust. Our free hand latched on to their clits, causing the ladies to cry out. I drove in a couple more times, holding himself deep into Sherry's cunt and spurting my sperms with a loud, low groan, the hardest orgasm I had in recent memory.

Mary was going wild, feeling her husband's cum spray inside her pussy whilst his hand rubbed her clit. She rotated her hips to press Mark's cock against her vagina wall. He pulled out a little and pushed back in as his cock finished pulsing, she reached her own climax.

Mary collapsed onto the couch in a heap, face down and too spent to turn herself around. As the ladies sat breathing hard, trying to get their bearings, Sherry mentioned "honey this was the couple I told you about at the hotel and Mary is now going to fuck my cunt for the boys treat".

Sherry pulled Mary close and passionately kissed her, teasing her a little with her tongue, then laid a gentle kiss on her neck, her nipples, down her belly and finally settling on her swollen clit. She licked her salty cunt juices; circling her clit, gently sucking her pussy lips, then back to her clit.

Mary moaned as Sherry's tongue slid inside of her and returned to sucking and circling her clit. Mary was squirming in ecstasy and my wife continued torturing the clean shaven cunt like an expert.

As Mary begged to be fucked my wife pulled away and said "David is going to fuck you tonight so go and put on our new toy as I suck both cocks". I always knew my wife was the best cock sucker I ever experienced. As she took turns sucking the tip of Mark and my cock and watching Mark squirm I knew for sure she was the best and now had Mary under control.

Mary came back into the room, stood over Sherry pleased with the strap on vibrator around her hips. She turned the dial and it began to hum. "Mmmm, there's even a bullet that will stimulate your clit. Now, it will be my pleasure to fuck you?"

"Oh I'm ready, fuck me hons, and fuck my cunt hard." Sherry responded as her legs parted.

Mary aligned the tip of the vibrator against her opening and slowly thrust it into her. Waves of pleasure washed over Sherry as Mary kept pumping the vibrator in and out of my wife wet cunt, making sure to keep grinding against her clit with the bullet.

"Hang in there, sexy lady, I'm not done with you yet, Mary responded." She gave a deeper thrust and leaned over to suck Sherry's swollen nipples.

We watched with hard cocks in our hands as Mary then lifted my wife legs to rest on her shoulders (in a roast fowl position) so she could get deeper into her cunt.

As each movement from Mary brought a groan from Sherry we had a full view of the vibrator sliding in and out of Sherry's tight red pussy with Mary's firm ass hammering away.

As Mary continued fucking my hot wife, she began moaning and groaning in pleasure.

"Will you be my hot lover from now on, and suck my cunt whenever I call?" Mary asked

"Yes I love your cunt and you can fuck me anytime" Sherry gasped.

"When David fucks me, are you going to let Mark fuck your tight cunt for his pleasure?" asked Mary.

"Yes once you make me cum now," Sherry groaned.

"Not yet honey, also promise me you will suck my clit when David is fucking my cunt and Mark is pleasuring your pussy".

"Ohhhh fuck yes...just fuck my need to cum....fuck me, fuck me ooooohhh fuck" Sherry moaned

Mary was quickly building my wife to her second climax. With Mary thrusting in pace and Sherry bucking her hips in rhythm to meet each thrust Sherry shuddered and cried, "I'm Cumming, fuck, my cunt is on fire, I am Cumming...ohhhhh you are fucking good!"

"That's it, Sherry, cum for us, honey," Mary cooed.

As the aftershocks of her orgasm died down, she sat up and pulled Mary into a hug and French kiss.

"Wanna play again?" I asked.

"Oh hell, no!" my wife responded, my cunt is sore and tired, how about we plan another special meeting next week in Cancun but you and Mark go ahead and make sure Mary has a fantastic orgasm" Sherry responded.

Oh nice, lets plan for the sexual vacation on the beach," our neighbours responded, with a sultry grin.

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