Thursday, 29 August 2013


My wife and I have never dated any other race than ours and we never thought about it. My wife Shyamala actually cannot stand Black men. She thinks they are rude and disgusting pretty much the same way I thhought at first, until I got intimate with them. However, when I am watching porn on my laptop some Black guy is boning a white chick with his huge cock I'll stop to watch a little, with envy. I am amazed how big some of these black cocks get. One day I saw a hot black girl and I mentioned how pretty I thought she was to my wife. My wife got very upset and was pissed off at me for the rest of the day. Every time a black girl walked in the street she would ask if I thought she was pretty. She would also say some black dude was hot every time one came along the same route. So we were deliberately trying to make the other jealous!

I work fairly long hours but I never leave the office early. We are fortunate that my wife doesn’t have to work. I am a Mining Engineer and I make enough money so my wife can take care of herself and really enjoy her time off work. My wife does things like getting her hair done, getting her fingernails polished, massages a few times a week and woks out 5 times a week at the local gym. Shyamala is 5’5”, 60kgs, 34D breasts with respectable curves and an incredible round ass, for a 52 year old.....the envy of her younger friends.

A few days after I mentioned that I thought that Black girl was extremely hot I had left the office early. When I got home there was a DHL van parked in the driveway, which must have been delivering my supplies for the office. I was expecting documents from a mine in Orissa. However there was no DHL guy anywhere to be found. I figured he must have parked here and continued on their tea break to the restaurant in the nearby Surya Ahopping Complex..

I knew the DHL delivery men; they were two Ugandans, Lumanwaga and Museverserai. I often tipped them handsomely. I really liked Lumanwaga; he had ivory white teeth which contrasted handsomely with his shiny jet black skin and a massive foot. Professional ethics precluded me from expressing my feelings to him, but I prayed that ond day I'll succeed in gettinghim to fuck mr deep up my ass. The nearest I got to it was one night at Parivaar restaurant in Mira Road when I bought dinner for him. Shyamala was in Kerala visiting her relatives, so I had to fend for myself. As we sat opposite each other, I took off my shoes and starting caressing his thighs with my bare feet. He smiled throughout the encounter. I asked him if he wanted to return to out flat in Punarvasy for tea, but he declined saying he was on night duty in the sorting depot. He once hinted that we must try the dinner date again. Then, I realised that he might be receptive.

We live in a large apartment block, on the 5th floor, overlooking the hills in the distant. The view from the bedroom is breathtaking. As I walked through the house to the kitched, passing the Hindu shrine, I heard voices coming from the bedroom. As I got closer to the bedroom I could tell there were several voices, but I was unable to make out whom they were. I heard a little screaming so I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. As I got closer I could definitely hear what was going on. It seemed as though someone or something was getting very loud. The next thing I heard was a man yelling at my wife to suck his black cock and then I heard a smacking sound, like a heavy hand on her ass cheeks, she giggled childishly from the slap. When I reached the door I peeked through the opening too see what was going on. I saw my hot wife Shyamala playing and sucking two of the biggest and blackest cocks I have ever seen. As I looked closer I could tell it was the DHL drivers with their cocks in my wife’s mouth. One of the guys was lying on his back on the bed and my wife was doggy style sucking his black bone. The other man was kneeling next to her and she had hold onto his limp 8-inch cock. I was so fucking pissed to see my wife getting used by these fucking Niggers I wasn’t sure what to do.

I thought about stabbing the fuckers but seeing Shyamala herself I decided to stay back and watch her take the black poles. They looked such a marvellous sught, my minuscule cock started twitching!

I went to the master bathroom, which had another entrance to the spare bedroom where I had an entirely better and closer view. The black man that was kneeling next to Shyamala was kneading and spanking her Indian ass and telling her how beautiful her ass looked. He grabbed her thong and pulled it tight through her pussy lips and was yelling saying you like that tight thong on that pussy. She was letting out yelps as he yanked tightly on her thong. To my amazement she said, “ you like my little Indian ass don’t you?” Whatever he was doing obviously turned her on because she began sucking the huge black dick in her mouth ferociously as in a daze and had a lifelong fixation for black cock. The Black man lying on his back grabbed her by her hair and pushed her face deep onto his throbbing boner telling her to suck his black cock. She was only able to get about 2 inches of his cock in her mouth due to his extreme thickness. Both men began telling her what an old Indian married slut she was and how she was going to be their bitch from now on. She just continued to suck and slurp and take as much meat as she could in her mouth.

The Black man kneeling; roughly pushed her over and rolled her onto her back and was telling her he was going to eat that sweet Indian pussy. He was right because my wife’s pussy was beautiful and sweet. Her pussy lips were full and meaty and her labia extended about an inch from her body. My wife always had camel toes in her panties and jeans because he pussy lips were so large. Her pubic hair was short and trimmed into a nice long strip that stopped at her clit. The Black man that was lying on his back was now kneeling over my wife feeding her cock. He would pull his cock out of her and slap my wife’s lips with his cock and then shove it into her mouth. It was amazing how he removed the panties from my wife and began to inhale the scent of her. The Black man moved his face between my wife’s legs and began sucking and licking her huge labia. Shyamala was moving and squirming all over and lustfully telling what good job he was doing on her pussy. He had a nice rhythm on her. He would tongue fuck her and then lick her clit up and down the length of her slit. The man feeding her cock told her to wait and see what you get when I shove my big dick in you bitch you gonna love it. Shyamala started pleading for one of these black cocks to fuck her and one said we gonna do that baby you just wait till were ready. One Black man said “hey baby I gonna let you get used to my size because I am a nice guy” he sat on the chair and commanded Shyamala to come and sit on his king size cock; she hurriedly mounted her sweeet Nigger. His cock must have been 11 or 12 inches long and the head looked like it was the size of a light bulb. She was now straddling him. Shyamala then turned around to fuck the guy, this way she was able to kiss and lick his thick lips and he in turn fondles her breasts.

Shyamala then turned around to fuck the guy. This way, she was able to kiss his thick lips and he in return fondles her breasts.

She was really enjoying herself. The groans, moans and unintelligible language convinced me to that effect.

Later, Shyamala grabbed of the second guy’s with both hands and and started stoking his entire length affectionately. Her nicely manicured nails contrasted beautifully against the massive jet black rod. It looked as though she was trying to get used to the length and girth of his manhood and was figuring how she would fit that huge cock into her high class Indian pussy.

After she had adequately sized him up, she began to lower her Indian pussy onto his darh brown bulb and slowly rubbed his cock head up and down her shaved slit. She was working up lather from his precum and her pussy juices. After a few moans and grunts the Black man said come on baby you’re taking all day and with that my wife lowered herself onto his cock. The other Black man was licking my wife’s ass at the same time and suddenly the huge purple cock head disappeared into my wife. She let out a yelp and then an awwwwwwww that seemed extremely painful but pleasurable. I could see my wife’s ass cheeks tensing up as she slowly lowered herself onto the rod. The Black man said, “Bigger than you thought isn’t it baby?” Her leg was shaking as she continued to impale herself. Shyamala replied, “Yes, yes Baby, it is big and sweeeeet, it fills me up, I feel as if I’m a virgin again, it is ten times bigger than my husband’s!!

The Black man licking her ass was sucking her hard. She was screaming out lick my ass you Black bastard. The Black man continued to suck and lick my wife’s ass while she was getting accustomed to the black club that was resting in her married vagina.

He said “What an old Indian slut you are, I wished your small cocked husband was here to watch you fuck sweet Niggers.” Only if he knew I was watching him……AND ENJOYING IT. To this day, I’ve never spoken to Shyamala about it!!!!!

After the black men had left, Shyamala had to sit naked for about an hour on the bedside chair and cool her pussy off from the onslaught she had just suffered at the hands of the two Black men. During that time, I cooked dinner for my beautiful and affectionate wife.

Kitcheree, garlic naan and pumpkin was on the menu, with a small bottle of Napoleon brandy and her favourite cigarette,…..………Marlborough.

We have a rich lifestyle which is the envy of all of our friends in Mumbai.

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