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Swinging paradise

I am Huma, with a new kind of group sex experience of a couple who have already tasted the pleasure of swapping. Hope you like it.
” Swinging Paradise offers you the best atmosphere to swing and enjoy in the lap of Mother Nature. Do you swing? Do yoy wish to swing? The best time has arrived to enjoy love to its fullest. We will take care of your needs, fetishes, dreamas and even whims and fancies. Contact us online or phone us to mail you entry forms and other literature” So read the advertisement recommended by my friend Dinesh and I was going to tell my wife Madhu if she wanted us to go for one week of swinging pleasures. To let you know how I got into swinging and swapping you must know the background of me and my wife.
I am Alok Malhotra, a businessman, aged 38 years, well built, fair complexioned, 5 feet 8 inches, handosomely endowed with an 8 inch cock. I am a little over sexed as I cant live a day of abstinence. I have been married to Madhu for the past 16 years and we have one daughter Anu aged 14, studying in class 8th in a boarding school. I live in Delhi in a posh area where I have a luxurious banglow. Madhu is a stunner, 5 feet 4 inches of glorious female flesh, very fair, medium sized tits topped by dark brown coned nipples, flat stomach, slim waistline, rounded ass and well muscled thighs surrounding shaven pubic mound which can raise an erection on a deadman and I am not a deadman, for god’s sake and Madhu is one hell of a bitch in heat who can never have her fill of masculine hardness in all the holes of her sexy and insatiable body.

My relations with Madhu have always been open since my wedding. After our child’s birth I got over busy in work and Madhu got neglected. She got company from my friend Dinesh, who was unmarried then and they started spending time together, I dont know how long. Then one day I found them talking amorously on the phone and learnt that they had been getting close physically. I confronted Madhu with the situation and she admitted to having been sexually attracted to Dinesh whom she described as a hunk. I felt a little jealous and asked what would happen when he got married in a couple of weeks time. She informed me that his would be wife Ruchi is an old friend of hers and she is very sexy and open minded woman and wont mind Madhu having it off with her husband. In fact it was Madhu who had introduced Dinesh to Ruchi. I began to get the picture but I was always slow for the family developments. Madhu said she didnt mind if I was involved with another woman, possibly Ruchi, if it only confined to sexual involvement. Then it would be just fun.
A new chapter was opening inlife for me. Dinesh married Ruchi and in less than a month he and his wife became the closest friends with me and Madhu. He addresses Madhu by name and Ruchi addresses me by name too. After some time we were together for dinner at my place our relations had become quite open and free. We started the dinner with Vodka and orange juice and very soon all of us opened up and talked without any inhibtions. Ruchi was a pleasant woman who had accepted the fact that man or woman does feel bored with a single person and sex life needed to be spiced up with variety and change although sex would be meaningless without love. We all four loved each other. Naughtiness was a part of life which lent colors to sex life. She said she knew about Madhu and Dinesh and had no objection to their relationship if Dinesh showed the same faith in her. Dinesh claimed” I have full faith in you honey, if you love someone else, it doesnt mean you dont love me. It works both ways, darling, Alok is as good a friend as anyone can be, so if you love him, then it wont mean that you love me any less, in fact I would be more than happy to know that the four of us have complete fath in each other.”
That said and things fell into their proper place and our relations were more defined as the four of us came to accept this new relationship. From then onwards we lived together like attached couples and there was a clear understanding among us. We swapped partners quite often. Madhu and Ruchi were quite amazing in bed. First of all we would change wives but fucked in different rooms. I would not be comfortable fucking Ruchi next to Dinesh fucking Madhu. I would feel guilty.
But one day on a sunday, we all were sipping beer in the noon at Dinesh’s place when Ruchi came and sat in my lap and began to kiss me passionately. I too was arroused and my cock began to poke into her asscrack. I became unaware of what was happening on the other side of the table and began kiss Ruchi on her neck and fondled her tits. She moaned and encouraged me to go ahead and undress her. She opened my zipper and fished out my throbbing cock and began to fist it in her hands. I undrressed her slowly, taking her skirt, then her top as she stood before me in bra and panty. Dinesh was watching all this and he signaled Madhu to go over to his lap. I was watching him in intimate position with my wife for the first time. Madhu was more vocal with him than she had ever been with me. I learnt that she enjoyed uttering vulgar hindi slang words to arouse Dinesh which was a novelty to me and I used the same with Ruchi in turn.
Ruchi had pulled my pants down and put my cock in her mouth. She was bending before my cock and making audible moans. Across the table Dinesh was sucking Madhu’s naked boobs and her elongated nipples and Madhu was urging him on,” Yesss Dinooooo, suck them hard. Ohhhh god suck my tits, ahhhh my pussy is all wet, I can feel your cock all worked up. Darling you know where your cock is dying to go into. Look at Alok, the bastard seems to have been blown out of his mind and Ruchi, that bitch of your wife is blowing his pecker as if there is no tomorrow. Ohh Dinooo fuck me like a whore, just like that whore of your wife is sucking Alok’s cock, ohhh my cunt is twitching, it is begging to be banged nowwwww.” Dinesh just stared at me and Ruchi whose head was bobbing up and down my lap. I was excited beyond anthying I had ever felt before. I pressed Ruchi’s tits so hard that she cried out in pain and pleasure as she lifed her lips from my cock for a minute, ” Ahhhh Alok, you are so big so fat, I have to open my mouth too wide to suck your cock, your cock head is so sweet, I love its taste, I love the feel of your balls, give me your cock, let me suck it for you, Dinesh, treat Madhu like a slut that she is, Today you fuck her like a bitch and she will love it. Alok, your wife loves it rough and my hubby is good at being rough on your young wife’s pussy, ohhh l love it, fuck my mouth.”
I pulled the hooks of Ruchi’s bra and mauled her boobs cruelly and she ate my cockmeat hungrily. Dinesh had taken Madhu’s clothes and she was standing in all her naked glory. Ruchi too shed her panty and let me fondle her ass as I went for her pussy with my mouth. She smelled so good as my tongue trailed her pussy area with the tip of my tongue over the three day stubble on her mound. I darted my tongue into her salty wetness and slurpped on her cunt. Dinesh had his cock in Madhu’s mouth and she ate him like she had never tasted any thing that good. I pulled Ruchi to her feet and said” Darling do you want me to bang you before your hubby or we go some other place where we can not be watched? I cant wait any more, see my condition, my lund is dying to enter your choot, your hot choot,” I said hoarsely. I was the first to use the words lund and choot and the rest three liked the introduction of coarse hindi slang into the fuck session. Ruchi took the cue and retorted hotly” Haan Alok, chod dalo mujhe apne pati ke samne, mujhe waise hi chodo jaise ki vo teri biwi ke mukh ko chod raha hai, ab hum charon ek dusre ke asali partners ban chuke hain, mujhe apna bana lo.”
There was no reason to delay the ultimate now. Dinesh asked me ” Lets go to the bed room and have real fun with the ladies. They are dripping their cunts for our cocks. Ruchi has always wanted for us to have a real hot foursome. Give it to her real hard. She loves to be rammed with a huge cock just like yours. I have always wanted to make it with Madhu in front of you. She is a real sex bomb, that wife of yours and swinging with friends like you is real fun,” I got up, lifted Ruchi” naked body in my arms. Once in the bed room, I looked at Madhu standing naked there with her face all flushed pink with excitement. She came to me and took hold of my cock and asked if I was enjoying the new cunt. She also gave my cock a squeez and patted Ruchi on her ass and pushed her onto bed. Dinesh said mockingly,” Kaya bat hai, apne pati ke lund ko itna miss kar rahi ho ke apne yaar ka lund bhul gayi ho Madhu? Ruchi ko bhi Alok ka sawad chakhne do zara.”
I made ruchi kneel before me so that I could fuck her doggy style and she obliged. Seeing us Dinesh and Madhu followed our foot steps and Madhu also knelt to be taken from behind. I pushed my cock into the crack of Ruchi’s ass and entered her cunt as she gasped for breath. My cock had been wedged into her tight cunt when Dinesh pushed his cock into Madhu’s rectum, without any warning. Madhu cried in pain,” Offff what are you upto? You have entered my ass, you asshole. I am in so much pain, I have been fucked in the ass only once and that too when I was 16 years old and now you have fucked me again, I cant take it, Bahar nikalo apna lund, mai mari ja rahi hoon, Dinesh, pleaseee? But Dinesh did not bother to stop or to listen to her crap. He knew it will last only for a short while and she will be ok soon. So he continued to fuck Madhu in the ass with slow long strokes of his medium sized cock.
The room was filled with fucking sounds and we continued to fuck the ladies. All that could be heard was the sounds of male flesh pounding againd female asses and our cocks pistoned in and out of our wives’ cunt and ass. Dinesh reached orgasm first of all followed by Ruchi who had been pushing back at my pelvis and Madhu cursed Dinesh as he ejeculated in her ass” Dinoo sale harami, ab jhad gaye ho mujhe beech mein chhod ke. Main na kehti thee ki gaand mein mat chodo mujhe. Meri gaand itni tight hai ki tum zayada der nahin ruk sako ge, ab mera kaya ho ga sale Dinooo?” I kept pounding into Ruchi even after she had cummed and was crying for me to stop fucking her.
I scooped Madhu towards me and asked her to mount me and let me enter her with her on the top and she opened her pussy around my throbbing pecker which was enveloped by her silky sheath. She moved her hips and rotated her ass as I thrust from beneath her silken body, perspiring with all that exertion. My cock pounded her relentlessly for about 10 minutes before her body convulsed in orgasm and her cunt flooded dher juices round my pistoning dick. I too began to squirt and our juices mingled and our bodies came tyo rest with Madhu on top of me.
That was the real beginning of my swinging life and from then onwards we shared each other wives. It was Dinesh who showed me ad which promised a lot of swinging fun. I had swapped wives with Dinesh and now was the time to expand my area. Swinging Paradise promised sexual fun for couples, with complete discretion and confidetiality. Dinesh too wanted us to open up with more couples as Ruchi had been complaining that our sexual enjoyment had been limited to just the four of us for a long time and we needed to add some more partners to it. I agreed so that our sex lives would not get bored down to monotony. We filled ou r entry forms and gort ready for the real action. We flew to Manali and then travelled in a bus to teh Swinging Paradise. We were greeted by Mr Sam and Ms Rozy, the managers attending to our needs. Sam was a young man in his twenties, a handsome man at least six feet tall and Rozy was a cute little woman too in her twenties with an extraordinary set of knockers and a round ass and pouting lips. She was beautifully tanned and showed long legs out of her very short skirt.
” Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Swinging Paradise. You may mix up with likeminded couples. We have made groups of four to six couples and I would suggest that you acquaint yourself with couples in your group alhough you will be meeting all the people at dinner in the dinning hall where all teh 200 people will be gathered for dinner and dance. You may pick any partner of any sex if he or she is willing to share the bed with you or your group,” announced Mr Sam and Rozy took hold of our attention, ” And if, by any reason, any member fails to get a partner of his or her choice, just give a pat on my ass and i will fix what ever you have in your mind, ladies and gentlemen. I can fix you with an eight inch cock or a young pussy for the night, straight, gay or lesbian, you name it and I will fix it. You may enjoy in any manner, no bars, I, Sam and Rozy are too a part of the group package of your enjoyment. The whole resort has tem groups like this of the same size and different couples have been included in different groups. Here, make your self with your group, let me introduce you to them.
Mr Ali and Ms Shazia, aged 55 and 28 years respectively from UAE, Ali was pot bellied bull of a man dark, greying hair and tough looking where as Shazia looked more like his daughter, dainty little thing, very fair, ample boobs, slim waist, wide hips, flat tummy and black straight hair tied in a bun. They greeted each one of us with a hug and a peck on the cheek men and women alike. Mr Baker and Lisa, aged 48 and 45 respectively from Kenya, Mr Baker was black, immensely tall, at least 6 feet 3 inches, all muscle, long legs, a bulge visible in the front part of his jeans, huge hairy chest. His hair short and curly. Lisa, his white companion was five feet 2 inches tall woman, nice medium size tits, pert little ass and blue eyes, pouting lips. She looked fresh as a lilly. Aditya and Pooja from Banglore aged 40 and 36, Adita was a small man, no more than 5 fet 5 inches, fair, balding and brwon eyes, Pooja too was small about five three, wheatish cpmplexion, nice jutting tits and nice round ass swayiong as she walked in her grey suit. She had bright black eyes which missed nothing in a man or a woman. She perssed herself rather hard when she embraced all the men and women. Vishnu Sharma and Nidhi Sharma were in their late forties. They belonged to Rajasthan, Jai Pur. Vishnu wore a brown suit and Nidhi wore a blune silk sari. Vishnu was medium height and Nidhi was a gorgeous speciment of middle aged female flesh, fair, tall, well proportioned, nice titis on the heavier side, long legs and a plump ass and I had a feeling that she loved it up her fat ass. Her stomach looked so sexy under her sari and blouse.
“Today I would suggest that we go for what we call Lottery. Since we dont know each other so well, we make this night interesting by adding an element of suspence and mystery to it. So lets start day one.” said Sam. Our group was house in five big double rooms, fully furnished and a hall. All sat in the hall with their drinks and began to relax. Pooja came and sat beside me and talked to me in a friendly manner. Soon she opened up and would nudge me in the ribs jokingly and would pat me on my thighs/ Her actions aroused me and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Madhu begin to chat with Mr Baker who delibrately put his arms around her waist and squeezed her body in his powerfull arms. Ali had begun to be friendly with Nidhi and would pat her ass lightly which she enjoyed. Vishnu too k to Rozy while Sam and Shazia paired together. Everything seemed to go well. With flow of drinks, everyone began to take liberty and no one seemed to mind.
At nine Sam announced that all should proceed to dinning hall and enjoy dance and dinner. Alight music played and it every one was dancing with everyone. By the time dinner was over, we were all horny as hell and Sam and Rozt escorted us bak to our lodging. Most of us were tipsy when we reached our rooms. Sam rose and announced the paln of the night. “Now all men stay here in thsi hall for a drink and the aldies will leave for the bedroom, get fresh and occupy one room of their choice. There is a bowl on the table with folded slips with a number of the room written on it. We leave for our room by picking a slip from the bowl. This number will decide who will be keping company to whom. Suppose I pick a slip which says number 3, I wll have my partner waiting for me there as along with that number, I will have a key to that room. It is all lottery. Enjoy the fum, if you need anything else, speak into the phone on the bedside. Good luck,”
All finished the drink, rose, picked a slip and a key and left to their room to find their partner for the night. I took my slip which said room number five. I staggered up to the room and opened it to find Shazia sitting on the chair facing the door, in a black see-through negligee, her black bra and panty visible from it. Her negligee was so short that half her ass was visible as she sat nursing a vodka with coke and smoking a cigarette. Her eyes looked at teh door to see who was going to keep her company for the night. She was relieved to see me step into the room. I wenrt to her put my arms around her, kissed her full on the lips and excused myself and changed into shorts and wore nothing else, with my hairy chest all bare. She seemed to like what she saw and came to sit near me as I poured a stiff drink for myself. I took cigarette from her hand and dragged on it. She smiled as I took her face in my hands and fondled her tits lovingly. We talked a little and I realised that she had desired to be taken roughly, to be tied and blindfolded, to be teased and spanked and fucked in the most unusual manner.” I am fed up by being taken in the same monotonous missionary fashion for years. Ali is so boring, just pushing his big dong and shooting his load and then falling asleep without a word. I would love my partner not to make love but to fuck my brains out, to try new methods to stimulate, to be vulgar, to talk dirty when he fucked me and treated me like a slut. In fact I would love kinky sex, I hope you know what I mean, Alok.”
I didn’t believe my luck. I had been wanting to play the role expected of me by Shazia. I squeezed her tits forcefully, pinching her taut nipples as I pressed my lips against hers. I darted my tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it. I loud squeal escaped her lips as i pinched her nipples.” Yesss, thats teh way I want it, pinch my tits harder,” she gasped as she parted her lips from mine for a moment. She clung to me as I crushed her frame in my arms and cupped her asscheeks roughly. I didn’t let her go of her body from my grip. I moved from her lips and put my lips round her ear lobe and bit softly as my cock poked into her belly. I tore at her negligee and whispered into her ears” Ok how does it feel to be treated like a bitch, Shazia, my bitch? Does my bitch love it rough or is she chickening out now?”
” I will love to be your bitch tonight, your slut, whore, really, treat me as you will my master, Shazia is all your for the taking, let that old bastard rot in hell, fuck me like a slut,” she whispered in my ears. In less than one minute her negligee was lying on the floor and her white tits were visible from the top her bra. I kissed her neck, moved on to her tits, unhooked the hook of her bra and put my mouth around her ample tits ansd sucke don her nipples which hardened under my tongue and teeth. I was like a child sucking on his mother and she held my head close to her bosom. I continued to lick and suck on her boobs and then my hands pulled her panties to reveal most tantalising ass to my hungry eyes. My hands knaded those asscheeks as she moaned loudly, ” I love it, I love your hands on my ass, your lips on my tits, your teeth on my nipples. Ohhh god give me your cock. Let me play with your balls, let me kiss your balls, your ass, pleaseee, master, please let me touch you cock. I am dying to feel your cock and suck it,”

I pushed her hands away when she tried to catch hold of my cock. She was going to get it the hard way. She wanted to be treated as a slut and she was going to be treated like one. I slapped her cheeks and looke at her ” Dont touch my cock until you are told to, bitch.” She fell on her back on the bed and I clamped wrists clamps on her hands and her hands were tied down to the sides of the bed posts. She opened her mouth is shock, as I went for the blindfold lying on the bed and put it in her eyes. There was Shazia, lying fully naked before my eyes completely vulnerable and at my mercy. Her pubic mound swollen with excitement and lust. I spanked her mound not softly as she uttered a soft cry, passionately,” ohhh fuck me, now fuck me with that cock of yours master. My pussy is dying to be ravaged,”

I was in complete control of the slut now. I slapped her face which showed red marks accross her cheeks. I then took off my shorts and became nude. My cock throbbed and hit my stomach in lust for the naked beauty lying at my feet. I felt like a king as she begged me to spank her. to hurt her. Instead of spanking her which she was waiting, I straddled her boson and pushed my hard cock between the valley of her boobs and pushed it forward towards her mouth. She sucked in her breath as I fucked her tits. She was breathing with difficulty. Then I ran the tip of my cockhead accross her trembling lips and she tried to put it into her mouth, but all she got from me was a slap om her cheeks. Now was time for nasty words for her, ” Dont rty to grab my cock you little bitch. Do you reaise who owns you, slut, I own you, every damn part of your body, your tits are mine, your ass your cunt all belong to me, you whore, Do you understand me. My whore may get this cock, but she will have to beg for it, beg you dirty whore. If you want this cock in your ass, you will have to earn every inch of this fat cock meat. Beg for my cock, tou bitch. Tell your master haw will the whore like this cock. Does the bitch like it in her pussy or up her dirty fat ass.” Two slaps accros her face and she was begging in earnest.
” I am your whore, master, give me your cock. This whore begs you to fuck me master, fuck my cunt. Its dripping for your cock master, dont deny me this precious cockmeat. Fill my cunt with that cock, master, my cunt is going wild with lust, fuck me pleaseeeeee. OHHHHH god I cant wait anymore,” she moaned in helplessness as my hand kept spnking her pussy mound and her cheeks with both hands and my cock kept titfucking her. Then I inserted two fingers in her dripping cunt which was on fire. I took my fingers out and put them into her lips which she sucked hungrily. Next time I sucked on her nectar on my fingers and she tasted so sweet. I pulled away her blindfold and teased her mouth with my cock which raomed all over her face without letting her take it into her mouth. The master took mercy on the slave and shoved his cock into her mouth which she devoured like a hungry animal. Then I unclasped her hands and let her hands cup and carress my balls. She grunted her satisfaction and ran her hands on my ass which she gripped as if I would run away.
I let her suck on my meat and inserted my finger into her tight puckered ass hole. She gasped for breath. ” Now slut, its time for real action, get ready for real fuck session. There are going to be two fuck sessions one as you want and the other as I want. First has already started as you desired. Lets complete it my whore, this is what you wanted to be my slut. Now I am going to ram my cock into your pussy, my slut. Open you legs for me slut, spread as far as you can, look at my cock, it may not be as big as you may think but its fat enough to tear your cunt apart. I ma going to fuck my whore in the dirtiest manner, Open your legs,” she hesitated for a second and I slapped her face hard. She opened her thighs and lifted them up to my shoulders as I pushed my dick into the soft and hot hole between her thighs. My cock went into her, tearing her cunt wall apart as she gasped for breath. I plunged deeper and deeper and rammed into her warm cunt meat. My cock enetered her cunt like a piston in a machine.
I bucked my ass into her pelvis where male cock meat met soft feamle cunt meat with a thud. Her legs round my shoulders and we fucked like animals and she was a real bitch in heat as she pushed her ass feverishly up to meet my poweful thrusts. Her pussy was gushing her warm juices on my cock.’ Ahhhhh yes give it to me, fuck me you bastard, ram that monster cock of your into my cunt, I ma cumming like a flood, ram your cock into meeeee. ohhhh I am cumming, fuck me harder, please” she gasped out. I too was nearing my orgasm, sperm was building in my balls and felt it rise to my cock as waves of fucking pleasure washed over my body and our bodies vonvulsed with sexual release as we shot our juices together and i blurted out incoherently” ahhhh, yes, its soooo good, fuck me, darling, my slut, mash your cunt onto my cock, i am cumming, oh god i am shooting my jism into your velvety cunt, ohhh god i am cumming.” I said and shot my hot load into her warmly clinging depths of her pussy. and lay on top of her perspiring body.
I dont know how long we lay there. It was midnight and I could hear some movements outside but did not have the energy to see who it was. My eyes opened when i felt the softness of Shazia’s lips on my cock. She had awakened from her post coital stupor and had put her mouth on my cock. My limp cock sprang to life as it felt the feather touch of her warm lips and tongue. I ran my fingers in her hair and urged her to suck harder. She tasted both of our juiced on my cock as her head bobbed up and down my lap. I groaned with pleasure as I pulled her body against mine and felt the softness of her tits against my chest. Our embrace brought me back to life. I placed my tongue on her nipples and moved my hand between her thighs where our juices had dried up on her mound.
She moaned as my fingers probed her deep wetness. She was ready for the second round but I wanted to prolong teh foreplay a little. ” What does my master wish, how does he wish to use me, to abuse this slut, I ma your for tonight, my master. My whole body is yours to use with your hands, mouth and cock which I love sooo much, my master,” she spoke softly as my cock rose to new heights again. It raised its head again from the dark clouds of my pubic hairs as her fingers closed round my balls. I asked her to let me eat her out. She spread wide for me to enter her cunt with my tongue. I slurped on her pussy juices mixed with mine . She moaned and groaned loudly as I licked her cunt and gripped her asscheeks firmly. I turned my attention to her puckered ring and inserted the tip of my tongue into it. She winced at the intusion and relaxed her ass muscels and my tongue entered her spicy asshole. The resistence vanished and she took my tongue easily in her tight assshole and my finger fucked her ass.
She must have realised what I desired to accomplish on her body by now as ahe accommodated my fingers along with tongue into her asshole. I patted her ass every now and then and she urged me to spank her ass.” Be rough with me, dont be gemtle. My ass deserves to be spanked, this poor bitch needs spanking on her ass, master dont be soft, this bitch of yours like it rough, please hit my ass harder” I had forgotten her demands. Her body ignited the aggressive desires in my body. O spanked her hard across her ass and my cock grew harder with each groan that escaped her lips. Her ass was ready to be plundred. I decided to bugger her dry and without mercy. I made her kneel before me with her ass in the air, poised perfectly for buggery. I placed my cockhead on its ringed opening and gave a mighty push forward, sending waves of pain in her lower body as my monster entered he ass. She cried and tears seemed to appear though momentoriy in hear eyes. She controlled herself as I rammed the rest of my cock into her shithole. My cock jelt embedded tightly in the depth of her ass and I moved my hips slowly at first and then relentlessly and mercilessly, pounding my cock into her ass as she groaned louder.
After some time she too got used to the movement of my cock in her ass and she began to push her ass back to meet my cock. My cock entered with slap of my pelvic bone on her ample ass meat. Both of us were perspiring and i was bucking like a broncco rider on her rear. My one hand cupped and fondled her cunt mound and the other played with her tit as she moaned. I felt her juices flooding on my hand as I pushed harder and felt my mindblowing orgasm coming up my balls I pushed harder and harder, grunting loudly like a tired horse and Shazia moving her hips like a bitch in heat which she had promised to becone for the night,” yessss shoot your load in my ass I am dying for your ass is open for your load, I am cumming on your cock. Your bitch is cumming, fuck me”
I shot my load and she shot hers as we spent ourselves and lay down on the bed completely exhausted, unable to move a muscle. We slept like a log till morning. The end of night one.

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