Sunday, 25 August 2013

Malika drinks milk

I’ve introduced you to Paul already, his brother Ray was equally a handsom stud. I met Ray and his wife Jessica at a party and we hit it off straight away. I had the hots for Ray, and Jessica as soon as I met them. Soon Jessica and I were best of friends.
Ray was Pauls elder brother. At 25 he had done really well for himself. He was a chartered accountant at a big city firm and lived in a very upmarket apartment in the city. At 6ft 2 he towered over Jessica’s 5ft 4 gorgeous body. Unlike Paul, Ray was dark haired and deeply tanned, he looked more Spanish than English, where as Jessica was a stunning Emerald Eyed Scot. Her Jet black hair contrasted sharply with her powder white fair skin. Her ample B cups complemented her 32-28-34 figure and I fell inlove with her bright suculent lips. Jessica was a Physical Therapist and her body was toned to perfection.
Jessica and I soon started to become inseperable, most weekends we partied together with Paul & Ray and often stayed in their apartment. The guest bedroom was luxurious and Paul & I often fucked there after a party whilst Jessica and Ray could be heard doing the same in the master bedroom.
Jes & I had a few lesbian encounters, but it pnly ever involved kissing and fondling. She insisted that she was a one man woman and would never get intimate with anyone other than Ray. Ray too was very strict, though I desperately wanted to ram his cock into my pussy, he never returned anything to my flirtations and I kept my desires in check for the sake of our friendship and their beautiful relationship.

We had been friends now for over a year, and then Jes announced that she was pregnant. Soon our partying slowed, but our friendship grew and our visits to Ray and Jes continued.
Jes was about 7 months into her pregnancy. It was a Saturday morning, Ray and Paul had left to go to a Rugby match both wee playing in. Paul was going to spend a night in Leicester with the lads, but Ray would come back that evening. Jes and I were very open with each other. We talked about everything including sex. Jess was like me in many ways and had enjoyed a varied and frequent sex life till she met Ray. Now she was happy with one cock, though she enjoyed listening to my adventures and exploits. Paul & I both had a number of flings regularly and even compared notes.
Anyway, I was giving Jes an back rub when she confessed that she was worried about Ray. She complained that since she was now so big, it was difficult to have sex and that she was araid that she was not satisfying enough to Ray. He’s so big down there you know she said, he can’t fit it all in properly for fear of hurting the baby. I often find he has not even cum properly by the time I’m exhausted. I give him hand jobs and suck him, but it’s not the same.
She was really worried that she might loose him, what happens if he has a fling with some woman at work? He could have his pick of anyone.
I tried to console her, but it didn’t have any effect and soon Jess was sobbing on my shoulder. Her enlarged breasts were leaking and I could feel the warm milk soaking my own breasts. I held her close, enjoying the feeling of our embrace. How I wanted to kiss her beautiful body. Suddenly she stopped and stared at me with her elfen green eyes. She kissed me deeply on the mouth and I returned that kiss.
You are my closest friend she confided. You know everything about Ray and me. I want to ask you a favor. Anything I replied, what do you need?
I want you to fuck Ray she said. I need your help to save my marriage. I held her close, this was a big thing Jes was asking. I know you have the hots for Ray, any woman would. I know you can satisfy him and I trust you to know that you will not steal him away from me.
I kissed her again. And what about you sweetheart, would you feel differently about me afterward? Would you still trust me after this? Or would you always worry that I slept with your husband and might do it again?
Malika, you don’t understand. I have thought about this long and hard. You are closer to me than even my sister. I know Ray and I know you. If you sleep together once I KNOW you will do it again. I am offering you my husband unconditionally. I know if he is with you,he will be with no other. If he is with you, it will be fine with me.
I could tellby the look in her eyes, that she was serious, that this was for real.
Jes, I would do anything for you and I am flattered that you consider me this way. But I do have a condition, and it is for the sake of our friendship. I will do this for you, but only if you are there. I don’t want him comparing us, judging us against each other. If he enjoys me, he must be able to get the same from you when you are back to normal again. Now tell me if you think you will be able to watch your husband with another woman.
I could never watch him with another she replied. But with you it is different. If that’s what it takes, I will watch you.
Ok I said, but now what about Ray? Will he do it?
Come on look at you Mal, how could he resist? And I will tell him it’s fine any way.
The plan was set for that very night and when Ray returned from after his match Jes took him to the bedroom and a few hours later and slightly embarassed Ray emerged.
Before I could say anything Ray picked me up and took me into his bedroom. If this is going to happen he said, first I want the 2 of you to make love. I want the 2 of you closer than you have ever been and I want to make sure that you never ever fight over this.
Ray undressed Jess and then took of my clothes. Soon Jes and I were kissing with a passion I never experienced before with another woman. Jes was amazingly beautiful and her breasts were enlarged to the size of small mellons. I soon tasted the sweet milky fluid as her nipples started to flow and our passion mounted. Slowly I kissed her whole body as she kissed mine. I suckled on her breasts and she fed me her pre-milk. Jess was fingering my pussy as I drank her breasts. My pussy flowing as readily as her milk. I pushed her head into my lap and she drank from my flower, tasting my juices for the 1st time.
I put my mouth to her pussy and licked till she could hold it no more, suddenly she orgasm and her inner juice poured into my waiting mouth. Ray had undressed and his cock was alluring to look at. Nearly 9inches long and thicker than Paul’s. He kissed me briefly, tasting his wife’s milk and pussy on my lips, then passionately kissed Jes. I got my chance to touch his cock and hold its pulsing girth in my hand as I stroked it. She broke the kiss and took his cock into her mouth, slowly sucking it as he stood over her. Ray was fondling her breasts and jets of milk splashed on his legs. I started to suck her nipples again alternating to licking Ray’s thighs. Slowly he inserted his lubricated cock into Jes’s pussy. I helped guide it in, and when it would go no further, stroked the remaining length of shaft, fingering Jess’s clit. Soon Jess had an orgasm, then another, but Ray had not come close yet. As he slid his still erect cock from Jess’s pussy, I took it into my mouth. His pre-cum mixed with Jess’s nectar was delicious and soon I had a wonderful feeling in my mouth as a jet of hot sperm filled my mouth. He took my head and pushed it towards Jess, we kissed, swapping his come between our mouths over and again. I lay down on the bed and ray opened my legs, falling between them. Jes rested my head in he lap and as Ray licked my throbbing cunt expertly, Jes started to feed me again with her plentiful milk.
Fuck her Ray she said, fuck her deeply. Before I knew it a hot hard rod was burying itself into my pussy. Before long I felt his crotch pressed against mine, his cock fully buried into my cunt.
Jess moved to the floor, crouching behind him she sucked his balls as they slammed against my arse cheeks. As the rythm intensified I started to orgasm. A powerful hot flash in my pussy tipped me into the most intense orgasm I had experienced as Ray exploded sperm deep into my pussy.
I sat up to take his still hard cock into my mouth, Sucking what I though was the last of his cum. I could feel Jess licking my pussy as his sperm poured back out, mixed with the flood of my orgasm.
He asked if he could take me doggy style and I obgliged. Bent over the bed he rammed his cock into my pussy from behind. Jess came and lay below me, sucking my dangling breasts with her beautiful lips as I bent over her fountain boobs. Ray pounded my pusy harder and harder as Jess continued to suck my breasts in turn. My body shuddered through 2 massive orgasms before Ray unloaded into my pussy.
I crouched on Jes’s face and she sucked my pusy once more, I leaned over her pregnant stomach, my breasts pressed against it as I started to suck he once again. Ray collapsed next to me and I kissed him deeply as I fingered Jess.
We lay together on their matrimonial bed, Jess between Ray and I. We talked about our session and how much we had all enjoyed it. When I woke it was to the sound of Ray sucking on Jes’s breast, her other nipple was flowing again, so I had no option but to suckle on the sweet milk pouring forth.
We had already decided that since we had no problems enjoying each other, it would not be fair on Paul if he could not join in with us. I looked at the clock and realsied that I would not have long to wait till Paul got back.

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