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Breastfeeding Father In Law

It all began when I lost my new-born baby boy just after 15 days of his birth. He was suffering from some rare complications in his kidney.
They say that breast-feeding is good for both mother and child. It helps to maintain good health of baby as well as mother. Agreed, but what to do when there is no baby? I didn't know what to do with my breasts. My body was producing milk and there was no one to consume it. There was a severe pain in my breasts due to accumulation of milk. Also I was feeling fever. I asked Ketan, my hubby to help. He sucked my breasts for few seconds once and refused to comply next time. He said he didn't like smell. He even refused to come close forget about making love.

I complained about pain to the doctor at the nursing home. Doctor advised me to throw away milk by pressing my breasts with my own hands. I tried this but I felt very guilty. I was wasting energy given to me by God!

I approached one NGO. They sent me to orphanage to breastfeed one abandoned newborn baby. I didn't like baby's face. I asked for another baby. No one really cared. The baby was crying too much. I noticed that babies were not cared properly and there was lack of hygiene.

I just couldn't breast-feed the baby. I left the orphanage and never went back. My breasts were becoming heavy. I had to press and throw away the milk.

'Ketan, what do I do now?' I asked my hubby next day morning when he was getting ready to go to office.

He just didn't react.

'Why can't you help me, Ketan?' I was about to cry.

He shouted, 'Go to hell!' and left home.

I cried. I threw my self in bed and hide my face under pillow and cried more. I felt very lonely and helpless.

I felt a hand on my shoulder.

'What happened Bahu, why are you crying?' I heard my father-in-law's voice. I got up and dried tears from my face with pallu of my saree. Immediately I realized my error. My FIL was watching me and I had exposed my breasts to him. I replaced the pallu and sat properly.

'Bahu, what's wrong?' he was sitting in bed beside me. I got up and stood keeping some distance.

'Nothing, Babuji!'

'Tell me what it is. May be I can help you?' he got up from the bed and came nearer.

I sat down on the edge of bed and said, 'Babuji, your son doesn't love me.'

There was a pin drop silence. I regretted saying this. In the three years of my marriage with Ketan, I had complained for the first time.

'This is a very serious allegation. I must know what happened between you two.' Babuji pulled a chair and sat before me. 'Tell me, what is the matter?'

I thought for few seconds. Sushmita, Sush, should I tell or shouldn't I?

I didn't know my FIL well. We had not lived together. My FIL came to stay with us very recently after the death of my MIL. He was in good health and had a good charming personality. He had made friends in our neighborhood in no time. I decided to take a chance as he was an elder in the home and might be able to help solve my problem.

I told him the problem in detail and concluded, 'Babuji, Ketan refused to help me!'

'Well,' Babuji said, 'Lot of men don't like the smell of milk on their wives body. May be Ketan is one of them!'

'Babuji, what do I do?' I asked him desperately.

There was a silence.

I said, 'Sorry to bother you Babuji, I shouldn't have told you the problem at all!'

'Bahu,' FIL said quietly, 'If you don't mind, allow me and I shall suck your breasts!'


I was taken aback.

I had never ever imagined that my FIL could play the roll of my baby.

'Just think over. In the meantime, I shall make coffee for you.' He left for kitchen. I was so dumbfound that I couldn't stop him and say that making coffee was my duty.

Well Sush, baby, what to do now?

In the three month of his stay with us, my FIL had impressed me a lot. He is cultured and very well behaved man. Also he has a good sense of humor which Ketan, my hubby lacks. He has never eyed me the way some senior citizens try to undress or rape you by their eyes only. All signs of a perfect gentleman!

'Coffee!' he brought two cups of coffee in a tray. I picked up a cup without saying a word and had a sip.

'So', he asked, 'What have you decided, Bahu?'

Go! Sush, go for it, now!

I said, 'Babuji, I am ready to breast-feed you but I have few conditions.'

'Go on.' He said.

'Number one, this has to be confidential between two of us.' I said.

'Of course, agreed.' He said.

'Number two, you will be blindfolded.'

Surprised but still, he smiled and said, 'Agreed.'

'Number three, apart from sucking, you will not touch me anywhere. Is that okay?'

He smiled again and said, 'Okay, agreed.'

'Babuji, you will have to suck my breasts at least twice a day. We shall start today right now. I expect you in my bed room in five minutes from now.' I gulped down last sip of coffee and saw that Babuji hasn't touched his coffee at all!

'Babuji, your coffee will get cold!'

He said, 'I don't need coffee now!'


Am I doing right? Or am I wrong?

I heard knock on the door. I missed a heartbeat.

'Please come in, Babuji!' I said.

He came in and stood in the door clueless. I went ahead and made him sit on my bed. I blindfold him with a black dupatta I found from my wardrobe.

I stared him for a moment.

Sush, are you sure you know what are you doing? Someone was asking me. Yes, I know what I am doing. I dropped pallu of my saree, unbuttoned my blouse, lifted my bra, rubbed my right breast little and squeezed my nipple. Tiny drops of milk appeared. I thrust my breast in his waiting mouth.

'Suck Babuji!' I said and held his head in my hands close to my body.

He placed his teeth on my nipple and began sucking.

Flow of milk was passing from my body in to his. After few minutes, I shifted his mouth to my left breast. He sucked like an obedient child. He sucked and sucked.

He was not just sucking my breast. He was sucking my pains, my worries, my troubles, and my agonies.

After few minutes I sat on bed crossed legs and made my FIL lie in my lap. I placed his hands around my waist. He sucked me.

After half an hour, I pushed his head away from my body. I stepped down from bed. I adjusted my bra and buttoned my blouse. I removed his blindfold. I didn't bother to cover my breasts with pallu and held his face in my palms. I planted kisses on his cheeks. 'Thank you very much, Babuji!' I pulled his head and pressed deep in to my breasts. Tears began flowing from my eyes. 'Babuji, you have no idea, how happy I am today!'

He got up and hugged me tightly. He said, 'Bahu, I love you!'


After having afternoon tea my FIL was about to go for an evening walk. I asked, 'What time will you return, Babuji?

'What time you want me to return? He asked.

I said, 'Please remember that Ketan returns any time after eight in the evening!'

'Okay.' He said and left.

I went in to balcony to watch him going. To my surprise, he saw up in to balcony. Did he anticipate me looking for him? I waved my hand and he replied back by waving his hand. He dissolved in to crowd on the street.


I shaved my armpits. I shaved my ***** clean. I took a shower bath. I wore fresh set of bra and panty. I wore fresh petticoat. I selected new fresh saree. I went for a contrast color very low-cut blouse. I changed my hair style. I wore a dozen glass bangles on my left wrist. I wore my favorite perfume. I checked my self in mirror. I was happy with my look.

'Sush, are you waiting for your lover?' some one asked me. 'Get lost!' I said, 'He is my FIL! He is like my father!'

I watched television while waiting for my FIL to return. Not a single program on any channel could hold my attention. Time seem to flow very slowly. After a long wait door bell rang.

I almost rushed to open the door. I was disappointed.

Ketan, my hubby had returned.


'Let me in!' he was irritated. I realized that I had blocked the way. I stepped aside. He came in. There was no sign of my FIL.

He went in our bedroom. I didn't know what to do. I went behind him. He was searching for some thing in his drawer.

'You are early today.' I said.

'Any problem?' he was annoyed. As I didn't react, he said after few seconds, 'An urgent company meeting is going on. I need some files I had brought home. I have to go back.' He found the files.

But he was in no mood to go back. He slump on sofa.

'Shall I make tea for you?' I asked him though I wanted to ask him why you don't go.

'No.' he said and closed his eyes. No movement. Why isn't he going? I said, 'Ketan, didn't you said about some company meeting?'

Go! Go! My heart was shouting.

'Yes.' He got up lazily.

'Ketan, are you all right?'

'Huh? I am just tired, that's all.'

'Ketan, you are working hard. You need a vacation. Just try to spare some days and I shall plan an outing!' I didn't know how I spoke those lines considering the fact that I was wishing him to get lost immediately.

His face didn't change at all. He headed towards door. 'I'll be late. Don't wait for dinner.' He left.

No thanks, no good bye, no hug, no parting kiss. That was my husband.

I didn't go in the balcony. He never looks back for me.


After eternity, the door bell rang again. This time it was my FIL. He was smiling.

'Babuji, why are you so late? Where were you?'

'It's just thirty pass seven!' he said, 'I had been away for just one and half hour!'

'Ketan was here!' I exclaimed.

'I know. I saw his car entering. Therefore I waited in the society garden. I know he was going back.'

'How did you know he was going back?' I asked.

'He didn't park the car in its place.'

'Smart thinking.' I held his hand and almost pulled him in to my bed room. I noticed he was hiding something behind his back.

'What's that?'

He produced a beautiful yellow rose.

'This is for you, Sushmita!' he said.

For the first time he called me by my name.

'Thank you Babuji, it's so nice of you.' I said. He helped me to insert the rose in my hair. 'Color yellow is for friendship.' He said, 'We are friends, right?'

'Yes Babuji, we are friends!' I shook hands with him.

'Bahu, is that okay if I call you "Sushmita"?'

'Of course okay, Babuji, it will be better if you call me just "Sush."

'Sush! That's fine! Sush, you look very pretty!'

'Thanks Babuji!'

We laughed. His remark set me thinking. My hubby had failed to notice what my FIL had. He has failed to notice my new saree, my new hair style and my make-up!

I made him sit on bed and stood in front of him. I dropped pallu of my sari and started unbuttoning my blouse. He smiled mischievously.

'What happened?' I stopped and asked him.

He said, 'Thanks for not blindfold me!' he was looking at my breasts which I was about to unveil.

'Uppps!' I covered my breasts with my pallu of my saree and blindfold him.

He said, 'Sush, there is one problem. It's very uncomfortable to suck when your top is on.'

'Naughty, Babuji, you are very naughty!' But I understand his problem. For me also it was uncomfortable. I removed my blouse and bra totally and became topless. I pressed my boobs. I pulled his head close and thrust my left breast in his waiting mouth.

He began sucking.

After few seconds I placed his hand on my other breast and prompted to play with it. He fondled with my breast. He changed the breast on his own after few minutes. Also his hand caresses my other breast without my guidance. I had already given him my consent.

I was in seventh heaven. He was caressing my body with tenderness and love. How I wish time never flies!

When he was through, he kissed my breasts and pulled himself away. While removing blindfold I said, 'Babuji, please open your eyes. I want you to see me topless.'

Immediately I covered both my breasts with my palms.

He saw me without blinking his eyes.

'Beautiful! Mind-blowing!' He touched my shoulders. He brought his hands lower and pushed my hands away and grabbed my breasts. He fondled them and said, 'Sush, you are sexy!'

I pulled him close and rubbed his head between my breasts vigorously.


Ketan returned home very late in the night.

He slept till late in the morning. I saw my FIL moving restlessly in home.

'Babuji, what's the matter? You need something?' I asked him innocently when he followed me in to kitchen.

'Isn't he going to office?'

'No! He is too tired and I told him to take rest.' I lied.

'Is it? You told him to take rest?' he asked.

'Any problem?'

'Why should I have a problem with that? He is your husband!' he turned to go out of kitchen.

Clearly, he was annoyed and upset.

I caught his hand just in time. 'Babuji!' I pulled him close to me. I placed my hands on his waist and pressed my breasts in to his chest. 'He is my hubby but you are my dear Babuji!'

He was frightened. 'Sush! What if he-'

I locked his lips with mine.


Ketan took his time to come out of sleep. Babuji had already left for library after loosing hopes. I didn't call him on his cell phone after Ketan eventually left for office. FIL returned almost at noon.

I said, 'Babuji. I thought you left Mumbai.'

'I was lost in to one particular book at the library.' He explained.

Annoyed by the reply, I asked, 'Was that book more interesting than me?'

'Hell no!' he said hurriedly, 'No book on this earth can ever be more interesting than you!' he tried to touch me but I moved away.

He followed me and said, 'Sush, I am sorry!'

'Why should you go to a library?' I was angry, 'Why couldn't you wait in the society garden just like yesterday?'

He grabbed my hand and pulled me close and locked my lips with his.

He pulled my saree apart. 'Let's go in to my room for a change!' He said.

When I was I unbuttoning my blouse he pulled me in bed.

He fondled with my breasts. His tongue encircled my nipples. He undressed me. He caressed my inner thighs. He kissed my love-hole. When he was relaxing for some seconds, I said, 'Babuji, now it's my turn to suck you!' I began unbuttoning his shirt. After squeezing and sucking his male nipples of his hairy chest for quite a considerable time, I touched ballooned area of his trouser and asked, 'Babuji, why don't you offer me the real thing to suck?'

'Sure, my baby!' he unzipped his trouser.


One thing leads to another and very soon we were making love in bed. Within two or three days my body had stopped manufacturing milk. But we continued. We were in love.

He was sixty-five but very much fit and fine. I was only twenty-five. I was slim and sexy.

Encounter with my FIL made me realize the real woman within me. I realized why I was not happy with my hubby. Ketan always ignored me. My FIL made me realize I was a woman, a real beautiful woman. My moral was going low. My FIL took my care and enhanced my moral.

Many a time just holding his hand was enough for me. Some time I would suck his thumb for hours. Some times he would just move his hand through my hairs and that was enough. Watching a sunset sitting close to each other in balcony is so romantic!

My love for FIL didn't take me away from my hubby. Rather my relationship with Ketan improved. I began loving him more intensely. He too reciprocated and began to show more respect and love for me. Frequency of making love also increased. I felt I was blessed.

So I continued ******* my hubby as well as my FIL. Afternoons were reserved for FIL and nights were for hubby. I enjoyed the game of love with both my lovers. Ketan was aggressive and Babuji was cool. He was a like an artist. Many a time he made me reaches multiple *******. Ketan use to **** me only in missionary posture. Babuji was innovative. He always tried new and different postures. I made him **** my *** also. We saw many **** movies together and played many indoor sex-games.

In no time I was pregnant again.

Both my hubby and FIL were happy to here the news. 'Is it mine?' FIL had asked.

'Of course it is yours, Babuji!' I lied to him. The fact was I did not know who the real father was. I never used any protection. I was sleeping with both of them regularly. Ketan had no reason to doubt my loyalty since I had been successful in keeping my affair secret.

I gave birth to a son. Also I had a daughter after five years. This time also I had no knowledge about who the real father was.

Though my lover is not getting any younger he is always eager to make me happy. Nowadays he is suffering from early ***********. Many a times it becomes difficult for him to get proper hard-on. Without loosing his heart, he would give me pleasure by his fingers. He is at his best when he is making love to me with his tongue.

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