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Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali Part 8

Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali Part 7 

Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali Part 9 

Finally husband of my that night came in, Bhanu bhaiya entered and Gunjan Didi welcomed him with smile and spoke, “Aaiye Bhaiya, here is your trophy”, He looked at me and I got even more nervous, “Chaitu confused hai?” he asked me, I remained silent, my throat was choked with my own saliva, I simply looked down in shyness.
He came closer to me and tried to make me look at him by lifting my face from my cheek and I looked up, he was smiling. Opening his arms Bhanu Bhaiya took me in his arms and hugged me, I just stood as it is without giving any reply from my body; I was really scared and confused that what he is going to do now.
Bhanu Bhaiya’s grip around my body got bit tighter and my face was resting on his chest sideways. He loosened the grip a bit after hardly a minute and looked down to me and kissed me on my cheek and spoke, “Chaitu tum bahut payari ho” and further came down to access my lips and kissed me on that.
Bhanu Bhaiya adjusted me straight and holding my face in his palms he started kissing me properly, initially I did not responded to his kiss and kept my lips closed along with my eyes but next moment I felt that he has taken off pallu of my saree from my shoulder and one of his hand was moving on my neck and upper portion of my breast and I shivered in strange sensation
and moaned and next moment Bhaiya’s tongue was inside my mouth and he was exploring my mouth with passion as if he wants to eat me. Bhanu Bhaiya’s hands were on my breasts and he was playing with them tenderly, squeezing them with soft hands while kissing me and I started enjoying and finally responded to his kiss and realized that I was also holding his body.
He stopped for a while and looked into my eyes and spoke, “Chaitu sab kuch bhool ja, just have fun, ye din dobara nahi aayenge” and kissed me again for a while and spoke again this time to Gunjan Didi “Gunjan take off her sari”. Gunjan Didi moved and came and stood behind me and started unwrapping my sari,

by that time Bhanu Bhaiya did not stopped kissing me and with that he was playing with my breasts and as he realized that sari is totally off his lips moved down to my cleavage and then moved up again brushed his wet lips all over my neck and took my earlobe in his mouth and sucked it.
I was already moaning and shivering in pleasure and his this act made me scream in ecstasy and I tried to get away. Bhanu Bhaiya gripped me hard and kissed me again for a second and stared in my eyes, I was puffing and breathing heavy and I blushed and looked down. Gunjan Didi started releasing my hairs by taking off pins from the hair bun and soon my hairs were released free.
Gunjan Didi wrapped her hands around my waist and kissed me on my cheek from behind. Next moment her hands were on my breasts and she started unhooking my blouse while standing behind me, by the time two hooks got off I felt one pair of hands on my waist and it was Bhanu Bhaiya who was trying to find out the cord of my petticoat and with in couple of more seconds
my petticoat raced down to my feet as cord was pulled by Bhanu Bhaiya and just then Gunjan Didi took off my blouse from behind. I was standing just in bra and panty in front of Bhanu Bhaiya. Bhanu Bhaiya moved down straps of my bra from my shoulder and cupped my big soft breast in his palm and started caressing them tenderly, my eyes were closed and I was breathing heavy, then he took other one and played with it like before.
His left arm was wrapped around me holding me from my back so that I cannot get away and other hand was busy in playing with my jugs and nipples. Bra was already unhooked from behind by my sister and it was hanging in my arms, next moment Gunjan Didi sat down and simply drifted my panty down to my feet and I was stark naked in front of Bhanu Bhaiya,
wearing just ornaments along with full marital makeup and it was my sister who took of last cloth from my body. Once again Bhanu Bhaiya started kissing me and his hand which was busy with my breast went down between my thighs and he gently touched my heavily soaked, soft cunt flesh and rubbed it for a while, I moaned in pleasure with closed eyes,
Bhanu Bhaiya continued doing that and moved his finger couple of times on my slit vertically from top to bottom, ohhhh… god what was he doing to me, I was getting crazy in his slow love making and held him tight while puffing in excitement. I heard him talking to Gunjan Didi saying, “Gunjan issko bed pe leta” Gunjan Didi followed him,
holding me from my shoulder she took me to bed and moved me at the center of it on my back, I was not having even a single thread on my body Gunjan Didi was laying beside me on her elbow wearing all her clothes. Bhanu Bhaiya was taking off his clothes and he too came on bed wearing just his underwear and sat at my legs and tried to part my thighs.
I tried to bought them closer in hesitation, he tried again and looked at me, Gunjan Didi spoke to me while parting my thighs, “Chaitu Taange khol karne de jo Bhaiya karna chahte hain” I parted them and next moment Bhanu Bhaiya further spread my thighs with his hand, buried his face in my crouch and straight away started licking my cunt,
and parted my virginal lip with his tongue with a powerful lick from bottom to top and in the end tried to flick my clitoris with his rough tongue. I moaned loud and trembled like fish without water. Gunjan Didi held my body and leaned over me a bit and kissed me on my lips and sucked them.
Bhanu Bhaiya further parted my thighs and folded them to get a better access of my cunt for his tongue and with in few more seconds intensity of Bhanu Bhaiya’s sucking increased a lot and now he was fucking my cunt with his tongue after spreading my pussy lips with his finger and that really took my breath and I jumped in ecstasy and tried to push him,
but Bhanu Bhaiya tried his best to continue sucking me hard and before I would have pushed him again Gunjan Didi held my hands and came over me partially so that I cannot move, I was screaming in pleasure and Bhanu Bhaiya was sucking me hard, trying to take out everything from body through my fuckhole,
my bottom started lurching and I started banging it on the bed and Bhanu Bhaiya stopped my that movement as well by holding my thighs and putting his weight on it, my god,,,, I cannot write that feeling, I was at the verge of explosion and it was highest orgasmic peak where any female can reach before getting blasted by enormous climax.
I was screaming in pleasure and wanted to burst, just then Bhanu Bhaiya stopped and slowed down so that I can meet biggest orgasm of my life. I was shattered like anything and cummed heavily with sobbing gasps, Bhanu Bhaiya was still licking my love opening and his rough tongue over my slit was making me shiver strangely again nad again.
Slowly Bhanu Bhaiya came over me and kissed me o my lips, I was still breathing with difficulty and puffing heavily. He caressed my forehead and kissed me there and spoke to Gunjan Didi told her to get me water. Gunjan Didi got up and went out and came back in couple of minutes. I had half a glass of water, and then got up and used the toilet; Bhanu Bhaiya drank whatever was left in the glass.
I came out of the toilet and Gunjan Didi was waiting for me, she took me to bed and told me to relax. I was totally spent and did not had much energy, I was feeling bit weak it could be seen from my body language. Once again Gunjan Didi drifted me to the center of the bed, Bhanu Bhaiya lied on my right,
Gunjan Didi was still standing when Bhanu Bhaiya told her to come to bed after taking of her clothes, saying, “Gunjan kapde uttarke tu bhi bed pe aaja” Gunjan Didi smiled a bit and replied with “Maine to socha tha aap mere kapde uttaroge” “Haan Haan kyun nahi” Bhanu Bhaiya got up and went to Gunjan Didi and started taking off her clothes.
Gunjan Didi raised her hands as Bhanu Bhaiya lifted her kurta to take it off and then he pulled the cord of Gunjan Didi’s tight pajami and brought it down, it took hardly few more seconds to Bhanu Bhaiya to make Gunjan Didi totally naked by taking off her bra and panty. Gunjan Didi extended her hand and inserted it into Bhanu Bhaiya’s underwear.
At the place I was laying I could see Didi’s face clearly and Bhanu Bhaiya was standing facing away from me bit side ways, she was smiling and looking at Bhanu Bhaiya while jerking his rod by moving it’s skin back and forth and after making few seconds of eye contact she drifted Bhanu Bhaiya’s underwear down and now he was also totally naked, I could see his buttocks and they were firm and heavy.
“You know why I was supporting Jeetu?” Gunjan Didi asked Bhanu Bhaiya in low voice but it was enough for me to hear it clearly, and before Bhanu Bhaiya would have replied Gunjan Didi spoke again, “because I wanted to do it with you, mujhe kisi aur ke saath mazza nahi aata”, I could not see Bhanu Bhaiya’s facial expressions,
certainly he would have smiled on that and next moment he pulled Gunjan Didi from her shoulder and started kissing her and Gunjan Didi responded to his kiss nicely. I could see her face and could see that she was trying to eat elder brother of her husband as if he is her husband. Gunjan Didi did not stopped jerking Bhanu Bhaiya’s rod while kissing and now I could see that Bhanu Bhaiya was also rubbing his hand over Gunjan Didi’s fuckhole.
From there I could see Bhanu Bhaiya’s arm, he was rubbing Gunjan Didi’s fuckhole like he was rubbing mine few minutes back certainly I could not see my sister’s cunt which was getting rubbed because both were standing very close to each other in the same way I could see Gunjan Didi’s elbow which was moving back and forward holding his rod.
Both remained busy in kissing and rubbing each others private parts and really did not bothered about me as if there is no one else in the room. After nearly one more minute they stopped and Gunjan Didi looked at me and smiled a bit spoke to Bhanu Bhaiya, “pahle Cheitu ki lelo,…. phir aaram se meri lena”.
Bhanu Bhaiya came to bed beside me on the right and Gunjan Didi was on my left, I glanced his penis for a fraction, certainly it was bigger than my husband’s penis, but in Gunjan Didi’s words it has to be thicker than Hemant Jiju’s rod, truly speaking at that time I was not in state to compare it.
Once again Bhanu Bhaiya came over me and started kissing me and opened my fuckhole with his finger while kissing and inserted his one finger in that, I moaned in pleasure. I was aroused by watching my sister having foreplay with her husband’s brother. Anyway Bhanu Bhaiya was looking into my eyes and facial expressions of being in pleasure while fisting my cunt down with his finger.
Gunjan Didi was also lying beside and after few seconds I felt her hand on my pelvis and soon she took charge of my fuckhole and parting my thigh bit more Gunjan Didi inserted her finger in my cunt and somehow started caressing my forehead with her other hand, and spoke to Bhanu Bhaiya “Bhaiya ab daal do isske ander, ye puri tarah tayar hai” and next moment she entered another finger into my fuckhole and increased speed of finger fucking my cunt.
I was getting crazy in pleasure and next moment I found Bhanu Bhaiya down there, he stopped Gunjan Didi and himself started licking my cunt and after hardly a minute came over me after cleaning my fuckhole with a cloth and once again fisted my cunt for few seconds with his finger and asked me “Chaitu Daal dun, ab?” by that time I was ready to get fucked,
I was moaning in pleasure and lubrication of my fuckhole was increasing, and before I would have replied, Bhanu Bhaiya located my clitoris between his fingers and rubbed it or somewhat squeezed it, my god…..what was that I cried in strange voice and closed my eyes, just then without wasting even a single second Bhanu Bhaiya came over me and tried to part my thighs with his knees.
Gunjan Didi helped him, holding my thighs she parted them to make space for Bhanu Bhaiya and folded my legs to give better access of my fuckhole to Bhanu Bhaiya. Bhanu Bhaiya settled down on his knees leaning over me with his rod on the doorway of my fuckhole and before I would have thought that now he will fuck me, Bhanu Bhaiya pressed his buttocks against my pelvis and his rod made his way into my fuckhole.
Oh… god it was so big, certainly it was thicker than Hemant Jiju’s cock, I could sense, that muscles of my cunt was stretched to maximum and it was a different pleasure. Bhanu Bhaiya moved ahead slowly and inserted his rod further into me and I moaned even louder, as I was not opened like this before.
His penis slid deeper and further with a single jerk Bhanu Bhaiya’s rod disappeared into my trembling flesh, I moaned loud. Bhanu Bhaiya jammed his rod deep into my cunt and I could feel that certainly it was any day bigger than two cocks by which I was fucked till now, one of my husband and other of Hemant Jiju, Gunjan Didi’s husband.
I was never touched that deep ever and Bhanu Bhaiya was holding himself, just kept his cock in my fuckhole without any movement to make me gasp in desire and surprise. I cried loud and grabbed him tight in my arms and thighs, for me it was really difficult to hold myself and I wanted to get fucked now.
But Bhanu Bhaiya waited for few more seconds may be just to tease me and my bottom shivered in desire, my cunt twitched to get a proper fuck and I cried loud, “please………” and lifted my bottom to get fucked, that’s what all he needed and next moment Bhanu Bhaiya’s hips rose and fell and he started fucking me powerfully with smooth rapid thrusts.
His penis pistoned in and out of my cunt and I whimpered joyously under him, my body was jerking with Bhanu Bhaiya’s thrusts and I was enjoying getting crushed like that. Clenching his arms, wrapping my legs about his hips, I moved eagerly under him. Bhanu Bhaiya caressed me gently while fucking, his hands were sliding up and down on my thighs and breasts, making me shudder in pleasure.
Bhaiya reached around and caught my rigid dark brown nipples, and twisted them in his fingers, I cried in pain and pleasure. While pumping my wide opened fuck tunnel, his lips sucked my nipples hard and my face got turned to one side, Oh… God what was he doing to my body, I was in heaven and for me it was too much of pleasure to handle at the same time.
I was crying loud in pleasure and my sister was watching me getting fucked like that. Bhaiya kissed me deeply, thrusting his tongue into my mouth, and my lips parted, and I fenced his tongue with my own. Again Bhanu Bhaiya’s hands ventured over me now at my cunt-lips, somehow he was trying to finger my clitoris while fucking me, I moaned thickly,
with lust my hips began to thrash as Bhanu Bhaiya somehow succeeded in rubbing my clitoris while fucking me and I started rising and falling in the rhythm, I was churning my cunt-flesh with his massive crusher. With each downward thrust, Bhanu Bhaiya’s rod went deeper and deeper in my fuck hole.
His buttocks flexed and unflexed rapidly in a squeezing motion, and my cunt was contracting powerfully on his penis. He grunted and now he was moving rapidly, jerking faster and faster up and down, back and forth, back and forth, up and down, faster and faster and faster. I was at the state where I could not utter anything except "OH... OHh... uhh OHhhh... Uhhhh......”
I was crying and my grip was getting tighter over Bhanu Bhaiya’s body and Bhanu Bhaiya was riding me hard and fast, I started chanting his name as I was about to explode “Bhaiya …….ohhh ied uhhh Ohhh... OH... Bhaiya Oh-OH- OHHH uhh OHHHHHHH!" I wanted to stop him but by then Bhanu Bhaiya was unstoppable, His body was jerking rapidly up and down,
Bhaiya was pumping my fuck hole with hell of speed and it was getting higher and higher, Bhaiya was also moaning loud now and our gasps and moans were rising and we were screaming loud in pleasure, Bhanu Bhaiya was also about to touch his climax. At last, he shoved down hard with a long, loud cry and his penis sank down deep between my fleshy thighs into my cunt,
and I just swallowed his penis in my tunnel smoothly till the very end. Bhanu Bhaiya fell on me and I held him and immediately grabbed his body tight between my arms and wide open legs and tried to stop his rocking and jerking motion. I orgasmed hard, pinwheels exploded in my head and I moaned loud, Bhaiya gasped as he felt the hard spasm of my burning cunt on his penis, as I came in one tidal wave after the other.
My body got rigid with tension, my buttocks flexed tight; I squeezed my hot fuck hole painfully on his penis as the orgasm thundered through my body. Bhaiya held me tight while trembling in pleasure, sighing in satisfaction as the heat erupted from his cock and he shivered in few short jerks and spewed deep into my love tunnel.
We both were tied together, sweating like hell and still puffing in pleasure. After regaining a bit Bhanu Bhaiya started kissing me once again while holding me and I too responded to his kiss in the same posture while holding his wet body and laying under him. Finally I was fucked by Bhanu Bhaiya, fear which was taking my life was over now.
I was totally spent and truly speaking; as far as sex is concerned it was my life’s most wonderful night till now. Bhanu Bhaiya caressed my forehead while kissing for couple of minutes and the slowly got up and lied on the same bed bit far to get some rest. Gunjan Didi passed me hand towel, purpose to offer me that towel was obvious, I cleaned my fuckhole from whatever white sticky jizz came out which was injected into me by Bhanu Bhaiya.
I think Bhanu Bhaiya waited for me to get up to use the toilet but I was laying like dead on the bed, finally he got up and used the toilet, Gunjan Didi told me to go as well but I waited for him to come back and went inside after Bhanu Bhaiya’s exit from the toilet. It took me bit long and by the time I came out of the toilet Gunjan Didi was laying in Bhanu Bhaiya’s arms and obviously both were totally naked and from there gesture I could feel that they were talking.
When I came out Bhanu Bhaiya at was laying straight with closed eyes and Gunjan Didi was resting her head on his left arm laying sideways keeping her one leg over Bhanu Bhaiya, and in that posture I could see that Gunjan Didi was having really very heavy and widely spread ass mounds, moreover Didi was holding Bhaiya’s rod and jerking it bit up and down to make it hard again.
Gunjan Didi told me to lay on the other side of the bed from her eyes as she saw me that I have came out and continued talking to Bhanu Bhaiya in low voice, “hmmmmm…… bolo kaunsi position mein karna hai mere saath” I could hear her easily. “tu bol kis position mein tune karwana hai” Bhanu Bhaiya asked Gunjan Didi, “jiss mein marzi karo, par jaldi karo, I can’t wait” Gunjan Didi replied, “fir shuru kar” Bhanu Bhaiya spoke to Gunjan Didi and told her to start.
With that Bhanu Bhaiya turned to his left to get Gunjan Didi under him and started kissing her properly and in a fraction both Gunjan Didi and Bhanu Bhaiya were lost in there love making without giving any attention to my presence.
Bhanu Bhaiya sucked Gunjan Didi’s breasts for a while after kissing her and then Gunjan Didi started sucking Bhanu Bhaiya’s penis, Bhanu Bhaiya was nearly sitting resting his back on the back of the bed and Gunjan Didi was sucking him nicely giving her best to make him hard, I could see Bhanu Bhaiya’s rod appearing and disappearing in wife of his younger brother’s mouth and it was glistening with her saliva.
Certainly Bhanu Bhaiya was having much bigger and thicker penis as compared to his brother I could make out now, and according to Gunjan Didi if Hemant Jiju had a length of 7.5 then Bhanu Bhaiya must be having at least 8 or may be bit more. Gunjan Didi sucked Bhanu Bhaiya’s cock steadily with evident pleasure.
Bhanu Bhaiya’s penis swelled and grew hard in her mouth; I could see it gaining its size slowly. Bhanu Bhaiya gasped and grunted and got up on his knees in excitement, holding Didi’s head in his hands and moving it back and forth, pumping his hips, Bhaiya fucked Gunjan Didi’s face and moaned in pleasure.
"Mm... yeh... suck it... suck it, Gunjan, tu meri jaan hai! Suck it hard!" Bhanu Bhaiya grunted again while controlling himself. "Ohhh yeh Gunjan... " Gunjan Didi was holding and sliding her hands on Bhanu Bhaiya’s strong muscular thighs, her fingers were encircling thickness of his penis and while sucking she was moving foreskin of Bhanu Bhaiya’s penis to and fro just like we see in blue movies.
After hardly a minute or may be bit more Bhanu Bhaiya stopped Gunjan Didi as he could not control now and pushed her on the bed to make her lie down and next moment Bhanu Bhaiya’s face was buried in Gunjan Didi’s crotch and he was sucking juicy cunt of wife of his younger brother like anything.
By now I was sitting on bed resting my back as now both of them were covering nearly whole bed while laying diagonally on the bed. I could see everything happening with my sister’s body and from Gunjan Didi’s facial expressions I could sense that she was in extreme pleasure as her moans were rising.
Bhanu Bhaiya was properly eating Gunjan Didi from her fuckhole, his tongue was thick and heavy and relentless. It slipped into Gunjan Didi’s cunt with his fingertip, while probing and exploring Didi’s sodden cunt-flesh, flickering over her stiff, quivering clitoris and Gunjan Didi got crazy, now Bhanu Bhaiya was not only sucking her fuckhole but along with that he was flickering Didi’s clitoris.
Her hands twined in Bhaiya hair and didi tried to slower down Bhaiya speed of fisting her cunt but Bhanu Bhaiya continued and Gunjan Didi’s condition got worst, her back got arched in excitement, her head flung back and her swollen breasts thrust up and out between her outstretched arms as now she was holding pillow. The heat was uncontainable in her cunt.
She moaned, loud and tried to push Bhanu Bhaiya with a shrill cry. I could see that Gunjan Didi was at the verge of violent orgasm when Bhanu Bhaiya stopped rolling his tongue up and down along her sodden clitoris. Bhanu Bhaiya moved up over her, Gunjan Didi hissed in pleasure, arching her groin to his, Didi’s hands were running up and down Bhaiya’s thick biceps and broad shoulders,
over his deep chest. Bhaiya further knelt over Gunjan Didi, bent over her on his outstretched arms. Gunjan didi reached down holding Bhaiya’s fully erect penis she guided it to her cunt. "Fuck me, Bhaiya fuck me hard" she hissed through clenched teeth. "C'mon... fuck me... I want you! Fuck me!"
Gunjan Didi was somewhat begging and provoking Bhanu Bhaiya at the same time to get fucked like a bitch in heat. Bhanu Bhaiya paused with his cock-head at her cunt-lips and then, flexing his buttocks he went down into Gunjan Didi in one smooth, piercing stroke. "Ohmauhhhhhh OHHH… OHHHUhhh OHHHHHHH!"
Gunjan Didi gasped in delirious joy, her fingers were tightening on Bhaiya’s bulging biceps. "OHHHH uhhh hanh uhhh yes! Oh mauhhh yes!" Gunjan Didi was waiting for this to happen from long, and she tried to grab Bhanu Bhaiya between her arms and fleshy thighs. Bhanu Bhaiya plunged his penis into Didi’s wet cunt deeper and immediately started plowing Gunjan Didi’s cunt flesh.
Gunjan Didi gasped as she started getting fucked properly by elder brother of her husband, her back bowed steeply under his, her groin was meshing against his, the breath hissing from her throat, her head was arching back as Bhanu Bhaiya continued riding on Gunjan Didi. Her cunt convulsed in a miserably on Bhanu Bhaiya’s throbbing rod.
Soon Bhanu Bhaiya grunted and began fucking Didi with deep, skewering thrusts, plunging his big penis steeply in and out of her cunt, his hips were snapping smartly with each thrust, his buttocks flexing and unflexing in a powerful squeezing rhythm.
Sitting nearly behind them I could see that how Bhanu Bhaiya’s heavy balls were pressing Gunjan Didi’s cunt-lips again and again as every time Bhanu Bhaiya was burring his hard penis into my sister till the root of it. I could see the radiance of unfaked lust on Gunjan Didi’s lovely face as it was getting flipped from side to side in excitement, her eyes were closed, and mouth was open in loud, lewd lust calls.
OHHHHH uhhhh OHHHHHH!" Gunajan Didi called. "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Bhaiya!" I think Gunjan Didi was liking calling him Bhaiya again and again while getting fucked by him, and it was arousing me as well as.
Next moment Bhanu Bhaiya got up and lifted Gunjan Didi’s one leg and kept it on his shoulder and pressed her other thigh under his knee and continued fucking her with speed. After hardly few seconds griping Gunjan Didi’s leg from her ankle, Bhanu Bhaiya further leaned over her to stretch her legs to maximum.
Gunjan Didi screamed strangely may be because her fleshy thighs were stretched apart too much, but Bhanu Bhaiya continued fucking her and faster and faster Bhaiya went, Gunjan Didi’s body jerked and lurched on the bed under his thrusts, her large breasts were wobbling and jiggling furiously, her nipples were rigid and quivering, her gold necklace was dancing on her creamy skin,
room was filled with her cries as now things were going out of her control and I could see that Gunjan Didi will not last for long, but Bhanu Bhaiya was fucking her continuously with passion and Gunjan Didi’s rising cries were somewhat aggravating him as such I could not see him going to his climax.
Just then Bhanu Bhaiya placed his thumb over Gunjan Didi’s clitoris and started rubbing it with crushing fucking thrusts of his rod, now he was reaming deep into her flush with sudden jolts while rubbing my sister’s sodden clitoris, and each thudding thrust drew a choking, broken sob of pure joy from Gunjan Didi’s throat and next moment Gunjan Didi began to orgasm,
her hips started heaving and writhing frantically under his, her body arching and bowing in a frenzy of joy. Relieving her raised leg from Bhanu Bhaiya’s grip Gunjan Didi grabbed Bhanu Bhaiya tight between her thighs and arms, and cried to get fast fucking strokes, once again Bhanu Bhaiya started fucking her fast to make her shudder in orgasm.
Her cunt spammed on his cock helplessly, and Bhanu Bhaiya flung his head back and groaned, struggling for control as the heat of his brother’s wife’s orgasm swamped his cock. Holding her both the wrists tight so that she cannot push him, Bhanu Bhaiya kept fucking Gunjan Didi, ramming deep into her, prolonging the orgasm, making her cry out ecstatically with shivering.
Gunjan Didi trembled helplessly while getting shattered in powerful orgasm. Gradually, Gunjan Didi’s orgasm subsided and Bhanu Bhaiya slowed down his motions and kissed my sister deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She moaned and whimpered, writhing eagerly under him with delight that Bhanu Bhaiya had not lost control.

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