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I love my husband I really do even now after everything. He is my soul-mate and I guess that I'm just unable to stop loving him.
I met my husband when I was seventeen and we were a couple until we married when I'd just turned twenty three. Mark went to college but I didn't and in fact I still lived with my parents until the wedding.

Mark took my virginity and was the only man I'd ever had sex with which I thought was rather sweet. However like all young couples we did like to play around so over the years up until we married we did various things such as playing with each other under the table in a restaurant or bar, me slipping off my knickers and dancing bare in a club and even some outdoor sex.

Now they sound wild when written down but they weren't really that wild and the most outrageous thing I did was a bit of flashing (knickers, nothing else). However even before we were married Mark used to whisper nasty things about me and I would get hot.

Sometimes I'd have a climax with just the gentlest of touches plus his detailed descriptions of some naughty activities. Over time they became about me and other me; different situations and different activities but always me with another man. Eventually it was simply constant. I love Mark and I asked him why he wanted to talk about the woman whom he loved having sex with strangers but he always replied it was hot.

Now this was constant in our lovemaking before and after our marriage then finally about seven months after I became his wife he asked me if we could do it! At first I thought it a joke but quickly realised it wasn't. I got mad but he pointed out that we'd discussed it so many times it was only natural to take it to 'the next level'. I said no but of course he never dropped it.

After another few weeks of constant asking I finally asked him if he really, really wanted his new wife to have sex with another man and he said of course I do! That was when I agreed but told him I needed the whole experience to be a good one otherwise I would hate myself and him. He was a man on a mission and before a day had passed he informed me all was set! Set for what I wondered but all he would say was I'd have a great time that Saturday night.

Now we'd obviously talked about this for such a long time we'd explored my likes so I hoped he'd be sympathetic. I wore a nice, short but decent dress that evening, hold-ups, heels and felt I looked good. I'm not unattractive and can, as they say, scrub up really well so I felt attractive at this point. At half past eight a man appeared at the door; tall a little older than us well mannered if a little slick.

I sat nervously drinking wine (too quickly) as we made small talk then Mark put the lights down and Richard (the man) danced with me. It was so weird doing this in my front room in front of my husband but after years of discussion about this I was ready and let him kiss me several times before we sat and he began to make out with me.

I can't remember it blow by blow but after about twenty minutes I saw his cock which was (as discussed many, many times) long. Now at this point I have to say I don't give oral sex: can't stand doing it (it feels wrong somehow) and hate the taste. So I wouldn't go down on him but played with him for a while then let him tip me back and after some shuffling about he pushed his cock into me: His cock was a good size and maybe a little thicker than my husbands so I felt full as he entered me.

He was a careful lover and he withdrew almost fully each thrust trying to make the whole thing erotic and special so the sex was really good. I had a climax but nothing big as I think I was a little inhibited but the evening lasted some time and I enjoyed it. He was also very pleasant and thanked us both before he left, telling me I was something special.

Mark was beside himself that night and we did it three times after the guy went home. I must admit it was so enjoyable that when he suggested we do it again I agreed. What I didn't expect him to arrange it within days. The next guy he introduced me to was also fine, I can't actually remember him but I know Mark was a little disappointed at his 'equipment' which he felt didn't match up to his claims on the internet.

I reasoned with my husband once he'd gone that we'd done that fantasy and should move on but he just told me we'd barely begun and another two weeks meant another two men. Now up to this point they were all polite, nice and the sex fine but after the forth guy Mark suggested they were all a bit 'tame' and foolishly I agreed as the last man in particular had been a bit boring in truth.

Needless to say the next person to appear at our house was a good deal more forceful; not rough exactly but fairly insistent. Not only did he take control from the start he had sex with me twice which was actually a first with these strangers but a lot of fun. His manhood was nothing to write home about but he ground into me hard so that I had a good climax both times.

After that Mark spent weeks arranging different men to visit all, of whom were of the more dominant type until it dawned on me they were becoming really quite aggressive forcing me to suck them (which, as I said, I hated) and the sex was much more for their pleasure rather than mine not that it was bad but it was becoming more complex.

Now this is not a chronology so I can't remember who came before whom but after a while (several months I think) a black man appeared and I also had mild bondage session. The black guy was aggressive and being my first I felt intimidated by him as he was rather big however I had a very noisy climax with him as I did during the bondage session.

The upshot of this was my husband moving totally towards black men for me and openly asking them to tie me up and use me. I protested a little but since I did find the sex intense it wasn't unpleasant except I was with other me quite often and I would still have been happy just to be with my husband alone.

So here I was only eighteen months into my marriage having sex with one or two black men a week sometimes tied to the bed or dressed as a hooker and Mark refused to stop despite my suggesting it was all getting too extreme.

For my birthday he then arranged for two men to visit and I was taken by both of them in tandem which was actually something else but very debasing as they stayed for two nights using me as a sex object: The first man was very well hung and I felt his cock hitting places never hit before while the second was just a forceful man who had me legs over his shoulders.

Like I said I do love Mark and while I wanted the game to stop I have allowed them to continue and to grow as of course I enjoy the sex a great deal. It was on our second wedding anniversary that Mark arranged for us to go away but since I'd not gone a single week for the past eight months without stranger sex at least once I knew we'd still do something.

He dressed me in a tiny skirt, hold-ups etc. then got me to down a couple of drinks as he got ready after me. Now I remember little of the next hour except to say we went somewhere and I was introduced to three very big black men. I was nervous and a little worried as these guys were huge. Then when the sex began it all went wild. The men were hung like horses but more than this they were all at me at the same time then one by one they took me with their huge cocks and Mark took pictures.

I can't remember everything but I was left with the men on my own for the whole of the following day and by the time Mark picked me up over 30 hours later I was not only full of their cum I was stretched beyond anything I thought possible: One time I do remember was a guy pushing into me with his ebony cock stretching me so I could feel every crease of his manhood and as he went in and out I felt like my vagina wanted to remain stuck to his cock.

All the way home after this weekend I repeatedly told Mark that I refused to do it again yet he just ignored me and simply invited a man (big black and mean) over the very next weekend who with Mark's help tied me down then pounded me for hours. He bit my nipples and called me foul names as he fucked me and I felt so cheap I nearly cried, yet I came harder than I'd even done before as my body betrayed me.

After Mark exhausted his search for suitable men for me he began to invite three or four over regularly. It was actually quite embarrassing meeting men several times a month for sex especially as they became more and more dominant over me. Mark even lets them take me out and I know that a number of my work colleagues have seen me dressed for sex on the arm of a large black guy.

Eventually just over a year after I'd had sex with my first black Mark got me tattooed with a 'slut for black cock' motif above my sex. It's humiliating but I guess also a bit of a turn on at times. At some time (can't remember if it was before or after the tattoo) he got me to agree to have sex with a client of his from work and that was so nasty because after that Mark gave the guy open house. Since then whenever he is in the area he turns up and demands sex.

I am now a wreak, my sex is so open I can't even feel Mark when we make love but far from being upset he enjoys this and actually loves the fact that I'm being heavily used by a group of regular black lovers. My wardrobe had been reduced to a few work dresses and blouses but the rest is club/bedroom wear which is all Mark buys me now.

This sounds stupid but it is true, I have become a sex object for Mark to tout around, my friends give me strange looks, the neighbours know that I see black men all the time and even my doctor is aware as she's seen the tattoo and the state of my battered pussy. I'm the girl he says he will always love so why does he want me to be like this? I don't ever want to leave him and therefore feel unable to stop him doing this to me but I would love if it did

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