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Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali Part 15

This is in continuation of my experience written earlier about partner swapping published on…Filed under Group Sex. Before going ahead, I must mention couples on the venue one more time. 1. Chaitali & Manish (me and my husband) 2. Gunjan & Hemant (My cousin sister and Jiju) 3. Bhanu & Kiran ( Hemant Jiju’s elder brother and Bhabhi) 4. Jeetu & Shilpi (Gunjan Didi’s cousin brother and his wife).
Here I am starting from the point I left, finally the evening came which I can say that it was most weird day of my life as far as sex was concerned, though last two nights were not less weird, as in last two nights I was plunged by three different men, moreover last night I was with two men together at one instant,
that is Hemant Jiju and Jeetu Bhaiya who fucked me one by one and later in the same night I was with Bhanu Bhaiya again and he too seduced me twice in the same night after licking my ass hole. Anyway all in all in last two nights I was fucked up to the limit which any female can tolerate especially by Hemant Jiju and his brother Bhanu Bhaiya and now something else was waiting for me or you can say for all of us.
By the time we all (Females) reached home after shopping, furniture of whole living room was kept aside and mattress of all three beds were bought there to make a big bed. From the setup I could see that whatever will happen that night, it will be in front of everyone’s eyes.
Finally after some sort of dinner, when all females were back in living room after wearing their night wears Hemant Jiju broke the suspense and announced that we are were suppose to play cards, name of the game was “SWICHT” and it was a sheer co-incident that name of the game they chosen matched with what we were doing,

that is Switching wives, anyway it was very short span game and in each round one out of eight of us will lose, the one who will not be able to throw away his/her cards, and then he/she who has lost, has to follow one punishment which were written on paper chits. Along with that, there were one more criteria.
There were two groups, Male and Female and it was sure that it will be male or female who will survive through all seven games, so who ever will win, males or females they will decide the way to go ahead. It seemed interesting to me and all females, as such there was no place for the word called shame in all of us now, including me and I could feel excitement and bit of fear rising in my body when the things were getting discussed between us.
Though I didn’t knew about this game at all and like me Manish and Shilpi Bhabhi were also unaware of this, but it was really very easy to understand and finally after 2-3 trials we started formally. Before going ahead I think I should detail what we all were wearing. We all, men and women were having three clothes on our body.
Females were wearing single piece nighty ending few inches before knees, exposing their fleshy thighs including me, Bra keeping our cleavage clearly visible and Panty which was part of satin nighty we were wearing, along with full marital makeup and ornaments like Sindoor and Bindi with Mangalsutra, and wedding ring; symbols of marriage, bangles,
anklets and all with high heel sandals which we were not suppose to take off during sexual intercourses, and I must mention that it was Hemant Jiju’s idea, he was influenced by blue movies in which sluts do not take off their sandals while getting fucked. In a way it was right thing to follow as we four were not less than any of those sluts, we see in blue movies.
Anyway as I said men were also wearing three clothes, t-shirt (without under shirt) and lower with a jockey underneath. Anyway with two decks of cards, eight cards got distributed to everyone, and game started and moved rapidly as only 8 cards were given to each player and one by one we started losing them and finally it was Kiran Bhabhi who lost the first game and failed to dispose of her cards and everyone made humming noise when she lost.
She got up and picked up one chit from the basket in which female punishments were kept and Hemant Jiju instantly took it from her and read it loud and it was “SUCK THE PENIS OF THE MALE FOR 3 MINUTES WHO HAS CAME FIRST AMONG ALL MEN IN THIS GAME, OTHER THAN YOUR HUSBAND” according to punishment Kiran Bhabhi was suppose to suck my husband Manish because he was the first one who got rid of his cards.
Gunjan Didi started clapping and tried to whistle like we motivate someone and spoke, “Come on Bhabhi, get up and take out his rod with your hands” Kiran Bhabhi was looking at us with a smile and I don’t know about others but at my end I was feeling strange, it seemed really embarrassing sucking someone’s Penis in front of six other people,
moreover I knew this as well that at some time I too have to pick up any of these punishments as I was sure that I won’t be able to survive till the end. Finally Kiran Bhabhi moved towards my husband and opened his lower and took out his penis and started jerking.
Manish came on his knees and hummed a bit in pleasure; he was already hard and could not control himself to moan in desire of upcoming pleasure and for me it was wired, some other female was sucking my husband hardly 3 feats away from me, surly peeping inside from distance has different impact on mind from this.
“Manish I am jealous of you,…. Bhabhi…. main bhi line mein hun” Hemant Jiju spoke from somewhere, Kiran Bhabhi looked up at Manish for a fraction and smiled and then moved down to her crotch and started sucking him while being on her four. We all were spread around them and almost everyone could see Kiran Bhabhi’s widely spread bottom as she was in doggy posture
and just then Hemant Jiju moved to her back and lifted her night bit up so that he could see her ass packed in tight panty and spoke while rubbing his penis over his clothes “ohh….God….. Bhabhi……. meri jaan….. hai…..kya lag rahi ho…..mann kar raha hai…abhi aapko peechhe se Nanga karke shuru ho jaaun”
Kiran Bhabhi smiled a bit on her brother-in-law’s statement but continued sucking and I could see that Manish was grunting in pleasure as Kiran Bhabhi was really good in this job. At last three minutes ended and Kiran Bhabhi withdrew herself and got up and set aside. Anyway now we were seven as Kiran Bhabhi was banned to move ahead, next game started and I could see that because of last activity, excitement was rising in everyone, including me.
Males were adjusting their rods in there under wears and like me females were feeling wetness in their panties, more to enhance all this Gunjan Didi was passing comments in her way. Anyway Somehow I managed to survive for next round as I was 3rd one to lose my cards after Hemant Jiju and Gunjan Didi, and by the end of game it was my Husband who lost and failed to survive against Shilpi Bhabhi.
Once again it was Gunjan Didi who uttered motivating words while clapping saying, “yes…. Come on get up….” Manish got and picked one chit from male’s punishment basket and this time Gunjan Didi took it from him to read it loud and it was “SUCK THE CUNT OF THE FEMALE OF YOUR CHOICE, OTHER THAN YOUR WIFE FOR 3 MINUTES”.
Hemant Bhaiya started clapping and spoke, “bol…….teeno mein se kiss ki kachhi uttarni hai” Gunjan Didi too starred laughing and spoke while suggesting him, “Manish….Kiran Bhabhi ki….you should pay her off….” Manish was really confused to choose one out of three and as Gunjan Didi said that, he looked at Kiran Bhabhi, and Kiran Bhabhi spoke in continuation,
“Manish please, don’t feel that… you choose female of your choice”. “arree yaar jaldi bol kiss ki CHUT chaatni hai hmmmm…. Come on” Hemant Jiju was really eager to know that who’s Panty among three is going to go off. Finally Manish looked at the most beautiful and maintained female of our group and truly speaking I could guess him, it was Shilpi Bhabhi,
and all of us started clapping as we saw Shilpi Bhabhi’s facial expressions changing, she could not decide what to feel, she was confused, embarrassed, aroused and happy as well and finally Shilpi Bhabhi lied down and Manish pulled Shilpi Bhabhi’s panty out of her legs and started sucking her fuckhole in front of us,
I was sitting bit sideway and I could see my husband’s face buried between her thighs, and for around 3 minutes Shilpi Bhabhi was moaning loud and her legs were raised up and gradually her heels were pointing roof as holding flesh of her thighs wide apart Manish was sucking her passionately.
It was once again strange feeling to witness my own husband giving oral pleasure to some other female hardly couple of feats away. From her facial expressions I could make out Shilpi Bhabhi in extreme pleasure of getting sucked and her condition made me shiver in strange sensation, thinking as if this is going to happen with me also.
Anyway game resumed again and now only we six were playing, Manish was also kept out now and this time one more male went out and it was Jeetu Bhaiya who lost, once again everyone started clapping and he got up to pick up his punishment from the specific basket of male punishments and finally it was again Hemant Jiju who read it loud for everyone and his punishment was,
“MASTURBATE YOUR SISTER/SISTER-IN-LAW FOR 3 MINUTES BY SUCKING AND FISTING HER FUCKHOLE BRUTELLY”, I could see that this punishment was applicable to all males, as all four males were somehow related with at least one female in the group with any of these two relations.
Anyway according to Punishment it was Gunjan Didi who was suppose to get masturbated through her brother Jeetu Bhaiya and very soon it started. Jeetu Bhaiya took off her sister’s Panty and started sucking and fisting his cousin sister. Making a stool of five six pillows Gunjan Didi was sitting on them with spread thighs with the heels on and Jeetu Bhaiya
was sucking her while sitting in front of her on the ground and as expected Gunjan Didi was not one who would have felt anything strange, she was enjoying getting Masturbate in front of mob. Holding his head she was trying to bury his face deep in her fuckhole while moaning in pleasure, moreover she change her posture after some time and came on her four and widened her legs
and showed her erotically spread ass to all of us and told Jeetu Bhaiya to suck him from behind by saying, “Jeetu… ab thodi der peeche se chat….. aur achhe se khol unglee daal ke meri Chut ko”. From the beginning Jeetu Bhaiya was fisting Gunjan Didi brutally using 2-3 fingers and gradually he was increasing his speed as he has to follow the punishment but I could see that Gunjan Didi was enjoying even more as the speed of fisting was rising.
I could see that By the end of 3 minutes Jeetu Bhaiya was bit tired of sucking and Gunjan Didi was really aroused and the words she spoke when she turned back was “Mazza aagaya…., thank You very much….. Bhai ho to aisa.” Gunjan Didi wore her Panty again and once again game resumed and now we were five, three were out and my heart beat was rising,
I could see that I was having really bad hand of cards. In the middle of the game Gunjan Didi reminded me and Shilpi Bhabhi that 2 men are out and we have to throw all of them to turn this night in our way for fun, it was second phase of the night and it really slipped from my mind that ultimately whoever will last through out all games, male or female will lead the show.
Finally it was me who lost and now it was my turn to pick up the punishment and I was really terrified, believe me friends it was altogether a different experience to feel that tension, once again Gunjan Didi motivated me and took the chit from my hand as I picked and read it loud and it was,
“GET UNDRESSED BY YOUR HUSBAND AND ALL THREE MEN WILL EXPLORE YOUR BODY TENDERLY TOGETHER WITH THERE HANDS AND MOUTH FOR SIX MINUTES”, I could not believe what Gunjan Didi read, and I took chit from her hand to read it myself but she was right, it was worse then what all I saw happening with Kiran Bhabhi and Shilpi Bhabhi, and I was terrified in excitement.
“Six Minutes….. Why not 3 minutes” I spoke in tension, “3 minutes are very less to feel this punishment” Hemant Jiju replied and then he spoke again “and Chaitu you won’t believe, I wanted you to pick up this….. and you did that”. All these punishments, moreover whole concept of this night was Hemant Jiju’s brain and he was the only one who knew all created all these punishments.
Once again Gunjan Didi started clapping and spoke to Manish by addressing his name, “Manish…..chal bhai…..Nanga kar apni biwi ko…..teeno ek saath issko enjoy karenge” I was jammed to my place and nervous of my life and I saw Manish moving towards me, I stepped back and spoke,
“please aisa matt karo…. Please….ek ek karke…. andar kamre mein le jaakar kar lo…” almost everyone laughed on my request and it was Hemant Jiju who said, “Chaitu…. aaj jo hoga yahin pe hoga…sabke saamne” Manish came to me and lifted my nighty while smiling, and by then I was surrounded by all three men and Hemant Jiju was adjusting his penis in his pant.
It was something which I could not believe, my own husband was taking off my clothes and that is for three other males. I was standing in just Bra and Panty as clothes along with high heel sandals. Soon my husband went on my back and unhooked my bra and took it off from my shoulders and then he pulled down my panty in one go and I was stark naked wearing just high heel sandals and all ornaments which I was wearing,
Mangal-sutra, anklets, bangles and all among all my Mangal-sutra was prominent resting on my plump breasts. I was standing between four men, including my husband and rest three of them were staring at my body like hungry dogs. “Manish letta de issko….Bhaiya aap shuru karo… jahan se karna hai” Hemant Jiju spoke to Manish first, told him to make me lie down on the mattress and then to his elder brother to start exploring my body first.
Manish pushed me down from my shoulders and I sat down and further lied down, all four men sat along with me and Bhanu Bhaiya leaned over me and started kissing me after saying “Manish isski haath pakad ke rakh” and Manish, my husband held my wrist to kill my protest, just then I found two more pairs of hand touching my body and it was Hemant Jiju
who parted my thighs and started sucking my fuckhole and Jeetu Bhaiya was one who was sucking my breasts, soon Bhanu Bhaiya also moved bit down and started sucking my other breasts, at that particular instant both of my breasts were getting sucked at the same time and along with that down there my fuckhole was getting explored with the tongue of third man that is Hemant Jiju,
I was moaning loud in weird pleasure and could see Gunjan Didi smiling at my condition, moreover all three women were standing and looking at me and Gunjan Didi spoke as she saw me in trembling in extreme pleasure and her words were, “Chaitu….dekh…. teeno ek saath teri izzat loot rahen hain ….I wish teri jagah main hoti”
soon men switched places and Bhanu Bhaiya went down to my fuckhole and spoke to his younger brother “Hemant…. Hatt jaa, mujhe chusne de” and then he started sucking my fuckhole and beside him Jeetu Bhaiya was waiting for his turn while holding my one leg, keeping it wide for Bhanu Bhaiya and Hemant Jiju was over my breasts now, he was fondling one and sucking other,
and pinched my both the nipples at the same time, one in his fingers and other between his teethes, and I was shuddering in pleasure of getting explored like never before. Bhanu Bhaiya was sucking me while fisting my cunt and because of his expertise in handling a female body, I reached to the verge of explosion, he sensed that as my thighs were trembling feverishly,
and just then Jeetu Bhaiya took his place and my fuckhole went to his mouth and he started sucking me and I lost the track of cumming as Jeetu Bhaiya was nowhere near Bhanu Bhaiya’s talent of sucking a female cunt. Anyway those six minutes seemed endless to me, even I did not wanted to stop them as now I wanted to cum, I was holding my husband who was sitting near my head,
keeping a tight grip over my wrists and could not stop moaning loud and moving my body in excitement, and soon Jeetu Bhaiya also stopped, and then once again Bhanu Bhaiya started playing with my fuckhole but with his fingers and spoke to Jeetu Bhaiya while spreading my thighs further apart,
“Jeetu Khol isski taange achhe se” and Jeetu Bhaiya followed him and Bhanu Bhaiya tried to take me closer to my climax by rubbing my clitoris, I was reaching to my climax but just then Gunjan Didi stopped them as six minutes were over and gradually all three men stood up leaving me fully opened and charged.
I was left just a fraction away from my explosion and because of which I was trembling strangely while humming strangely and truly speaking that time I wanted them to continue as dam inside me was about to break, but they did not wanted me to cum and everything stopped at just a fraction before my explosion and I remained there as it is while puffing and shivering.
Finally I got up and went to toilet and came back after wearing my clothes again, everyone was waiting for me to move ahead, even though I was out of the game. Anyway game resumed and once again Gunjan Didi reminded that now score is 2-2, two men and two women are out, and ultimately she wanted any one of two remaining female to go through till end, so that there should be female winner.
Now there were only four players and as expected game was getting over quickly, this time it was Gunjan Didi who lost and she instantly got up and picked up one chit and Hemant Jiju took it from her and spoke loud “TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHS, FONDAL YOUR BREASTS, EXPOSE YOUR EVERY HOLE TO ALL THREE MEN ONE BY ONE AND BEG THEM TO FUCK YOU IN EROTIC WORDS”.
As such we all knew that for Gunjan Didi nothing could be punishment and this punishment was meant for her as she had mastery in using erotic words. I just wanted to listen her words when she will beg all three men to get fucked, and like I expected she started taking off her clothes without any hesitation and came in the center wearing just sandals and ornaments
she was wearing and fondled her massive boobs and stared at all three men except her husband while biting her lips in excitement and then opened her thighs and fingered her fuckhole and spoke in sensual fashion to my husband by addressing his name, “Manish…… aaja ghus jaa iss mein…aaja faad de meri CHUT…aaja na”
then Gunjan Didi turned around and exposed her ass and opened her ass hole to Manish and spoke again, “Aaja Manish…. Meri GAAND marni hai to GAAND maar le…..jaldi aaja daal isske andar apna LUND aur CHOD mujhe”. I could not believe whatever she said, she was fluent in saying Hindi erotic words like males, while making all statements instantly and they were weird,
everybody was laughing on her words and I could hear clapping, I think it was Hemant Jiju who was appraising his wife for all this. Next was Jeetu Bhaiya, Gunjan Didi looked at him and spoke again, “Jeetu……mere Bhai…aaja apni bahan ko thanda karde…. Meri CHUT ki aag bujha de….. hmmmm…..bol GAAND maarega meri…..…hmmmm… Aaja Ghus jaa pura meri GAAND ke andar”
and just before last sentence she turned around to show her ass hole to Jeetu Bhaiya. I could see everyone was smiling and laughing including me and like Hemant Jiju most of us were clapping. Now the last, finally Gunjan Didi turned to Bhanu Bhaiya and came closer to him while fingering her cunt and spoke in demanding tone
“Bhaiya…….aap hi CHOD do mujhe….phad do meri chut ko….aur ye lo…aap ke liye main apni GAAND khol ke khadi hun….maar lo jitni maarni hai meri GAAND….. CHODO mujhe aur aaj faad do meri GAAND”. Everything she spoke was instantly made and most bizarre I have ever heard and everybody enjoyed including me.
Anyway finally Gunjan Didi was done with her act and she wore her clothes back and game resumed. Now there were only three players and only one female against two males, that is Shilpi Bhabhi and she survived easily as she was having good hand and finally it was Hemant Jiju who lost and now it was his turn to pick up one punishment and he instantly did that and Gunjan Didi took that chit from him and spoke loud so that everyone can hear,
“TAKE YOUR WIFE TO THE MALE OF YOUR CHOICE AND PUT HIS PENIS IN HER MOUTH AND TELL HER TO SUCK IT FOR THREE MINUTES”. Once again it was Gunjan Didi who has to do the act and she was ready to do that, “Chal Gunjan…apne bhai ka LUND chus” Hemant Jiju spoke to her and took her to Jeetu Bhaiya,
he stood up and Gunjan Didi herself took out her brother’s penis and started sucking and she tried to give her best to him. Jeetu Bhaiya was enjoying all this, we could see on his face as like Kiran Bhabhi, Gunjan Didi too had talent of sucking man meat nicely. Anyway once again game resumed as 3 minutes of punishment ended.
Now there were only two players, Bhanu Bhaiya and Shilpi Bhabhi, in male’s perspective sexually she was most seductive female of the group and in female’s perspective; sexually he was most powerful man of the group. We were motivating Shilpi Bhabhi because being females we wanted to win, at the other end Hemant Jiju was showing confidence in his brother, that no one can beat him in cards.
Once again game started and moved and tension among all of us was rising as now it was final game and verdict that which gender will lead the show was about to declare. Game moved rapidly and once again Bhanu Bhaiya proved that he is best in all fields.
He won and Shilpi Bhabhi lost, now it was her turn to pick her Punishment and she did that and Hemant Jiju took it from her hand to announce and it was, “SUCK ALL THREE COCKS, ONE BY ONE FOR 2 MINUTES EACH, OTHER THAN YOUR HUSBAND”, including me everybody started clapping and she got up and stared at Bhanu Bhaiya, he was her first choice,
one who was going to be sucked and like it was a custom, she herself loosened his lower and took out his penis and started sucking tenderly and continued for two minutes to pleasure him, and I could see that Bhanu Bhaiya was really enjoying that.
Soon Shilpi Bhabhi stopped and came to my husband Manish and took out his erect rod and started sucking and like Bhanu Bhaiya now Manish was moaning in pleasure and I was witnessing all this hardly few inches away from me. Finally after two minutes, Shilpi Bhabhi moved to third man that is Hemant Jiju and took out his erect rod and started sucking and continued sucking him for next two minutes.
All three men enjoyed getting sucked from most beautiful woman of the group, though 2 minutes were very less to make men cum but they were more than enough to arouse them and as I could see, all of them were hard like iron rod. That has to be end of punishments, and now Hemant Jiju wanted to move ahead, as now it was a male who ultimately won and according to rule we(females) are suppose to follow males,
but Gunjan Didi interrupted him going ahead for a while and insisted Bhanu Bhaiya to pick up one punishment, even though he had won. Bhanu Bhaiya tried to avoid but then we all insisted and clapped for him and he picked up one and gave it to Gunjan Didi and she read his punishment loud and it was,
“UNDRESS YOUR WIFE, MAKE HER SIT ON YOUR LAP, WIDEN HER THIGHS AND ONE BY ONE INVITE ALL THREE MEN TO SUCK AND PLAY WITH HER FUCKHOLE FOR TWO MINUTES EACH”. That was too much and I could not believe whatever was written, I could see that even Kiran Bhabhi could not believe whatever she heard.
Gunjan Didi started clapping and we all followed her to motivate Bhanu Bhaiya, and finally he got up and sat down on small stool of drawing room and called his wife by waving his hand, but Gunjan Didi told him to speak and he called his wife by saying “Kiran, idhar aao” Kiran Bhabhi went closer to him, next he bought her panty down and pulled her to make her sit on her lap and looked at Hemant Jiju after widening his wife’s fleshy thighs apart.
Once again Gunjan Didi interrupted and spoke, “Bhaiya invite karo…. Hemant ko…in loud and clear words.” Bhanu Bhaiya smiled on that and spoke, “Hemant aa apni Bhabhi ki CHUT choos, aur khel isske saath thodi der” Hemant Jiju moved ahead with a smile on his face and kneeled down in front of his Bhabhi and Bhanu Bhaiya further parted His wife’s thighs for his younger brother.
Kiran Bhabhi arched her head in pleasure as Hemant Jiju started exploring her cunt and soon she was moaning and puffing in intense pleasure. He played with her well; I could see all that on Kiran Bhabhi’s face. Soon Hemant Jiju stopped as two minutes ended, next Bhanu invited my husband by addressing his name,
“Manish…..aao chuso aakar Kiran ki CHUT…achhe se kholo issko oongli daal kar” and while saying that he widened his wife’s thighs apart for my husband and without wasting a fraction, Manish came on her knees and started sucking Kiran Bhabhi’s permission and pleasure for Kiran Bhabhi continued.
Manish too played well, Kiran Bhabhi was getting restless and I could see that she was burning in desire, moreover by this time I was set on fire as everything happening there was filthy and bizarre and everyone was enjoying that. Soon Manish stopped playing with Kiran Bhabhi’s fuckhole and Bhanu Bhaiya invited Jeetu Bhaiya by saying,
“Jeetu….aaja tu bhi aur Chus isski CHUT ko….khel isske saath” Jeetu Bhaiya accepted the invitation and one more time Kiran Bhabhi’s fuck hole started getting explored. Bhanu Bhaiya was somehow looking down to his wife’s fuckhole and he somewhat instructed Jeetu Bhaiya to finger her cunt along with sucking and his words were,
“Jeetu….saath saath achhe se khol do-teen ungliyan daal kar isski CHUT ko” and Jeetu Bhaiya did that, I could see that Kiran Bhabhi was in extreme pleasure. Truly speaking I envied her at that time, as I wanted all that happening to me and certainly I would have cummed before this punished would have ended.
Finally all three men sucked Kiran Bhabhi except her husband and now it was time to move ahead and like me all females were highly charged with bit of fear that what all is going to happen with them, as Hemant Jiju was terrifying us from his words by saying, “socho ab tum logon ka kya hoga…you have lost the game”.
Among us it was me and Shilpi Bhabhi who was bothered about that, I could see it from Gunjan Didi and Kiran Bhabhi’s gesture that they were not worried, rather Gunjan Didi spoke that in replying Hemant Jiju, “hoga kya…? Jayada se jayada kya karoge…..GAAND hi maaroge na…maar lo…kyun Bhabhi?” she asked Kiran Bhabhi to acknowledge her statement and Kiran Bhabhi smiled on that.

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