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Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali Part 9

Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali Part 8 

Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali Part 10 

Bhanu Bhaiya got up and he was yet not over, I could see it as he was still hard and his penis was soaked with there mixed juices. Bhaiya moved on his knees to Gunjan Didi’s face and told her to suck him in puffing voice by saying, “Hmmmmm…. Chus issko thoda sa” Gunjan Didi opened her mouth and once again Bhanu Bhaiya started fucking Gunjan Didi’s mouth.
Didi did not hesitated for even a fraction while taking Bhanu Bhaiya’s penis in her mouth which was totally soaked with there mixed sticky juices. Gunjan Didi was holding Bhanu Bhaiya’s heavy hips in her hands and moving him in and out of her mouth in rhythm. Slowly Bhanu Bhaiya moved ahead and sat around Gunjan Didi’s face and started fucking her mouth properly.
I was getting unobstructed view of everything happening with my sister, and I could sense that once again lust was rising in my body. I was squeezing my cunt between my thighs again and again to pleasure myself. Bhanu Bhaiya’s huge penis was appearing and disappearing in Gunjan Didi’s mouth again and again and she was sucking it nicely giving full affection to her husband’s elder brother.
After hardly a minute Bhaiya groaned and slid slowly out of her mouth, got up and made Gunjan Didi turn around on her front. Bhanu Bhaiya further went down from bed and asked Gunjan Didi about Condom “Condom kahan hai” Gunjan Didi replied without moving much just by pointing her finger to her handbag and said “mere Handbag mein”.

With that Gunjan Didi turned to see me and smiled in satisfied gesture and looked into my eyes after removing her hairs from her eyes which were coming between her vision to see me and spoke to me or rather told me the purpose of Condom “Bhaiya mere peechhe daalenge” I got little surprised though I knew that Gunjan Didi usually gets fucked in her asshole on every such get together.
She further raised her hand to call me closer and I moved a bit on my knees, pulling my hand Gunjan Didi called me further close, I thought that she wants to say something and I leaned to hear, but Gunjan Didi kissed me on my cheek and held my hand and said stay here. Bhanu Bhaiya was covering his rod with a condom; once again I looked at his size and got terrified for my sister that how she will take this big in her asshole.
Next moment Bhaiya was back on bed after putting on condom on his fully erect rod. Gunjan Didi was laying flat on her front; Bhanu Bhaiya got to his knees and leaned over her and, taking his cock in his hand, slowly came over Gunjan Didi’s ass mounds.
“Gunjan thodi taange khol, Cheitu ek pillow rakh de isske neeche” Bhanu Bhaiya told her to further spread her thighs and in continuation told me to put a pillow under Gunjan Didi’s belly, we obeyed Gunjan Didi lifted her belly to get a pillow under it and then widened her thighs to give better access of her asshole to Bhanu Bhaiya.
Bhanu Bhaiya was laying over Gunjan Didi with a support of his elbow, looking down to see exact opening of Gunjan Didi’s ass, for that he parted her ass cheeks a bit and took his rod to my sister’s pot hole. “Bhaiya thoda saa oil daal do pahle, chhed pe” Gunjan Didi asked him to put some oil on her ass hole first,
“lubricated condom hai,….. aur tujhe thoda sa pain hona chahiye, tabhi to mujhe mazza aayega” Gunjan Didi smiled a bit on that and just said ok. Bhanu Bhaiya finally squeezed her cock-head into my sister’s tiny hole from behind. Gunjan Didi bit her lower lip and her grip over my hand got tighter, she moaned intensely as the huge cock-head entered into her ass. Her head arched.
Bhanu Bhaiya got up a bit and gripped her fleshy hips parted them more and drove his cock deeper into her body. It surged inward, widening her tiny rear opening, mashing everything in its passage. "Ohma! uh! Ahhhhhhhhh uhh aohhhhhhhh uhhh OHHHHH!" Once again Gunjan Didi’s cry rang out in the room as Bhanu Bhaiya went further inside his sister in law’s asshole.
Her head got snapped up in pain, by now more than half of Bhanu Bhaiya’s penis was buried deep in Gunjan Didi’s asshole, Bhanu Bhaiya paused, further parted her hips, and with a quick jerk, he ran his hips back, then drove them brutally forward again.
"OHHHHHH uhh ah uhh ah uh ahohuhhahmauhhh OHHHHH!" Gunjan Didi cried again and it was shriller whimper than the previous one because Bhanu Bhaiya’s rod went deeper into her pot and her hole was stretched even more. Bhanu Bhaiya grunted on the tightness of Gunjan Didi’s ass hole and began to fuck her with steep, slow skewering thrusts, pressing her body against the bed.
He was still left with nearly one or may be bit more of an inch to go in, and slowly while fucking my sister’s ass hole gradually Bhanu Bhaiya plunged whatever was remaining and lied over her after stretching Gunjan Didi’s legs apart with his thighs. Holding my hand tight Gunjan Didi was gasping with broken breath, she was somewhat trying to bear the pain.
Bhanu Bhaiya was laying motionless over his brother’s wife while keeping his monster in her asshole, enjoying tightness of her butt hole. He started with kissing her shoulder and sucked Gunjan Didi’s ears to make her moan in pleasure and spoke in low voice, “Gunjan, Kiran ki Gaand marne mein itna mazza nahi aata, jitna teri maarne mein aata hai” I could hear him easily.
He spoke again “Hemant ko teri Bhabhi ke saath zayada mazza aata hoga” “Hmmmm….” Gunjan Didi just hummed to say yes to it. Bhanu Bhaiya got up a bit and holding Didi’s shoulder he started fucking her slowly, moving his penis in and out of her asshole. Gunjan Didi started moaning again, I could see that she was in pain but I could sense her in some sort of pleasure as well.
Bhanu Bhaiya got up and tried to lift Gunjan Didi from her waist just to say get up without saying a word. Gunjan Didi got up slowly without losing Bhanu Bhaiya’s rod from her ass hole. She was on her four now, like a proper bitch she was ready to get fucked in a doggy way. Once again with a quick jerk, Bhanu Bhaiya ran his hips back, and then drove them roughly forward again, pulling Gunjan Didi’s body back down against his with his hands on her shoulders.
Gunjan Didi cried out thinly may be because way of Bhanu Bhaiya’s huge penis was made in her rear channel and it was moving in my sister’s pot hole with bit of ease, her face got twisted in a renewed outburst of lust as Bhanu Bhaiya repeated that sudden thrust of her penis in her asshole.
Bhanu Bhaiya gasped silently and did that again and yet again "OHHHHHH uhh ah uhh ah uh ahohuhhahmauhhh OHH HHH!" Gunjan Didi’s body jerked under with his savage prowling of her asshole. Bhanu Bhaiya grunted and began to fuck her with steep, skewering, faster thrusts, jerking her body back and forth, pulling her waist again and again at the length of his massive penis.
Gunjan Didi’s broken sobs of pleasure were getting sharp, I could see that she was more in pain than pleasure leaving my hand she was holding bed sheet in her palm. I could not take my eyes from my sister’s face, closing her eyes and squeezing her lips together she was trying to bear the pain while sobbing.
"Ohhhh uhhhh ohma uhhh ohhh uhhh Bhaiya dheere…… please dheere” by then Bhanu Bhaiya was somewhat ram fucking Gunjan Didi in her butt and he continued his pace and Gunjan Didi continued crying in pain and pleasure while requesting him to slower down his speed of pumping her asshole, “oh god oh god ohma uhh ohma, dheere…. Dheere Please Ahhhhh… Bhaiya Ahhhhh….”
Gunjan Didi’s painful cries were arousing me, and desire of watching her ass hole filled with Bhanu Bhaiya’s cock rose into me, I thought about getting up as I wanted to see it, I hesitated for a fraction assuming what will they think about me, but I saw that none of them was bothered about me Gunjan Didi was not in condition to look at me even,
her eyes were closed while getting ragged in her ass and Bhanu Bhaiya was getting mad in lust and fucking my sister furiously. I moved slowly to there back to see it, I was wrong Bhanu Bhaiya noticed me without giving an impression and to give a better view of my sister’s asshole getting fucked he stood up on his feet and started riding wife of his younger brother even faster as if he is riding a horse.
Finally I could see my sister’s ass hole clearly stuffed with Bhanu Bhaiya’s monster, it was moving smoothly in her asshole the way hot knife moves in butter. Bhanu Bhaiya’s bulging balls were getting banged on Gunjan Didi’s cunt lips again and again. Gunjan Didi was moaning loud in pain and requesting him to fuck her slow as after getting up on his feet Bhanu Bhaiya was fucking her sister in law even faster.
“Bhaiya…kya karr rahe hain …no….” Gunjan Didi screamed. “Bhaiyaaa… Ahhhhh Please mujhe dard ho raha hai.” “Bhaiya please please.. dheere... dheere... please dheere...” “bass mera hone wala hai” Bhanu Bhaiya spoke while gasping. I could see that Gunjan Didi was getting weaker and will not be able to hold herself on her knees and will collapse soon,
I think Bhanu Bhaiya was also sensing that and he moved his hand under her belly and somehow started rubbing her clitoris. That was unexpected for her and Gunjan Didi moaned strangely and with that her condition got even worst, she trembled like fish without water, I looked down to her hole Bhaiya was somehow trying to fist Gunjan Didi’s cunt brutally with 2 or 3 of his fingers and it happened,
with in just few seconds Gunjan Didi collapsed on bed and held the bed sheet in her palm in rising excitement, Bhaiya continued doing her cunt somehow while pumping her ass and Gunjan Didi’s legs trembled feverishly, she was struggling under Bhanu Bhaiya as Bhanu Bhaiya was still fisting her cunt or may be squeezing her clitoris cruelly.
With few more very powerful strokes Bhanu Bhaiya stood still and buried his rod till the hilt of it in my sister’s ass hole, Gunjan Didi trembled in violent orgasm and crushed the bed sheet completely to bear the pain; Bhanu Bhaiya was still fisting her, I could see her bottom trembling under her brother in law’s buttocks.
Bhanu Bhaiya also squeezed his hips couple of times to release her load in Gunjan Didi’s pot. Gunjan Didi whimpered, may be because she was cumming or may be because Bhanu Bhaiya’s rod was shivering in her asshole when he was releasing his junk, or may be because both the things were happening at the same moment.
Bhanu Bhaiya also gasped and took out his hand moved it to Gunjan Didi’s body to squeeze her breasts. They were laying dead for couple of minutes after cumming, Gunjan Didi’s pompous body which is always seen full of energy to me was collapsed on the bed; she was ragged roughly like a whore by Bhanu Bhaiya.
I was realizing that across the room, I have watched Bhanu Bhaiya, who is actually Gunjan Didi’s brother in law, has sodomized her furiously, deeply and thoroughly and watching that thing happening live was sort of experience which I cannot forget through out my life, they way Gunjan Didi was screaming and the way her ass hole was stretched to more than maximum,
the way Bhanu Bhaiya was moving rapidly like a machine in and out of Gunjan Didi’s rear hole. I could not imagine the pain through which she had gone to satisfy her husband’s brother. Apart from having sympathy for her I could sense this as well that Gunjan Didi was also enjoying all that if not completely but surely most of it, that is why she wanted Jeetu Bhaiya to win the game,
because she needed this type of sexual pleasure and only Bhanu Bhaiya could give her this sort of physical treatment, and that is why she instantly got ready to share room with me and Bhanu Bhaiya, moreover I could realize this as well that why she was making fun of Manish’s sex ability, undoubtedly Manish my husband was just a kid for her sexual demand;
moreover being Bhanu Bhaiya’s wife I could imagine that Kiran Bhabhi must be having same sort of physical demand and Manish can never satisfy her, and she must be knowing this fact through Gunjan Didi, that is why she threw away chance of getting him on her bed without playing last game of cards and gave that chance to Shilpi Bhabhi.
Moreover if I will think about myself then where do I stand in front of Bhanu Bhaiya’s sexual demand of female’s body, I think nowhere. Bhanu Bhaiya was excited to get me on his bed because I was new cunt for him and that is how he was toying with my fuckhole to see my expressions when I was bursting in sexual lust. For Bhanu Bhaiya more or less I was new to the sex, a virgin body who is not yet fully explored.
Anyway Bhanu Bhaiya got up slowly and waited for Gunjan Didi to get up and then finally turned her on her back. Gunjan Didi moved as Bhaiya moved her and came on her back, her hairs were spread all over her face; Bhanu Bhaiya removed them to look at her face. Gunjan Didi was smiling a bit with tiredness;
Bhanu Bhaiya smiled in response and spoke “mazza aagaya” “Bhaiya aap kisi din mujhe maar daaloge iss tarah” Gunjan Didi uttered in low voice after few seconds. “tune agar marna hota to bahut pahle hi marr jaati, you are born to get fucked like that” Bhanu Bhaiya got up from bed while saying that and entered in the toilet while taking off condom from his penis.
Gunjan Didi lied there and looked at me and smiled, extended her hand to get mine and took my hand in her palm and spoke in low voice “mazza aagaya, Bhanu Bhaiya hi mujhe satisfy kar sakte hain, Hemant ke saath itna mazza nahi aata” Bhanu Bhaiya came out and now Gunjan Didi wanted to get up, she asked for support from her body language and I supported her.
“Dekha ye logg mera kya haal karte hain, …….Bhaiya to mere saath hamesha hi aise karte hain” Gunjan Didi spoke to me in tired voice while getting up just to make Bhanu Bhaiya listen. “tere ko ye hi chahiye, tabhi to baar baar mere hi paas aati hai” Bhanu Bhaiya replied while wearing his jockey.
Gunjan Didi smiled while looking at him on his reply and then spoke “sahi baat hai”….. “Bhaiya aap nahi hote to mera kya hota, …… mujhe satisfy karna to ab aapke bhai ke bus se bahar hota jaa raha hai”. “main apne liye drink bana ne jaa raha hun, do you want ?” Bhanu Bhaiya asked Gunjan Didi, “hmmmm…. We are also coming down” “why are you coming down, I will come back in a minute” Bhanu Bhaiya asked back,
“Chaitu ko thodi der blue film dekahte hain” Gunjan Didi replied, “Ok…ok” Bhanu Bhaiya somewhat laughed on that and went out after wearing his undershirt and lower. I accompanied Gunjan Didi till the door of toilet and stood there; she pulled my hand and told me to come in by saying, “ander aaja sharma kya rahi hai?” “Chaitu bahut dard ho raha hai” Gunjan Didi spoke while sitting on pot to pee,
“kahan” I asked back stupid question “Gaand mein aur kahan?” Gunjan Didi replied sarcastically. “phir kyun kiya, jab mallom tha ki wo aise karte hain” I asked back “kuch bhi bolo dard hota hai per mazza bhi bahut aata hai,……” Gunjan Didi smiled naughtily while saying that, I smiled on her gesture, “bol marwani hai?”
Gunjan Didi asked back, “kya?” “Gaand aur kya?” once again her tone was sarcastic and then she spoke again “Bhanu Bhaiya se hi marwa le” “pagal ho kya, mujhe nahi karna ye sab” “dekhte hain kitne din baccha ke rakhti hai” Gunjan Didi spoke and then spoke again in continuation “jis tarah se uss din Manish ne tera zabardasti kiya tha,
uss se lagta hai kisi din tera patti hi tere haath pair baandh ke teri Gaand maar dega” with that Gunjan Didi was done with peeing and washing her genital and she went out, I used the toilet and followed her. I wore my panty and Bhanu Bhaiya’s shirt which Gunjan Didi gave to me and told me not to wear bra underneath.
Gunjan Didi also wore her panty and her kurta on top and we came out to main living room. Bhanu Bhaiya was ready with two drinks, Gunjan Didi told him make one for me as well, I tried to avoid but she insisted to have one by saying, “arre pi na, tu jitna madhosh hogi uttna jayada Bhaiya ko mazza degi” and then in continuation asked me if I want to see blue movie.
I said no as I was not interested in watching that, I was assuming that she will play it on a DVD player on the big screen of living room, but she didn’t mean that. Gunjan Didi took me to the window of the bedroom in which Manish and Shilpi Bhabhi were getting together. There Manish was laying on bed stark naked but Shilpi Bhabhi was missing, she must be in toilet at that time.
“I think yahan ek baar ho chukka hai” Gunjan Didi spoke what I was thinking and then spoke again, “let’s see Kiran Bhabhi ke saath kya ho raha hai” we moved from there and came to another window, fortunately in that room things were happening, Jeetu Bhaiya was laying on one side of the bed partially on his stomach bit sideways looking at the things happening between
Kiran Bhabhi and Hemant Jiju on the other side of the bed where Kiran Bhabhi was sucking Hemant Jiju’s rod. I think at that time Jeetu Bhaiya was laying exhausted after fucking Kiran Bhabhi once and now she was attending her brother in law’s physical demand. Exact posture of love making couple at that time was somewhat like,
Hemant Jiju was sitting on bed resting his back on the back of the bed facing towards the window and Kiran Bhabhi was laying between his spread legs on her front. At the place we were standing we could see Kiran Bhabhi’s wide and heavy ass mounds and her head, she was facing away from us, Kiran Bhabhi’s head moving up and down over Hemant Jiju’s crotch,
she was sucking Hemant Jiju’s rod, I could see Hemant Jiju’s face holding his Bhabhi’s head in his hands he seemed in extreme pleasure while getting sucked by his elder brother’s wife. After hardly a minute Bhanu Bhaiya came there while holding his drink and asked Gunjan Didi in low voice “kya chal raha hai ander” “filhaal aapki biwi aapke bhai ke saath laggi hui hai”
“aur I think Jeetu le chukka hai aapki biwi ki” Bhanu Bhaiya also peeped in and saw his wife entertaining his younger brother. Kiran Bhabhi continued sucking Hemant Jiju for long, after that as expected Hemant Jiju got up and Kiran Bhabhi lied on his place, he came over her and after widening his Bhabhi’s thighs apart, Hemant Jiju entered in Kiran Bhabhi and started fucking her with steady pace.
From there we could see that Kiran Bhabhi’s legs were spread apart and stretched, Hemant Jiju was lying over her and his rod was vibrating in and out of her fuckhole. His balls were pressing Kiran Bhabhi’s cunt-lips as he use thrusts into her, his thick shaft was plunging his Bhabhi again and again.
After couple of minutes Hemant Jiju got up and spoke something which we could not hear, they changed the position and now Kiran Bhabhi was on her four and once again Hemant Jiju started riding his brother’s wife this time from behind. Initially from there we could just see Hemant Jiju’s buttocks and they were moving back and forward while fucking Kiran Bhabhi from behind.
But later as the excitement increased Hemant Jiju stood up on his feet and we could see his rod getting stuffed in Kiran Bhabhi again and again, Hemant Jiju pumped Kiran Bhabhi’s fuckhole with fast fucking strokes for a minute or may be bit more and then he cummed into his Bhabhi’s womb. Both collapsed on bed and lied there.
We moved from there and came back to main living area. Gunjan Didi gave me my drink and started gulping her asked me for one more, I refused but she had one more with Bhanu Bhaiya with less vodka and more soft drink and told me to finish my drink fast, she wanted to take me to the first window, if I can see my husband fucking Jeetu Bhaiya’s wife.
Once again Gunjan Didi took me to Shilpi Bhabhi’s bedroom’s window to see whether they have started again or not. And this time I found my husband in love making with Shilpi Bhabhi. Shilpi Bhabhi was sitting totally naked with spread and folded legs making big M from her legs resting her back behind and Manish was laying on his front and his face was buried in her crotch.
My husband was sucking Jeetu Bhaiya’s wife’s fuckhole. We could see them sideways, Manish’s head was partially hidden behind Shilpi Bhabhi’s thighs, and she was holding his scalp which was moving to and fro from bottom to top above her slit. Manish was doing his job nicely giving his best to lick and suck Shilpi Bhabhi’s cunt as I could see Shilpi Bhabhi moaning with open mouth, though I could not hear her voice.
Manish continued licking Shilpi Bhabhi for long and I got so indulged watching my husband sucking other man’s wife that I did not realized that when Kiran Bhabhi came there and talked to Gunjan Didi. I realized her presence when she touched me on my shoulder and addressed me with my nick name, “Chaitu” I looked back to her, “kya dekh rahi hai?”
she also peeped inside and smiled, and spoke “husband ko kisi aur ke saath sex karte hue dekhkar mazza aata hai na”, I remained silent. Kiran Bhabhi was wearing blouse and petticoat of the saree which she was wearing in the evening before going into bedroom with Hemant Jiju and Jeetu Bhaiya.
“kaisa raha aapka” Gunjan Didi asked Kiran Bhabhi in low voice, “theek tha, dono ne ek ek baar kar liya hai, ab aage dekhte hain” Kiran Bhabhi replied, “abhi peeche(anus) to nahi dala hoga?” Gunjan Didi asked her again, “nahi abhi nahi, per ab daalega” she replied, “Kaun, Jeetu ya Hemant?” Gunjan Didi asked again, “Hemant,…jaldi wapas aane ke liye bol raha tha”
Kiran Bhabhi replied and then asked in continuation, “tera bhi hogaya, ya abhi sirf Chaitu ke saath he kiya hai?” “mera aage peechhe dono mein hogaya hai?” Gunjan Didi replied, and then Gunjan Didi spoke again, “aapka patti bahut buri tarah pailta hai mujhe,….. thoda control kiya karo unko”….. “yahan Hemant mujhe buri tarah pailta hai, ……abhi dekh lena widow se tera patti kya haal karenga mera”
Kiran Bhabhi replied, “aur Jeetu?’ Gunjan Didi asked that how Jeetu Bhaiya do with her, “ wo pailne ki koshish zaroor karta hai, par pail nahi paata” Kiran Bhabhi replied with bit of smile. Suddenly I realized that I was watching my husband fucking Jeetu Bhaiya’s wife and I looked again inside the room, by now Shilpi Bhabhi was sucking my husband’s penis and I could see,
that Manish was in heaven as Shilpi Bhabhi was doing him with care in slow and sucking thrust, I could see pit on her cheeks whenever she took Manish’s rod back in her mouth. “We are going” Gunjan Didi spoke to me after making me conscious from looking inside, I just said “ok” and continued watching inside, but just then Shilpi Bhabhi stopped sucking Manish,
I almost missed watching Shilpi Bhabhi giving oral pleasure to my husband as I was listening Gunjan Didi and Kiran Bhabhi. Manish and Shilpi Bhabhi did not wasted much time and Manish took her under him and started fucking her in missionary position. Shilpi Bhabhi’s legs were wrapped around my Manish’s waist and my husband was fucking her with steady strokes while kissing her,
Shilpi Bhabhi was caressing his back while holding him in her arms and in between squeezing his hips by extending her hands to get my husband deeper in her fuckhole. Excitement in the room was not rising as fast as it was rising in my body I was holding handle of the other window very tight in excitement and suddenly I felt hot breath over my ear and two hands grabbed my waist.
It was none other than Bhanu Bhaiya, he started brushing his lips over my neck and took my ear lob in his mouth and sucked it, I moaned in uncontrollable pleasure. Bhanu Bhaiya’s grip over my body increased and he continued loving me like that and moved his hand over my breasts and squeezed them over the shirt.
I moaned further and tried to get rid of him, but Bhanu Bhaiya was much stronger than me, he grabbed me further tight, his hands moved inside my shirt from bottom and he rubbed my thighs, I struggled bit while moaning “Chaitu bahut dekh liya tumne doosron ko karte hue, now it’s time for you to get on bed” he spoke in puffing pleasurable tone,
and with that Bhanu Bhaiya inserted his hand in my panty from behind and touched my bare hips and squeezed one of them. Next moment he tried to take off my panty, I was trembling in strange pleasure and struggling to get rid of Bhanu Bhaiya and tried to sit down but Bhanu Bhaiya succeeded in what he was trying to do, my panty went down to my feet and he instantly picked up that,
I was naked underneath, wearing just his shirt which was few inches above my knees and was very loose on my body. For a fraction Bhanu Bhaiya tried to look into my eyes in the dark and kissed me grabbing me tight, he was really very aroused and it was my body with whom he wanted to tranquilize his sexual urge.
I responded to his kiss, by now I was also excited and somewhat prepared to get on his bed to get fucked by his monster. Suddenly Bhanu Bhaiya leaned a bit and picked me in his arms wrapping one around my thighs, from the area just below my hips, I screamed in low voice in fear of felling down but he was really very strong.
Holding me tight from my thighs Bhanu Bhaiya took me on his shoulder and walked inside the living room. I held him tight in my arms, my heart started beating high but I was getting excited as well while thinking that what is he going to do with me.
As Bhanu Bhaiya entered in the living room he lifted my shirt a bit, portion which was covering my hips to expose my fleshy ass mounds to the people of living room. I heard Gunjan Didi’s voice in questioning fashion, “isski Kachhi utaar di kya?” he did not responded to her question and straight away turned to stares to take me to my bedroom and as he turned I saw Gunjan Didi and Kiran Bhabhi standing and looking at me.
Kiran Bhabhi was holding a drink and Gunjan Didi was having my panty in her hand Bhanu Bhaiya would have thrown my panty to her. Holding Bhanu Bhaiya firmly from his back I was looking at Gunjan Didi and Kiran Bhabhi with fear, mixed with lot of excitement and both were smiling at my condition and just then Gunjan Didi waved her hand to say bye.

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