Thursday, 21 November 2013

Couple swapping sexperience of Chaitali Part 17

Anyway I think Hemant Jiju continued licking his Bhabhi’s ass hole for a while, as by now I could not see them. While lying on bed on my back I could see that Gunjan Didi was still fucking her mouth with her brother’s rod and I grabbed Bhanu Bhaiya in my arms and thighs while getting stuffed down in my fuckhole.
Finally I was getting fucked and enjoying best men of our swinger’s group. Bhanu Bhaiya was very aroused and from the beginning he started fucking me rapidly, his bottom was rising and falling steadily and his hard and thick penis was stretching my fuckhole painfully wide again and again.
I could see that I will not be able to last for long as pressure was already built inside me and Bhanu Bhaiya could easily see that from my shrill cries. Parting my fleshy thighs painfully wide Bhanu Bhaiya was almost sitting and fucking me with his full strength going deeper and deeper with every thrust and every time he went inside my fuckhole I cried in pain and every time he withdrew I shivered in desire to get plunged again.
Finally he also seemed me very excited and he uttered loud addressing his younger brother “Hemant…. Aaja….Chaitu ko CHODNA hai to….ye jhaddne waali hai” he was right, I was about to blast and I did not wanted to stop him, “nahi…main pahle Bhabhi ki maarunga” Hemant Jiju replied from somewhere, hearing him Bhanu Bhaiya started fucking me even harder.
Folding me into half and putting his full weight over my body Bhanu Bhaiya was pumping my fuckhole like a machine in full blast and now I could not bear the pain of starching my thighs but his speed was getting higher and higher, my gasps and moans were rising and I was screaming loud in pleasure and pain.

Like Shilpi Bhabhi few minutes back l was also gone beyond the verge of the orgasm and now I wanted to cum, and Bhanu Bhaiya could sense that. Suddenly I felt some fingers over my clitoris and it just took my breath away. I cried out loudly, trembled and moaned passionately. It was the pleasure which I could not bear.
I tried to push Bhanu Bhaiya away, and tried to join my legs together to squeeze my fuckhole between my fleshy thighs but I failed in both, I did not realized that like Shilpi Bhabhi he can do same thing with me. Bhanu Bhaiya held me tight and continued rubbing my opening with his thumb while moving in and out of me and at the same instant leaving my waist Bhanu Bhaiya
held me from my ankles and further parted my bottom and continued ripping my fuckhole for few more seconds till I started crying and screaming in strange voice as now I was sure that he will not let me cum easily. I was at my worst for a instant, feeling was as if I will be tore off from my fuckhole any moment, and suddenly Bhanu Bhaiya stopped and withdrew his monster from my fuckhole,
I was at the verge of intense orgasm, which any female could dream, but it became worst orgasm of my life ever, as my both legs were totally in his control and he was holding them just over my anklets and as he withdrew himself, he parted my legs even wider and opened my fuckhole keeping my thighs apart.
I was in same state rather worse than that, through which Shilpi Bhabhi was gone some time back. Just a second back I was getting humped like a bitch and on very next second my fuckhole got empty. I trembled like never before as if some sort of current has given to me and from top to bottom I started shivering like fish.
I wanted to squeeze my fuckhole between my thighs to prevent my liquid flowing out and I was failing to do that even after trying my best. Bhanu Bhaiya was much stronger than me with a comfortable position to hold my fat thighs. Just like Shilpi Bhabhi I also lost my breath for a fraction and felt as if I am going to die in this pleasure, I was not in state to scream even and current started flowing through my body more significantly.
Orgasm started hitting my body and tidal waves were rising from my fuckhole and traveling through my belly till my head, quivering me like a bitch in heat. Anybody could see that I was dieing in pleasure, certainly all of them were watching me in that state, but could not do anything for me.
I started screaming again with dry throat as fluid started flowing, I was Cumming intently and could feel dense stream of liquid going out of my fuckhole and worst part was that I could not stop that liquid flowing out to feel the pleasure of having a wonderful orgasm. I was shattered like never before and could feel the heavy twitching and pain in my fuckhole because of brutal fucking,
I could not sense anything for couple of more minutes till my orgasm subsided and I stopped shivering though my fuckhole twitched for long. I was totally spent and Bhanu Bhaiya could see that, he released me lose and got up from there, he was yet not over I could see him hard and erect and her next target was Gunjan Didi, wife of his younger brother who was entertaining her cousin brother Jeetu Bhaiya at that time.
Gunjan Didi was lying on her back at the corner of the mattress and her brother was riding on her steadily, she was enjoying but anybody could see that Jeetu Bhaiya was not the man who could give Gunjan Didi her full appetite of sex. Certainly it was Bhanu Bhaiya who could satisfy her and he was waiting for Jeetu Bhaiya to end.
At the other end of mattress Shilpi Bhabhi and my husband Manish was lying, fully exhausted and spent like me. On the other direction of the room near dining table, Kiran Bhabhi was sucking Hemant Jiju while sitting on floor, wearing just her high heels. While sitting beside Gunjan Didi, waiting for Jeetu Bhaiya to end Bhanu Bhaiya was looking at his wife, and finally he spoke to his brother,
“Hemant…Kiran ko lekar yahan aaja” Hemant Jiju stopped Kiran Bhabhi from sucking and took her to bed and both of them lied there and started making love. Hemant Jiju lying on his Bhabhi and they were kissing like true lovers but now Hemant Jiju was not in state to have much oral sex, he got up a bit and entered in Kiran Bhabhi and started fucking her immediately.
Kiran Bhabhi wrapped her brother-in-law in her arms and slowly enclosed Hemant Jiju’s pumping buttocks between her ample thighs to enhance her pleasure. Within two minutes of not stop pumping Kiran Bhabhi’s orgasm became visible and she moaned while grabbing Hemant Jiju tight in her arms and thighs.
On the other side Jeetu Bhaiya was reaching to his climax and I could see that he was trying to control himself and to do that he finally stopped himself and got up suddenly. That’s what they both needed, Gunjan Didi and Bhanu Bhaiya. Holding her ankles Bhanu Bhaiya pulled Gunjan Didi in his direction and came between her spread thighs and lied over her and started making love to wife to his younger brother’s wife.
At the place I was lying I could not see them clearly as Hemant Jiju and Kiran Bhabhi were lying between my vision to them and I got up to see them and found Gunjan Didi’s fuckhole stuffed with Bhanu Bhaiya’s monster and like mine her cunt was also spread to maximum because of thickness of his size and he was fucking Gunjan Didi rapidly with really good speed.
I could see every fraction of his long and hard cock going into my sister till the root of it. Finally Gunjan Didi also orgasmed as I could see bit of shivering on her bottom which was crushed under heavy buttocks of elder brother of her husband Hemant Jiju. Next to me, Hemant Jiju got up as he saw that Kiran Bhabhi have cummed with ease and spoke to her, “Bhabhi…. Ab peeche daalna hai”
Hemant Jiju was yet not over and now he wanted to fuck her Bhabhi’s ass hole and Kiran Bhabhi got up to get him there “Hemant please…tez tez matt karna…jaan nikal jaati hai meri” Kiran Bhabhi spoke to her Hemant Jiju. “Bhabhi….ab jo hona hai wo to hona hi hai….per aapki jaan nahi nikalne dunga main” Strange sensation passed through my body as I heard Hemant Jiju saying that,
once again I was going to witness anal fucking and his thought aroused me a lot. I could see that things at Manish and Shilpi Bhabhi’s end were also changing; both of them seemed getting aroused while sitting and looking at the fucking which was going around just like me and Jeetu Bhaiya.
Anyway Hemant Jiju bought on small bottle of oil from somewhere from the dining area, by this time Kiran Bhabhi was on her four and gave access of her asshole to her brother-in-law. “main Bhabhi ke peeche daalne lagga hun” Hemant Jiju spoke to his brother while moving forward towards Kiran Bhabhi’s ass hole.
Bhanu Bhaiya stopped fucking Gunjan Didi in her fuckhole and got up and spoke to Gunjan Didi, “Gunjan… uth jaa… ab tere peeche daalna hai” Gunjan Didi was looking nothing more than a bitch in the heat at that time, she was enjoying to fullest and hearing him, she too got up to turn around to get on her four.
Finally Hemant Jiju squeezed his cock-head into his Bhabhi’s ass hole after putting some oil on her opening and moved forward with a jerk while tearing her asshole in one go and Kiran Bhabhi screamed in pain. By the time Hemant Jiju started moving in and out of her Bhabhi’s ass Bhanu Bhaiya was ready to enter in Gunjan Didi’s pot after filling her ass as well with oil and he was rubbing his monster
on her pot opening and Gunjan Didi was hissing in excitement of upcoming pain. “Bhaiya please dheere dheere karna” Gunjan Didi too requested elder brother of her husband. “maine aaj tak dheere dheere kiya hai… jo aaj karunga hmmmm…” and he too sqeezed his cock head into my sister’s tiny asshole. Within one minute both the brothers were fucking each other’s wife in there asses nicely.
We all were watching these two couples including Jeetu Bhaiya who was back from toilet long time back and in between watching Kiran Bhabhi and Gunjan Didi getting ass fucked he was looking at me. I could understand that now Shilpi Bhabhi’s husband needs me, moreover I too needed him or you can say I needed a man as now I was also bit aroused and finally Jeetu Bhaiya
came to me and continued staring at me with uttering a word and I got aside to give him a space to lie down to show my consent without any hesitation and he lied beside me and slowly came over me and we too started making love. Now we both were tied too and we started from kissing and while doing that I started jerking his penis as he was not fully erect and could hear Jeetu Bhaiya moaning in pleasure.
Within few minutes Jeetu Bhaiya was hard enough to plunge my cunt and entered inside me and started fucking me in missionary. On my right at one end I could see Manish and Shilpi Bhabhi were getting active slowly. Jeetu Bhaiya’s wife and my husband were lying in 69, Shilpi Bhabhi was sucking my husband’s penis to make him hard again and burring his face between her well shaped thighs he too was sucking her fuckhole to arouse her better.
Jeetu Bhaiya started fucking me fast from the very first moment and I could make out that he was over excited and could not control himself and as I started feeling pressure building inside me, he cummed while squeezing his buttocks twice or thrice in my fuckhole, leaving me in the middle or far before my climax.
Ohhh…God I cannot write that killing feeling, my fuckhole was filled with Jeetu Bhaiya’s junk but I was yet not over, I was dying to get something into me but all men were busy with other females. Anyway I got up to use the toilet and watered my fuckhole to clean and by the time I came back My husband was fucking Shilpi Bhabhi in missionary and the thing which took my attention
was this that like it was expected Kiran Bhabhi and Gunjan Didi were in really bad shape, Hemant Jiju was fucking his Bhabhi’s ass brutally and she was screaming in pain. “aahhh… ahhhhh…. Hemant please….. ahhhhh… ahhhhh… dheere…dheere…. Kya karr raha hai…Hemant please…” and just like his brother Bhanu Bhaiya was ram fucking his wife Gunjan Didi,
she was also screaming and she was already collapsed on the bed on her stomach even then Bhanu Bhaiya was pumping her pot continuously. Just then Hemant Jiju stopped and withdrew his penis from Kiran Bhabhi’s ass and holding my wrist pulled me under him on the mattress and plunged me rapidly with a sudden jolt. I don’t know if he knew my condition that I am left unfinished or it was just that he wanted to finish himself.
I cried in pain for a fraction as Jiju plunged me hard but I enjoyed every part of it. I needed him as the fire was lit inside me but Hemant Jiju was close to his climax and he could see that I am also aroused and once again he got up and rubbed my clitoris and I shuddered in pleasure, this time I wanted him to do that as I was far from my climax but things happening around me along with vigorous rub over clitoris took me close to orgasm.
My husband who was fucking Shilpi Bhabhi was puffing in pleasure, I could hear him and above that Gunjan Didi’s shrill cries were arousing me, she was asking Bhanu Bhaiya to slow down and suddenly she started saying, “bachaao….Bhabhi….please……aahhhhh…. ahhhhh…… please aahhhh… Bhaiya…”
I could not see her but I could guess that like first day she was tore from her asshole and along with that Bhanu Bhaiya would have crushed her clitoris as it was favorite of both the brothers. Finally I cummed and Hemant Jiju too started shivering in pleasure of releasing his junk deep inside my womb.
Bhanu Bhaiya too cummed and squeezed his buttocks over Gunjan Didi’s heavy ass mounds, releasing his junk deep inside her ass. Almost all of us were exhausted, as by now Manish was also at the verge of reaching to his peak while fucking Jeetu Bhaiya’s wife in missionary and both cummed almost at the same time with in next couple of minutes.
Finally all of us were spent and I can say that this was end of first session of our orgy, which we all enjoyed shamelessly. Certainly it was filthy and dirty, but no one got much time to think about it and all bars were broken, we all were lying here and there totally naked no one was bothered that who is looking at her or him.
Thought I could not believe what all I did, from the very beginning I was religious with lot of ethics and morals and had very strict principals of life, from the beginning I knew myself as a one man woman and in last couple of months my life had taken a U turn in that perspective, now I was nothing less than a Slut who was having 4 husbands, moreover on surface all other three females were like me, but in deep inside we all were, as I said just like sluts.
Anyway that night did not finish there, though we all were exhausted but we all had desire to do it again after taking bit of rest. Gunjan Didi suggested everyone to take a shower, two at a time, obviously one male and one female and this time females started choosing men with whom they wanted to go into shower from top sequence last they lost and I came third,
firstly Shilpi Bhabhi chose Hemant Jiju, in spite of the fact that she was opened like hell in her ass by his mouth, she chose him to enjoy shower, In spite of the fact that it was Bhanu Bhaiya who almost killed Gunjan Didi by fucking her ass like anything, she chose Bhanu Bhaiya, which we could easily guess and then me,
I had only one choice Jeetu Bhaiya as the other male left was my husband and last Kiran Bhabhi who landed getting into bathroom with my husband Manish. All in all there were tree toilets in the house and all of them got occupied and it was Gunjan Didi who said that she will go last with Bhanu Bhaiya.
One more thing, while being in shower we could do anything except intercourse, and once again it was Hemant Jiju instructed us. I could understand the thought behind this, he wanted everyone to be excite by the time we will get together again in living room. Anyway I came to my room which was upstairs, and had shower with Shilpi Bhabhi’s husband in the bathroom which was attached to the room given to me.
And from the first second I started arousing him by hugging initially while pressing my big melons to his chest and finally sat down to his knees and started sucking his semi erect cock with waiting for him to say anything. To my surprise I was doing all this shamelessly without any hesitation.
Very soon I was at the stage where I could not control my urge and I wanted something to happen with me too and I stopped and looked up to Jeetu Bhaiya and spoke, “Bhaiya….please aap bhi mere saath kuch karo… thodi der meri sucking karo”. Just saying “hmmmm….” Jeetu Bhaiya sat down in the tub, I sat down on its platform keeping my legs wide open and Jeetu Bhaiya started sucking me nicely.
Gradually we both sucked each other 2-3 times one by one for 2-3 minutes every time and I could see that like me Jeetu Bhaiya was very excited and he spoke to me, “Chaitu….tere andar daalna hai ab….” I said no to it by saying, “nahi Bhaiya…Hemant Jiju ne manna kiya hai, …sex nahi karna”….”kisi ko patta nahi chalega….koi baat nahi” Jeetu Bhaiya was jerking his rod while standing in front of me,
“nahi please….rahne do…sab log saath mein karenge…living room mein” “I m sure Hemant to Shilpi ko Chodega hi Chodega….tum aise hi uski baat maan rahi ho” Jeetu Bhaiya replied and tried to convince me, but I was not convinced so I spoke again, “nahi…please….aap kahte ho to….main aur sucking karr deti hun…per mere andar matt daalo”
“ok……fir thodi der aur chus issko…. Par dheere dheere….fir niche chalet hain” I sucked Jeetu Bhaiya more and very tenderly and I could see that slowly he was going his climax. I stopped at right time, so that he cannot cum and spoke, “bass abb…nahi to aapka nikal jaayega” “to nikalne de na….kya ho gaya” Jeetu Bhaiya replied “tab aap niche jaakar kuch nahi kar paaoge”
hearing this Jeetu Bhaiya did not fuck me again to make him cum, even though he desperately wanted to release his load somehow. I could make out that whatever Gunjan Didi and Kiran Bhabhi were saying about him was right, he was having lack of patience and I could easily make out that female like Shilpi Bhabhi, who has very hot sex drive would be suffering from lack of proper sex in her married life and that is why she agreed to join this group easily.
Once again we all got together in Living room, by now Gunjan Didi and Bhanu Bhaiya were gone into Kiran Bhabhi’s bedroom and rest three couples were in living room. I was wearing short Capri and t-shirt which was ending just on my waist, wearing no under garments underneath and like me Shilpu Bhabhi too was wearing same sort of lower which was bit longer than mine with cut sleeves top,
she too was having nothing underneath and unlike two of us, Kiran Bhabhi was wearing long t-shirt which was going below her waist exposing most of her thighs, that t-shirt actually belonged to my husband and along with that she was wearing fresh Panty, she too was Bra less on top, I could feel her big nipples erect, and fortunately now we do not had to wear our high heels.
And if I will talk about men then two men including my husband were in shorts and undershirt, and only Jeetu Bhaiya was wearing long lower and t-shirt. Anyway at the time when me and Jeetu Bhaiya reached to living room, Hemant Jiju, Shilpi Bhabhi amd my husband Manish were playing open Flash(name of the game of cards),
as such they were not doing anything while playing and Kiran Bhabhi was standing in kitchen, Jeetu Bhaiya joined them in cards and I preferred joining Kiran Bhabhi in kitchen. “aur fir kuch kiya oopar jaaker Jeetu ke saath, ya bass nahaa kar aa gai neeche” Kiran Bhabhi asked me as she saw me beside her,
“thoda bahut hi kiya…just sucking and kissing” I replied shamelessly, “dobara penetrate nahi kiya Jeetu ne?” Kiran Bhabhi asked me while making sandwiches, “bol to rahe the karwane ke liye….but Jiju ne manna kiya tha” I replied and started helping her, “hmmm…. Good, you are very obedient, waise do you think….Hemant ne Shilpi ke saath kiya nahi hoga….101 percent kiya hoga…rater I am sure…Shilpi ne karwaya hoga…”
I smiled on her statement, “ab jo bhi hai… I am sure maine nahi kiya….” I replied and then asked her back, “waise… I am more interested in knowing, aapne kiya nahi…Manish ke saath” Kiran Bhabhi smiled on my question and looked at me for a fraction while doing what she was doing and asked me back, “what do you think, maine kiya hoga ya nahi” “hmmmm….I think nahi kiya hoga…”
I replied “hmmmm…. Good you are obedient as well as intelligent, I smiled on her reply, she saw me once again and spoke again, “jayada khush hone ki zarurat nahi hai, you are silly” then she spoke again, “ek tu hi hai jisne nahi kiya….Shilpi Bhi karwa ke aayi hai, maine bhi karwaya hai…and you know your sister, wo bhi karwa ke aayegi”,
I laughed on my foolishness and more or less after that Gunjan Didi came and joined us in kitchen, and like Kiran Bhabhi she was also wearing just t-shirt and panty and her massive thighs were fully exposed as t-shirt she was wearing was up to her waist. Anyway Kiran Bhabhi asked Gunjan straight forward, “kahan karwa ke aai hai, hmmm…. aage ya peeche”
“dono ki sucking karwa ke aai hun…aapke patti(husband) se” Gunjan Didi replied instantly, “tune andar nahi liya Bhanu ka?” Kiran Bhabhi asked her again in the tone as if she is sure that Didi is lying, and Gunjan Didi smiled and looked at her and spoke “nahi to” “don’t lie” Kiran Bhabhi fucked her to speak truth and pointed knife at her casually, “haan…liya tha”
Gunjan Didi spoke the truth, “kahan….aage yaa peechhe” Kiran Bhabhi asked Gunjan Didi again in continuation in same tone, “aage…..peeche to abhi tak dard ho raha hai” Gunjan Didi accepted “hmmmmm…….. abb iss se mill….issne nahi karwaya kyunki Hemant ne manna kiya tha”, Kiran Bhabhi spoke about me to Gunjan Didi,
“that’s ok….Jeetu waise bhi aag laaga ke, khud jhadd jaata hai….Hemant nahi hota to isska dobara hone wala nahi tha” Gunjan Didi smiled a bit and then spoke casually and reminded me and Kiran Bhabhi, that some time back Jeetu Bhaiya was the one who left me unfinished and later Hemant Jiju was the one who took me to climax.
“Shilpi ki to bahut buri tarah maari hai Hemant aur Bhaiya ne” Gunjan Didi spoke again while taking out the glasses from the shelf, “Chaitu ko bhi to achhi tarah raggda hai Bhanu ne” Kiran Bhabhi spoke next and it was about me. “mazza aaya…Chaitu…hmmmm…..” and then Gunjan Didi asked me again,
“abb patta challa, actually mein sex kya hota hai….issko bolte hain sex jo tere saath teen din se ho raha hai…na ki wo jo, abb tak tu karti rahi hai Manish ke saath” Gunjan Didi went out while saying that and started making drinks and once again it was vodka with soft drink, along with light snacks. On the other end, game of cards was on, on the mattress between rests of five members of our swinger’s group.
Finally snacks ended and all of us had two drinks, I and Shilpi had lighter ones, less of alcohol and more of soft drink and rests of us had harder ones, more of alcohol and less of soft drink. Anyway by the end of drinks and snacks we all were aroused but none us had strength to go for hardcore fucking at that time.
One by one we started getting involved with someone other than our husband and it was decide through the game of open flash in which no skill was required and winning a game is matter of pure luck. Only we four females played that game and it was Shilpi Bhabhi who won first and she chose Bhanu Bhaiya, fortunately I won next game and chose Hemant Jiju,
next was Gunjan Didi who asked for my husband and finally Kiran Bhabhi settled down with Jeetu Bhaiya for a while. were playing that, involved and only females. Slowly we all started taking off each other’s cloths and within 2-3 minutes we all were naked and involved with our chosen men.
I was with Hemant Jiju, we lied in 69 for some time at one edge of the mattress, and sucked him for a while and by that time he dug my fuckhole by burying his mouth in my fleshy thighs. Watching us Shilpi Bhabhi too took 69 with Bhanu Bhaiya bit far from us. Initially Gunjan Didi sucked my husband while being on her knees when Manish was standing and Kiran Bhabhi too sucked Jeetu Bhaiya while being on her four,
knees and elbows as Jeetu Bhaiya was standing on his knees on the mattress. Once again fucking started and initially our chosen man was fucking us but later at one time we all four females were on our fours facing each other and one among three was fucking us in our fuckhole, they kept on changing fuckhole and made sure husband does not go to his wife while changing.
This session lasted for long as nobody was focused hence neither us (females) nor they(males) reached to their climax for long. Finally it was me who collapsed first and that is because of none other than my sister’s husband Hemant Jiju. Once again he rubbed my clitoris while fucking me hard while keeping my one leg on his shoulder and other under his knee.
Next was Shilpi Bhabhi who finally cummed while getting fucked by my husband’s hard penis, by this time none out of four males reached to their climax but I could see that Jeetu Bhaiya was closer to his peak and at that time he was fucking Kiran Bhabhi in her ass from behind and Kiran Bhabhi was moaning loud in pain and pleasure.
Next was my husband who asked Gunjan Didi to put his penis in her pot, and his words were, “Didi peeche daalna hai…” Gunjan Didi agreed with smile and spoke while getting on her four, “aaram aaram se karna” Finally my husband Manish entered in my sister’s heavy pot and started fucking her steadily.
In this situation both the brothers, Hemant Jiju and Bhanu Bhaiya were just waiting for rest of two females as me and Shilpi Bhabhi were already out and to utilize that time Hemant Jiju called me closer to him while saying, “Chaitu thodi der choos aakar issko, jab tak Bhabhi free hoti hai” I got up to get closer to him but Bhanu Bhaiya stopped me as he needed me and his words were,
“nahi, Chaitu tu idhar aa, mera suck kar, Hemant….tu apna Shilpi se karwa” and finally in a moment me and Shilpi Bhabhi were sucking Bhanu Bhaiya while being on our knees and elbows as both the brother were standing on their knees on the matress. Jeetu Bhaiya was trying his best to last for long and he succeeded for a while but finally he cummed in Kiran Bhabhi’s erotically spread ass,
I could see him squeezing his buttocks while releasing his junk in Bhanu Bhaiya’s wife. Jeetu Bhaiya was spent now and Kiran Bhabhi went up to clean his asshole from Jeetu Bhaiya’s junk and came back. Hemant Jiju stopped me from sucking as now wife of his elder brother was back to entertain him and she spoke to Hemant Jiju while lying on mattress,
“Hemant please…aage daalna…Chut mein. Ek to peeche dard bahut ho raha hai…doosra mujhe bhi enjoy karna hai….” “Aur teesra main wahan aapki already achhe se maar chukka hun” Hemant Jiju completed his Bhabhi’s statement and lied on her top and started making love to her with a proper kiss.
I thought I am free now but Bhanu Bhaiya called me while adressinf my nick name by saying, “Chaitu yahan aa ja” and spoke again when I went to him on my knees “mera suck kar” hearing that Shilpi Bhabhi tried to get up but Bhanu Bhaiya stopped her by saying, “dono suck karo, ek ek karke…..”
and at that particular instant we both me and Shilpi Bhabhi were on our knees and elbow and we sucked Bhanu Bhaiya one by one twice as by now Gunjan Didi was back from toilet after cleaning my husband’s junk from her massive pot. Once again there were two brothers fucking each other’s wife and I must say that both the brothers,
Hemant Jiju and Bhanu Bhaiya have tremendous fucking ability because once again it was Gunjan Didi and Kiran Bhabhi who cummed first and got fucked through out there orgasm to make there men cum inside their fuckhole. Anyway by the end of this session we all were dead and we all sleepy in each other’s arm.
I was in Bhanu Bhaiya’s arm, Gunjan Didi slept with my husband, Shilpi Bhabhi once again landed with Hemant Jiju and Kiran Bhabhi slept with Jeetu Bhaiya. We all slept till late and next morning or you can say next afternoon because we got up and finished our basic morning courses by 12, and now we all were suppose to go back.
Yet there was one shower which we all were suppose to take with a quick fuck and in the very beginning itself Jeetu Bhaiya booked me to have bath together by announcing “main Chaitu ke saath jaaunga nahaane”. Gunjan Didi and Shilpi Bhabhi together took Bhanu Bhaiya in the shower and,
Kiran Bhabhi went to the bathroom attached with her master bedroom with two men together, that is younger brother of her husband Hemant Jiju and my husband Manish. Once again like last night I was with Shilpi Bhabhi’s husband in the shower and this time Jeetu Bhaiya fucked me after playing with my heavy milks and finally made me cum along with releasing his load inside me.
Finally by 1:30 or 2 we decided to move out to have lunch in a good hotel and took corner table so that we all can talk freely. As now Hemant Jiju had something in mind to talk about and it was regarding adding on new couple in our group. After thinking a lot for a safe, desirable and the couple who could agree to join our swinger’s group, two names got fixed.
One is Chhaya and her husband Harsh, who is actually my paternal cousin sister, who are settled in NCR at present and often come to hometown, and except Bhanu Bhaiya and Kiran Bhabhi every one has seen the couple. And other name is Radha Bhabhi who is actually widow and she is Gunjan Didi’s Bhabhi somehow at her father’s side.
She lives in the same town with her 9-10 year old son and over seventy years old in-laws, bit far from Gunjan Didi’s house. In Radha Bhabhi’s context I will say that she is in her mid or bit late thirty and everyone among eight of us have seen her, and as Hemant Jiju suggested her name, all males agreed readily even though she does not have husband.
Radha Bhabhi is considered to add in this group, and there is no other reason than this, that she is full of sex and she is starved for this from last five years. Actually she is stuck in the family and not marrying again, even though she was young, when she lost her husband, just because she is supposes to get lot of property and money from her in-laws for her son who is hardly 10.
In physical appearance I will say that like me Radha Bhabhi is bit dusky in color or bit fairer in her mid or bit late thirties, any day taller than me. Thought I cannot say that she is beautiful, rather she is average looking female having few birth marks on her face, but she has sharp features which actually attracted all males and along with that she has a structure of typical MILFs we usually in porn movies,
almost flat belly, heavy and well shaped milky juggs and erotically spread ass and fleshy thighs which are well in shape with delectable buttocks for males to enjoy fucking her from behind. According to Hemant Jiju she is easy prey for them because she desperately needs sex, as she gets attracted towards him whenever Jiju has met Radha Bhabhi.
And for other couple, that is my cousin sister Chhaya and her husband Harsh, first of all I will say that I am really afraid in approaching them for this, though Gunjan Didi is going to help me in that. If I will talk about Chhaya then I will say that she is a female who can give real competition to Shilpi Bhabhi in beauty and structure. She has a perfect body, the one every male desire.
Fair and beautiful features along with nice luscious fruits as her breasts which are like muskmelon in size, which actually look little heavy for her body, with perfect curves at bottom with a thighs which are actually meant to wrap around males pumping buttocks. Gunjan Didi is more or less sure about this couple that we will be able to get them in, because like my husband Manish,
Gunjan Didi has seen Harsh staring at her body, and my sister Chhaya has a past of having 2 boyfriends before marrying Harsh and she was sexually involved with them, this is one of the secret which she has shared with me and now everyone of our group know it.
For adding about Chhaya and Harsh in the group I will say that it may take time as according to the plan I and Gunjan Didi have to approach Chhaya slowly on FB as she is living in some other place. We will talk about our sex lives with her while chatting together and will talk to her about our bedroom life boldly as we three are very friendly with each other and on the other hand
my husband Manish and Hemant Jiju are suppose to approach Harsh in same fashion but with slower pace because Harsh is yet not open to them that freely. Anyway that’s the end of my experience writing which has gone too long because I have tried to write down everything I saw and experienced. I may write more when somehow we will be able to add either Chhaya or Harsh or Radha Bhabhi in the group. Let’s hope for the best.

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