Thursday, 7 November 2013

Weekend Break

It was the first time we had been to one of the holiday camps adult weekends, it promised to be a lot of fun but neither of us really knew what we were letting ourselves in for.

We are in our early forties and were feeling adventurous so we saw the advert and thought why not give it a try after all it was a reputable holiday camp so it would all be above board.

When we arrived we were met and invited to the main bar for an introductory drink, there were about 100 or so other people there mainly our age but many several years older. As we entered the bar the friendly smiles greeted us but I noticed several of the men already openly eyeing my wife who was dressed casually in a knee length skirt and blouse.

One couple seemed to make a bee line for us through the crowd, I had caught their eye earlier looking in our direction as they circled us before moving in to introduce themselves.

"Hello" the woman said, she was around 60 dressed conservatively, smart if not a little plump but her friendly face put us both at ease immediately.

"I hope you don't mind but we thought you looked a little lost in the crowd so we, that is my hubby and I thought we would come over to say hello."

Linda turned and looked at the woman smiling and held her hand out, "that's nice of you we are first timers here so it's all a bit daunting not knowing what to do or expect really."

"My name is Rita, this is Don" she indicated the man standing next to her, tall slim thinning grey hair. He stepped forward grasping Linda's hand his eyes locked hers as he smiled broadly.

"Pleased to meet you, I am Linda and this is Mike" her hand still in Don's grasp as he turned then to me breaking off from my wife he shook my hand.

"Glad we have broken the ice" he stated "we have been here several times, it's a fun weekend, adults only as you are aware so sometimes things get a bit raucous but never any trouble just good clean fun". Again his eyes were on Linda taking her in almost devouring her slowly.

"Will you be dressing for the school night tonight?" Rita asked.

"Yes we will" I chipped in, "we have bought a couple of outfits for the theme nights to get into the spirit of things."

"Good you will enjoy it so much more if you get into it like that" Rita smiled. Don looked on slightly aloof sipping his drink.

For the next hour we chatted about our lives and exchanged pleasantries with the couple that had befriended us. The drinks were coming steadily and this early in the afternoon was not a good idea to go too far so to ruin the forthcoming evening.

"Well we must go and freshen up, grab something to eat and get ready for tonight"

"We will look out for you later on then" Rita said as we parted.

We walked to our chalet, the evening was already starting to close in so we grabbed a bite at one of the take away stands and headed in to get changed.

After something to eat and a hot drink or two we were feeling far brighter although the drink had helped relax us somewhat.

"Rita and Don seemed very nice hun"

"Yes although I did notice Don was taking more than a passing look at you" I replied.

"Really? I didn't notice, well not much anyway, still it's supposed to be a fun weekend."

We still had a couple of hours before we went out so taking a shower left plenty of time to get our "costumes" on.

I was wearing short trousers, a white shirt with school tie, Linda however had decided to go the whole hog, full uniform, and proper St Trinians, mmm she looked every inch the slut.

White blouse with her sheer white lace half cup bra and matching panties. Short dark blue flared skirt with suspenders and tan stockings, topped off with sexy heels.

"I don't think I can contain myself" I said as I looked at her.

"Behave yourself"

"I am sure you will get a lot of attention dressed like that hun, especially if Don's reaction earlier was anything to go by"

"He seemed rather nice I thought, anyway nothing wrong with a little flirting to brighten the evening"

I watched as she applied her makeup, the luscious pink lip gloss accentuated her mouth making her look even more kissable.

We stepped out into the chilled evening air, we decided not to take coats for the short walk to the main complex. We walked briskly, the sound of Linda's heels clicking on the pathway echoed, the cold air round my knees was an experience I had forgotten years ago.

We could see dark shapes making their way to the brightly lit complex area where the main event was being staged, we mingled with various schoolgirls and schoolboys with the odd Headmaster or two thrown in to the mix.

The bar was filling up steadily as we entered so we slipped towards the bar to get some drinks.

"Happy hour is a free bar" the barman said.

I handed Linda a rather large vodka and we made our way from the bar to a space at one side of the room. The music was thumping already with 70s glam rock sounds, the crowd seemed to be getting into the spirit of the evening , people were filling the dance floor, with free drinks that wasn't surprising.

"Hello you two"

We turned round to see two dark shapes in full length teacher's gowns and mortar boards.

Looking closer we recognised the faces of Rita and Don.

"Hello" Linda beamed.

I noticed the gleam in Don's eyes as he saw Linda in her outfit.

"You do look very nice young lady" he crooned, his eyes taking in every detail, "and a naughty schoolboy too, well we will have to take you in hand wont we Rita?"

"Yes Don they look as if they need some strict discipline ha ha ha"

With that we managed to find a seat on a side table where Don appeared with fresh drinks.

"Great having a free bar isn't it?"

"Sure helps, mind you we had a little too much earlier really"

"Nonsense the night is young, relax let your hair down"

The music changed, Rita pulled Linda up to dance, and she wiggled her way to the dance floor with her headmistress.

Don looked at me, I felt a little nervous.

"Linda is gorgeous, I love that outfit of hers very sexy Mike"

I didn't know how to respond.

"Well yes we thought it was the done thing for this type of event, glad there are others dressed like that too".

I took another large sip of my drink, I knew I should take it steady but nerves were getting to me, this guy who I had only just met was making open comments about my wife, I found it strange yet exciting if not a little troubling too.

As the evening wore on I slowly moved into a state of almost semi consciousness trying to dance was a shambles, sitting drinking was making it worse. Linda seemed hyper excited and was dancing and attracting the attention of one or two of the more mature men, including Don.

The crowd was really getting to fever pitch when I saw Rita behind Linda as she danced holding her hips, the Don appeared in front of her so they had her in a sandwich. With much jumping up and down and gyrating Rita's hands clearly moved up to Linda's breasts briefly , then again, as the music continued her hands strayed for longer until she was blatantly holding her tits!.

In the crush Don was so close that he held Linda's hips pulling her into him so Rita's hands were between them, as they parted I could clearly see that she had undone her blouse so her sheer bra was clearly visible. Don smiled as he pulled Linda in close again. This time Rita slipped Linda's blouse free from her skirt so it was open completely.

Don's hands now moved to her hips under her blouse.

More steady gyrating, Linda seemed oblivious that she was being exposed like that in the crowd.

Rita was busy, I glimpsed bare skin appear as she had eased Linda's half cup bra down exposing her tits, as soon as they were free Don's large hands covered them. I saw Linda's head roll as she felt her nipples being teased, the heady mixture of drink and excitement arousing her. The dancing continued without break as the couple enjoyed themselves with my wife, Don raised his arms above his head bringing his gown up to obscure my view then he lowered his head to Linda's tits!!, his head bobbing as they bobbed round, Linda's face reddened as she realises what was happening, yet she keep dancing as she is held in place by their combined bodies.

After a minute or so Don's head reappeared and normal service was resumed, Rita had somehow managed to do up a couple of her buttons again by the time they came back to the table.

As they sat down Linda gulped a large measure of vodka, her face flushed.

"Enjoying yourself hun?" I asked.

"That was something else, haven't been to a disco in ages"

"I am feeling the effects of that drink earlier otherwise I would join you"

"We will make sure she has a good time, these nights are always a lot of fun" Rita piped in.

Linda was taking another large gulp of vodka when another of her favourite tunes blasted out, she wiggled past Don to the dance floor, and he followed. He wrapped his arms round her as they swayed with the music, pulling her close I could see he was grinding his cock against her.

"He is a devil for the ladies you know" Rita confided, "but then again I am used to it and I find it quite exciting too"

"Tell you the truth Rita it has always turned me on seeing Linda tease guys, and I have wondered what it would be like to see her go as far as fucking someone else too" I slurred, the drink had loosened my tongue, it slipped out before I could stop it.

"That's OK Mike, we all like a bit of extra spice in a marriage, we started swinging when we were about your age, never looked back"

Linda was dancing with her back to Don now writhing against him, her ass no doubt rubbing against his cock, the look on his face as his hands found her tits , he held them as he looked directly at me. Rita was smiling, encouraging him her hand now in my lap rubbing my cock through my short trousers exciting me watching my wife with another man.

I watched Linda's eyes closed as Don found her nipples, he was obviously teasing them through her bra, he had pulled her blouse open again, as if given permission by her not pulling away her loosened her tits from her bra now exposing them to the crowd.

Other guys looked on but no one seemed at all surprised, looking round there were other women in a similar state now as the evening became more rowdy. Rita stroked my cock faster and more openly as Don now openly groped Linda's tits, he turned her round and again lowered his head sucking her nipple. She held his head as he sucked, I knew then she was really turned on and nothing would stop her now. Don's free hand ran up her thigh feeling the silkiness of her stockings, then the cool flesh above.

"Don is sucking her nipples Mike, Linda looks as if she is loving it too don't you think?"

My eyes glued to my wife as Don was busy arousing her and Rita was wanking my cock which she had freed from my school shorts.

"Mmmmm yes that feels so good" as her hand worked steadily up and down.

Don's hand disappeared under her skirt then he seemed to be pulling at her panties.

"I think he is trying to get her knickers off now" Rita said matter of factly.

My cock was so hard and ready to burst, but Rita knew what she was doing she kept me close but wouldn't allow me to cum yet.

As Don moved to Linda's other nipple her swapped hands easing her panties down then they appeared at her knees, in one movement don manoeuvred Linda out of them and he swept them up from the floor. His hand still under her skirt as he now had open access to her pussy. The music still pulsating, lights flashing added to the unreal scene I was watching as Don's wife slowly wanked me as we watched them.

The music subsided and Don and Linda returned to the table, he held her by the hand as they squeezed past she saw Rita still wanking me.

"We thought we would have some fun as you two seemed to be enjoying yourselves" she said.

Don sat down, he pulled Linda onto hi lap, turning her head to him he kissed her full on the mouth, his hands slipping over her exposed tits again, I watched as he teased my wife's nipples as he kissed her.

Don wriggled under her, he was adjusting himself, I then realised why, and his gown which was full length had an opening at the front where he eased his cock free! Linda's uncovered pussy was now hovering over his large hard cock, in the dim light I could see the shiny head wet with pre cum as he guided it towards my wife's open pussy.

I watched as he broke off from Kissing Linda, he looked at her as his cock slid between her pussy lips, she gasped as she realised he was inside her. In a moment Rita was wanking me faster again, Don was thrusting into Linda's pussy, wet fucking noises filled my ears as everyone else seemed to carry on dancing as if this was normal.

"This is what happens here Mike it's OK no one will interfere"

I watched as Linda fuelled by the drink and the excitement of the situation started to writhe on Don's cock, her moans getting louder as her pulled her onto his cock forcing it in as deep as he could.

Rita dropped her head to my lap, her mouth covering my cock, the wet warm mouth felt so good as her head bobbed up and down, Linda watching her mouth open as she rode Don's cock.

His moans louder, I watched as Linda started to tense up, I knew she was cumming, he rammed harder into her pinching her swollen nipples as she started to shake, her body visibly shaking as she started to orgasm. Rita could sense Don was ready to explode as he gripped Linda's hips, Rita using her tongue faster over my cock as she heard her husband grunt as his cock started to explode inside my wife.

His loud moans audible to many around us as he spurted his thick sperm into Linda, washing over her pussy as it orgasmed milking him. Rita's sucked harder, squeezing my balls hard as I spurted into her mouth, I kept spurting as she swallowed, drinking my cum.

Linda collapsed against Don as he kissed her neck then her face as she wriggled off his cock a large drip of spunk fell from her pussy.

Rita reached over and offered her a Kleenex.

"There you go love, he does cum a lot doesn't he?"

Embarrassed Linda wiped her pussy. Don gave her panties back to her.

"Anyone for another drink?" he asked cheerily.........

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